Cartoon yourself & caricature

Photo & Video
4 (4.5K)
150.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
VicMan LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cartoon yourself & caricature

4.02 out of 5
4.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Zomblue
LOVE THIS but...
I bought the full version & love this EXCEPT it Always Freezes up after I try an effect! I have to close & reopen the app EVERY TIME I USE IT. I’m on iphone 7plus (updated to latest version 11.3). This is the only app I have this problem with, & I use lots. Otherwise it’s a very nice app and would Definitely get a 5 star rating if it didnt make me close,open & reload my image after EVERY time I try out or apply an effect.
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5 years ago, DRVR reviews
Not what you expect
Okay at first you’re thinking it’ll lay down some effects to make you look like a drawing and I agree it does do that but it’s mostly just other camera filters or bending expressions and mouths. But my main issue is though the title is cartoon face, it’s misleading and is really a photo filter and effects app. I recommend using a different app if you want to look like different kinds of cartoon looks and not only is it misleading but the effects are strange and sometimes don’t work I hope you don’t fall for the title and image IT IS NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING!!!!! I feel like I should reduce my rating but I am holding back because l feel it is unfair since they do have a few cartoon filters. Not to mention that the first review you see is 5 stars. MISLEADING AND MISLEADING AND MISLEADING. This is the first time I have bothered to review but the quality of the content forced me to right this. If you enjoy the app for real l congratulate you for bearing such an app. On top of this you must pay them to receive certain features. If the developer is reading this perhaps I may be acting harsh but this by far the worst app of its kind I have downloaded so I hope you either change the app or title. Thank you for reading this long and possibly upsetting review but I try to make this as accurate as possible.
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6 years ago, M. Boland
What happened to all the filters??
I absolutely loved using this app until recently. Don’t get me wrong, the cartoon videos are cute and fun, but seriously, who is using this on a regular basis? It’s just to play with. The photo filters were actually useful (and really cool) - I used them to edit/enhance photos all the time. Why on earth would you remove them from this app?? Very disappointing. *Edit* - App has been updated and all the photo edit filters are back (with the addition of some new ones!). Back to loving this app! 😉 Thank you!
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6 years ago, Eloise Walsh
Amazing app, easy to create and edit beautiful photos!
To be honest, when I downloaded this app, I expected a lot less, I played for a bit, and realized how fun and easy it is to create and beautiful and stunning pictures, a thing that I like to do is make a picture and use some of the filters, then edit the picture using a different filter, anyway, I love the game and I am very hopeful and excited for new future updates to the game to make it even better in the hopefully not too distant future!
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5 years ago, drnstvns
$9.99 a WEEK to put dumb filters on?
a WEEK? You’re charging people $9.99 a WEEK to put little animated hearts in their eyes? Or make their jaw wobble? Or basically use filters you can find free elsewhere? You’re charging $9.99 a WEEK?? Forty freakin dollars a month make a picture look like they used to on MYSPACE for FREE 20 years ago? Holee cARAP am I in the wrong business! I wanna make my friends laugh by making funny pictures of them but for $40 a month they can come over and laugh at all the comedy movies now showing on all the premium movie channels I got to subscribe to with this extra $40 buck I got since I ain’t paying that much to rent a dang app every month let alone BUY one for that amount. Hell I wouldn’t even buy your app DEVELOPER for $40! Good lord
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4 years ago, Tyler_I
Th e Perfect App!
The effects you can do with this app is amazing! You can do features on here that you would usually would have to pay for on other apps. People keep complain about the price, but that’s just because they don’t want to pay it, they don’t realize that apps like these put hard work into making the filters! I love this app soo much! Big thank you to the creators!
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6 years ago, zabaki
Fun app- easy to create beautiful pictures!
