CarX Drift Racing 2

4.6 (34.2K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
CarX Technologies
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CarX Drift Racing 2

4.59 out of 5
34.2K Ratings
4 years ago, mrchip21
Best mobile drifting simulation game ever
I loved this game its awesome it has the best graphics ever and all the awesome cars and customization and tuning options its super awesome to get your car sideways and have some fun it really the best all the events ,maps and the others things are truly awesome there are no games that can compite with it and you can have some fun with a friend and do some tandems sadly thats the only way you can play with a friend but u can have fun still even alone its the best experience i would love a online lobby like car x playstation/ xbox and pc but maybe its hard for the developers to do that or make a room to try things out with someone but its fine maybe in the future we will get something like that but yes its still the best car game mobile i dont like saying these things but maybe just maybe before a online lobby or something i would really loveee to time attack some maps and beat some track times like car x (ps/xbox and pc) and make the best tune and with all he variety’s of cars and tuning options it would be fun to try to beat the best time on the leaderboard and get some rewards like weekly best time or something like that to see who can be the best drifter and time attacker ever because there’s allot of maps to try and beat some times and experience something new and see if you better than yours friends maybe but overall its the best game hope it stays that way for years #1 drifting game mobile
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3 years ago, xNexusuxeNx
BEST MOBILE DRIFT GAME (things I want to see and know more about)
Hands down one of the best mobile drift games. I love everything about the game but there are a few things I would want. I know we got an update that added a few new cars like the rattlesnake and such but I would want to see more cars like a hiace drift van because it has been done in real life. I would like to see a fully online feature come to the game or a separate game for mobile from you guys. It gets lonely on mobile doing tandems by myself and I have friends who are also interested in the game but won’t commit to downloading it because we can’t play together in real time. What I ask can be tough but I think it would be worth it. Also if you can cross play with other platforms like console or pc. Unless there is an online feature that I don’t know about. Also do the special cars come back or it’s once it’s gone it’s gone forever type of style? There are some special cars i missed out on like the Patron GT and I want to know if it they comeback because I’ve seen it happen with the razor zx and flanker f but with different liveries. I missed out on them and I just want to know if they might make a little comeback. But anyways that’s really all I could think of. Thanks for the amazing game and keep up the amazing work, can’t wait to see what happens next!
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2 years ago, InsainBrane
Great game but videos don’t reward anymore
I love the driving and the cars in this game, but I hate that the events are limited by the gas tank currency. I of course go through the 5 free ones that generate over time fairly quickly so I normally will play a couple videos and refill the tank but lately that doesn’t seem to work. I watch the video and it says “reward granted” but I don’t receive it. That also goes for regenerating the tasks, I watch the video to load the next task instead of having to wait the 3 hours for it to respawn a new one, get done the video and the 3 hour timer is still counting down and no new task. I’m fine with watching a video to trade for things but it enrages me when I waste my time watching a video, knowing you’re getting your kick back for me watching the video, and I get nothing for it. The amount of micro transactions in this game and the cost of them is already ridiculous but taking away the ability to watch ads for in game content adds insult to injury and only results in me playing the game less. This game has a ton of potential, the production value is amazing, but you ruin it with micro transactions and hard to earn currency and fuel and premium passes. I would actually pay significant real money to have an unlocked version of this game that would remove all that crap so I could just play the game but sadly that isn’t an option. I guess I’ll just stick to carx online on my PlayStation because that was done right
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4 years ago, PowerJoke802
Best drift game on mobile by far, nothing else compares
This is by far the best drift game on mobile, may even go as far as saying the best vehicle game on here. The physics, graphics, tracks, customization, I’m depth tuning and many other things are better than a lot of console games to be honest, and you can tell that the devs truly care about this game, they update quite often and always add cool and interesting things with great heart and soul put into it. There are a good number of vehicles to choose from with tons of options to make it yours, there’s now a campaign which I find really cool, tandem drifts, online battles, solo runs, and even just training where you can go on any course with free will to practice. I’ve played a ton of the first game and a boat load of this one and can’t ever put it down, probably my favorite game on my phone, no doubt. It’s not pay to win, you can earn quite a bit of the real money currency by completing challenges which I really appreciate, even though I do throw some real money on it once and while just because it’s such a great game that these guys truly deserve some cash to keep this going. I don’t think I could say that about any other game on here, which is saying a lot. Thank you guys for creating this incredible masterpiece, keep it up, can’t wait to see what you all come up with next!
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1 year ago, slattynugs
Love the game but it has problems to fix
I spend a lot of money on this game , let’s say I join. An online game and I have 25 minutes of Fuel to play if I change my mind and don’t want this map and I didn’t waste any of my minutes cause I hopped off the game quick and I want to change it as soon as I to back to menu and choose another map or even the same map it automatically takes away 5 of my minutes, that’s definitely not cool. Another thing is that let’s say I’m doing good on a drift session if I hit a sign or pole anything that can get thrown when you crash it sometimes it may get stuck and lag into your car and juts stay there till you either start the session over or press the return button when you crash. Other then a few minor things the game is amazing I think it has a lot of potential and capabilities I also think there should be some kind of damage to the cars when hit or crashing out or maybe just when getting hit by another car but this damage effect would only happen when online with other players . and add like A little shop where u can quickly fix it. Like I said amazing game I’m I play it on my breaks at work or before bed so much fun keep it up !
