4.8 (3.8K)
86.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Carter Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for CarterMobile24

4.83 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Davd B.
Carter CU has a great mobile app…
Carter has the small business/average person personal touch with all the tools and conveniences of a large company. Don’t regret leaving a large national bank to do business with them instead.
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3 years ago, Bayou Dawn
Why have updates, they lock you out!
I updated and now I can’t get in. App is down more than it works lately. Please help. I’ve been a member for almost 13 years.
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9 months ago, @bennwith2ns
Worst customer service ever!
The people that answer the phone seem incapable of helping you at any level higher than asking you to verify your identity. They always have to escalate it to a different department and tell you that it can take up to 24 hours to get a call back. It always takes the full 24 hours. I am closing my account and using a real bank that empowers their employees.
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2 years ago, milt jack
I was with chase but they have chased me away
I’m so glad to have a new bank that no one else knows the engine out let me I will god my account now like I would do Child
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3 years ago, Weez07
Praise Review
I really love this bank. From the people, to the branch locations, the way the bank is ran. It’s just a great bank. Nothing but positive words from this place. I am forever with Carter!
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8 months ago, 🤔🙋🏻‍♂️J
I totally appreciate and love ❤️
A awesome experience with them all ways ! Thank you for everything and a wonderful Credit Union ! Totally love the mobile app !
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4 years ago, Butch col
I’ve been with Carter Federal for about 25 years, their service is second to none.
Their staff very friendly and courteous
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6 months ago, Poguywa
Auto Loan payments could use a little more info
I like the app. It’s well thought out in every way except, for my car loan, it isnt clear how or if I need to setup auto payments myself.
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5 years ago, ari_3ll
Needs Apple Pay
I love the new app. The only issue I have is you can’t connect your card to Apple Pay! I would love to use mobile pay instead of having to carry my card everywhere.
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3 years ago, MaddieMarieSaucedo
App has lots of technical issues
Horrible. The app is down more than it’s not. Literally down multiple times a week. We are leaving carter and switching to a new bank because of this issue. Y’all need to get it together and fix your app permanently instead of doing quick fixes that don’t last.
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3 years ago, cheyenneiadams
Terrible App
This is by far the worst banking app I’ve ever used. It’s outdated, you can’t do budgeting among other things in the app. And it is always crashing! Like who does app maintenance in the middle of the day on a WEEKEND? when people use their banking app the most??? It crashes at least once a week. Ugh would give negative stars if I could.
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2 years ago, welllkc
The app is great but there are some times it kicks out my login information.
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7 months ago, Good Products Dale
Great Bank
Carter Credit Union has great customer service and fulfills all my banking needs.
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3 years ago, Briell11
Terrible app
It only works at certain times of the day even on WiFi or 5G I can’t access my accounts at anytime through the app or even just online in general unless it’s during business hours, which is absurd for any app that has todo with banking and finance
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4 years ago, Mother of Four T
The Best app ever
It’s the most convenient thing ever to have your banking information right at your fingertips literally! I love it ! Thanks CARTER FEDERAL!
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4 years ago, Osub130
I love the CFU app and ease of mobile access. This has made banking some much more convenient for me and my family! Thanks Derwin D
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5 years ago, Hask tag cam!
Problems with new ISO
There is a problem with the new iso 13.2.2. The app is not working properly.
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3 years ago, chip bison
New account
Trying to figure it out. Wrote a check and want to see if it was cashed.
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9 months ago, Skate trash
On Credit card
It'd be nice to see more details on Credit card
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9 years ago, Nufac1
Login fixed
For the app to work your password has to be just 8 characters. Nothing less, nothing more. 8 characters only. The old system was 8 to 16. Wish someone would have disclosed that information along with the update. Like we were suppose to know.
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6 years ago, mrsSdH
Constructive criticisms
Since this is the first app created for carter I can’t expect something fancy, so here’s a few critiques. 1. Too many login steps. Touch or Face ID would be great. Having to use the user id, then security words, then a security question is tedious. Sometimes you need to see your balance quick and there’s just too many steps to do this on the fly. 2. Needs an easier to read layout. Make it clear what’s pending and what’s posted to the account. 3. Mobile deposits 4. Ability to search for ATM/branches close by. 5. A widget that quickly shows the balance would be wonderful. Overall the app does the essentials but an app that makes banking streamlined and easy is a big plus.
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11 years ago, xxGrotesquexx
Thank you!
Much easier to check my accounts on the go instead of using safari. Thanks for putting this app out!
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9 years ago, JoeDiGiacomo
Can't login
Having problems with this latest version. Keeps giving me a bad login message. I can use the same ID and password on the Internet site without any problem. But it does not work with the mobile app. Please fix. And when will be able to have mobile deposit like the banks have. Take a picture of the check and you're done. There are not enough CFCU locations that this feature should not already be available.
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10 years ago, Kristen Lifer
I was so excited to hear CFCU had an app to do mobile banking with!
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7 years ago, 8703Sierra
App is broken
Can we please fix the failed log in issue. Had to change password on desktop. The App will not accept the new password.
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10 years ago, sir jankburn
more like carterrific!
thank you for making things just the right amount of easier; which allows me to continue keeping my funds at home while i am away.
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5 years ago, angryman318
This bank app is terrible
First off I can’t log in right member number right password second of all it freezes after I try to log in just terrible
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9 years ago, Techgeek25
App not working
App is giving bad login error . The web lets me login . Would appreciate problem being resolved so I may be able to use app instead of web
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6 years ago, Monique0789
Still cannot login a year later despite successfully logging in on website. App is terribly outdated and useless. Mobile banking is what makes financial institutions marketable and competitive. Carter FCU's simply does not cut it.
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10 years ago, WtfJacob2122113
Having issues with logging in it says domain error wen I know my username and password is correct please update the app for straight talk I was told by CFCU that the problem was coming from straighttalk services I've tried everything I can to fix the problem and it is still doing it
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8 years ago, Franky93
Please update to a better version! The app is so horrible , you can't login majority of the time! It's a waste of time!
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6 years ago, f carter federal
Terrible all around
Worst place to open an account save yourself the frustration.
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9 years ago, KoldHearted Nupe
Not working
I can't even login. Waste of time. Since new update. Fix ASAP!
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