Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Game

4.5 (23.1K)
409.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Digital Melody
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Car Mechanic Simulator 21 Game

4.5 out of 5
23.1K Ratings
7 months ago, cocorgi
Update to review: Game doesn’t launch or run.
Not long after I originally posted the review below, maybe a day or two, the developer released an update to fix the issue and announced it accordingly. They were courteous about the issue. Now that I can actually access the game, I feel that it’s…okay. For a game that tries to rival the complexity of the original CMS on a small screen, it’s pretty good, and it has all the elements of a mechanic game that seems to be standard in the entertainment industry. The interface is difficult, though, and some processes are convoluted. Great fun for mobile users; if you’re familiar with PC platforms, you might be disappointed. Overall, it’s solid. Original review (disregard): I downloaded this game earlier today and it doesn’t open. Just idles on a blank black screen. Not crashing, but not doing anything at all either. I’ve given it up to 5 minutes. I’m operating on iOS 17.1 and I suppose that could be causing an issue, but they do have an update claiming that they addressed this. Poor first impression.
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6 years ago, Icebreakir
Needs much more
The game starts out great. Love the expanded view of all the parts, but after that, there’s not a whole lot there for substance. You buy a car, bondo the rust spots and paint it, then fix and sell it. Wash, rinse, repeat. More elements that made the PC version so great could be implemented, I think. Like earning skill points to increase your ability, being able to upgrade your garage, having a story mode where you diagnose and fix other people’s cars, being able to change rims and tires, HAVING ALL OF YOUR TOOLS FROM THE BEGINNING. One of the biggest issues I have is that you have to buy different levels of tools to repair more of the vehicles. However, there comes a point in the game where you have level 4 tools, but all of a sudden you’re able to buy cars requiring level 5 tools and it doesn’t tell you that until after you’ve bought the car and you find out that you can’t repair the whole thing because you don’t have the required tools. Thus, you can’t sell the car for nearly as much and it really becomes a grind. Instead of making 6-10k off a car sale, now you only make 2k and you still have to earn 250k to afford level 5 tools. Come on guys, you can do better than this. I understand that there are limits when porting to mobile, but there is A LOT of room for improvement on this one. I hope the developers read these reviews and take them to heart. This game has a lot of potential.
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1 year ago, jrdoldie2010
Eh the games good but needs this…
Listen, it’s good in all, but needs a feature where you can have maybe better graphics, also please add a free roam feature where like in the game on console and computer, you can have like a whole map and not just a screen with no driving except maybe racing and test driving. Also can you make in the game on Xbox and etc… where you just just straight up buy cars from bidding or like just bidding in general, bidding for like cars to use in the free roam, also please can you make the mechanic part a little more realistic. I mean like where you have a character and buttons like a hand button to use items or open doors or car doors and a joystick and jump button and crouch and etc…, kinda like what the game “My Favorite Car” looks like and what they have, I’d rather play this game on mobile for the mechanic features, but that’s about all I could ask for.
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3 years ago, jpchristopher9
This game is getting better but…
The amount of ads is insane I go in to the parts shop and boom an add but when I had 50 gold I bought the parts through the parts list and stripped the car. After that the parts weren’t their just the old broken ones and I know I payed for the parts because I have 13 gold left. It’s fun to play and I would recommend getting It, but if you don’t want adds and your willing to spend $7 then you should be fine. But the free to play people well, yeah we just have to deal with the adds. My biggest problem is that you developers made the PC/Console version so good and it’s not as fun as pc. I would like if their was at least a junkyard like Xbox or pc. If you can add so you can put parts on the car that would be cool to. Anyways the game is good and fun just have to deal with the issues. 👍👍👍
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1 year ago, Biden4prez|Trump4prison
App is fun and developer is courteous
I’ve spent a few weeks playing on this app and ended up dealing with a bug after my iPhone updated. After emailing the developer through their contact info on their website, I spoke to Bartłomiej who was very professional, handled the issue promptly, and even offered a solution to restore my game to what it was after in-app purchases (which ended up being equivalent.) Needless to say, I really appreciate this response from a developer’s support team, let alone from any app I download. I wasn’t optimistic that I’d even get a response given the previous experiences I’ve had. I felt valued, and I appreciated the time taken to make sure my experience was positive. If there’s anything you take from this review, then just know that this developer is going to try their best to make your experience positive.
