Case Opener - skins simulator

4.7 (6.6K)
322 MB
Age rating
Current version
Jakub Pokorski
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Case Opener - skins simulator

4.66 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
4 years ago, jeff jeff jeffy jeff jeff
Pretty good but could use some new stuff
So I’ve played it for awhile because I started playing the real game CS:GO and so far I have a inventory value of around 200K$ and I have around almost 30 dragon lores but what the stuff I want to be in the game is you can make your own case and release it to the public and you can check other cases people made and open them right up so say you want to make a case with a dragon lore and a sand dune and you can set the chances to get a dragon lore and the P250 Sand dune like say 10% and 80% I think that will be very cool and also make one of the mini games case battles that will make the App so much more fun so say a Mystery case is 250 coins and CS:GO crates are 50 coins and souvenir cases are 100 coins for the case battle and also make the case open animation at least as fast as the Real game Csgo case opening animation is ok.
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1 year ago, Tragiic999
Amazing Game!
Love this game, already gotten 3 of my friends playing it with me all the time. My only request for something I feel the game could use is a case opening animation similar to actual csgo with the lock unlocking then the case prying open that would be a nice touch and lastly I think a gifting system would work nicely along side trading, I’ve had so many times where I’d love to give my friends some of my duplicate items but then they would have to sacrifice some of there collection in order for the game to allow the trade which is understandable to prevent scamming but it makes it impossible to just give someone something for free which is unfortunate. Love the game tho will be grinding with my buddies whenever we are bored especially with new cases every few days it keeps us busy! Lol
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3 years ago, iiMagicKing
By far the best “Case Opener” for IOS!
This app is great, so many things to do. Every Three days there’s limited crates you can open, there’s tons of cases custom made by the developers with cool rare skins in them, and there’s tons of features. What are those features? There’s an upgrader, Prize Pool, Crash, Tower, Quiz, Bomb Defuse, Roulette, a cool currency system and a shop that resets every 30 minutes where you can buy super cool skins (Knives, Gloves, and Guns). There’s ranks, special missions where you have to collect certain skins which will then give points, to in the end reach the goal (there’s multiple goals) The skins look good if factory new and bad if battle scarred (Theres 3D modeling!!) And that’s just a fraction of what’s in this game, sorry if this review was a bit weird, my ADHD is through the roof while writing this!! 😂
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5 years ago, duh lolll
Amazing game! Buuut trades?
I’ve played this game for a long time now before premium was a thing and I bought no ads on it then they added premium and it was monthly and now thankfully it’s permanent and as soon as I saw a permanent price on it I purchased it. The only issue there is with this game is the trading, I’ve never once traded in this game and every time I try to trade people it takes forever to load and I never get to trade with them. I put offers out but no one responds and they’re offers of dragon lores and other expensive items that others from what I’ve seen from other offers are interested in. When trading was finally added I was stoked and I’ve been wanting to at least see how the system works please. But overall an amazing game I highly recommend!
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3 years ago, weldbadger
Different variants?
I’m really happy with this game coming from playing csgo and being able to get the joy of case openings without losing real money. But I only have one issue.. I would like if whenever you get minimal wear or battle scarred weapons, the picture actually shows different damage rather than the damage all looking the same for all variants including factory new. I would also like if we could get the different variants for all the skins that can do that like the knife skins such as the case hardened skins, marble fade and regular fade skins, and even the different variants for the gun skins like the case hardened ak. I’m sure there’s a why y’all haven’t added such a feature but if y’all can, that would bring more excitement to the game when you get an all blue case hardened ak or talon knife rather than getting the same variants every time.
