Card by FNBO

4.8 (79.9K)
41.8 MB
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Current version
First Bankcard
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Card by FNBO

4.82 out of 5
79.9K Ratings
6 months ago, Band1t4u2c
Ollo to Ally
I am a customer. I was with Ollo, when you bought customers from Ollo, I’m guessing how most of us just rolled into Ally. It has taken many months to understand the rationale for buy debt owed by someone else. It comes with a plan for transitioning all of the many applications each customer had prior to the current policy and having to create recommendations and new policies and many more things. It is very tedious to review all policies, work plans and provide some (hands on) situations improving timelines, manpower, availability and situational resources as required. As your employer suggests certain aspects/policies (both existing and developing new guidelines, as required, many people don’t realize the current documents, may be compromised.) Additional manpower and this transition should provide ample opportunities for major changes for each and every customer.
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2 years ago, Bsgrammy
I have been using this card for 5 years. I originally applied for it when it was a Murphy’s gas card. It would give you 5 cents off a gallon of gas and since I went to Walmart a lot it was easy to just pull in and get gas. 2 years ago they stopped giving the 5 cents off but I still continued to use the card because Murphy’s was still the cheapest gas in town. Recently however, Murphy’s changed their card to FNBO and that’s where this 1 star review comes in. For some reason, this bank has decided to HOLD my payments HOSTAGE and NOT GIVE CREDIT TO MY ACCOUNT UNTIL THEY DECIDE TO DO SO. One time they held it for almost 3 weeks even though it was within the normal window for a payment to be made!! When I called customer assistance they were UNABLE to give me a reason for this only giving me a date as to when my payment would be released. In all of my years of using credit cards NO bank or credit service has EVER done this. So therefore I will no longer use this card and will be paying it off ASAP! It is my suggestion that if you have opened a FNBO credit account with them and are here to download the app, STOP NOW, CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND FIND YOU ANOTHER CARD/BANK to do business with because this bank is NOT the one you want to do business with!!!
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3 years ago, TheOnlyDoom
No Complaints so Far
I am not a heavy user for this app and only use it for my estatements. However they work well with mint and I actually appreciate the two factor authentication and some minor customization hidden in the settings. They definitely ain’t no chase or discover for app smoothness, but it gets the job done and I have yet to have any issues like others have posted for this app. App is at most 3.5 instead of 5. UI definitely needs an overhaul and would recommend studying chases and discovers app cause I know you are seeing this developers. I know you can do it. Oh and add dark mode. Its 2021.
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1 year ago, Drds01
Stay away from these scam artists
I have had this Sun Country FNBO card for about a year. Months back I was offered a 0% balance transfer offer. I took advantage of it. The next month and every month after I paid everything I charged that month plus extra money to lower the balance transfer. I received an interest charge even though I shouldn’t of. I spent some time on the phone and got the problem resolved. Now months later they stopped crediting the interest charges again. This time I had to deal with an obnoxious escalation support manager named Jake who says until the balance transfer is paid in full Sun Country FNBO will charge me interest every time I use that card, even if I pay the non-balance transfer off in full. Guess what? Not going to use that card. Besides being dishonest Sun Country FNBO has the worst customer service anywhere. Go to any other bank, they don’t charge you for balance transfers twice. Horrible customer service
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2 years ago, Jorge C. Flores, Jr.
Online Support is Nonexistent
I’ve had this card for a few years now and generally it’s easy to check your balance and make payments. The TouchID capabilities even work fairly well! However, Once the app randomly decides the log-in feature is busted, you’re out of luck. Even if you remember your password, it’s not likely to work and you’ll be asked to request a password change. Once you do online, you never get the email to actually reset that password. So, you’ll need to call and verify your information over the phone and have customer support do everything for you. What’s the point of an app or online portal again? Based on other reviews, FNBO will respond asking me to call them so they can assist. That’s the point, you shouldn’t need to call when they give you the option to reset your password online. Broken app, and clearly no efforts to improve it.
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5 years ago,
Can't get an online support by phone
8/1/19 I am unhappy to report that I did not get an online banking or telephone support today because my name was not listed as my Special Needs son's Proxy/Account Manager even after my son authorized me on the phone with a telephone support a few months ago. According to the telephone agent today who took my call: my name is not showing on their end as an Account Manager and only as an authorized user This is an ANA card that I managed since I opened the account for him so he can use it when he travels to Japan to visit his Obachan yearly This is the first time I am disappointed with their customer service. ANAcard: please make sure your agents know the history of our calls and to update profiles as it was confirmed at the time of request. I expect my request to be added as an Account Manager next time I need help. Yes?