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2 years ago, GHOST012_DIESEL_MASTER
Everyone is hacking the game to get on the leaderboards, it’s starting to get out of hand
In the game’s earlier time, everyone who did really well and got on the leaderboards were actually using skill, and now every replay of everyone on the leaderboards is using a way to instantly give them 100k drift score, or they are drifting through the map like a ghost just racking up points. Now there is only one driver who is on the leaderboards that does it right. The thing says that to be on the leaderboard, you can’t stop the drift at any time in a run and you must not take part in any ghost tandem challenges. But at the end it says cheaters will be punished. So where is the punishment for cheating there way onto the leaderboards? Nobody else has done anything and the people using the cheats and glitches don’t even hide it. All I’m asking is for someone to install some type of coding that identifies when these changes happen. I’m not on the leaderboards and I’m fine with that. I don’t care to be on the leaderboards, I just want this to be felt with before it gets out of hand. Plz fix this, I hate seeing these type of people take the hard work of other players and cover it with their own cheats.
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4 years ago, ItsExotic
Highly Recommended!!
I started playing carx ever since the first one and then the 2nd one finally came out. It wasn't eye catching at first but as I played more and made more progress, I started loving the game. I got to a point where I actually started buying more gas tanks to play more multiplayer matches and then got carried away and bought more ingame currency. It is a grindy game at first but it gets easier and easier and I can make 100k very shortly just doing multiplayer. Everything in this game is amazing but there can be more details added such as engine wear, vehicle damage if we crash ingame then repair it after the race, maybe an option to control our boost instead of the "yes or no" option. A more realistic feel would be nice but nonetheless, a great game. TL:DR - It is grindy at first but if you get the hang of it, it will be much easier. People will say P2W but a couple bucks to buy a good car will get you to end game if you play it smart. There can be more small details added but overall it is a great game. It got me to a point where I spent a bit more than I expected to. Thank you developers for your time to create such a fantastic game 😁
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3 years ago, Ginganinja247XD
Overall amazing but needs some tweaks
The game is unbelievable and addicting because it’s so satisfying but there’s a few certain components that would be great if assessed. Tandem drifts in single player is incredibly picky in regards to minimum parameters to hold transitions and angle with the ghosts and seeing that the every other challenge is a continuous tandem is frustrating at times. Also repetitive stupid fast cars are always leading in these challenges regardless of what your driving, the mustangs are ridiculous, ghosts should at least be in the same class as the car your using in my opinion Then the parameters for wether you get points for a clipping zone seem all over the place and most times I pass through zones while collecting dp and don’t get the clip zone points at all. The parameters could use some adjusting/relaxing in general. One more thing a mega backward is impossible in this game without losing those hold drift so that could use some relaxing too. Thank you developers for an awesome game and look forward to what all you can do in the future!
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5 years ago, KampbellH
Amazing game ! High Recommended.
TL;DR : Fun drift game, with a ton of different aesthetic options to choose from. Highly recommend this game. I’ve decided to write a review about this game, because at first I was on the fence about installing the game. Worried about not really enjoying it & eventually deleting it. However, as soon as the game finished downloading & I launched it. I was happy that I decided to install the game. Personally, I enjoy a game with a lot of customization options that I can choose from. This game has more than enough different body kits, paints, tunes, vinyls, cars, etc. Not only is the customizability in this game very high. The drifting aspect of the game is very solid as well. I’ve enjoyed countless hours replaying maps, trying to perfect that one turn or trying to beat my highest score. Although i’m not the greatest at the game. I do still really enjoy playing it. I find myself playing this game more than any other game on my phone & will probably stick with this game for awhile. I hope someone finds this review helpful. Thanks for taking the time to read it.
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4 years ago, AIDEN O$BORNE
Great game. Much room for improvement.
This game is overall great. I love the amount of customization, the fact you have to earn tires, the large amount of cars, and the tracks. Now to the improvement section. The amount of customization is wonderful, however I wish you could make your car a widebody without buying the full body kit. I would like to see more colors than the basic 10. I do not like how custom colors cost the harder-to-earn currency. There should be an option to buy them with a heftier cash price tag. I love that you have to buy new tires, but I wish they weren’t so expensive. I also would like for the high-end cars to be purchasable with cash. The cars are reasonably priced, considering I have Real Racing 3. (Everything in that game is ridiculously overpriced). There is lots of room for improvement, but this is an overall great drifting game. Also, the new update screwed me over. I don’t have a Game Center account, but I thought that was fine since I hit the “Save game” button. But now that the game is working again, it wiped out all of my progress. Please restore my game or at least save other players from this experience.
