CarMax: Used Cars for Sale

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User Reviews for CarMax: Used Cars for Sale

4.79 out of 5
381.4K Ratings
1 year ago, slaglebagel17
CarMax’s new app has COMPLETELY changed the game for them. I’ve been a long time fan of CarMax and a large shareholder, but felt the company may slip away into irrelevance with their lagging technology. The new app shows that they’re serious about their technology and trying to turn that all around. CarMax has always seemed to prioritize a desktop experience and ignore app. Personally I love to browse on my phone at night and I know family members that don’t even have a computer and just use their phone. Data is also showing that more and more people are using an App over web. Even with this transition, it felt like CarMax stubbornly believed that people wouldn’t use an app to buy a car. The new app changes all that. The design is simple, clean, and intuitive. There’s no longer a bunch of annoying web views, and the app adds new features that could never be done on desktop! Such as the ability to tell CarMax you’re on your way. I’m also impressed that CarMax had the guts to just completely redo the app. Inherently this will create some bugs, but the changes are well worth it. I was thinking of selling my CarMax stock, but after this I’ll probably be willing to buy more! Looking forward to the future changes. The new CarMax looks good!
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9 months ago, BigMike910
Seller beware
I recently retired and I am selling a third vehicle. Carmax was recommended by a friend, so I decided to give them a shot. I downloaded the app, created an account and filled in the requested information about my vehicle. Great! Easy to download and navigate. I was given an offer of $10,400. Reasonable for the vehicle. So I set up a n appointment with the local office to sell the vehicle. Online communication was great, everyone I had contact with was friendly and professional. The check in process was easy and I was taken care of expeditiously. Now we get to the one star. I say in the waiting room and watch a young inspect the vehicle and drive around the parking lot a few times. About 15 minutes later they came back with an offer$2,900 below the online offer. The reason? The clutch is rattling on my automatic transmission. When I questioned them, he came back and stated that it’s making a whirring noise. Now I did not by the vehicle new. But it has been meticulously maintained by the same local shop since I have owned it. Never has there been an issue with the transmission. One month ago, new breaks all around, transmission fluid replaced, oil changes and the tires replaced at Costco less than $10,000 miles ago. I should have known better. So if you are looking to purchase a vehicle and you are working on building credit, maybe it’s the place for you. But if you are looking to sell them a vehicle, don’t bother.
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5 years ago, GM LLC
Good luck locking in a transfer
For 5 years I’ve bought from CarMax 4 trucks and on my 5th. This has been the worst experience , hassle and run around I’ve ever had with this dealership . After many hurdles trying to find a truck I (thought) had a truck locked in through the CM app to buy a truck . The next day I call my sales consultant for them to tell me someone was interested in buying THE NEXT DAY, and was put on a 7 day hold with no sale . This process has been very aggravating considering this is the 3rd truck I’m attempting to buy from this store because the first truck I planned to buy had clearly been beatin off road with frame rust and door jam rust on a 1 year old truck with only 18k that’s unacceptable. Loosing a truck when I reserved it a day in advanced before someone else put it on hold a day later , unacceptable. Waiting on a truck now that I payed for transfer Friday . It is now Wednesday and it still hasn’t even been shipped . I’m swearing off this dealership after this past experience it has been garbage . Only reason I’m going to purchase this truck i plan to buy whenever it gets here is ONLY because the availability in your inventory and I need a truck NOW! Going on 3 weeks with this ordeal
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1 year ago, Nicknmtkn
would not recommend
i used both the website and this app in my car buying process. i used the appropriate paperwork to apply for financing my vehicle, paid to have the car of my choice transferred from another state to mine, and paid extra for "home delivery". they called and said they couldn't do home delivery and that i wasn't able to even receive a refund. however, i still needed a car so i gave them the address of the closest carmax to my location. they shipped the car to a location that was an hour away from me. after setting up my in-person appointment, i brought in the same paperwork i used online to get approved, was prepared to pay the amount i was told over the phone, but after reviewing my paperwork in person, they wanted to charge me $300 MORE than what they told me over the phone - even though they reviewed the exact same paperwork i had faxed to them before coming in. i ended up buying a different car because it was an emergency that our family needed one; and upon doing later research, the car we purchased was actually OVERPRICED by $8,000. i wouldn't recommend this company at all, due to the hassle of incorrect information given and overpricing of their cars.