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8 months ago, PaulDeanBumgarner
Maximum Effort, ok, but…
[The developer response review:] But if I read ME as a response to one more suggestion, I think my head will explode. I understand, you are trying to be polite and tow the party line, but that’s like saying “hey, we’re doing everything we can.” [The game review.] The game is technically impressive due to the expansion view feature. However, when the game play is repetitive and clumsy, it gets old fast. I would love to see a catalogue of every car ever made and procedures for repair on everything. “Game” is probably not the market unless you have a story with imagination. Think real life. Visit the junk yards, the want ads, drive around the neighborhood and look for cars up on blocks. Negotiate with that old fart down the road that hasn’t driven that mustang in years. Get a deal by mowing the grass for him. (Don’t get lost down the rabbit holes, we can live with taking your word for the mowing or whatever. However, if you want side quests, there’s adventure to be had there. ) Back to the game. You’re trying to make money. I get it. But you know where my kids budget goes? $50 for a game that is actually fun. And when they play it for months they get into it. Lose the love affair with in-game purchases. Make a quality product and charge for it. You have a good framework. Now make an exceptional game and bank. Forgive any typos. I’m on mobile. Thanks, again. I will look forward to seeing this game in the future.
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6 years ago, Mine craft master2222
Bugs and improvement
When ever you go into warehouse and sell something the picture goes right then down then in the parts market when you pick a new category it glitches and shows nothing then you have to pick the same category again to see the parts and I also hate how you have to upgrade the tools you should have all the tools already I know it’s so you guys can get money but come on this is supposed to be a mechanic sim. I don’t like it when you sell something in the ware house or for me it means going down the line to know what I have to buy but any way I want it to stop jumping back up when I sell it because I loose track of where it is and what I bought it makes me want to uninstall. Please fix these things ASAP please but any way good game and the cars look amazing and so does the paint
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3 years ago, Timmy Leadfoot
New update but not really
Okay, I like the game. But after playing it for quite some time now, it becomes boring. What’s the point? What are the goals? I think it would be better if instead of buying “barns” you have customers pull into a shop and they give you a discription of what they think is wrongs squeaky brakes? Stalling? And then you find the problem and fix it for money. Then when you have enough money, you buy cars from the barn for yourself to collect. But seriously, how often does someone need the crossmember replaced? Or the entire engine block? I don’t design games so I still appreciate what the game is, but it could be so much better. Anyone have any suggestions for a game more like what I’m describing? Also, it would be way better if you have more choice in rims, ground effects, pin stripes and graphics. Just my two cents. I’m bored with the game.
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2 years ago, Hellstricker746
Needs better updates added to it and its not the same as the old versions
Ok im not a big fan of the ultra easy mode that you put in, its really annoying and i cant do stuff by myself please do something so i can actually enjoy it, like how i used too in the older version please and thank you. Also it kinda needs to be like the console/PC version because you can actually upgrade the motor with more parts, go to junkyards, auctions, replace fenders, doors, trunks, hoods, head lights, tail lights, etc. stuff like that. Please please please make this a better game because i have it on console and i want to have the same feeling playing on mobile too, hope you read this and have a nice day
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3 years ago, kay_bug🐛
I hate it
First of all, I am a girl! I am into cars and stuff like that. I found the game on my fathers playstation 4 and it was so detailed and I was obsessed! I could not keep my eye off it! I loved it so much that I decided to try to find something like it on my iPad. So I searched it and I found this. The front looked the same so I downloaded it. I was so excited cause I thought I was actually going to have something so cool on this iPad. But it was a piece of crap. First of all, you could not walk around. Second, it does not look like has cool nor does it look as detailed. I was so mad. The stupid man I hated the most! And the game is so easy it is not nearly as hard as the other one. Like on the other one you got to open doors and if you forgot to do something it would not do it for you, it will make you remember it yourself. But this crap is too easy. I hate it sooo much, please make it as good as the other one so people without a PlayStation can still play it and have a good time too! 😢
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3 years ago, MaestroMouse
Needs a bit more better updates and maybe a remake!
