CarX Street

4.6 (92.6K)
1863.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
CarX Technologies
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CarX Street

4.6 out of 5
92.6K Ratings
10 months ago, Ejabur
This game is great
This is by far the best racing game ever on mobile! Except for a few key issues one wing the fact that the traffic is too heavy in races to the point where you try to dodge one car and another one comes barreling i to you, and they can't help it because they can't sense you very well! The race drivers are also able to take corners way better than you can because they don't have sufficient programming to have the amount of skill that the race level entails so if they would be a little less op when it comes to speed and handling(I don't even think that they should be able to turn that well because they are purposebuilt drift cars) but aside from that the game is excellent, sure it's a bit laggy and upgrades and gas are way too expensive but the graphics are great, and the physics kinda remind me of games like beamng drive except toned down a little to the point where a phones processor won't go kaboom just loading it even though they do get pretty hot so kids if you don't want a wildfire DON'T RUN FULL GRAFFICS unless you want a very mad parent when they figure out about the very strange burn mark on you, and how much you smell like smoke
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1 year ago, markalexanderhaynes
4/5, needs a boatload of improvement
Insane prices on car parts and cars, strenuous grind for users not using $$$ to entice purchasing IAC, therefore add it to the endless amount of games that do so. The purchasable car packs are very underwhelming and not worth the , again, wild prices for an upgraded car and what they call a “house”, which is really just glowing parking spaces scattered across the map. Constant game crashing on an iPhone 13 PM, iPhone is not the pinnacle of mobile gaming but handles other things as taxing. It wants to load the next chunk but gets interrupted by a frozen screen then led by kicked to your devices Home Screen. If you want users to pay your exorbitant amount for in game bull-honkey, you must make the setting in which they can use it in….usable? Ridiculous for it to crash every 1-10 minutes, and then sit through a 2+ minute loading screen on 800mb+ Wi-Fi. OTHERWISE, the driving in the game is very nice and smooth, all car tires feel a little sticky but that sort of thing is needed to combat user error on mobile. Engine sounds are okay, turbos, pops, and crackles sound orgasmic to me. Drifting is a little wonky, due to the sticky tires not letting you engage a full slide. THE TUNING IN THIS GAME IS UNMATCHED. But overall will stay tuned for where this game can go, I see it setting a new standard for online free roam racing on mobile.
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1 year ago, anonymous18383
Amazing, but has a few decently big problems
Having spent weeks into the game myself, I will definitely say that this game is amazing, the map is big and beautiful, the physics and car handling is great, car list is great enough for release and the overall game is revolutionary for mobile racing games. Though there’s a few pretty big problems that I would like to address: 1. Optimization Optimization in this game is still pretty awful, I have to put my graphics down pretty low and my game would still crash occasionally. But I’m optimistic you guys would improve this over time. 2. Car stats display(specifically for tire pressure tuning) The game doesn’t update the stats of your car according to when you change the tire pressure of the car(when I lower the tire pressure down, my car’s top speed decreases but the game doesn’t update the stats) 3. The AI I strongly believe that the game would try everything to take you out of a race, whether it by placing a truck in front of me in a intersection, or by ramming my opponents into me into a tree when I brake early on a corner. The devs really need to make the AI less aggressive and the traffic placement less obvious really. I have more problems to talk about, but I think this is all I will say for now.
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10 months ago, Fordhykerjet
This game is great
This is by far the best racing game ever on mobile! Except for a few key issues one wing the fact that the traffic is too heavy in races to the point where you try to dodge one car and another one comes barreling j to you, and they can’t help it because they can’t sense you very well! The race drivers are also able to take corners way better than you can because they don’t have sufficient programming to have the amount of skill that the race level entails so if they would be a little less op when it comes to speed and handling( I don’t even think that they should be able to turn that well because they are purposebuilt drift cars) but aside from that the game is excellent, sure it’s a bit laggy and upgrades and gas are way too expensive but the graphics are great, and the physics kinda remind me of games like beamng drive except toned down a little to the point where a phones processor won’t go kaboom just loading it even though they do get pretty hot so kids if you don’t want a wildfire DON’T RUN FULL GRAFFICS unless you want a very mad parent when they figure out about the very strange burn mark on you, and how much you smell like smoke
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1 year ago, Golf5673
I have played this game for a couple of days now and there are some things I should tell you about. First of all, one thing that I would love to have in this game is an actual cool apartment or house that you can buy. When you first login to the game it says something about owning a really big house maybe with an indoor garage. I think that would be epic and would really keep the game from getting boring. I understand that you put a lot of effort in this game for the graphics, but maybe just being able to walk around in your house with your character to display the home you bought. Another thing I would change is to add more cars I really like the cars there. Are but maybe just adding a couple more like a Bugatti and other sports cars. The graphics are amazing for a mobile game. This is one of the best mobile game I have ever come across, but the main thing I would like to add would be able to walk around inside your house and being able to own a mansion. Please make these changes to the game. Thank you for reading this.
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1 year ago, Allen Customs
The one and only MUST HAVE MOBILE GAME!
