Car Driving School Simulator

4.5 (28.6K)
1172.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
BoomBit, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Car Driving School Simulator

4.49 out of 5
28.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Rattist
Great! But plz fix😝
I just got this game, and it is pretty cool. I love it cause it's practically like simulation. The graphics are on point and I don't see any problem. But, the 1 star that I didn't put was the bad stuff. Or problems I should say. I just don't like how whenever u are driving, and a random person comes over and gets in the way and you have to start the WHOLE LEVEL over again. I was mad. But also, when your turning right, and another car is turning right, the opposite car decides that it wants to be first and goes when the light is red still. And the cars are practically trying to race you. They try to get in front of you, and when the speed limit is 35. The cars go fast then stop randomly which can cost you the level. And then when the speed limit is 55, the car goes slow as never before. The cars speed up if you try to cross then and I just don't like it. And when you get in a crash. Like when you crash into another car, the other car waits for u to move then they go. I could play this game all night with unlimited Lin's and keep playing the levels! Again GREAT game, but PLEASE fix these problems. Oh maybe you should add a unlimited coins thing in there for $4.99 a month! Okay bieeeeeeeeeeeeee😜😜
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2 years ago, redeemed99
Great “Practice” for First Time Drivers
This game is amazing for first time drivers. No it may not be the real thing but it teaches you ways of the road, the practice of paying attention to things like the speed limit and braking etc. I love how each location is designed to look exactly like that location in real life. There’s snowy days, sunshine days, and rainy moments. It’s so smooth and I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND using your phone as the steering wheel rather than the other controls. That’s what works for me and it makes driving feel more real. Best simulation game HANDS DOWN. However, I REALLY DONT LIKE the fact that I accomplished 4 levels, left the game for a little bit came back and the progress I made is now locked. It shows up as completed but everything is locked. ALL of my money was gone, I kid you not I had 50k in coins. But took a break for like a month, and they took all of my money and locked all of progress. It’s hard to start over because it already shows that you completed it, it’s just locked. If this can be fixed that would be great lol
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3 years ago, KCWinstead1
Warning: is now the worst game ever| I used to love this game so much about a year and a half ago. It was super good at first until it deleted all my progress, vehicles, and game money. About 6 - 8 months later I downloaded it again hoping it was better. I didn’t like that I could only play for certain periods of time because you had gas. About a week later, all of my progress, vehicles, and game money were deleted. At that time there’s little bit more ads. I have decided to download it again yesterday. I somehow had all my vehicles, progress, and are money. I was soooooo happy. After I saw that, the terror began. THE ADS!!! After just pressing one button, I would have to watch a thirty second ad. It was literally after just pressing one button. You would press a button, than ad, then press another button, than ad. It took me three minutes to finally get to play one level. The penalties even went up(I think). I am so annoyed. Most games are meh and then get better. This one went from 100% all the way down to -1,000,000 in less than two years. I am going to guess the developers don’t read our rating. I don’t even mind very many ads, but this game is almost nothing but ads.
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5 years ago, tina the kiwi
Boombit car driving simulator
I think that this game can be help the younger learn how to drive and learn the basics. There’s also another hand to that it can be fun and challenging game you can do different maps and earn different cars and it’s very realistic. It’s a challange because you have to drive the speed limit you also have to use your turn singles and try not to bump into cars and don’t forget going at green and stoping at a red light. Thank you so much for putting out your game of boom it car drinking simulator. I enjoy it. Ok I was reading some of your reviews and there’s a lot out there and maybe you guys are just obsessed and don’t do anything else rather then play it so you may have everthing but maybe try doing other games they make and not just this one it’s a simulator not supposed to be a year long lasting game all you guys are saying is mean and ungrateful things that you probably don’t want to be said to you and you’ll probably say I don’t care what they say.. but it’s reality and you’ll have to stick with it sorry. Besides that thanks boombit team for making this awesome game that everyone can try.🤪🤗😃😝🙂🚘🚖🚍
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3 years ago, I am Farmers' Plantation
Best. Game. There. Is.
Ok so 1. I just love this game. I’ve downloaded probably 100 other driving games and either the controls sucked or the concept was terrible. BUT! This game is by far the best driving game and best game there is! The graphics are AMAZING, the control system is absolutely awesome, the cars are cool, the places you get to go are cool, everything is just amazing! There’s just the tiniest bug ever and I’d really like if you could fix it as fast as possible bc I’m stuck. So on level 7 on lessons on the trailer in the Sunny And Snowy section the level feels like its never ending. It just makes you go around in circles. If this is not true and this is just what it makes you do and it does stop, sorry, but it’s takes forever and it just keeps on going so if that is the problem please fix it. Other than that one thing I love it! So many levels and different places to go, so many different cars and vehicles, and even a Santa Course! I would 11/10 recommend this to anyone who is looking for a driving game! Tip: don’t hit the people!
