CarLock - Advanced Car Tracker

4.3 (213)
123.8 MB
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Current version
Protectus Technologies, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for CarLock - Advanced Car Tracker

4.32 out of 5
213 Ratings
3 years ago, Flyboy1234556788
Good GPS app and affordable
I used to have another major GPS car tracking device and the company went out of business and their devices stopped working so I needed a cost effective replacement. CarLock seems to be just that. It’s affordable and the app is good to track details of where I’ve been and where the car is etc. A few quirks - sometimes the maps of where I have driven get a bit wonky showing diagonal lines between two points when I took actual roads - and the diagonal paths are not even possible. Also there’s a short lag time sometimes in having the car position reported. And finally I keep getting dinged on my driving score for something called cornering. I drive pretty well and have no idea what this even is (but don’t care bc I’m not using this to track a teen driver and I also live in Florida where we drive crazy). Overall it’s a good product and good app!
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2 years ago, Dartagnan777
Great car security and trip tracking.
When another company I was using to track my trips went out of business I went on hunt for a replacement. I tried a few different companies but really like how Carlock also has security features. I bought the tag along with the unit so Carlock would arm and disarm based on my phone being nearby. It works great and has come in handy when someone hit my car with a shopping cart. Carlock notified me so when I got back to my car I knew I should look at my camera to see what happened to set Carlock off. It showed my front bumper getting hit with a cart. No damage but it was great to know that something happened. The only thing I would like to see is a way to be able to set a time frame for looking for the tag. When I am at home at night Carlock arms and disarm a lot due to my car being in the garage. This was killing the tags battery so I hard wired it to power and no more issue.I highly recommend Carlock.
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3 months ago, Olgaterranova
Carlock in my business
When I establish my transportation business I realized how it is important to know where is my buses running, what route they were taking, and how many hours they were operated. I did an online analysis of the different devices, read a lot of reviews, but something always didn’t suit me. I asked a friend for a recommendation and he referred me to CarLock, which he had used for several years and was completely happy with it. I take his advice and now I have 3 CarLock devices. And now I know exactly if my buses arrived to the customers in time, how carefully my drivers is, if they used the bus for personal purposes after job. When it was cold here, in TX, I even knew if the battery had survived the frost or was die. Once I was need help of tech support with one of my device. And guys helped me immediately and professionally. Do I happy with CarLock? Oh yes. Do I recommend it? Absolutely yes!
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5 years ago, mr_original
Love it
I’m loving the “CarLock” app and device. I brought the “CarLock” plug in OBD device because I’ve recently have brought new wheels for my vehicle and didn’t want to be a victim of theft. I also didn’t want to pay $200 for a car alarm system so I found “CarLock” as an option. There’s no way for anyone to jack up your car and steal your wheels without this device notifying you or unwanted vibration movement of your vehicle. The only thing I wish “CarLock” implemented was a more alarming notification for when there is unwanted vibration of the car. The notification that is given now isn’t loud enough to be heard or waken out of a sleep for. There’s should be some that will cause you to jump out of your sleep to check and see what’s going on. P.S, it would be wonderful for those that have apple watches to being able to arm/disarm the CarLock device. It’s sometimes a pain pulling out the phone to do so.
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2 years ago, Cali858
If your looking for an affordable and easy to use GPS tracking device, CarLock will do that for you. CarLock has provided simple instructions along with the device for installations. Also, CarLock has provided those same instructions on their website. The CarLock App (Google Play and App Store) is very easy to use when you’re away from your vehicle. Also, I’ve noticed there is no delay on retrieving notifications on the App. CarLock has a Blog on their website to give you recent updates on how the device is doing and any upcoming changes to the device. One flaw that I’ve noticed is having a hard time to get help with Customer Service. I had to message through Instagram first and was finally reached out through email. A telephone # for Customer Service would be easier and hopefully it has brought to their attention.
