CarX Highway Racing

4.8 (29.3K)
1151.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
CarX Technologies
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CarX Highway Racing

4.79 out of 5
29.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Smith_81
Awesome game
I’ve played this game on and off for around 5 months. The daily races resetting every 24 hours definitely helps with building your bank. I’ve beaten all the chapters. I’ve saved well over 12 million at times and average around 6 mil to make it easier to completely max out the cars I purchased along with the ones I unlock with the reward containers. I must say, for a game that I play on my cell phone, the cars sound amazing as they’re pretty spot on. I’m not locked into any monthly subscription, haven’t spent a dime in this game as I just take advantage of the free rewards from the 15-30 second adds. I’m definitely looking forward the new updates and chapters.
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2 years ago, Tuckhay
Lots to like, but multiplayer could be improved
There is so much that I like about this game - the driving experience is wonderful, the graphics are certainly up to par, and the concept over all is pretty addicting. That being said, I think there are several missed opportunities in multiplayer mode, but one thing is just rubbing me the wrong way; I don’t understand why you only race against holograms of other players and can’t truly interact with the people that you are racing against. It really doesn’t feel like multiplayer at all. It is also apparent that other players aren’t experiencing the same traffic patterns as you are, considering the fact that you’ll see competitors drive straight through incoming traffic without the slightest flinch. I’m sure the devs have their reasons as to why multiplayer is the way it is, but I’m still voicing my complaint. Off topic suggestion: I’m pretty new to the game so this may exist beyond my knowledge, but I would love a single or multiplayer game mode where traffic is thick and heavy and the main objective is to get to the finish (indefinite gameplay would be even better) either unscathed or with minimal damage to the vehicle. This would be an awesome way for players to fine tune their weaving skills and make heaps of cash when they get really good at it.
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2 years ago, SkyLinePon3
The events are scams
Event tickets recharge way too slowly so you can’t win events without spending whatever those red token things are (there’s also too many currencies in this game btw), but there’s no room for error cause if you mess up and have to restart an event even once, it throws the whole thing off and you won’t have enough tickets to get far enough into the event. I spent all the tokens I had to recharge my tickets and it ended up being worthless cause I spent all of them on one event cause this race had so much traffic it wasn’t even funny, and the cop cars kept changing lanes faster than the guy from Temple Run and they kept purposefully pushing me into traffic cars so it was either slam into the cop or slam into the traffic car because there was no way I could dodge them both. That stupid RNG moment repeated itself multiple times and caused me to spend all five tickets on one event, which meant I lost the event and didn’t get the car that I worked so hard for Until you make the event tickets recharge faster, I refuse to take part in events. They’re scams that try to force you to spend money on those red token things. Forcing me to wait an hour for each ticket is just absurd and unrealistic with how quickly these events end
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3 years ago, Deno242
Needs a lot more content.
Overall it’s an interesting game in the making, but it needs more content. Since we have control over turning give us some circuit races with laps, some drag races would be awesome also. We need more car customization options to better fit the street racing culture. Also this game is in desperate need of more cars if you take all the cars in your drift X series and bring them into this game that would be awesome. The graphics could use a bump it not on par with drift x graphics but you there s more environmental objects to load whereas drift x is just track based, but still the overall graphics could use a tune up. It has potential and I’d recommend it as a good time passer. But if your looking for deep customization, crisp graphics and a healthy usable vehicle Library drift x is the better option. If free roam is your thing you my prefer the free drive in this over drift x.
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3 years ago, perf4ct
Chapter 14????
I’ve been playing for about a month. Planing my car purchases and saving money to buy cars I will need for the chapters (which are %90 of this game). After the update I can no longer finish chapter 14 because I don’t have a car. I have a handful of cards needed to unlock the three cars and I have about 1600 gold because I haven’t spent any yet. What is someone supposed to do to get the only other car for 2700g? Even if I completed the extra races everyday it would take another month until I was able to purchase that car. Very poor planning on the developers part. I’ve finished the long drives and find the multiplayer redundant. So there is really nothing left to play. Basically I now will uninstall the game and play something else. it’s really too bad because I was enjoying it.
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3 years ago, meaky sosa215
Game is awesome just needs more content
This game is amazing I’m actually mad I’m late on it but anyway this game is fun feels realistic when I drive and I can whiteline without running into a car not all car games have that type of mechanics. Since I’m new I’m not sure of everything that happens in the game but i I finished all the long trips and would like to know if there’s a update to make new ones or does it reset? Because that a easy way to make cash in lump sums once you complete it the payout isn’t big at all. I like driving on this game feels fun but just a little more content would be amazing. Anyway great game 5/5 stars very fun!!!
