Case Chase - Clicker for CSGO

4.6 (6.2K)
205.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
GOECORUSH Media, s. r. o.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Case Chase - Clicker for CSGO

4.6 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Chanc34AE
Exactly what I needed!
I told my self I would never pay for half of these skins on real CSGO. I bought a couple cases last night and some skins but am now broke in the sense I cannot waste any more money on the actual cases. This game helps relives the urge to keep trying my luck with the real cases I will definitely be leaving reviews for this app to make it better and, support the game by letting my friends know about this. I have only just started and it helps me learn the cases and some stats this is perfect for new and older CSGO players for my reasonings and I’m sure more when other play this game Thank you, if you are reading this. My only issue right now is the soundtrack, when it comes to the end of the song just cuts out and replays.
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4 years ago, Mackenzieallen_
Seemed like a great game
I used to play an app called Case Clicker which I was pretty sure was unbeatable, however since it was removed from the app store due to copywrite infringements from Valve, and I got new phone and I lost it. So I decided to try this new case-opening app, just to waste some time whenever I got nothing else to do. Same concept all around, but this one feels cleaner, more refined. I loved it! However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. Ads can be used to get free bonus items, which is great. Ads also pop up randomly every like 45 seconds and get in the way of your gameplay. You can remove these ads permanently for like $5-6 but that’s way too much money just to get rid of some ads that randomly pop up on a game that doesnt really have much point other than to consume down-time. Another problem is the past couple days the app seems to crash about as often as it plays random ads in your face for no reason. It won’t stop crashing no matter what I do, restarting the device, reinstalling the app, updating my device, nothing. i’m only going to give it a single star until these and some other minor issues get some attention, since as it currently stands, I cannot even play the app for longer than a few seconds. Thanks!
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10 months ago, TheBarber
Needs work but overall good
Overall it’s a good app, however there are a few things that would definitely make it better. First off, there are enough ads in this game as it is….the 3 second ‘second chance’ after opening a case is not really necessary in my opinion, or at least maybe add it as a secondary option but still give me the ability to move on if I want. Second, you select the case you want, then hit open, then hit another open, then after it opens you hit another button to finally get to the “continue or sell” screen. Way too many clicks. It would be a lot better if you took the last one out and as you win the item it automatically goes to the sell or accept screen. This would also be an ideal place to add in a ‘second chance’. Finally, I get that you want to make money from your app, but only having one option at 30+ dollars to remove ads is a bit much. There should be some cheaper options to remove the ads.
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11 months ago, WormyMcWormy
Good but not great
The game is really fun and enjoyable but there’s just a few things holding it back to be 5 stars. First is only being able to open 1 case at a time, I just wish I could open multiple cases at once because it takes a little to open one and takes forever and feels slow opening many. Second is random ad pop ups, I get it’s a free game and you have to make some money somehow but it really kills the flow of opening the 1 case at a time and gets annoying. And that brings me to the third thing which is the premium. The only way to get rid of ads is to pay for premium which is $13, you do get a good amount with it but I hate that that’s the only way to get rid of ads and I still feel 13 is kind of a lot. It’s also really hard to get the better colors but I guess that’s what makes you want to keep trying. If at least those3 things were fixed this would be 5 stars
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3 years ago, 380Blocka
I have a Problem
I love this app and i have so much fun playing it, but i have some problems with the floats changing on my skins that i get from the daily reward and from the jackpot, they change from factory new to usually battle scarred or similar bad floats and i have another problem about my cloud saves and that they aren’t working either i save my game with my good items in my inventory and when i go back to load it back up half of my items are gone if u can please help me it would mean the world to me i love this game but when i put in a lot of hard work into getting these skins and they disappear or get worse it really brings me down, i love this game it’s so addicting but these bugs are really grinding my gears
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5 years ago, NoTzToasty
Love it but More for VIP?