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4 months ago, Sooner2343
I know what would make this game the best is to make it into a actual shooter game that looks like csgo but not to where it’s exactly similar to where they can take yall to court but make it so it’s a little harder to get the best equipment but keep the cases free just a less chance of you getting something good out of them and then eventually try to get it on Xbox and other platform etc I think it would be dope and prolly one of the best games out since you can only play csgo on pc at least that’s what I heard it’s Already a good game as it is tho I just don’t see it really popping off like it should if it don’t have pvp and stuff like that it could tho who knows it’s a good game tho
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4 years ago, jegsj dhdjsbeudb
Well the thing is that I used to play before the mystery cases and before all of the ads and back then you could actually grind out the game you could open cases and take your chips and if you had enough they would give you a dragon lore without to much trying and when crash and prize pool where the only mini games and you don’t have to be any level to do any of it and even back then I knew it was a game that you would play against other people but even then the odds where somewhat in your favor but with all the updates it has now I experimented on the game I found that in all the mini games 8/10 times you would loose and what they would give you is about 2 chips more so the mini games are a scam and the cases are as well I opened 10 of all the cases I experienced that 9/10 cases would give you something worth 10 chips max so if you could actually change the game to make it better then that would be good
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2 years ago, Versed ♡
Quick Progression and Accurate Case Opening
So listen, I’ve been playing varieties of CS, as well as TF2 on and off, and this app is the closest I think emulating case opening/gambling can get. Taking account of the myriad of different cases, collections, and game modes, it is quite hard to get bored on this app. Not to mention the in-game trading system and global chat, interconnected exchange is even more accessible and quicker within the app. I must note however, the trade limits and case restrictions as a result of not having ‘premium’ can get quite annoying sometimes, but besides that the app is great. Seriously great.
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4 years ago, NibblzGone4
Add wearing to weapons
Everything about the game is so good. I have nothing bad to say about it. But I’d like to add a suggestion that would give this game the full experience of opening cases just like in CSGO. If the addition of floats to weapons was added that would be such a great aspect to the game. Also if weapons actually looked like they were getting destroyed would be great. For example a factory new weapon would look really great. But for example if you got a battle scarred it should look really destroyed. Where all the paint is starting to come off. If this was added I bet this case opener would be the best on the AppStore. I hope you guys take this into consideration. If that was added I’d give it a 5 star. Apart from that the game is gorgeous. And I love the feeling of unboxing any cases I want. Thank you.
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3 years ago, LJgonzalez4
Trading system is being weird
I have been playing this game for a little while now and I really enjoy this game , I brought premium as well and I truly have fun playing this, one thing I really have a problem with is the trading system, every time I put an offer out I have people wanting to trade with me but when I press accept it said they canceled the invitation every. Single. Time. It’s very frustrating and makes me lose interests in the game and I’m not the only one that thinks this. Another thing about the trades is that when ever I try to trade someone it never accepts, it just runs out of time and to this day I never traded yet, I really hope I can trade someone please. Overall I love this game but that one thing is really messing up the experience.
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2 years ago, Chrissal9
Used to play all the time, now a broken mess
I had purchased the one time premium membership when I played this game a while ago. I played for a bit and stacked up a decent inventory of skins and enjoyed my time. I returned to the game only to find out that my backup for my data was gone, and my attempts to restore in app purchases through the app did not work. I’m usually not one to complain, especially with it being a few dollars; however with no support options to help me get my stuff- or at the very least my purchases- back on my account, I can’t recommend this game to anyone. At least until they find a way to add support and reliable backups for your progress. Not to mention I can hardly launch the app anymore after attempting to restore purchases multiple times.
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1 year ago, TWc_Pigeon
Great game one glitch tho
Hello i first wanna say this game is great, i play this game every day and still dont have all of the best stuff yet. In my eyes thats a good thing. By far the best and most entertaining mobile game in my opinion. The one glitch is that when i have two trades open at the same time and one person accepts I sometimes get the other persons items and give the items from that trade to its just annoying sometimes so plz fix soon. But other than that the game is flawless to my knowledge. So props to the devs and if you arent sure which case opener to get, this one is the best.
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4 years ago, Tomanycupz
My idea
I recently downloaded this game and had lots of fun always having a good time. Till one day I wanted to use my new knifes and guns and everything. I’ve been trying hard to find games that use can use your custom guns but there not a lot of selections. Please add a game mode or something so you can use your knifes. Other than that the game is really fun. 5 star in my book, the only problem is that and every time I have a high chance of winning at the pool game. Someone will have 10% and I’ll have 90% and they win. Other than those two things SUPER fun game!
