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Car Games
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Car Games ·

4.59 out of 5
80.7K Ratings
3 years ago, what the heck I love this game
I like it but you have to add a whole lot a stuff
What do you need to add is a chat a unstuck button the first person and other stuff like that I kind of forgot but you really need to add the stuff yeah please please please do add this stuff and you have to add more money all over the place that would be really fun and diamonds and have more jumps ramps loop D Loops And on the number two can you please add like a whole ton of new lake stuff because I like love that and make my maps cancel like that would be awesome and make a whole ton of new cars on number two in the other stuff oh number two do you know what a number to make clear off-road courses and and other stuff on on it because I like love that because I like Offroad and other stuff I like it’s like so cool so please please please please please please please like please get it
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4 years ago, Stephenturco
Not enough money
I finished every mission in zone one. I upgraded my car the required amount and it left me with $28,000, but you need $40,000 to buy the zone one car and you can’t play levels over again. You can replay one small mission that pays $2000 (if you watch an ad after each 30 second drive) and you’re still limited on gas. Only 6 missions if I watch an ad each time, or 12 if I don’t want to watch an ad. Then I had the game glitch on my several times. Several races I was drifting around a corner and the car just slides off into a building. Seems normal for losing control on a drift, but the next time I raced that level I was going the same speed and did the same turn and I made it just fine. One race I had a car make a right turn from a “T” intersection and as I passed them they suddenly went from the oncoming traffic lane to right in front of me. I don’t think cars normally teleport. 2 stars for the game, but only because the stage one races were fun outside of the glitches. Great potential though, but I’m not sticking around for the updates.
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4 years ago, Beach Babie
Best game ever
You have to get this game, it’s like real driving, you have to have enough gas, you have to buy a car and go through levels to get coins, and you can spend coins to upgrade your car!!! My brother and I play it every day, I’m obsessed with the game. The game is very appropriate for children and you can not race anybody real, you also can not put money in or hack or anybody. This is the best game I have ever played, there has not been any problems like hacking, glitching, echoing, pausing, or any other problems so far, I hope you like this game if you decide to get it, oh who am I kidding it’s the best game ever invented, of course your going to get it.
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4 years ago, Mystichoagie
Fun but not fun
So… this game is really fun but on some levels there is a obstacle and some of them are hard and some are not I played one where you need to be on one side to pass the bridge but that is the not fun part. It is where you need to stay on one side to cross the bridge BUT you need to balance the car on the side of the bridge so… when you do it is pusses you down into the pit so if you don’t like really really hard challenges I do not recommend you getting this app. But if you really like challenges I do recommend you getting this app and there is some really easy levels and you can buy deferent can BUT I do not know how to get diamonds to buy new cars I am searching for ways to get diamonds but I have not have any luck. BUT you get gas and once you use it up you can not play it any more.🙂👍
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4 years ago, bruhomgbruh
It’s a very fun and realistic game but there is a minor issue that needs fixing as soon as possible. When you make it to zone 2 you need to get a car and you need to buy them and they are expensive and when you finish zone 1 you don’t have much coins saved to get a car. It requires you to get a tier 2 car but you probably won’t have enough coins for it and you can’t do races to save up for it, the only thing you can use to save up is the pickup side mission for zone 1 which gives you 1,000 every time so it takes so long to get a car. Another bad thing is I saved up so much money for so long for a very good car and the free roam/drive with no rules or levels requires gas and your timed 2 and a half minutes
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4 years ago, PleaseFixThis!!!
It kicks me out 😂 but it still used to be fun!
For those who play this game, does it kick you out like mine did? If you have a earlier version of your iPad, (like I do) i would not prefer to get this game. I used to have and it was so much fun! But now it kicks me out and it makes me mad. I’ve restarted my iPad that didn’t work. I deleted a game, that didn’t work either. So, basically I do NOT prefer this game to iPad players that have a earlier version than it needs to be. This game is fun, this is just a suggestion to make it for a earlier version as well as the new one.