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2 years ago, Lili🎶
Prequalification Hurdles
This is a critique about both the website and app. I tried prequalifying for financing, as the instructions before doing so stated that once you did you can build offers on any other vehicle you were interested in through CarMax, and that you wouldn’t have to fill out an application “more than once”. Once I submitted, it said I was prequalified and that I would get the information on said prequalification shortly. I assumed I would be getting some type of quote in writing either available on the app or through my account’s email. Instead, an “agent” has tried to contact me both through text and call (using two different phone numbers as the same “agent”). That’s fine if people want to go that route, but I think we should be able to see the offer from CarMax instead of having to get it through an “agent”. I tried logging in and out through the app and site to see if I can get any kind of prequalification information, but there is not. When trying to view financing options on cars, it prompts me to fill out an application again. I am thoroughly dissatisfied.
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4 years ago, Smoogywiggy
Really good app
For those who like to play with their Netflix queue for hours or enjoy sorting, filtering data, this is a great app and what I used for my purchase. For detailed written reviews, there are better choices, maybe juez news or similar. Already knowing the model and budget for my search, the rest effective and enjoyable, and also a learning experience. For instance, once I decided I wanted a roof rack, tow hitch, leather seats, the matched vehicles was down to just a few, which I could quickly scrutinize. Try this for a great search: *Price or Budget* search and chose a 10k range and press the yellow bar. Then chose *filter* from the top right. Make a single choice or two, keeping an eye on the amount of cars matched. Back up and re-filter if necessary. One real problem though is: if you chose to go back on the wrong screen, need to start all over again. Buying a car is much easier if you don’t need it the next day, week. I filtered nationally and had my choice trucked to my local Carmax. Look into that.
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4 years ago, Sam Kouvaris
2014 Mustang GT
I bought a Mustang GT from car max. It was shipped from Tampa which I had to pay for to buy there automobile. Once I received the car it was dirty and mud on it from transport and being parked on a dirt lot. I bought it through a salesman named Oliver on Atlantic in Jacksonville. I found several issues and left 5 messages for Oliver to call me, never did. With in 7 day period because he didn’t want it backI found water in door. It had been wrecked. Over spay on rear rim from body work, not on car fax and wasn’t inspected by car max. Had paint run on back bumper 4 inches long😂. It also has crooked exhaust. Aux Input not working. Chips all over car. Wasn’t cleaned before pick up. Service manager was rude and refused on 2 occasions to look at it. I don’t think I should pay full price for a wrecked car. All aspects prove it was wrecked. Not a responsible dealership. No one calls back when they are wrong. My names William Dawson look forward to car max rebuttal. Also dent above passenger door from someone breaking in. To many problems to list. Don’t want to give car back, just want price adjustment and repairs, but car max made sure it passed the 7 days. So sad for a so called premiere car lot.
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3 months ago, TeeeeeeMissT
Horrible car buying experience
My sales representative Rebekah Poteet and the sales manager Robert at the Carmax located at 2501 Powell avenue in Nashville ruined my entire car buying experience. I was scheduled for an appointment that according to Rebekah was already booked by another person. Therefore I was put to the side and forced to wait long durations of time. Rebekah ran my credit 4x for no reason, was reluctant to answer my questions or assist me, and did not input the correct finance amount on my contract. It unfortunately got worse after I made my car purchase. The car had visible damage to the back/trunk area, was dirty not clean/detailed inside with car parts missing, the key fobs were mangled and falling apart, there were random loose items belonging to someone else inside of the car, and the car had maintenance service issues the very next day after purchase. Pat the service manager was supposed to assist in repairing these issues yet he failed to follow through with this promise. I’m so disappointed that I received such poor customer service and will NEVER purchase a vehicle from Carmax again.
