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User Reviews for Hire Caregivers

4.26 out of 5
27.5K Ratings
12 months ago, cm96*
Good network for parents, some problems as a sitter
I have been using Care for a few years, first as a sitter and now as a new parent. The parent side is actually really great, and helped connect me to an almost overwhelming number of great, qualified candidates. I also love that people have to be background checked. But on the caregiver side, the app is less user friendly. It’s harder to get your profile removed or hidden when you stop wanting to take new clients. Also, I have seen sitter profiles where parents who did not hire the sitter were able to leave negative reviews, which affect the sitter’s star rating unfairly. I also don’t think the app should allow people who are offering significantly under the sitter’s stated rate to request a sitter to apply for their job, and I don’t think sitters who are charging significantly more than a job posting offers should be able to apply for the job. Overall, the app does a great job connecting parents and caregivers, but could use work on facilitating some better matches, offering an easier interface for caregivers, and helping to foster respectful professionalism between providers and parents.
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3 years ago, Dan&jas:/
Terrible App
This app is definitely not worth what they charge. It’s not super user friendly and will force quit often. Even when you pay for a subscription that doesn’t actually pay for the background checks, that’s extra. It also costs extra to manage payments and any tax information you need for a caregiver. What does the subscription get you, just the chance to see the profiles and message potential caregivers in your area. The messaging system is garbage, you would think it would be just like texting except you can’t place the cursor anywhere to edit, you have to delete everything you wrote to get to where you want to edit. You also can’t see everything you type. You can see maybe one sentence until it disappears and you just hope you typed everything correctly. If there aren’t very many caregivers in your area your subscription is extremely useless. The notification system also takes forever. If I received a message from a potential caregiver I probably won’t be notified for an entire day, unless I’m physically opening the app and checking the messages. My final complaint is that I am not able to clear the filters I first put into the app to find caregivers. There is a button that you should be able to click that says “clear all” to reset your search filter, however, it doesn’t actually work, much like everything else on the app. Super don’t recommend this app.
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2 years ago, poopyay
This company does care about there customers
nyone working on the experience of using your website? I have been a member for 10 years (two different accounts) and the website and app still have the same issues they did years ago. There is no place to categorize potential candidates, except for a heart- pretty rudimentary. It takes forever for anyone to get back to you. You should be able to call pp directly through a hidden number through the app. If not, I should be able to schedule a time to talk right on the website app, which the applicant can decline or suggest a new time- you know like the the rest of the working world? Then when the applicant does not show up to the appointment scheduled, it should be noted- if the can’t even get to phone call on time, what good are they - their rating should reflect this because THEYARE WASTING your PAYING CUSTOMERS valuable time. I waste so much time just trying to nail down a time just to speak to an applicant- 48 to 72 just to have an intro call is unacceptable. I need to take notes on each person, there is no place to take notes on pp, and when u try to print, it goes out all jumbled and incomplete, probably intentional, and who wants to waste all that paper… Sheryl, CEO, whatever her name is, don’t doingnot even close to a satisfactory job. I could go on, but I have my own job, DO YOURS. You care about your customers? Your actions and performance speak the opposite.
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12 months ago, Kthom2017
I subscribed to the “premium” membership to assist in finding care for our children. Once we found someone, I performed all of the steps to cancel (pressed cancel, deleted from my subscriptions in apple, and even removed my credit card information from the app). Well, I didn’t bother to go on my app because there was no need for it and I thought I cancelled. I came to find out that they were continuing to charge my credit card and I had no idea. No payment receipts through e-mail, no nothing. I was asked if I received “confirmation” on the cancel…how am I supposed to know that I should receive a cancel e-mail if you don’t even send receipts or anything via e-mail? And again, I removed my credit card information to be sure that the payment wouldn’t go through just in case, but I guess they just have it on file and continue to charge regardless of what is in your profile. Their terms and conditions state that they cannot refund subscriptions. I had to DIG to find a phone number to call (it is listed on your credit card statement and that is the ONLY way to get it…the person on the online chat couldn’t even give it to me, which is ridiculous). Anyways, this is crazy and this is how subscription services steal your money. I currently have to wait 2-3 business days to see if a “supervisor” can help with this issue. I will never be using this app again!
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3 years ago, Jejune77
Great but not reliable
She is soooo good with kids. Was amazing with my infant. I was so happy I had finally found someone that knew how to handle this age and. Someone I could trust and rely on. The first week she was booked she came for the week but canceled the last day which was Friday. Said she was sick. Okay no problem. Canceled the morning of. I rescheduled my day. I reconfirmed she was still coming the next week. Yes. I reached out on Saturday to reconfirm again (I’m used to people canceling on me). No response until the day after. She had a family emergency , won’t be able to come Monday but will for sure be there the rest of the week. Ok no problem. She has already given me heads up about that possibility. I reached out Monday morning to reconfirm the rest of the week. Completely ghosted me. After many texts and calls Monday came and went. Nothing. Not even an acknowledgment. I was left with no childcare and had to cancel my day. Again. I finally heard back Tuesday. She had a family emergency and just couldn’t respond. Ok I understand emergencies. I expressed my understanding. But I heard nothing from her after that. Was she still coming the rest of the week?? Was she ever coming again? Nope. Guess not. Never ever heard back from her and it left me with no childcare for the week. Such a shame cause she is really good.