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9 months ago, sikeasfff
Love this type of security
I opted for CarLock because my vehicle lacked an alarm system, and I chose to invest in CarLock for added security. If you encounter security issues, reaching out to them will result in a quick resolution. I faced constant "vibration detected" alerts throughout the day, but their prompt and helpful support team resolved the issue, ensuring I no longer receive unnecessary alerts. I appreciate the ability to track my car, monitor its location, and access additional features like speed and battery information. With CarLock, I can rest easy, knowing my car is secure. I gave it 4 stars due to slight delays in receiving alerts, such as for vibrations, engine starts, and car movements. While I wish it were real-time alerts, it's a solid choice for those who prefer not to invest in a traditional car alarm system.
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1 year ago, Martin Holden
Still on the Fence
I bought into CARLOCK when I purchased my new Dodge this past spring. At first the Tag seemed to be responsive upon coming or going from the vehicle then it wouldn’t do either in its own as nothing on my end changed (phone, service strength) so I had the Tag replaced. Then the new Tag came and for now seems to be working though I’m still not impressed in its sensitivity. It takes wayy too long to pick up my iPhone 12 in close proximity. Even with the phone in a cradle on the dash and about a foot under the Tag hanging from the rear view mirror it’s gone off saying “engine start detected” or “vehicle moved” when I was far down the road. I shouldn’t have to open the app every time I get in to verify its condition. I wish for CARLOCK to remotely send a patch update to its hardware in our cars through the App or something that would increase the Tag’s distance of detection. These false alarms are ridiculous and more than likely will cause me to find a better solution in tracking my vehicle. The App itself is intuitive and well designed. I don’t have young drivers or the need to monitor harsh driving, but I eventually will when my kids are old enough. I only hope that CARLOCK is there by then and has listened to its end users enough to make these much needed improvements.
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2 years ago, jiejie197777
Great peace of mind
I got the CARLOCK device for my car that I have to leave in a parking garage while I’m at work. It makes me feel more comfortable parking there. The app is relatively easy to use. The scheduler was confusing at first because I expected each box to be the start time of the hour but it’s actually the end time. I also wish that each selection wasn’t a full hour. Partial hours 15-30 minutes would be great. I tried to bypass the scheduler altogether with the CARLOCK tag but that was a big disappointing failure. I got false alarms all the time and still had to manually turn on/off the alarm so I just went back to the scheduler in the app. Besides that, the actual CARLOCK device and app are great and super useful.
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2 years ago, Moon Rabbit
Pretty much useless
I’ve been using Carlock for about a year. At first, it was great. The location updated as stated, alerts were timely, usually within 30 seconds (I forgot to disarm and started the vehicle). About six months ago, when the cell towers started deactivating 2g, the service started getting spotty. GPS went from updating every minute to 8-16 hours between updates. Customer service told me it was because I was in an area of poor cell service: I literally have three cell towers within 2 blocks of my house, 4 bars all the time and usually around 12 GPS satellites. It has gotten progressively worse, so that now it is displaying a location about ten miles away from my current location, from about 14 hours ago. I’m lucky if it updates once in 24 hours. Last week I forgot to disarm the app, drove seven miles to the store and back, and while unloading groceries got an alert that the engine had been started. This is ridiculous and I cannot recommend it.
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2 months ago, 5749820
Carlock Vibration Sensor
I own the Carlock OBD anti theft device for 3 months now, and it works get. The app is easy to set up. I tested it and unplugged the device from the OBD port in my car and it went off, like it’s suppose to. I also own the Vibration Sensor made by Carlock, it works also just great, when I open and close my door it will go off, that’s nice. Some people will say what’s the sense of having the OBD device or the Vibration Sensor if the thief can just throw them out the window..I want them to throw it out the window, if they do you will get that very loud and obnoxious alarm on you phone, you will know someone is trying to steal you car, nice peace of mind for my Challenger.
