Car Simulator 2

4.5 (17.3K)
1406.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
OppanaGames FZC LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Car Simulator 2

4.51 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
1 year ago, kingdjthegoat
Make car simulator more real
I love the game so much but I would really love it if ya made it more realistic and make everything real in the houses and make it make the game more realistic to gta, not everything but the graphics add families more houses, and add tow trucks you can put cars on the tow truck and a trailer and add keys and also do things you can do in real life and more at a grocery store make the cars more real there are people in your cars and also you can do a lot of stuff you can sit on the couch you can watch tv people can come to your house and also fix the garages you can hit the remote to open and close and more stuff I talked to a lot of people and they recommend all this stuff to maybe you guys can find somebody so work with so all this stuff we all want actually happens and also be creative Thank you I would really appreciate it if all this stuff can actually happened Thank you people in my family will also enjoy all of this stuff too Thank you.
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9 months ago, Anonymoususer1221
More update needed
I really and I mean really love everything that’s already in it, especially there’s electric cars now. But I would I really really really appreciate if you added more cars like normal Benz suvs/sedans, more Hondas (especially the truck and the suvs, more Toyotas (especially the Tacoma or the tundra), the entire Tesla family (and you should upgrade the current model s to a plaid and make everything else a plaid/performance too), Volvos, more bmw sedans, Nissans, Acuras, and more Ferraris would be great. I would also like to have more electric/hybrid cars, and include Tesla charging stations as well as other charging stations. You should also add normal houses we could live in also city’s, rural areas, even a real cemetery. Also if you could you can add restaurants where we can actually order, the inside of the police station and more police stations, and also the mafia house. Also, a job might work too. If and only if you can, I would like you to add other vehicles, such as planes, helicopters, boats, and even motorcycles! Thanks very much! I would appreciate this forever!
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1 year ago, pchhay2001
I know you guys have good cars, but we want some more good cars, you know 😀
So, I know you guys have great cars, but I want some good ones. I want you to please add a Alfa Romeo SUV, Koenigsegg Jesko, Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac CTS-V, Ford Explorer, Ford Mustang MACH-E, Mclaren Speedtail, Cadillac XT6, BMW X7, Dodge Durango, Chrysler 300, Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dart, Dodge Neon, Ford F-250 Super Duty, Chevrolet Traverse, 2023 GMC Yukon Denali, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Cruze, Nissan Juke, Kia Telluride, Kia Sorento, Kia Stinger, Corvette C7, Lexus RX 350, Toyota Highlander, Hyundai Elantra, Bugatti Divo, Bugatti Veyron, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ford Ranchero, Jeep Cherokee, 2023 Cadillac Escalade, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss, Dodge Viper, SSC Tuatara, and my top choice: The legendary Hennessey Venom. So I want you to please add these cars to the game in the next update and I recommend you add a Casino, a Walmart, and a giant football stadium, like Allegiant Stadium and NRG Stadium. So please add these things to the game to make the game more like the USA.
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2 years ago, Godofwar$56
You need to work on this game
You need to work on this game I have been playing this game for 2 years now you’re even adding what your players wants honestly I’m beginning to lose interest on the games no missions to play why can’t you guy add missions like bank robberies, owning a company and add a character in the game a wardrobe and foods make the super markets active expensive designers store brand like Gucci, Versace, Jordan, Nike and other fun things don’t just make the game all about cars add a new city make it distance so that the player can drive a long way to deliver missions or complete a missions it would be more fun if the planes are active too and the Wheel or steering controller is too small please make it big in your next update it’s making it difficult for me to control a car I believe not only me so add up new matured and fun missions with guns too if I don’t see any of these updates soon I will delete the app from my phone cause it boring I have done everything, I have bought all cars, mansions and I’ve complete all missions as well please try and read this review thank you!