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6 years ago, MaximumRideLover15
Great, but needs work
The app and locations are great, and it is really fun but 3 things need to be fixed. Number one, the frozen lake drift school. It is so annoying because it gives random inexplainable time penalties, and the idea just does not work. The function and rules are super vague, so I hate it. There’s no future for the idea, so just remove it. Number two, increase the speed the speed limits. I like the driving part of the app, but the speed limits are so low that it gets very hard and a little boring driving at that low speed. So I want to increase the lowest speed limit to 20 mph, and the highest 60 mph, like the interstate in the California map. Number three, can you let people go five mph or kph above the speed like in real life, and make a lowest speed limit for us to drive? Rather than these three issues, the game is really fun. Last thing I want to say is can you add more maps? I have got a gold medal in every single level in every single map (except for frozen lake school because I refuse to play) and it’s gets boring to redo levels and drive free drive infinitely. But nice game!
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4 years ago, sadeen al absi
4 stars because there is some problems !
First of all, the game is soo fun and it trained me well to drive. Anyway the first problem is that the game is missing a touch from the creator that he or she have to add music and before there was music but now there is no and the button in the game was like this 🎵, the second problem is that “speed limits” the speed limits are too slow and I know that why they are slow because of not letting people to crash another cars but I read in the reviews that many people need to drive in high speed to have fun, so please think about the solutions for all the problems and fix them as soon as possible and also which helps the game to be more advanced than before, least but not lastly please add more maps because I already finished all the levels in the game with a gold medal, finally please add more cars because I brought all the cars in the game, and thanks in advance. Hope u fix all the problems.
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2 years ago, mostwantendkay
DONT NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CHEAP GAME I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME I was just a lil lad trying to play this (sooo fun of a game) with my friend and I went through BACK SWEAT WITH THEM LESSONS JUST TO BE PLACED IN THE AIR DOSE IT LOOK LIKE I CAN DRIVE A CAR IN THE AIR ???? NO I CANT! so I politely deleted and downloaded it again and u know what AHAHAHAHA I WAS STILL IN THE AIR my own dearest friend is now depressed and crying,throwing up and sliding down the wall because of this. This is poor shame so pls guys if u wanna be in the air with Jesus and driving trucks and not be able to play with civilized humans then don’t play cuz u will waste ur time thank u for listening (side note if u are not the creator of this game pls scroll away) listen hear boombit games… Istg if u put this review all the way at the bottom to we’re no one can see it I will come to ur office building and request for the boombit team to come down and i will Simply just sue u why u might ask lemme break it down mmm idk maybe because u kinda like SPAWNED ME IN TYE AIR ONLY I WASNT EVEN OK THE MAP I DELETED THIS GAME TO MANSY TIMES TO KEEP COKING BACK TO JESUS AND I KNOW MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN THIR TRUMA NOW EHEN I GO GET IM MU HUMAN CAR BOW INHAVE A NEW FEAR OF BEING WINDED UP IN THE AIR NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO HO THROUGH THAT ANYWAYS thank u for ur time
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3 years ago, >:( Person
Car Driving Simulator Review July 2021
I love this game. It has helped me to understand road rules and how to drive better. But I have one problem with this app. If I want to restart the lesson, and I’m still technically playing the lesson, an ad pops up when I hit the pause button. This also happens when I hit the breaks and stop really quickly. Also, another problem is when I’m slowing down, the car behind me hits me because they don’t slow down too. I lose many points when I didn’t even do anything! A final problem is I can’t see how many points I need to get each medal before I drive and finish the lesson. And the car handling points should have a system. I never know if I’m going to lose or gain points on that because there isn’t anything that tells me how that point system works. Oh, and one last thing. This might be a bug fix thing. Sometimes, I’ll be driving and the thing will say I missed the GPS but I’m still on the blue line. Finally, this app is great but has some things it needs fixed.
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4 years ago, bdjdjaiejdhd
IT is good but there is some uhggggg’s 🙄🙄⚠️
Ok so this the game that I play the most of I want to play a driving game or if I’m bored sometimes but I hate how fast the cars go!!!!!!! Like I was playing in Norway and there was this turn and the light should have been red because people could of did a right turn on red but nooo you guys are so perfect on driving so I got points Taken away from me because of the blue car and can you make it realistic like we can go in stores or get out of the car make more people walk on the sidewalks because there I only 3 people one with glasses that looks like scientist one guy with his arms ripping through his shirt with tattoos and one goth girl with a crop top with piercing And stuff oh and make it to where the other cars knows that it can be a right turn on red like on the the example thing and make it a rule because it gets boring sitting there waiting for people to hurry up And turn or just make a lane. PLEASE READ Boombit😃
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12 months ago, haileywestfere
Good but frustrating
This game is really fun. I like the way it simulates as if you are really driving. But the things that I don’t like about this game are the NPC ppl or the other cars. For example, you could be driving and another car will run into you and you’ll get points off or if they stop in front of you they beep at you until you move. The game is just frustrating because even if another car does something wrong you still get like 100 points taken off. Another example of graphics needing fixed is when you get into the turn lane and the light is red and cars are in front of you. You obviously turn on your signal to turn but when you start to move forward you get points off for “wrong turn signal” but when you finally make the turn it tells you good job for using your signal? Anyways other than that it is a good game.