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3 months ago, michael.r.rogers84
CarLock GPS tracking device
CarLock GPS tracking device has been an absolute game-changer for my rental vehicle business. Its precision tracking and real-time monitoring capabilities provide unparalleled peace of mind. With CarLock, I can easily keep tabs on the whereabouts of my fleet, ensuring they're always safe and secure. The user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to set up and navigate, while its robust features like geofencing and tamper alerts offer an added layer of security. Thanks to CarLock, I can confidently assure my customers that their safety and the security of their belongings are my top priorities. Highly recommend to any rental vehicle business looking to elevate their fleet management.
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1 year ago, Victor A Cortez
Must have if your worried about your car being stolen
I love it comes in handy in many ways tells me my battery life percentage If it’s going low. I own 3 cars so it helps a lot with that. Besides the fact that CARLOCK even detects if someone even puts their own body weight on the car I get a notification. It gives me a lot of piece of mind especially since I own 2 old Hondas they tend to get stolen a lot with this I at least have a chance of getting it back. A friend of mine actually tracked his car down with this product after it was stolen. It’s a really great product I use it everyday. HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone looking for a tracking security product for your car.
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9 months ago, Slickmelks19
Great Product & Customer Support Team!
Purchased CarLock as a security and GPS tracking device. The device’s driving learning mode was fairly quickly and the GPS tracking capabilities are pretty accurate. The fact the system arms itself after 5 mins of car inactivity(after car is turned off)—it’s also an underrated feature! Their customer support via email is great also! Replies very promptly and are very helpful! Had to get my device replaced and they walked me through the whole process to ensure I got a new working device within 3 days. Overall, I would highly recommend it if you want a peace of mind.
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5 years ago, P. Kwiva
New App is Missing Features from Old App
The new app looks nice, but please bring back the timestamps. The old app used to provide a timestamp every time the GPS location data was refreshed. It also provided a more detailed view of battery voltage, and it showed what specific time the battery had a specific voltage. This is useful information which provides peace of mind. I like knowing that everything I'm seeing with my car is up to date. I don't like the feeling of possibly being misled into thinking my car is safe when in reality I'm viewing information that hasn't been updated for many hours.
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9 months ago, sunshine250591
Whats not to love for a piece of mind
I bought this after seeing several youtubers promote it.. and i needed something installed in my car that could keep track of my challenger esp living in Detroit.. i installed in my trunk which proved to b an easy install.. its very accurate and now i know that if anything happens with my car from a door opening engine starting or god for id its driven away i can keep track of it.. im a truck driver so everytime i come home i test it out to make sure everything is working properly.. i would definitely recommend this to be installed in ur car
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2 years ago, Jermm12241
Great product
CarLock gives you peace of mind when you’re away from your vehicle. Especially when you park in a sketchy neighborhood it’s nice to know that if your car gets touched or hit that CarLock will sense the vibration and notify you with an alert on the CarLock app! It’s also nice to know if your car got stolen (hopefully never happens) that you can track it in real time. The app also tracks the mileage driven for each month and gives you a battery reading so you will know if it’s time to replace your car battery! All in all, it’s a great app to have if you love your vehicle! :-)
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1 year ago, Odie G 3
5 Star Auto Security
After 2 auto theft attempts on my truck, I started my search for a reliable car security system. I came across CarLock and was immediately sold. There are so many great features including the easy to install CarLock unit that plugs directly into my trucks OBD port. When it comes to using the app to lock and unlock the system, it’s literary a touch of the screen. Monitoring my trips, getting alerts, and managing my subscription is also done with the app. After 4 months of using the device and service, I would trust a car alarm by its self.