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2 years ago, Bobby holiday
Great game when it works. Crashes too often
Game is great so far. My most played game…when it works. For the past 3-4 days, the game just keeps crashing before it loads. It’ll give me that dark screen for about 8 seconds then closes. This used to happen before, but after another launch or 2, it would open. Now it doesn’t even open at all. I also spent money on this game because it was extremely fun and I enjoyed it and actually saw myself playing it for a while. Now I can’t even play the game and it is extremely unfair. Please fix the crashing issue because this game is certainly on the rise and on its way up. Definitely has potential to be one of the greats, but the crashing needs to be fixed, and maybe make it less pay to win.
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8 months ago, hi66456
So this game is one of best mobile racing games (at least on App Store) I really love this game and its bit addicting also like todaty i played it for 2 and a half hour i was really bored and was trying to find a new game to install right now im installing other games of this company. Also this game has multiplayer,free ride and best part of the game is that its offline this game is a solid 9.5 out of 10 only thing that game is missing is bit more freedom on maps maby different turns. You should install this game!
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2 years ago, CTMaverick
Decent application but lacks updates
The story chapters haven’t been updated in a while. I have this app downloaded for about 5 months and haven’t seen a single update on the storyline. In case of multi player mode, same cars with same ratings doesn’t have equal starts. This doesn’t make sense at all on how one or two cars can slingshot away compared to everyone else. Not sure if it is a bug or the developers want the users to pay more. Also next to impossible to advance in game without spending bunch of money. Yeah definitely there should be in app purchases, not denying that, but a that requires spending so much money on upgrades and some cars doesn’t make much sense at all.
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3 years ago, Spitfire The Wolf
Game continues to crash on certain maps, cannot progress on career or complete certain events
As far as the game itself goes, it’s pretty fun once you know the mechanics and the grinds on money. Though the two map areas that I seem to be having trouble with are City Lights and City traffic. For whatever reason if I try loading up those maps at all, whether it’s Long Drive events (which are your main source of money in the game) or career or exclusive events the game will crash itself all the time. I’m not sure if this is an issue that is new or has been around for quite some time but I can’t progress on the game. I run on an iPhone 6 and all the other maps run fine. Please fix this and I’ll give this a 5 star for the fun factor. 💙
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4 years ago, CBCYouth xxuziferretxx
Developers are greedy.
Make it actually possible to make money and beat the game in a timely fashion. Remove the stupid wait times, allow to sell cars, and give more cash upon winning races. I wish I could give the game more stars, but I can’t because of the people who made the game. Also, allow high tier cars for low tier races. I ground a bunch of daily races to buy the Supra and I can’t even use it in races; so now I have to go back and grind and encounter the “pay to win” feature. This game is always advertising packs for you to save money. Until I see an improvement, this will remain one star and I REFUSE to spend a single cent on your greediness. If you want money from people, I would have gladly payed a few bucks for this game if it didn’t have the issues I mentioned, as well as expansions and DLC if it wasn’t “freemium” Fix your game so people like it.
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2 months ago, """(&;
Development has stopped. No new chapters or updates.
The creators of this game seem to have lost interest in finishing it. No new chapters, same tracks over and over again. Maxed out all my cars and the only thing left is to be bored to death time and time again. Now it says the server is under maintenance! This game was fun but now it’s come to a dead end with no future updates or tracks to come. No new cars nothing!! I would request a refund while you still can. I just deleted this game due to inactivity from its designers. They said new chapters coming soon but it’s been a year and now it’s the most boring repetitive game made. Same tracks over and over, cost to upgrade cars is unbelievable and they just stopped working on this game!! I want a full refund
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2 years ago, mobilesucksassnow
This game is🔥But could be more MainStream
Been playing for about 2-3 weeks love the game. One thing I like is variety and this game has many different unique option to mission and things like that. Side missions for xtra money along other things like monthly Missions to win rare collectible cars. One thing this game lacks AHEMM IN MY OPINION😂😂Is the multiplayer. Yes they have a ranked system but your mostly racing with bots and I don’t mind that honestly I just hope a creator sees this and adds a local setting so there’s a way for me and my friends to play together nearby. All in all games great 4.5🌟
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4 years ago, Ogbooy
Need improvement but very fun
The game and the mechanics are good but one thing I can’t get over is the multiplayer match making. You will barely be starting in multiplayer at a bronze level and that’s fine, it’s when you join a race and your instantly thrown to the back of the pack. Since you a bronze level you can only use level 1 cars which is understandable but why must I be pared with players with higher cups. Since they have these higher cups, for example silver they can choose higher tier cars that are way faster than a tier one car fully upgraded. It’s not even fun going into multiplayer because you jus know your going to be pared with players with far faster vehicles.