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3 weeks ago, Parent with suggestions
Intuitive but could use some updates
The app is very intuitive to use, although there are a few things that would be very helpful as someone looking for a caregiver. 1- currently you can’t remove/delete/archive a chat if you are not interested in a candidate until the job is closed. This creates an enormous amount of chats clogging the inbox. Suggestion to archive chats even if job is still open. 2- some candidates I cannot select as “not interested”, and they remain in my active applicant pool. Suggestion to be able to remove candidate from applicant pool, or remove them if the candidates selects they are no longer interested. 3- the ability to star/heart a candidate is only visible in the job applicants section. Suggestion to add or carry over star/heart to chat section for better visibility.
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3 years ago, dreamrider80017
Mobile App could be better
It’s a great resource but for how much the membership costs I would expect the mobile app to have better functionality. The instant messaging is really poor quality, you can’t even copy/paste so you have to type your entire message every single time you reach out to someone. I was trying to hire a nanny and had to message probably 30 people before I got someone who was available for the job. I spent a ridiculous amount of time retyping my message over and over again. I created a job and attached it to my message and everyone kept responding stating they couldn’t view the job…so that was another waste of time. When I looked at my jobs it stated I had no jobs, so I created the job again and then magically now I had 2 jobs. So I had to go back and delete one of the jobs and still…no one was able to view the job I created. For a working mom of two…there is just not enough time in the day to deal with the glitchiness of this app. Also there is a significant delay in notifications and the messages don’t update properly. IMO…they are charging way too much for this app and are obviously not reinvesting the profits back into the functionality of the site.
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7 months ago, iSuperBad
Care apparently removed my review and deleted my PAID account. I’ve been a Care user for many years and actually paid for the year subscription. I had some issues with the app because they require you have a profile picture of yourself with no hat and glasses. I wrote a bad review and gave them 1 star. So what does a company like Care do? They hire a company to run a background check hoping to find something to suspend the paid account. So instead of requesting my information. They just used my name and found someone with a similar name that had a drug possession charge from over 20 years ago. I contacted the company that did the background check and challenged it. They did their investigation with my actual information and on 10/12 they said they notified Care that they sent Care the wrong report and amended it. My account was deleted along with my original review. I’ve been a Care user for many years since my company provided it as an employer benefit. But when they stopped I decided to pay for the 1 year subscription. So out of all the many years I was a Care user, they never ran a background check until I left a bad review. Stay away from this app and company.
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8 months ago, Sarah Loree
Awful Customer Service & no trial period
It is nearly impossible to get a hold of someone for support. When you call the phone number, you are hung up on. The chat function is not helpful whatsoever. I also completely do not understand why they even have a basic plan. They say that on the basic plan, you can post jobs and search for caregivers, but you can’t speak to them unless you upgrade. It’s the silliest thing on the planet. Paying $40 on a monthly basis or $160 per year on the annual plan is an absurd amount of money for this app. Because I needed to be able to contact Caregivers, I purchased the monthly subscription. I only had it for two days and didn’t use it because it didn’t meet my needs and tried to get a hold of someone at customer service which does not exist. The chat function does not work properly in the app or phone browser and you have to go to a computer to use the desktop version. They also don’t care that you are seeking a refund when their platform does not work for you. How about offering a trial of seven days? Oh wait, you won’t do that because you would lose money. Extremely disappointed. All this company CARES about is money.
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5 months ago, Beka_b
Paying so much for problematic software
I am so frustrated!! I started using the app in September of 2023. It took me a few weeks and interviewing a couple dozen nannies, but we finally found someone. I was so relieved. A couple months later, in November, she asked if we could kindly leave her a good review so that more people could find her as she was trying to fill one more spot on opposite days of our schedule. So, in November of 2023, I tried posting a review. It wouldn’t post, so I submitted a ticket to investigate. I tried chat, call, email, etc. I submitted many tickets over time. I retyped the review over and over. It has now been THREE MONTHS, it is January 24th, 2024. The review is still not up. I haven’t heard back on the emails since January 5th. How unprofessional!! We paid over $100 for the annual subscription and can’t get one issue resolved for a quarter of a year!! The whole point of the app outside of outside verification is actual feedback from those that used a caregiver’s care. And we can’t even get one review up after 3 months. With no explanation as to the cause. They clearly don’t prioritize the user experience.