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4 years ago, Victory_💯_Royale#1
Glitched Engine Graphics
Hi, I love this game and enjoy it a lot. I have 2 issues though. First, there is a little graphic glitch in this update when you have no hood equipped. Usually it would show the engine normally but it’s glitched and looks like its empty. You can look in and the engine bay has nothing in it. The graphic for the engine is around the inside walls of the engine bay. My next issue is money. I enjoy this game a lot and there is plenty content to progress to achieve. The only thing holding me back from that is money. I CANNOT make enough money on this game to come even near buying a new car and barely even get parts sometimes unless I spend my whole day playing nonstop. I want to be able to progress and enjoy more without spending all my time playing. As I can see from other reviews, I am not the only one who feels this way. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without picking this game up because it gets old doing the same thing for hours and not be able to progress. Please make it a little more friendly to people who just want to enjoy this game and the content in it without setting aside a ridiculous amount of time playing.
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4 years ago, Wheresyourmanager:)
Could be better.
Game was pretty fun at first, although I didn’t like the fact it has nothing to do with drifting perfectly and solely is based on combos I kept playing anyway. I got into higher leagues and realized that the trophies you win go down as you get higher, and the trophies you lose go up, thought that wasn’t cool considering I’ve put in all this hard work why are they going down and not up? But I kept on playing anyway because like I said I’d put in work and it was otherwise still kind of fun. I wasn’t getting enough drift points with any of the cars that I was able to buy with in game currency, so I decided to buy a 7$ car, well it was great, set new records, ripped people apart on “the track” all that, but now it’s not showing the same performance, every time I compete-drift It gets super sensitive and way harder to drift correctly than it would if I was in a non competing drift, and the adds are back in full affect almost guaranteed to see one every 3 races. My 2 star rating feels a little generous, needs work! Didn’t know the game could get worse after you leave a review but since I left this the game has doubled in bugs and now it only gives me people in way higher leagues than me👍 really reconsidering continuing to play this game.
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1 year ago, Korey Brooks
Hands Down #1 Truly Console Quality Game For Drifting on IOS Period.
Ill Start by saying I am a die hard racing game fan and critic, Ive been playing this for a some time now and really have no complaints to think of honestly . Have searched for any games to slightly compare and honestly have not found any that even remotely keep my interest, other CarX Street , which i absolutely enjoy that game as well , but since there most recent update it crashes on my ipad to the point i can barely do a race without it crashing,so im back to this game until maybe the next update hopefully fixes that 🤞🏻, but i dont mind like i said it keeps me about equally entertained , for hours on end also . Cannot find any other console quality car/racing/drifting games like them. So ill patiently wait and play this again until the developers fix CarX Street! *hint*hint* Otherwise KEEP DOING EVERYTHING YOU DO THE WAY YOU GUYS DO IT , YOU GUYS ARE THE ELITE AT YOUR CRAFT, Thank You CarX Technologies
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3 years ago, Pandalqo
Amazing game but they scam u!
Ight listen, this game is friken amazing and addicting as can be. Literally awesome in every possible way…except one. This game goes off of a fuel based system meaning u can only play for so long at a time. You can buy more spaces to get up to 20 fuel. Once ur out u can watch ads for 1 fuel at a time except most of the time they won’t continue to load after the first one. This leaves u with the only other option of spending $1 to get all of ur fuel back. Not a bad deal unless ur as addicted as I am and constantly are getting ur money taken away from u. All I’m saying is that there should be another option to buy unlimited fuel, like most other games with a fuel/energy based system, and it would just be a one time payment for the people who play the game all the time. I understand my addiction to the game is part of the problem but I want to be addicted and have money at the same time and at this rate it’s just not looking that way 😂. Please add an unlimited fuel purchase option!
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5 years ago, Myzticlife
Great game
So comeing from the original CarX to this one has been a great experience I can hands down say this is an improvement with the expansion of castle road being one of my favorite I remember sneaking thru the gap on CarX and exploring that area loving to just slide around on the dam and the lower “circle track” area with that being said the only complaint that I have is the fix of gap not allowing you to completely goof around on the maps like the middle of Milton road I’d always love just to blast thur and off-road in a sense and in parking garage I would drift that large outter ring or use the highway to reach the top speed of the car before flying off into the void if some of the barriers could just disappear it would bring back the true meaning of the training areas to let you fully open up and blast around if that could happen I’m sure there’s more people then me that loved doing that and would keep us on the game longer but other than that fantastic game
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5 years ago, DiegoReynoso
Review/improvements/multiplayer concept
This game is amazing the drifting is very realistic in fact it is some of the best handling I’ve ever seen in a game even better than some console games, some of the things I would like to see in this game are multiplayer I think it would be a great idea to be able to tandem drift with friends or other online competitors. Another thing i would like to be able to do is sell old cars that you might not want anymore, not for full price but maybe less than full price maybe it would even be a good idea to be able to sell spare parts that you don’t need anymore the last thing I would love to see is a wider customization for cars like be able to pick your own fenders without having to buy a whole body kit and maybe more types of rims and maybe even a wider variety of cars not just sport cars but maybe even trucks like chevys fords and rams or hatchbacks like the Ford Focus/fiesta anyways amazing game 10/10
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3 years ago, gurlchill56789
Best game ever!