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5 years ago, LeVocaloid
It's great, but don't gamble
Ok so let the general function of this game is good. Cases are all free except the premium case, and usually you can get most skins. The reason I gave this 4 stars is because the gamba king is broken. I had a hand (like a series of skins) worth 4000 dollars, and I lost TWICE to a guy that had a win chance of LESS THAN 10%! (3% first time, and 10% second time). This is pretty broken so I deleted the game after this experience. I mean really!? Losing 3 krambits? One worth 1000, another two worth 400, and like 3 other "knight" m4's. And also he won twice in a row :( Also don't try getting dragon lore. I've opened the cobblestone case 800 times and only seen dragon lore less than 10 times.
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4 years ago, Iknowyourereadingthus
Great game but needs changes
Great game. My inventory is worth around 170k. My only complaints are that some of the skin prices are not correct (Ex. Stattrack m4 howl MW is not $400 and a Huntsman knife Damascus BS is not worth 3k). The trading system is something that doesn’t work and needs to be redone. I don’t like how I can’t just send an offer and then the person can either accept or decline my offer. I’ve invited many people to trade but not 1 person has even responded to my trade request. I would like to see in the game is a market where we can search for the skin we want and buy it using the in game currency (Ex. I’ve wanted a skeleton knife and have opened many shattered web cases only to get 3 nomad knives).
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2 weeks ago, easygoingbuttcar
Best case opening sim
I very much enjoy the game and personally I found purchasing premium more than worth it, I would really like to see more updates to the game adding new cases and mastery grinds more frequently just to give goals to works towards, an idea would be to add a battle pass system or different achievements, also maybe different mini game systems? Overall I definitely enjoy the game and would love to see more content added
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1 year ago, Opiox
GREAT case opener
Have been looking for a game like this in a long time. Very long time. Surprised I didn’t find it sooner. Has free cases so you don’t need to spend money on it (though I do recommend the premium account plan, it’s a one-time purchase for $14 out the door). My single issue I have with it is the type of gameplay required, that being the tilted screen. This game would be incredibly better if it allowed portrait mode. I would then make this a 5 star game, hands down. Devs: please consider this addition as it would greatly benefit players at work or on the go.
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10 months ago, landon716
Very fun game 1 issue
This game is very fun I love how you can get very cheap guns and then have a chance to upgrade them to even better guns but there is 1 problem I wanted to bring to the developers knowledge I will play this game and I will close it out and I will start playing it the next day and I will click on the app and it will keep me on a grey blank screen idk if it’s something with my device or what but I have to delete the game and re install it for it to work again it really ruins the game for me developers if you may know what’s wrong please fix it.
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2 years ago, OG BRAWLER
Skin appearance
This is game is a lot of fun and addicting but the only problem that throws me off is that some skins don’t look like the picture like the case hardened skins or generally all the skins with a more solid reflective shine to them and when you pull a factory new skin it still looks like there is wear to it which maybe it has to do with someone hasn’t pulled it yet from the real game. Otherwise that’s the only problem for me but overall it’s a great game especially with the new cases, skins, stickers, 3d inspection. I just hope the skin appearances get fixed and they add charms!!!
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3 years ago, LoudenGiove
Please Read This Important
I love this app and have had a lot of fun playing this but there is one bug that is super annoying and has been bothering me a lot and that is that sometimes you get a knife / gun and when you check your inventory you can’t see it even though the total guns says you have it, then it only re appears once you sell the same type of gun / knife, this is super frustrating because when I try and do mini games they don’t appear therefore I can’t do it, please fix this ASAP, other than that this game is great and love playing it, thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, TheBarber
Best case opening game
This is by far my favorite case opening game. My only suggestions would be to add all sticker cases and have a bit more variety on the knife cases. The game is a bit light on stickers and crafting is a big part of what people like about skins. I’ve yet to see any of the stickers I personally use in CS. Also, it seems like we keep getting knife case 5 over and over but it would be cool to see this change more often. Besides that, it’s a really fun way to collect skins and bet them for upgrades or do battles with other players.
