Caregiver: Find Jobs

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User Reviews for Caregiver: Find Jobs

4.56 out of 5
84.5K Ratings
3 years ago, ATirov
Helpful Job Hunting
There is a lot of opportunity in the Care app to find a job. But most importantly I appreciate the background check that’s offered in which helps connect with families of higher pay. I like how this app allows families to create profiles that states the schedule and some additional in-depth detail of what the job inquires because me as a nanny could review this and see if there is potential of being a good fit for each other. I also am able to create a profile of myself which allows families to review and reach out through private messaging if they’re interested, or if you private message a family they could take a peak at your profile before replying. I’ve had great luck. The only thing I would recommend to the Care app is if there was a way when families research a nanny name that our personal pay rate is shown with our name. I say this because too often I have families that reach out to me but have an extremely low pay rate to offer which I unfortunately have to pass up because it doesn’t meet my personal needs/qualification.
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1 year ago, Gymnast25678
Needs work + ridiculous new fees
The app is very glitchy. Constantly crashing, delayed notifications, always displaying an “error” message. All of that I was willing to deal with, as I have previously found families to work with, and had used instant bookings. However recently, they have started taking out MAJOR fees from instant bookings. Mind you, that’s PRE tax. They claim this fee is for background checks to “ensure our safety.” I find that very funny because I paid for my own background check. They also claim it’s for a support line, which I have received zero support from, I’m met with an error message every time. I would prefer them to say they are just broke, need money, whatever. Because absolutely nothing has improved, in fact it’s only gotten worse for sitters. I had to cancel a booking because I was not feeling comfortable with it, there are still many fake accounts circulating through the app, and I live in New York City where it is not the safest. After cancelling (mind you I had to cancel probably 10 times because of the error messages), I received a message saying cancelling could affect future bookings. Well then maybe you should actually use the money from your high fees to run real background checks. Get rid of the fake accounts. I have made money off of the app, and found good families to work with so that’s why I am leaving 3 stars. But in the mood to leave one after these stupid fees.
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1 year ago, Lightning Lisa
Strange Nanny app. Not sure.
I’m pretty new to this app but it’s pretty strange. First of all, they charge the nanny or caregiver, which no other app or group does. Second, they have an instant job request feature, which I actually just scored a job through so yay. But they charge both nanny and parent a big cut when you get paid through the app. It allows the family to request a one time booking, and if you say yes it makes you wait sometimes forever for actual confirmation. So as far as I know I might be working in two hours because I never heard back one way or the other. It’s ridiculous they don’t make the family confirm one way or the other. And then the app keeps messaging ME to confirm, which I already did. Pretty frustrating. And really bad customer service if you actually want to talk to the company. But yet I seem to have gotten a couple jobs through it. Started out on premium membership for one month which does your background check. Will probably either downgrade or quit soon and use a different service which has better communication and does not charge. Never had issues like this with Sittercity, which I’ve used for 14 years. I’m guessing it’s pretty confusing for the parent also because so many people have very confusing job posts. I’m wondering if half of the ads are even real because everyone has identical wording on their job posts with no specific information.
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4 years ago, Bridgettaaaaa
Easy to use but....
This app has been easy to use and easy to create a profile. I love how easy it is to find a family (you do have to pay for premium but it’s worth it to find a family easier) I like the feature how you can get reviews from other families, but I wish there was a review you could give to the family. I’ve had families who were really nice and some who were not. There should be a review for the families profiles to let other caregivers know little more detailed about them. It seems like families can leave reviews about caregivers but what about caregivers giving reviews about the families? I had a family who had many nanny’s before me (I had no idea until later and neighbors would say comments and even the kids did!) and she gave me a really hard time while trying to take care of her kids. She made it seem really professional and care free at first, but when I started watching her children she was always trying to control everything and stepping on my toes. At first, I didn’t mind it was like she was helping, but it just kept getting worse. It would be nice if someone had given a review saying some of those things. I wasted a good chunk of time when I could’ve been with a family for the long term. I just want other nanny’s to look out for one another in the nannying world. Thank you.
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1 month ago, noxeelove
The App is a complete money grab these days
I’ve had this app for almost 2 years and the first year it was a lot cheaper and it was a lot easier to get a job and the one time gigs were pouring in. I stopped paying for the plan because I had a full time job and didn’t need the one time gigs to my child’s extra curricular schedule. I don’t know what happened because when I came back looking for another job since my NF relocated, all I do is apply and the jobs posted already have a ton of applicants. Why would the job still be up after weeks and so many applications in, it’s a waste of time having to run through all of them, take a chance to apply because what other choices are there and only to never hear back. The kicker is the one-time gigs. Why would you pay such a premium fee (they doubled it by the way) and still have to apply for these gigs? Supposedly they send them to everyone on their list and with everyone’s response, they family gets to choose who to pick. Again, a money grab and a waste of everyone’s time. It previously use to be that they sent it to one person and they had a choice to accept or decline within a certain time before it was sent to the next person. Not to mention that they still bombard your emails and texts with the urge to reply because a the family is waiting to hear from you.. no they’re not. Quit spamming me.