This game is the best game you can get in mobile! The game has challenging opponents, which keep you on your toes. Sure, things get expensive, but it keeps you playing, AND you get a racing game for one reason, to RACE! You guys that are expecting a top of the line mobile game that’s like GTA are dreaming up a fantasy. All you people want is a racing game that has easy AI, but the way that the AI try to crash into you when your racing is almost realistic. Of course, with every mobile game, there are some issues. First, a basic turbo kit for 58k is absolutely outrageous, I mean, come on, when is someone going to have enough patience to get that. Next, the AI is horribly cruel, I had to replay a million times to actually get second place on a circuit race. I would also like some more modern muscle💪💪💪. Maybe add some V8 engines in the muscle cars. I would also like to see a option to sell a car, but, overall, THE BEST CAR GAME ON MOBILE!!! Great job developers and I hope to see more awesome free play games from you! Sincerely, Thecar_master23
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2 years ago, Trdt4r
Amazing game destroyed by greed
You basically building a race car off pizza delivery money. Can’t even pay to win. Just pay to play. Freaking pay real money for a car to get a real start. Well that car allows you to complete about 3 races before your car (you just paid cash for) needs to be upgraded to qualify to continue. The winnings from the 3 races you got to complete make up about 3% the cost needed to upgrade you car further. And that’s only 2 or 3 races and than you got to pay some more. Freaking mid level turbo kit 80k when yours getting 800 to 3000 in a race. It’s possible to progress without paying. But you will be none stop grinding just to buy 1 modifications that has little effect on your rep to progress. Even tuning cost a fortune. I mean it cost 300 just to change the air pressure in your tires. It’s a great game. A real multiplayer free roam race game with modifications on a mobile device. I mean this is a need for speed mobile. But they clearly knew this is was they had and take advantage of that by making you pay a lot of real money to start, progress, modify, and play. I’d much rather the app cost money than this. And I ain’t talking $10 or $20. No that $20 will be needed about maybe every hour you play.
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7 months ago, DjB-RAD
👌🏿 Masterpiece of Top Tier Quality
Like dead serious bro the time, work, effort put it to this game. Is seriously underrated and it’s a mobile! It’s a AAA quality masterpiece in my opinion. Granite it has a PC version along with other variants of the game (ie: Car X drift, Car X Highway) So I can see how development is off the charts! The initial grind capability is 100% top tier. The tune and customization is spot on. Online is in its on league and gives you legit reason to keep progressing. Even when I felt lost and finally connected to the discord and used the guides for a better perspective of the in-game mechanics. The guides were in-depth and very informative. I’m still in the beginning clubs but atleast there’s a target/ goal to achieve from just stunting with a detailed custom like really DETAILED inside and out car, a 60 second beast, or a insane drift car. The map itself is another groundbreaking piece with plenty of areas to explore. Definitely would recommend this game to anybody into cars or just a great game in general! 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
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1 year ago, axTooHonestxa
Great idea bad execution
1 good 1 bad, car x and the games they make I love, each game is unique in its own way but to each his own. This game had by far been waited on and upon its delivery I can say I’m disappointed. The physics seem worse than all other carx games but there is tons of customization. There is a whole unfinished open world to explore full of uncontrollable traffic which is annoying and millions of invisible curbs that if you touch will flip your car of just bring you too a quick spot. I see people not sticking with this game because storyline not solid and it takes so long to make money like I’ve spent $50 win every race and usually don’t make more that 2,500-3,000 credits per race. Would love to see some humility in the rest of the games release like who are you making this for cause if it’s for older people like me who make a paycheck to give to y’all multiplayer modes, leaderboards and a separation in online modest between someone who has 60+ hours in the game and someone who just started. Please sent me in game rewards I’m a detonates player and honestly don’t see myself sticking with and continuing to spend money on an unfinished game
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11 months ago, FUno69
Good game but bought racers are annoying
In general, this game is quite good I love driving around and just drifting through the streets but my main problem comes from the bot racers and the bot pedestrian vehicles. The bot racers are incredibly aggressive, like they will purposely swerve into you to the point where you will do flips in the air and have to restart that race entirely, and sometimes the bot pedestrian drivers will just randomly drive straight into your path like as if it was on purpose some of them will even purposely swerve at the last moment there are some lag problems, but I find if you turn down the video quality it works fine. The cars are quite pricey, and it takes a long time to progress through the game without spending actual money, it would be nice if there were more lights during the night time such as lamp posts, or street lights. It would be also nice if there were a couple of cop cars that would attempt to pull you over other than this the game is quite good and fun. I’ve just had quite a few problems with the AI drivers.
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2 years ago, kipplluu
Horrible progression system
U start off with 3 cars and 2 of them rwd. U start off with side races that give horrible amounts of money until u can join a club. Every new race u do in a club requires a new upgrade to be able to go on to the next race. The parts are insanely high price for upgrades and u just don’t make a good profit out of car clubs. It took me about 2 weeks of grinding side missions of races to get an actual faster car because when u start off with the 3 cars it’s not like any of them can drift with no horsepower so the drift side mission are useless. It took me 2 weeks to get a $160,000 car. Right when I bought it it matched no car clubs rating requirements and I had to do more side races. After a longer amount of grinding to finally be eligible for the united car club it says I need 350 R rating to even start the first 3 races. Not even knowing the club was about drifting only. Make this game actually progressively fun so it’s easier to make money and make the prices on parts reasonable. Make the side races higher reward giving. Other than that the graphics, physics, gamepley and scenery are amazing for a mobile game
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1 year ago, Beastlybeastness
Almost Perfect!