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5 months ago, kahedyn
How good this game is
This game is actually really good I saw the add, Then I was interested cuz I like car games then I thought this game would be one of the fake add games like where it’s nothing like the add but it’s really not and it’s really easy to get attached to and it’s fun to drive around, And a couple things I’m impressed with is how this game is with the quality and the driving mechanics, This game is underrated and I think more people should get this game and try it out.
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4 years ago, itsyourboypalko
Really fun game, but unsurprisingly a grind
My only issue with the game is that by the end of a story, there isn’t enough money to get the next class of cars. Now this isn’t a problem if you only had to play a few pickup modes, but unfortunately you have to play a ton of them, which gets repetitive. And I understand this is done to get people to buy coins and diamonds, but it just makes the game unenjoyable. Especially because there’s already a limited amount of playtime because of gas. My only suggestion would be to increase the value of pickup missions once the story is done. Otherwise it’s going to take 42 pickup missions at stage 4 to get the stage 4 vehicle.
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3 years ago, jwppanshs
Fun but unfair at times.
This game was very fun the first 2 zones. 3 and 4 are exceptional, but 5 is in my opinion the worst zone you could make because of 2 things: 1. The taxi levels don’t offer enough time, even with max upgrades for a zone 5 car. 2. The boss battles don’t give enough coins. I’m sure this is a glitch because all of the boss battles were capped at 20k coins or something in the lines of that, while the previous zone boss battles gave plenty coins. It just pisses me off that I have almost no coins to get the next zone’s car and I want my coins that were stolen from me.
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8 months ago, ghkgtfjyfjhvjydjugj(
Money pit alert! Zero stars!!
This game is designed for you to fail! Also it leads you to want to buy into the VIP member option. Once we purchased the VIP we didn’t have access to any cars. Instead it made the cars purchasable by buying more coins or diamonds. So the membership does nothing for you really! Be careful buying things from this app because I’m having a tough time canceling it. They didn’t make that part easy like it was easy to buy the VIP. Last thing… the settings gear has a button to rate the game and it doesn’t work. Seems like they didn’t want that to work either. There are other games that are better than this and don’t rip you off.
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4 years ago, Mfruge1
Why am I stuck?
Before the recent update I was already in zone 4 and could go back to zones 1-3 if I wanted to. After the update the map is stuck on zone 4 with no way to go back to zones 1-3. If I go into the garage to look at the cars and go all the way to the nos tier 6 car, it just makes a bunch of noise until I get off that car. Would like to go back to lower zones if they give you a chance at the nos vehicles for that level. Also can’t find where you can win diamonds which it says in the update. Please fix these issues as I do enjoy playing this game and would like to give it more stars.
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4 years ago, chubkoky
AMAZING..... but could use some help
OK so this app is amazing but the only thing I have to say is that sometimes when you need to upgrade and you don’t haven enough coins they make you pay 4.99 for 25,000 coins but upgrades cost ranging from 1,000 to 25,000 but I’ve real I would definitely get this app it helps me when I’m stressed annoyed or even sad it’s actually very relaxing just moving the car so I think you should totally get this app
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4 years ago, trcygjhn
I just love this app but when you have it for 2 minutes it doesn’t work it just needs more work or just needs more levels please fix this app please please fix it and I want to play this app for just 1 hour please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️🤬 please oh please 🙄 I wanted to say this app is the most addictive game ever I’ve ever played it is the best game ever but the glitch... the app is great 👍🏻 but needs more work and features it needs fixed and then I’ll rate it more 👍🏻👎👍🏻👎👍🏻👎🏿👍🏿👍🏿👎🏿👍🏿👎🏿👍🏿👎🏿plz fix this app it is a good game I love it 🙂 but the other apps I have are better please fix this pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssse fix this game please fix it please please please please please please please please please please fix it.