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4 years ago, Sitsyofucoyuvpuxtos
Scam likely
I noticed that I couldn’t get any good jobs without having a membership. That’s fair, I mean the developers need money to live. What’s not fair is ripping off honest people trying to find work. Like the developers mentioned, parents who have a premium account can talk to sitters without the premium membership. I had parents reach out to me this way so I was receiving a couple job offers without the premium membership. I decide to pay the membership, and now nobody is contacting me. Literally nobody, I got more job offers before I paid the membership. I understand the developers can’t control whether parents respond, but this is some really really sketchy stuff going on. Usually, companies pull scams like this and after you pay a small amount they’ll say “ just pay more” “just buy this and your problem will be solved” do you see why I think this is a major scam? Canceled my membership immediately and unless something changes fast, will not be going back. EDIT: I tried that website provided by the developer. There is no option to directly communicate to anyone. Also, the problems keep ringing in, I lost a job because I had this typo on my profile, I I’ve been trying to fix it but it says pending. It’s said pending for 2 months now. Frustrating and would not recommend. SitterSitty is free and I’ve gotten jobs there, so would totally recommend that one.
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7 months ago, fbanks8691
Terribly buggy
I submitted a similar review a couple weeks ago but I’ve scrolled through to see if others were reporting similar issues and now I’m 100% sure the review was removed by the developer. The app is terrible. There are so many pages that don’t load, buttons that don’t follow through, and pages that stay static. There’s no way all these reviews are actual people- the rating of this app has to be inflated because the app is nearly unusable. I am tired of trying to click the job details on “tasks”/open requests for the day and nothing loads or works. Or someone sends me a message needing care and I get a blank page on the “job” tab connected to their message. Not to mention receiving a push notification about a message, I open it, and it’s only the message itself there- no job related tabs in the initial opening- thus forcing me to close/kill the app entirely hoping it will refresh and show. I spend more time completely restarting the app just trying to see info than I do actually engaging with anyone. I would delete the app and only bother with the website but the company forces you to use the app for many things, especially with initial account setup. My next step is contacting their corporate offices regarding the terrible usability because this is absolutely ridiculous and affects how caretakers respond and remain organized.
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2 years ago, ahahagdnamnxn
This service needs to support the caregivers
UPDATE after response: You claim you’re charging a nominal fee to ensure that you’re continuously providing the best service possible, but you didn’t answer my question. What service are you providing now that we weren’t getting prior to the additional fee? Name it list the exact benefit we’re receiving now that we didn’t have before. I haven’t noticed a single change besides me getting an extra fee. Be honest that fee is to make you more money while ignoring the feedback from caregivers begging you to fix your site and give us actual support. Caregivers are not given an option to review families who hire them, but families can review us? We cannot delete our reviews so we’re always at risk for families (who we haven’t even worked for) using the review system to take revenge and defame us. The app now charges a 10% “service” fee for bookings. Exactly what is this fee supposed to be providing me? What service am I now getting that I wasn’t getting prior to the fee being tacked on? We have to pay for the care check, pay to use the app, and now you want a cut of our pay? For an app that does not even support the caregivers and works entirely for the parents benefit? My advice for all is to use care as the middle man and give families your phone number so you can book outside of care and not pay a ridiculous fee.
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3 years ago, LisaSer
Eternal glitch
I’ve been a member on Care for 6 years. I invest in the website to obtain good ratings, access, background checks etc. I have noticed over the years it is a constant battle to get my notifications, to write a paragraph, to edit and so on.. To this day I cannot edit my profile for certain things. Since the beginning it has me car-less when I’ve always had a car and marked that I have transportation. 6 year long story short- I like the format from about 5 years ago. It keep evolving into something more and more user UN friendly. I have probably lost out on opportunities - no doubt- with all the issues. I continue to auto pay and upgrade and invest in this website. It would be appreciated after all these years- if these tiny BIG problems could get fixed. There’s no even flow. Please please fix the website. It’s terribly frustrating. Ps. It’s a challenge to call them too so while they’re making so much money, maybe they could give back a tiny bit by fixing their- what seems to be eternal-problems in all areas.
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4 years ago, thevoiceofjessica
Don’t create expectations!
I have been trying to create an account on this app for over a year now, but the only answer they gave me was “We cannot create your account at this time” with no explanation why! So I didn’t give up and tried again with a different email. This time I got to create an account and even apply for a few jobs! However, minutes later when I tried to login again, the website did not recognize my email anymore and started showing the message again “We cannot create your account at this time”. I am very frustrated, because some of my friends use it and I tried the same, but for me it is not working for no apparent reason. I emailed their support, and as a response I got “We reserve the right to cancel any account at anytime with no explanation”. So don’t waste your time. Don’t create expectations! They just want you to pay for the background checks.