Overall, it’s a really good game for those who are interested in mechanics and automobile fundamentals. But then over time, it tends to get boring and not many people play it. I suggest instead of barns you can visit junkyards just like how it was added in the PC version of this game. You visit a junkyard, you walk around looking for an affordable car, and then you buy it and fix it. I suggest the company should also put in more cars. It’s sad to see mobile players feel like their “inferior” to PC players. It’s common to see where video games are so good on PC and yet mobile players are never getting anything good from those games compared to PC players. And it’s not fair for those who can’t get a good computer. Again, I also suggest making 2018 mobile version JUST LIKE the PC version with good graphics.
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2 years ago, mcdinos_501
Young learner
So I’m 19 and work at Caliber Collision, I only know the minimum to get by with my own car. Like changing oil, spark plugs, how to change a wheel, put wheel spacers on, and along with knowing how to put strut shocks on correctly. This app here I love it, because it allowing me to right down what the parts are in my notebook and learn how to disassemble and re-assemble. Especially since I’m wanting to move up in my own job or even if I need to fix my own vehicle I can at least know what part I’m looking at and not feel so clueless and get mad. You guys did a great job making this app and I can’t wait to see more updates to expand y’all’s success in it. Thank you ,sincerely Kennedy Owen.
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4 years ago, malachi caunec
My opinions
In my opinion this is not that bad of a game. I really love this game I play it at least four times a day but there some thing I want y’all to change. One I want y’all to do a special event to where we get to fix race cars and dragsters and many more. And the more sports cars we fix the more points we get and with those points you can get lots of thing 10 points one free engine fix up 100 points get all parts for free no cost 200 points get rare barn finds 300 points get better cars in lower rated barns 400 points get level three tools set 500 points get level four tools set and last but not least 1000 points get one free rare car ready to sell for 50,000 thank you very much and we get 5 points per fix thanks.
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2 years ago, Something important i guess
The bugs ruined it for me
Great game but the bugs are way too annoying and frequent. I bought three barns in a row and all of the cars in them had parts that needed a level higher tool than the one I currently had. I decided to reinstall the game because I wasn’t too far into it but then another bug appeared. It was the same bug that my sister experienced twice in a row. I would take ordered cars because it was more profitable but then when I finished everything that was needed, it said the car was at 90% repaired. I still don’t know how to fix them so I just decided to stop entirely. If there’s going to be game breaking bugs literally within 30 minutes of play time, then I’m scared of what’s its going to be when you get deeper into the game.
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2 years ago, sbe Jacob n de Chi Co c
Needs some work But not much
I Really really love the game and how realistic the game feels in the since of knowledge of the car parts and different aspects of the game the only thing i don’t like about the game is that there’s like the same repeating orders i love that the game has a lot of different cars it would be very cool if you added like a custom car aspect to the game like if you sell a lot of cars and get cash you can buy your own personal car and make it how you want it and race or drag race for cash me personally would love for there to be a racing aspect to the game to spice it up a lil bit i would actually give it a little more than a 4 rating.
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5 years ago, LSmints
Needs Work
Pros - The expanded view of car components isn’t matched by any other game, the PC version of the game is amazing, the amount of cars available, the in depth tutorial, the decent graphics Cons - Horrible camera controls, inaccessible parts that are hard to tap with fingers need a marker for us to click on, more customization variety needed, instead of forcing us to buy all of the tools they should be given from the start, wait time to sell vehicles takes way too long, without the in game special credits you really can’t do much in the game without waiting, the game depends on how much G credits you have, it feels slightly rushed and counterintuitive when the game is based around special points Other than that I think this could be just as solid a video game as the PC version, it clearly needs redirection and work done to it.
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3 weeks ago, Idontellmyname
Found another problem..