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2 months ago, Unfairly reviewed
Lowering my limit
I don’t appreciate you lowering my available credit. I almost always pay more than the required payment. I have been working hard to get my score back up but you are causing it to be lower because it makes it look like I maxed out my card. I understand the looking at my credit score and things. But I think if I haven’t done anything wrong and always make my payments I shouldn’t be punished because of a credit report.
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6 months ago, MFHulshoff
Quarter century user
Been with these folks for nearly 25 years, always had my back. You’d think that was a plus, but interest rates still keep going up and when you call to get a break because you haven’t been late in years, and pay over minimum- can’t help you! Too bad only mega-businesses get to skirt around the barriers. Interest rates are down now thanks to current administration, but they don’t pass that on to long time customers. Navigating the site is quite easy and very handicap accessible as I’ve had to find out in the past decade. Technology keeps changing and they make it user friendly.
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7 years ago, Smartens00
App set up
Not really sure when siting in after trying to set up shows message to go to full site?? Very confusing I'm trying to set up for payment and doesn't go any further than that.? And when calling to ask what to do rep say she's not computer savvy, definitely not a comforting feeling when this was the only other option and then to be told a supervisor would get back to me in 48hrs prior to me calling. I marked one star due to the initial set up of the app. I've reviewed others and looks as if the site has crashed as well on the 17th of last month. Glad I'm ahead a month in setting this up and hope it gets resolved asap.. because the only other way to submit payment is by phone and of course there is a hefty charge for that. Not a very good way to start a business relations.
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3 months ago, RanaeJ
I attempted to make a payment and their site kept telling me it wasn’t going through. I tried again the next morning and it went through. There was obviously a problem with their site. So I ended up having TWO payments taken out of my checking account. It cost me 2 overdraft fees! I had more than enough for one payment in my account but not two ! I contacted them and gave detailed explanation of the situation. Their attitude was so uncaring and of course putting 100% of the blame on me. They just brushed it off and would not even consider paying the two overdraft fees that their site caused! Customer service is very disappointing. I’m currently looking at other cards and will most likely close this one.
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2 years ago, Joemich28
Not a good first impression
Just got my card today and had it activated and is now working with online enrollment and eventually downloading the app so I’m all set. However the site kept crashing and so is the app. It kept telling me that they just recently transitioned into a new version so I would like to be chill and will just try again maybe next week. Much to my dismay upon checking app reviews I came across a review the same as my concern and it was freaking 4years ago!!! So I was like the heck is that??? They never fix it or what? I also saw reviews with customers having a hard time making payments online which I never encountered with all my other credit cards. So I guess these are signs that I should just close this account 😔
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2 years ago, Turbo_Tone64
FNBO is a great starter credit card. Gives you options of much you wanna pay off and always tells you exactly when your next payment is due. The company is also very secure, letting you know ahead of time what you can use and what not to use. The app is also very easy to use and gives you your credit score for free, unlike other credit card companies. Truly do recommend this company as a first credit card for anyone if you have CNB&Trust.
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4 years ago, Wltaxman
Finally able to get passcode to work
I was on hold today with online customer service for about 30 minutes as the 4 digit passcode was not working on my iPhone 10. I finally was transferred to technical support and found that the passcode is not working on the mobile app. However after updating IOS to 14.3 and deleting the app and reinstalling the First Bank app, both the 4 digit passcode and the Face ID are working.
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6 months ago, Kmur8765
Bad experience
When I first received my card I had difficulty finding out how to pay it. The name on the card is different than where to pay. I didn’t see a bill and the place with the name couldn’t find my account. When I finally figured out where to pay this card hit me with late fees and reduced my available charge amount in half. I just paid it off and didn’t use for it for 6 months until (Dec 2023). When I signed up for the card it was supposed to be 0% interest until May 2024. My Jan 16 bill has interest charges. I’ll never use this company or card service again. I just paid my balance in full and am done with their deceptive practices.