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11 months ago, vicky100000000001
Don’t care about workers
So, I liked care for the most part.. until I got a review from someone that I have never met or talked to. The review stated I was “rude” and “unresponsive” but I don’t know how I can be both rude and unresponsive. I didn’t have my care app for a bit because I took on a full time job, and I didn’t even receive a message from the person that left me a review. The review was a lie, and was 100% unfair. I contact care and they advise I respond to the review instead of them taking it down. I then try to do as advised and the care app isn’t letting me change from “child care” to the housekeeping page, therefore I can’t even do what they advised because it just freezes up. I even tried to delete the app and redownload it with no luck. My point is that someone can leave you a review and it doesn’t even have to be true, which in return hurts your chances of getting jobs. You have to get a background check that you pay for, but yet a single review can hurt your business even if it’s from someone that doesn’t know you, hasn’t worked with, and hasn’t even reached out to you. Honestly care, I won’t be using your app anymore and I advise others to not. Unless you want to work hard for your reputation just to be slandered by a random person on any given day.
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2 years ago, Raquel Ramirez
Needs work.
Being a trans individual it’s been really hard for me to navigate through this app with ease. My experience from getting my profile verified to correctly being able to display my gender has been a nightmare. I have spent the past month trying to figure out why my bio was not a proved time and time again after I had changed it. To then my profile photo not being approved. And having to display on my profile that I identify as female when I truly identify as non-binary being that we are in 2022 you would think that an app would inclusive enough to even have an option that says other for gender. When I reached out to customer service regarding a phone number to call I came to find that they do not have a customer service phone number. Then when I asked about why I was having issues having my account verified they let me know they thought somebody was using my photos to create an account. Which didn’t make sense to me being I put my preferred name as the name that gets displayed to families my legal name that is connected to my account and address and social and all I put in my bio was my name experience and pronouns.
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2 weeks ago, aconibel
Wonky and hard to use
I'd love to find out how this company could work out for me, as I've heard many great things from others over the years. However, when I tried filling out my availability, it would automatically delete entries that were correct instead of letting me correct or delete entries that I made mistakes on. (Why can't I just type in the times of my availability myself instead of selecting it from a scrolling list?) Further, when I selected "Add to multiple days" I expected to be able to select which days to add my availability to but it applied it to all the days of the week. (I am not available every day, and I am not always available at the same times every day.) If I tried to correct entries for availability, it would not allow me to select AM or PM or change the start/end times, and if I tried to delete the incorrect time slot, it would delete the slot that I wanted to keep and then not allow me to change or delete the one that I wanted to correct. I got so frustrated and turned off by this glitch that I just gave up on the sign-up. I'll finish it another time, perhaps, but not on the app.
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6 months ago, kjjr07
Great App, Needs work
I've found the app to be great for connecting with clients but I'd like to be able to communicate with clients more easily. After an update that came about over a month ago I've noticed that when potential clients are ready to send me their personal number for easier communication it gets blocked out, while this safety feature is great in theory, in practice it is a huge headache as neither I or my clients can see each others numbers when we send them. There is also a recent glitch that came about after the most recent update where my current conversations with families will not load. This is a huge problem because if they attempt to reach out to me to set up a meet or cancel a planned meet up I cannot see their messages as it will not load. I also cannot access details of the existing jobs such as addresses as those are attached to the messages, which again will not load. I have already attempted restarted my phone, fully closing and reopening the app, and deleting then redownloading the app. The reload button is also no help because it doesn't seem to work.
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5 years ago, Ladybug5899
It’s been ok so far...
Waiting to see if the subscription, background, and drivers history fees are worth the amount of gigs that I hope to get from this app. So far it has been slow. I noticed that before joining the subscription, no one can even send you a message which was confusing to learn one day when I tried to communicate with a potential Gig. If I had known, I would not have wasted a whole week with my profile and info up, just to not be able to be contacted by Pet parents for gigs. Also, after applying for jobs you do get a little anxious, wondering if the client even viewed your message. If the client has received 15 other responses, it’s possible that they may have picked the first response that they received, but you would never know it as the client won’t always respond to all 15 requests, nor do you get an auto message letting you know that the job has been taken or that your were denied. It would be nice to get a status on gig requests instead of the gig remaining on your dashboard and even marked a “new”, despite possibly being booked already. I’ll see how this next week goes:)
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1 year ago, Dee62600
Very glitchy, updates lag & communication with clients is not great
the app is very very glitchy and does not fully update in real time if you take action on the site. For example, if you accept a job request on the site, it’ll still show on the app that the job has not been accepted Up to 30 minutes later. The section on the app where you can see, active, pending, complete job updates is never updated- it is always blank even when you take action on a job. Also, for instant job bookings, you should be able to message the client to confirm certain details of your job working before you accept. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t allow you to interact at all with the provider unless you decline the request or accept it and then tell them specific caveats. This seems like a very backwards process - it’s essentially forces you to say yes to a job in order to let them know specifics regarding important job information - like your safety for example. For example, I’d prefer to have a phone conversation with a client before accepting an instant booking - I’d like to let client know that that is a prerequisite before accepting the job.
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5 years ago, kpytlu
Fake accounts
UPDATE: Re: Developer response. As far as the pay range; of course I have the pay range selected for pay above $15 an hour, I am capable of doing a simple search, however, all the lower paying jobs still show up. The filter results feature is a joke. As far as taking safety seriously, I am still getting bogus responses and now I can spot the fake listings. Double verification may help weed out fake accounts. I'm getting more frustrated by the day with these glitches. Please address then and don't just reply with a robot response. I have been on and off this site for years. I am continually getting fake accounts and getting messages from people saying they are no longer a member and to email them directly. These are fake accounts and there are a lot of them. There has to be a better system. I don't believe that these are actual people hacking the system. Something is definitely wrong. I have emailed support numerous times to no avail. This needs to be fixed. Out of every 10 applications 5 are fake. It's not the websites fault for people being cheap but when I put in my pay range for over $15 an hour every job shows up. I don't need to go through 30 job postings that show $10 an hour. It's frustrating.
