CarX Drift Racing

4.6 (17.7K)
1347.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
CarX Technologies
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for CarX Drift Racing

4.59 out of 5
17.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Seanisacritic
Honest Review - Amazing
This game is really really fun, the only things I don't like are the ads because they pop up every time I do a new drift run, but you can get rid of them if you pay ’Gold’ or something like that. It's like VIP basically but I can’t afford more monthly things or I would. I play this game on IOS/Computer and the IOS version is better for me because the controls are hard to use, like turning, on computer. But again, you can buy a steering wheel for a joystick type of thing for the game but I doubt I can afford that too. The computer version has more customization which would be cool for IOS but I don’t want them adding car damage physics unless it's like that one thing called like a demo derby or whatever its called. Lag can be an issue, I have a iPhone 7plus and it lags a little from time to time but not too much to mess you up very much. This car game is the only game I’ve liked since I started having a very big interest in learning about cars, not that you can learn a lot from the engine and how it works but you can still learn general new things if you're curious enough to learn from the game. I hope to see this game develop more and hopefully I can buy the VIP perks eventually and this game would be perfect. PS - You guys should totally add custom paint jobs and an off-brand 1987 Corvette to the game, it's my dream car😁
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7 years ago, Rangeraragorn
One of the Best Racing Games on Mobile
This has to be one of (if not THE) best racing games on mobile. Graphics are sharp (especially for a mobile game), controls are smooth, and it’s just plain fun! It’s an online game, meaning you can compete with other racers, but there are also single player races (drift-point races or time trials) if you find yourself offline (I put my WiFi only tablet on airplane mode to make sure you can play the game completely offline). There’s a nice selection of cars. For now, you can only change a few cosmetic appearances of your car (window tint, rim style and color, body paint, and tire smoke color), but hopefully some of the deeper customization that just got introduced in the PC/Steam edition will find its way onto mobile. My only complaint and reason for the one missing star is the “watch-ad-to-play” system. Not only does the game give you an opportunity to earn free in-game cash by watching ads (both in the form of daily ads-for-cash as well as “bonus cash” every time you complete a race), but you’ll also have to suffer through ads in between menu screens. For instance, going from a race to your garage will cause an ad to pop-up. For me, it just gets in the way and breaks up my immersion in the game. I understand the ad revenue helps make the game free-to-play, and for some, that’s okay - even preferable, but I’d be more willing to pay a one-time fee to buy the game and not have to sit through ads. Ever. That’s just me.
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7 years ago, Punisher_Rules199
Rating 11/10
This is the best racing game on a iPhone and iPad that I have ever played, no exaggeration it is the best free game on the App Store by far, so much to do and you all added new cars!! Very happy and will buy them all haha, this game is unique because it has a lot of potential and it is a great time user, I've played this over the years and it never gets old, always new content and always new possibilities, starts off as a casual game but play through and get better cars and you're set to go!!! By the way the cars are cheap and easy to get, some of them are harder but challenge is never a problem, one thing y'all could add is maybe a lambo? And the semi or the Thor 8800 as you call it, please make it a triple axel, it looks weird when you see it with only 4 wheels, like maybe like a older peterbuilt model would be absolutely great, and please add a wifi multiplayer so I can race my brother on some of the races? That would make my day and I will greatly suggest this to some of my friends, so add a extra axel and make 8 tires in the back and not only 2, possibly add a more racing type car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and add wifi multiplayer so when my bro can play then we can play on my wifi network, and maybe possibly add a player request system so I can find and play against him at his house or somewhere else, thanks so much for this game!!!!!!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Dizzy122344556677
Come on already
Come on already and give us the same update that PC got. This game is perfect but all that’s missing is a few more cars and the ability to modify the body just like on PC. Also it’s been said multiple times that the currency system is completely wrong. Being greedy doesn’t allow the app to truly grow to its full potential and basically the currency system is completely lop-sided! Things that we’d all wish to see are at least two more tracks similar to the amazing tracks in Japan and tracks like willow springs In the US, and new cars that are super popular in the drift culture right now. Maybe even some versions of FD cars that have the same insane power of the real FD cars that are competing this season. There should be the option to pay either in cash or coins for all cars, tracks, and modifications in the future. Or change the amount of cash prizes for multiplayer and events to coincide with the amount of coin prizes. Once these things are addressed this will possibly be the best game ever created for the mobile platform! One last thing is that their should be a online lobby and map that’s completely open and free range so you can truly run tandems with friends online! Maybe even a true drift FD drift event where you follow the same rules as FD! Think about it!......
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6 years ago, Nascraft88
Best game I’ve ever had.