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3 years ago, qiucjrue
I just texted her and said she will be here at the house for me too quick to go to the bathroom and I’ll bring it home in the park with her car and I will bring it back if you need anything but I’ll let her go to the bathroom later tonight if that’s good okay to Woodside thanks bye eiutu I’ll let her go woos her and I have her birthday present can di y the kids are doing well you have a great time at work and
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5 years ago, biggestbrokest
Money is fixed
Game is great, however it needs a fix to the currency system. I beat all on the levels in the first class and bought all of the required upgrades for the starting car. Now I’ve beat the boss for the class and don’t have enough money to buy the next class of car and I can’t go back to any levels that I’ve beaten to get any money from them. (Edit) Money Glitch has been fixed in update. Great game to play physics are nice and not super Arcady. Very good time waster!
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4 years ago, pqpejwhshsue
Absolutely outstanding
I just recently purchased this game as a joke and now I’m addicted it is such a bad addiction it is starting to cut into my personal life I have not payed my taxes or child support because of this game I have blown 3000$ on this amazing game I have not cleaned my room or bought a car for my mom because of this game
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2 years ago, jaysee470
One of the levels on the 4th zone is broken
Hey I just wanna let the devs know that one of the levels on the 4th zone is broken. It’s a pick up and drop off a person level and it says the drop off is somewhere out of the boundary’s. It says to go out of bounds into the 5th zone and obviously it doesn’t let me do that. This games awesome but definitely needs just a little more work to fix bugs. Thanks!
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3 years ago, 🦊🐶🐱🐻🐭🐼🐹🐨🐰
Worst game I’ve ever gotten
I got this game a couple hours ago and just now I tried it, horrible it would fully load and then it would glitch back to restart the loading process, so then I tapped it and it would glitch out of the game. I didn’t even get to see what the game even looked like i think it’s the worst app I’ve ever gotten, worst glitches, I’d suggest NOT to get this game. And creators I really do hope you read this and try to fix it I was really excited about it too so please fix the glitches/ bugs in it. Person.
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4 months ago, But face21
How you get stuck
Like whenever I get trapped in small spaces and I’m picking up someone dropping them off whenever I get in the trapped in the small space the running out but whenever I hit the reverse button was supposed to hit you get you out of the small space it just popped me like dropped me and like makes it all worse please fix that because I think that’s a malfunction and you’re game
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4 years ago, ben dover 09876
Fun but too money hungry
The game is fun but they basically shove buying coins and diamonds down your throat. They make you upgrade your car to progress in the story, to finish a zone you’ll need to have upgraded your car 100%. The issue is after being forced to upgrade your car to its max, you don’t have enough coins to buy a new car to access the next zone. And they don’t let you use your previous car in the next zone. So I either do 100’s of mini missions to save up for a new car or I buy coins to get a new car to progress in the story.
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3 years ago, CHIMP AND PENGUIN
So i just got this game and i really like only thing is the steering...i like having the little wheel and not the buttons to turn...maybe i’m missing the spot to change that or maybe there really isn’t any spot...but so far that is my only complaint but i also don’t know how easy it is to add another form of steering bc idk how to change an app but if you can that would be fantastic:)
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4 years ago, Rickboy 1234
Extremely fun game but
This game is extremely fun but the only think that disappoints me is I wish the free roam would last more than 1 minute. I mean really? The first time i did free roam and i saw the 1 minute count down I barely had enough time to think of even where i wanted to go, the map is big enough where you can even explore half of it in 1 minute. Other than that I would have given it 5 stars. Please update
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4 years ago, Sunset 718
Great game. Lost interest after changes.
After finding myself playing for hours to get the next level car I completely lost interest. When I first downloaded the game there was more opportunity to play and get to the next level. Was tempted several times to spend money into buying some points for next level vehicles. But this game doesn’t even give you a chance unless you spend countless hours to level up. It’s almost extortion to force you to pay to see what’s next. Deleting it sooner than I expected
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4 years ago, Angelic Maury
bad game bad game name
It won’t let me in the game I can’t even play it because it will just kick me out I know if you are reading this you are going to do nothing to make it better but it just won’t let me in I downloaded this game when I was like maybe 6 years old and know I’m 9 years old and when I was 6 the same problem happened to me so I deleted the game 3 years later I downloaded it which I downloaded now but it just kicks me out and I’m going to delete it again cause it’s a bad game for me cause it won’t let me in sorry for the bad review but it’s true bye.