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10 months ago, bettymz99
Use Rover for Pets
I live in a very populated city with plenty of pets and there just aren’t any pet care opportunities on Care. I downloaded Care and Rover at the same time and since then Ive had consistent work through Rover, and not a single booking through Care. There just aren’t work opportunities available. In the extremely rare instance that a potential client reaches out to you first, you aren’t even allowed to ask the client any questions until you accept the booking. That is wild, and I would highly recommend against taking a booking without being able to ask any questions first. They need to be a good fit for you too! As someone who’s used Rover for months, Rover is just so much better as an app and there’s so many more work opportunities. I’d give Care 1 star, but I don’t know if it’s a better app for childcare because I only provide pet care. But if you want to take care of animals I’d highly recommend against using this app! The cost for the mandatory background check is a lot more on Rover, but again, I’ve not had a single job from Care, and I made back the background check fee in one week through Rover.
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9 months ago, uhimsav
Glitchiest app I’ve ever used
This app is horrendous. I just downloaded it and I already want to delete it. For one, I have been trying to set up my profile and it is absolutely impossible. I keep trying to put in my availability for one time jobs, and it won’t save anything that I put in. There’s no “save” or “apply” button so the second I exit out of the calendar, all of those dates I inputted are immediately gone and it says I never put any information in and that I need to. I just did!! I spent 10 mins doing it!! And then I keep getting different notifications, and it won’t let me click on any of them. It shows I’m pressing buttons for different things, and it doesn’t work at all. It frequently freezes and crashes. I also had a friend try to find me on the other app for parents, and my profile is nowhere to be found. I don’t know if I have to wait a certain amount of time for my profile to pop up, but there is no communication from the app stating I have to wait or something. I will probably delete this app and download Sittercity like everyone else has mentioned in the other reviews.
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1 year ago, Blue231d31
Limited structure and dependent on subscriptions
I’ve loved Care for awhile now but recently they’ve become pretty inaccessible. Or I’m just now paying attention. The end for me was that I legally changed my name and so the verification process couldn’t go through to create an account. Mind you I already had one account but I was having to create an account because they don’t let you swap between looking for care and looking for employment. Like the two don’t coexist…Well I couldn’t resolve the lack of verification because you can’t access customer service unless you’re a paying member. So what exactly am I supposed to do?? I need to find employment so I ended up going to another site. And one that isn’t trans-avoidant. They only offer identity options of “female” or “male” and state that they’re “looking into how best to offer other options.” It can’t be that difficult because if you go to Sittercity they’ve added options for different gender identities. I suggest you go there if you’re looking for actual care in using a site to gain employment. I certainly am.
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1 year ago, hj295
Buggy and Fees
I’ve been using Care for many many years now. The app has been useful in not having to open the web browser on my phone. That’s about all it’s been useful for. The app is super buggy - request responses either don’t go through, or requests come through duplicated multiple times. The messages tab is also a mess and constantly out of chronological order. I am new to booking through instant requests on the app, and it is beyond disappointing. Care charges care providers a 10% fee on every booking. This essentially nullifies an hour of my time - basically saying that Care does not actually value the time of trusted care providers. Care providers already have to pay for background checks and to have an account. I’m not sure why parents aren’t having to pay this 10% fee. Charging parents would rule out more suspicious accounts as well. Because of these charges I’ve had to raise my rates astronomically just to try and make up the difference. It’s extremely disappointing to see a childcare service take away money from the folks who are there to uphold it’s integrity.
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1 year ago, CMJasso
Please fix this app
This app has always been problematic in one way or another, but now that a few issues have been fixed, new ones have popped up in their place: First, when you open the caregiver app, most recent messages show for a brief moment, and then they disappear. This has happened repeatedly for months, and I’ve tried everything (deleting/reinstalling, etc.). Second, reviews on the app recently disappeared. At first, I panicked thinking my reviews were gone, but on the desktop version they are intact – however, every time I’ve opened this app for the past several months, I’ve seen an error message indicating that I have no reviews. So weird. I realize that care seekers have a different app, but I’ve heard repeated reports of the scheduling being very buggy on their end (which is something that used to be prevalent on the care providers’ end): several families report to me, when I ask them to confirm their schedule needs, that they had no idea that they had selected the hours that are listed on their profiles.
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12 months ago, creesi
Dishonest fees
My number one issue is the app is extremely glitchy, and there is no support . They claim to automatically charge you to become an employee on the platform for a background check and support line. This is questionable automatically considering they could gain their money back through the fees. They charge the client for services. after paying this fee, it will prompt you for multiple more fees. You can pay for different standards to be presented to hire to clients. None of which seem very legit or worth a payment. You’re supposedly also paying for support help which is never available. I emailed at least five days ago and never received a reply. I reached out to the customer support number, which I came in contact with a client that I was not sure, was following the terms and conditions, and using the app safely. I have yet to hear back from the platform after a number of days. Pay more fees… today a client is asking for my background check, which was already supposed to be covered in my initial sign up.