The game is good, I did give some suggestions, but I also found another problem, For some reason when I try to place the part, it won’t be placed on unless you close the app and open it again, and when you go to the engine, the part is already placed, and when I check the status list, the part is still missing but already attached on, and when I try to take it off, for some reason I can’t. There even a part where the spring cap is not placed but the rear spring and rear shock absorber cap still on. Even a timing belt on the cam gear but the left gear is missing.
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4 years ago, Rhoneauto
Not bad
Like some others have said this is actually a really good game I love it. But there are some things I think it could use like a story mode were you fix and diagnose customer cars to make money so you could purchase cars to fix up and sell. You should also be able to change the rims out on the cars. You could also add a better color scheme as well instead of just 4 colors to choose from. You could also add gears in the rear differential to replace. You should add brake lines and fuel lines. A little bit of buffing and this would be a great game. If you need help from an actual shop owner give me a shout I’d be happy to help as I design games as a hobby on the side.
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3 years ago, MayorMcCheese450
Flaws after update
Cars that have a V8 and are AWD have a missing front drive axle on the right side. I can replace everything on the task list and get the car to 100%. Then when I try and track or sell the vehicle it prompts me to “instal the missing parts to complete delivery” which just leaves me with a car I don’t need. Also have collected a dodge Calle get that was fully restored, then after the latest update left it at 80% so I can’t track it. These are problems the devs would be able to see if they even play the game for 5 minutes. Needs a fix soon.
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3 years ago, neudin_v23
Then game is good untill
Good game just that it gets boring sometimes you have to wait a whole day before you get another car or maybe we can watch an ad and stuff but for people that don’t like watching ads you might have to or you might have to wait a whole day to get out of the car it’s really up to you but the game is really fun sometimes it’s just that one thing you know you have to wait a whole day to get another car to fix and stuff it’s just you know And then the Game gets a little boring
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3 years ago, 建议腾讯死个🐎
Beware of predatory purchases
CMS is a mechanically sound game, especially if you likes restoring cars or taking engines apart. However the basic interaction is very clunky, for example the cleaning and fixing part is very boring and you don’t feel any sort of satisfaction because the way it presents a clean fixed car is very plain, even though I love watching detailing videos. Or every time when you reassemble the engine with good parts it still asks you to choose between good parts and bad parts. Now my major problem with the game is that I hate games who has a purchasing fee but still annoys you with the ads, lottery system with no sense, starter pack and so on. CMS requires you to use the expensive in game currency, the one is rare and needs real dollar to buy, to unlock paint, parking space and buying parts in bulk. It is disgusting.
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11 months ago, Juicejr1522
Car Mechanic simulator pocket edition 2
I know it’s only on switch but I couldn’t figure out how to leave a review on it so yea, anyway I’m writing this to let you guys know that I love the game and I would like you to add some things to it. First off I would like you to add more parts specifically engines I know that 2021 has v12 and probably better so that’s one thing the last thing is I would like more cars I haven’t seen a Lambo or Bugatti or any super cars in the game so I would like some more vehicles to anyways that’s all it is a great game and I love it, Thank you.
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5 years ago, bobby11111101
Great game
I love this game but I want more cars in here to and maybe some diesel trucks that would be great and ik u guys can’t j go off of one persons review but I’m just saying it could use a couple diesel trucks like Dodge Cummins, ford Powerstroke, and Chevy Durmax and maybe u can make it so we can jake them up on a 2 or 5inch lift and maybe and some semis like a t660 Kenworth my favorite or peterbuilts and yes there’s other models then just the 379 u could add and some frightliners and for semis there’s only a couple of engines like caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, and Mack and so on anyways thank you. Btw your prob not going to do this at all and that’s very sad.
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5 years ago,
I love the game... but when it comes to the fact that you are buying cars that you can’t even fix because you have to have level 5 tools and only have level 4 tools... it’s kinda upsetting... i stayed up all night playing this game and then this happens... i’ve literally only had this game since last night and i’m stuck and can’t do anything because of the issue.... FIX IT OR DONT MAKE THE GAME! and i get why you’re doing it... so you can make money off of us without us even realizing it because trust me, i’ve thought about paying real money for in-game currency but now i’m not because i know that’s exactly what you guys are doing... the game is fun... just needs the major issues literally EVERYONE IS TELLING YOU TO FIX, FIXED!!!!!