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2 years ago, CrazySnorlax3
Such a exiting game and suggestions for later updates
Hey i just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE your game its very good i just love the way you can show off your cars and you can get lots of money and i just wanted to say that there are no bugs so far after playing for a week and i rlly like the quality of the game i bet it took a long time to make :D also id suggest in later updates that maybe you could add companies meaning you could add tall buildings and you could buy it and start a buisness of your choice for example a car dealer ship or a boat enterprise or anything you would like to put in but i suggest you could make companies and we could choose what the company is but Thank you so much for this game and i hope you and your studio have a awsome Year! :) Oh and plz respond to this review as such it would be a honor
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4 years ago, manz987
I love the game but there are too many advertisements and not enough cars I want and I know this is a lot, But I want a Ford Focus RS, a Ford Crown Victoria,Porsche cars, jeeps, FORD GT(my favorite car) , Ford Fiesta ST, Dodge Dart, Dodge Charger, Pontiac fiero, Shelby Cobra, Shelby GT500, Shelby GT350R, ‘71 ford Mach mustang, 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, Chevy Corvette, Plymouth Superbird, Nissan GTR, Dodge Viper, TESLA, Toyota Prius, Ferrari F40, Subaru Coworth Impreza, Renault Clio V6, and many more. I want longer and more balanced online races. I want a player figure and I want to get out of my car in multiplayer mode. We should have to manually start and stop our cars to not waste gas in multiplayer mode. There should be fluid changes (like oil) and engine swapping. I also want car color presets, car decals like stripes, and more rims. I also want to have to change tires every once and a while and be able to stance my cars. I also want different sizes for wheels and drag slicks. Thank you so much if you add this. I will owe you so much. P.S. add damage physics AND IF YOU DONT ADD ANY OF THESE THINGS THE RATING WILL GO DOWN AND IT HAS TO BE ON IOS
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1 year ago, Alex J Olabode
Great game but..
I like the game but of course like everything it can be improved on. So, I know you keep getting comments about more cars and gas prices and different things, while all that would be nice I think that the most important thing to fix is the glitches. I get tired of people hitting me in online and me going through the ground and dying while on that though I don't like that some cars can only be bought with real money. When reading some of the other reviews some of them make good points. I would highly support some new cars especially old cars example like the Pontiac TO, or the Plymouth barracuda, some of the big three in car companies. Now for the newer cars I would say that a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk would be nice along with a new Supra, the newer version of the GT 40.
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4 years ago, reneeunee
I like this game, but something we need.
I really like this game alot but it’ll be alot of improvements. 1, Expand the Map to be bigger than that. 2, Add more Houses. 3, Add something for example: Add a Restaurant you can go in add Detailed Interior Malls and a Police Station And the Mafia building. 4, Add more Towns and put names on it. 5, Make the fuel consumes slower making it more Realistic. 6, Add a job where you can go to work. 7, (This one is very important) Add vehicles like Honda Civics, Tesla Model 3, Honda CR-V, Honda Ridgeline, Nissan Skyline, Aifla Romeo 4 Car Sedan, Toyota Supra, Toyota Prius, Honda Civic Type R, Tesla Model S And a Roadster (Expect the newer Tesla Roadster), And a Tesla Cybertruck. 8, Add more rooms in the house. 9, Add a weather for example: Thunderstorm, Snow, Rain, and Wipers. 10, Add more Missions. 11, Add Crusie Control and Make the road a bit more realistic. 12, Fix the NPC and the AI. 13, Make it where we can go shopping. 14, Lower the fuel cost. 15, When backing up in first person in the car, add a rear view.