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5 years ago, arthurcompoccia
Short coach problem and lots of details
So my mom and I were playing this game. With the short coach. Well I got the deluxe pack and my mom said “this bus doesn’t sound very right.” I said “It’s ok to me.” And I kept on driving. Location was Canada. I couldn’t even go over those sqigaly curves I cross the double line zillions of times! Even with a short car. And the 3 cars stopped behind me especially the old red one was honking the stupid horn like crazy! That’s all I want to say. Thanks! So I love your horse trailer! LOL but... I got lots of things up my sleeve! so I would like to unconnect the trailer. Make Las Vagas much more big. Make the cars not move when you crash in to them. Let the cars go when pulled over. And don’t let those cars be itiots! LOL And don’t constantly let it start raining the minute you start and move the car. And I know Canada is big but the highway takes up the whole map. and don’t make the canada highway go back and forth. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Aussiee2
Really fun and exciting
The game engine is just so smart and mirrors realistic driving more truly than any other driving game I’ve played before. Tokyo is amazing and is now my favorite map because it’s so wonderful. Suggestions? Well, with the second available bus when you’re in the interior point of view you can’t see the speedometer which is mildly annoying because I love interior mode the most. Also this seems to be an issue with all interior camera views for all vehicles but the speedometer shown on the inside of the car doesn’t match the real speed. For example, the speed limit could be 35 and on the speedometer it says 32 or 33 yet I get a violation for going over the speed limit. Besides those two minor issues and a few others like being given a penalty despite not being in violation of anything the game is amazing! Can’t wait for even more new maps and more new vehicles (buses are my favorite)
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2 years ago, hiejjehfjdj
Suppe addictive game, major flaws.
This moment I downloaded this game, I fell in love with it, but it has some major flaws. It’s fun how it’s kinda realistic but everytime i pause the game or get a notification that my battery’s going dead, it gives an ad. It gets super annoying having to look at an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME i pause it. It ruins the fun. Now i get the purpose of ads, but when it’s like this you’re going to lose money. Not only is it the ads, but whenever I’m doing rhe tutorial thing, it starts off with me reversing, and then i get penalty points when it’s the games fault. And i can drive during a green light and get penalty points when it turns red and im already gone. And it gives you 0.5 seconds to turn off your windshield wipers when it’s sunny. Once an npc car crashed into me and i got penalty points. There are so many more issues I find in this game, but i like it still and i want to continue liking it. I also understand that you devlopers are hard at work though.
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6 years ago, Wendydancermom
Fun, but step it up.
I just wanted to tell you guys (boombit team) that your really lacking on cars, and ive been playing this game for over a year now, and its getting really annoying and boring because of all the glitches, and the lack of cars. One time i was just driving, and the car infront of me slammed on its breaks and i saw a person walk by and his neck was like 3 ft long. It was funny, but the fact that the car slammed on the breaks and made me loose points was really frustrating. Ive changed my mind, about this being my favorite game. And now i have my new favorite, which is WAY better. You guys said u were working on updates for new cars and places to drive on FEBRUARY 10!!! Almost 9 months ago. Really guys. Im disappointed in you. Ive moved on from this glitchy game. Finally u got 2 new cars, and neither of them are working the double decker won’t even move, and the tow truck is glitching 😡rrrrrrrggggg
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5 years ago, Swinub_Hoftap
Really fun, but needs some more work.
Okay so this game needs a couple more things that would be nice. First, add bus levels were you can drop and pick people up. Second it would be nice to categorize the cars, such as hatchback, sedan, SUV, minivan, etc, also on the car topic it would be nice to add more SUVs and Hatchbacks for a different experience in a different map. Third I think the frozen lake driving should get update to were there is ice and snow on some maps and add emergency signals so when you have to do something pull over and pause instead of have to drive right in front of a car and you aren’t ready and the car in front hits the brakes you might crash. Lastly add it to where you car look out the side windows of your car in first person driving so you can look at what cars are coming and door mirrors would be nice as well. Thank you. Keep up the good work on your driving games!