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2 years ago, Hulkberry
Great game, Some Steering Troubles tho
Ok, I like this game Y’know? You race you gain mulah you upgrade. And I like Tilt controls y’know? When you turn left, You turn left. When you turn right, you turn right. … Well, My most recent race I turned Right to go around a curve and my car….. Well It goes the OTHER way. I haven’t touched the controls since I first got the game. So, Why am I now having troubles steering? I’ve had the game idk… 5 months maybe? And this is the first time it’s happened and I don’t know how to fix it. Was this because of an update? or is my phone just trippin-??
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12 months ago, MapIecIaw
One issue
The only negative is that most areas only allow some cars instead of whole ranks. That basically makes some cars useless, and also it is hard to see which cars are allowed until you are in the specific area. Me for example I brought a rank 3 car that looked the same as one that was allowed only to find that it was not even the same car and I wasted like 500,000. Now I have to do like 50 daily missions to get another.
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3 years ago, DadForgotMe
Pay to win
It’s a fun game, from great developers. But the biggest issue is, it’s definitely pay to win. There’s pay walls throughout the entire game. It’s not worth playing without a premium account. Getting new vehicles is too much of a grind, so the easy way out is to pay of course. The game progresses in a way that makes you max out your car and spend all your money to continue, and then you hit the next chapter and don’t have any money, but need a new car. I’m not the biggest fan of how greedy mobile games have become. Such a shame because the console/pc version of Drift Racing is amazing, not a single complaint. This just feels like a cheap cash out.
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2 years ago, hdhdhdjdoslsk
Absolutely Splendid
This game may be one of the most fun racing games I have played on mobile. It’s graphics is one of the best out there, and it’s quite simply, accurate. If I were the developers I would pat myself on the back. Y’all have created a racing game that lives on to be on top of the others. For those that don’t know, it offers controller support. My only issue… the audio. I want supercharger whine, and turbo blow off valves. Have an option to edit the boost maybe? Thank you so much, Ethan Velizar Greer
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2 years ago, Real talk. 🫡honest review
Good game
Great game. Reminds me of old school realistic driving games you really can’t find even on consoles racing games are lame. It’s something about highway racing that is extremely exciting. Even in real life lol. Not that I’d recommend breaking the law🤫🤫🤫🤭. Only issue is the pressure to spend money.. as far as trying to conserve in game purchases be prepared to budget your earnings wisely because you can’t sell anything you bought and leveling up gets really hard!!!
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4 years ago, bucboyyerrrrr
Very fun but could use a big update
This game was very addictive and I played it for days straight, but I reached a point where I finished all the “Long Trip” races and now I struggling to obtain cash. There is also no known way to sell cars that I know of as of now, and that could be a very useful tool as i have multiple cars for different tiers and need cash, hopefully when they add a sell feature it’s not like other games where you get bare minimum like “CSR”. This game is a great game, but is just lacking in ways to obtain cash the higher you get and wish there was a sell feature.
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2 years ago, TheDyingCheesse
New bug???
So today I was scrolling through my racing game file and saw this game so I decided to play it, when I loaded in it said to go get the newest version so I check the App Store and it says I have the newest version so I go back to the game and It gave the same message. Then I did what the game said and deleted it and re downloaded it and chose my save that was in the cloud. yet again, it gave the same message, CarX please fix this bug because I have good progress on the game and I don’t want to lose it.
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3 months ago, TebowToWin
- Before you start any race get the 3 days of free premium time to get the cash bonus - Do the “long rides” Do both of those and you’ll have more money than you’ll ever be able to get from just doing the campaign. Hundreds of thousand for every single long ride you finish. Millions once you finish them all 💯👌
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3 years ago, Trifitchick
It’s a 4*
Redoing this to offset the 3 rating I gave. Not sure why I couldn’t access it for an edit. Anyway, the script writing is just terrible, hence the 4 stars, but the rest is great. Super challenging, sometimes frustrating, super fun. My heart races during the really hard races that are important, I might have a heart attack while playing this game! I dunno if I’ll get to the end, there’s so much content, but for now I’m really enjoying it. Ps. It’d be nice if you’d get the licensing necessary to use the real names of the cars
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3 years ago, David Atamanyuk
I’ll give 5 stars when bugs are fixed
Very cool game it has great graphics and overall great layout style of the way everything is. I play this game all night at times and it doesn’t get boring at all, the only BIG problem is that for some reason it starts to freeze up and then exit out on its own very often and also exits out on certain races you try to enter, even though it constantly does that I still end up opening it back up because it’s such a cool game. DEVELOPERS PLEASE FIX MAJOR BUG ISSUE.