I Love this game and I wanted to show my support and bought the VIP ingame. Upon buying I knew what I was getting and all but a couple days after buying it I dealt as if the VIP didn’t give you as much. I upgraded everything, even the lucky wheel section, and since you get 100 free spins in the lucky wheel, I decided to spin a couple of times. The upgrade for the “lucky Case”, seems to not work after being 70% or higher. When getting it in the spin, it crashes the game and you can only exit to get back in game. I’ve always loved your games but I feel that it needs more frequent updates to occur.
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1 year ago, Navydude29
Very fun game but needs more regular updates
The game is very very fun! Being able to enjoy case opening not only on a mobile app but for free as well. No need to spend thousands of dollars to get the fun feeling of opening csgo cases. My two graps with the game so far is the inconsistency of prices in common with the real skins (Ie. I unboxed a FN Butterfly Ruby knife in game valued at 8,530g when the real life equivalent is $17,619) And then some skins are valued in game at 1000g but only around $200-$300 real life. Next there is no market place or trade system which would be very cool since the old CaseClicker game had one, especially since the only way to get the super good knife cases is through doing the pins and there is only a limited number you can earn.
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4 years ago, ugzmgslhdlhd
Don’t bother
The game is full of ads that you have to watch to get anything, with the 4 ad only crates, crate 4 is the only one worth the ad. Everything is locked behind an xp wall so if you wanna do anything you gotta open crates. Getting the currency in this game takes ages and is just a waist if time, after you are able to get crates you get little to nothing. I’ve played years of csgo and have gotten better things then this game has, the % are completely screwed and are just wrong. Say the crate has a 1% chance to give you a knife. Well you’d think with 100 crates you’d get 1 knife? No, you’d have to open at least 250+. The “gambling” is also completely rigged. The roulette wheel isn’t a 50/50 for red and black. It’s more of a 10/90 depending on which color you had picked. Overall the game is just not fun, it’s tedious and underdone.
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5 years ago, Shermantanks75
I have a problem/question
So after this recent update that was just today, I have tried and tried and tried but I can’t get a case from the random case dropper/clicker and I am only getting collections and stick capsules but no cases at all, not s single one. I used to be able to, like they would just drop from the random CASE dropper but know it doesnt. So I don’t know if this is just s glitch or this is part of the new update, but if it is, I think that is pretty annoying because now the only way for me to get case is I buy them, which I did but getting quicker and easier was just using the random case clicker. And if it is a bug, could you please fix it, thank you.
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4 years ago, Too many apps on my phone
Great game but disappointed
I love this game. I’ve dedicated so much time into this game. To show my support I decided to buy VIP as a Thank You. However I was determined to be one of the top players in the world base off xp. I have about 2 billion xp. Which made me very happy, until all of the sudden my xp, money had stayed the same, but I must have hit a cap, because now I and the lowest rank in the game, and have -2 billion/1000 xp, meaning I would need over 2 billion more xp to actually rank up again. This was so disappointing that I spend a pretty large amount of money on an app and this is how I’m rewarded. I hope there can be a fix for this.
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5 years ago, SoraMadness
Amazing game!!!
I haven’t played this game for long and it’s pretty fun at first and I am a big fan of csgo!!! As you start to play it you think it’s pretty fun then it starts to get boring... But when you get money unlock cases from the clicker it’s super fun!!! You can get so much good stuff just by clicking! It’s boring to farm but when you farm on this game it is so worth it!!! (Btw the trick to get knifes and skins is to close your eyes while you open cases) <- it works best for me or I am just lucky when I close my eyes and open case I mostly get really good stuff I have gotten 6 knifes so far! And I haven’t been playing for too long you will get addicted!!!
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5 years ago, OfficalMrPuffles
To The Creators Of Case Chase
Hello people who made this amazing game. Well if you see I am a fan of CSGO and the skins are amazing but I only have a phone. Because you made this game I can enjoy the skins and fun of opening case without spending a dime. There is something I wish you would add. It is trading with other people because my friend and me want to trade some skins but it is not possible so I will be very grateful and probably the whole community will also like this feature. That is the only thing I will like added. Nothing more and nothing less. If you see this hopefully you will accept my review of adding trading. Thank you!