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5 years ago, SoullessThEren
Horrible experience so far
I have been opening the cobblestone package for two hours now and i have opened it 221 times. You would expect me to have the dragon lore but no i dont. It has made me really upset wasting all this time trying to get one skin and also during that time getting silver 5 to unlock trades. When i unlock trades it says i have to get gold 1 to be able to trade. What?! The ads are excruciatingly annoying as well. Once i was doing crash and i bet 1000 coins but an ad pipped out and i lost all of it. It is so annoying to lose 1000 coins coz of an ad and having no power to cancel it The prizes are stupid as well. FIX THE PRICES. A factory new lightning strike awp is not 55€ I hope to see major changes because right now i am not enjoying it at all
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2 years ago, Cooldude1717171717171717171
Very fun but fix the duplication issues please
I have been playing this game for a couple months now and I paid for the premium because I enjoyed the game and it seemed worth it. My only issue is that there is a glitch with trading and people are duplicating items. This obviously makes the items less valuable as it floods the market with the same items and makes the currency irrelevant when trading. If this were fixed I’d rate 5 stars but it seems like the developers don’t care that much to fix it.
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2 years ago, Jacobee Hughes
Why I love this game
I started playing this game cause I was bored a couple of years ago and I haven’t stopped playing since even though the first like year or so I played I forgot to make an account and when I did it started me anew which is fine my favorite thing to do in this game is to collect only Factory News and only get duplicates if it’s worth over 200$ but this game is great and I hope to see more people discover it and have as much fun as I did.
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5 years ago, Anoemaly
Must Have for CS:GO Fans
I’ve been a fan of Counter-Strike for a while now but I don’t own a PC. I’ve always wanted to open cases, so I just looked up CSGO case opener and found this. Thought it was really cool but I was thinking it would get boring really fast. It’s actually really addicting and fun even though you can’t use the skins in CS. Every case is free so you can open as many as you want without using keys or money, plus you can keep what you want and discard what you don’t want. 5/5, I would definitely recommended.
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2 years ago, Soletony
best csgo clicker game, but needs alot of work
This is by far the best csgo case clicker on the appstore, but it could be better. •this specific app does not follow actual prices of rare skins/stickers like other case clicker apps. only a steam value (for example: ibp holos is valued at only $3k ingame, but is actually worth $40k+ IRL) many rare skins/stickers need a price update! •there are many hacked accounts with millions of stash value. I saw an account with over 10 pages of hydras ST FN with 4IBP holos each gun! and thats just hydras! there is no way to aquire this amount of value unless its hacked or this person spents thousands of real money, and even then thats questionable! •all the other case opener apps have storage units except this one, sad! if these 3 problems get fixed, this game will dominate every other app tenfold.
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5 years ago, LPDorr
Glitches and ISSUES!
So I found a glitch with revolver. This glitch lead me to having an inventory worth 300k. There’s 1 issue. I found out the entire site is not legitimate at all. If you put in any large value skin into Prize Pool, a bot will deposit a Souvenir Factory New D-Lore. I have tested this well over 15 times. I will put in a min wear souvenir d-lore and then the bot will place its bet. Even if you win the prize pool, you cannot get a factory new d-lore. You receive the min wear version every single time. I’ve found out a lot about how you are operating this game by truly spending time on it.
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7 months ago, jjokes200
Game is great and all but…
I love this game it’s fun and i love the feeling of opening cases but i have a problem. When i download the app and boot it up for the first time it works perfectly fine and the app loads. But when i close the app and try to open it again it doesn’t load so i have to delete and redownload the game in order for it to work again and it’s not a problem with my internet. I hate having to do this and i don’t know how to fix it. I just hope i get an answer to the problem so i don’t have to keep doing this.
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4 years ago, ThatDudeNolan
I love this game. Only a coupe of suggestions
I really do like this game. I have so much fun playing it and i highly recommend you give it a try. My only suggestions are this. 1. Make it so you can see percentages for everything in the case. 2. Add variety to the shop since it’s only a couple of skins that shuffle 3. Be able to use the upgrader mini game to upgrade to any knife. Currently the only ones you can get are Karambit and Bayonets. I also think it would be cool if you could add chips to give yourself better odds. 4.Lastly, I think it would be nice to add sticker capsules since you have added a sticker, but only one. These are just my suggestions, I understand that these might be hard to implement but I think it could make the game even better. I highly recommend this game and hope you try it.