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3 months ago, T-minus2020
Condones abuse of the site, and illegal by employers and illegal
Beware this site is used by employers that want to avoid paying benefits to employees, leaving them out in the cold if they get hurt on the job. Unable to get workers compensation, disability, unemployment. They pay less on salaries or by the hour to workers and avoid paying their share of taxes many times paying cash or and independent contractors. Those employers have the calculations that benefits them. Keep records of every msg and get a copy of your contract before you start work, otherwise they’ll change it at will when is not convenient for them. Employees shouldn’t save all their information related to work agreements and requests, including employed request to pay in cash, detail that had been carefully calculated to their advantage. Always report to workers compensation whenever you’re hurt on the job even if you’re independent worker or paid in cash, employees still have the right to medical attention, never used a personal insurance for work related injuries. to labor department if force to do tasks that pose a health risk, work hours not paid , OT not paid properly or not paid.
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5 months ago, RACH3L0000000
How are there so many excellent reviews?
This app is expensive to find a sitter and they also charge fees just to pay your babysitter. They obviously are not investing their money into making this a better quality app. I’m fairly tech savvy and It is not user friendly. When you send a “private”message to a potential sitter, it sends it to multiple people in your area. There were a couple of sitters I would’ve liked to keep as a back up, but not first choice, and I told them I’d keep them in mind and my chats to these other sitters were on the back ups chat plus more as well so now I just look like a jerk and they can no longer be an option. Also, when you message someone they should be able to easily click on your profile and see your information (like your personal schedule that you’re needing help with and your “about you”). The amount of positive reviews is highly questionable. Also, the range of $/hr majority of these babysitters are asking is a lot.. $22-$30 an hour for a babysitter for ONE child. I would definitely invest my time and money elsewhere if I could go back in time.
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2 years ago, Billybach12
Horrible UI, quits frequently, and dumb booking design
Warning; don’t use Care. First, the app is atrocious. It quits very frequently, and seems to have outdated pages that appear if you select the back button. The system won’t let you change your address, but doesn’t tell you why you can’t change it. Customer service could not answer either. Second, the booking system is garbage. You select a number of babysitters that you would like to send a request to. The system explains the request as if it is a request to check whether the sitters are interested/available (I.e., there is an opportunity for review before booking). Instead, it is a race between the sitters, and whoever responds first gets the job and it cancels the job posting for all the others. If the first one turns out to be sketchy, you have to recreate a whole new job posting and resend it to all the SAME people. Why not allow the sitters to confirm their availability and then leave it in the parent’s power to make the final decision of who to book? Garbage app and system. Will never use again!
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3 years ago, amy-4
It’s been over a year, and despite several updates, this app is still terrible! I have deleted and reinstalled, kept it updated,and am not sure what else to do. The commercials that show clean, easy to navigate pages make me laugh every time. Since posting a job nearly two months ago, this app has given me nothing but problems. I constantly get a “unable to load conversations” message when trying to access messages with applicants. The app will not show any new messages, but then when I log in on a computer, I will discover several new messages. When sending messages through the app, they sometimes disappear and do not get to the recipient. Care loves to market their site and app as a safe and secure way to get in contact with applicants, but it was so much hassle and caused me to lose on out on people who took other jobs while I was waiting to receive their messages (that had actually been sent days earlier). For such a large company that is collecting high monthly fees (I’m paying over $40), I would expect a better functioning app
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10 months ago, Cheekymnky6
This app is borderline unusable
With how much I’m paying you think they make an app that actually works. It often crashes and I have to force close it. And when it does work much of the experience is confusing and doesn’t make sense. For example when I try to rebook a specific sitter it will take me to a general search. When I make a request to do a sitter search and see a list of sitters that accept. There’s no way for me to request/ see their background check. They have articles that recommend you should at the very least do a video chat with your sitters prior to hiring, but they block sharing of zoom links or phone numbers for FaceTime, while giving NO clear alternative on how you’re supposed to actually video chat them. I can go on and on and on with the list of things that make zero sense with this app. By the way, their mobile web and desktop browser experience is not much better either. I already paid for an exorbitant amount for a 3-mo membership but I will probably cancel as soon as I use that up
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2 years ago, bck17
Terrible software and little support
I paid about $150 for 3 months of premium service plus unlimited safety checks. The software is very buggy and behaves differently across the mobile app and mainstream browsers including both Safari and Chrome. Completely unreliable combined with poor usability. While their chat support channel is active and their agents are pleasant, they have little know-how and no tools to override back end systems to solve customer problems. All they do is report problems to management. I have not had a response to an email asking for help. It’s nearly unusable, at least for me. This feels like some kind of of holding company milking it for up front cash to tolerate what must be very high churn rates. They don’t offer refunds and there is no free trial so beware. I’ll likely end up using a traditional agency as this doesn’t work and even if it did you’re on your own for vetting or you can pay them even more for who knows what quality of background checks.