This game truly is free. Sure, some of the cars are hard to get, but that’s the point. If they were easy to get, why would they be so good, or so good looking? I have every car in the game, and I did not spend one cent. Now that took me a long time of ridiculously hard work, but I got some pretty amazing cars from it. You like Deane Kearney(I think I spelled that right)? Viper. But very hard to get. The point is, if you’re willing to work hard enough, you can have anything and everything in the game. It is a matter of want to. One thing I will say though is that it is very time consuming. To get this Viper, I spent about 9 or 10 hours each day of constant playing and watching ads for fuel. Some things I want to see soon. #1. Deeper customization. Body mods, offset, interior mods, the works. #2. A simulation steering mode. So far, you tell the car where you want it to go, and the game does the counter steer for you. It would be cool if you could do your own counter steer for more experienced drifters. Other games are rigged, a pay to win. #3. Online and local multiplayer. Pretty strait forward. TANDEMS! CSR Racing 2 for example. Impossible. This game is different. And if you still don’t believe me, try it for yourself. This game truly is free.
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4 years ago, Tygart511
Help! Game will not load past 75%!!!
Hello Car-X gents! Still giving you a 5 star rating due to the hours and hours I’ve invested into the game. Since Car-X 2 has come out, I still follow up with the original for about an hour however, the last few weeks the game will not load past 75%. It just continues to try an load but is unsuccessful in completing the task. You guys have always been fantastic with communication not only with myself but the rest of your consumers throughout the life of Car-X (original). Figured I would take shot at you guys possibly seeing this review and take a look at the game or provide a update patch to get us going again. Again, thanks for all the hard work put into this version, it’s greatly appreciated and sought after even though #2 is out and even more incredible! Hope this reaches you fellas....if not, we’ll...I guess it’s onto the newest version as a “experienced newbie”. Will take some time before I am competitive as I would like to be. Either way, I hope Car-X2 lines your pockets in gold my is honestly a work of art! Here, here! Thanks again guys...Tygart511
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6 years ago, Mestapho2000
Best drift game for mobile.. PERIOD!
Time for another review with latest update. Firstly I must say that only true car fanatics should program car games because your passion for the sport of drift shows through in each rendition of the game. The vehicles you add are legendary in their own respect. Thank you for adding the Shinobi! I’m into the classic imports and this is an often under appreciated vehicle. With the praises out of the way.. when can we expect body modifications on the iOS platform?? Half, if not more, of the fun is the actual building and customization of the car. Also, I understand vendors not wanting their cars smashed up in games, but you were very clever to rename every car to avoid copyright. With that, why not add damage.. not only cosmetic but damage that effects performance. This forces the player to hone their skills further than just slam bang style of racing. With option to turn it on and off of course. With that, I can’t say enough in regards to the gameplay, realism, sounds and the overall beauty of this game. I know it’s a long review but this game deserves it. Mestapho2000
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6 years ago, Keep them free
Game is AMAZING 👍🏼👍🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Physics are crazy good! HANDS down the best drift game on iTunes Store. However, I've had this game since it was first released where the GTR was starting car! That car with drift setup and 400+hp is sweet but only some cars are like this! There are a select few that are amazing, GTR, mustang, Spector RS,STG440 and 350z are the only cars I use. I'm disappointed in the frequency of updates (not enough tracks 🙏🏻 keep adding tracks) and I have done in app purchases more than once on previous phone and after re-syncing my purchases, I still have advertisements (although getting all bought items :]). Please put more tracks and fix the other cars they need more power for better wheel spin in higher gears and staying sideways on longer corners. Other than that game is addicting and mad fun! By the way the 240 should be fixed it slides weird! ALSO NOTE MAKE EVERYTHING DOUBLE CURRENCY. Please don’t turn into the app where you have to buy everything to have fun. With all that great physics over all 4/5
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6 years ago, thekidduke
Loyal User recommending Update advice?
We need a “Free Roam” with multiplayer!! Been waiting years(yes I’ve had this game since it came out and never had any issues). New cars *USING COINS* and tracks *USING COINS* would be cool. More upgrades!! Kits, wings, more wheels, interior upgrades?!, nitrous while on throttle?!, engine mods? Etc. just think we need more personalization. As far as game running as a whole, never had any issues and the issues I’ve had, you guys were quick to sort out. Still continuing my 5 star rating years later! Side Note: So many people complaining on the handling of cars but I’m here whipping 360 entries and backwards entries like nothing 🤭 just sounds like you guys need more practice. I have not a single aid on my S15 and has the “ultimate” set up package with my tuning. Cars power is maxed and I do fine in solo and I’m in League I (top 3 every time) in multiplayer.