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1 year ago, RedstoneCHris
Great game but….
This game is super fun and addicting but not for nothing I bought premium we should have boosters on 24/7 and be able to open more than 1 case at a time. Premium really isn’t worth it at the current state of the game please update and make it so when we pay a premium we get our moneys worth. Also the games are near impossible to win you lose 90% of them vs the boys needs to be fixed
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2 years ago, noodleIRL
great game with excellent dev(s)
The game itself is incredibly fun, the case opening itself is well done and the mini games are a thing of their own in terms of entertainment, especially coming from a case opener game. The developer assistance when I lost my account was fast and extremely helpful, supporting an already great game. The premium bonuses are worth it, especially to support the amazing developer(s). Best case opening game on the app store.
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2 years ago, AoTfan16
Has to be rigged
I don’t understand why, but it’s always games like this that have rigged mechanics that limit what you can actually do. It takes way too many cases to get everything in a set, and not to mention all of the mini games are borderline impossible to actually do well in unless you’re a psychic. Especially the tower, even the easy tower is ridiculous; every time I’ve played it, it literally will blow up in 3 tiers or less every time no matter how many times I play. Either fix your game, or stop making games like this because this isn’t the “future of gaming” 🤦🏻‍♂️
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4 years ago, Evan Samano
Don’t get me wrong
This game is a good game, but the jackpots are completely rigged, I’ve had the highest percentage in all of my bets, and put so many knives into it. I’ve done about 15 jackpots and lost all of them despite having a 50% chance or more almost every time but still lost! Please fix it!!! I’ve had over 17k stolen from me! It’s jacked up and not fun. I’ve tried everything and can’t ever win! Half the time whenever I play jackpot, all my chances flood in at the beginning but my picture is never seen at the end where it really matters! It needs to be fixed, i ain’t touching the jackpot game mode until it’s fixed, because you CANNOT win!!!
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6 years ago, Swirlyfoot65
Great Game!!!!
I do not even play CS:GO but I already am addicted to this game after a week! I personally think the Casino could use some updates but the only thing I can think of is a trading option. Also, I think a good motivator mechanic would be a little skin journal to try and fill up all the skins for each quality! Finally, I have noticed that whenever I get mystery cases by completing a survey, I do not actually get the cases when I go back! Otherwise, great game!
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4 years ago, ZennK!d
Stopped working after iOS 13.3
i just updated from ios 13.1.2 and the game was working great, and this was actually my favorite game on my phone because it’s so addicting lol. But i updated from ios 13.1.2 to ios 13.3 and the app stopped working. I will tap the app, it goes to a loading screen before crashing. I have restarted my phone multiple times, i have uninstalled thr app and re installed it, nothing is working. overall though very good game
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4 years ago, x_cop123.wilson
Fya but gbling plzz
This is great but it would be greater if u made the game with couns u cana chieve from like roulette and crasha nd sth like that and u should link it with steam so the skins we get they go to our inventory without withdrawal and make the cases with e certain amount a coins to pay before opening one it would be more sick like that and you would earn more money bc u will get more downloads and it should be a gambling app plz do it i would appreciate it very much not only me but everyone
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1 year ago, meeeeeeeeeeer100
Great game but
This is a great game and I have lots of fun playing but I would like it if when a rare special item appears you can go past it so could you make it so if see a rare special item you are 100% going to land on a rare special item but this is a great game. Also it logged me out and if I hit log in though Game Center it says that it will make a new account and I don’t want to loose my skins
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11 months ago, TacomaOR
Definitely some issues
Great game but it is riddled with little immature kids and the admins never come in to handle it. If there’s a problem you have to email them if you want some racist 12 year old banned. Just for them to make another account and do the same thing. The report button is just for looks. Still 10/10 though, make me an admin.