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3 years ago, KJacks12345
Okay but extremely overpriced for lack of basic features
The app has a lot of great features but for $40 a month, it should include a lot more. Literally feels like I’m paying $40 just to message sitters because it costs extra to do anything else. They don’t show time stamps on messages & It costs an extra $2 to include a feature where you can see if your message has even been read! AND the messages are super delayed. I tried setting up a video interview and the potential candidate did not respond for hours to confirm which of the two times I suggested we chat but instead sent a link for Zoom meeting at one of the times, I didn’t receive a notification for the message until 2 hours after she sent it! Though it was a last minute and unprofessional of the candidate, I was desperate for a sitter and actually available at that time she requested to chat but the app did not notify me. I had to settle for less and miss work because of this stupid overpriced app.
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2 years ago, Talonofday
Crap for a paid app
As other review have pointed out, all you get for the rather steep price is the ability to see caregiver profiles in your area and attempt to communicate with them with the super buggy and cruddy messaging system. It doesn’t always notify you when you have a message. It’s not that user friendly. And whatever you do, DON’T delete a message conversation from a caregiver unless you intend to never talk to that person again. I made the mistake of doing so…I was just trying to declutter the messages page by deleting the messages from caregivers who were unable to do the current job. Then when I had a different job later I wanted to send a message to one lady who’s message I had previously deleted. Every time I click on a link to message her, it says ‘Error. We’re unable to load conversation’ and won’t let me send anything to her at all! ARGH, I expected better from a paid app, especially such an expensive one!! I’ve seen much better functionality in some free apps I use >_>
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11 months ago, Vickybay
Inconsistent in our area
I paid for the premium membership with the added cost for background checks. What you don’t know is that whoever you want to do a check on has to approve it first. By the time you make a listing, find someone after chatting with a lot of failed connections, request the background check your date of need is likely already here. I didn’t have anyone approve the background check, let alone in time before I needed the sitter. That is a wasted feature that makes parents pay more for nothing. There also is no warning that your subscription is set to renew, no text, email or notifications which I find annoying. I went to cancel my subscription in hopes maybe it would prorate what you aren’t using by canceling but it doesn’t cancel until the end of the time you paid for. Overall I feel there are other free services we had better luck with. We hired one sitter successfully in 5 months.
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2 years ago, dont waist your time and money
Horrible Don’t waist your money or time!!!!
First, if you have a bad experience with a caregiver, there is nothing Care will do to mediate the situation or even let you leave a bad review on them. You can submit a bad review but it never shows up. Next if you sign up for the premium plan which you have to because you can’t contact or be contacted by anyone on the free version. So the free version is totally useless and more used to make you realize you can’t access anything without paying. If you accidentally click the year signup, THERE ARE No REFUNDS EVER!!!!! If you are on a plan for months and cannot find anyone to hire NO REFUND!!!! If your child purchases a plan without your knowledge NO REFUND!!!! The background checks are a JOKE!!! They do not cover anything farther than three years back, or any state other than the one you are in, there is also a disclaimer that They are very limited checks and if you want a real check you will have to arrange on your own. WAIST OF TIME AND MONEY RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN DONT BUY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, get some QA
The mobile iOS app is full of UX and functional bugs
I came across so many random strange bugs while trying to use iOS mobile app. I then switched to mobile version of web application. It still had bugs iOS mobile app: - while trying to post a job without picture profile I kept getting an obscure rejection email - while trying to post a profile picture with my phone settings set to not allow access to image gallery I kept getting time out (without any user friendly error message) - while trying to post a picture after changing settings to allow access to image gallery the image got posted. But the UI didn’t show it😳😂 So I had to kill the app to refresh UI - there a noticeable lag with getting email notifications about posted job - there is a bug on Messages/notifications screen (the UI increases count of notifications but doesn’t show the new notifications) - there is IUX bug on notifications screen (it took me a couple of minutes to even notice notifications icon.. I kept thinking that I hot new message but could not find it.. because there were none I got a new notification.. which was mot displayed until I killed and restarted the app) I am coming from a Software QA background: - you either have a complacent QA team OR - you have a huge backlog of bugs that’s no one is fixing. Overall very difficult to use the app to post a job👇👇
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4 years ago, Bristol's mommy
Dissapointing and frustrating
The standard of etiquette by the applicants is frustrating- especially when I’m looking for someone to take care of MY CHILD in MY HOME. I’ve interviewed entry level position applicants that have better manners and respect for the hiring company. People will apply and then not answer when I respond, or they will set up an interview and then cancel last minute or not show up. The applicants with good intentions supposedly don’t get notifications. So you’re forced to give your number so you can continue a conversation. We pay a membership, but then still have to pay additional to get background checks and mvr. Pictures should be required. Cpr and first aid should be required. They should be required to answer questions when they “apply” ... make them put in more effort to pay attention to what is required of the job. There’s also no way to anonymously review bad applicants- it has to display your name. I’ve been looking for a nanny for two months now and this game is exhausting.