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6 years ago, MachuMamu
Very well made
If you aren’t all about cars then you can disable some of the features to make a more arcade like game, if you are into the cars inner workings you can change the settings to have different gear modes, throttle sensitivity, break sensitivity, this game has a lot of substance for a mobile app, it isn’t a requirement to spend money and the overall feel of each car is unique, this game is very well made. The only complaint I have is the lack of cosmetics and multiplayer opportunities, I would love to see a racing competition against other players of some sort of improved cosmetics, like wings or areo kits, ect. As a casual player this game doesn’t have any noticeable problems and has enticed me to spend money, although I have spent money on the game I don’t feel like it is necessary as many of the in game items are easily attainable if you put the time into it. The better reason I have spent money is solely due to the fact that I feel the producers deserve the support for such a well made game.
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6 years ago, Ello Pablo
Limited by mobile
This game is a simple drifting game where it starts you off with default settings in where you barely have to steer at all (the game does it all for you), but if you decide to go for a more “realistic” experience you can change the settings to make it so you control the steering. Turning steering assist off in the menu even gives you a warning that “the experience will be very different” and they aren’t lying. When you turn this off, if you simply try to drive forwards at the start of a race your car will spin out if you’re not using the acceleration slider. Then you have to constantly slide your fingers up and down while breaking, steering, shifting gears, using the clutch pedal, and using the e-break. A phone or tablet doesn’t allow you to be able to do this in a successful way, so you can really only have one thing on at a time. Maybe if there was a way to turn the volume buttons on the phone into working buttons, or making use of the “3D” touch on iPhones (7 and up) for games then I can see this game being pretty cool.
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6 years ago, poo_89 productions
Big problem on the 1.14.2 update
i really like the new Panther XW added to the game. it’s a really fun car to drift and mess around with. but there is a big problem with the clipping zones and clipping points game modes. i did a race on clipping points and got 1st place 80/87 clipping points. when the race finished and it gave me my reward, i did not earn any cash, where i was supposed to earn 15. i thought it was just a weird glitch that only happened once so i tried the race again, got 1st place 80/87 clipping points and it did the same thing. it also said i got 0 dp which wasn’t true because i held combo for most of the race. i tried closing and reopening the game and trying it on a different map, different mode, different car, but it kept doing the same thing. please look at this carxteam. i really hope it gets fixed soon because the new game modes was one of the best ideas for the game you guys ever had! thank you and keep up the great work
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5 years ago, Emreessmith
CarX Drift Racing
Ok. Lemme say this. Graphics-✅, Updates-🤷‍♂️,Game quality-✅, Car steering and going-❌,Most of the game✅! I’ve been playing the game for 2 years. I download it every time I get a new phone or something. One of the first games I ever downloaded on my 1st ever phone! However I had to delete the game because, I keep getting spammed( and I mean SPAMMED) notifications like no tomorrow. I reset my phone even and it kept going off like crazy!! Very annoying ❌🤔 I deleted the app due to this but other then that, Game is decent and fun. Here’s some other random junk I’m gonna put that y’all can ignore:⤵️ ok so my car always glitches but it’s still ok. Free play option maybe? 😮 The online chat never worked kinda?? Maps and cars are to hard to get (I think, idk I forgot) The game really is decent and is worth a shot. Anyways thanks for reading( Even tho I bet nobody on this earth is gonna find this and read it) and I drift ya later! Catch me on track! CYAAaaaaa👋 🚗💨 *Insert drifting sound effect here*
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6 years ago, UpRise
Used to be Excellent
Don’t get me wrong, this game has been outstanding since the beginning, but with the last few updates it’s been a real bummer that you can no longer earn the new cars and tracks except by playing multiplayer online (pay for data) or purchasing credits (pay with cash). I had no problem when there were a few cash based cars, I get that they need to make money, but to introduce 3 new tracks and make them ALL cash based is just greedy. I’ve been playing this game for years and just wish they’d continue to support their long term base without making you pay for everything new. It doesn’t give me incentive to continue playing the game if everything new will be pay to play. Maybe make the new tracks credit based and the reverse tracks pay to play? I used to always look forward to the updates, and have even put money into the game to help support, but I’m not going to open my wallet every time they add something new.
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3 months ago, PowerUp5
Nothing beats it!
