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4.7 (32.7K)
124.4 MB
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Current version
PeopleFun CG, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Card ▻ Games

4.71 out of 5
32.7K Ratings
5 years ago, amocrab
iPad reset in the middle of a game
This new version causes my iPad to flash back to the home screen spontaneously during a game. I can go back and open the game again and it is close to the way I left it, but sometimes it is a couple moves back. This breaks concentration and is very irritating. The ads between games continue to be very annoying. Any that include noise, which overrides the volume off, are a disaster. I play in waiting rooms and in the night. I cannot play, if you are deciding for me that my iPad will make a peep, much less explode with loud crazy sounds. I love playing, but the above are very frustrating and cause me to quit and move on to something else.
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7 years ago, CeciliaG
Annoying LOUD ads. Don’t bother.
The developers have made a mistake. In an effort to make money (I assume) they have added ads between games. For the most part they are harmless and can be X'd out in a second or two. HOWEVER, every couple ads is a live video ad that must be endured for 5 or more seconds before being closed and typically include very loud sudden noise, like a sudden barrage of tank & cannon fire for a war game ad or sudden loud pounding music for a karaoke ad. I typically play this game while relaxing with an audiobook or soft music- the game and book/music together intending to relax and de-stress. The sudden loud explosions or screaming music (set to automatically play at a very loud volume - consistently far louder than any audiobook or music I'm playing) totally defeats any relaxation achieved. Even worse, I usually am listening with headphones in and the loud noise hurts my ears. I end up pawing at the earbuds to protect my ears. The ads chosen by the developers for promotion between games is far off base. The games themselves are easy to use and function fine. Don't settle down to play with any expectation of peace.
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5 years ago, RJH-NY
Good solitaire app BUT.... UPDATE
The pop up video ads are back. If you "win" a game you have to wait for the ad to load, watch the requisite 5 seconds of video and then, and only then, can you play another game. Personally it drives me nuts that an app that's supposed to be for relaxation has become a source of frustration. Really, it's just not worth the aggravation any more. I hope that the additional ad revenue offsets the declining user base. I guess only time will tell UPDATE: Ad intrusiveness is significantly reduced from previous incarnations. Much better experience than before. Hope it stays this way.
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7 years ago, Dr Fuffer
Addicted to Solitaire.
I love playing solitaire no matter where I am. It takes the boredom out of waiting to see my doctor and I strive to get to the next higher score. So far all I play is the HARD level. The other two levels are just so boring. My highest score is 149,900. I've been trying to get to 150,000 but have yet to get there after playing for the last couple months. This game is the best and the company is better than almost all I have tried so far. It's fast and I can finish a game in about 1-1/2 minutes. My average is 2 minutes. Great fun and good for the brain.
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5 years ago, Doc D55
RMD player
I've just learned how to play Spider because of this App. I can not find anything wrong with this App. So I have to give this a 5 star. Each game works perfectly. And is very easy to learn a game you haven't ever played before. I would strangely suggest App for card games & etc's 13Apr18 (luck Friday the 13rd) I'm still enjoying these card games. And the last few Updates have made them all that much better. Enjoy 😄 15Jan19 I still enjoy this Solitaire very much. I have No complains whatever. Each of the Games work flawlessly. Happy 😍
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8 years ago, EclecticChoices
Great App
Prefect for times when you know you want something to do as "fill" and know you'll be interrupted, so time pressure is not a factor. Great to select from three games & multiple difficulty levels, too. Sometimes the game "gives up" even though there are more moves to play. Most of the time only a move or two remain (not enough to win), but once in a while you can go for the win. I recommend you check carefully before you give up based on the game alone.
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5 years ago, Phatal99
Has been a great solitaire game!
Last update has caused some serious bugs. First, it causes my phone to heat up drastically. Definitely over-taxing the cpu or memory with some sort of bug. Not a compute intensive game and shouldn’t happen. Like I said, it has just started since last update. Second, the app minimizes if I get a text or alert. At first I thought it crashed, but it is still running. Have no doubt theses bugs are due to changes to the app to introduce more intrusive ads. I don’t really care, as it’s a free app, but don’t make the core app worse or unplayable just to implement ads.
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2 years ago, Habugal
I have tried several APP solitaire games. This one is, by far, my favorite! The best feature: the warning by the little yellow triangle that lets me know that there are no other moves to be made. This allows me not to waste time and energy searching for another move when there are none to be had. I do wish that it offered auto-move when a card can be played on the ace piles, but the other feature far out-weighs its absence.
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7 years ago, GwynSD
Great game but ads are a problem
There are many good solitaire game apps available and I will play those before coming back to this one even though it offers a suite of favorite games in one app. The game play in this app is great. However, there is no option to purchase an ad-free version. Normally, I don't mind the few ads that do appear, but there are some I find offensive and cannot seem to get turned off even after many times checking this on the ad preferences.