I love this game it is so fun to drift around and go sideways I would prefer playing this with a ps4 remote!! This game is super fun and so addicting to play I play this at night when I’m staying up it’s on my ps4 and I love it sometimes I play it on my iPhone with a ps4 controller,my dog loves this game I show it to him and he touches the phone and drifts me around he loves it!! If I had to rate this game 1-10 I would rate it 11! This game is wayyyy to addicting to play and I would recommend playing this game!! Also if you do play it but on a mobile device definitely play it with a controller all you have to do to connect it is hold the share button and the ps4 button in the middle if it’s a ps4 controller idk how to do it on xbox but try it if you have one!!when I play on my ps4 I make sure I have some snack because I play this game for like 5 hours straight it’s so addicting!!! -hope this helps!!-
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2 years ago, PolishConqueror
This is my favorite game but it needs work
I have played this game for years and have love it almost the whole time. The bugs come and go and it’s pretty normal but the current bug for the ad’s for no reward has been going on for too long. Please dear god PLEASE look into this issue. Also the amount of time it takes to make money is a little long for most people including myself. I’ve done the grind for a long time but I can agree with new users that it’s more of a deterrence for this game than anything. Also remove the fuel slots…. One of the more annoying aspects of this game. These are some of the only downfalls I’ve seen though. The game is fun to just pick up and slay some tires. The amount of cars that can be used is great, the customizations are plentiful, and there’s TONS of tracks. I would highly recommend this game over any of the other drift games as long as they look into the issues that occur quicker than they do now.
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4 years ago, doesn't matter 406
Needing changes
Starting off everything is expensive clearly you want us to spend money on the game with the features you have over in app purchases but you need to change that why would you make a fantastic first game and the second one far far better then throw in app purchases on it make it hard to earn cash so I will spend money on the game (not happening) the game is supposed to be played for money such as the first one but this version of it you clearly just want money back from it and until a new update and changes to the way money is earned I’m no longer playing the game I’ll stick to playing the first version. And the ads the first game has 0 ads this game is riddled with ads I can’t even play the game to grind money without waiting 30 second because of an ad. This game is boughs and I recommend anyone who reads this to only play the first version of their game. (If the same creator) don’t wanna bother looking because I’ll be disappointed by how far you’ve come, I loved the other game just don’t wanna ruin it knowing you created this game and the first one 🤦🏻‍♂️
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2 years ago, Brent M. Beatty
Hands down greatest mobile drift game!
I love this game 100%! When this past update came out the amount to purchase for gas went from 10 gold to 5 gold made it much easier to get through the campaign nicely without having to wait almost an hour for 5 gas. Another thing was the division racing. It wasn’t costing me gas and it was so much more enjoyable because it allowed me to play more then 20 minutes at a time. If it is possible make it not cost gas because I’ve got in my opinion fast and good drifting cars and people are just as good or better so it’s a matter of skill. The gas just makes it harder to further in the game without having to get on 3-4 times a day because you have to wait for gas. Possibly lowering the cost for tuning because it takes a while to build up to 288k and 90 gold to do a max upgrade for mostly every car. Other then what I’ve said you guys have done an amazing job with this game.
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3 years ago, Mellowwilli
Being Honest
This game is quite fun. The cars are nice and the builds can be just the way you want. My only problem is the online play because the cars DO NOT PERFORM THE SAME ONLINE. I’ve ranked all the way up to Elite Division II so I’ve put some time into racing and I don’t wanna say the other racers are hacking because they’re not. Your car will not perform the same on every track. And even if you spent the time and money building your car once you hit Elite it’s almost all Tier 3 and above cars which a lot of people just pay for. It’s not a major issue but when you invest time tuning a car to go 240 MPH at 0-60 in 3.07 secs it fills like a slap in the face when you go online and the physics just break. Then you go on single player and get 5x the score you get online. Great game but the physics definitely break when you get online. Same with events which are just a rip off because you can’t upgrade your car unless it’s during the event.