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5 years ago, P-OED Guy
Great game but it would be awesome if.....
What would be really cool is if there was a way to be able to use what you have in the game to buy real skins in csgo its self. But so yall dont loose money it could be that a high tier knife in this game would transfer into a low to medium tier gun in csgo. Or the items you have can turn into another current in the game to be used to purchase skins. So if i trade a dragon lore for 100 in game currency i could buy a blue skin in csgo for that amount. Just would be super cool and would give people who already have done everything in this game an incentive to just keep playing it. Would be super cool!!
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2 years ago, MRFiMev
Premium isn’t worth the price(suggestion)
This game is great and I have no problems with the actual gameplay itself. But the $30 price for the premium is not worth it at all I think with what they are offering it’s $20 at max and that’s pushing it. I’d like to suggest adding something more to it if you want to keep the $30 price tag and get more people to buy it. A simple addition would be to have a daily income maybe everyday you get 25k in coins or a discount on cases. I think just that itself would justify the $30 price tag and would get more people to consider buying it. Love the game tho<3
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2 years ago, bakedLol
Can not launch app, IOS 15.5 IPhone 11pm o
Hi I’ve played this game on and off for years, and I’ve even made a few in game purchases. I honestly really enjoy it. However I re downloaded it today and am unable to open the app. It hasn’t opened once. Crashes at about half way on the loading bar every time. I’ve redownloaded app, I’ve restarted my phone, nothing seems to be fixing it. If you have any suggestions and I can get the app working I would happily change my rating back to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, Dkiller790
Skin inventory improvements
There’s a few improvements to the skin inventory that would greatly help this game in my mind, add a search bar to find individual skins while on the inventory screen, and adding the ability to sell all skins below a certain value because you can only choose to see all of your skins right now. P.S. the whole storage crate idea limiting how many skins a player can have makes it pretty disheartening to play often
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11 months ago, Taborboy0
LVL 29
Great update, reworking pins was good, i finished them all and now i get too do it again with rewards that are actually fair for what i’m giving it, defiantly need the ability to make custom cases or something. Gets slightly boring at full unlocks, maybe lvl 30 cases that are crazy or different mini games. Glad you guys are still constantly updating the game. P.S. Getting stat Track Howls is only really available from Old Huntsman case for those looking too get some, low chance but if you can max all your upgrades then it’s slightly easier
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4 years ago, Doupnik
Great game, horrible bug
The game was great, I’ve played it for a while and forgot about it, then I decided to redownload it for the hell of it. Everything was great, then the game crashes about 15 minutes after I start playing. It’s just a crash, no big deal, right? No. It erases all of my progress, even restarts the tutorial like I haven’t played it before. Eventually after retrying it over and over again to inevitably crash, it got to the point where it crashes almost immediately upon opening the app. So, it’s a great game, but I’m going to have to wait until this irritating bug is ironed out in a later update.
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4 years ago, Deathbot2k
3 mins into playing and I uninstalled it, I can tell that it has similar rarities right off the bat to cs:go where you would spend multiple thousand dollars before you got a single knife, and I got a red tier, forgot the name of it, and it was not even worth as much as the case I got it out of, the game is designed for you to be continuously in a steep economic downward slope, you spend 3 g on a case and the majority of what you get is .08 g and 1g if you are lucky, it’s nearly impossible to open cases and get more money than you spend on the case. It is realistic to cs:go though, where you are better off buying the skins from the community market, however you don’t get that option, at least not in the 3 mins of play time before uninstalling from boredom
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3 years ago, :&:&;8
Bugged love
I’ve played this game for a long time but really threw in the towel a few years ago because I got an XP glitch that set it to -2,000,000,000 which makes it impossible to level up or do anything fun cause the game doesn’t work as intended but other than that it’s really fun and super addictive and if a dev could help me out with it or if theirs a simple fix I would totally keep playing I absolutely love cs skins and this game is a fun free way to mess around with them!