I love how you can go to different maps and play in different courses. It is fun. The graphics are pretty good, and there are no ads. NONE! It js the best game ever. Buy it for high thrills and boredom killing. All the offers are at a good price, and won’t get you bankrupt in the first day of playing. The best part is playing with an ai to challenge your best score on a race, along with online play too. This game is too good! The only problem is that the games uses the metric system for everything except for car speed when playing can be miles per hour. I’m not good with imperial to metric conversions, so if I could change that, that would be great! For example, the cars weight is kilograms not pounds, and speed is kilometers per hour not miles per hour for fastest drift speed. Other than that, I have no complaints!
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3 years ago, :-:KEVIN:-:
This is amazing just needs a little touch
Car x drift racing is amazing. This game brings drifting to another level just wish the developers updated the game because it’s still a great name. They should add online rooms to this as well but without using gas to join a lobby and also more modifications for cars to make it as realistic as possible. This a a great game hopefully you developers see this and hopefully make the changes. I love this game I’ve played it for years and still trying to get better at it😁. I know there is a Car X 2 but it’s not the same I prefer this one to have online rooms and events and more. Anyways the Car X 2 is fun in all but the gasoline system it kinda a let down for me. That’s why I play this game more. Thank you for making a game that I can play all I want.
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3 years ago, norfleets1
Fantastic game!
This is my all time favorite game on my phone. I downloaded it like ten years ago, destroyed with it and forgot about it over the years until recently. Now if it would connect with my Facebook maybe I could get my money and cars back but it’s coming back to me slowly through playing it again. My only concern is that for some reason I click sign on Facebook and it says it’s not available for this app. Please please fix that! I had sooooo much money. And now I don’t know how to collect the x1x2x3x4x5 drift points. It always keeps me at the same exact score now. Before I’d get like 150k drift points per run, now my highest is like 6k. Anybody know what’s up with that? I don’t wipe out, make gorgeous shreds throughout the entire courses paths and still my highest was like 6k now. Someone help me learn why my dp’s aren’t landing in multiples anymore. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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6 years ago, A Boujee
Amazing game! Just need body mods customization like PC
I honestly love this game so much. It is not just a simple drift game where you can just tap a button and just slide for hours. You actually have to put in the effort to tune your car and find the best sweet spot for the car. The tracks also matter too. Where you have to spend countless hours on the track learning the ways and whats best to get the most points. It is so fun to just keep trying to do your best after learning the track. Its like there is more to it. The tuning is very fun to mess around with. No games has put so much effort into their tuning. Its usually like 4 options and your done but there is so much more tunes you can fix and adjust. I really love this game and hope we get customizable cars soon because I am trying to be a ricer with big wangs on my AE86
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7 years ago, left_handed_tandems
This game is amazing
Personally, I’ve been playing this game ever since you could get an ultra combo, so like before it blew up. This game is really nice and smooth and is an amazing mobile drift game. You can tune your cars, adding offset would be nice but widening the tires does just fine. Other than rims, colors, and window tint there’s not much customization. Body mods and not making all new cars cost cash would be nice too. However there are some flaws which aren’t too big but it would be nice if they could fix these. You can’t really wall tap without losing your combo and it’s kinda annoying. Along with little things like the point counter taking its sweet time to start counting once you initiate. Also if you straighten out just a tad bit you can risk losing your combo. If the makers could fix these little issues, it would be amazing.
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7 years ago, ThatGuyMac118
Best Drift Game
I downloaded this game on its release, after a while of playing I let it go. I recently seen a clip of gameplay on Instagram and couldn’t believe it was the same game. This game includes so much more than your common racing game, and even has things big games on systems don’t have. I’ve talked about what games should do to improve so many times and this game already implemented most of those things, to my surprise. One thing in particular I’d like to see, is a live free roam or just live drift battles in general. So far what I see is that the only kind of online you can play is through tournaments. I’d have no problem with this except it isn’t live, when you battle someone, you are battling a ghost recording of their run. This game would be so much better than it already is if they made that happen, imo.
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6 years ago, Level 50😂
I’ve been here since the blue gtr days
This game is by far my most favorite mobile game I really love it. I wish you guys would add superchargers for v8s, engine swaps, Body kits, Porsche’s or anything rear/ mid engine, corvettes, ferraris or just more super cars, road Atlanta would also be sick asf. But overall this game is so fun to play I haven’t spent any money on it so you don’t have to pay to play even though it would make it easier. I just enjoy playing it so much that I’ve made enough money to buy probably about 20 of the thirty cars I really just don’t have the ones you have to unlock by being super good or the one that cost insane amounts. The last expensive one I saved for was the mustang gt350r which was totally worth it. I mean this game is just so perfect already so anything I say is really just nit picking
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6 years ago, maddthadd
Braking during throttle
I’ve loved and enjoyed this game so much from the very beginning! I broke my phone one day and after replacing it, hadn’t re-downloaded it for maybe 6 months, and finally did recently. I was super impressed with all the new improvements and additions, especially the clutch button! so I figured I’d show my appreciation for this amazing drift game and write a review. best downloadable drift game out there. -graphics, physics, everything. Now, the only thing I’m curious about is that since you guys implemented the clutch button, have you ever considered the fact that it’s not possible to throttle and front brake at the same time? If it’s possible that the e-brake and throttle buttons function at the same time, can you make that possible for the front brake and throttle as well?