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9 months ago, Janesky4
App doesnt even work
I am very frustrated with my experience with this app and ive barely had it 24 hours. I was signing up online and i paid the $8.99 membership fee and was taking directly to download the app. I downloaded and as soon as I open it every single time I am given an error message and there is no way around it to actually use what I paid for. I have deleted and redownloaded it at least 10 times and I have restarted my phone several times as well. I looked for any app updates and there is none. I did every single thing they recommended on the website and when that still didn’t work I cant even talk to an actual customer service representative to fix it. I can chat with a robot who cant even answer my questions and prompts me to send an email with my problem. So I do that and put in my email and still nothing. Not even an email letting me know they got it and will let me know soon? I have looked up and down for any customer service contacts and they have zero. Such poor service and thats rich coming from a young adult who knows the ins and outs of technology. I want my money back.
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5 years ago, LJmnz
Must pay to get jobs
I used to love Care a few years back. I met a family I was with for 5 years through them. After having my son, I took time off to be with him. I am now looking for a job here and it seems nearly impossible! I am constantly bombarded on the app to pay the premium of $25 a month to become a premium member. So annoying because I have no income yet need to pay to get a job!? Basically if you are not a premium member your profile is not seen frequently and have limited communication with certain families and you don’t even learn this until after you apply. You check your messages to see if they’ve seen it or responded and get a message saying “upgrade to allow them to respond.” Are you kidding me?? Also seeing parents ask for 10-12$ and hour for multiple kids is a joke. The parents should also have rules when requesting care. I have had parents contact me, set up interviews and then never respond to me. It would also be helpful to see more specific times and days they would need care. I guess I will continue to try my luck getting a job without being a premium member.
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6 years ago, Diane Villela
I prefer the old app I don’t get messages at all especially if I am not signed in and I have to sign in every time. The other app even not logged in I got notification of messages. Logging in every single time I open the app! Even when I just logged in and it’s In The background because I needed to look something up it logs me out. I missed out on job opportunities because of this issue. And my rating in response has gone down way down because of this app. Please fix this I pay to be a part of this and I currently am not set to renew because I look unprofessional to people trying to give me a job because of this issue. I would rather stay with you guys but I’d have to look else where if I keep looking unprofessional to potential employers! Also the old app you can hire or look for a job now two different apps why?
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2 months ago, Jillian Amber
Janky app for how popular the service is and how expensive a subscription is
Half of the changes to your settings/profile change immediately after changing them, or randomly after a few days not using the app. Setting the hourly rate on the home page just doesn't work? I will select $26 for example and it sets it to $40. Just strange and seems like an easy bug to fix but I have not seen any useful changes or updates to fix this kind of thing. The job search function is strange and unhelpful in that it does not factor in your preferences when showing you "matches." We're using the word "match" very loosely aren't we? You hit "decline" but it continues to show the same listing over and over. Even tried blocking the person who posted it but nope keeps showing it to me. No I don't want a full time position caring for 4 young children at $15 an hour. Hence a decline button being helpful, if only it did anything! I have put money into this service many times when I'm in need of a new nanny job. I would expect a useable app!
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7 months ago, katambae
Lost jobs
This app is always glitching out on me. I have lost countless job prospects due to messages or job requests that I don’t receive at the time they are sent. I was sent a message at 9pm last night and didn’t receive it until 11am this morning. Please mind you that I was refreshing the app and mobile website constantly because I had a feeling this client had sent me a message. The UI also changes on me from one refresh to the next. Sometimes the job section says “no jobs” with an illustration even though I have completed numerous jobs and have one pending. Other times I see tabs showing “active”, “pending”, and “completed” which is super helpful and I can see my history, but then with a refresh it’ll just disappear again. It doesn’t help that the app prevents you from sending your phone number to these prospective clients. I also don’t understand how you’re not allowed to reach out to someone who sent you a request for a job even if they haven’t accepted yet. This really needs to be streamlined and perfected if people are going to be relying on it for job opportunities.
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6 years ago, SVshopper
Poor Customer Service and Terrible Website
For a somewhat well known company they have one of the worst customer service and a poorly designed website. I signed up for the service and accidently clicked on the wrong category because it was not clearly stated. There were 2 different and separate pages discussing pricing options. I paid $80 and my main job profile shows that I only do pet care—not child care or odd jobs/errands. I filled out my profile to the fullest and it still shows that it is not completed. I only got one response only because I reached out to them. I have a great deal of job experience with children, pets and other type of jobs as well. I tried to reach customer service to get a refund. But there was no phone number anywhere to be found on the website. I had to search for it on Google. When I called them it took nearly 30 minutes before I was finally able to talk to a live person! Speaking to them was like speaking to a robot on a broken record. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they gave me a case number so we will see what happens.....I will come back on here and report the results.
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3 years ago, emg0978
This app needs improvement.