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5 years ago, Pike's Law
Big thanks to the developers but you can do more
This game is awesome for mobile . It picks some feature from other mobile racing games like Real Racing 3, NFS Most wanted , asphalt and all and I rate it 4/5 because more can be done . They need to add more cars and more tracks and improve the graphic still . Maybe that will push it to a little above 1GB but it would be worth it . More graphics and more Cars in a really soon update pls 🙏🏼 big thanks to the developers . I enjoy playing on my XR for hours on a travel
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3 years ago, @ily.kyroq
Amazing game. Few suggestions
overall been playing this game for like a month and have leveled up a lot. But this could use a few different modes like a drift mode, new body styles and needs more cars like a Porsche 911, Lamborghini Aventador, Hurracan, and Overall New high end cars and more jdm cars, this game so far I’ve loved more than any other automotive app that I’ve played. and maybe some motion blur for the graphics to feel even more realistic. Thank you for reading
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2 years ago, MAX PAYNE 1223
Nice game
I’ve been playing this game for like 3 years now from one mobile phone to another…it has been one of the best car racing game I’ve ever played on a mobile phone..I wish you can make it more addictive by adding some car damage effects and extend the duration of a race and by the way the opponent cars drive itself and I don’t think that’s good enough..add interior car lights for night races…And i don’t know the reason why cars don’t come with their real brand name I hope you can fix that too
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4 years ago, finndiver
Needs one or two things fixed!
The game is fun and plays well but one major problem, I started with the first car they give you and worked hard to save up lots of money. Then I just went ahead and skipped the crap cars in the mid range level, buying one of the much better cars. But it won’t let me use the car in the lower part of the campaign because it thinks it will be too easy. So I’m forced to go back and buy the mid range cars just to get higher in the game, even though I all ready have a much better car....... 👎😠😤 this is just something they need to fix! ASAP!
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4 years ago, Giobon10
Needs online!!
This game is amazing! Loved the graphics on full resolution and just the gameplay in general, you guys should really take a online gta style game Into account! I was driving on free ride and I noticed how much potential this game has if it had some sort of online type of deal like gta, buying houses, racing people, in game car meets, could go crazyyyyy, would love to see it
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2 years ago, 😂🎮😀😭🤣⚽️⚽️fifaplayer
Good game needs new content and bug fix
I got this game a little while ago and i really enjoy it but it gets a little old because there aren’t a lot of different game modes. I have found that sometimes my car will glitch under ground and slow down and then jump out of the ground so it would be cool if they fixed it but other than that it’s a great game
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2 years ago, sssddd22
Great until today !
I loved this game until today it won’t let me play it says I need to reinstall the app so I did and it says it again some weird like Ukrainian writing came up looked like synchronization so I did it and it still didn’t work idk it also said ios 11 or higher needed but I have iOS 15
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1 year ago, Willanthebestgamer😎😜😅
Overall amazing
I'm impressed with how beautiful the graphics are! It's simplistic while being realistic at the same time, while some games try to be too realistic and makes it look bad and be laggy. Also it does not bore you. Thats the perfect mix for a perfect mobile game. Love it. 😘👌🏼
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5 months ago, mArCeLoPiNeDa
Unnecessary car grind
everything about the game is fine but as you progress through the campaign, after wasting time and money on one car, the next chapter doesn’t allow you to use that same car and now you need to grind for another car to go through the story. there are 12+ chapters and all only allow certain cars. waste of time in my opinion
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10 months ago, Kingbrace
More Titles Challenges
I’m writing this to give you a receive in your adventurous life in the game, yes you’ve done it perfectly but you don’t have to stop at being a perfectionist you can always upgrade to be an enthusiastic supporter and you have to do all possible upgrades in each games. First you can bring competitive content to the game
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4 years ago, Joea5678
Sell back parts and cars
Great game overall. Just wish you can sell current cars you don’t like to earn more money or sell upgrades you currency have for more money or if you don’t want that particular upgrade on the car at that time. Also sometimes while during a race the steering does not work. If you can please take a look into those things that would be awesome. Thanks
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3 years ago, ~ 7MOOD
My favorite game
There is a glitch in the game when I enter the game and play and after a while I exit the game and after for example an hour or half an hour I want to play again the game does not work so I have to delete the game and download it again (my phone 11 pro max)
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4 years ago, Saj.i.d
I’ve been searching for a real good racing game for mobile lately. Failed to get one which matches my mind. This is it. Looking forward to it and I am really hoping it wouldn’t get boring after a couple of month’s playing. And suggesting to add a free roam in highway traffic and if possible endless head to head mode would be fun.