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3 years ago, miguel5"134
Car Lock Review
I am glad to have purchased this product as it is always on when the vehicle is not in use but the problems I’ve had with it is that sometimes it takes a while to go off and so I’ll even forget that it’s on and also the gps location does not always update automatically and it does tend to go off when least expected to but other than that this product has worked out great for me
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5 years ago, FirerescueBRFD
Very impressed
This has everything you need to protect the second biggest investment of your life, your House is number 1, they say your car is the second biggest investment. It has all the features I want and need! Does everything manufacturer describes? Fees are cheaper than anyone I’ve seen? What more can you ask for! If it’s unplugged your notified, car turns on your notified! This is hands down prob the best way to protect your car even more so than a car alarm? Tracking, detection, vehicle health this literally has it all! Can’t say enough
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2 years ago, Honestgirl :)
Great product!
I’ve had my carlock for over a year or so and I completely love it. It’s great peace of mind to be able to know in real time where my scat is all the time. Carlock gives me peace of mind during these rough times where lots of cars are getting stolen on damaged. I get a notification directly to my phone if any vibration is detected or if the engine starts. Also great for when leaving my car at the shop or dealer to make sure they do only was is needed with the car and not going for a ride.
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3 years ago, Johnnyjakdifjssnsndjdkfkffj
Very useful
I got this because my car was broken in to in the middle of the night, wish I had this before so I’d know about it. The app is very user friendly, the only thing is that the alerts are usually sent about 30 seconds late, it’d be nice if it was almost instant. The device itself is great, it’s sensitive enough to alert me even with the vibration of a thunderstorm or a loud car passing by. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get security for their car.
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2 years ago, Twin205
Greatest app for the car market
This app is the greatest I’ve had in a while. It definitely gives you a piece of mind when it comes to car security. I like the smart lock feature because I don’t have to forget about arming it anymore. The only downside about the feature is that I wish it would be unarmed one it finds that your phone is inside the car instead of going into the app. Overall, this is a system worth getting
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2 years ago, really u take download away?
Customer service
I’ve had the app for about 2 years and tho I’ve had some complaints with the device at first, the customer service is excellent and helpful. I have no complaints as of right now and the device works great and is fast at updating you. The tracking is great and pretty accurate on the location. Not a bad purchase if you want to keep your car safe. I love how it checks the battery so you can track how it is doing while parked.
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2 years ago, MrGaryCh
Works great (now)
Six months ago I had a couple false alerts (at 2am of course). I contacted (ok complained) to Car Lock and they were OUTSTANDING i.e. contacted me twice requesting specific details on what happened. They followed up with their action plan and I have never had any negative issues with the app/device since. I especially recommend this to parents of young drivers to verify they are not driving unsafely. Great product/app. Easy to install, use and comprehensive info readily accessible.
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6 months ago, RickMComer1958
Peace of mind for Security
I needed something to protect my vehicle while it was parked at work. It was broken into twice last year. CarLock was exactly what I was looking for. I get notified almost immediately when my vehicle door is opened. I purchased the extra vibration sensor, which makes it even more sensitive to intrusion. I have recommended CarLock to many of my friends, and they have been happy too. I highly recommend getting this device. A great value for the money.
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1 year ago, Jrdave3
CarLock has been nothing but great to me. It’s always up to date and continuously running. You never have to wonder, worry, or wait using this app. Once you open the app the cars location is in your face and ready to be found. Not only is it gps/location based, but a big key part to me was the movement. The device can detect vibrations to your car, such as the door being opened or closed. It’s really a plug and play device no modding required.
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1 year ago, bleusurf
Fantastic automotive security.
Best insurance to protect your investment. Factory alarms are 100% useless. Thieves will never open the doors. They jump through the window they shatter. No alarm will sound, a door must be opened. A break in that was last than 60 seconds left me with over 6K in damage to my Ram Limited. It's never the same after that. This device is the real deal and it will keep you well informed via cell phone. It is a very cheap price to pay to keep your property protected.
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2 years ago, Frank, Tucson AZ.
Inconsistent, tracking of my car.