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12 months ago, Sucky audio
Excellent game has gotten better with updates needs a few tweaks
I’ve been playing this game for at least 3-4 years and it’s good i have quite a few cars and their each different in their own way which i like, the last update a drift option was added, i like it, the main issue this game has always had accelerate your care and turn it’s going to brake by itself, i hate it theirs so many times i have a perfect lap and then it gets ruined by the car braking by itself just take that option out, or if drift mode is on yes but why is my car drifting by itself when drift mode is deactivated i don’t understand other people are asking for more land and houses which the developers have done just need to do better, on the other hand graphics have gotten better, handling also just needs the drifting by itself issue fixed
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3 years ago, Goodboi34579979
Great game but
I like the game but of course like everything it can be improved on. So, I know you keep getting comments about more cars and gas prices and different things, while all that would be nice I think that the most important thing to fix is the glitches. I get tired of people hitting me in online and me going through the ground and dying while on that though I don’t like that some cars can only be bought with real money. When reading some of the other reviews some of them make good points. I would highly support some new cars especially old cars example like the Pontiac GTO, or the Plymouth barracuda, some of the big three in car companies. Now for the newer cars I would say that a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk would be nice along with a new Supra, the newer version of the GT 40.
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4 years ago, your number one friend
Five star game
This is one of the best app that I ever had. The game has awesome challenges that you can earn a lot of coins. To unlock the fancy cars or trucks you have to complete challenges. If you are wondering how you get coins you have to do challenges you will get a lot of coins when you finish a challenge. The challenges with a star on them will give you more coins then a normal challenge. But if you go to the one place to rob the bank you will get $61,000. The hardest part of your adventure is the challenge called on the outskirts, when you finish that you will unlock the Lamborghini then you can buy that with your coins. The hardest part about the level is not going out of control. I recommend this game to you, if you think this game is awesome tell your friends to download this game.
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10 months ago, Pls Put new Powerhouse truck
Need to add more cars and less adds.
Ok I love this game one of my favorites but there is one problem there aren’t any dually trucks you may think no one wants a dually that sounds exactly like a diesel but truck lovers really like diesel trucks that roll coal another car I would like to ask you to add is a Jeep wrangler along with a Tesla roadster I think a lot of people would like and then we talk about the adds I know you can buy no adds but maybe people don’t want to buy adds I mean no offense to your wonderful company but who wants to watch that many adds I hope you guys can fix these and make this game better every update I get really excited you guys finally added a dually but you don’t so it’s kinda a buzz kill have a great day to everyone.
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1 year ago, aa bateries
One of the best games I have played
I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of the game a lot. It’s one of the best games I have played on my phone. There are some things I would like to see in the future if possible. Perhaps a big truck to move multiple cars at a time. Also maybe a warehouse to hold like 20-30 cars inside kind of like a big car showroom that we can buy. Also add some race cars. Maybe some race cars from F1 or LeMans or NASCAR. Also, all the cars you make should have trunks that work. It makes me very annoyed that I either spend my own money on the Lamborghini SVJ or other cars like the Porsche GT3RS and the trunk doesn’t even work so then I can’t use it on missions
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4 years ago, JuSt aRegUlar BoY
Professional Review Writing Agency (PRWA)
This game is great! It allows you to create crime, buy vehicles sedans, trucks, and SUV’s. You can get out of your vehicle go into a house put gasoline inside your vehicle etc. In our opinion it’s the best from you. You have a daylight cycle each have a perfect time limit and you can customize the traffic density. Customizing your vehicle is also an option and it’s a great addition. I love how there are plenty of dealership dreaded along the map. Very few improvements are needed. We’d like to see more of a variety of sedans and/or vehicles at the dealerships. I like the interactions with the salesman/saleswoman. Consider when a traffic car accident happens to make it more realistic and add damage. We also think that you should get one minute to just to test drive a vehicle. We also are appalled with the fact you must complete a mission just to buy a sedan. Everything should be bought with money besides they probably aren’t worth waiting till the mission is available then trying finally buying-earning the car. You should have a verity of properties to buy. Other than those bug fixes we think your game is fantastic and is a great entertainment! We’d love to see those improvements! Have a good one, Take it easy. -PRWA
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4 years ago, FrenchVanilla1550
This is game is alright. Above it said it’s a 360 interior spin, it is not. Inside of the car, you can only look until the back right window and for the left side you can only see the left front driver door. This game is alright, not much to do except free roam, interact at the gas station, or whatever. Not many cars which is dumb because I mean there’s not only one person in this whole world, not many houses which is dumb, I mean really come on. This game needs more. I mean when you go inside your garage you can’t even close it when your inside except in your village next to a car dealership. It’s stupid, this game should be about all that. We need cops, interactive parks, we need stores, malls, parking lots, real jobs not a taxi service or whatever. We need a cell phone, if you have to walk somewhere you would just call a taxi service, we NEED MORE! Do you not comprehend??