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8 months ago, Brookikokokoooo
Message to developers
I’ve used this app for a few months and it’s connected to me some great sitters, thank you. I do have a few points of improvement that would really help UX. The sitter list might be better if it were set up almost like a swipe left/right situation (like a dating app). Constantly having to toggle back and forth between the list of sitters and then sitter chat/profile section is cumbersome, especially if you lose your place on the sitter list. I’d also highly suggest a dark mode for parents who are looking for sitters while their child is napping. The chat section can also be clunky because the send message sign disappears for the background check/security icons.
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5 months ago, 2013rtwesq
Glitchy, unreliable, frustrating & difficult to use
The two most basic functions for which an app like this is built are extremely frustrating and counter-intuitive: search, and chat. The app continuously glitches, re-sets, and is downright disorganized during the search and messaging process. These are simple features and a search/chat app should be able to handle them properly. As a parent trying to use this app to locate and communicate with potential caregivers, it’s ridiculous that this is our only option (unless you’re open to Facebook, which is less secure). The only benefit is the background check feature. Someone please fix this, or if you’re reading this and have the resources, create a better platform - you’ll have an immediate customer base. I’m only using this app out of necessity, not by choice. For context we’re mid-30’s and tech-savvy, and both of us literally hate using this app.
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4 years ago, mizmandaclaire
app functionality could be better
The system to find childcare is great but the app functionality isn’t. It shows a notification for a new message but then you have to pull down/refresh to actually see a new message. Spell check doesn’t work (I have an Apple 11) on initial messages but it does work on subsequent responses. It’s clear from reading profiles/bios that spell check doesn’t work on job posts or profiles either. Also, if you’re in a search and get out to message someone and go back in, the search reloads and you lose your place. And if you click “message” on someone in a search, it doesn’t show if you’ve already messaged them or any conversation history until you go in through the messages section. It’s certainly a great resource for finding people but functionality could really use some finesse.
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6 months ago, Micshilee
are used to use this app every single day to find caregiving, but a lot of times the new system has caused a lot of confusion and it’s literally just pointless. i used to request for certain sitters after looking at their profile, and after making a posting. Now if I make a post, looking for a certain day of babysitting, instead of being shown, all of the available sitters, and choosing some of them to request them for the shift, I’m getting swamped with dozens and dozens of unqualified sitters. I’m having to message everybody back that I actually found somebody and dozens and dozens of caregivers have wasted their time by sending me an application. I’m a very picky, mother and that is why I would prefer to application request or job, request myself rather than receiving a bunch spam from people I know I’m never going to hire. This app is really going downhill and I’m resorting to craigslist and Facebook from now on
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3 years ago, ranijenn
Scammy App And no way to contact them
This is truly the worst app I’ve ever downloaded in my life. I paid for a premium annual subscription and within one week of being on there they forced me to give them my home address or said I would be locked out. When I provided the home address they then locked me out saying I should never provide my home address. 😹You can’t make this stuff up. There’s no way to talk to them about your account once they lock you out because the only way to get a hold of them is through chat through your active account! There is phone problems too. All of their numbers just lead to an automated voice system that kick you off and say you have to talk to them through the chat feature. Outright scam and even my credit card company gave me my money back after hearing the story and investigating them. Do not use this app. I had no way to get a hold of the woman I was about to hire.
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1 year ago, FrustratedNanny13
Takes your money and you get jack in return
I’ve been on this app for a few years now and it gets worse every time I use it. I have not been able to edit my profile for 2 years despite sending multiple emails about the problem. My profile pictures get repeatedly rejected despite’s following the guidelines they put forth. On SEVERAL occasions I have lost jobs because my incoming messages are delayed by DAYS sometimes WEEKS OR I am completely unable to access the app all together because it kicks me out every-time I try to open it. I’ve gotten jobs on this app yes, not as many as I’ve lost and only after I started sending my intro text with my number attached and informed them of the app issues so they wouldn’t contact me in app. Don’t waste your money on it or a membership. If you’re a nanny just find facebook groups for your area it’s the best way to find a family on your own terms.
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3 years ago, Warrier2019
Be careful before enrolling for premium membership
While there are some babysitters posted in this app, be very careful when you enroll for premium membership (which is the only way to contact the babysitters). Because they keep charging your credit card every month even if it’s a one time payment that you intended to make (honestly, who would keep searching for a nanny for more than a month, I do not know) . When I noticed it and wanted to call their customer service, they don’t even have a person you can talk to option. Even the ‘chat with us’ function is a fraud as I tried it many times. It’s going to be a lot of emails back and forth. Ultimately they didn’t return my money, but canceled whatever subscription they felt I had with them that was getting charged monthly. I didn’t even get a nanny through this, as most of the people listed as available were not actually available !!