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4 years ago, Poolservicesandmore
Best selection of vehicles
It really is no pressure sale and whether your getting a $10,000 vehicle or a $70,000 vehicle they treat everyone the same because they get a flat rate commission meaning they make the same amount of money selling a $10,000 car as they would selling a $90,000 car. I felt like I was important and they really care about each customer the same. Plus the app is very easy to navigate whether you want a certain color sunroof heads up display automatic parellel parking or brand or suv or car you can pretty much narrow your selection down if you want certain features heated cooled seats etc. plus they also sell brand new cars at some locations but you can always transfer to store close to u awesome place if you’re looking for a vehicle
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3 years ago, SweetSolitude98
App Needs a lot of work and wastes your time.
I’m a big fan of CarMax. The buying and selling used car experience is second to none. I’m surprised that CarMax put out something like this. It’s buggy in the search area, where it should be perfect. At some point saving a car doesn’t work. You click on the heart but when you’re back to the main list the heart is not red. Applying different makes and models messes up the main list, even if you remove all the filters except for make and model...only one car shows up. But the thing that bothers me the most is the inability to filter cars based on their history. You cannot filter out cars that were in accidents! So you have to scroll down to the bottom until you get to the vehicle history report, click that and scroll some more to see if it was in an accident. Now, if there were only one or two cars that were in an accident that would be fine. But one search resulted in better than 80% of the cars in my list had a bad history. Most of my searches were like this. So the majority of my time spent in the app is reading the history of bad cars rather than shopping for quality cars. Couple that with the broken filtering and it’s just not worth my time. I hope CarMax fixes this. The way this app works is opposite to my experience with CarMax at their store. I have bought and sold a car to CarMax and both times the experience was exemplary. This app is another story.
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3 years ago, Ghydhi
Great App, Weird Limitation
So I really like this app; it has good information, is laid out really well, and is easy to navigate. I give it 1 star though because it has a weird and annoying limitation. You can save your searches, but it always only allows you to save 5 filters. I don’t know if it’s a ploy to try to get you to be interested in something you otherwise wouldn’t have been based on your filters, but I have to add in a few more filters whenever I open my saved search. I get a notification saying “new car based on your search!!” But then I open it and it’s a car with 40k miles and $10 grand over what I want to look for, which is just a waste of my time. If they fix that limitation, I’d give this app 5 stars.
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3 months ago, Sweetbeats33
Will take you forever to find a vehicle on here
Why this vehicle that are no longer available. Everything that I’ve forwarded or tried to prequalify on is actually gone. Why is it listed as available? ??????????????????????????????????!!!!?? really makes no sense for me to have to choose a location in order to search. it’s still shows vehicles from all over the United States so what is the difference? This is making me forever service in my small town has nothing to offer. It’s just so aggravating trying to find a car when the search engine is just keeping you from finding what you want. I don’t want to do 20 searches in the closest city just to find a vehicle and have it be halfway across the United States anyway. This app needs to change its search engine options so people can easily find vehicles in the area that they live in. If I’m searching in California don’t show me the stuff in Florida doesn’t make sense. Why doesn’t anyone have any common sense today
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6 years ago, Calo89
Find Car in your own
I got 2 cars from this app already. The process is very smooth, you search the car you looking for add all the filters needed in order to minimize the results, and the outcome is the car you looking far, then you also see the history of the car (CARFAX) and even can apply thru the app. You get a pre qualification and the next is come to the dealer, try the car and take with you. I also like the fact of when you search for the model of the vehicle instead of seeing the model as a label you also see a picture of the model, like make it see for you to compare if you don’t know much about cars. Very happy with this app, I’ve tried different dealers app, and this is the best one
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3 years ago, njhhehhdjjsej
Warranty refuses to pay for repairs which should be covered
I haven’t even had my car for a full year it’s been to the shop at least once a month this time I took it to the dealer because my transmission had problems for the third time dealer says I need a whole new transmission. Mean while remember the warranty doesn’t cover more than 7 days of rentals and they won’t start coverage until they approve it. Then they tell me the warranty doesn’t cover the full amount of the transmission you will have to pay $4000 out of pocket or get it towed to another place meanwhile it’s been a whole month I’m still paying for rentals not only that but the warranty is supposed to cover any fix in the vehicle as long as it doesn’t cost more than the base price. They refuse to pay now I’m getting pushed around with a warranty that is no longer even void. I’m going to have a letter sent over from my lawyer as well because I don’t think this is right.