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5 years ago, Dead1ink
It's meh.
For a free game, it's not offensively bad, the cars are somewhat tolerable and the game isn't grindy since most missions reward a decent amount of cash while not being difficult (as in you could use the default unmodded car for every mafia mission.) The main problem is the lack of substance, especially after you complete all of the events (which won't take you very long.) Once you complete all events, there isn't much else you can do except go for all coins, or try to buy the one house that's in the game. You can't even do races online, all there is to do is a freeroam, no actual events online. Several things need to be added, like online events, more in depth mafia missions or more technical races, more houses available for purchase, or maybe adding in a pistol that seems to be teased in the inventory. Tl;dr, not terrible but is lacking in content and gets stale quick.
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4 years ago, PodKiller0410
It’s pretty good
I’ve basically beaten the game. I got one of the most expensive cars, the Porsche 911 and I’ve beaten every challenge. The only thing I do now is cruise and try to find the gas tank and do the most paid missions again. I could make the money to buy the Veneno but it’s not worth that much time when I already have the car I wanted. Steering can be much much better. Whenever I get on the gas even slightly during a turn at middle to high speed I spin out. Brakes make you turn harder, and every decent car has snap oversteer. The ai on any race other than drag can be beaten if you’re a somewhat competent driver, because they have no sense of racing lines and run straight through the corners at full speed. Good for mobile standards, but definitely could be much better.
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6 months ago, Cobra2521
Body kits
I know have written many review on what to add and some of them are pretty demanding but something that I really want and think that other people would like is to add more body kit options like a variety of widebody kits or aerodynamic kits. I know that my brother would love this and so would other people so please add it. Other than that, great game! I just think that some other trucks and SUVs would be great and some of the top car I would like in this game is a 1996 Toyota celica and a 2001 or 2023 Toyota tundra or tocama. Also I know that in the recent update you guys added an SUV that I think is a grand Cherokee but I am not sure but please add the wrangler or gladiator in the coming updates. Thanks!
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1 week ago, AdamOctober333
More updates are needed
I really love the game so much but the only con is that this game needs more cars like Acuras, Teslas, Volvos, Nissans, Ferraris and more. Make sure you add suvs, sedans and pickup trucks not just racing cars. I really love that this game has electric vehicles but there are cars in this game that are hybrids not just gas. I would really appreciate having hybrid vehicles in the game. Next make the graphics more realistic and add new races and features like your own personal driver in the game. Also it would be cool to customize your own avatar of yourself. Last, I really hope you include more electric and hybrid vehicles to the game. But overall it is a great game to play.