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1 year ago, txrver
Ready to delete it and never play it again.
I have had this game for over 7 years and played it daily. In the last few weeks an ad pops up when I finish a game but will not allow I me to use the app unless I close everything down and restart it. I think it may be a ploy to make me purchase the pay it or else version. If so, you are ensuring I will completely delete this pay or else game from both of my devices unless freezing the app in an ad I have no desire to play disappears and my app is once again usable. Oh, and since you won’t let me use the email app I prefer, I cannot email you.
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8 years ago, Pgmaawh
Free version is AWESOME
Latest update causes me to downgrade my rating from a 5-star to only 2-star rating. I play the HARD challenge of Free Cell now with this stupid update, the developers have DUMBED-DOWN the hard play and made it "Hard Play - Relaxed Rules"!! 😡😡 I DID NOT choose this!! 😡 There is NO OPTION to change this!! 😡 BOOOO HISSSS for the November 2016 update!! I used to love this bank of games! Bring back the regular challenge and stop the dumb-down of good games!! People who play these games are smart!! We DO NOT need them dumbed-down!!! 😡😡😡
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4 years ago, Mab5035
Freecell Solitaire
I used to enjoy your card games but I cannot continue to watch multiple ads while playing games. I will give it a little longer say until the next update for this to change and then I will delete all card games on my iPad and iPhone. I do not support any ads, period. Guess eventually I’ll have to go back to just a standard phone. I’ve tried many apps to get rid of ads but none have worked for very long.
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6 years ago, Walela777
What gives with touch controls??
When playing game a ‘near touch’ - as in passing over tile going for the one on either side - will send a tile flying to board. (I believe this ‘feature’ accounts for 90% of my wrong tiles being placed on the board.) When game complete the touch controls are ‘dumbed down’ as it takes a full minute+ after touching ‘new’ button for screen to change - and it goes to an ad. You can’t get past ad for new game for another minute+. My touch control settings are the same on all games. This is the only game that has variable touch control built into it. Other card games by other makers does not do this. ARE YOU GUYS MORE INTERESTED IN ADS THAN YOUR OWN GAME?? Wake up developers!! Fix this mess!!
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8 years ago, Brannysmom
This is my very favorite game to play! I've tried several other solitaire games, but I always end up deleting them and coming back to this one! This game is always ready to play as soon as you click on it, unlike others where you have to wait for the game to go thru whatever warm-up it chooses to show you. This is just a really fun game which I have enjoyed for years. You won't be sorry if you choose this one!!
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8 years ago, vp-523
Would give it 5 stars... BUT..
I would be happy to do an in-App purchase to turn off the ads.. other than that, it is my go-to card playing app. Games don't take that long to play and give me a break from other things that require more mind power. It seems the latest update has added more advertising which is VERY annoying. I NEVER follow those links. One other minor annoyance... with all 3 card games built in to this one app, it is unclear to me why I'm being randomly invited to play the one-off apps, all 3 of which are included in this one.
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8 years ago, Lilbug997
The very best
I have tried many, many card games for my iPad. I have also deleted all of them except for this one. With so many options, you can play a game as easy or difficult as you like. If you hit a dead end, you can undo and make a different choice. It's a great way to take a break and play a while. If you have to quit unexpectedly, your progress is saved, and you continue on the next time you check in!
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5 years ago, Avid Book Reader
Love this app
Love playing this game. Works great and easy to play. I've been playing this app for more months than I care to think about. I've never had any issues. My husband teases me about how much I play this game. It's mindless and the best part is you don't need a manual to figure out how to play. These ads for foods you shouldn’t eat is disgusting. Unlike other ads you can’t give a rating stating that the ad is disgusting.
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8 years ago, Linda Rowback
Enjoy the games but the advertising such as Showtime are annoying. They pop up and are loud and intrusive. Just about ready to quit the games because of it. EXACTLY ENJOY the game however when the ads jump up especially those that are accompanied by LOUD sounds. They have actually made me jump because I was so startled. I would rather pay for the app to avoid the annoying and intrusive ads
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7 years ago, Jgcool11
Too many ads and they keep adding more ads and interruptions to the game. I don't mind paying a fee for an app but five dollars for solitaire to me is just way too much. Worse yet is the fact that the auto play only works when you're online at home with Wi-Fi connection. Otherwise it doesn't work. Can't figure that one out as I have other apps that don't require wifi for auto play once solved. I moved over to a different app and much more affordable at $1.99 by someone else. Much better graphics with the other app as well and auto plays without wifi.