First of all, it won’t let me make any changes to my profile. It either pops up some sort of error message or let’s me change it and then changes it back when I leave the page. Second, I was in the middle of applying for a job and was randomly logged out. When I went to log back in it wasn’t taking my password that I know I used considering I just created the account. When I got into the website and tried to submit a email for help through their contact us tab it wouldn’t submit. I finally found their email and sent them an email so hopefully all will be resolved. Both the app and website need bug fixes and improvements. I never leave reviews but this has really frustrated me and possibly caused me to lose one of the only jobs I was hoping to get. The three stars are because I like how the app is set up and have had success with this app in the past. Hopefully they make these improvements.
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10 months ago, Mlawter
Needs To Be Better
I’m a nanny & have been a paying member for a few years now. I can say that I have found several jobs off of here, but the app needs updating badly ! All of my reviews from families do NOT show, despite me talking to customer care twice. My photos are constantly being deleted for now reason at all.. ones that have BEEN on there & they just randomly delete them. I’ll have notifications that I have a message, pull up the app, and nothing ! Then there’s the times that it shows I have a new notification but there’s nothing there. I have REALLY been fed up with this app lately ! Not showing my ratings can hinder me from getting a job ! The first rep told me that all of ratings showed on the website but just not on the app.. LIE ! The second rep told me they were updating their platform & they would “eventually” show up.. my last rating was left at the beginning of June & it’s still not showing. Not a happy paying member !
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3 years ago, SamaSpar
Helpful but has some holdups
I am so grateful for this app which has helped me find some jobs locally that I wouldn’t have had otherwise! There are three main things I wish could be fixed. 1. An option to edit a profile. The editing option is there but after saving edits, it doesn’t update and reverts back to the original text, years of experience, base pay rates, etc. 2. An error box keeps popping up that says “Miles willing to travel is empty” when I click the “ok” button, there is no option anywhere on the page to put any mile information in, but that box keeps popping up and won’t let me advance with a profile until I do it. But there is no way to do it. That is frustrating. 3. I cannot find an option to delete or hide a profile. For example if I have found a Babysitting job, and want to hide my housekeeping profile until the babysitting job ends.
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1 month ago, Miss-angry
Don’t use this service, it’s a “SCAM”
The app does not work, so I use their desktop web version instead, created my account shortly after my payment for monthly subscription successfully taken in my credit card they got my account closed and flagged for literally no reason, when I did not make any offensive remarks or comments in the page or when I successfully hired a helper. I am the employer who needs a helper and not the other way round, I reached their support immediately and they said the reason most member get flagged was because due to a background check through sterling. I was surprised, I am fine running a background check on me even though I am the employer because there’s nothing I worry about as I do not commit any criminal record at all. So I tested it my self never gotten any feedback to the said company who does background check. This is purely scam. There company named CARE, but this absolutely does misrepresent the name after all. They’re thieves. If I can’t rate this with 0, and negative. Please I am so offended and got robbed by this company.
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12 months ago, HorseEnthusiast
Treats Caregivers TERRIBLY
After Care started charging a 10% fee on all bookings for caregivers, I thought it couldn't continue to get worse, but wow did Care prove me wrong. In a single day, I received over 45 spam messages on the caregiver app from an outside nanny employer. I tried to respond to all of them to keep my response rate high, but soon the app glitched and I couldn't respond to any. The messages were coming in faster than I could respond. I reported several of them with the "safety" feature (only to get a response copied straight from the website and no actual help), and I also sent concerned messages to Care's Facebook account (the only real way for caregivers to get ahold of anyone at Care). I've been told multiple times now that the issue is being taken care of by IT and "they are working as fast as possible to resolve the issue," but it's been a MONTH without resolution. So now I'm getting no job requests and no help from Care. Steer clear of this awful company who is only concerned with profits and not with caregiver safety or wellbeing.
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1 year ago, 😇🙏❤️
Caregiver jobs
Something has changed with this app in the last year or so. You can’t even connect with a prospective client. I think sometimes people are ahead of me because they responded to there add before I did. People don’t always call the 10th person who responded to there add. They might hire the first or second responder. If we could just get through to more of the clients I’m sure I would have a more steady flow of work. This app has been very disappointing to me. It is programmed to not let us communicate with clients. So we have to pay for this service. I do want to say I have paid in the past and I still didn’t have a steady flow of clients. I think this app only allows certain amount of clients to come through to us who are looking for work.
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2 years ago, Just another sneakerhead
I get no offers as a man
If you’re a man I don’t recommend this app. I guess there’s some stigma that men who want to work with children are creeps or something, but I just love kids and wanted to find a job doing something enjoyable, making kids happy and being a positive influence on their developing minds. My sister got tons of offers despite having less qualifications than me but I can’t get a single reply to any applications. I have several years of experience working as a counselor for summer camps with kids aged 5-14 as well as a year working with toddlers. I only apply to jobs that I meet the qualifications for, such as being trained in CPR, having my own vehicle, and not smoking. But I just can’t get any offers or replies to applications no matter how much I try to sell myself as a good caregiver in my profile and applications. It really is a shame that people won’t trust a man with their children no matter how genuine and qualified he is.
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4 years ago, anie A.
The App allows families to write whatever they want about caregivers.