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8 months ago, Moon Furry
A really great game
I love to play this game but I think you should add more quests, more cars and more houses also, it would be nice if you re-added the ability to take out your items at any time and also add motorcycles and boats and planes would be pretty nice Also add more interiors for certain buildings(especially the police station) also make it self. You have a choice to go from kilometers per hour to miles per hour. Also please add Teslas! Overall, the game is a really great fun and entertaining and the graphics are nice in it to and can you add a game pass for no ads but the main thing I love about this game is it is an open world game a lot of stuff to do a lot of awesome cars to drive and is beautiful looking. Bye
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3 years ago, Mammal Cass
No Police Roaming Around Has Made A Appearance And Add A Police Car THATS Drivable
I thought the desc said there are police roaming around but YET NO POLICE IN SIGHT Add a button to were you can enable police roaming around cause it would be kinda boring driving the speed limit all the time let the players decide if they want police roaming or not if you add police roaming around I would LOVE IT and add a police car you can drive around it would be realistic in multiplayer mode and add everything cops have at there disposal like the police data base giving tickets pull over players cars and cop chases if the player doesn’t pull over I would love it
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3 years ago, Gswyjhfwdvjy
So I’ve Played this game for a while and there’s a few bugs that I noticed. First bug and most annoying is the fact that if someone in a bigger car hits you hard enough (and sometimes not hard at all) you will fall through the map and get wasted. Second bug is ever since these new updates The game has been crashing sometimes after finishing a mission or when I leave the car modification shop. And the third one is when it’s night time and you have the lights on the light kind of glitches and looks weird on the floor . Since you bug me to leave a review there’s a review that’s helpful so u can make the game better so please consider fixing these
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3 years ago, appstrite
This game is good we’ll meh
There is hella a lot of adds when you finish a event either tho better than Car simulator OG which had way too much adds, although this game is my favorite OG game. Also maybe something to add in which is when a car flips it would be automatically flipped back over there also needs to be a better censor system, people are swearing with different characters in its word. One last thing, there could be model designed engines in every car because that would make a huge upgrade from the image imported engines which I did not think looked good for simulation, anyways that is all I definitely recommend this game to people. That’s it!
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4 years ago, Craig.Watkins.210
What about props of animals like lions, bears, deer, tigers, goats, and cows running in the middle of roads, construction and repairs going on the roads, and maybe bike lanes cause you should add bike helmet along with it and a horseback helmet if you are going to horseback riding. What about if you can sleep and have a family. What if we could add multiple houses just so that way we could have friends in the houses. What if we could have our friends in the cars. Perhaps more cars should be added like Jeep Gladiator, 2003 Honda Civic, Jeep Cherokee trackhawk, Jeep Wrangler Sport, Chevy Camaro 1LE ZL1, Chevy Silverado Single Cab, and 2006 Honda Civic. Now pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do as I say.
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1 year ago, jdm goat
Needs an option to turn police off
The only reason I’m not giving this game a 5 is because of one thing: the police. Without fail, every time I’m just trying to drive somewhere, I can’t get there without a cop chasing me, and then I have to run because you’re locked out of doing anything else. And if I let myself get caught because I just don’t feel like it, then I pay a bunch of money. It’s INCREDIBLY annoying. Sometimes I do want to be in a police chase, so it’s a nice addition to have, but a lot of times I’m just trying to get to an event, go through a speed camera, test a car that I upgraded, etc without being bothered. Please add an option in the settings to turn police on and off!
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3 months ago, App/game company founder
I’ve been playing this game for over five years and all I can say is that it’s a great game, but there needs to be more updates such as being able to open the sunroof being able to fold down the seats and also being able to buy cargo from stores to put in the back of the cars for role-play if we’ve had these updates, I would spend over $200 on this game with no problem. Also we need to be able to add working infotainment systems and ways to be able to fold the seats down in cars so you could add more cargo to make it realistic.
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5 years ago, killer_tide
The game is good just need some things
So I really like this game I be playing it for hours but it need some updates number 1 there’s need to be more cars in the game number 2 when you complete the last mission you should get more money like over 200 thousands number 3 add more upgrades for the cars to the game number 4 you should add guns in the game and more so like we can break into the jewelry store and you should add police to the game so I’ll be even more fun and like I said add more missions so you can get more money after you completed the main missions like basically a free roam but like I said I love the game but it needs more to it
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10 months ago, ArshvirPlayz
I love the game but I want that feature added to the game so bad
Hi dev, I love this game but can you please get all paid cars and items for free by doing the daily challenge, I really wanted the feature so bad, and if you don’t wanna do the daily challenge, you have to pay the car, and if you get all the paid cars and items, you get to keep it permanently, and for the police siren if you unlock it, it get unlocked by all cars, and once you unlock all of the paid cars and items for free by doing the daily challenge, you can get coins, blueprints, cryptos, gas canisters, electric batteries.