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2 years ago, JJHhSmith
Bad app; Bad system; no quality control
DO NOT PAY FOR AN ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION UNLESS YOU TRY THIS IN YOUR AREA FIRST. The app itself has bugs… for example, you can book someone and the app switches out the person you booked for someone completely different. We even got someone who doesn’t speak a word of English… how uncomfortable. We also live in a densely populated Chicago suburb yet there is very little participation of sitters in the app. The few that are in there aren’t available… usually the closest person who responds will be 30 min away which usually means an extra $30 for transportation. The quality control in this system is also not great… we’ve had a 75% rate of no-shows and a 95% rate of tardiness. There’s no way to adjust the booking window for this if booked in the app. Finally, nobody wants to be paid through the app even if you book them there which makes things logistically difficult. They all want cash or Venmo.
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2 years ago, W1lly T
Just Bad
* You have to pay extra for a background check. This should be standard. I don’t think I’d trust the screening process except maybe when I’m in the next room over working-from-home. * The app is not user friendly. Two examples follow: * One week we tried to explore different options including center-based care and home-based. Rather than letting us search across both options, we had to submit separate requests for both. Then they wanted to charge cancellation fees for the option we didn’t end up using. * Easy to accidentally pay the caretaker. Seriously, we are smartphone-savvy and whilst trying to confirm our sitter was actually going to show up we accidentally paid the sitter who then no-showed without notice. Called customer service and they said we had to work with the sitter to recover the payment.
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3 years ago, APC annoyed
Very Costly Service
The app is for a service you have to pay a lot of money to receive messages from potential caregivers. Then they want you to pay for background checks etc. They upgraded the software to include more services, they want you to pay for. It took months to find a caregiver for my senior. Then this company wanted me to pay them to do the payroll. After my Senior passed away I tried to hire someone to walk groom his dog. It has been 2 months and all I have gotten is 2 responses from people that live 2 hour away. Even better yet the people that run the app, expire your add. Unbelievable, you pay money to have access to run an add and they decide how long it should run. To bad I paid for a year, I should have thrown the money in the fire, at least it would have gave me some heat.
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1 year ago, Contemporary Art of Las Vegas
Photo option is nonexistent for the iPhone 22 Max Pro.
I can’t add a profile photo as this app is not allowing me to do this on my iPhone 12 Max Pro. I’m happy to change my rating once I am able to edit properly. The notification I receive requires me to give access to my photos & camera on my phone, but the option is not there. Also, I contacted Apple and they tried to assist during our screen sharing session, but there’s no way to complete the task because the “access photo” option is non existent. Apple recommended that I contact your company to address the issue. All other in-app seems to be working fine. So I need help or just fix the issue. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Kitten girls 66
Would give a 0 if I could
This was a terrible experience for me! I have tried on multiple occasions to crest an account and every time something has gone wrong. However this last time really got to me, not only did I make it to the stage where I had to pay money to get a back round check but immediately after I paid for it and had an email confirming my payment, they would not except my ssc number and kept telling me there was an error. I decided I would just log out and back in but as soon as I did suddenly my account no longer existed and kept telling me my password was wrong. I decided to try and change my password and then they never sent me an email to do so. So now I’m down 20 bucks and have no account. Also forgot to mention that I tried to create a new account with the same and a different email and told me there was an error with both. Very unimpressed .
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4 years ago, Red84604
App breaks and customer support doesn’t get it
I love the idea of this app, and I found some great people quickly. But the previous reviews are accurate. The functionality is poor. Whenever I tried to edit the job I initially posted on the web browser, or tried to post a new job, the system gave me an error message. There was apparently a frequency setting which was not visible, but it wouldn’t submit until I completed it. (And yes I am fairly tech savvy, have the latest iOS updates, tried re-installing, etc.) The worse problem is that when I contacted customer support about it, they just sent me boiler plate text about subscription renewal, which had *nothing* to do with what I contacted them about. (They must get a lot of complaints about this, which makes sense because I know of no other service with such a high month to month fee). But I went back and forth with them several times and they never got it. Bottom line: the app doesn’t work. It is a job posting app that does not post jobs. 🤦‍♀️ UPDATE: Customer support never did resolve my issue. Once they finally understood what I was talking about they just stopped communicating. Also, I was ghosted by the girl who I hired, so I wrote her a negative review, but the review does not show up on her profile—only perfect, 5 star reviews. So I am out $40 for literally nothing.