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2 years ago, EgnarMD
Terrible app
With every update, I hate this app even more. For some reason, I can no longer sign in with facial recognition and must renter my password with every login. I am paying on two cars, but when I go in to make a payment, the due dates on neither car is initially shown. I have to select a car before a payment due date is shown (often I select the wrong car). All too often (it seems to be a daily early morning occurrence) the payment system is offline and I cannot even make a payment. Lastly, if I make a payment on the due date, it tells me that my payment is late. For the second time, this ridiculous app has taken a double payment from me too. No payment is reflected as being taken — no confirmation email and no reflection of a payment in the app — then I get two separate emailed payment confirmations! I’ve tried to cancel one of the payments, but suspect that both will be deducted from my account.
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2 years ago, Jhbemmer
App is gone from useful to useless.
Why can’t you edit a saved app and save the edits? You have to save another search and delete the one that doesn’t have the edit. It’s unreal how it was once a very easy app to use, now is just a frustrating app that’s just annoying to use. Apparently you can’t save a certain year range, another issue this app seems to have broken, as it was once something you could save. I tried 3 times to get a certain car in a certain year range be saved, it’s apparently not something they allow. Update 2022, same issues as before, can’t save the searches already saved, you have to save them on the website page, it works. Allows certain years to be saved. Next up the app will show you years you don’t want. Even with it saying to exclude them. Long story short, I deleted the app. It’s still terrible.
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6 years ago, PandaGrl94
Love! Love! Love!
I love CarMax! My online experience browsing car models was super simple and smooth. When I called in to reserve a car and make an appointment the associates were incredibly kind. Once visiting the location to test drive my car I was greeted warmly at the door and immediately taken to look at the car. There was no long wait time or rude associates at all. Everyone I spoke with had a smile on their face and knew exactly what they were talking about when I asked detailed questions. The whole process of test driving, trading in my old car, and the buying paperwork took less than an hour and a half. I had an amazing experience here and I recommend CarMax to anyone looking for an excellent customer experience and quality cars!
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5 years ago, MarissaJ805
Love it
CarMax is the best way to buy a car. I don’t have the greatest credit but with a little bit more money down I was able to qualify for a really nice car and my payments are low. Thomas Lunsford at the Oxnard Ca. location has been extremely helpful and has worked with me every step of the way. He has never been pushy and has been patient with me when I wasn’t sure which car I wanted. I love the fact that you can have almost any car transferred from any CarMax for as little as no money to just a small transfer fee to your closest CarMax location. And with their 7 day return policy, I know I can buy from them without worry. I am so excited for my Hyundai to get to my local CarMax. Thanks Thomas for all your help
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6 years ago, Twinlaker
CarMax tops car buying experience!
Ok if your curious about Carmax... bottom line they are the best car dealer to do business with- I have purchased and sold several vehicles thru Carmax as far back as them being a Chevy Dealer and I can attest to the ease of selling or car buying without hassle, by far the best deal you will get and the no hard-sell dealership! Ya know that feeling you get when you walk out of a typical dealership-that pit in your stomach that says something just ain’t right! I can tell you that you won’t get that feeling here. In fact I can promise you it will be a fair deal and you won’t feel screwed. But hey- if you wanna be wowed by slick Willy at the other car dealers, be my guest- more car choices for me!
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2 years ago, 9vs45
Last car we’ll buy from Carmax
My wife and I, along with other family members had bought cars from Carmax before, and recommended them to my son. He bought his first car at the Tinley Park location and has had nothing but problems with it. The car has been at their shop time after time for issues. My son would get the car back, and after a couple of days or weeks, he’d have to bring it back for another problem. The car was purchased 5 months ago. Carmax has had it in for repairs longer than my son has had physical possession of it. We wanted to return it, and start new with a different car, but they refused. The return policy expired while it was in the shop. So now my son is stuck with a car that is slowly being completely rebuilt for his first car experience. We, along with friends and family will never buy from Carmax again.