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3 years ago, The guy 7777
I’ve been playing the game for a few days ago and it’s been enjoyable, but I have lost so much money on purchasing crates to try and get good stuff and I always end up with nothing, I spend 20 dollars of in game currency for a case that’s full of red and purple tier items, but somehow end up with the 12 cent gun after I open it. It was understandable at first but after a while it gets old, I’ve lost so much money trying to make a profit on cases.
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4 years ago, Dddddtyugf56874
I would like to recommend adding a friends list and trading as well a sort of clan thing and the clan can do all the betting and stuff together like clan vs clan in the box opening or something like that. Maybe a new game mode like a shootout where you the game gives you like 3 weapons from your inventory to choose from and you go against someone and whoever picks the highest value one wins the other persons weapon. But it shouldn’t say the prices of the weapon on the shootout game.
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5 years ago, DBellosi66
This game is awesome BUT NEEDS more updates
I love this game I have been playing it everyday but it has been getting boring when they barely update the game. They need to add more stuff in it now I’m the last rank and there is nothing to do like I have basically done everything so I’m just now waiting for a update to happen so I can get back into it. Months it takes to update the game I wish it could be more frequent but I’ll just be waiting. This game is so awesome though got my cousin and brother playing it. They just need more updates.
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2 years ago, xGauzy
Great game but i’m having problems
I just recently uninstalled the game so i could have a fresh start (i had 2 million dollars). but after i re-installed the game it would crash before i could do anything. so i uninstalled it again and re-installed it and now i can’t even load the game. i love this game and want to play it but i can’t. is it a problem on the developers? if so when will it be fixed?
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4 years ago, 1508GB
It’s good but buggy
It’s probably the best of the csgo case clicker simulator whatever you wanna call it but at first it doesn’t seem worth it the clicking game doesn’t pay a lot but with time you get to upgrade and get thousands of you’re willing to drone away tapping. Then you buy hundreds of crates, but a problem arises 😳 I’ll be opening all of those crates those 500+ plus crates and I’ll be getting good skins from the drops I got at least 6 golds in a row it felt like but then it the game crashed and it erased the past hour of grind. Besides that it’s pretty darn good but that bug really kills it. Like a ton.
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5 years ago, Boorealracing3
Great but can use more work
I love this game but I have completed the game entirely. It would be cool if there was custom cases that you can make yourself and more of the skin collections you get money for. Something like a few end game collections where you have to get the most insane skins in the game that are super rare like emerald, ruby, sapphire knives and black pearl. Would also like to see online betting against other players and try to add as much as you can :) otherwise the game is really cool.
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6 years ago, Llamalover78
Amazing game but could have more features
I love this game I’ve already got addicted after a couple of days but I feel like an online trading feature is necessary because I keep opening case and getting the same rare items so if I can trade with other people that get better things that would be great. Obviously the game is already one of the games I’ve played but online trading would make it a lot better. Thanks
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5 years ago, lolman👌
It’s a good game but...
It’s super fun and a time killer, but it does not have online multiplayer. Which is annoying because than when you get good guns you can’t do trades, or online jackpots. Also I know there is Bot jackpots but it doesn’t feel the same as if you were facing up against a real person. So my suggestion is, that the game devs add a multiplayer aspect to the game. So if any devs read this if you add multiplayer I will add that final star to my review. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you take it into consideration.
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3 years ago, Otaku-Phoenix
Instant crash when opening/loss of saved data
The app was working fine for a few hours and then after closing it and reopening it later it took me back 2 ranks and all the money i just tapped away for for about an hour, and has started crashing upon opening or right when i start to do anything. As of today ive had the app for 2 days and only got to play ot once. Tried reinstalling it, restarting my phone and anything else ive seen to do to try and fix this but no avail
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5 years ago, 62927
This game consistently gets worse
Every time there’s a way to make decent money so that you can get more cases it’s patched faster than you can say cheapskates. I bought VIP in a previous version and now I miss out on the benefits that newer VIPs get. In the newest update all my gloves, all my dragon lores and hundreds of other valuable skins have disappeared as well as the case drops being absolute garbage now. This game was great when I got it a few months ago, now it just straight up is screwing players over constantly. Inventory value went down a few $100k because the game decided to take away my skins as well as any decent feature it had. Developers please fix the game.