When driving my car, CarLock does not keep consistent location of my car. When I park my car, it takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes for CarLock to locate the location of my parked car. I had my son drive my car as if he was stealing it I left CarLock armed. It notified me that my car was started. But would not keep constant location of the direction of travel. After parking my car it took almost an hour for to inform me where my car was located. If my car was actually stolen, I would not been able to inform law-enforcement the actual direction and travel of my car. This is useless,,, I am absolutely disappointed with CarLock…
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11 months ago, PreppinPtah
CarLock just works. Just needs some tweaking
First off, I would say this is the most affordable car alarm in its field that has utility. My wish is for the alarm to go off in the car as well to discourage the thieves so maybe they abandon ship. Nothing like a loud alarm blasting in the ear of a perp. Also it alerts you only when the car vibrates not when door or trunk is opened so that could change but other than that it’s useful.
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3 years ago, Yohn Markus
CarLock is a must have in me following a very bad accident situation.
CarLock on both my cars. I find comfort in knowing where my car is, and the log of where it’s been driven. I have faulty short turn memory & it is helpful to know where I have been & where the cars are when I’m not driving it. I would recommend CarLock to any one how dir directional and memory Problems! It’s a must have for me following a major accident which has left me disabled.
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1 month ago, Twilli78
Pretty Good So Far
I purchased CarLock for my new car after my previous car was stolen. I purchased the tag and the vibration sensors as well. It is a great option for the price and the notifications have very little delay. The only issue I’ve had is the system activating while I’m sitting too long at a traffic light and once I start moving again it goes off. But other than that it has provided me with peace of mind.
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2 years ago, BreakingBilly
This saved my car from being stolen
CarLock notified me when someone broke my passenger window at 12:30am. I caught them in the driver’s seat trying to copy my key fob and start the engine, and they ran off. They didn’t expect me to know they were there, and I wouldn’t have without CarLock. Strong recommend, it’s well worth the monthly subscription. I was minutes away from losing my car to some lowlife thieves.
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3 years ago, Miles San Rafael
Peace of mind
CarLock is great peace of mind when you live in a bad neighborhood. I appreciate the other features, such as driving metrics. Response time when a vibration occurs is not instantaneous - there is perhaps a 1-2 min delay between the time the device is triggered to when you receive the alert on your phone. Wish this delay was shorter, as in that time frame your car could now be gone. Overall, great product.
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1 year ago, Kita Davis
CarLock Review
I really love the CarLock. It helps me sleep at night and not having to worry about anything happening to my car. But I do have like a minor issue where the device is very sensitive to movements as far as another car driving pass and the alarm will trigger and I’m thinking someone trying to break it but it’s really not nobody there, but other then that I like it!
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3 years ago, L_s21
This security/tracker is amazing the gps that’s built in is great I know where my car is at all times when it moves and if I let my brother use it I can see exactly where he went how far he traveled etc. It records how fast you drive and many other things such as when it’s turned on any vibrations etc it’s just a great security system if you ask me
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2 months ago, jtecl75
Works as advertised
Working great after 3 months of usage. GPS is responsive and alerts from my vibration sensors (both doors, hood and trunk) show up within seconds. I use the proximity sensor to automatically arm/disarm the system so I don’t have to remember to manually adjust anything. This product has definitely given me some piece of mind as I layer my security.
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3 years ago, HeavyComponent
CarLock Tag
I really like this app to check on my car info like battery and how my driving is. Most importantly if my car was moved in any type of way. When it comes to the Tag I wish it could work how it supposed to. It was very convenient to not have to open the app every time to unlock and lock the security. Please work on that Tag cuz my tag doesn’t work at all.