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3 years ago, _leona.011
Great Game! Just One Bug…
So, I LOVE this game. The only thing I have a problem with is the ‘points’ system. Almost every time I am about to finish a level and park, I get a -40 on points and I have to watch an ad to erase them. I had not gotten any negative points that entire level! Also, you know how when you hit a car, you get minus 150 points? (I don’t think that’s the right amount but you get the idea). Well, I had stopped at a red light, exactly where I was supposed to, blinker on and everything - and a car rammed into me from the back! I lost all my points and had to restart the level! I don’t believe this is fair, because I wasn’t the one that did anything wrong, you know what I mean? Anyway, those are the only issues I have had with this app. It’s a great game and I would recommend downloading it! Thanks! -Leona
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1 year ago, meifwa kat
Pretty good but..
I have been playing this game for almost a few months and i’ve beat almost every normal level. The only levels i can’t beat are the few with a trailer attached. I understand you should learn how to navigate a trailer attachment, but honestly it’s almost impossible to navigate!! It’s infuriating and I wish they would do something about it. They also don’t have many new levels to try once you’ve done them all. There have also been many MANY times that an NPC will literally drive right into my way so i either have to back up into another NPC to let them continue or restart the level and anticipate the NPC’s arrival. There are a few times that they don’t even move and i either have to go around them or restart because they are block me in. It’s an amazing game and i’ve learned a lot about driving from it, however, it has plenty of flaws that can be fixed to make it even better.
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6 years ago, Alyssa @@@!!123
Love this game here are some ideas I have!
Honestly this games is fun and helping me learn! I play this game as an adult and I love it! My kids play it and love it! Thank you for making such a great game!!!! 😀😀😍😍😍 Suggestions- I think if you have the bus, you could have stops and drop off people. Even in regular cars you could make kids and a school! Another thing is having more places to go! Maybe you could make like another Setting where you can travel!! Like having more vehicles like planes, and more cars. Again with the people I would like it if you could make it we take the people somewhere like the store or something like that. Last thing is more places to go I have finished all my levels and would like more places. I live in Kansas and think it would be cool to have like the plains and more! Thank you!! And keep adding things! I love this game!!!!!
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4 years ago, jenda1234567890
I LOVE the game. Needs some Help tho
Always love car games. Because I am not allowed to drive a car. Sooooo I had a hard time tying to get a game like this one. BUT I think the game needs some updates I think when the speed limit is 35 and then u drive through it and it’s 25 i think it is not fair that I we a minis point for going over the speed limit just for 1 second it doesn’t seem fair. And I think that when the speed limit is 25 the computer cars are Obviously going like 50 mph and that gets me upset and when u try to turn it like there trying to race you and u bump in the them on accident and then u get minis points and then I have to START ALL OVER AGAIN. Couple more things is that the stoplights allways go yellow then green if your trying to make it feel real I think should just make it so it just turns green out of know where. And also I think that you guys should have it so u can rent the cars for a day for like 2,000 in the games money Besides that good game
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6 years ago, Hahahahahhahhhahah
the game can be frustrating and unrealistic but is fun
i was sitting at a red light for an incredibly long time because the light only stayed green for about 2 seconds and the car in front of me was letting the cars go from the other side and not turning left. by the time all the cars went the light was red or yellow again and by the time it changed again there were more cars. i think if the light is green and a car is turning left they should pull out a little so you don’t get stuck at a light and have to restart a level, they should also go on yellow lights. also it takes off 100 points when i “miss my gps” even though i didn’t. another thing that was bothering me was the music would turn on at random times and wouldn’t let me turn it off so i would have to restart the app or get so frustrated i just stopped playing. but overall i like playing the game but they need to make some more fixes. like it happens often when it says i didn’t use my blinker usage or other things that take off points that didn’t happen. one last thing i think needs to be fixed is when the cars make any turn, they slow down to an incredibly low speed, it is sometimes unexpected and i run into them. i really hope these changes will be made and please make many more maps and levels!!!
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6 months ago, kenze1111
I love the app but needs some bug fixes
I absolutely love this game! However some things need to be fixed. I was recently playing this game and one of the levels there was just no way to complete if. It was on the aspen world. I was playing as usual but then one of the levels just kept on giving me the exact same route on repeat. When ever I went off the route and went to finish the level, it told me I needed to finish the route. However there was no possible way I could. And one of the cars had gotten stuck on something. I thought it was nothing but that lead to my whole problem. I refreshed the app but the same thing happened. It is a wonderful game and I truly enjoy it. Besides the problem that I had it was a wonderful game and I highly recommend playing. It cures boredom for sure.