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6 years ago, ~$Larry da Lobster$~!!!
Amazing game and I have some suggestions
I’ve been playing this game since mid 2015 and there have been massive improvements since then. I do have some suggestions though that’d I’ve been wanting to see for a while now including: offline multiplayer with friends - we should be able to play offline against other people around even if it’s only 1 v 1, make some of the tracks cheaper and add better free roaming for existing tracks and add an airstrip for top speed testing on cars. My other suggestions are cars that should be added which are: some sort of corvette, e36 M3, a Lamborghini, Nissan 370Z, e60 M5, Nissan Skyline R32, 1969 Camaro, Porsche 911 GT2 RS and please please please make the Camaric a v8, it’s sounds horrible as a v6. Other than that the game is amazing thanks for everything so far 👍🏽
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5 years ago, SavySwindler
Friend feature??
This is easily the best racing or more specifically drifting game. There’s almost nothing wrong with it, amazing graphics, the physics feel great, customization is admirable, the events helps get you currency to get more cars but there’s still a perfect blend of grinding to get cash, and the multiplayer is second to none. The game is great, and I’ve shared it with my friends and we’ve even battled in the league. Yet, it’s just not the same as being on the same track, throwing tandems with them. The game would be perfect if there was a friend list of some sort and a way to play with them. The game would have a new reason to play it, because I can literally slide around with my guys! Thank you allowing me to voice my opinion!!
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6 years ago, ksgworvsj
Disappointing to a whole new level
I’ve played many drifting games and I actually drift. People said that the controls feel logical and the like real drifting. It’s nowhere near real drifting. All the cars sound the same the controls are just bad like real bad. When I come in I flick the steering wheel and clutch kick, not in this game u try to flick ur the wheel and u just find your self spinning out. You have to ease in a turn and hold the e break if u hold it to long u spine out if u don’t hold it long enough u crash into a wall. Also u don’t counter steer. I honestly feel like this game has so many stars because of the cars. They look cool but seem out of reach. Also they kinda make no sense all wheel drive drifting????? There’s at least 6 all wheel drive cars at-least( ?5first glance. This game sadly defies logic to a whole new lvl. Don’t waste ur time with this game they don’t even offer basic drift cars instead with some weird European nock offs. It’s sad......
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5 years ago, skaterjunikie 24
Best game ever!
I love CarX drift racing so much! I have played this game since it came out. No lie. I remember when it first came to the App Store.... the phone I had at the time when it got releases couldn’t run CarX so I went and bought a brand new iPhone just so I knew that I could play it. This game has came a long ways and I love what you guys have done with it. By far the best car game/drifting game on mobile! I would really like to see some customization to the cars like changing/taking off hoods, different bumpers, exhaust, and stuff like that but other than that the game is amazing! The physiatrist amazing! And the graphics are amazing! 10/10 all day everyday! Much respect and love for you guys, and thank you so much for this amazing mobile game! 🙌🏼💯❤️🙏🏼
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6 years ago, littledriftbuddy
We need real time multiplayer
Hey car x drift racing i have been a huge fun of your work(the game) and i have been playing car x dr since 2015 and i never got bored and i still enjoy it, this game maybe or i can say can be the best drifting game on mobile that has ever made and am really happy about the game and i still find it interesting to play, but i have to say something and its more like a complaining thing, were is real time multiplayer,,,?!?!?!? This game should have a teal time multiplayer and we all want that and we all want to step it up a little bit, come on guys we need it work on it let new people join the game let it be the best drift racing online and offline game everrrr, and by the way we really need more customization as will lol thanks guys and please work on it like u worked on it in pc
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6 years ago, hhebeinsz
Do the same
Every good but I watch slap train and he play’s one pc that’s why I started to play it on my phone but I saw him with one update because he can change the body panels and stuff because I was looking and didn’t see on my phone because I think you would maybe have the veilslide kit for rx7 and the would be cool to have that then like you would be one of the best because I fell like would love the game I would tell my friends about this game and I could help my with this and I could play with them and he played with play with over people because it was different lobby’s and it look like I could do some good stuff like tandems and all stuff because it could be super fun you could live steam on phone because so people don’t computers but it can super fun and have different kits for cars
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7 years ago, Elgabe12345
Too lit!