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1 year ago, ADD GOKU PLEASE
Great game but.
I got this game a while ago and I wondered something, in “Carxdrifting 2” every car sets a record for a drift map. I would like if you would change that to where every car can make you money in the “Long trip” please and thank you.
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1 year ago, PR~>KY
Good fun Racing
The storyline is corny, but I appreciate the graphics, the car selection, the upgrades. It’s not absolute that you have to pay to progress. Still not sure what the Missile Pack is that I purchased or how to drift, but we’ll see. Maybe I’ll HouTube it. Fun game
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3 years ago, chiiiicken
if ur gonna make a game about cars at least make it accurate, i just spend 230,000 dollars on a 1970 barracuda in this game and ur telling me it only makes 200 horsepower??? the actual car had 425 STOCK, out of a 7 liter hemi. good game physics just like at least make it accurate for car enthusiasts that think further than how cool the car looks, or how fast it feels. and i just poured another 220,000 into that same car and i have only gained 35 horsepower, pitiful
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1 year ago, Rusty751
2 stars misleading
I love love love this game. In fact, I’ve been addicted to it for like four days straight. Maybe I have not figured out how to earn money but I have spent easy $120 because you can’t participate in a race unless you have a qualifying car. I’m really frustrated at the cost needed to continue and I don’t understand why I’m not understanding so if someone could reach out to me, I would gladly change my review to five stars. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Dydfvgdbhdcb
Really fun game
I like this game I was going down the App Store looking for a racing game that u can’t steer the car with your phone by rotating it and that u can use the breaks and all that and I found this one that u could do all those thing and it’s on a highway not a race track which is really cool too
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3 years ago, Res42uset
Good but cluttered UI
Better than some other games out there, but cluttered UI makes something’s difficult to find: 1. How do I disable “ghost” cars in multiplayer? If its not possible, its a poor decision. I’d like to focus on racing, not figuring out real vs ghost cars. 2. Can we lower the right/left controls, right now they are a little higher up than comfortable.
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3 years ago, Cyrsynik
Would be higher but…
I have made 3 micro transaction purchases now. One was a duplicate of the second I made. And I haven’t gotten the car, mechanic, gold, or cash from any of them but I HAVE been charged for them and I’ve also done the restore purchases button multiple times and I’m still not receiving the things I’ve bought. I’m enjoying the gameplay but spending money and not getting what I purchased makes me feel robbed.
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3 years ago, GamesandForex
Real fun game
Pretty quick to learn this one. Controller support for more control is available. Don’t seem to need to pay to play. You can buy extras but your in game winnings keep you competitive so far. Beautiful graphics too and a great way to make time fly.
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2 years ago, X manx
Beware !
A wonderful and amazing racing game but it's a complete freemium you have to pay to play sure you can earn in game cash but big deal there's nothing to use it for other than changing the color of your car upgrading the speed or performance of your car costs real money and not useless in game cash.
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2 years ago, ZJM1888
Actually Unplayable (Initial Start Up Bug?)
It asks me to quit the app, or to redownload it from the App Store with the newest updates each time I play through the initial 3 scene sequence. That’s as far as I can get I’ve redownloaded it everything is the way it’s supposed to be and it just doesn’t work. I play car x drift racing all the time on my Xbox but never do I have issues of the game not even working like this! It’s too bad could’ve been a good game seemed like.
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3 years ago, Naked Gunn
Problem Purchasing
This game is the TRUTH, but it keeps crashing AND the in-app purchasing feature does not work. I’ve tried everything, even support and haven’t gotten a response to this problem. It’s a shame really. It’s not everyday I’m asking a game developer to take my money. 🙂 Also, as I’m already signed in to Game Center, this game doesn’t recognize that for some reason. 🧐 If they fix those issues, then I’ll gladly give this game a 5 star rating. Until then, it’s a one star for me.
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5 years ago, ALLDAYonIOS
Game is great, besides the fact I lost a race to a car with another vehicle stuck on top of theirs.... also, when I go to get more gas by watching an ad, the ad will finish and the game won’t give me the gas. Often it will freeze afterwards. I get cheated out of my time while the developers get paid at my inconvenience. These glitches and more are almost enough to quit the game. Please fix!
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W game overall
I just love this game, it’s fun and best part is it’s WIFI FREE. Do t change anything except making it so that every 10 miles in free play u can earn a fuel so players don’t quit the game and play something else
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