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4 years ago, jaketheboomstic
Fun but sometimes hard to get currency
It’s pretty fun but there are those sometimes worry you’ll have like 50 and that’s it but usually they get out of there you’ll have to put a little bit of money into a gamble and help you win half the game is gambling the other half is just lock then there’s like the other time were you just clicking out the coin clickers and then watching the ads to get those cases
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5 years ago, MinnesotaFast
Great game
I’m enjoying this game a lot but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement please continue to keep updating Suggestions Add online case battles and skin wars If you add online maybe have it so you can add other players on a friends list Also it would be nice to have a little bit better trade up system something more organized Maybe allow players to create there own cases An option to view your gun, knife, or gloves in 3D would be cool Allow us to get gamma Doppler knifes without spending real money That’s all I can think of right now I hope you take some of these into consideration the main one I would like to see is an online side to this game it would make it so much better and even might bring a lot more players.
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4 years ago, Ihgdg
Dear case chase, You’re losing out on my money.
As many others have said, I also played case clicker years ago. I found this game and have been loving it. I really enjoy the mission things that you have to complete, because it gives another purpose besides opening random cases. But after having the app a couple days, it has started to crash every time I open it. This is extremely disappointing, because I was seriously considering paying for no ads. Unfortunately, the game only works offline. And if I reconnect it to the internet, it crashes after an ad plays. Case chase, you have my money as soon as your game is fixed.
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2 years ago, megabyte-15
They still update!
Today i just realized that they added the new recoil case to the game and it just blew my mind that the devs are still updating this game. Most games like this get abandoned after like 2 years but, NOPE! This just impressed me enough to write a good review. :) Also this case clicker is the best made out of all the options on the app store.
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1 week ago, Swapskin
Really stupid decision
I just came here to say the max time for being offline being 30 minutes is the dumbest decision in game design i’ve ever seen. There’s not even an option to upgrade it to extend it. Other than that the game is great but some of us are adults, and after spending I can’t remember $40 or $50 on this because I really liked it, it’s just really disappointing to have such a bad offline income to where you might as well not have it at all.
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5 years ago, give it a read
Good.. but
The game overall is pretty good. Only thing I wish you would add is being able to trade your items with other people such as friends. This will let me bring my friends to the game and after they get to a certain point we could trade items with each other and keep on grinding out with new updates you guys might add. It would be safe to call this my favorite phone game by far if it had this feature!
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5 years ago, DarktreePlayz
The game is very fun and a good way to waste time if you have nothing else to do. There is no maximum amount of XP you can have, and this gives the game an even greater competitive feel. As the #1 player, I can say that it really doesn’t take much time to reach the top 100 if you really want to. 5 star rating because the game still runs well on my iPhone 6S and in my eyes, that’s amazing.
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1 year ago, Gamer226Zz
Great game
I love the interface, the game is great to play and there is plenty to do. The one thing I would like to see added into the game is a load out like you’d have in csgo. It would make the chase of your dream skins a little sweeter, being able to actually equip the item rather than just having it sit in your inventory.
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5 years ago, Tuckyboys
Game Suggestion
Hello, first of all, I love this game and love the idea of it. Secondly, I got a bunch of my friends who play CS:GO into it. We all enjoy but one thing we all wish we could do is trade with other users(specifically my friends). I would love to see a trade feature added into this game and if there is anyway the developers could do this I think the game would be a lot more fun. Thank You
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6 years ago, Sevsgirl
Fun game can’t wait to see what’s next
I really like the game, I’ve finished collecting all the stickers and moving on to the collections and I’m still addicted to seeing what comes out of the boxes next. But I wish there was a way to lock items so I don’t have to constantly worry about trading up guns that I want to keep. If there was a way to lock skins as not to sell it would really lower the stress when it is time to sell unneeded skins.