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2 years ago, virgerys
I like it
It’s OK I really like it so it is there’s five stores but there’s one problem when you compete with a man that says if you win this race I will only unlock the city for you there’s cars that almost make you crash but the man doesn’t even crash he wins a lot
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4 years ago, Im Adam
I mean, the game was entertaining but I’m upset there isn’t a zone 5 and zone 6 when there are cars purchasable for them. I have completed zone 4 and purchased a zone 5 vehicle but there is no missions to play it with. Also, the free drive mode should me more than one minute. Even if it costed 5 gas, I would want to be able to freely drive around as I please and try some of the jumps/obstacles.
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2 years ago, coolbean246733
Good but bad
Hi! I’ve had this game for over a year or so and it was great when I first got it but after a while it would literally kicked me out with a black screen. I stopped playing after a while because I literally had no money and no gems to upgrade or play with my car. Please read and please fix.
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2 months ago, LGamer946725
Well-rounded game
This is one of the best car games I’ve ever played. The creators are always adding new content to make the game interesting. The only bad thing is that if you’re playing multiplayer, people just constantly ram you and it eventually just gets annoying. Other than that, this game is pretty good in all.
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3 years ago, jacenhunter
I love it
I love this game it is so fun. I play this game every day. When I play multiplayer I love to go to the spot where you can go out of town do do think that you should fix that how there’s a spot where you can just go out of town and everyone just goes out of town.
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1 year ago, Neeks06
Really good.
This game is very awesome it’s awesome because you’re in the hundred speed and there’s no speed limits. it’s really not like other games but it’s kind of like you are actually driving but there’s no steering wheel I just love this game so much I just can’t stop playing it.
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3 years ago, Lunnbunn
Good but needs something
This game is really fun just something needs to get changed if that's not to much to ask this game needs more colors for cars and don't know if it's the game or my phone but it's a little glitchy fix that please but otherwise this game is really fun
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4 years ago, Daniel Koppel
Do Not Waste your Time Playing This game. First of all, I Cannot Even Get in to The game. It is That Glitch That is Soooooo Annoying! 🤬😡 Second Of All, When it says, “ This Mission Will Be Very Hard Unless if you upgrade your car in the garage,” I Finished The Level, But on The last second it said, “ Mission Failed.” So Annoying!!!!! 0 Stars For this game!! 👿👹👺 3rd of all, When i crash my car It doesn’t let me rewind!!!!!!! When it does, I still can’t get it Because of that stupid glitch!!!!!!! Once Again, 0 Stars for this Game. Whoever made this game is an idiot!!!!!!
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4 months ago, K Funny
Great but…
I absolutely love this game but there’s this bug makes me mad. I’m level 5 and when you do the passenger quest you sometimes get a destination that is physically impossible to get to and it happened twice in a row and I wasted 2 gas things. Please fix it or tell me how to get there. Thanks for reading this.
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3 years ago, _armandoj420_
Great game
When is zone 7 going to come out and takes too much time to make money the cars are hella expensive takes at least a good 2-4 hours of nonstop playing to upgrade your car in the other levels like level 4 and up is crazy hard
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1 year ago, Exo142
Zone 2: Boss 3/5
OK, so I’ve beaten the first two Zone 2 bosses, but I tried to beat the third boss and I couldn’t, and I tried upgrading my car. So I upgraded my car, and my car is almost 100% upgraded, and I still can’t beat the boss. Why.
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2 years ago, molby🤒69
A little frustrating that it’s difficult to move forward without spending $$, but if you’re patient you can move forward. Steering needs a little more finesse.