To be honest, I never use the cartoon/distortion effects. I personally love the artistic/animated ones that this app lets you add to your pictures. You never know what you’re going to get! Bc it takes a few seconds to process your request...the end result is always a surprise! Sometimes, it doesn’t work out- but, when it does, it’s magic. And, it’s unlike anything else, (or better!) 👍💗👍
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4 years ago, ..elle..1
I liked this app, and was looking forward to using it for the ‘hand-drawn’ drawings and the backgrounds. For some unknown reason, since you don’t share WHY— nearly every selfie I have tried has been rejected as unsuitable, unusable. I have no way to solve this, and it’s frustrating!! If I knew what the issue was, I might be able to improve my choice of pic — as it is, I am on my 7th pic so far for this month’s drawing, with none accepted so far!!! There are a lot of apps out there... I don’t know why I should stay with one that finds my pictures unusable, but doesn’t say why, or tell how to improve my choices.
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3 years ago, ticked off patriot
Way under rated!!
I don’t like my kids photos to be very obvious but like to make them my profile pics from time to time. I have spies so this makes it so fun to maintain privacy. Also the frames and digital art work is such quality and so thoughtful that I have literally done quick prints and have them framed all over my house. Truly grateful and can barely believe it’s a free app!!
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4 years ago, Jim Hopper The hero
It’s worth downloading this app
I really love the app it’s actually fun and some filters you need to pay for but I don’t feel like paying I just ignore the one’s where you need to pay I really enjoy being here it’s not just a cartoon app there’s also a GIF filters to try on to your pictures it’s amazingly awesome to me and my family so I’m saying go try this app right now 👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻
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5 years ago, Lord Vitality
This is a Fun App
Cartoon Face is a fun app to use and mess around with. I wish it didn’t have so many advertisement type of distractions when using it. Keeps trying to get me to share things on Facebook and that does become irritating. However, it can make some very interesting effects to photos.
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6 years ago, Justine Rooker
Very fun and addictive
I have a hard time taking a photo from camera roll to edit simple things like finishing touches borders ECT. Often it asks straight on shot required even if that effect isn't really the effect I'm after just trying to get the photo in the app to use filters not an animation. Help! Or is it my mental disability and I'm missing something
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4 years ago, trayfae
So much fun!
I love this app! So much so that I have spent hours trying different combinations on new photos and old photos. I’ve taken my kid’s baby pictures and pulled them into I-move with music and sound effects — floating baby heads and singing and dancing kids— and the results are HILARIOUS and creative. So many options, I haven’t even begun to get to them all. Addicted!!
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6 years ago, Johnjames7907422356
I absolutely love this game I can’t stop playing it but....
I totally love this game it’s hasent had any glitches which is good but I wish you had more cool face expressions without me having to buy them because they are cool but I would really like some new ones and I don’t have the money to get new ones thanks hope you wite back ❤️ customer 🙂
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2 years ago, First in Clasd
It’s so worth it!
I’ve been with them for the past three years and I am amazed at how far the editing program has come. It’s been my go to to help build employee morale! This program has helped us paint the heroes we don’t see every day but we know the job always gets done.🥰
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5 years ago, Dré Day
If you’re looking for a slow, unresponsive app that doesn’t work, this app is perfect for you. I uploaded an image last night and attempted to get a hand drawn image rendered. The process is 4 steps and it hung on step 2. Now, 16 hours later (yep, 16) I’m still in the same place. I’ve closed the app, and even restarted my device but whenever I reopen the app, it picks up right where it left off. Perhaps if the developer included a cancel option I could get out of this loop. What’s worse is that this app isn’t free, so I’m doubly frustrated and disappointed. ...SMH
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5 years ago, AOT1032
Very disappointed
So I downloaded the app and attempted to use it, but after waiting 2 1/2 days to covert my first, and only photo, I cancelled my subscription for the app. Then when I opened the app again it told me the avatar was complete but since I didn’t have a subscription I couldn’t see my completed photo. So of course, since that was the reason I downloaded the app, I subscribed again, but guess what... IT WASN’T FINISHED! I was very upset since I am currently deployed and had the opportunity to complete this photo transformation, but that wasn’t the case.
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6 years ago, kaleb15372
I want refund
I downloaded one of you apps called cartoon face animation creator and I was look through the app and I noticed that you have to pay for pro so I looked at the other free ones and when I was going to exit the app and I accidentally pressed the pro. I had my credit card saved on my phone and I use the finger print sensor to purchase stuff. So when I pressed the home button to exit the phone read my finger print and I accidentally purchased the pro. So I would like to get a refund. Plz respond as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, Madeline Chase
Great app
This app is amazing. I have made so many cute pics from it! Definitely recommend it. It has alot of options for so many things. The only thing is that some you have to pay for but otherwise its great!