I started with this app many years ago and paid them stable monthly fee for my membership till I become a premium member. I have gotten jobs from the website multiple times. Sometimes it works out and I continue my relationship with the families. A lot of times families don’t write you a review. Recently, I met a highly malignant family who abused me, made fun of my English language, the wife was screaming at me and pointed a knife. Highly rude people, I worked only 4 days and told them I would not be coming back. The lady was so ferocious and rageful that she wrote a whole bunch of crap about me in the app which is totally not true, thus damaging my profile and she did it by creating a secondary scam profile. So I called the customer service multiple times reporting the family and asking them to take down that wrong review and guess what? NO The company highly favors families, and even though I have been paying them for so many years to keep my profile, they do NOTHING to help even the premium caregivers.
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10 months ago, Anonymous lady2010201
awful experience- I paid for something I never got to use
I finally caved and decided to pay for this garbage app in hopes to find a decent job in my college town. Instead, I paid for the membership and used the app that night for 20 minutes and never was able to access my account again. Customer service doesn’t exist at this place, no phone number or email anywhere. I was told that my account was flagged and that they limited my account access( I am unable to get into my account entirely and cannot cancel my subscription) Possible community guidelines violation? I have no idea what possibly could have made my account be flagged except for me having 2 different addresses as I go to school in one state and stay at home during the summer. I tried to file the appeal but it won’t allow me to because I “already have”- even though I have gotten no email or any contact whatsoever regarding my account. I don’t understand how this app has such high ratings when it seems like no one is running it?
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1 year ago, Tutor/Sitter
App is better than their website but still needs some updates
The app vs the website are night and day opposites, and the app is the clear winner. It’s nice to see how many other candidates have also applied to the same job. I also appreciate that I can narrow my radius/miles more specifically than on the website. Someone from Care (although I doubt there are that many Care employees) really needs to place a STAR next to those who actually have a PAID membership!!! It is beyond frustrating applying to all these jobs only to discover that the family has the lame free basic account and, therefore, cannot access or respond to my application. Most of the job posts are like this. Please, PLEASE, put a simple star next to the people who cared enough to pay so that they can respond to us. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of our time.
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3 months ago, Moonlit0Night
Great that there’s an app, but…
It has been about a year since I created a Care account, but discontinued use as I got busy with life. Now I am looking for part-time babysitting/nanny opportunities. The user interface on the app itself is glitchy. I have difficulty changing my personal information and availability on this app, computer works fine though. Also, my messages tab has stopped working for the past two days and says “something went wrong— Sorry, there was an error loading these messages. Please try refreshing.” I have pressed the refresh button multiple times and it does not work, closed out the app and nothing, and even uninstalled the app. It’s a bit frustrating when I get notifications via text message that a parent has messaged me and I have to go to the actual website on my phone browser or log in from my computer instead of the app.
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2 months ago, Lizsmv
It’s just an okay app
When I first downloaded this app years ago, it was free, there weren’t so many in app glitches and there was a number for customer service as this app is overflowing with scammers therefore the customer service number was very important for me. As time passed there’s a mandatory fee for background check (which is nice) but the downside to that is that because of the overwhelming number of scammers there’s not a good flow of actual clients, so you spend money for an app that you won’t get to use as much because it’s full of false clients. To make things worse it now has numerous glitches and there’s no number to call for customer service unless you upgrade the app (more money) and I did have the upgrade and still no customer service agent called me or messaged me so this upgrade becomes useless and unnecessary. Update: Recently I see lots of job posts but nobody ever answers, I wonder if the app is pumping fake job posts, because I would say less than 1% of posts applied to ever answer.
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5 years ago, Teeenee11
I have used this app to apply to hundreds of positions and have NEVER gotten a response. Even after having been the first person to apply multiple times and being someone with years of childcare experience and a bachelors degree? The app won’t even let me upgrade anymore! It just spins for years, and the site is just as bad saying “we received your request to upgrade” what the heck does that even mean? I’m waiting for approval, which will never come? This app takes people’s money and makes it virtually impossible to find matches. It wants both parties to pay for services and then presents an app with nothing but glitches. I’m starting to believe they don’t even send applications. I get told in an error message to not send my phone number in applications, why? Because they don’t want parents to be able to reach out to me without a premium subscription that I can’t even get back! So an FYI if you don’t pay for this app don’t waste your time applying and trying to give a parent your contact info because they will not get the message!
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7 months ago, EshiaK
A little frustrated
Overall the app is good. However, I wish it would remove jobs after they are no longer available. I have applied for jobs literally showing posted 1 hour ago and then when I go to review the message it says the family isn’t actively hiring. This is very frustrating. It’s also very difficult knowing if I’m interested in a job when certain families list the time showing a certain way; for example: the times needed equates to a 24 hour time period but the recurring hours show as 12 hours. WHAT are the actual hours they need someone? They hardly ever add any other information in the job description to explain more in depth and that is also frustrating. It would help a lot if families were required to explain what they need, what exact days and times those days. If it fluctuates to communicate that in the description.