I love the feeling of progression in this game. You have save your money and earn up to upgrade your car. You aren't given billions of dollars and every car in the game like forza horizon. This is really refreshing as games now a days don't have anyone work for anything. The game feels incredible, CarX physics have always stood out to be superior. Amazing game!. Unfortunately there are some issues with the consistency of play. The game will randomly close making me have to restart the app and start the race all over again. Frame rate can fluctuate dramatically and sometimes things will pop in last second leaving me no time to move out of the way. I have my graphics and everything else turned all the way down to zero and this is still an issue. Lastly, this game absolutely needs to be ported to the nintendo switch. This is a no brainer purchase just like your other drifting game. Please please please make a purchasable version of this game for the nintendo switch. I would be willing to pay lots of moneys for this on a home console ( I dont play PC).
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12 months ago, DDTheDon
Absolutely a fantastic and well made game. Customization is astonishing, tuning is at its finest. Great choice of cars overall a well made game. With its graphics popping out more than most open world games. I would like to request a few things to the developers so if u see this please note. We would like a livery system jus like carx drift racing. A few more cars, maybe some exotics. I would love to see the s2000 in the game. Also please add carbon fiber or add that to the livery system if u do add the system in. Also please add window tints ion like seeing my cars with fish bowl glass😂. And can we have an option where we can delete the hood. I’m a huge rp player and some of us actually play as an rp so having hood deletes and also hood exit exhaust would be nice. Working blinkers would add a touch for us who play this as an rp. But overall Thank you for this game and hope u see this and add a few of the mentioned things into the next update. Have a bless day devs🙏
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1 year ago, _AceFire_
So Close!
This game is so close to being perfect for a mobile racing game. Graphics are next to none, controls are feeling good after the last couple updates, world is fun to drive and race within. However one thing is jumping out at me as I’m progressing through the game and that’s, the tuning aspect. We all know how these games play out, upgrade and tune various cars to take down other crews. Which is fine and works, but with this game while the player is tuning a car there’s no obvious indication of gaining or losing power while tuning. You have to tune, leave the garage and try the tune/car out, then come back to the garage and try again if you didn’t get the tune right. There should be some type of indication as to if you’ve created a good tune/gained or lost power OR there should be a “dyno” you can pay to put your car on after tuning if the player chooses to do so. Tuning is arguably a huge part of the game, however it feels unclear and unexplained how to the game wants you to properly tune each car to gain the max power.
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1 year ago, Maxthefact
Good game would recommend but we need some small changes
Ok this game is awesome! The graphics are astonishing the car physics are great and the map is pretty big but I have an issue; when I am doing races the AI racer cars only stay on there path and sometimes ram into you making you lose the race. Also there are still AI traffic cars while your doing a race which is a problem since the AI cars only stay on there path. Most of the time you accidentally hit a traffic car which makes you lose the Race which means that I recommend to the developers that if you can, PLEASE remove traffic cars while you are in a race. These AI cars always make me lose races for example, when I am in a champion race and I am speeding around a corner and don’t see a car I crash into it which makes me drop to last place. I just honestly think the developers should remove AI traffic cars in a race. I also sat that some other guy also complained about the AI cars and now I can agree, Thank you for reading about my review hope you have a nice day.
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1 year ago, 5.0lincoln
Have to agree with others- it’s pay to win.
As others have said it’s pay to win. I wouldn’t recommend this game to others. This has been a CarX theme since the second release in their series. The payouts are small and upgrades are expensive. The club race payouts don’t earn enough to upgrade to the needed level to continue past the first couple races. The single races can earn you more, but again unless you’re in a Class 5 car you’re not getting close to top tier payouts. Then in order to move up or down in classes for a given race by removing or adding parts you already bought, you have to pay a large amount of winnings to do so- that is ridiculous and outright greedy. So unless you pay large amounts of real money to this game- it’s just stagnant game play. I understand the need to “donate” to help the developers continue to offer games like this. But you’ll need to spend upwards of a $100+ to be competitive, at that point you’re better off on a console or PC game. It’s a decent game otherwise as far as graphics ect. But developers need to significantly increase race payouts or the game with fade like other CarX titles.
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10 months ago, SirEmpty
Needs a ton of improvement
As said above this game needs a ton of improvement. One of the biggest problems plaguing this game is the cost of everything/the rewards attained. It’s very obvious that the developers don’t want players to progress based on the game alone, their greed makes is so that people have to spend real money on the game. Even then spending real money will not get you very far so you will have to continue to spend again and again. Secondly is the AI whether it be racers or traffic they seem to be dead set on where they are going and have no awareness of their surroundings. Having the racers and the traffic be smarter would greatly improve the experience. Another issue is how you interact with the other racers. Whenever you try to nudge the other racers it is like they are mountains that simply cannot be moved but the slightest bump from them will send you flying. Another thing is reputation, why must the cars be customized to the point of ugliness just so they meet the requirements to join a club or compete in a race. Removing reputation or changing how it functions would be a good idea, maybe adding police and having reputation be based on encounters with them could be the change.