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5 years ago, sheharyar78
I want Reality to be improvised
I want you to make car companies that sell cars and cars should get damaged and you should be able to start family. And cars should get dents scratches and headlight broken and police cars and ambulance you should be able to choose your state/country and be able to go to school college or work and everything in real life should be able to happen in this game You should be able to work any job and everything in real life should happen in this game Please please please please please make this update happen! You could get issued a citation or ticket or warning or arrested with a warrant and get sick, injured or die or even shot or killed. And be any age in game!
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1 year ago, Jam1999621
Your best game ever OG
It makes me to my mom and dad really nice to me. and they always like this game this was a 10 out of 10 forever they really loved it oh geez, thank you for sending me this new update. You guys are the best games ever I download all your games OG. and I see you guys at. 4.5 out of 5. I hope it gets 5.5. Out of five. I put it on my Macintosh. It’s really nice. see you guys out making these new games new updates I just really like you guys. now I’m on a billboard in Japan. you guys might get up there in the billboard so thank you for supporting my games. You guys always gonna be my best game ever.
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2 years ago, kkboss2135
This game is awesome, but
This game could use new cars and houses. You could make companies and places to go inside. The jobs could be better and some more stereos. There could be weather, and a character you could customize. You should make the AI a bit more fun to run over and police to chase you when you mess up. The cars should be able to be bought without missions, and upgrades. You should be able to change the stiffness on the trucks when you make them higher because it’s really annoying when I spent money just for me to roll over. The game is awesome but there are changes that are needed.
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10 months ago, Junior_41
Update the game more often
The game is very cool and such an addictive game also, but y’all need to update the game more often because after a while it gets boring. Here are some car suggestions that will make the game much better should add the new 2022 Ford raptor, Ford gt500, Lamborghini huracan or STO, new Cadillac Escalade, possibly motorcycles?!? If so add the Kawasaki ninja h2 or h2r or the bmw s1000rr. I feel like all of these cars together would make this game soooo much better for me and everyone else. Please consider adding these cars as it will make more people interested and possibly make social media videos that will give you guys promo. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, nihyd
Id like to bring back guns and lower gas prices
Over all this game is great I love it especially for a car guy, but id like for you guys to lower the OG Mansion price, cheaper gas prices, the weapon menu again, rock crawlers and offroad tires, jobs, classic cars like the Chevy bell air, pontiac firebird, 1969 dodge Charger R/T and the iconic pontiac judge, lastly, a race track/ circuit. Id love if you guys did this and please send feedback on if you guys can do this i love this game so much and I'm a car guy and this game has grown so much since I started playing this game thank you so much if you guys can send me feedback and add this soon. 🙂
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3 years ago, f9'65
Please read this these.
I really like the game. But plz add the following: put widebody kits, loud exhaust, roof scoops, spoilers, Under-glow, etc. for the cars in the game and plz put some new cars like the Bugatti’s, Lamborghini’s, Porsche, Teslas’s, Rolls Royce, Audi, RTR Ford Mustang, More SUV’s and SOV’s (Special Operations Vehicles). And add a feature where u can customize the garages. And most importantly there is almost no drifting in the game. and after adding the drift plz add drift races. And most of the cars have very lame sounds so plz make better engine noises than that. These are what a real car simulator should have and i hope these following points are added when i start playing the game again.
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5 years ago, Lex.gamer.1479
Amazing game
I really enjoyed playing this game. From the second I hit the play button I was very intrigued. With the design in the city and the car and how realistic it is. I had always wanted a car simulator game that you weren’t stuck in the car and couldn’t explore the area. Then I found this and I was like I must install this and it I overall the best car/life simulator I have ever played and I have and I don’t think that there is another game like this one I recommend this car/life simulator. Things that would make this game better are - adding more mafia jobs - more cars added
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9 months ago, 3vph0r1a
Needs updating!!