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2 years ago, 19 not very happy 19
Be careful
I have been on this site for a while and I have met some wonderful people however in the last 4 to 6 months I have received texts from men that are requesting ‘company’ ‘companionship ‘ ‘1 needed assistance with bathing. ‘These individuals do not have jobs posted. Their obviously using this as a dating website. I would greatly appreciate Care Now being more cautious & strict of who is able to go into the system and actually have contact with those providing care. I’m older so I’m not as trusting and I’m extremely cautious but there are a lot of young people on here and my fear is that they are going to get into something that they are not expecting. It’s extremely dangerous. I attempted to report these individuals and I always get an error when I am trying to send the report. You need to do better to protect the integrity of your website, company and those your assisting.
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3 years ago, melissatyla
I’ve been a nanny and caregiver for years using this app, paying for a subscription thinking it was great. Until the last family I worked for. The husband started flirting with me and put me in a VERY uncomfortable position, and it was obvious that I was uncomfortable. So I pulled the wife aside and told her what had been going on every day when she would leave for work. She assured me she would take care of it and that he would apologize. Long story short, he never apologized and instead she told me don’t come in the following week. Then Sunday night, their niece called me...waking me from my sleep to notify me “it’s not going to work out.” But that’s not what upset me. They contacted Care to make up lies about me because Monday morning, I woke up to an email from Care Support notifying me that my membership is being terminated for violation and there’s nothing I can do about it. I responded to the email and haven’t heard back. I tried to reach out to Care and nobody will reply back to me. It’s a good thing I don’t sue for defamation of character!
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1 month ago, Fambammam
App isn't up to par but service is good
I've been able to find good caregivers on this app and some features are easy to use. I'd give it 5 stars but oh my goodness does this app lag. I had to force close the app in order to see new messages as it doesn't really load new messages when you're already on the app. I paid for a background check on a caregiver and it allows you to request it within the app. I got a notification after submitting everything I was asked to that it would take a few days for the report. A few days went by and nothing. I reached out to the customer service chat and was told it never actually went through and that I actually needed to use a computer or laptop. No warning of that in the app of course. What a waste of time. They really need to update their app and fix the lags and bugs in it.
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1 year ago, Tangerinee22
Is this site just a scam?
My kids are off to college so I thought I’d use the app to find some additional tutoring and sitting jobs. Signing up is so strange. I uploaded a photo of me and somehow the app copied 5 other photos from my iPhone that are actually tutoring sheets for my students (I’ve been tutoring for 10 years). When I click on these to hopefully delete!! the app thinks I want to use the worksheet for my photo. Then the app just sticks there…no reverse button or delete the photo button. Then the app finally said that they don’t see a face…really?!! Then there’s no way to try to do back to the other photos. If this company thinks so little of their app in this day and age, I don’t feel safe providing my personal info like SS number etc. The weirdest part, I started receiving job postings in my email today …and I can’t even see these on the app because I can’t compete my profile …due to the app being stuck on this photo issue. Big fail on this company …might be a scam.
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2 years ago, Lissa🖤
This app is a good idea but the navigation of it needs work. I found this app actually a few years ago and decided ultimately not to use it. Now that I’m back on it nothing seems to have changed to make the functionality of it easier. Caregivers should be able to leave reviews of families. The filter button should have more options like if I want to only work Monday-Thursdays then I can look at listings with only those days. Instead of scrolling through every single one. Also to filter out CPR certified or college degree. Unfortunately not everyone one has those things. Even transportation. You should be able to choose an option to find listings that don’t require you to have a degree. Positions should tell you whether or not they’ve been filled. Maybe after the start date listed you can send a notification to the employer asking if they have filled the position or are still looking. When you’re looking at potential positions to apply for maybe a favorites tab. Favorite one you think you might want to apply to but you aren’t sure yet. You can scroll through all the listings and narrow down the 8 you think you might choose. You can organize them based on distance, pay, or first choice.
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2 years ago, Emm G.
App needs development & forces you to pay anyway
I originally used this in college 5+ years ago and it worked well then- no payment needed and could communicate freely with anyone. Now a payment was needed to be able to access applications but besides the app having annoying underdevelopment issues I have not had a single response which is incredibly weird (I have a 5 star rating and applied to 20+ jobs just to test this and no one even responded days later with a polite even “I’m sorry job was filled.” Which is suspicious. Also, multiple pictures were not approved for my profile and I have no idea why (maybe because I was in a bathing suit with my niece? Because my niece was in pictures?). If you apply to a post it will automatically bring you to the top of the listing and does not show what you have applied to in the past. The filters to sift through posts are very limited. I remember this being much more beneficial years ago.
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3 months ago, LeiaN95
Needs improvement
This app glitches A LOT which can be super frustrating when trying to look for jobs. For some reason, it doesn’t notify me if I’ve received a message, unless I’ve opened the app recently. Then, when I open it I get to see a bunch of potential opportunities I missed due to lack of notifications, even though I’ve ensured they’re turned on in my phone’s settings. Furthermore, once I open and check all new activity is when, all of a sudden, the notification box appears on the app in my Home Screen. Super annoying bc they won’t go away when I review all missed activity/messages/job opportunities AND there is no way to delete expired jobs. Can’t see the point in continuing to pay $20 for an app that doesn’t connect me with jobs when potential clients reach out. I’m better off searching on local Facebook groups, the Nextdoor app, etc. for care opportunities
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