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9 months ago, jiijjxj# jsm
This app is so awesome and it’s so fun I just love it it’s way better than I’ll tell you this Roblox because it just is way more fun or more realistic, turning signals. It makes me want to restart sometimes when I want to get a perfect score “” perfect score perfect quote perfect quote so basically I’m just loving how this game works. It’s a five out of five for me. Just is such an amazing app. I don’t know what else to tell you. I know you can play with other people I’ve have it’s so much funner that way too, and you can basically do the same thing that you do on Roblox, but on here and way more funner, andI know it doesn’t have a bunch of different games in a game, but I am just amazed by how amazing this app is and it’s way better than Roblox. Hopefully no one takes my review in a bad way lol.
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2 years ago, Neko Cat🐈‍⬛
pretty good, but a major problem
so you know when there is a parking place and when you get out you have to stop on the stop sign? yea, other cars had to do that and sometimes when you’re going and you’re clearly faster then when the car can get in front, it goes in front, which causes you to crash into the car and you lose points even though they should’ve waited, MAKE THEM SMARTER!!! also sometimes they crash into me, and i lose the points. the cars go really fast sometimes, practically over the speed limit, but when i do it it cost me points every 15-25 seconds. and also sometimes they go the opposite(very slow) and it’s annoying. overall though, those chances are pretty slim, so if i could, i would make it a 4 1/2 stars
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3 years ago, ✞Brooke✞
Unreasonable things and needs to be fixed again
If you try to stop kind of close to another car, it won’t stop normally. It will take longer, causing you to crash, and then the other cars get right on your tail, so you have no where to back out and you’re just stuck. All of the other cars just go lizard brain when you try to fix your mistakes. The speed limits are either too high or too low every time you see one. The rain is not noticeable enough whenever it stops, so you don’t know unless you’re focusing on that. The camera point that lets you see inside the car is unrealistic and you can’t see very well when in that pov. Some of the roads are way too small especially when driving a bus. The game expects you to not cross the solid line. The turn are usually too wide or too sharp. The pedestrians that cross the road don’t stop, they just walk out infront of you LAST MINUTE. Overall, the game kind of angers me.
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1 month ago, Reese Mmmm
Best game ever
I think it’s a good game and I love the noise that the the turn signal blinkers make it’s just so satisfying especially at night and it’s definitely a good game to play even though you’re playing a game but the thing is it’s strategy and it’s making you think and it’s making you second-guess and I feel like that’s pretty good cause it’s basically giving your brain a workout sometime it will say that you are doing something incorrectly and then once you get to the destination that you need to be will I give you your like citations or any thing that you did wrong so you have to pay penalty but if you wait for a little while you can click note and it won’t do anything but I think it only does that whenever it might be a mistake
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2 years ago, 🤪🤩🥳🤣
Need some improvement
I enjoy playing this game there are just a couple issues with it. #1 when a car crashes into you, you’re the one who ends up losing points. Also the COM cars don’t keep a consistent speed even when there’s a speed limit. They either go faster then the speed limit or slower there’s never really an in between. #2 the first person POV needs some major fixing. You can only look in your rearview mirror but it’s difficult to see the blind spots, specifically for the right side of the vehicle. You literally can’t see the right side mirror! It’s an issue when trying to switch lanes and is unrealistic because in real life you could get into an accident for not checkin your blind spot. #3 the amount of ads is way too much for the amount of time you play a level of the game. Other than that, that’s it and the rest of the game is enjoyable
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5 years ago, JonB958
Great game
This game is a great mix of everything you want from physics to visual detail. I’ve had the game for a year or so and am at level 121. I wish you could pick 1 of 2-3 maps per week when you get online instead of having 1 map per week because sometimes you might get a map you don’t enjoy and not play at all for that week. Also we need more cars such as a cop car with working lights and siren, possibly ATV’s or bikes? Maybe even a semi truck. Also the ability to link with in lobby with 1-4 friends and play together. The ability to change the color of your vehicle. Also possibly an off-road map? Or a map that is build more around the off-road theme anyway. Of course these are all just ideas I think would appeal to a lot of people the game is still a great game.
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6 years ago, 🦄Lindsey🦄
I have had this app for a month now, and playing this is really fun! But to make game play better for all, I have a few suggestions. 1. Please please please raise the speed limits, or at least let us go a few miles over the limit, like in real life. It's annoying when the limits are so slow and you need to go faster. 2. I think you should add more traffic. Not only is that in real life, but it's also kind of weird when in one of the photos, it shows lots of traffic. There isn't. 3. Add more levels/maps. I have been through all of the maps and have gotten golds on every level. I also think you should make the maps longer, so it's more to drive. 4. You should have an option to pick a type of weather to drive in. Like if you want to practice driving in snow, there should be a way to pick the whether.