Great game, i’ve been playing it for years. i love it but it needs more realistic things like more jobs other than taxi and mafia, more homes where you can interact, decorate, more car brands and more realistic features in them, better music for the radio maybe a rear view camera in some cars better and way bigger town/city where there’s stores, restaurants that you can walk in and interact with, rear view mirror is so bad, not realistic at all, can’t see anything, have an actual character where you can customize and see it, more designs that are customizable for the cars :)
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2 years ago, please get lots to rate
You copied GTA V Wasted and Guns you probably shouldn’t have put on a few updates
I saw wasted and that was copyright theft of the game grand theft auto five. Try asking for permission next time. And don’t put guns on that game you know that it’s not appropriate. Or maybe you deleted it since a few updates due to violence issues. Thank you for reading. Also remove the n word from the chat I hate it. please fix the error that the Koenigsegg is an Electric car because I can’t do coastal cruise with an electric car too. AND ALSO I HATE THE COMING TO BED PREMIERE VIRUS APP MOBILE AD IT HAS PORN IN IT LIKE NO SHIRT OR BRA ON A LADY THAT’S JUST STUPID AD COMPANIES IT JUST EXPOSED HER CHEST TO A MAN THAT’S JUST PORNHUB ADS what I hate the most is YOU PLAYED IT MULTIPLE TIMES ON MY SCREEN YESTERDAY THAT APP AND MOBILE AD SHOULD BE BANNED FROM APP STORE AND GOOGLE PLAY FOR PORN AND 18+ CONTENT AND REPETITIVE AT THE END OF THAT AD maybe someday I WILL SUE THEIR PAYWALL MONEYPANTS OFF
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6 months ago, shsjhgnenjhjgdnhgjj
Good game
More updates will make this the best game because all I want is newer and older cars for starters and maybe you can add old company’s cars as in Suzuki or some other cars like in a new area like the junkyard it’s cheaper than the buying it off in the store but they’ll be slower and maybe this is maybe a lot but adding like a damage feature so you can’t just crash into all the buildings and you’ll be fine so like if you had like a repair shop, I guess this will make us the best mobile game car game in my opinion
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4 years ago, Terry Piller
We Want More
So I need you to put bathrooms in the house, more car dealerships, let me go in the buildings, build a player and see myself, get clothing stores, more houses for sale, more missions, and cops. I wanna be able to get arrested. I need to be able to add friends so we can play together. I want shoe stores too. Need to be able to get a job and get married and stuff. And it need to tell you which garage each car is in. Actually have a bus at the bus stops. And make cops chase you when you do car jacking missions and stuff. And you should be able to send your friends money. And buy them stuff, and do missions/ride with them.
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1 year ago, Spazzoutjay19
RP game
Amazing game, but could it be turned it a RP game. Like add guns jobs that people can work at, ability to make groups in multiple, and the ability to get out the car im multiplayer along with charicters. Also the baility to make your own map in the game would be good too. And when yall do do it add sum fire clothing like skis amiris monclears sum like dat sum drippy clothes. Also could yall add a getto or like hood area so people could do hood RP. Im telling you if yall do dis everyone hone be playing dis game.( Also can you guys add a abilities to change tire size like make tires bigger and make rims bigger. I luv dis game tho.
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1 year ago, RandomGamer57
Lost my cars
Twice I had to reinstall the game because I lost my car 2 times. The first time, I just purchased my car with in game money and put it in my garage and then shut down the game. I went back onto the game later and found that the car was gone. I went back to the place to purchase cars but it said I already purchased it and it wasn’t in any of my garages so I reinstalled the game. The second time I was in a police chase in the new car and got my car taken to the police station but it was my starter car I found at the police station and the new one was nowhere to be found again. Please fix this. Thank you
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1 year ago, zisbdmsnd
Add a new truck or maybe the cops actually pulling you over, maybe?
im thinking maybe u can add a new truck, but maybe not a single-rear wheeled one. What im asking for is a dually. yes, some of u think its bad, but i think its a pretty good idea. and as for the cops, they give u at least 10-15 secs to pull over, and if u do, a police man will come out of the car and ask for ur license. however, if u drive off while hes checking ur license, then he will give chase. that goes for if u dont pull over. hopefully u can consider adding this into the game, thx :)
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2 years ago, P3arl28
Please Read if you are considering this game
This game is awesome!! I love it and play constantly. All day if I could. Updates are very rare. I have hardly seen any. There are only a few tiny things that bother me. The graphics are OKAY. They need some work. Also, too many of the cars require money or a quest involved. That makes it hard to enjoy the game when you only have a few options. Otherwise, I think this game is wonderful and that you should consider getting this for long car rides.