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2 years ago, Patio concrete
Scheduling Payments
I don’t like that you can’t schedule more than one payment on any given day. I pay out of different bank accounts and would like to make all my payments at one time. Other cards allow me to do this but with this card I have to remember to go back the next day or a couple days later to finish paying it from one of my other accounts. I wouldn’t mind if they made me schedule additional payments on a different date, just let me make them all at one time. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Ba'Ako
Security Precautions
... noticed that this Bank is so old-time in its operations... such a stodgy bank with archaic ideas of security precautions... been having problems with log-in from the start... have had to change passwords every time because the previous one would not be accepted on a subsequent visit... would not allow my browser to store password... finger print ID on iPad is not available because it will not allow the device to store the password... how exceptional is this bank from Citi, Chase, Cap 1? ... they allow password storage on personal devices.... mobility allows one the joy of not having to type in the ID and password... ... just my opinion.
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3 years ago, Marine_sr3
Bad design
Can you set up automatic payments on your mobile app to make sure you don’t miss appointment? No. When your car gets declined while making a business purchase do you get a notification or an alert? No do I have to reset my password if I don’t login after a while? Yes because it will lock you out of the system and then you have to spend 10 minutes on the phone getting somebody to unlock it…..What you cannot do from your phone you have to do it on a computer. Can’t wait to carrier on my computer all day long so I can access my bank account. Horribly designed app and the customer service tied to it makes it worse.
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3 weeks ago, xbsl05q
Fix The App NOW!
It’s been over a week and the app is still not functioning. “Your request cannot be completed. Please try accessing the website or return to the app later” I’ve deleted, redownloaded multiple times with no success… I’ve been told multiple different excuses, no more excuses and just fix it. Ever since my credit card servicing got transferred and FNBO added my additional cards to my online platform it’s been nothing but a mess. My rewards points are messed up, can’t access the app, my card information is messed up. Fix it, fix it, fix it! That Wells Fargo Active Cash 2% Cash Back card is looking more and more appealing.
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2 years ago, No Fnbo
Reduced credit line
Right when i closed on my house.. all set to move in.. you guys decided to lower my credit limit.. it made things mutch more difficult.. thank you so mutch.. my balance with you is now zero.. and i have no incentive to use your card any longer Thanks guys.. had you done this a month sooner No big deal.. but your system chose to strike at the worst time possible.. so all squared up with you now.. and have other cards i now prefer to use Thanks a bunch!!!! P S.. as my account currently reflects.. i was always good for it.. i didnt need the extra stress it induced.. get back to me any time you wish to raise my credit limit to five thousand dollars
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4 months ago, chrisrinda
I have credit cards with multiple merchants ranging from $1000 all the way to $20,000 FNBO credit card noticed that my credit score went down when I purchased a home even though I never missed a payment and was never late in two years of paying FNBO they decided to take all of my credit away for no reason other than I purchased a home when I called to fix this they told me that they couldn’t do anything for me and then I would have to pay the balance in full before I could speak with them now mind you, never been late….never missed a payment…..but you cancel my credit card.
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2 years ago, MJ74734544
I’ve been happy except that I have my checking account listed twice in payments, and I’m unsure what happened last year when I closed the account. I think the bank kept my card on file when I reordered a new one to stay away from problems at the bank. The attendant heard my story and never did anything to help. He must have assumed something about my credit since I was homeless.
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2 years ago, smitty4516
by far the best
Great card. Great customer service. Customer service is US-based. I have no issue with foreign call centers. I do have an issue with people for whom English as a second language who don’t understand what I’m saying. Anytime I’ve called these guys. My issue has been resolved. One of my favorite lines from this company is somebody saying “I’m not sure, let me get someone who can help you”
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4 years ago, LoneWlf69
Terrible functionality
Worst online banking I have, can’t get my user information to store in my phone. When trying to have my iPhone the world’s most popular phone to generate a very good password receive error messages that doesn’t meet criteria then when enter a simpler one it takes it yet still has no way to store in my vault nor does it have any way to use biometrics. This is one reason I don’t use this card much. It would be my preferred app and account since I got this account I have purchased three vehicles. Rewards are not very good either but that is not the fault of app however not being able to redeem without leaving the app is.
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1 year ago, Frustrated New Client
bad technology and communication.
We began using yo bank in the last few months by switching from our other primary credit card to your bank because of your green card reward points program. However, we’ve been discouraged almost regularly based on the small credit limit, which did not match our last card, slow process to add secondary signer, and bad customer service and a inconvenient card block while traveling overseas even after communicating that trip to your representatives. Not sure how long will keep this card if things don’t improve.
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3 years ago, Madpad
Needs work
Doesn’t seem to have any way to lock your card from the app like practically all other credit card apps. Also the new credit card activation button doesn’t require any verification, so if you happen to accidentally tap it your new card that you haven’t received is now activated. That’s definitely a security risk.