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3 years ago, ImSquidward3874
Ok, but has some major flaws
First of all, it’s a chore to buy parts for the car you’re repairing. While you could quickly buy all the parts you need at once, it costs gold, and gold is limited. Also, some parts require better tools, that aren’t required for the car, to be removed. Also, upgrading tools makes it harder to fix up lower level cars. Let’s say you upgrade your tools and you start fixing up a low level car. Since you are able to replace more parts, it has you do so. And for all that, you’ll barely make any profit. It gets boring easily and gets repetitive. All in all, it’s an okay game, just flawed and monotonous. Wouldn’t really recommend.
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6 months ago, Beckcj
Good game, small request
Just started playing and so far it’s a great game however I have a request. There should be an option to select in the settings to learn about each and every part that you are repairing. That will make this both fun and help the people who are interested in learning about cars know what each and every part does in a real life setting so when you actually get into the engine bay of a car you know what your looking at and an idea of what it does.
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4 months ago, Dirtysm0k3
Interesting game and concept
The game is real cool. It’s an interesting concept. So far my issue is as I’ve increased tool level cars also increase the tool level required. I’ve bought a few cars from the junk yard that required tools level 3&4 and then I get them back and some of the tool level 5 parts are no good which drives me crazy because I don’t have tool level 5 yet so now I’m basically stuck unable to do much in the game. My parking lot houses 4 or 5 cars and all require level 5 tools for something though I’m tool level 4.
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3 years ago, ErekMac
Let me just say I really like this game.
I would like to just start off by saying I like this game a lot! It is a really good way for people who don’t know much about cars to get familiar with the different parts. I would like to see the repair option in this game like the computer based game. And possibly the ability to have your own car collection to test drive anytime, and that doesn’t take up your order parking spots. Other wise very detailed game and love that they brought my favorite game to mobile! Would recommend to anyone and everyone.
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3 years ago, alexisacoolguy
Nice game but some annoyances
Good things: #1, this game is fun and I like the engine repair. Bad Things: #1, First off the most common car is the [something] Razor, and it’s the only car I every find. #2 You only get so many Golden Coins when you start then you have to buy them, that means when your trying to fix the engine of your car, you have to buy all of the engine parts manually which is super annoying. #3 buying new tools cost so expensive which means where stuck with the same cars over and over again.
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6 years ago, Striker1-81
Major Bugs plz Fix it
I have downloaded and deleted this 4 times in an effort to fix it and it hasn’t worked. It loads up fine I can only do the intro and it give me the option to sell the car then it goes back to the garage and the text says Choose sale method is still on the screen so I click it again and then it goes into a black loading screen playing music like it’s still working but after being patient and waiting for 2 HOURS ON A BLACK LOADING SCREEN with menu music playing in the background I concluded that it was broken. I really enjoyed your past games and really want to play this one but please fix it.
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2 years ago, that guy47092
Seems forced to buy things
I’ve been playing this at work as an overnight security officer and I’ve loved it so far but I’ve gotten 3 cars with parts that require level 5 tools while I only have level 4. I purposefully got a level 2 barn to ensure that I should have been able to repair it with the tools I had and yet on all the cars I have it seems the suspension crossmembers and the engine head is always messed up meaning I keep wasting in game money since those require level 5 tools to remove and replace. Has a few bugs but it’s a cool game especially to learn a little about cars
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3 years ago, #yolo12#
Pretty good, would like some changes
It’s a pretty nice game but there are a few things I would want to see changed. First, when showing parts, please highlight the parts we need to replace in red when we are in assembly mode. The white outline blends in with its surroundings too much. Secondly, when viewing paints, you should be able to view them without actually having to buy it. Otherwise you’ll think you’re viewing the paint you want for free without realizing it costs money every time you tap a paint.