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4 years ago, slm2gamer
This game is good
I’m not a firm believer of mobile games will destroy console or Pc games. And I don’t think any mobile game can come close to the likes of Forza, Need For Speed, Grid, Beamng Drive/ Automation. But this game is different. This game is endless fun. When your on a long car ride to visit your grandparents in another state, or on a flight to another country, or just hanging out at home you will get the insatiable desire to play this game. Endless Customization, Online Multiplayer, Cool Cars, etc. This game astonishes me at the amount of content it has for a mobile game. Now there are some things that need to be worked out. We should have more area to explore in the maps in practice modes. Some people would like to drive the maps and get a in depth look at them. I know that’s asking much for a mobile game, but please make it happen. Other than that this game is one of a kind and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do
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4 years ago, $uicideBoy$ G59 is life
Best drift game for mobile devices point blank period
I love this game, also the only mobile game Ill spend my own money on, my god the money I’ve spent is up there. I have no worries tho because the developer team constantly works on updates for us to reassure us that car x will run smooth. Plus can’t forget ALL the track configurations as well as all the car customization options plus the car selection itself is by far amazing, all tho I just about have every car lol I can’t help but imagine what car comes next on future updates. SO IMMA GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT ANYONE THAT HAS NEVER PLAYED CAR X DOWNLOAD IT NOW YOU WONT REGRET IT Oh and if anyone that reads my review I’m sure you have older friends and family that don’t believe in mobile phones but loves consoles don’t forget to mention to them that it is now on ps4 and pc possibly Xbox idk don’t own one... I also have it for ps4 but that’s another review for another day
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3 years ago, OfficialMentalGiant
Version 1.14.0 Update Complaint
I absolutely think this is the best mobile drift game/Car game that has been made. But my only complaint about this new update 1.14.0 is when you make contact with another player with the new Tandem update in multiplayer divisions you get penalized and lose your drift combos. I would keep the Tandems but also allow players to make contact without losing they’re drift score because it’s almost impossible to not make contact. if you do manage to not make contact your rarely beat anyone because you have to work around them ultimately sacrificing your best drift score. Meanwhile after contact the opposing racers drift score keeps its combo making it impossible. It’s very taxing for a Division Legend II like myself trying to finally make it to Legend III. Other than that love everything else about the update. Please Keep in Consideration!
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5 years ago, ItzCrossed
Great game with very few flaws
Hey! I played the original CarX Drift Racing for years and had a great time with it, when I found out a new one was released I downloaded it immediately, everything in this game is great except for like 2 things.. if that. The only flaw this with this game (and was present in the 1st CarX Drift Racing) is money is hard to make, and to go along with the fact money is hard to make, upgrades and exterior mods are expensive for the time and effort you have to put in when grinding. If the game continues to be hard as far as making money that will be one thing we can work around, but I ask 1 things of you guys at CarX, let us install previously installed parts for free rather than having to pay again. Beside those 3 issues, I would recommend this game to anyone, even if they are not into cars. 10/10 would recommend again - 10/10 will continue playing.
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4 years ago, Tritonfox
Not a review on the game but the updates
So I love this game simply because for a mobile phone game it is good, but for how long it takes for the updates to download and the rapid frequency of said updates I barely get to play on what limited phone data I have and having a strictly online game is honestly no fun, yea sure the campaign and other modes are terrific but the updates are unbelievably slow and annoying so I practically waste cellular data and my time I could be playing waiting for an update to finish and by that time I’ve run out of data here’s a tip for the developers of this game. Make it capable to play offline, don’t update as much(I’m sure that if it’s not something that important and can be fixed later I’m pretty sure you can fix it later) and I’m sure that a lot more people will play because it’s a great game I love it, so much that I’m willing to download those painful updates I say painful because every time I see the notification from the loading screen the first thought through my head is “crap... here we go again” and take god knows how much of my time and data off my phone to download it
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9 months ago, xBOYDx1
Great game hands down
Only thing I got to say is I think they should take the fuel thing out completely where it don’t matter how long you play in free mode you shouldn’t really have a time limit for that I think they should also add the option to vote people out the lobby only because you get them few that really don’t know how to drive so they get in the free mode and just ram other people that’s actually trying to have fun only because they can’t drive so they basically just there I think they should change up the rewards system because 60k drift points in one session for just 3$ is crazy when you have people in the lobby you can’t vote out and they only in there to mess up people drift chain and you limit on fuel so it’s like you have to battle unnecessary things that really don’t need to be there
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4 years ago, GOLDBEE999
The game needs some improvement
The game is amazing I have been playing this game since launch and I have played the first game too. The only thing I don’t like about this game is that the time it takes to level up and the money is harder to get there should be more reward systems high are easier for less competitive players I would really love to see a change the cars are to pricey the upgrades are too pricey it takes a lot of time to level up that’s the worst part it’s very hard to level up the game is not fully bad the customizations are amazing I love that it has controller support the only thing about controller support i don’t like is I can change the button layout rest the the game is amazing so many different maps and tracks it’s just amazing the only one main issue is that when the games got an update where all the maps are unlocked except the tracks we didn’t get over money back because I like other players before that update has spent money on maps and it is all gone I could have used it for my car upgrades
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4 years ago, Totalsuperhero
Hands down, the GOT
As a real life drifted and track driver, I can say this is by far the best driving game on mobile. While the mechanics are obviously not going to be 100% true to real vehicle drifting, the ability this game provides to control your slide during the drift is incredible. Hashiriya, FR Legends, and the others may be fun, but once you’ve locked in your slide you’re forced to ride it out. This game gives you control of your throttle and responsive turning to adjust your attack mid corner, and the control feels far more natural to anyone that has actually drifted a real car. Mix the fun of the aforementioned driving with the absolutely incredible roster of vehicles, and I find myself playing this game more than any others. This is the first game I’ve found to feature all of my actual vehicles (Skyline, Fc3s, Cedric, Laurel, JZX90) and it’s a whole lot of fun to bounce between them on fictional tracks without needing to buy real life tires. The only (minor) quarrels I have come with the menu system and the lack of direction. I still find myself figuring out how to navigate the menu or determine my goal per level, as often times you’re left with clicking random things until you discover your objective. Short of that, this game is phenomenal and it is absolutely a ‘must play’ for any automotive enthusiast.