This game is everything’s nigh I asked for in a drifting game on mobile. It has great graphics, physics, and also is free! The experience is very enjoyable and is hard to beat when you look at other games. Every map has its own challenges and there are plenty to satisfy. The online events has great rewards that are worth the time and effort put in, as well as the bonus cars you can win. They are very cool! The developers are doing a great job developing the game, and I believe they should make more games. With their talents, they could easily make a game like Need for Speed or Forza Horizon 3. If they took CarX to the free roam and customization level of Forza, that would be genuinely amazing, and I would pay money for the app! Great job CarX technologies!
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6 years ago, _dawsontreadwell
Fantastic Game, Bad Update
I seriously don’t like this update. It’s not as simple and fun as if used to be, why can’t I change the tires on my racing STI?? I can’t change them and I hate it. On the map Navarro Base A at the finish you used to be able to finish by crashing in the wall, and I know it’s a small thing, but I actually hate that I can’t anymore. And I made a high score by doing that, and there’s absolutely no way to beat that without hitting the wall on the left. And I also hate that the second race reward is only 10 coins now instead of 80. I don’t care if you can earn coins with the clipping points and zones, because I don’t really care about that either. I like getting more coins as a reward, cause it makes me have to save more. And why do we need all of this anyway, the update that everyone has been waiting for is body kits. More car customization would make this game much better.
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Facebook issues
The game is amazing and looks great for a mobile game and their are a huge variety of cars but the way they save data from your profile is not the best as it uses Facebook to save and that has caused many issues to me because I only use Facebook to save game data but Facebook thinks of that as a threat or at least the system that helps detect issues and so I can’t log back in and I had in app purchases such as vip and and lots of in game currency and I’ve lost all of it due to how the game saves progress so if it possible to change how the game saves data in servers please do consider changing it Game Center or any other method that’s more reliable
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4 years ago, Tevin Brandt
LOVE EVERYTHING SO FAR!! The new updates have been amazing, seatbelts, color change of lights, seats, shift knob etc! Awesome! However I would love if the cars would take damage as if we were drifting in reality(I know it’s a game) but for the bumpers, mirrors,to fall off or take scratches and dings or banging doors, and have multiple outcomes not the same noticeable marks each time you know? It would be rad to have especially on a multiplayer run, you should make it so that the car isn’t ghost and we can actually have the option to physically crash into if we get too close on a tandem or whatever have you! As for the wheels! Great job adding new 90s wheels to the tribe! I love them! I stay static on some 15’s on my 240 irl! So that’s rad I can make my own car on the game! Keep it up!
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6 years ago, -KIINGJAY-
The game is good but it needs stuff
The game is good but it needs stuff it needs more customization options more rims tires more tune options we need to be able to gut the car out put handbrakes in the car different steering wheels and be able to change the racing suit and helmet and another mode where it can just be you and a group of 6 friends in a mode like training mode where we can just do what we want and night modes to and also really huge thing I highly dislike the cars audio either they sound the same or they sound really really fake like I wish they sounded similar to the cars there modeled after but with the modifications on them like drifters put on and be able to sell your cars that you don’t want
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2 years ago, Ryqul_
Absolutely amazing game, truly love the attention to detail when it comes to the cars. The upgrades are better than any other car game that I’ve played. I play this on PC but recently got it on mobile and can say its great. Mobile theres a lot of ads but even mobile game has it. Only things I’d like on the game is more attention to detail in painting and some upgrades. Such as gutting interiors, custom steering wheel letterings, and maybe even for that extra detail is damage to cars like fender rub and dents. Love the game cause the developers support mods (PC) and they listen to the community. Another thing which I know takes time, is more big body VIP cars. People like to host more than drift meets like car meets, and people put some serious time into paint and building their cars. So I think some cars that a lot of people will enjoy is Lexus LS400 & or LS430 Nissan Cima/Infiniti q45 (I own irl & love) Lexus GS300 Honda Prelude (1st or 2nd gen) MK3-4 Golf/Gti BMW 740LI (e38) EK Honda Civic Infiniti G37 NB Miata Nissan President I think tons of people will love to build these cars up including drifting, car meets, cruises, and others. Much love to the developers!
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5 years ago, JJaygamer
Best mobile racing game.