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4 months ago, Maryx2
Bare Minimum Functionality
Amtrak changed the vendor for their credit card, and I really wish they hadn't. This vendor makes it way more difficult for the cardholder to manage their card. My two huge issues with this card: - No option to save multiple methods of payment. Sometimes I pay from my checking account and sometimes I pay from my credit union savings account. It won't let me save both and select one, so I have to add the entire account every single time I want to switch payment methods. This is just a ridiculous hurdle for the cardholder. - Won't let you stack payments. When BOA had the account, I could make multiple payments without first needing to wait for the prior payment to fully post. It really helped me manage my money. This card bottlenecks everything. Not only don't have to wait for everything to fully clear, it also takes way longer to process than my other cards.
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5 years ago, socergolie575
No indication of auto pay nor option to change it
Nowhere on this app is there indication if your account is set up for auto pay. Additionally, there is no way to cancel auto pay through this application or through their website. I had to get an email saying my auto pay had been processed (after I had already paid the full balance), which then gave me a link to make changes to the auto pay. Customer service was not understanding at all of the situation, and now I'm stuck with a return payment fee. Would not recommend this app to manage payments for associated credit cards.
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1 year ago, CANAM2016
Don’t waste your time!
So apparently this company doesn’t value you as a customer and send you a new card when your old one expires! I called to find out why I hadn’t received my new card I actually received a denial letter in the mail after so many years of being a loyal customer and paying on my account when the acct was due. My debt to credit ratio may be higher than it should but I always managed to make at least the minimum payment. So if your looking for someone to not screwup your credit by closing your acct with them then don’t apply for credit with this company.
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8 months ago, Lives4music22
One Less Tree
I wasn’t sure I’d like paperless billing but I do. I don’t have to worry that my not so honest neighbors will swipe my bill out of my mailbox. I know right away what my balance is and that can I buy this now question gets a yes or no. Just 1 small problem,I miss the merchant phone number. I’ve needed that a few times but I’m still happy with paperless.
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3 years ago, edhite46
During this Covid pandemic the majority of companies are offering ways to help people through this tough time, I however was fortunate enough to have options to keep paying my bills even being laid off from work for eleven weeks. But FirstBankCard randomly check my credit and decided that two personal loans I took out to be able to pay bills till I went back to work made me unfit to have their card and closed my account. But I’m glad to say, all of my debt is paid back off now and since they decided they didn’t want me as a customer, I’m very happy to retort that they will never get me as a customer again.
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4 years ago, cclks
Lost card
Totally unacceptable service. I lost my card and called the 1-800 number for lost or stolen cards. The wait time to talk to an shan’t was over 1 hour, really someone could charge up a lot things in an hours time. I tried going online to see if I could cancel there. Could not find the option on the app so went to the full website where I proceeded to enter my long in information and all it did was spin and spin, after quite sometime if trying I finally got in to the site and hopefully my card got recorded as lost or stolen and a new one is being sent out as again today I can’t get into the websites.
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6 months ago, loli doli
I pay my card on time have never been late have even paid it off completely from time to time recently notified that my credit limit had dropped and my available cash to withdraw dropped due to a random review of my credit reports. Don’t remember, authorizing other than the initial review of my credit. Have now paid the card off and will close the account. they dropped the limit to exactly what I owed which affected my credit score because it showed me at 100% usage of the card when I was at 50% usage of the card.
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6 years ago, BeyondLightning
Add support for iPhone X plus Face ID
The iPhone X has been out for 6 months now and this app is still not updated to support it. I have to type my password in every time when I need to pay my bill and it’s annoying and inconvenient. If you guys can’t release an update for a phone that’s been out for this long... how do I even know if your app is safe to use in general?
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6 months ago, Abu doc
I like using the app very well it’s easy but I’m wondering one thing. Sometimes I like to pay a little bit more than the balance and will not allow me because I use the card and it has not posted yet. Is there a way you guys can make it that if I want to pay extra I can, thank you
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7 months ago, Mischka627
Making payments
I wish the app could hold more than one banks information to make payments from. It’s a pain to have to re-enter the account and routing numbers if you need to make a payment from a different bank than the one you usually use. Also if you could schedule more than one payment at a time that would be great too.
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1 year ago, the baddest in the game
Limited Banking Add On!
This site only allows customers a choice of adding one payment bank to it for paying your credit card balance! In order to make any changes, a customer has to call the 1-800 number. Very frustrating!!! I only use this card now to pay a recurring balance on a service contract. The frustration is not worth it!