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1 year ago, 621311.231521
Very good for the price of the products. Good start to the beginning of a successful company
The product itself is very good and can continue to progress with work. The app still in my opinion can still develop from a software point of view. It runs perfectly with no lag or glitches but I still think the alarm can have some more stuff. Maybe adjustment for sensitivity things like this. I like the product but I am still looking
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2 years ago, C Soto
Great app
I’ve had CarLock for almost 6 months now and have to say it does a great job tracking the car and is worth the 10$ to give me peace of mind whenever I park my scat anywhere. It also has options to check how many miles you drive a month or you’re driving score. Haven’t had any issues with it
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2 years ago, michaelalls83
I purchased the CarLock as a peace of mind and security as I work in a bad area of town, it works excellent and I always know I can look at the app and know exactly where my vehicle is, if it’s ever stolen I’ll have no problem tracking it even if it’s being driven at the time, I would highly recommend CarLock to anyone who would like to keep tabs on their vehicles
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7 years ago, Phreddy Pharkus
Good device.
Update: latest release completely disabled the tracking. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app FIXED it. :) Monthly fee is lower than others! Auto lock, locks the car anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes after the car is shut off, sometimes says its locked after a trip starts. Real time tracking seems to work rather well! Bread crumb trail of each trip is quite good! Tells you if it is unplugged! Nice to know the battery voltage with a chart. Wish the voltage chart showed more than the start and end hours(like what time each data point represents). Overall it is a handy device with continual improvements made by the developers!
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5 months ago, XXXNovacion
Brings peace to mind
I’ve been using CarLock for almost a year now and it helps brings a peace of mind knowing from vibration to the car. starting the engine. The vehicle being moved and the device being disconnected. It’ll notify you and alert you I highly recommend it to anyone who has a fear their car will get stolen
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8 months ago, 5seat
Ok, app but terrible customer support
Have had this in my car for over a year but when I ran into a problem (system regularly has significant delays / lagging refresh - sometimes for over an hour!!). They REFUSED to talk to me by phone despite MULTIPLE requests. They will ONLY communicate with email. They eventually sent me a new unit but the entire process took over two weeks because they refused to send out new unit until they confirmed physical receiving my DEFECTIVE unit back in their warehouse. HORRIBLE experience.
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1 year ago, Won’t be a victim
Have to stop thieves
Got this after a thief came on my property and tried to steal my truck “on security cam too” set up was easy and shows me every move my truck makes even where mechanic drove it too lol. Had an issue and tech helped fast. So far so good even get the alert of vibration and discover it’s a cat “again”.
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2 years ago, MSJ53
Feel safe knowing CarLock is on my car
Every since I purchased CarLock it has done its job. If my car is bumped, Started, Moved it alerts me. I recently went out of town and my brother used my car. I was in Florida and my car in Maryland. Everywhere he went, his speed, etc I followed him through his whole driving. Love the CarLock
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2 years ago, Nelson P JR
Great alarm and a must have!
If you have a nice car you have to have the best for it! CarLock never fails and keeps getting better and better. I would definitely recommend this to friends and family. I’ve had mine for a long time and has not been disappointed.
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9 months ago, Luffydswazyy
Great monitoring app
I use this app in conjunction with my dash cameras and it does its job. The alerts with the higher tier of service are very quick. The only thing I wish they added was a way to see your previous months in the app but other than that it’s a cheap and effective security and safety tool.
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1 year ago, Carwild
Love this thing!!
Easy to install. Shows me every detail of where, when, how fast, braking, driving, how many trips how many miles my van is driven. Even sent me an alert when the body shop used my van to joy ride 160 miles 20 trips! Easy to use, understand, very pleased. Would buy again
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1 year ago, Nhajk0709
Great and affordable GPS
I already have two of this put in two of my vehicle. They are great GPS and quite accurate and very affordable monthly subscription. Despite getting the cheapest plan, I feel confident that my vehicles are protected. The app is also flawless. Never have an issue ever since I installed it.
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2 years ago, 40ishgamer
Great Telematics System
I have been using CarLock for over three years to monitor my daughters cars and it works very consistently. I use it to educate them on their driving habits and I have seen how their driving has improved. I also like how the manufacturer responds quickly to questions.
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