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5 years ago, 😔😩😥😧🚗
2 stars
When I first downloaded this app it was very enjoyable and as new additions were made there were a few things I was unhappy about. It was very confusing as you had specific level since for each vehicle rather than you being able to pick which car you wanted to app. It also gave you very big penalties when you didn't do anything wrong. There is a roundabout In Miami which is also very unnecessary since after pressing the gas for approximately 5-10 seconds you have to stop and change the direction of your blinkers. It crashed a few times so I updated it as it said the update could fix bugs. For a while after everything was fine then one day when I opened the app to play it had restarted the game. I was only on rank 1 not 46 and I only had the red starting truck when I had worked to get the sports cars,I had also unlocked all the different areas that you cloud drive but now I just have California the starting world.
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1 year ago, abc scoob
I like
I like this game but other cars can get in the way, crashing into you and it’s your fault and you lose points. When you click pause, There are ads, almost every time. When in a lesson you have to click pause if you want to change the controls. I like how you can choose which side of the road you drive on and you can choose manual or auto drive. And I like how you can choose different types of steering wheel controls, like arrow, or normal steering wheel etc. You can change video view. Driving in the car or seeing it all or the front. If I could change anything I’d make more lessons, roads and I’d add more of the view where you are in the car. -I think that’s cool but it would be even better with seeing more cuz I turn my device but it isn’t valid?
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3 years ago, Ah'Mari
It’s the best car game ever had. Just it’s annoying when you have to practice before you really drive and stuff also it’s annoying when you crash and the game stops but on the other hand the game is pretty good and I love it and make sure the ads stop 🛑 I don’t really like them and one last thing people probily want the game to be a offline game or able to play with no internet but it’s good that’s the only reason I gave it a 4 start it’s still good all though just make sure you fix those changes that’s all have a good day (night or afternoon😏😏) I’m just telling you fix those changes I depend on you pls pls do those puppy eyes want you to change the problems🥺🥺 do that change do that change you will be 🔛🔝🔜I’m depending on you boy/girl I’m dependent on you.
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12 months ago, 🍄{Bella}🍄
tbh this game is amazing
hi, if your looking to see if this game is worth it, let me tell you, it is! the controls are very easy to use, the levels are like stuff irl. im not 16 yet but honestly it’s teaching me basic rules of the road. like using your blinkers or stopping at a stop sign. there is one problem i have with it tho, ADS!! after each “lesson” or level, theres 1 sometimes 2 ads. and say you do things wrong on the road, you get a citation, after a citation, 60% of the time theres a ad and then it lets you play again. so really theres about 3 or (4 maximum) ads. other than that i have no problems with this game. this game is a awesome way to pass time and i think it even works without wifi! i would over all rate this game a 8/10
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2 years ago, 🐶🦊🐶🦊🐶🦊🐶🦊🐶🦊🐶🦊🐶
Question + rating
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 years and I’ve loved it. I keep replaying the levels. I was so excited when the Norway levels came out but now I’m even more excited for the new ones. It said “coming soon” for awhile now. When is it coming out? When you’re in the car like that kind of view where you can see the wipers, it also says how fast you’re going. If it says I’m going 30 MPH in a 35 MPH speed limit zone it says I’m over the speed limit. I’ve tried checking this by going 5 MPH over the speed limit and then going into that car view and it says I’m going even lower then the speed limit but still says I’m over. The speedometer in the car is wrong compared to the one outside the car. Could you please fix it?
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2 years ago, Karen whight
This game was aggravating and infuriating the controls did not work properly and it wasn’t very well laid out. It also started with a massive family size car instead of starting off with a small car it also wanted me to first learn how to park in parking was extremely unhelpful because you had to stop at a certain point and there is no break. Which there was no break so you can’t drive a car without a break and there was no wheel it was controls like forward and the reverse she would have to press reverse to go backwards in the backwards button didn’t do anything. And it didn’t introduce the blinkers until later in the game which you have to learn how to use your blinkers first also it had me parking before it had me driving straight The places that it had me drive through and park and were very small not like it would start not in a huge parking lot how you would normally start how to drive. So I would not recommend this game.
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5 years ago, Unicorn lover 183786
It Really fun but.....