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1 year ago, AmberLynette28
Not user-friendly
When I’m logged into the app and click on the button to check reward points, it takes me outside of the app to an online area. I have to then login again. That defeats the whole point of having app related access. As I’m scrolling through it’s hard to grab pieces of information to be able to make comparisons and decisions. It’s more convenient when data is readily available to the user so they can figure out what they want to do
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1 year ago, That ups guy
Happy client
I have been using this bank and credit card for almost 10 years now it is how I built credit in the beginning when I had none and no one would give me any and now I own two cars and a house. Thanks again my friends.
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1 year ago, Rhogna59
It’s the perks for me
What I love most is the rewards!!! I love the convenience of having all of my transactions on 1 card and like I said most of all the rewards it gives me for using their card ❤️I pay it in full each month and reap the benefits of no interest and rewards point accumulating.
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2 years ago, Pascaliss
Quick and easy
The system is quick and easy. Unlike other systems like Chase that make you go through several steps to get anything done. What’s more, you can call in and actually speak to someone directly and take care of anything you need.
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4 years ago, gracy1274
Stupid app
I’m trying to log in on my account to view my balances and make an automatic payment but it keep saying that they are still trying to review my account and upon approval will get my new access. I have been calling them and trying to log in to my account and i keep getting the same messages. I have been using my card for 4 months now and they are still reviewing it? I wanted to access my account online cause i keep forgetting my monthly payment and wanted to check my charges.
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1 year ago, KKimbell
Payment Accounts
I have two checking accounts that I pay from. I don’t see why when I want to pay with the second one the app removes my first one. Then I have to go back and get the bank routing info to add it back. I should have the option to store both accounts and be able to pick which one each time and not have to re-enter the info! Super annoying.
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3 years ago, Swollen Brain
Lock card
For my protection I would like to be able to lock and unlock the card as needed from my phone. I’m able to do this from my computer but don’t travel with it. I’m able to do this with my other card and very satisfied with it.
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1 year ago, SidNYC
Great card with great rewards
This card has great rewards , I use it for personal expenses and the app is easy to use , had a glitch trying to log in but it was quickly resolved as I entered the information manually . Overall , I am really pleased with thus card .
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10 months ago, Ninjaturtle35
I don’t like it. Charged too many fees.
Charged too many late fees in the amount of 20 dollars every month for the past year. Suspicious fee charge charging me over a hundred dollars. Been making payment and it still charges me. Looks suspicious. Going to report it.
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3 years ago, LCaldwell76
App is pointless
I downloaded this app as a way of conveniently managing my new Jeep MasterCard. I can tell you now for the last three months the app has been useless. I haven’t been able to log into it and successfully make payments and end up going with the contact us option (calling the number that is located on the back of your card). It deserves one star since the app allows for a button click to do that and I don’t physically have to dial the number. THATS IT….this does nothing else for me
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1 year ago, Skeptical-2
Update crash?
The app no longer worked on my iPad. Opened the site, then after a quick flash of my account home page, it showed a blank screen. Nothing. Nada. I had to delete the app, go to App Store, download and install the new version. I can’t remember the last time an update failed to update and instead just crashed the previous version.
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3 years ago, Kill3rP4cman
When using the app at first it functioned as needed except it did NOT have anywhere on the app to set up auto-pay. After several months, the app will not let me log in, and instead directs me to log in through the website. When attempting to use the “contact us” link, it fails to load and directs me to try the website. Then their website has issues letting me log in. Why even offer an app if it’s going to go unfixed and continue to be unhelpful?
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7 months ago, Benjamin-Émile
Horrible and no existent customer support or service
This app is useless, littered with bugs and ineffective solutions and zero follow up. The bank is even worth. So I gave the app 1 star. My local banks is better oy vey! They response was to contact their specialists for help, which i had already done three times over phone and they never followed up or fixed anything as they said they would. Additionally, the nonfunctional app cause a screw up that denied me by earned Amtrak points. Worse credit card experience ever.
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4 years ago, OldDog618
What happened?
Your recent update to your app is the bomb, that is, it blew everything up. I now have to do a complete log-in every time I want to use the app. It won’t even hold my user name, let alone keep me logged-in. In trying to change my password, no message ever came to my email address. Most other apps have moved to facial id as an option. You appear to have gone backward. If the app can’t be used easily, I will stop using the credit card. Since Speedway was recently sold anyway, maybe that’s what is behind this.
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