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1 year ago, Thaibear<3
Unable to make payments
Not a fan of the new update. I see what they were going for but its not really working out as it currently stands. I am unable to make payments through the app, which was the biggest selling point for me personally and its the biggest frustration I feel with the new update since thats all I ever needed the app for. The old app was fine, didn’t see the need for an update tbh. This new update could have used some tender love and care before going live. Please fix the app yall, a company as mainstream and profitable as this shouldn’t be running into these kinds of issues. And respectfully, pay your app programmers more, they deserve it even if they didn’t hit the mark on this one per se. Hope to see these bugs fixed soon. I believe in you all. - T
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4 years ago, iwasneverhere
Review the app not the company
First, reviews on here should be about the app, not your experience with the car you bought. Posting an App Store review about the specific vehicle you bought or your in-store experience is not helpful and is skewing the results. The app is good on the phone but not good on an iPad. I can go to the CarMax website in Safari and browse vehicles, save them, swipe through photos, etc., very fast. It takes easily 3-4 times as long to do the same thing in the app on iPad. When you click to see the 360 view of the interior, you have to hold the device in portrait mode even if you’re using it in landscape to do the search. Photos take forever to load, and by default it only shows the 360 degree photos of interior and exterior. It takes several steps to get to see the regular photos. Not intuitive, app needs some work to make it useable.
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1 year ago, Tjo1951
Good way to buy a car
First, I tried Carvana-they hounded me with emails day and evening requesting things I had already sent them once or twice. I also read about their many lawsuits for not providing titles, their market plunge, and the predictions of bankruptcy. CARMAX was polar opposite. Friendly, helpful, and polite to the last person. I got my car shipped here, test drove and looked it over. Very pleased. Set up an express pickup which took 30 minutes with a very nice lady. I may have paid a little more, but finding the right car-having it checked over-and a 30 day guarantee made it worthwhile for me. And, when I drove off, the gas tank was full! Class Act!
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5 years ago, J4BaMa222
Great place
I bought a car in February, and I will only buy in future from here . Cars are great and maintained. I had a over head light bulb that was not working two days after I bought it . Brought it in and the fixed it, no charge, and gave my car a wash. My service was wonderful and I got in and got out. Also we asked about trade in for my car and they were up front and honest. We kind of knew it would be better to sell my car ourselves but we wanted to see how truthful they would be. They were ! They gave us the same estimate we were told and said we would be better selling ourselves instead of trying to get more money for them and less for us.
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1 year ago, Angus Nip
Please switch back to the old version!
I have never doubt the selection of cars offered by Carmax. But this revision of the app is not what I expected. First, I cannot just have a drop down menu to see all the brands of vehicles available, but I have to use the search bar instead from the beginning. Second, where’s the interior/exterior 360 degrees view? Also, now it seems like all the pictures are somehow zoomed in and not able to see the entire vehicle bumper to bumper and seemed to be cut of on both ends. What’s up with this version of the app? Also where is the payment estimate calculator? You don’t want the customers to estimate whether they can afford it or not until they get to the stores? And please get rid of that auto pull-up tab that blocks half of the view of the vehicle. It’s very annoying.
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2 years ago, @jrod84_
CARMAX IS A GREAT COMPANY AND I RECOMMEND EVERYONE!!. They help so much here at carmax and the service is always so kind from time to time provides rental vehicles and they are very generous people I would recommend u to this dealership, anytime, any day, any minute, and second, and millisecond, any time u blink just know carmax is watching your back, and they will have your back till the end. When u sleep they will have your back watching your back making sure ur able to get rest knowing your cars in good hands. It’s not just carmax. It’s Max service for cars. It’s your cars extended warranty that will keep u in good hands I definitely recommend, keep it up carmax.
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1 year ago, fro27
Great service
Sold my 2007 Honda pilot, and bought a 2017 pathfinder. Had the price for my Pilot quoted online and they gave me the same amount when I showed up to sell it. I received a very fair price for it. More than other places like carvana offered. Had done some research for cars I was interested in before I went to the Plano location. The Pathfinder was the third car I test drove. Ashhab was the gentleman who helped me. He was extremely patient and professional. He was amazing during the whole process from driving the cars to processing the finance. Highly recommend this location as well as Ashhab. He was awesome. Oh btw, I love my new vehicle.
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5 years ago, Satisfied In KC
Great vehicle, great price!