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4 years ago, luis 126525
More content
I’ve been playing this week for about 1 week or 2 weeks and I really like it I just wish there was more to the game. Such as flying an airplane, helicopter, trailers, etc.. I also want there to be more houses, missions, cars, garages and more this game is really amazing and has potential so game creators if you could add some other things I would love it and I think the community would too! P.s. can you add trailers so I can move my cars faster. Also more trucks and super cars and just in general more cars. Thanks!
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4 years ago, noahmpm
Fix this drowning issue
So whenever I drive my car in the water for ONLY 1 second it says I drown, it also happens if I do car stunts by jumping cars off of hills and it lands in the ocean for 1 second it says I drowned and there should be a thing where it counts down how much breath you have before you can drown, also there is a issue that if you know that you might land in the water you could jump out of the car before it’s too late but, nope! Even if you are out of the car and the car rolls into the ocean it still says you drowned! So I would ask if you would fix this because it is super annoying.
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3 months ago, Jb13l
Need better Ai
I love the game it has all cars I like when we’re able to drift it has a lot of cars and cops to. but the game needs to have better ai people walking are not reacting to the cars or stopping for cars and I want the people to be more aware of their surroundings and need more reactive items like food,candies and dessert and I want the cops to be more realistic like the cops asking us to pull over and add a wanted chart the more we ignore cops and there will be more cops if we don’t pull over and the game needs to have talking npc to we can react to them then the game will be so much fun and
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3 years ago, kaka😽💕.
I think it’s a very good game but please make it to were we don’t have to do missions to be able to find out the price or if so make the missions more easier and add more cars like bmw m8,Mercedes s class, 2020 Dodge Ram limited,add Mercedes AMG, add Silverado dully, and some better four door sedans like Ford Fusion, 2017 or 2021 impala make the map bigger and make it more realistic to were when we wreck we have to go fix it make better and more house make jobs to were we get some extra money make the house bigger and more rooms I’m not down loading it back until it have at least three of my things until then I won’t downlod it and I’ll give no stars but I like not now until it have and update with at least 3 of my things and put backup cameras in the cars please and mirrors that we can see out of
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2 years ago, $maya$:)
Add more things
I really like this game but I do wish their was a little more things you could add.1.we can make are own character 2.we could have jobs 3.things we can do in are house 4.if we break road rules we get pooled over 5.we could have an ATM to put money in 6.we could put are own things in are house 7.we could have a pet that we can bring everywhere we go 8. We can cook food at are house 9.we can go to restaurants.I know it seems like a lot but it would make the game more fun 🤩
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5 years ago, auzriaa
Good game! Would recommend.
The game over all is amazing, the city is giant and you can explore. And i love that you can get out and walk around the city and your not just stuck driving the car. Missions pay a good chunk of money, giving you many options to purchase new vehicles. But... I do wish the cars were less expensive, and that all cars were buyable, instead of having to unlock the mission. Also if you have a mission locked car, i think it would be better if you could know the price ahead of time, but overall, the game is great! I play it all the time. Would recommend!
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2 months ago, Whatuwant6
Great game and what they can add
This is a great game it mad lots of cars and houses and cool features but I would like for it to be updated a lot more frequently and maybe add more houses and make them intractable such as laying in bed, making food, and turning on tvs. They could also make the cars more detailed by adding a menu screen to the radio. Also they could add restaurants that are intractable and you can order food. But otherwise this is a great game and I love the fact they have so many cars to choose from and they have so many cool things to do and explore in this game.
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