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3 years ago, SouperWalrus0129
Great game. Not perfect
I loved this game. I had been playing for a couple hours and was having a great time. The graphics are incredible and the customization is insane! Then the gas system was introduced. This is bad. The gas system requires that you watch an add after every race or if you want to restart the race to refill gas. This is annoying but understandable. Ya gotta make money some how. The frustrating part comes with the fact that you can’t watch adds right after one another. You have to wait. The game is challenging so I have to restart A LOT. when I have to wait 30 seconds to watch a thirty second add after a race, it gets irritating. This makes it so you can’t play offline. This feature makes the game feel more like a cash grab and totally ruined my experience. I think a good feature would be to like “watch three adds to completely fill up the tank”, or something. I want to like this game. But this makes it hard.
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5 years ago, Swízy
If you love “FORZA™️”you will love this game
This game is everything from the game we all know and LOVE“FORZA MOTORSPORTS™️”. If you played“ONLINE DRIFT”matches this game is a almost“EXACT”copy of game play but for your mobile device. Earning credits/money (types of game currency) is very easy to obtain (doing races,completing challenges, and completing achievements) Cars are labeled in tiers (tier 1-5-spec). The higher the tier the better the car. There are different custom options to make your drift car your own (you only have 30 slots to customize your car) You can change everything on your car bumper to bumper to choose the body kit you like the best. Updates are coming regularly with different features,maps,cars and liveries. They have a tuning option so you can set the car to your personal driving options for your best drifting experiences. “I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING THIS GAME” [email protected]
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3 years ago, JordyTheGiant
The Best Mobile Drifting App Without Question
I’ve played every single drifting related mobile app there is and I promise you this is one is by far the best. Between the graphics, physics, constant improvement with new cars, upgrades, tracks, etc. I don’t think there’s another drifting mobile game that can compete. I’m a huge drifting nerd and drive in real life as well, and everything about this game just checks all the right boxes for me. The tandem is great and challenging, the controls and physics feel natural and realistic, even the tuning is realistic in regards to the changes you can make and how they affect the feel of the car. Overall this game is a 10/10 in my book and I would recommend it over any other mobile drifting game out there. Don’t even waste your time with anything else, start here and you’ll be more than satisfied.
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4 years ago, This is the best game everever
Awesome game but bit with trouble
I like the game, it’s very good drifting game and the tuning is a awesome thing to make the game a lot better all the maps are better graphics than the old carx, changing the inside is very cool you added for the people that like to play in first person, but the thing is I have trouble with the manual because when I shift the pedal just stops so I can’t rev my car so I have to downshift to 1 so I can use my pedal also my car, tier 3, is having issues, my car is having problem with its shape the reason why is that half of my car is pointing straight up the but others half is normal. I don’t know how to fix that and also it’s a bit hard to get your car to upgrade because it take forever to get your to get the amount of money you need to upgrade besides that I truly enjoy this game it is a awesome car game for people that enjoy drifting. Thank you for this amazing game you created.😀
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2 years ago, Doriftttbroo
Dumped GF to have more time to spend drifting
Joking, but in all seriousness, 6/5 stars- this game has taken over my life. If i had any money whatsoever it would have gone to this game long ago. All of it. I downloaded less than a year ago and have 56 days of play time. Yes DAYS. I have spent more than 42 hours just in the last 3 days. Granted, I didn't have much of a life in the first place ; but this game is unparalleled by any other game, more like the game is leagues above all other drifting games out there. They are developing this game in 2077 and bringing it back to the present to gift us with amazing graphics, the best most realistic controls to make you feel youre actually drifting the edge of the cliffs in your perfectly tuned to your specs engine swapped e30 m3 bmw, Stacked with all your favorite vinyl designs you could ask for, and hood removed while we're at it. Ads: this has by far the least amount of ads of any game I've ever played in the app store. Money : Never needed to spend any money, I'm max level in single player, I've got 38/77 cars most of them fully tuned, still only 5/5 fuel, and in the LEGEND II league for multiplayer(one league away from the highest out of 15) I should probably go get a job.. Nah, I'm gonna go drift.
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4 years ago, ALMiGTtyKiNg
I love this game but it needs more
I really like this game however, I feel like it would benefit the community if you guys made the game feel more like the Playstation and PC versions of the game. It would allow us to play in real time with other players as well as being able to enter lobbies with other drifters and show off the cars we make and meet up with each other to drift around the many maps that are in the game. I love everything about this game except for that one detail as well as adding more tuner cars I’d love to see more cars be added to list of cars we have now so we can showcase the cool cars we make in your game. Real time multiplayer and more cars thats all this needs it would have so much drifting, and car fans racing and drifting around with each other on all the maps.