We live in Kansas City and have been looking for a mid-size luxury SUV with low miles and at a reasonable price. We went to the store and sat inside several makes of vehicles with a third row seat until we picked the Infiniti QX60. The store didn’t have the color combination we wanted so we got online and found one in OKC. They would have transferred it for us for $299 but we didn’t want to wait so we drove down and picked it up ourselves. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes with our new car. Thank you to Kylie and Deanna for making our vehicle purchase simple and seamless. Thank you CarMax for a great vehicle at a great price.
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6 years ago, GC24
Just another car dealership
It’s supposed to be a unique experience. You find a car online, reserve it, go in for a test drive then decide to buy or not. The problem is the employees can’t even follow this simple concept. I found a car and requested a transfer only to find out the dealership allowed someone who came in hours after I reserved to hold the car. I called and complained to a sales manager about CarMax being unable to follow its own policies and he eventually stated he would drop the hold and allow me to come in to test drive the car. 30 minutes later I get a call stating the other person had already come into the store to “run credit” yet wasn’t actually picking up the car until 4 days later 🤔. As I said just another car dealership pushing the sell of a car mindless of the policies that supposed to make carmax unique. Nothing unique here.
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1 year ago, socalhockey72
Love CarMax, But App Leaves A Lot To Be Desired
We’ve had a few good buying experiences with CarMax, but the app needs some work. You get way more info from the website than you do from the app. The photos are all there, so you can see it, but the specs are cut off to the point that it’s only useful to find things you’re interested in before needing to look them up on the actual site. In my case, the truck I was looking for had to have a specific amount of towing capacity, which was not listed on the app. I don’t see any reason why any info on the website couldn’t be listed on the app as well. List all of the specs on the website and the app, and this is an easy 5 star app, and a 5 star company.
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2 years ago, yeomenz
Megan Menz Bussell
This was my first time buying a car basically online! I found the car and filled out the app within 15 mins an agent called me, basically repeated what I had read online. The payment was exactly the same the money down the price of the car nothing not one thing changed and we did this all from my kitchen table!!! It was so easy and smooth! I’ll never buy a car anywhere else or anyway else!!! My car was shipped from Miami to NJ faster than planned and perfect!! My car was exactly as we pictured online delivered with a big red bow!!! Thank you CarMax it was a pleasure!!!
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5 years ago, timaSavHydundaiSanta Fe
Great place !
So I spend over 6 months looking for an suv and they were all really bad deals and car sale men trying to rip me off. One night I saw a CarMax commercial and it sounds silly ..but I was like well what do I have to loose. I read up on the company and downloaded the app. A week later I found something I liked and had the local car max hold the car for me. Six hours later I had a pre owned suv for half the price of what the local car dealers in my are was selling it and with lots of insurance such as gap insurance and warranty!!!! I 100 percent recommend car max and they sales rep from maple shade nj Brandon was amazing !!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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3 years ago, b0bbleHead77
Can’t make an appointment
App is not allowing me to hold an appointment. I opted to set up an appointment to see a vehicle, then I checked my email and it said I needed to verify my email address. But when I tapped on the Verify option in my email, it just took me back to the app and when I tap Submit in the app, nothing happens. It stays on the same page to choose your appointment date and time. Then I receive another email asking me to verify my email. It just goes on and on like this. Not a good first impression for CarMax when basic functionality isn’t working. Makes me think twice about buying a vehicle from them.
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2 years ago, Carazariah
Execution is off
So the idea of an app is to make things simpler 👍however they missed the boat. 🛥 1 Saved Searches and Searching is borked on the App as opposed to the website.💾 1. Selections don’t save like Year milage Price etc on changes. 2. Saved Searches aren’t able to be overwritten on the App i.e you want to make a revision you end up with a brand new saved search. My saved search on web properly has about 215 vehicles. Same Saved Search on App has 1000 plus 😑3. Saved Searches are not simultaneously synced between the website and the app. 4. Did the app fail to take your filter selection? Did the sort option disappear or not save. A new save forces a brand new list that you must then delete separately. I like the store and an app.
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3 years ago, RNGrimes
Great experience
A few days ago I submitted my Toyota info to CarMax and received an online offer for my car. Today we arrived at Scottsdale Carmax. We were greeted by Christian Necamp. I have been buying and selling personal vehicles for many years. This was my best transaction ever. There was no haggling and we were in and out in about 40 minutes. All the employees were friendly helpful and professional. They set the benchmark and the standard for the transportation and vehicle industry. Our representative Christian should receive special praise as he is the most professional, efficient, Service rep I have ever dealt with in any car dealership.