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2 years ago, CivicWolf23
Good game, could still use some work
I played this for about two weeks, and got some decent progress. I purchased the starter pack, and then I started getting cars from contracts and barns that had parts I couldn’t repair because my tool level wasn’t high enough. I couldn’t make enough money to upgrade my tool level because I lost money on the cars I got and couldn’t complete contracts. It took deleting the game and reinstalling it to fix the problem which caused me to lose all my progress. I had attempted to contact the developer but never received a return message.
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1 month ago, Dylan Wohlgemuth
I love this game, but there’s an issue.
I absolutely love this game, but there’s a weird issue with two of the cars you build. For whatever reason, the wheels on these cars don’t show up. On the Poggers 943, three of the wheels don’t show up on the car. On the Luxor Bowen, two of the wheels on the car don’t show up. Both cars act like they have the wheels that aren’t showing up. If possible, can you fix this Please? I would appreciate it. Other than that, amazing game!
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3 years ago, SamN05
Great game but could use more features
This is a fun game that has good graphics and overall is a fun game. A feature could be added to drive the cars you restore. Another feature that could be added is a feature to have customers and do some small jobs to get some more in-game money. I wish there was more interaction in the garage and not only in the blueprint of the car. Finally, I wish there was more opportunities to buy more tools or warehouse space or another shop. Overall, this is a good game that is fun and you should definitely get it!
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2 years ago, Zuckerbergs slave
Good game not great
Very cool to try out but every car i buy has required tools 4 and 5 so i cant finish an order. Without using orders that restricts the flow of the game to just buying barns and i have to watch ads to profit more than a couple hundred bucks per car, makes the road to 100,000 or 250,000 dollars VERY slow. Game needs more features to make it less monotonous. Perhaps make it so the tools level of the barn you purchase is the MAX required tools for the job.
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5 years ago, Rell Gee
Was fun until......
I was enjoying the game but you devs ruined it. It’s like when you’re buying cars from barns it tells you what cars you can or can’t buy based off the tools you have, but I hit a point where I’m buying cars and they all have problems that I don’t even have the proper tools to fix, the crazy part is it’s the same cars I was able to work on with level 1-2 tools. This game was clearly rushed because it makes no sense whatsoever. Like now all I can practically do is fix rust paint and sell.. and that’ll take forever to make noticeable profit so this game is being deleted. Don’t waste your time on this game. It starts good but the feeling doesn’t last.
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2 weeks ago, ummmmmmmmmmm, idk
I love this game
I love this game so much, but I feel progression is really slow and was wondering if there is a faster way to make money than just buying cars and repairing what I can of them, because I only have level 4 tools but all the cars that I can buy require level 5 tools to fully repair. Another question is, once I get level 5 tools, is it possible to engine swap, like if I tear down a car with an I4 engine, can I put back a V8?
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3 years ago, Ni$e Guy
Great game, could use a bit of improvement
I really love this game. It really taught me more about the parts of cars and how they work and where they go. But I wish that instead of scrolling though a long list of parts, there was a search engine in the market where you could search for the parts you need. It’d just be more convenient and I wouldn’t spend 30 minutes looking for one part since I’m practically blind :)
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11 months ago, Sonic Jones
Was fun for a little bit
I may just not be playing it right but I was having so much fun with the game to pass time and I think I’ve run into the paywall with needing better tools and having a hard time finding the vehicles that actually fit into my tool tier. The problem is I thought I knew how you could tell which cars I was able to work on but now it seems no matter what I pick, not having the last tier of tools stops me so I’m really at a wall with the game and probably will delete it now but it’s not a bad game outside of that
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2 years ago, Justin "juiceman"
Is anyone even reading these?
Do you guys want to make the game better? Because I came here to voice my issues with the game that really hinder it, but after reading through a few other reviews first I realized that all of the issues I experienced were written about by other users 2 and 3 YEARS ago! Yet these issues still plague the game, like the way you start getting cars in barns that need engine repairs but are nowhere near affording level 5 tools, or how some cars are seemingly nonexistent in the game except for their place marker in the trophy room. Pretty disappointing honestly.