I love this game. While the drift steering physics are exactly opposite (with steering assist on) the driving experience is phenomenal. Steering assist off is way too difficult... doesn’t feel like driving because of the short ratio of the wheel turning with your finger movement (aka it’s too sensitive or not sensitive enough - TOO precise to use successfully on mobile, at least for me). My main complaint lies in the crashing and loading, especially in multiplayer. Sometimes you’ll start a race, then it will spontaneously restart, using two more of your fuel credits. Essentially, you will run out of fuel twice as fast whenever it crashes like this. I refuse to spend real money on fuel if it will be wasted like this: fix the crashing and you’ll have a happy customer!
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7 years ago, OneAnonATime
Best game ever
It is the best game I have ever played on my iOS device. In fact, I would even go as far to say that this is the best game I have ever played period. I have driven some fast cars in real life and I can say with confidence that car x drift simulates the experience better than any other racer I have ever played. Assetto Corsa, and project cars has nothing on car x drifts physics. Seriously, i would not be playing any video games at all if this game did not exist because this the only game I’ve played in a long long time. It came out in 2014 with one track and one car and I remember telling myself how much potential this game could have. 11/5 as the other reviewers were saying. LOL
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6 years ago, Mrtraindude
Glitchy and and ads came back after paying
I have had this game literally since it came out, I’ve been playing it for years watching the progression of the game, it is so much fun and by far the best drifting game on mobile, period. BUT lately the game has been super glitchy and I’ve had to reinstall it twice, the third time I had to reset my phone completely to get it to work (reinstall IOS and set up phone) well now I get adds and I’ve spent nearly $50 bucks on this game. I’m not happy 😑 the names of the maps have this format [broken_fraaking_game_map_drift]. I’ve tried restoring purchases but I still get ads. Please fix the game.
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7 years ago, Willie42069
Okay another review, great !
Edit : I'm very pleased that you guys listened to the crowd and added more customization with suspension and such (why I gave 5 stars) but I feel like adding wings, exhausts, different wheel combos, and possibly making the tachometer bounce off the red line like a drift car . Adding customization will bring more and more people into the game and it will give them a chance to express themselves. Adding multiplayer options for playing with your friends would be an added bonus as well. Love the game . You guys came a long way . Congrats on The dope update . I just know you guys can do better and know you will deliver
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6 years ago, This_is_a_Rental
I’ve never written a review before but this game is bad so I decided to write this.
This game has the potential to be really fun. It allows you to customize your controls the way you want and basically just drift. BUT the game mechanics are TERRIBLY unrealistic. I personally have a Subaru BRZ and drift / do doughnuts it real life, but this game is NOTHING like real life. The steering is incredibly unresponsive. Also, the game has an insane amount of auto-steer so you don’t even drive the car at all, the game does all the drifting for you. You can turn this off, but it does not change the fact that the game does all the drifting! If your really ignorant and have no idea how to control a car, than you will like this game. If you have ever driven a car before and actually want to control it like a real car, do NOT download this game. Save yourself from getting extremely frustrated like I did. Happy Days
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6 years ago, bigdaveheath
Great but not perfect
Honestly this game is extremely Fun. It’s actually better than most console titles in every way. I mean sure it’s not nfs or gt but in its own right it’s one of the better racing games I’ve ever played period. The creators did a phenomenal job on this game and are constantly improving it. There is only a few things that I would like to see changed. More customizing options, maybe a couple more events, and an actual real-time pvp in drift mode and racing mode with like betting options which would honestly make this game that much more immersive. Even if they don’t make these changes I’m still going to be playing this game. I’ve been playing it since it was originally released.
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5 years ago, truthalwayswins
Gameplay declining?
Great game, but it seemed like I was driving worse as I got into higher levels during multiplayer. My car, even though it was very well suited for my style, seemed to have significantly less power than when I played other modes. It was like the game was making me mess up. The first few times I thought I was just messing up, but when I noticed I would press the handbrake/gas and there was a noticeable lag, I knew something wasn’t right. I kept playing though but it’s been about two weeks and now I’m getting scores that are consistently getting worse because of it. I’m now scoring about half what I was and I’m over it. Time to move on to something else.
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6 years ago, Alexander S beast
Plzz add online lobby’s
Hey carxdrifting I’m a person that’s been playing your game for a long time and I just want to say that this game is amazing compare to other racing drifting games I just want to say thanks for everything like you don’t haft to spend money to be good you just haft to grind hard and other things but y’all really need to add lobby’s so people can come together and drift I have lots of friends that love this game but stoped playing it because they can’t play we there friends so I just wanted to come out and say don’t leave us behind just plzz try to bring that in Because if you did a lot more people we’ll spend money and play your game thank you and see y’all sliding your rides
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6 years ago, Jus some beginner
Great but....
Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing. I absolutely love playing this game and, it is way more enjoyable than most of the racing games you will find, at least for free. Although, I do have two problems with the game. I don’t know if it’s just my phone but when I play on a track I just bought it’s all glitchy. A lot of the time the ground will flicker and my ghost is lagging everywhere. It doesn’t bother me although, it would be nice if that was fixed. Another problem is with the tires. When I replace my old tires i pay the 2500 coins to get them but when I try to exit it makes me pay again. It’s an annoying glitch. It’s a great game but please fix these two bugs.
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4 years ago, benjamin carrillo
Best game to me as a kid
There are a lot of games but this one stands out. The graphics are spot on and it’s not one of those games that every race there is an ad. Also as a 13 year old boy this game isn’t like the other games it very addictive and I like it doesn’t use “energy” so you don’t have to wait so you have enough “energy” to play this game is awesome I would just like that some more of the cooler cars would have prices and so you didn’t have play events but that’s just one minor inconvenience all in all this game is very good and would recommend to everyone
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7 years ago, iAndersonGaming
Best Simulation Subsitute
Like Forza & Gran Turismo, this app gets you the feels of playing either those 2 best racing sim games but however only restricts itself to the popular sport "Drifting" among JDM or Drift fans. The cars are spectacular in any level of tuning or class, the game's physics made me rage a lot for not letting my Wanderer L30 (Toyota Supra RZ) oversteer at times but it does make you understand the way of realistic car control because it'll take you like 4-7 hours of a whole day playing this game to get the hang of your car's handling capabilities. All in all, this app makes me happy for its challenging fun & also makes me feel like "hot stuff" when people see you play this game
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7 years ago, Someuntalentedpleb
Best update up to date! But if you can give the race Horizon GT4 specs of the R34 Nismo, the Godzilla R3 spec of the 400r and the Magnum RT about 707hp (you’re already know where I’m going with this) and the beautiful sound of a Supercharger, that’ll be lovely, and I believe both the Time Attack and Drift (possibly also Drag racing?) community will really enjoy the game. And one lil question: The Thunderstrike sounds like a Viper V10, yet it only makes 478 hp at most, so would it been driving with the first gen Viper V10 or the Magnum V10 from the Ram, which makes the STG 440 also needs the sound of a V10, and the Raven needs the sound of the LS.
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6 years ago, nimo18rtr
Something has sent ruined this game
I don’t know what has been done to this game lately, but the cars have become unpredictable pieces of sh!+. I’m trying to drive my “Loki 4M storm” with the ultimate setup, but it just spins out or drives into the wall. I have followed the instructions of a pro for drift setup so I know it’s not my setup. I’m using steer assist (because steer assist off is stupid impossible to use). There used to be a day when I could ride at around 37 to 40 degrees sideways and not spin out, now I’m lucky to see 33 degrees, if that. I think the focus should be on creating a more formula drift feeling to the game and not as much on “realistic” handling, because it’s too late to go all realistic now. Still my go to game, but things have changed.
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6 years ago, vegito_blue
Best car game period.
This is the hands down the best game ever and with the best graphics. One issue that really bothers me is why do you have a multiplayer that only plays with ghost versions of them. I would’ve just put a global free roam with other people that you can chat with too, it just really bugs me and should put like custom bumpers and spoilers and make it wide bodied but you already got the rims just missing a lot of stuff still ever since this game was made. I can feel the potential still rising. We need free roam in a city and other places and this game could easily be #1 on trending mobile games (not a highway game) but I know that it isn’t easy doing that
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6 years ago, thankyoumikey
Been playing since 2015
Been playing since 2015 i believe. i’ve seen all the cars change, seen the progress of the game. i couldn’t walk for about three months so i had an immense time to play. spent a good amount of money in this game also lol. amazing game and will never get played out as it’s so real and smooth. if there’s anything i can input , its more tracks , and more ways to modify your vehicle. once that’s dope, this will be the best mobile racing video game and will be unmatched. also, i hate the wing and kit on the 180sx , rather the previous or a Type X kit. also, why is the E30 spoiler only black?
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6 years ago, .G.X.D.
Too much money to waste
The game basically turned into a game where you have to buy everything. It’s like 30 coins to change your car to a drift car for 24 hours, which is dumb. I get the company needs to make more money but I’m not going to spend money on a game where I enjoyed it in the past, but can’t enjoy in the future. It would be great if they made it so that the change was permanent, or at least change it to the normal currency where you can earn instead of having to buy. And don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing, it’s just that it turned into a game where you have to pay for everything instead of earning it yourself. Graphics are amazing too.
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