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1 year ago, Chris941
Horrible redesign
I’m a chronic car shopper. I hop on and see what’s available and compare all the time, and usually once every year or two I buy another car. I’ve always enjoyed the CarMax app as it was easy to use, fast, generally bug free and was easy on the eyes compared to other competitors. Version 4 has completely ruined it, so much to the point I’m writing a review. When you click “shop” you’re greeted by nothing more than glyphs of car shapes and expected to shop based on that rather than brand, price, features or others. I don’t want to start my shopping by having to type all of that in when I previously had those options quickly available to me. The text all over the place is fuzzy as well and doesn’t seem to be up to spec like the previous app version.
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11 months ago, Slizzo82
New update is terrible
Ever since the new update it has been very slow to load in content after initially loading. I'm on an iPhone 12 pro, attached to a wifi 6 network attached to a gigabit fiber connection. Issue is definitely not on my end. Previous app was very quick to open and load content. Lost my "recent searches" that was on my home page. Not easy to search vehicles in just my local store or even 3 closest stores. When doing searches for EVs I can't get basic information like stated power from the manufacturer (that gas cars DO get) nor range or battery pack size (arguably one of the more important figures to know when a manufacturer offers different battery pack sizes on the same model of car).
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5 years ago, Knuckledraggah
The BEST car search available
CarMax has the BEST car search filters out there. You can really narrow the search down to EXACTLY the options you’re looking for. Other apps can only do it by color, mileage, or engine but CarMax can filter by options (Panoramic roof, auto cruise, etc) which is FANTASTIC. Plus, the detailed photos are always everything you want to see and the 360• view gets you a good perspective of what the interior is like. A little research into pricing and you’ll find that many new car dealers have CarMax beat on pricing on their preowned for the most part, and that’s what keeps me from buying here
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6 years ago, Altira
CarMax Costa Mesa, ca
From the moment I met Michael Truong he bent over backwards to help me find a car I wanted. I swear I asked him to let me test drive 5 different cars. This place was so packed with cars he had to move them all around to get to the ones I liked. He was so sweet natured about it, truly willing to do anything. And so astute that he knew which ones I was most comfortable with. That was just the beginning of a week long friendship with him. Very happy and attentive he was. Go to CarMax in Costa Mesa for great cars at great prices. Be sure to ask for Micheal Truong... this guy deserves a metal for best salesman ever. So happy and attentive. Truly.
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1 year ago, EyeOfTheSkyz
Honest Trustworthy
I recommend CarMax to anyone looking for a reliable used vehicle with low mileage if your looking to get a dependable vehicle it’s anout annoys me that you can’t stay logged in and also I wish that you could make payments over the amount and it take time off that you have to pay but it just confuses the system and makes next bill less instead of getting you ahead don’t get a lemon from the small dealership with pushy salespeople go to CarMax where their never is pressure and they ship vehicles from different dealers with no obligation to purchase and get you into the vehicle you want at the price point you can afford have had nothing but a great experience with this dealership thanks CarMax
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2 years ago, bronkaidbrah
CarMax used to be good
Usually when I buy a car I already know what type of vehicle I’m purchasing. 4 years ago I set an alert for a specific model I was searching for and the push notification promptly alerted me when one was listed which allowed me to make a quick purchase. Now I’m back in the market for another vehicle and gone are the days where CarMax gives me what I ask for. I have an alert for the specific car I’m looking for yet CarMax continues to suggest vehicles for me through email 10 times a day that are not even the same category. Ex: I’m looking for a sports coupe and they send me alerts for midsize suvs. I will be going through Carvana going forward since they seem to understand what I want.
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10 months ago, FarNTX
Needs work…
Let’s ignore the fact you have to log in twice to make a payment. It’s like going through a store to get one thing and you have to walk past a ton of stuff you don’t need. Marketing, I get it. My main gripe is the recurring payments always, without exception, have always shown Jan 1, 0001, regardless of the date you’ve indicated. So to check I’ll go in and edit the date just to clarify. What? Edit? Why just check the options on the recurring payment, you know the universal “…” showing there’s always more to select from. Here you can choose from their huge selection of Delete and Cancel. Did I say huge? I meant to say ONLY. There is no edit option, you can’t see the correct recurring payment date. Fix your app please.