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6 years ago, Amanda'sServant
Great Way to Relax
When you need to pull away for a few minutes, there is nothing like a good card game. Exercises the brain and allows me to concentrate on something other than what is bothering me at the moment. I always liked solitaire and spider solitaire but have now discovered I really can play free cell after years of thinking I couldn't. Love solitaire and spider solitaire also. Solitaire is always fun.
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3 years ago, Ocaoivorew
I love it
They made Free Cell easier, which means it’s more fun and you can choose level of difficulty . Thank you so very much. The others are great too and I can swear the spider is easier than their separate one, I don’t know, but it feels that way. No cheating greedy jerks here, just fun Don’t know why complaint about ads, I just the sound down. Much less irritating. Again thanks for a great game
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6 years ago, Radaida
Superb fun!
My very favorite card game app. Play the games every single day. No complaints. Love, love these games. Finally got brave enough to try Freecell/Expert level. I can do it! Am enjoying so much. Spider a bit harder at Expert I manage with Hard or the new Bold. Best games. Thanks. Still love the games....HATE all the intrusive ads. Enough already. I expect a have too many. And pox on the ones with vocals.
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8 years ago, madmaeve
Nice trio of solitaire
Gameplay is what you would expect and being able to select level of difficultly is a good option. What is really nice is the rules to play can also be user changed. If you need to read about playing a game the layout makes sense and thankfully easy to follow. Love being able to play offline! Highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, J85Elm
Great card game except
The game/app itself is great. Good graphics, gameplay is good, overall solid and I would give it 5 stars......Except....the ad’s are obnoxious! Some you have to wait a full 30 seconds to get out of and some you actually have to interact with to get out of the add. I get this is a free version that has to support itself but WOW really bad. The ad at the bottom is fine. If this is the way you get people to buy the ad free version sorry but it just pisses me off and would never get me to buy it.
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5 years ago, ManShear
Last update causes iPhone to overheat
This app is great. However the last update causes my iPhone 7 to heat up drastically. I’ve tried it several times to make sure. Closed out all other apps, shut down and restarted phone, etc. It overheats so much it’s almost too hot to handle. Please fix!! This is a great game. I will not be playing it again until this issue gets updated. I’m afraid it might damage my phone if I play it now.
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2 years ago, lalady503
Spider Review
This is one of the best games available to play. Other spider games will give you one hand after another that you have absolutely no chance of winning. This game deals you hands that give you hope that you will win. I would recommend this game to anyone that likes to play Spider Solitaire .
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6 years ago, Riverweb
Downtime fun
Great app. I love playing the three card games, Solitaire is my favorite. It's a great way to relax, have a little easy brain time. I recommended it to my husband and he likes playing the card games too. It's free, entertaining and well done. If you want to remove the ads it's easy to do and reasonably priced. I've had this app for years and it's still one of my favorites.
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5 years ago, Djphelps
Used to be a Great App
Update: Since last updated, the game flashes and immediately goes back to home screen. Tried resetting my IPad several times but still doesn't work. No longer a Highly addictive but great game. No longer loads very fast and I've never had a problem with it. No longer I don't miss a day. I no longer play.
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7 years ago, Mr Wayno
Excellent solitaire x3
I love this three-in-one solitaire game. I am very happy to have this alternative scoring based on number of moves not time so I don't have to move quickly and stay focused. My only minor complaint is that there is no historical stats like their other solitaire games, showing how this game ranks with the others I have played.
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4 years ago, The Queen Diva
Too many long and annoying ads
I have been playing these card games for a long time using this app. But recently the ads have become so annoying that it’s not worth it for me to use this app anymore. Now the ads force you to watch the entire ad and the sound is now NOT muted. So I could be quietly playing a game with my phone volume on silent but up pops this ad and the sound overrides my muted phone. I am done being forced to watch ads for things I am not interested in. What happened to the “close or skip ad” options??? No more, I’m done.
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7 years ago, 1Semicolon
No More
I am looking for new games to play. This app was one of my favorites until the full IN YOUR FACE can't shut them off advertising started. It was okay with key buttons placed so close to the adds and I don't begrudge the developers from earning a living, but COME ON get rid of the new adds. Too bad, I can't recommend this to anyone anymore.
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5 years ago, joju58
Great game!
Last update made this app to crashing. About every 10-25 minutes it crashes. Never happened before. Using this fir years. Please fix it. Also would love to pay premium version of it, to not see any ads. So annoying I gave four stars only because those annoying ads. Wish it was paid version without commercials.
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6 years ago, Jill O.A.T.
Yes, there are ads...
Yes, there are ads... and they could be annoying IF you have the sound turned up. For the annoying videos, I close the app and reopen it to start a new game. Those are irritating even without sound. But all in all, the games are great. As for the ads, hey- the software writers need to make a living too.