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2 years ago, x x znx
best drift game ever made for phones
i’ve had this game for well over a year and this is definitely the best drift game i’ve ever played because it has all the real drift car, i mean yes i would like more because there are some that would like to have in it but they have updates a lot and in those updates they improve the game by ways i never even thought of and they add new cars too. No hate at all for this game and it has overall been the absolute best phone game to play and they even have it on consul, which i also have, and the new update in it makes almost every single part of the car controllable which is cool for people that would like to learn and make a fully custom car inspired by their dream. this game get an A+ for everything, and is my favorite game of all time
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5 years ago, JAE001
Why mess with perfection....
I had the first CarX drift racing on multiple phones.... I downloaded the 2nd and fell in love instantly..... Hours and hours i spent tuning all my cars trying to be competitive online with mixed success...... Grinding away making money to pay for upgrades and continued tuning...... I achieved near perfection on a couple of cars and started climbing the ranks online..... Then..... an update...... now 3 levels of perishable tires that cost $..... not only were all my cars rendered ineffective online..... but now the hours and hours of dialing my cars in again was going to be metered by tire wear $$$...... so grinding away for upgraded perfection became grinding away to pay for tires..... I’ve played this game maybe 5 times since that upgrade..... and downloaded countless inferior attempts to match this one....... Once again the almighty dollar wins out..... Why didn't you just add zombies..... seems to work for other lazy, ambition-less programmers..... When you have a good product it will sell itself.... when your the benchmark?......
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3 years ago, Hotwheels05
Very Fun! Issue was fixed!!
I love this game, I have the CarX Online on my computer and this is just as good if not better. I love having it on my phone ready to play however, when I try to play the game using a cellular connection it never loads. It always loads to 73% and says “downloading update” but it sits like that for over 2 hours and never completes the loading, but as soon as I connect to WiFi it loads fine. I’d really like to play this game during my 2 hour bus ride but I can’t until something is changed/fixed. Edit: My recently mentioned issue was fixed and the game runs perfectly now, loads all the way and I’m able to play it with cellular. The developers were very fast to respond to my review and update the game which fixed the issue. Thank You Developers ❤️
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2 years ago, Dantjeslayerbbossman
Awesome game some fixes needed
This game is very fun and has nice mechanics controls and visuals. The stages r good and u have options and wont get bored easily with the maps and cars available. For the reason its not 5 stars i have two main critiques. 1. I would like for there to be a change to the fuel or the time needed to refill, i find 5 is far too short given it is a drifting game with short tracks and different rewards for different stars and that is something that shouldnt fall under premium. Second there is one bug that i have had a problem with. I recieved the Bimmy or whatever the tier 3 car you recieve in campaign that you get drift pro 3 with. I tuned it once and tested it and when i unlocked the pro 3 tuning it never kicked in so iv had to spend a lot of money upgrading it. Thats most of it fun game tho will leave further reviews based on updated
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2 years ago, lil.zodiak
Love the game but…
I love car x 2 and I’ve been playing the car x games since car x drift racing lite, but I spent quite a bit of money on car x drift racing and can’t access my saved game due to not being to log in with Facebook so I would love if you guys could do something so that fans can access there saved games on the original car x. I also think that a lot of fans of car x 2 would enjoy an option to sell cars they own, because I know that I have plenty of cars owned that I’ve purchased and upgraded that I no longer use so if I had an option to sell those upgraded cars and put the money into upgrades for cars I use often or into new cars it would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work guys, much love.
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3 years ago, NoobyBoi_
Decent game
It’s just challenging enough to keep you interested but has a few problems. One, the customization system needs some work(specifically the paint and vinyls). When you make mistakes on the vinyl you have to close the customization and delete the mistake where you pay for everything and it’s inconvenient. Another issue I have is how slidey the cars are. They should be just slightly more grippy so you can keep yourself from running into barriers, since when you’re drifting you have no way to lose your momentum quickly. Last problem I have is more minor. The barriers in the game are somewhat sloppy. When your car is driving paralell to the barriers sometimes you’ll stop despite not hitting the barrier. Other than these this is a great drifting game and I would recommend you give it a try.
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5 years ago, Janooskii
Great game!!!
Hey guys, I really love this game, especially the rank matches especially. No matter how I think I have the best car with the best drift build there is always someone that I’ll always consider to be a rival. Pushing me to fine tune my ride or even save up and buy a new one! I never get bored with this game. I was on a 15 hour flight from NYC to Bail and I played this game all the way there! But there is one minor problem, and it’s whenever I run into a sign, it gets stuck in my car :( and it only happens with online matches. It send my camera outta wack and it’s like I’m driving on zero (0) % tire, can you fix this please, this usually makes my runs a make or break it type of deal in my rank matches! Away from that! I’m in love with this game! Keep the updates rolling and great content coming! 😁👌🏽🔥
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4 years ago, 🇵🇷Adrian
Need to make a console version!
This is one of my favorite games and I own both current gen consoles. I play this game just as much as the consoles i just wish I could play it on the tv as well. It’s physics are easy to learn and predictable. Over the years however they have complicated the menu quite a bit. I feel with everything they try to include in th game now it’s much more fitting for a console. I would pay for it , but if that would be the case, I hope developers make it much easier to accrue in game currency instead of the -free to play, pay to progress- strategy they use for now in mobile. I also would like to see some expansions to the replay such as being able to watch your competitors! Great game overall!