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6 years ago, galechunfeng
Hard to Navigate
I like this App. But find it hard to use I made 1/2 face animal and human but no I can’t get rid of it I saved it but every time I try to use or make a different face it Watts says that it can’t find the face in my collection. I don’t understand how to start over again or clear the previous photo to use again, or make another cartoon or animated face. I need more instruction ❗️❕
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3 years ago, cjiveslopez
I am totally obsessed with this app. I can’t stop using it everytime I take a picture. I am e joying all the features. I use it not only for the cartoons but for so many other features. I opted for the subscription and it is worth its weight in gold!
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6 years ago, Kartweeler
Beautiful effects, easy to use, perfect for my latest photo project. EDITED: Back again to take away a star. The PURCHASED app prompts you to provide a rating after EVERY photo edit. Even if you’ve ALREADY provided a rating. So even if you pay to eliminate ads, you still have this intrusion after EVERY FREAKING PHOTO... SUPER ANNOYING!!
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3 years ago, in gghhh
Have a problem with black people
Ok I test the 3d thing I’m black with glasses I have hair in a pony tail I looked like sold frieken lady I’m nine buddy old pal second I talk off my glasses hold my hair back I look like a grown man like I’m nine what the heck then I saw that your teeth were yellow my teeth ain’t crusty dusty like what the heck my teeth are white so I tiger out that your cat fishing people and and scamming them because y’all are ugly hos with no live only by cat fishing people so y’all better read this or die
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5 years ago, imSLB
Great App, The name doesn't do it justice.
Great photo enhancer for building story Characters and just having fun! I appreciate that the ads are non intrusive to using the product. It's getting harder to find apps that provide a good balance between advertising, upgrading and just using.
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5 years ago, jaegduwkhqeduhkwqed
Ok but....
It’s a good app but it can be better, like put some more of the work into the app like the one we’re u can have all of the pictures into little shapes maybe add somemore, another thing is I think there’s a little to much on the pro side and u can give some to the free Side but over all it’s an ok app
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2 years ago, achneinCH
Credit Card reliant
Too many decades on the planet to provide ample annoying experiences with credit card fraud or other subscription abuse issues, thus won't have my arm twisted for a free trial by first having the credit card exploited. It's not user-friendly to be put through that just to test the functionality of an app or anything. When browsing a brick and mortar store, one doesn't supply a credit card. Utter nonsense.
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3 years ago, Annabelle Chase
Awesome App!!
Really great app! You think it can just make you into drawings, but there is a whole lot more to do! From making people into gifs, to turning yourself into a Disney cartoon character, this app has it all. Awesome app!
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4 years ago, Literally_Luxury
Love it
I personally love the app, good for business logos , I also use the app for cartoon portraits on tshirts , love the way it takes away your background sometimes when something is into the way messing up your picture!
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4 years ago, busyizzie22
It’s so fun!
Basically edit a picture that might seem boring but when you make it into an animal like put posters on it it’s really fun you should really check this game out! If you haven’t played five stars definitely!!
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7 years ago, rocky829
Easy Fun App
Would have given 5 stars but the pop up ads can be distracting I guess if you buy the Pro version you’ll get rid of ads ... it’s a fun app to play around with & try different special effects ... I particularly like the “sketch look” for portrait... haven’t run into any issues so far
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7 years ago, Ekimac
Needs Adjustability
Comes with lots of interesting effects, but it would be really helpful if there was any way to manually adjust some things, particularly position and rotation. Many effects, like the Mona Lisa combination, simply will not align properly on most photos.
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5 years ago, Maxbigdog1
Keep up the good work👍🏾
This Is a great app, I am very happy to actually have an app I can put pictures on to and apply filters and cartoon looking apparels on to them. This is amazing and I’m very surprised this isn’t a flunk. Everybody download. I highly recommend.