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6 years ago, gav273
Amazing game but large bug, please fix
This game is one of the best csgo case opening games I’ve played but it has a really big issue that makes me lose all of my progress, every time an ad happens after it is finished my app crashes and when I open it back up, it makes me lose nearly all of my progress. This game is one of the best I’ve played but that bug makes me not want to play it anymore please fix it.
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6 years ago, GIVMEMONY
Good Game, needs a META
To start of this is a GODLY LIKE game, but like all games it has issues... for one reason why are the ad’s so buggy??? Like it crashes my game every time I get like more than 3 ads... the upgrades should be way cheaper LIKE DO YOU EXCEPT ME TO SAVE UP 1500 dollars and waste it on an upgrade??? Hell naw... You should also strive for faster updates and like free cash giveaways maybe?? Idk I’m just guessing! (Great Game needs a META - M0dZ 2018
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4 years ago, 16Year0|d
Fun app
Game gets updated a lot and always has the newest case available. Played when this game first came out like 4 years ago. Still fun and makes me wanna play CS:GO again. And for all the 1 star reviews that say “Opened one case 3 minutes into the game and got bored” learn patience. Don’t expect to get knifes or high value items in the first 5 minutes. 🤡
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4 years ago, Mxlicious
Not sure if you’re aware. But I’m believe there is a bug. I don’t know what’s causes it. But my upgrades have been reset twice now. I’ve hade to reset my game twice through the load game section. Which gives me my upgrades back but I lost all the xp I gained all the cases I’ve opened and level up rewards because I’ve reverted back to an old save. I also can’t save more then twice. It tells me I have to wait 2-3 hours. So how am I supposed to save my game to make sure I don’t lose my upgrades. I hope y’all figure it out, I love the app.
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5 years ago, JWFan12345
Great Game but some bugs
Overall the game is great. But I have found a bug which makes me kind of upset. When I’m using the casino section of the game I can turn gold into chips but here’s the thing. I have a lot of chips and I want to cash out. But there isn’t a cash out section so you’re actually losing money by gambling using roulette. Since there is to convention from chips back to gold. Please fix this thanks.
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3 years ago, bigdaddythe3rd
It’s rlly good
I’ve been playing for almost a year now and at the beginning it’s pretty hard but once I made a lot of money it’s been so much fun but I need help from the developers I had 13k and spent all on cases and that’s a lot of money for me and I don’t have any cases and my money’s all gone I should have like 1000 cases
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6 years ago, Undertale TM
Great game! Ads should be skipable if you are not trying to get a award
This game is awesome!!! It's very fun and it does not need wifi to work. It's a really good game for a long car ride. The ONLY problem is the ads that pop up once in a while. I would at least want to be able to skip the ad faster so I can play more. Besides you also can watch not skipable ads for rewards so why does it even needs more ads?
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4 years ago, Soarex😫
Had a lot of fun while I was able to play it but as of a couple of days of writing this review I can no longer play this game as it crashes every time I try to open it I’ve deleted the game around like 4 times and that didn’t work, and when I was able to play it I saw that I had lost all my progress even though I had backed it up sad times 😔.
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3 years ago, GenJ2000
Good but some features dont work
The x5, x10, ect multipliers do not work. All it will do is take your money and gove you two items even when you paid for 5 cases (or 10, max, ect). Besides that it seems fun. Wish the chances of getting a better gun was higher, but that would negate the whole point of gambling. Just gets annoying having to watch 1,000 ads just to have money to open crates.
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4 years ago, Dalekanium
Game won’t work
I have been trying to start the game and every time I try to open the app it stays open for only a few seconds before hard crashing back to my phone’s home screen. I have tried deleting and redownloading it multiple times, I am on the most recent iOS, and there isn’t anything wrong with my phone. I can’t rate the game itself because I cannot even get to the game. If there is a fix for this, please let me know. I love these kinds of collectible based games and would love to give this a higher rating, but I can’t even play it.
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