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3 years ago, virus stuff is bad
Great game
It’s a good game there’s just a few changes that could make it better If you updated the skin prices to real value instead of csgo market price it would make it a lot better also if you added cases costing coins and a create your own case that would be cool one more thing is using actual patterns for skins instead of just calling a blue Jem knife a blue jem it would have a pattern seed
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1 year ago, RobOpens
Better Sorting and Case Opening Options
This simulator is great best one in my opinion, the only issues I have is not being able to sort my equipment by the case/collection that they were obtained from and not being able to auto sell of or auto keep certain rarities of items. That’s it, a lock feature along with that would nice so then it would auto save and lock it so it couldn’t be sold
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1 year ago, nite_drift
The game is ok the drop rates don’t match up with actual csgo
So I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to get a souvenir dragon lore, and last week alone I opened well above 5,600 cobblestone packs just to be disappointed every time, all together when I was trying to get the dragon lore I have opened 13,768 packs to try and get it but to no avail. The funniest thing is my cousin was trying to do the same thing on actual csgo and he got a dragon lore in under 3,107 cases. So can you please try and match up the drop rates?
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3 years ago, StarW0lf1113
The trading system needs a rework...
Now this is the best CS:GO skin simulator out on the App Store, but the trading system need to be reworked. When I try I accept a trade, I just keep getting nothing for 60 seconds with no responds. I have yet to make a trade. This is the only social feature in this game and is the best way to get skin the you really want, please consider making major changes to how trading works! :)
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7 years ago, Joseph7Felix
I won a butterfly from a jackpot and I won 2 more knives from cases and it always makes me so excited when I see that I'm going to land on a knife but it kind of needs more to it like a inspect option to see it. Awesome app I recommend. UPDATE: I noticed the people on jackpot were actually bots but they don't look like bots because of their name but every jackpot and other day it's the same picture for everyone and I just want to do a jackpot with my friends but I can't. PLZ FIX
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1 year ago, mmmmmmmmkkj
Good game but could use fixing
I’ve been grinding this game for a while and gathered an inventory worth $3 million. I’ve been trying to trade but every time I try to trade it says “user is on older version” or soemthing along the lines of that. I can only get trades from people I can’t send out trades. The game is fun though. Would be nice if the mini games weren’t so awfully rigged. They try to hide it but it’s painfully obvious. 8/10 would recommend 👏
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10 months ago, gebjoker
game bug
when i have to get off the game and get back on sometimes the screen will jus go grey when i open the app and i can’t get back into it unless i redownload the game. Also sometimes when i have to redownload the game it takes some of my newer skins away for some reason. so game devs can u plz fix this bug. thanks
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2 years ago, Detepan
trading issue
The most valuable items in this game are not the high value skins, but the stickers of the players and the skins of the agents. But these items are usually very cheap. The limit of trade amount leads to the fact that only items with similar price can be exchanged with each other. But no one wants to trade rare player stickers for skins of the same price. Trading should lift the restriction that prices must be similar. Otherwise it will lead to a completely useless trading system.
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3 years ago, iceblade1365
It’s alright
It’s not a bad game but there are some problems 1. Getting skins: early isn’t that fun but here’s the thing, as so as you hit level 10, you get the market crash game. This one game allows you to get infinite money at the cost of your own time. The crash rarely goes under 2.0x so you get 10k very 15 seconds. At this point, the game stops being fun since trade up gets you the highest cost skins and with basically infinite money, you can get al the high tier skins you want
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6 years ago, Cayce Crawford
I am actually addicted
I am a poor boy so I can't open actual cases on csgo, but this gives me equal excitement to real cases. I have spent so many hours on this app over the past couple of days and I have to say I am loving it. It is so simple yet so addictive. I realized the the players in jackpot are bots and not real people which really let me down. I think it would be much more entertaining to be playing against real players betting real items than to be playing against no one.
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3 years ago, ajew4243
Good for what it is
I’m about 4 months into spinning cases now, premium member so I don’t have any at problems. The only thing I would like is a registry of what guns you’ve collected before so you don’t have to hold everything, and an in game achievement list because the game center one does that work, there’s 2 achievements on game center I should have that I do not. But good game overall especially being free
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5 years ago, Brilldude
This is a great game and takes a while to get all content which is important to keep people interested. One thing you need to fix is the advertisements at just the wrong times. I was playing the stock market mini game and just before it started an advertisement popped up. When I closed out of it I had lost 6000 coins and the mini game was already over. Please fix the advertisement timing so this doesn’t happen again.
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