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1 year ago, claxton666
I have a request of just adding a couple new cars every few months. The online game play is so fun but I’d hope to see one day we can communicate with other plays online. As in, adding friends to a friend list, being able to chat with other players online thru via text or thru the speaker in our phones. Having the option to mute people if ur not a talkative player stuff like that. But if we could chat with other players this game would be like the call of duty or gta online version of the people in to car games. I know my comment might not make a difference but I would love for one of the creators to read this and take it as a decent opinion. In conclusion I have almost no complaints the game is very well made and it’s been the only thing I play recently thank you to everyone who has spent their time on this beautiful put together game.❤️💯
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1 year ago, dakotajune4
Money is a problem
The game is great! Graphics, cars, physics, customization, map, etc… HOWEVER.. This game is basically a pay to continue type of game. Unless you pay real money or you want to grind hours to get one modification that will barely get you through the game, then don’t install this game. The payouts on the races are so garbage that you will find yourself budgeting in this game just to try and not go bankrupt. I had to pay $10 just to complete some clubs, and now I’m stuck again. Also, the XP given is NOTHING. I’m only level 9 and I’m a little over halfway done with all of the clubs.. that’s insane. ALSO, I have to complete races with stock looking cars because I have to put everything into upgrades and never have any left over to actually have fun customizing, which makes multiplayer useless for me because I’m just cruising in a mid power stock looking car that can barely drift . In conclusion, if you don’t want to pay real money or put hours and days into a phone game, don’t get the game. Otherwise it’s a good game!
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2 years ago, kabblo
Can you PLEASE fix the game
So I was searching some fun apps on the App Store right but that’s what found out carx street it was out so I immediately got to download it but I didn’t have enough storage right so I I deleted every app and every photo in my iPad air 2 so I was so hyped and I quickly downloaded it and spent one hour at least to download it so when I downloaded it and quickly got to play it but when The loading screen finished it immediately crashes and close the app so I was so panicked so I tried again and again and again until I search up the tutorial but there was no tutorials so I hope you fix it and I get to play it by the way my iPad was iPad Air 2And I had 16 GB and I am on iOS 15.4 so I hope I hope you fix it and I hope you make it like a fixable understand iPad if it’s not fixable I’m gonna really sad so I’m gonna wait good luck and thank you for reading this
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2 months ago, TheLephricorn
Street Racing or Crash Derby?
This game has so much potential. Been playing Carx Street for some time now and it CAN be a lot of fun. Lets start with the biggest issue. THE A.I is awful! Theres no car enthusiast anywhere in a street race or otherwise that would drive like the in game rivals. It’s like trying to race while playing twisted metal at the same time. Incredibly annoying. THEN there’s the massive amount of traffic that will cross lanes and drive head on into you constantly. Customization options are fair, graphics are solid but takes turning the quality way down for most smart phones to not feel like they are over heating and 300 degrees in your hands while playing. The map layout is full of fun driving roads of totally different styles. All in all worth playing and experiencing but be ready to be VERY frustrating at times. Also be ready to spend real money or play until your fingers hurt to get anywhere in this game because the winnings barely scratch the surface of the exorbitant cost of parts!
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1 year ago, gxturbo
Good game, terrible physics(new update broke)
Pros: great graphics, tons of customization, car selection, and the open world map is great. The money grind is slow to start but gets much faster when you get a Class 2 car. Cons: Worst physics of any Carx game. Traffic cones can literally send you airbourne or stop you like a brickwall, yet the bot racers arent affected by them. Bot racers will literally ram into you in order to get to their racing line. The steering assist is awful and can’t be disabled. The steer assist countersteers automatically when you drift, and also forces you to understeer at higher speeds when you lose traction. Its either constantly trying to force you out of a drift or trying to make it so you cant turn. The Fwd cars have little to no problem with this since you don’t oversteer, but with the Rwd cars you literally have to fight the steering assist to turn. Most recent update features neon pink textures whenever the interior fails to load, and it consistently crashes during Class 2 races. Load times have also significantly increased. Not worth the frustration anymore.
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1 year ago, 2P4P4
Honest and best review.
AMAZING AND REMARKABLE GAME I WOULD RECOMMEND FOR ADULTS AND KIDS that like CARS and are looking for A OPEN WORLD RACING GAME. Ah HIGH QUALITY game that surprisingly must of the time runs SMOOTH on an expensive device. GREAT GRAPHICS and REAL PHYSICS when it comes to driving on the game; game environment such as the city and the audio visual are GREAT. For car lovers; adults and kids will enjoy. You will and can invest tones of hours on customization and racing and with the new ‘online mode’. It has so much to offer and a great potential; Nowadays adults that work can easily catch up on a fun solo game by buying some of the currency and won’t be disappointed as the game is constantly updated. Only DOWN SIDES list found so far; - in game rewards seem to be pretty lacky until you progress in game. -game progress poorly develop requiring to grind a lot to progress on “solo mode”. - multiplayer mode looks like it’s still on development more as a new game mode as it just got expanded. ( new online race mode added with recent update.) -prepare your self to constantly invest your lots of hours in to the game with the poor currency rewards as in game purchases can be also pretty expensive... STOP LOOKING AND PLAYING GAMES OF CARS WITH POOR AND FAKE PHYSICS THAT DONT EVEN OFFER OPEN WORLD. Support and find a new game with lots of potential. Thank you for reading. Sincerely; FDO: JONATHAN AYALA.