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1 year ago, Nanako808
Not helpful to upgrade premium
I upgraded because it’s the only way to message potential caregivers. There were potential caregivers in my area and was able to connect with some of them (about 5 or so). Most of the caregivers turned out to be flakey (ie cancelled last minute). In one month that I had premium and messaging at least 8+ caregivers, I had one person who actually showed up to do work. The quality of caregivers on this app/website was mediocre to poor. The one person who showed up, was good. The app is also cumbersome to use and the messaging system blows. I never received notifications on time if the caregivers messaged me back. I was constantly checking the app just so I did not miss any messages. I also did not find their other “premium” features helpful such as the background check. Overall, I would not recommend this app or website.
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2 years ago, Davidth626
Why does this exist?
So it's recommended to get the background checks on sitters on your website? Ok check out this scenario and tell me if I'm missing something. I put up a sitting job. There's 9 sitters to choose from. Technically there's 9 sitters that choose the job. All of which could not accept. But you want me to pay for background checks on all 9 before posting the job? Why a novice user would ask. Because for two reasons: care recommends to do it. 1. Becuse they provide the platform to these people but want you to validate the sitter yourself and 2. once you post the job if a sitter accepts it you're stuck with it unless you cancel so you sort of need to background check everyone that you're sending this job to. But wait, if you paid for the background checks you're S.O.L. Becuse that's money gone if you cancel or if no sitter accepts your offer. Why is this even a thing?
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2 years ago, Rosko8480
Great app for single-parents needing help!
I recently moved to a new city in another state, and I was a little overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. So I posted a few jobs and got many responses from qualified applicants immediately. I am happy that I got a premium subscription because it allows me to create as many job posts as I want, reply to applicants, and message other qualified caregivers. As a single parent, the services available to me and the user-friendly platform allowed me to get exactly the help I needed. It’s a blessing to have an app like this because I want to spend more time with my children, and the app allows me to do just that.
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2 years ago, Cherub12
Helpful and Reliable App
It’s been a while since I had to search for last minute babysitter on my own as usually I am able to get back up care thru work. With just a quick job post and careful filtered search I was able to connect with several caregivers who even though were unavailable for requested time added to a much needed back up care list in the future. Ultimately I was able to connect with someone available last minute and it was nice that the App acted much like real time text messaging. Highly recommend downloading this app for any busy parent who may need to search for last minute care.
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3 years ago, skaifndbakwo
I signed up less than 48 hours ago and I already have 8 qualified nanny applicants and 3 per-sitter applicants ... I thought finding a nanny would be so difficult during covid and now my problem is I’m going to have a tough time choosing from so many great people!!! I don’t know how well the rest of the app works yet but I’ve loved being able to browse profiles and message back and forth with potential applicants. I am hopeful that this app also makes paying for care services quick and easy and also fairly- will cross that bridge when we come to it. Very impressed and pleased so far! It has really taken a lot of stress off my plate!
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3 years ago, HMBOYTE
DO NOT purchase
I say this as an extremely frustrated mother. I have been looking for a little over a month to find someone part time to babysit my baby girl (Monday-Friday with flexible hours). I even talked my husband into buying a subscription for the whole year. I have tried to reach out to 10+ people only to see that most have read the message and never responded. Only two people responded saying that they were busy and only work during the summer because of school. Then, on top of this, I listed a job posting where 5 people applied. I had interviews with 2/5 people and one lived too far away and the other one I wanted to hire and after the interview never responded. What I clearly see is inconsistency on this app/ website. I would highly recommend NOT subscribing. It is honestly a waste of money.
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1 year ago, fjsisjdjtkopqporb
I’ve decided I’m sick of this app
I don’t care for it. They totally ripped me off about 2 months ago. We accidentally scheduled a babysitter and canceled the appt, but Care took almost $200 from our credit card that they refused to reverse because they said they paid the babysitter, even though they never came to our house. And then, even though you pay all this money to just have the app, you still aren’t allowed to just send messages to people that come up in a search query? Like, they want you to select the people and they send the message. But if you find someone through another section of the app, you are allowed to send messages. All in all, this app leaves you feeling ripped off and like they don’t invest in streamlining or making the user experience better than ‘not good’.
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3 years ago, Evspc
Not enough responses
Again I signed up for this service, this time for just one month, I saw a few potential people to hire so I thought I would give it one more shot— I’ve now posted a job too— so I’ve both responded to postings and had job applications, NO ONE responds, and when they do they aren’t available. My hours are clearly flexible and needs are no more than what most of the potentials list on their profile. There should be parameters where a response is required if you apply for the job, in the least. My follow ups are light, inquiring for phone interview. Nothing... so far at least 15 attempts and NOTHING! You can even see where they have read the communication. ————————————————— For $55 a month, I’m looking for one person, why do I need to sign up for 3 months for a “deal”. So far I wrote 5 people, two responded, one of which did not follow up again, one did not show up to the interview. I’ve used this app in the past and it’s always so much work, sometimes I don’t correspond with anyone bc it’s duds. They need better screening and also a respond time average notifier, so you don’t waste time or have “hope”. Better less expensive offers, it should be 55$ for an entire year for goodness sakes!
