Care Bears Rainbow Playtime

4.3 (237)
103.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kids Fun Club by TabTale
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Care Bears Rainbow Playtime

4.32 out of 5
237 Ratings
7 months ago, jfhghrhtht
Pretty Awsome but 1 thing…
I love Care Bears. But there is 1 thing I do not like. So, there is this Care Bears piano. And harmony bear is jumping on the piano (for some reason) and she messes me up when I’m playing the piano. So that’s why I give Care Bears Rainbow playtime 4 stars. By : Kylee
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3 years ago, oaw12
Great site!
I have great memories with these toys. My children loved them too. My youngest is now 21 and I told her about the site. She’s low key excited to visit. I can’t wait to get the phone call I’ll be receiving after she visits. She’s going to be so excited and happy. Thank you for creating a space of true nostalgia and really cool interface for those new to the wonderful world of Care Bears! ♥️
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2 years ago, dahlia dolls
Care and share
I give this app five stars because I love Care Bears . They are so cuddly and cute I have dreams about them, too. A few days ago, I had a dream that my Care Bears came alive and we had a tea party together, but grumpy got a tummy ache from eating too many bumbleberrie cookies.
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4 years ago, StarryWitz
I red-downloaded this for nostalgia and it’s exactly how I remember it! Some stuff was difficult to do but it’s pretty good
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3 years ago, Amber216
My childhood
I remeber playing this and enjoying it I don’t think my childhood would have Ben the same sence! Too bad their isn’t that much updates stay Awsome and be great
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1 year ago, sandaddiction
I know you developers have updated this app lots of times and it works! It’s nostalgic since released in 2014! And it’s really fun and I love it!
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5 years ago, 😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💘💘💘
It’s like your taking care of a real bear,it needs to let people have everything in the game.
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6 years ago, Ava🤑
Care Bears
Care Bears are amazing because they are good for toddlers they will be able to learn. That is my opinion of Care Bears😌😌😘😍😅😄😃😁😆
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4 years ago, loalaokokwk
Ummmmmm..... sir mam whatever I’m not a toddler I’m a kid and when I was 2 I watched it and right now I am and I remember a bunch of parts
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2 months ago, Depepperbiddle
Amazing game but
In the baby season on PKXD 2024 it only have three characters they have cheer bear grumpy bear and funsine bear
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10 months ago, ThericksterSG
this was my childhood and i would love if yall unlock or add more things i love this game sm <33
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10 years ago, Rainbow Cookieees
Care a Bear the Play App by Orange Cookies
This is a good app, I had your apps like baby care and dress up and at least back in those days you guys unlock more things.Im giving only 4 stars cuz You guys can unlock more of the activities in this game. I given apps 4 or 5 stars if they really unlock things like half and believe me I do. They know that's the only way to keep their fans and business and when you guys lock most of the activities people are bound to be upset and frustrated. And please take the ads out . I keep seeing the ad sexual health services😠😡😔 Please if you really want 5 star rating unlock more of the activities please thanks❤️
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3 years ago, Ilovelynn77
It’s family and fun
This is a great game
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7 years ago, S.S.Marie
Pay to Play
Most of the features cost money. Not worth the play.
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5 years ago, Big butty but
This game is horrible
Terrible game you have to buy all the centers I would not recommend it at apln
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2 years ago, FruityFelicia
No good money stealer
Have to pay for everything 😡😡😡😡
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6 years ago, ice pokemon bear tic
I love this game a lot
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7 years ago, Go gators 24
Love it ! Teaches and entertains
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4 years ago, iuiuui
PLEASE READ 😳😳🥺🥺🥺🥺😈😈😈
my peynes has warts
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10 years ago, Cosette81
This app is super frustrating as a parent of a 3 and 4 year old. Adds pop up all of the time and unless you spend the $6 to buy all of the Care Bears' stuff the children are constantly being told they can't play parts of the game. I'm deleting the app even after spending money on it! And by the way, if you're alone with you device and you hear a creepy little laugh it's the game. It may scare the poo out of you. This app is not worth the trouble!
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10 years ago, Sasha7783
Like it but not worth $6.99
It's more like a $2.99 game. It gets old after 2 days. Not enough activities per care bear. My 3 year old loves it but I wouldn't have gotten it if I had played the full version first. The free version had so many pop ups that my daughter couldn't finish an activity before being interrupted.
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9 years ago, Abauer2011
Needs help since IOS9
My 3 year old daughter loved this app on my phone but since I updated to IOS9 it doesn't work correctly. It shows on half the screen only and makes it impossible for her to play. I hope this gets fixed soon so she can enjoy it again, especially since I paid $6.99 for it!
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10 years ago, Erbear51
Annoying ads don't go away when you pay
I bought the full version. When I pay for an app, I expect to not have to deal with ads. Every time we open this game, a large ad displays. It is very annoying. My daughter likes the game, however, I will not be buying any more from this company because of the ads.
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10 years ago, HoyaDad0'2
Great for keeping young kids entertained.
My four year old daughter has enjoyed playing this game -- keeps her entertained.
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9 years ago, TheDoctor1975
Please make a Care Bears birthday game, and more Care Bears games, one with a tea party and feeding baby hugs and baby tugs and baby versions of the Care Bears on a high chair.
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10 years ago, JZrunner
Felt bad
Ok its probably a new game, and I downloaded it from instant so i felt kinda bad so i give it a rating
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7 years ago, Paddy ice
I absolutely love Care Bears
Two words,absolutely terrific
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7 years ago, Mariyam R
It's so fun and amazing you can actually learn from it too
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10 years ago, I'm waiting hello?
Care Bears are terrible. I only downloaded this app for money on Feature Points.
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10 years ago, Cloverwish
It looks so fun! Tab take just HAS to be cheap and make all the fun games cost money!
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10 years ago, Care bears rainbow play
Care bears rainbow playtime
I love this game! It's great!
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10 years ago, Abandoned Jim
As soon as you go to 1st screen, the developers are forcing you to make in app purchases....deleted immediately!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, Dr.chunky Chocolate girl
Worst game I have ever played in my life! It's difficult and I hate it with all my heart
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10 years ago, CandyBashGirl
Why Do You Have To Pay ALL The Time?????
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10 years ago, Carebear25780
This is a great game!
This is a great game,I like it
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10 years ago, Gbnnnnnnnn
Offer in app purchase but not worthy
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10 years ago, Joe1223322
Eh... I opened it to get coins on tremor games so that's cool I guess... :P
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10 years ago, Sunblizzard
I just downloaded for Tapjoy points. The app isn't that good. :-/
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10 years ago, Furby hunter
You can only do THREE ACTIVITIES? How stupid. It said NINE activities.
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10 years ago, nazrulipad
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10 years ago, Jejjfnwidinscnei
Guys, this game is for babies
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7 years ago, Adorable Dragonair
Just just... Horribly AMAZING
It's just horribly AWESOME
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10 years ago, ErinP2222
Would be great, but...
My three year old loves it but is constantly hitting the 'store' and 'other apps' buttons. Which doesn't matter because I have those settings locked, but it's frustrating for him because the app gets stuck on that screen then. There shouldbe a better way to access those things instead of just on the main screen for the kids to hit. But I guess tricking parents by making those things available to kids is how they make money. Have some integrity and put those things under the 'parents' tab and require a code like ALL the other good kids apps do.
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