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4 months ago, Honda-Motors
Needs update
The steering on the cars didn’t even get fix at all the game legit crashes when I’m in middle of the race I wanna love the game the last time I played it was 3 weeks ago since then I been waiting for a update and maybe just maybe make more missions instead of those stupid little races like how I’m supposed to get 71k for a turbo then it doesn’t even make the power for the car tbh I feel like the car x really losing it flow I remember 5 years ago I can make 200k in one of your drifting games in Matter of an hour even my homie sergio said you guys are going down hill it’s sad tbh for such a good company tbh every time I login in to the game oh you wanna buy this car or this car or this car or maybe this car and tell my why u guys got 3 levels of the rivals it feels like need for speed and where the cops if you guys had cops I will delete this review and never speak on it again something has to change guys they too many cheaters and to much money grab I mess the times you can play a game without buying anything
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1 month ago, kiddiamondd
Please add G37 4 door 🙏🏼
This is by far the best car game out ! I love it so much and I play it everyday with the controller . So many details and upgrades and body kits and everything you can imagine . I actually love the game so much that I spend actual money just to build and buy cars . I was hoping you guys could possibly add infinity’s in this game cause I would love to build my car in the game ! Specifically the g37 2 door and 4 door , and maybe the q50 and q60 . But at the very least the 4 door g37 since that’s the car I have In real life , please and thank you . To anyone else that’s thinking of getting this game I don’t know why you haven’t yet . By far the best game out in the App Store . I put so many of my friends and family on this game . I can’t even get into details about everything I love about this game . There’s too many reasons . Keep up the good work Carx !!!
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2 years ago, Ddxinfamous
Ads break the game
I’ve had to restart the game on multiple occasions because an add that has finished playing is stuck on screen without a button to get out of it. Mostly has been the magic: the gathering ad that’s 30 seconds long. Very annoying. Also wouldn’t recommend the front wheel drive hatch at the start of the game since I’ve had to dump almost 10,000 into performance upgrades and it still only just gets wins against the juniors. Decent for a free racing game but it also gets frame rate issues on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and makes it run hot even with the graphics set to adaptive which I thought was supposed to go for best frame rate while making the game keep looking as nice as possible. There’s also the fact that gas is pretty expensive for early game… but I guess I won’t harp on that since the rewards for later races will be bigger. Just a bit annoying to have to watch an add that might break the game or pay essentially half a race payout for a tank of gas.
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6 months ago, Drifty Boi R32!
The best racing game on mobile but there is a bug
I absolutely love this game and so do my students at church we have a little drift club and I’m the club leader and it’s a blast but recently I bought the CRN or Toyota crown irl and thought it would be a sick drift car so I put about 889k and 145 gold and thought it was ready but as soon as I got out of the garage it was so bugged it was undrivable It wouldn’t shift up it wouldn’t accelerate over 45 mph and it wouldn’t drift it was a complete waste of money and I’m disappointed that I put so much money into a car and it’s bugged if it is possible I would love to have my credits and gold back I spent 145 gold on this car but if that’s not possible I will still play your game because I love it so much I’m excited for 1.2.0 update and the new mountain Area and the 6 new cars so u will not lose me but I would like my money and gold I spent back
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1 year ago, _NateTheGreat_
Amazing game
This is a great game and I've played for some time now. It's not like most games and thankfully there's not ads unless you select it for fast travel or something. It's also great because it's open world and you can explore. For the developers I have a few questions. Is the open world going to get bigger in the future or does it open as you level up? Also, are the boxes withoney in it respawning because I keep finding them around the map, and I don't know if there's only a certain amount of those boxes. And there is one thing that you could be able to improve but you don't have to, would it be possible to make the speed more realistic because when I'm going 50 mph it looks like I'm going 35mph or around there. Anyways, overall a great game and recommend it to others because it is a must have game.
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2 years ago, Darth hopekiller
Clear “Pay to Win” type game, but doesn’t ruin the fun.
I have played many of the CarX games, mostly for fun mobile drifting sims that offered good customization, tracks, multiplayer, and overall a fun way to kill time and get sideways in a car you dont own in life. It’s a game, a mobile game. Downloaded this hoping it’d be the NFS/Forza Horizon on mobile and give other games on the phone a run for there money, the game is incredibly slow to start, beginner and open world races/time trials do not offer even enough money to cover your lowest of engine mods to gain acceleration time and horsepower to beat the beginning races. Typical for a money hungry phone game, I threw $10 bucks or so at the game as I’ve played the companies previous titles and thought why not? Prices are steep and once you get a priced car 100k+ the upgrades are even worse, 90k for this, 56k for transmission, 70k for an exhaust of lowest setting, etc, etc, etc. The online “multi” player if you wanna call it that offers no races, no chat, no way to challenge or declare you want to drag, roll, or drift and hangout. The single player AI is incredibly aggressive, often bashing and spinning you out.. not uncommon to be ran off the road or into a civilian car while trying to clean race cause the AI is aggressive and on rails. The “fun” and free to play window is very small. All that being said I will keep an eye out and throw some more time at the game if it interests friends
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2 years ago, Peanutfarmer673245
Poor Ai and High Price barrier
After devoting some time into the game and getting a car up to class 3. By far the most frustrating thing are the ai vehicles you race with in the game. Throughout every race there is at-least on instance of an opponent just driving straight into you or ramming you off the road and essentially forcing you to restart the race or just waste your gas and get last place and 200$. The cars you race against are IMMOVABLE and they WILL spin you out, run you off the road, cut you off, or just ram straight into you going 100mph. it needs to be fixed its extremely frustrating to have a good race going then be spun out into a barricade and flip over 5 times. also why are parts for cars so outrageously expensive. I get the progression curve but at-least make the races give you a little more money in the higher classes. Racing camshafts for 73,000$ come on thats more than the cost of half the cars in the game.