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7 years ago, jeff3544
Free Cell Scoring Variation
This version counts the number of moves instead of being time based providing a welcome variation. It includes some modifications to the rules that allow for moving an entire column that, under traditional rules, would otherwise not be allowed adding a little more "depth" to the variation this version provides.
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7 years ago, BabySisterDe
I've never rated a game before & seeing how I'm guilty of playing this one enough times I decided to finally do it- only because it has given me hours of pleasure, relaxation & helped kept me focused at my task at hand! Yes, Solitaire has been a friend to me in the middle of the day as well as the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep!!!! De
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3 years ago, Greenneedles
No More Fun
Unless you are willing to allow the ap to trace your activities you can’t play it. There’s no choice to purchase. I am leaving. Received a helpful response from the app company. I was able to decline tracking activities. So now I will return and give favorable rating.
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7 years ago, Barty773
Great app!
I enjoy this solitaire app very much. Ads can be annoying, but I appreciate the option to turn off sound, which makes them far less bothersome. Unlimited undo's is a nice feature. I use expert level most of the time, but the other levels are well done and very playable.
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1 year ago, BrewQ2
You ruined it
I used to play this every night. Something happened to it a few days ago and now it is awful. Game doesnt fit the screen anymore so you cant read the two end cards. Parts of the games dont even work anymore and ads pop up every 2 minutes. Horrible all of a sudden. Sadly will delete and find another version
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4 years ago, Ryokhael
Best Solitaire App
I've been using this app for about a few years now and it's still the best solitaire app I've found. It has good graphics, easy controls, and minimal ads to support it being free. The developers of the game really do listen and really do care which is hard to find and something to cherish.
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7 years ago, MelissaZMartin
Fun & Challenging Game
I have gotten hooked on this game! The games are solve-able, but can be challenging. A great feature is that it allows you to replay a game over and over until you win it. Additionally, you have the option of watching the solution, which teaches you how to solve future challenges.
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7 years ago, Mimi to 9
Best solitaire app
This app lets you be as serious as you want to be or just use it for light recreation. It's the only game I have on my phone. At 67 I use it to exercise my brain. The only negative comment I have is that the stats aren't always reliable, but that's not enough for me to give it less than 5 stars. Well done!
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8 years ago, KandL1
Bold is beautiful
When playing Spider Solitaire, sometimes you want something more challenging than the Hard Level, but Expert might be too much to handle on a daily basis. The new Bold Level is perfect. An already addictive game is now even more so. Free Cell is also great.
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7 years ago, Herb;)
Wonderful app!
Love the games in this app. Love the fact there are three different games within the app. I also like the fact there are multiple difficulties for each games to challenge yourself. Would recommend this app to anyone that likes card games like myself.
Show more
4 years ago, Mcwills70
Love the game, too many ads
I’d give it five stars if the pop up ads would be removed or at least give us the option to X out of them instead of having to wait for them for what seems like a long time. The game itself is great and I especially like how it alerts you if there are no more moves possible.
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8 years ago, Gessina
Overall the game is great. Easy to use. Must be since I keep going back to it again and again. The one thing that is annoying is the ads. If they were gone it would be pretty good! If there were a version without the ads might be a compromise.
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4 years ago, TC 98
Unmuted ads!
Just repeating, this game now has unmuted auto play ads with a 5 second minimum when you win. Which would be fine...if I didn’t play the game when everyone else is asleep. If I have the game muted, the ads should be too. *Edit: some of the ads they have now hide the close button on you so you end up fighting with the iPad for the entire time the ad is up. Making ads even more annoying. Oh, and advertisers, if you’re reading this, I’m NEVER buying anything from you if you advertise on here!
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8 years ago, jekon2
Great app, needs improvement
Love the fact you have progressive levels of skills to continue to challenge and improve your game. The transition from medium to hard in spider needs improvement. The leap is too large and 99% unwinnable. Your tips are great for spider but the deal never makes it possible for you to achieve that level of reality. I would think with some minor programming tweaks you could make this level more satisfying for your users
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5 years ago, AfAfAffff
Just LOVE it ^_^
I love the ideas, features, speed and the extremely high quality graphics. Having deleted all my social media accounts, this is the most amusing thing to get over the habit of cell phone checking!
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7 years ago, Tlcj23
Awesome solitaire games!!
Love it!! The only thing that would make it better is to be able to lock it into portrait mode. I don't like to play in landscape, but if I move a certain way it automatically changes. Not a big deal, but would be a nice feature.
Show more
7 years ago, Xena13245
Love/hate issue
My favorite game...I only go to another when the ads become more than I can stand! Especially when just a glance of my finger on bottom bar ad takes me instantly there! So annoying...ill never buy anything they push on me!
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