First of all this game is really fun and realistic so it’s like your really there !But.. When ever time I I turn of course it’s green or yellow mostly green but when I am about let’s say 2 inch away from the end of the road when I cross it says DON’T CROSS WHEN RED even though I cross and when cross the lines a little just like an inch it says do not cross over the line well it’s not like I wanna cross over the line even tho I am not but still says that .Also when you can drive to other cites or places why do we have to have levels for and and not to it separately then we we want to do anything else we just save it and come back a other time ???Other than that it is a pretty good games I would rate it a 5 but it seems like I can’t so I am going to rate it a 4 or a 4.5 but that is just my opinion well gtg that’s me signing off PEACE ✌️
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5 years ago, unknown34587
Great but somethings need changes
I love this game a lot and how much it teaches you but a couple things make it very difficult to drive. One things even if you go over a white just a little bit, it gives you a big penalty and it’s hard especially when there are tight turns. Another thing is it tells you that your using the blinker wrong if it’s on for just a little longer than the game wants it. I do it earlier so it’s easier before I turn. Another one is when you don’t turn off the windshield wipers when it stops raining it gives you a penalty but in real life nothing bad happens if you don’t turn off the windshield wipers on time. These are just some small things but they would change a lot if they could be fixed. Again really good game a lot that is perfect but somethings could be fixed.
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3 years ago, brina_..45
The ADS are killing me 3 out of 5 stars
I'm going to rate it a 3 out of 5 star because its is a rice game I like playing i am almost finished beating all worlds they have but there one problem the ads there is a add every time you pause the game or if you leave the game on accident and click back on the game you have to watch an ad and I get tired of it being a person who likes to listen to music while play so I might want to change the ect ect......but it make me watch an ad every time I do so. It also make you watch an ad every time you beat a level and when you press the home button I'm getting sick and tired of these ads interrupting my game play it makes me enjoy the game less and makes me want to go back to my other car simulator. Overall I enjoy the game and the graphics but these ADS ARE STRESSING ME OUT!!!!!(there are minor bugs)
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5 years ago, Rainbow Chard
4 star rate
This is a great game in all, but it takes off points when you use your turning signals to turn to another lane. It counts it wrong when you turn your turning signal on and you straighten your car out I the lane and it counts as you using your turning signal. Although it needs a few fixes, you should get this game. It taught me more than I already knew about driving. If you are having trouble with driving, you should get this game because it helps you understand all the rules of driving and what to do when you are driving. It doesn’t only teach you about car driving, it teaches you about truck driving, bus driving, sports car driving, tow truck driving, and more!! I give this a 4 star because it needs a couple of fixes and it is a great game for everyone to play!!
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12 months ago, Brazil.69
Ad party
To begin, this is a great game that has great graphics and actually teaches people to drive (IN SOME OCCASIONS.) I like how this is actually educational and fun as it teaches to use all signals and follow all regulations within the street but I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate how this game has a 30 sec ad in the screen every 15 seconds. It’s really sad how a game this good can be ruined by pathetic ads. If this game would ATLEAST make it so at the end of each level you get an AD then I’ll consider getting it again, but having an ad pop up in your screen constantly DURING GAMEPLAY, is just crazy. I understand adding ads to the game helps fund the game itself but OMG THE FREAKING ADS STOP IT PLEASE. 🙏 If the developers see this I kindly ask to reduce the amount of crazy ads that pop up mid game as it is a very enjoyable game, and maybe advertise within the map itself instead of it taking up my whole screen. Thank you.
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6 years ago, SailorVenus418
CONCERNS!!! Other than that, 👍
I love the game! This is helping me learn how to drive. Some concerns: 1. Once, I was playing a level on Aspen, and I was about to reverse park, but three pedestrians were blocking my way! Literally, they were right between me and the space where I was supposed to park. I couldn’t get around them, and I couldn’t honk at them! Please make it so I can beep the horn when inside the car! 2. When switching cameras, I can’t see the traffic lights at all when I am inside the car. No matter what car I’m driving, mostly the pickup truck, that camera view always makes the car appear shorter than it actually is... Please fix that! 3. More types of cars, please! 4. Customizing cars! Make exterior and interior colors, and hubcap colors, please! 5. This happens whenever I am driving on any level, including redos (just for fun). So, I’m minding my own business, and there’s a yellow taxi driver right behind me, honking, like he/she has a grudge on me for no reason. I feel like the driver in that cab is following or stalking me... that driver is starting to make me paranoid during gameplay. (This isn’t a concern, I just wanted to point it out) Thanks, SailorVenus418
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3 years ago, upside dash. board
Why this game is kinda fun but mostly the time fun
This this game is so much fun I started to play 2 days ago and it is so much fun but when you crash into a 🚘 u lose so many points and it’s so not fun and now I am at Las Vegas right now in game but the game still entertaining for other kids to kinda learn how to drive if that’s makes sense but still they should remove the people /bots because as soon you hit the people bots you instantly fail and that is not fun so they should remove that’s but the game is still fun but just not the people bots 🤖 no way I play this game like for hours and hours it’s just so much fun this game is fun and all ways gonna be fun unless they add something usless but have a great day game fun all day #cardrivingames are the best have a great great everyone bye
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2 years ago, RDogM
Needs some improvements 😬
I have been playing this game for a while and I like the concept and graphics (and honestly that’s the only reason it gets 4 stars from me) but I just recently downloaded it back and see why I deleted it before. For starters some lessons are impossible to get gold stars on, I feel that even if I do everything right I can’t get gold. Second every single time I hit pause while on a lesson I get an ad, and what makes it worse is that it’s the same ads over and over again- like I’m 13 years old I don’t want to download cash app. Not to mention the insanely tight spaces some lessons make you drive through and expect you not to crash, AND some cars go extremely slow and I can’t go around them.