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9 months ago, Will1123!
Good stuff
I love this game and I play it every day and I want to say the update made it the best driving game there is BUT now when I try to buy gold or money or even the new cars they came out with Apple says your purchase was successful and then the game says there was an error! I’ve emailed tech support and no answer ! I’m literally begging y’all to take my money! But the updates look amazing just wish I could enjoy them! Ok so I wrote this review a couple of weeks ago and now I see that my credit card has been charged $300 for cars and upgrades that IVE PAID FOR AND CANNOT GET!! Every time it goes through when Apple processes the payment but then the game gives me a message that say error something went wrong!!!!!!!! This is a big problem and I can’t get anyone to return an email or anything to fix it!,, I’ve paid really good and a lot of money on this game and alll I want is what I’ve paid for!
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1 year ago, jdshhene dhcjcjcv
Suzuki cappuccino
The game is great I love it and I would love it even more if you guys put a Suzuki cappuccino in the game it’s on of my favorite cars and pretty well known in the car seen. And you guys should add a left to right sliding bar style steering option it would make driving in game a lot better, and you guys should not make the cars counter steer for you when you get in a slide/drift it gets Annoying and doesn’t let me do the things I want to in game like a 360 drift for example Because it would just counter steer and wouldn’t let me do it and make sure the rev limiter shows the right rev limit for each car because it didn’t for the vw golf it show it at 7,000 rpm but stopped at 6,000 and it would throw me off when driving hope someone reads this bc I just want to make your game better and more enjoyable!!!!!!!! Please read this!
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1 month ago, Luke66R
Jeez CarX, y'all have done it again. What a game! The Graphics, game world, car physics, customization, and racing in this game are simply unmatched! But, this game is far from perfect. Number one, prices. What the heck guys!? 220,000 for a C6 corvette? 400 Gold for a Lamborghini Huracan that does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds?!? Come on guys. That’s just crazy expensive. Also a private room costs 10 Gold as well?!? ITS A FREAKIN ROOM!!!! Should be free like all the other games. 360 Gold for a AWD swap?!? I was hoping to build a rally Ford Focus but I guess not. Lower the prices people. Money hungry devs go broke. Number two, lag. I’ve got a iPhone SE 3. Yes, it’s not the best, but I shouldn’t be lagging and glitching AT ALL. Your game is the only one I’ve played that consistently lags on my phone. Nevertheless, good game. But still has some GLARING flaws that need to be fixed FAST. Thanks for reading.
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5 months ago, Affilitae
Big Thank You To CarX
in this Review, i am extending The BIGGEST THANK YOU that i possibly can. After being ever so grateful for this game, since its release. I Now find myself even more thankful for the Latest Holiday update. Oh My Goodness. Everything from the new cars, to even more mountainous terrain, to the Updated HUD speedometer etc. i Just wanna cry mann. 🥹 Body and drive swaps … 😧🫢 some body slapp me ! Wish we couldve gotten that toggle-able Dyno. So dont have to street test our tunes. But hey, Baby steps. Baby steps. i Love this Game. its Really Amazing. Especially to people who cant afford a Simulator Rig. Or dont have the time to drift in Real life. Mega Thanks to you guys once again. Love & Prosperity. Ps- Why would you guys Add That “Bx5” (x5M truck) only as a “Special Offer” ?? That should be a vehicle we can buy with Game cash or Gold. Lets say 200 Gold. Fair right ?
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7 months ago, Dw about it .
Great game
This game was crafted extremely well for the phone, I would love to see improvements to make this game feel like it is complete. We should be able to add Friends to join their server and play with them easier than current method, would love to see a turn on and off cops feature, would love for you guys to add a rollback burnt out for manual mode in the cars since if it is a manual car it should be able to press gas while rolling back instead of waiting for it to slow down all the way. You guys should add for the camera perspective to be able to be moved around if you’re on controller instead of being stuck looking straight ahead, there should also be a feature to look behind you while you’re driving. Overall great game but needs these improvements
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1 year ago, LorenzoValy
So the game is pretty popular and i said i might try it out,after downloading it i signed up and started to play,at first i noticed that i had a lot of lag and i thought that it was till the map was loaded but after playng for another 20min it started laging soo much that it started crashing and freezing so much,after turning all the graphics at the lowest setting i thought maybe it will reduce lag but it actually got worse,after maxing the graphics it got even worse idk what is the problem with this game i get it,it has really good graphics but crashing out and frezing like crazy on an Iphone XR(4Gb Ram,64 Gb Storage)It’s not the best phone but its insane how it can run a game like PUBG mobile that uses 18Gb of storage at 45Fps at max graphics and at lowest 60Fps and not being able to actually suport a game like this at 3Gb of storage rounded,I know the storage does not matter but its crazy,beacause of that i uninstaled it and i hope for better optimization on iOS (Iphone XR) so i hope you see this.
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2 years ago, 之夜殇
Krypton gold players' suggestions on carx
As Krypton players, this game is very good, but there are still shortcomings. As carx fans, I hope you can reply to this comment, In terms of control, the experience of pressing buttons is not enough. I hope that the steering wheel control mode can be added. In terms of the picture, the highest image quality is really great, but I hope that it can support 60 frames. In terms of sports car customization, I hope drivers can customize their own dress, and more can be added to sports car customization, such as interior modification in carx2. As for me, I like the first person model very much, and I hope that I can refine the first person interior to make it more realistic. The above is all my suggestions for carxstreet, As your loyal fans, I hope carx can reply to this comment! thank!