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2 years ago, abeach7113
Not impressed
Applicants profiles state “Responds within ** timeframe”, I’ve messaged 15 people and not a single person has responded in almost a month. I even specifically messaged people who met all the requirements and even went a little lax. Filters don’t work. I specifically filtered for week day people and got excited when I saw a ton on there but then I clicked the profile and they’re on available on weekends. What’s the point of a filter if you have to manually sift through anyways. I paid $150 for this yearly subscription and I’m totally get ripped off. I did find a cleaner (no longer using then due to cost) when i went on looking for a nanny and they refused to do anything through the site/app after the application process because it’s such junk. Very unfortunate.
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8 months ago, ZanOffner
It’s gone downhill
This used to be a really good app, but it has definitely gone downhill. Their notifications are really messed up. They constantly tell me I have a message when I don’t, and I have had them say I don’t have a message when I do. Also for some reason they started blocking phone numbers in the messages. I contacted their support and they said this was for safety reasons, but that they will allow you to put in phone numbers after the first message.I tried adding phone numbers in subsequent messages and they still blocked them. Finding a caregiver is tough enough, and adding in the extra hurdle of not being able to share phone numbers easily has made it even more so. I’m sad because this was a good app. But not anymore.
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2 years ago, mommishouse
Needs improvement
I pay money for an app where people are charging more money to watch a movie with my child than I make. Half the applicants I get are unreliable and don’t respond when you want to set up an interview. It is incredibly frustrating to pay extra for something to have people bail all the time or no show. There needs to be a higher standard for people who have an account to have basic things such as not being late, cancelling last minute, saying you’ll be somewhere then don’t show up. I’m amazed at how few great sitters I’ve found through this site. Also, sitters will have a rate on their site but then I ask them and it’s $5 more and hour than their profile says. I think there definitely needs more structure on the sitters end for parents to find reliable, affordable people.
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3 months ago, NHparenthamburger
App super glitchy
Absolutely do not recommend. The app is so glitchy that 50% of the times that I try to open the app, it processes forever and never opens. 50% is not an exaggeration. I have tried updating both the app and iOS, with no improvement. Notifications are inconsistent as well. The app also closes your posting without notifying you, so you have to go into the posting to see if it’s still open. It is insane that the app is charging $40/month for this kind of functionality. Additionally, caregivers will message with you and then ghost you after agreeing to a call. It is impossible to tell if this is due to caregivers being flaky, or if they are not receiving app notifications (some have confirmed that they also find the app to be glitchy; many messages show was “read” 10+ days later).
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1 year ago, Nicci<3Max
I enrolled in premium so I could post a job and actually message the applicants. I had a terrible experience and the people on the site were no better than someone you could find on Facebook BUT that’s not even the scam part! There’s no way to cancel the membership unless you are on a desktop computer or use their app. I screenrecorded myself trying to cancel my account and after 2 HOURS of chat and emailing back and forth they said they had to further investigate only to email me today and acknowledge that there’s an issue but WONT BE REFUNDING ME!!!! They make it hard to reach them and hard to cancel just to steal your money. They will regret it because I will dedicate all of my time to posting reviews and warning everyone about this complete scam of a company. You want to build loyalty this is not the way.
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4 years ago, Hdkdyebdid
Not worth the money
This app is a joke and not worth the subscription cost. There are fake profiles from people who are just collecting information. The app doesn’t reveal anything about the job “applicants”, not even a last name. I posted a job and received 16 applications, scheduled multiple appointments, and none of the people showed up. Some gave me strange excuses (they didn’t want to wake up so early, or changed their mind about driving so far) while others scheduled an interview a week in advance and then told me two hours before the appointment that they already found another job. I saw cars driving by my house very slow at night like they were scouting the place out. This app is dangerous! If you’re serious about hiring a caregiver, ask for friend’s’ recommendations or use a nanny placement service. Lesson learned. I just wish I could get my money back.
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2 years ago, jlavoi
Fraud service DO NOT USE
We tried to use Care twice. The first time the sitter didn’t show up. The second time we “booked a session” which required our credit card info. One sitter applied, but responded to our request for a zoom interview too late for us to use her. Then they charged us for the babysitting session that never happened! When we asked them for a refund, they told us to take it up with the babysitter (who we had never met). So we did anyway, and she said no money was paid to her. When we contacted them again, they still refused to refund us, and claimed it was between us and the babysitter who again, we had never met, did not book, and who claimed to have never received any money for the session that never happened. Care refused to rectify the situation. We are out $128. Do not use this app.
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