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5 years ago, Joebor927
Great Game, but ads are crashing the game
Game is fantastic and runs super smooth. However, a few of the ads won’t close, so I have to reset the game constantly and it’s starting to get frustrating. The worst part is, I’ll sit through the entire ad to get an award, but since the ad won’t let me close the window, I never get the reward so it’s slowing progress down. Once this gets fixed, I would gladly give 5 stars! I’m very addicted to the game. Pretty accurate for the most part, good enough for a game for sure. It’s therapeutic to replace old parts and watch the car get shinier as you build it up.
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3 years ago, 😈💯🗣🤝
This game is really entertaining yet educational !
I love this game and personally I have a better grasp at understanding the parts of an engine and how it works in detail. Although there is a problem I have right now. All the cars I got from the barn have to be replaced with stage 5 tools but I have not unlocked that yet. So I have not been able to sell any cars so I cannot advance in the game. I don’t know what to do anymore. Can you guys help me?!
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6 years ago, WhiteDragonVids
Ehhhhhhh okay
The game was honestly interesting at the start but, after fixing some car it became boring because the game is not well developed. You can literally buy a car, fix just the paint and sell it for as much as if you fixed engine problems. The farther you progress the game you began to learn that you can never fully Finnish fixing a car because you will always need something fixed that you don’t have the tools for. In found myself just buying a car fixing the paint then selling it again. Just do I can buy tools to finish just one car.
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4 months ago, RFellsJr
If the game had other options for parts it would be more fun. Giving different part options like stock, performance and race would be nice. Also options for weight specs so that cars can be modified for performance reasons. Sponsorship options like vehicle manufacture, aftermarket manufacture or race team company options. Also personalize options like ride height, body kits, audio option and lighting. With each modification made have the value of the vehicle reflect and change with the part installed.
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1 year ago, Jh2018
Its not a terrible game, occasionally there’s some glitches, but 3 stars because its not entirely realistic, but its kinda neat to disassemble and reassemble parts. A little unrealistic because if it wants you to replace the spark plugs in a car, you’re only replacing one when in reality you’re supposed to replace them all. Also there’s not a lot of freedom to look at what you’re working on from the exact zoom/angle you want. Have to keep tapping components to get to the part you need to take out instead of moving the 3D model yourself
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9 months ago, 007Yadigg
Extra payments
I really like the game me and my wife play this game. A year ago I had a stroke and I used to fix/work on my cars. Well some weeks ago I was working on my car under my hood and for the life of me I couldn’t remember how to remove this part from my car. It tore me up and so my wife found this game so I started playing it and started liking it more I started paying for the golds now I’ve been charged 2 times for 1 transaction.
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4 years ago, zggggggggggggggggggggggg
There is no actual point to this game all you do is buy junk cars barely fix them and gain barely any profit and on top of all that you can’t even test drive the vehicles, they automatically tell you what’s wrong with the car the you screw around and go replace’s NOTHING like working on an actual vehicle. if you could actually take the vehicles on test drives and listen to noises and diagnose the problems then buy the parts and fix them then that would be awesome but you just buy junky cars, the game tells you what’s wrong with it, then you barely fix it and sell it....if this was an actual “simulation” then being an auto mechanic would be a waste of time
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7 months ago, my real nickname?
About the driving and the warehouse
How come inside look so good but when you drive it’s so bad the ai cars the frozen car even the building I don’t like it :(it’s like you didn’t even care about the outside only care for the inside and the car you drive are kinda good but the tow truck need a upgrade and when you drive with a car it follow instead like turning but still I like it because you can fix the and show you what tools you need I will recommend it if you want to a mechanic 👌
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6 years ago, Brando Stevens
Love the game! Needs A couple of updates
I love this game a lot. I think it’s very entertaining and fun. But I would like some more features. First update. I think you should make it multiplayer and add people and invite them to your garage and then you could work on a car together then you could split the money. Second thing you should add is more cars. There actually not that much cars so I would like more cars. I hope you see this message.
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