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2 years ago, Awkxword
Exceptional Game
This game is such a beautiful game, I can get lost in the driving for hours. This is the game I’ve always wanted on mobile, I really like the grind and having to build your car up and progress through races. The driving is realistic and I love that about racer games I’m not a real big fan of the arcade racing like need for speed although this does give need for speed and midnight club vibes and forza vibes all at the same time. There are a couple things that do need to be added and fixed but it’s in the early stages so I can accept that. Some things I would like are more cars like all of the cars on CarX Drift Racing 2 and every time I look on the map it stops me completely in my tracts and it would be cool if that was fixed. Also to be nice to be able to add decals just like in CarX Drift Racing 2.
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1 year ago, Korey Brooks
Best racing game on ios by far
Best racing game i have found for ios yet , also i dont mind the grind to get the parts and cars , it makes the game fun and not just easy to beat in an hour ... but one thing ,please update this ASAP. I cant play for 5 minutes without the app crashing ever since the new update . It did it before but not this freuquent, it makes it literally just impossible to play my device can definitely handle it , i think it just may need a major optimaztion and bug patches or something. Im not an expert but it for sure need a tune up 🛞😅 seriously though i still give 5 stars because its an excellent game and i will be playing it again as soon as you guys put a new update out and i can try it out again and pray its better. Thank you carx technologies you guys are the GOATS 🐐
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1 year ago, CapILoveYou-Rhakjellg
Amazing game but 1 very annoying issue
First of all, this game is fantastic. Amazing graphics, gameplay and very competitive AI (albeit very annoying sometimes) Map is fun to drive through and the modifications are practically limitless. 1 issue though, the game randomly crashes for no reason. For me, this mostly happens when I’m doing club races, but it also sometimes happens when I’m just driving. It is very annoying, especially when I’m racing because I might just be leading the race and the finish line is 1 checkpoint away but boom, game crashes. When I Google this issue, support tells me that this is a wifi related issue. But, my wifi hasn’t had an issue since the day I got it, so it’s definitely not an internet related issue. Next, support tells me that it might be a storage issue, saying that if I have a full storage, the game might become too much for my device to handle. But, I still have about 49 gigabytes of unused storage, so it’s most definitely not that. At this point I’m genuinely confused on what to do because whenever I want to play and this happens, I just lose all my motivation to continue and I stop playing for 3 days or so. If the developers are reading this, please find out why this is happening, it is very annoying and very demotivating.
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9 months ago, lildude1989
NFS What?
If Need For Speed remembered how to make a good underground racing game, this would be it. This game is so much fun, I’m addicted. Customization is virtually limitless, and the number of cars is abundant. All cars are easily recognizable, despite the small changes due to licensing. The only things that are kind of annoying are traffic, which is to be expected, since it’s always crossing the intersection at the same speed you are going, and the “perfect line” GPS. If I used that thing in real life, I’m sure I would be in trouble. The GPS will take you through oncoming traffic, make you do crazy hairpin turns on the highway, and at one point it got confused and pointed straight up to an overpass. Other than that, this game is the Real Deal. And it is not a Pay to Play either. Happy Racing, and thanks Devs! 😍
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1 year ago, 1stKlassDash
Crashes out
I’m on iPhone 8 with ios16 or whatever the latest one is and it keeps crashing as soon as I drive from the parking lot. I really want to play this game because I’ve played almost every other car tech game. I see that a bug was fixed for this issue but for some reason it keeps happening to me. Edit: I deleted the game for a few months thinking there was gonna be an update for the crashing. As soon as I started driving to the first race it crashes. Tried to teleport feature and as soon as the race started it crashed again. I’m not sure what’s going on, I was really looking forward to playing this game because in CSR Racing I’m at a standstill. Looks like until this issue gets fixed (or I get a new phone, but still seen review that this game crashes on iPhone 13) I’ll be going back to CSR. That game never crashed on me and I’ve been off and on that game since it came out. 🤷🏿🤷🏿🤷🏿
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1 year ago, BrandoJDM
Please read guys!
I think this game is revolutionary! Map is insane even compared to most open world racing games on console.. customization is perfect, driving feels really good, tuning is better than any racing game, the gas feature is my favorite part, Car sounds could be worked on for most cars but overall this game is seriously impressive. A few things I think could really help this game grow to perfection is making money a lot easier to get. Not to easy but it is pretty grindy for a racing game, more traffic! The roads are way to empty, some cars are lacking custimization aka the r32, maybe add some extra things like being able to turn the car off and on like in cxdr and lights! Interior customization, character customization and of course more cars !!! And please please add controller support. Thank you guys for bringing us gamers a truly amazing car game.
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6 months ago, Greenlantern360
This game had potential but they rather be greedy.