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7 years ago, DKFM Shoegaze
Update loses some charm
Powerful options, for sure. But when you just want an image changed to "sketch-style" art with a wink, saved as a GIF, now requires multiple steps to accomplish. Would pay to downgrade to previous version. I have some AMAZING images created with pre-updated version, uncertain I'll ever be able to recreate the effect.
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4 years ago, hdjfjfjsbbf ugh f
Great App!!! 🤪😋😛😝😜🙂🙃
I think it is a good app. You can find so many different cartoons for you pictures, but the only problem is you can’t do all of them because some are pro and to do pro you have to pay.
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6 years ago, BoBina Piano
Doesn’t really work
Unfortunately, this app needs a lot of work. I tried photos with different angles and different shapes and colors, 12 different photos to be exact and the half skull filter, the zombie filter, didn’t work at all. It kept shrinking my image and it just didn’t work. The other ones looked very strange and there was no filter that just looked like a cartoon. Will be deleting.
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6 years ago, Think Capp YT
Please Listen!!
I rated this a 5 star so I could get noticed but please fix the point that you can’t refund money wasted on this app so please, this fix would allow me and other people to get their money back!!!
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7 years ago, James Blackshaw
Works great
Like most apps, a lot of the cool features are pay-to-play. That said, it's really easy to use, has many free and awesome filters, and works fast! Highly recommended whether you buy the pro version or not.
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11 months ago, Ben.Rajab
Problem with subscribing
I have subscribed for a year, and so far, when I make any photo, I receive a request to participate in the program. I hope to solve this problem because I paid the subscription fee to use the program easily.
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3 years ago, Dn. Fox
So impressive.
I was expected just this - which was a high quality cartooned image. It was easier than I thought. It is limited from my vague understanding but the things it does do, it does exceptionally well!
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6 years ago, Best Gram Ever
This app freezes up! Right after I “make a picture” the app will go no where else! (I have to restart my phone to get the app restarted!) I tried purchasing the $1.99 in app “pro” and got nothing?! Shows its downloaded, but doesn’t open up to use?! Frustrating, Sorry I’ve kept trying!
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6 years ago, thebigcheese0179
My favorite
I truly enjoy people’s reactions when they open the pictures and there is a pause, then they realize the picture just moved. Thank you for providing a source of fun.
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4 years ago, 14jmg14
Don’t download
Misleading app. I’m very unsatisfied. I tried uploading photos and every single one would not load. Finally there was one photo that the app seemed to accept. That photo never worked. The app said drawing face lines, this lasted about an hours I quit. This app is not worth the time or money. I’m deleting s unsubscribing from payment option immediately. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, it is not worth it.
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6 years ago, Dazzling lou
I honestly haven’t had a better photo editor out of the lot I downloaded it’s crazy how much you have access to for free i love this so much and definitely don’t regret downloading it!
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6 years ago, kevind352
Cartoon Face
This App is great. Learning curve to get right sized photo (head) but it didn’t take a lot of time to start producing entertaining pictures. Pro version has more photo touch ups and is very affordable .
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5 years ago, summer60985
Cartoon face Review
I think this is a great app even if you’re not willing to pay every month there is still so much to do and it is so easy the cost to go pro is very manageable
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2 years ago, Boosie's Mamma
Easy to use…
Easy to use and yes, it’s free for a little while…. some of the actions aren’t available to non members - but everything else is great!
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6 years ago, iiStephen
Stop soliciting for more money
About this app as is and then later they into do some hand drawn gimmick wanted to charge 20 bucks a month, so I ignore it and it’s the first thing that comes up each and every time I don’t want that feature turn it off get rid of it, everything else is excellent but it’s ruined with your money hungry tacticsStop it
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3 years ago, Guns b4
What n app
Really cool app combines the best photo edit option and deliver high definition results. Good for iphone users and photos appear clear on a hi end device and good for use anywhere home or about.
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5 years ago, RH💙
This is like the. Best app even though you had to pay for some stuff but the free stuff is sooo good I never we a globe before in a picture let alone a cube I really recommend this app
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5 years ago, Caroline Jackson
I love it
I love this app, it’s perfect for Instagram or just for fun. I think it’s very fun. My favorite affects are free too! The only thing is some of the affects are kinda weird, but not in a bad way! I really recommend this app!
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