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5 years ago, CRealUSA
Best Racing Game Hands Down
My only complaint is it’s addicting and I have spent too much time playing this game. I haven’t touched madden or real racing 3 since downloading Drift 2. I pride myself on playing games without spending money. The best part of this game is the economy of the game. You can easily play this game without spending a dime of your own money and still get most cars and be competitive in competitions. Now saying that I have spent about $30 which is $30 more than I spent on any other games in years. The money I spent was for customizing cars and speeding up through the game. Suggestions would be to improve clubs, maybe have club vs club comps etc and please bring back the Saturn Sky redline from Drift 1. Great game and layout. It keeps getting better and better with each upgrade!
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5 years ago, retardedkiddo
This game is a cool alteration from the first game but gold is really so hard to come by. Also, on the third configuration of castle road, the cars spin out on the beginning of the race and sometimes causes the car not to be able to initiate properly(Gt 350). More body kits are also needed. Most importantly, THE CARS DON’T SOUND GOOD. THEY DON’T SOUND ANYTHING LIKE HOW THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO IN REAL LIFE, PLEASE FIX THIS! Thank you for your cooperation😊 Add on: vinyls are annoying because sometimes random ink blots appear and it turns out it’s from a different vinyl from an entirely different part. Please fix this, Leave all the vinyls where you want them to be and not appear somewhere they don’t belong. I want my cars to look good and I can’t achieve that with random ink blots that clash with my design. Also, let us add more layers
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11 months ago, suckmytoastyoreo
Championship racing
Hello editors, I can’t express how unfair these races are I’ve been cheated out of 4 tournaments, 3 of which I paid gold to replay and the other the competitor crashed during my follow run and I get penalized for it cause he can’t drift, why am I getting docked if he can’t drive I think there should be loss of points if the lead crashes or spins out and xds shouldn’t be the only race you can do if you really want competition , also I would strongly advise you to turn off ghost on these races, real life you can hug their door and tap them but this you get penalized for 2 seconds that’s 500dp right there, please make changes, Ps . If I’m doing warm up runs or doing a race for placement and I get sent out of the game with a good run and it doesn’t count that’s unfair too, I’ll change my star rating when I see changes. Thank you. Driftschooluwu out.
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3 years ago, ZekeMtx
Good game with a few problems
I play this game a lot. But I’ve noticed multiple bugs while playing. And a couple minor issues. For tasks I only get the “ghost ride” missions. I’ve been struggling with those recently, and I have rarely get anything other than those. Also the vinyl section needs to be more intuitive. With centering options, and other customization. I think you should offer widebody kits, as something you can buy with the in game currency. At the start of a race it won’t count stuff like a large angle, backwards, or big angle drift. Also the options to increase power and performance, are few. With you either buying a crate motor, or upgrading your drift class. Carx is awesome, but it has some kinks to work out. Hoping to see things change in the future.
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3 years ago, OOOO ohhh
I WAS BLOWN AWAY (but a few things)
I was depressed because CarX drift racing online on my Xbox was not playable any more. Until I found this I was like “OMG look at these graphics!” I started drifting as soon as I Can! I played for hours in one day until I realized that there was MULTIPLAYER. I was like WHAAAAATTTTT. So I started grinding for a while then when I got to multiplayer. I was expecting multiplayer lobby people tandeming and stuff. But it was a huge disappointment. I quickly realized that there was no such thing as a lobby inside of that game :( I was pretty mad so I stop playing the game for a while because, I wanted to tandem and do a drift train. Sadly the game lacks that :( I grinder hour just for a pretty lame “Multiplayer”🙄 “Lobby” so yeah that all but it’s amazing devserves more features but overall it’s really good I recommend it!
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3 years ago, Ghost_Akina
Overall experience between 1 and 2 and Multiplayer
I’d like to first and foremost say that I’ve enjoyed playing both the original and second game. Every tweak that’s been made has really overall made a good impression on me because I’ve like playing console racing games and always wanted one for my phone. On that aspect I believe that a multiplayer map for the phones should be made just like the console variants where we are able to freely drive with other players. I know that would be a great task because it is suppose to be tailored towards the portability it’s just that in my preference I would far more the game with an option as such but never the less I will always enjoy this game. Thank you.
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3 years ago, e30jaym3
Confusing and way too much content
Game has way too much content and selling points and not enough simplicity if you’re a certain level you still have to pay for stuff that’s supposed to be free it doesn’t make sense and it took weeks to figure out how to even play online or even get the proper upgrades to move forward in a track or practice, the level one drifting tracks are basically impossible I can’t imagine the hardest ones and I’m great at the game. Overall if they dumb the game down make it simple drifting without unlocks packages chests etc leave that stuff for little kid games and be simple and online like fr legends it’ll be better, every time you log on you go through ten pages of unlocks of stuff you’ll never use or need and have no idea what they are for, kills the game. Customizing is coolest part of the game the rest is honestly too complicated.
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