This game had the potential to be a fantastic open world rendition of what CarX Drift Racing was, but instead they want to nickel and dime their players by making the game extremely grindy, making everything very expensive so that those that don’t want to grind start buying currency with real money to skip the grind and buy everything they need. Here are the many things they purposely split so they can milk you dry: - Gasoline - Tire types and wear - Housing (plus paying for garage slots - Every single component of the car is very expensive + needs gold currency - tuning the car is ridiculously expensive - they only let you do ONE club race every few hours so you have to come back over and over to do ONE race instead of letting you replay them back to back - they give you very little gold so you’re forced to buy it with real money to progress faster . Not to mention in the recent update they increased the requirement to join certain clubs and races on purpose so you take way longer to reach milestones. So if you want to play it like a legitimate racing game and not drop $100s of dollars, you’re screwed. They don’t offer an offline mode for those of us that just want to play alone and honestly the list goes on. Screw this company for taking such a awesome concept an turning it into a cash cow to milk racing game and carx fans. I’ll be deleting my account and moving on from this garbage.
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7 months ago, anthonywaln
Best game ever
(Old review) It really is the best game, but can you guys g do me a favor? Add ALL the cars from ALL your games, and add a vinyl feature so we can make livery’s like in the drift 2? But this is hands down the best racing game for any phone ever. And the fact that they actually take the users wishes, requests, suggestions and comments into consideration is amazing. I give it a 10/10 it’s like a phone version of Forza or Gran Tourismo. (New review) I dropped it down to 4 stars because there seems to be some sort of connection issue and I’ll play the game, stop, and when I start it back up it’s as if I didn’t play. Nothing got saved, or sometimes, only a little bit was saved.. ALSO why are all the cars that I’ve spent actual money on suddenly WORTHLESS? when before they were actually worth something. It’s very frustrating and upsetting
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11 months ago, TheRecent
Working traffic lights/ Cops
Game is insane. Absolutely insane. Never thought a game like this would be on any mobile device. Best car and vehicle game I have ever experienced on mobile currently. Graphics are insane you can't ask for any better. Map is huge and detailed. Cars are also very detailed and well built. But think of it all as if there were cops in the game. It is really tempting for me as how it would work. If the devs can think of this opportunity as needed. Cops would change the game and make it way more fun in my opinion. And finally, working traffic lights wouldn't do no harm. Green go, yellow slow down, red to stop. And make it so that the cars actually follow it too. So traffic would be organized and well played with detailed and working traffic lights.
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1 year ago, VixsunYT
AI and non essential race traffic *NEEDS TUNING*
So far I love this game, kind of sad it doesn’t have any police presence or something to make the game feel more immersive. Other than that the reason for my 2 star rating is this. This game has the worst AI movements I have ever seen in a mobile racing game. I cannot stress this enough, the decisions and paths these AI racers and AI non racers take is almost always to screw you over. I have personally seen the AI racers pit you mid race CONSISTENTLY. On top of that you have these random non racer AI that you have to avoid during your races, which is totally fine until your being rammed/cut off/completely flipped on your head because the non racer AI vehicles that are intentionally in your way to make it more difficult. The game itself is great, love the customization and the progression (although you could reward us more for coming in first if the prize for 2nd 3rd and 4th are all the same, $300 or just raise the prizes for the other placements so it evens out and still helps you progress something at the end of the day) I will be willing to change this 2 star rating to a 5 star rating if AND ONLY IF, the Devs respond to me directly or they update the game with a better AI pathing/decision making. These AI are way too aggressive and destructive for a street racing game. Also consider adding police interactions. Were street racing, cops are bound to show up. That is all.
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11 months ago, Thecarxstreetgoat
I love this game so much but…
I’ve played this game ever since it. Came out and I’ve loved every bit of it. But there’s one thing that I would like added to the game. It would be selling cars on the multiplayer I would love to go out and sell my cars to people on the sever and I feel like it would bring in more people from the other car games that have that feature. Because you have better graphics that all the other games, you also have better gameplay mechanics but the one thing y’all don’t have it selling cars to people on multiplayer server. In conclusion I would love to see this feature added to the game as it would attract more players to the game and benefit everyone to sell cars more expensive or cheaper if you sold them in single player.
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1 year ago, anthonymw2k17
Almost perfect
Let me start off by saying this; carx street is one of the best street racing/ drifting games available on mobile. It does have its flaws though. If you’re not looking to spend money on in game currency for upgrades for your cars then get ready for a long grind. Engine upgrades are crazy expensive, and if you want to do an engine swap you 100% have to spend money or spend days grinding to save up enough to get it and that doesn't even account for the upgraded parts you need. The multiplayer aspect of the game is fun and exciting at first, but after the first 15 or so minutes of driving around you realize theres nothing to do. At least add a chat box and a friends list feature. Other than that the game is amazing. The physics remind me of forza and the street racing vibe feels like need for speed.
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1 year ago, Coloader
Prepare to be frustrated
Let’s start with the good: graphics are pretty nice, physics are decent. That’s about it. Crashes constantly, even with latest update. Every corner has traffic directly in your lane as you go around turns, mixed with the AI racers constantly slamming into you from across the road makes falling behind a norm. The AI racers are always slamming you out of nowhere, constantly make you spin out or flip in the air, but of course their cars are immovable when you run into them. The grind is so heavy trying to earn cash just to buy a class 2 car, after every race or two you need to spend money to upgrade if you want to win so it’s near impossible to save cash organically, you really need to grind. You’d think earning would increase but I’m on the third ‘club’ and I still won’t be able to get a class 2 car because I’ll still need upgrades to race the boss. The only way to really grind is to lose a race so you can get a small amount of pennies and just constantly restart.
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