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4 years ago, well he
Soon as I get into this game throw up Time 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Oh looks like I got one thing on my to do list let me read it it says to delete this game and give it a one star review hey game did you know that did you know that you actually play an ad for 30 seconds just for One single square of fuel i’m fixing to go find you and dip your head inside of a trashcan with nothing in it do you not just cause you learn your lesson the next time if you do it then how about I go do it with trash in it since this game is a trashcan
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2 years ago, sameul jay rank
Who let a young game in my own new date
Return my dad just got AND discovered gods name and my name is Kyrie and I love my favorite color and games I ain’t playin no game I love you royal family and royalty family and royalty gaming hand shake in five four three two one boom boom ayeee wassup
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5 years ago, Tallhall17
Money glitch
I haven’t even started racing yet. I get the option to choose my first car, then click back. Once I do that it goes BACK to giving me 1,000 coin and to choose my first car. I continue to do that and now I’m cruising around 2.3 million coin!!! I haven’t even raced yet. ***Looks like the people who are updating this game owe me***
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4 years ago, 1rawd5
Putting the car in reverse takes to long, if the car flips over it takes to long for the game to reset the car, and there needs to be a way to earn diamonds
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4 years ago, gamer😺
I Need to play a car game then I see this and i download it I play but I did not fix it all other car games are so grate but this a mistake who ever invented this car game that glitch’s please fix if you want five stars you need to fix this mistake and just a report I am not trying to be mean wait you think I am done?no y would I be😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡plz fix right this second if it’s not fixed by the end of 2020 this game is going to get deleted fix it I have Internet😡😭😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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3 months ago, Yasqueen number100
Thank you
Thank you guys for making this game i always win and get money so i can upgrade my car thank you guys also can you please make a game that’s related to poppy play time
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2 years ago, ggyrdyredttvfgd4h
The favors app
I love this game and I love crashing into every single car and time I love the game and I am on level 100 thx every single day and time now. Thank you everyone for the amazing gift and game.
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4 years ago, Prez 55
Could be really fun
This is a time wasting app, but it’s a good one. The worst things about it is that you buy “required” upgrades then can’t buy the required car for the next level. Furthermore, you can be holding down the gas pedal and it will randomly stop recognizing your touch. Then you lose the round because your car slows down. Needs some work before it gets more stars.
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4 years ago, i sleep in class
I am stuck
I just finished the game and I am stuck I finished level 6 and got all the cars I could but now I am stuck because when I click on the next lvl it don’t do anything and there is no lvl 7 only up to 6 what is going on is there a new update coming to the game or what????
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3 years ago, Radbonewolfxxy
Very fun but two things
I start playing and then gas runs out I waited for like 30min and finally full gas. But why do you need vip people don’t want to pay 10 dollars.
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8 months ago, 8today
Glitches and bugs and other problems that are causing the game to crash
The noise and that girl talking is so annoying and I’m so sorry I can’t help but you guys have to be so quiet to play when I scream it crashes
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2 years ago, dekuuuu shotooo bakugooooo
Ehh it’s ok
Don’t get me wrong I love this game but I wish it had a bigger map because I want to get to the maximum speed my car can take and I want the cars to be less expensive if possible but overall it’s a great game.
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4 years ago, Superduper25
Wow this is bad but ok
Ok at first I really loved this game but then I I started to get good and race my brother I ran out of stuff to do me and my brother both finished stage one then we would have to pay to be in stage two like that’s just bad stupid you should be able to watch videos for diamonds but there would be a cool down but yea I couldn’t play the full game
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4 years ago, rbanta182
Zone 5?
Got to Zone 4 and started the process of running a bunch of taxi missions to get to Zone 5. However that seems like it’s where the game stops. An app fix would make the game more enjoyable! The upgrades are a nice touch to the app, but it doesn’t make sense that upgrading “Brakes” will make the car faster in the 1/4 mile races...
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