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2 years ago, jj=savage❤️❤️😍
Great game, plz fix minor issues
Ok so I love playing this game very loving when bored and have nothing to do also fun on long car rides I got this game and instantly loved it been playing this game for a while and so far loving it but there is a couple minor issues first I don’t like that in Some of the levels it goes from a 55 speed limit to 35 and then I get points taken away because it was very sudden also it takes off point when you hit cars but it also does when cars hit you I would love it if that was changed ❤️❤️I would love these changes and it would be my favorite game if they were changed I work very hard to pass the levels and I got frustrated when this happened plz plz plz fix ASAP
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6 years ago, boop shabop
Great But I Have Some Suggestions.
Great but I have Suggestions and here they are, There should be a extra lane to turn to your right because when it is a red lightning and the person in front of you isn’t turning when it is a red light it makes me frustrated because you can do that on real streets so please try to do that. There should also the cars are very glitchy and don’t go the speed Limit. If you could fix that I would complete all my levels very soon. My last thing is that the speed limits are still very slow. If you change it to 40mph It would be awesome. When I am driving too the cars sometimes bump 8n to me and it said I crashed so that is another glitch.. Thanks! Please respond back and give me a email so we can start communicating on good ideas!!! Thanks! With love, Ella Bella💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💕
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6 years ago, Tanisha_cc
Very fun but needs some improvements
This game is very fun but when I play it something’s happened This is what happened: cars bump in to my car when I’m doing the right thing people are always honking at me when I’m stopped at a stoplight or parking and also when I got the frozen lake I was slipping and I couldn’t control my car and when I’m doing what I’m supposed to do it keeps saying time penalty and that was very annoying and it did it every two seconds then I would lose point then it will make me watch and ad every two seconds because of time penalty, I really like this game i tried my best at it but theses thing happen can you, guys please work on it. It will be so much better still love it bye.
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2 months ago, GabbyRoseDaRat
Great but slightly unrealistic
I love this game and it has taught me new things I never knew before. The only thing is that it is slightly unrealistic, for example, you can’t go anything above the speed limit, which is untrue and wouldn’t actually get you a ticket. Other cars sometimes don’t stop at stop signs, or use their blinkers, also, at a few locations in Tokyo, cars drive too fast and hit you, making you lose hundreds of points. Otherwise it’s a great and fun game, I think it would be more fun if some vehicles had specific purposes, like if you could actually use the bus stops for the bus vehicle, and pickup/drop off people. I highly recommend 👍
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12 months ago, My girl1
Was best game ever
Hi I am your only be eight-year-old little boy but I love this game I highly recommend it over driving school 2016 so cool play this game so awesome in multiplayer it’s super fun you can connect with other players but there is one crazy glitch the robotic cars go nuts boom smash your car miles! And watch the Numbers of ponts players have so try to avoid those players at all costs trust me that got me a Joe lowest numbers of points ever back in the Miami multiplayer Free Drive last Last year revue and now 2023 reviews hi I am now nine and a half one glitch and it ruined the game it won’t let me get into the game for 2 min before gliching me out please check game coding to se how to fix this game please
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2 years ago, watterfall
Love this game!!!
I love this game. I try to play it everyday. So far it is my favorite game to play. There is no bugs but the only thing is that I wish like whenever you click on the map there should be more details and everything should be labeled in the map and you should be able to mark where you want to go. Also there should be more gas stations and you should be able to actually fill up your car. I also want to be able to see that person who is driving in the car. And the person should be able to get out of the car and walk around and fill the gas tank up… that is really all but over all I love this game. Bye!
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2 years ago, Genesisuni1
Worst game ever
The reason I think this is the worst game ever created is because whenever I’m driving, there’s stupid people walking all around the city and whenever I stop the car for them to cross, they stop then I realized that their letting me go, I start to move my car then as soon as I move my car, THEY start walking and then it causes ME to crash into them which they obviously did on purpose. Then whenever other cars crash into me, the game tells me: CRASHED don’t crash -50. It’s SO ANNOYING!!!!! And then last but not least, the last reason I crash is because the dumb gps messes up with the little lines on the road so example: the little lines tell me to go forward, then as soon as I go for ward, it changes the little lines to go a different direction like right or left. And those are all the reasons I hate this game and giving it a one-star. Thank you for your time.
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