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2 years ago, Tasha N TN
Carmax can’t be beat
You really can’t beat Carmax! I’ve never been as happy & this is my second car from them. I actually picked out the perfect car for my current needs, & did everything but start the ignition, on line. Ok, I did have to sign the dotted line when I picked it up. But if I didn’t enjoy life way out in the middle Gods country, they would have delivered. I love Carmax. You really can’t beat the prices nor connivence! I’m still amazed! A vehicle has no room for regrets & you won’t have any with Carmax.
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3 years ago, MrzMurf
Potential to be good
This app constantly crashes. I am unable to unsave or even save vehicles at times because of “technical error issues”. When saving vehicles from the website, they show on the app. However, whatever is done on the app does not appear when signing in online. Fluid app & website integration would be EXTREMELY helpful for saving vehicles for a very near future purchase. I love CarMax, however this app is frustrating at best. Also, it would be helpful to be able to plug in your own APR for the payment estimator tool. Maybe being able to sort by overall price, with the cost to ship to your local store. Or to sort by those additional costs as well.
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1 year ago, ReverseCowGirl69
New app refresh is awful
The app has been completely refreshed and none of the changes are improvements. The search feature changed the way search results display and it is less informative than the old version. When you view a vehicle, all pictures are now cropped to fit on your devices display. You can not see a picture of the full profile of a vehicle, the front and back end will be cut off. Pictures used to display perfectly. I can’t sign in to the app without providing personal information like my phone number. This didn’t use to be the case. CarMax does not need that information before you even purchase a car.
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1 year ago, hdgahcixbe
From the second you open the app to scrolling throughout and searching for a perfect vehicle and overlooking all your options, it is absolutely perfect. Each aspect from menu to menu and filter to filter work perfectly and there has been absolutely nothing to complain about. The developers have worked so well on making this such a great platform to search for a new vehicle and have at this point, truly understood how to appeal to the customer. Greta job!!!
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3 years ago, Shadetree 351
Not as good as it used to be
You used to tell me with the app how far in advance I was paid up by giving me the future date when a payment will be due and the amount that will be due then. As part of your ‘improvements’, you have done away with that and you just tell me if anything is due THIS month. Consequently, the only way to find out how I am doing with paying the car off early is to call you. Bad form, Carmax! I am displeased. Fix it if you want to regain my confidence in you.
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3 years ago, ufheberu763
Dislike 360 Exterior Default Image
The first thing I do when selecting a car I’m interested in is open the photos full screen. Very annoyingly it takes forever for the 360 to load, and I can’t advance to the still images until it takes the 10 or so seconds to load. In the time I’m writing this is the length I’m waiting. Very annoying that you can’t skip ahead while the 360 dimensional data loads or choose to disable that feature. 2-stars.
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4 years ago, Sparkerart
This app doesn’t work
Whoever designed this app needs to go back to the drawing board. It doesn’t work. Won’t save searches (you click the pin to save a search - then when you click on “my CarMax” and “saved searches” it says your saved searches is empty.) Same with trying to save cars. I had 5 cars saved and it consistently showed only 2 of them. It also ignores filters (I had a specific model in my filters and the app kept bringing up models I wasn’t interested in). It also is supposed to notify me when a new car in my search arrives but it doesn’t. Probably because it won’t save my search. Don’t bother with this - you’re better off using a laptop and just going to the website. Emails to CarMax about this go unanswered.
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3 years ago, dzordz87
Performing car inspection taking 6days
I order car online and pay for the shipping from different state, the car arrived on Saturday in my local store and I was told will be able for pickup on Tuesday but they will call me for an appointment after they completed inspection on the car, now is Thursday and I don’t hear from them i decide to call and see what is going on and they told me they haven’t complete car inspection yet and probably will take 1-2 more days to finished making me wondering if is something wrong with the car. From my understanding car inspection can be done in hour maximum 2hrs but 7days I don’t get it sound like they doing inspection on boing 777 not on Honda. Totally not professional
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