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User Reviews for CASETiFY

4.75 out of 5
64.2K Ratings
6 years ago, dgp1
Excellent, protective cases that look great.
If you’re like me, having a case that’s protective against drops is even more important than an attractive one. I designed and ordered a snap case for my wife, whose iPhone 7 I have had to pay for screen replacements before due to drops in “pretty” cases that provided no real protection. Either the old cases were rubbery and in a drop the corner of the case can be pushed off the front by the impact, or the case barely comes up to flush with the front of the phone providing no protection to the screen. Garbage. Well, she put Casetify on her Christmas list so I crossed my fingers and ordered. Wow! This Snap case has a definite lip that protrudes. I’d be completely confident rubbing the phone on a table face down with no screen protector, because the case doesn’t let the screen touch the surface. Also the case is quite rigid and I don’t see this coming off even partially in a drop. The custom printing looks phenomenal too, and she loves her case. I’ll definitely buy one again when she gets a new phone. Thanks to the casetify folks for NOT forcing me to sacrifice protection and instead making it both attractive AND functional.
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4 years ago, h_eliz
Horrible app, great cases.
Love Casetify cases. They’re very durable and always look great. This app, however, is extremely buggy and not very user friendly. If you want to see their signature designs, or search for a design in particular, you have to go to your shopping cart and click ‘continue shopping’. This is not really something that just occurs to someone to do when trying to navigate to the signature designs/search box. So until you figure that out, you’re stuck with only being able to make your own case. The bugginess is a HUGE problem for me. Found a case I liked, but could not change the type of phone or any characteristics of the case itself. Pictures take forever to load, as well as the next page. Tried searching the case I wanted on the safari website instead, but the case wouldn’t pop up. I literally typed word for word what this case was called and it was not in there. I ended up emailing myself a link of the case from the Casetify app for it to suddenly appear in the online store after clicking the link. After hours of trying this and that, I finally found the case and was able to purchase it, but not using the app. They seriously need to fix the interface and the inner workings of this app, because it is not working how it should. Needs better navigation and less loading issues. 1 star app, 5 star cases.
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5 years ago, Bold Faith
Almost Perfect!
This was my first time ordering from this company. Overall, it was a very flawless experience. Great photo quality & very fast shipping!! Unfortunately, there were just a few concerns and/or things to be aware of. The primary issue that contributed to the 4 stars instead of 5, is the fact that the picture is on the outside of the case. Why wouldn’t there be a simple clear cover to protect the artwork? I can already imagine the pics fading after only a few months of use. Even holding the phone in the same spot, I’d imagine, would begin fading the pic over time. The case that I chose was $39. That’s not cheap. The artwork should be protected. Mentioning money. Please be advised that there is an “international fee” if you’re ordering from the USA, as the transaction comes from Hong Kong! Edit: Update. Have ordered several of these cases now. Have been using them daily for a while & have experienced no scratching or fading. Plan to order again!! Updated to 5 stars!!
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2 years ago, Sonic4Amy
Just being honest
Just like my review title says just being honest I downloaded the app because my cousin said it was really good for making phone cases. Which she has three of from this App the only downside is the app doesn’t let me select my actual phone bread everything on here is for apple… a Phone I clearly do not own I had to go to the website to actually find a Samsung phone case and design it on there. But I would be happier if I could use the app instead because it has easy access to my photos unlike the website I have to download and transfer my photo onto it just to create my phone cases. Also it would be really helpful if the app was iPad friendly as well since I practically live on it. It would be nice for it to come up as a full screen instead of looking like a small cell phone screen. For now i’ll give it 2 stars Cuz of the lack of navigation and product selection options when it comes to The app itself but if I could leave a star rating on your website I definitely give you guys five stars as a present day customer and a future customer I would suggest you guys put a little more effort into your app to make it work as good as your website.
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2 years ago, wow a tree
The app is hard to navigate and I can't find the signature designs. And I can't really change certain features of the phone case to what I want them to be depending on the phone case. For example, when I choose the iPhone 13 and the Ultra Impact Case which costs $65, I can't change whether the backside of the case is transparent or not unless I choose to use my own custom picture. But on the desktop version (specifically on a computer or laptop), you get your full selection of options to customize to your liking. And I don't even know if it'll be work after I use my own picture for the back of the phone because I haven't been able to order one. I don't know if I need to put this part of my review on customer service or whatever but I'm gonna put it in here because why not. Whenever I try to order my phone case on either the safari version or the app, it stops me when I'm finishing the order and I get a popup that says"Gateway Rejected: AVS. Please verify your billing address.". If you have an answer to this problem, please tell me how to fix it because I just want my phone case.
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6 years ago, Lindsay_S
Photo Case
So I recently purchased the more expensive drop-proof case with the super cool octopus on it, I fell in love with the case instantly and love how well it protected my iPhone X. It logically followed that I’d try out the same case with pictures of my dogs on it (I’m a dog trainer and thought this would be super fun). I made sure when I selected photos that they were the highest quality (and I also made sure the option said high photo quality in the app). I got the case in the mail today and discovered that the image quality on the case was no where NEAR what I was expecting from this company. I still love the case and at least I know it will protect my phone, but the photos are so grainy that it’s hard to make out what’s in some of them (and I used photos taken with GoPros, iPhone X, and Canon Rebel t5- all of which have amazing photo quality). I would’ve expected them to print the photos and enclose them inside the case (resin or something similar)... but they are printed on the outside of the case which means they will eventually scratch off. I’m super disappointed in both the case and the company which I previously associated with high quality products.
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5 years ago, ubermaladroit
Wonderful Customer Service
Casetify is such a wonderful company! I had a problem with my case yellowing within a few weeks so I emailed them asking if there was anything i could do to fix it. I NEVER realized they emailed me back until months later and they still were kind enough to replace my case. Honestly the sweetest company I’ve come across. Apart from the yellowing, I’ve had no problems with my case. (And I drop my phone very often.) So if you’re contemplating buying from Casetify, I highly recommend it!
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7 months ago, Dat girl🤑
Excludes blind users
This app was an absolute nightmare and waste of time. I absolutely love the cases, but the app and websites for this platform is horrible. I am a blind/low vision customer so I navigate these things with my screen reader. I am unable to do that with this app and website for Casetify. When things are coded properly, I do not have any issues but this website and app clearly isn’t coded right. When I am shopping on other online platforms, I have no difficulty whatsoever. I am able to do what I need to do independently and with ease. That’s only possible when the developers create their apps and websites with everyone in mind. I wish that Casetify would do the same and provide more basic inclusivity. However, this is not the case with Casetify. It was extremely difficult, and my screen reader would not talk at all once I open the app. It would be stuck on the start up page. When on the website, it skips over important information and buttons. by the time I get to the checkout page, it doesn’t allow me to click my payment method. It doesn’t even read the Apple Pay option. worst app and website I’ve ever used.
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2 years ago, Cookiewordslol
App is nice but this company is awful.
I thought it would be fun to create a custom case for myself with my own artwork. I have been drawing/painting for years and I’d prefer to have my own artwork displayed on my $50+ case. I used the app and used a few designs of my own until I found one I liked. I waited, waited, and after about a month I looked at my email. Casetify would not make the case due to copyright infringement. It’s my *own* art. I get it to an extent. That’s not what’s made me mad. I emailed back and thought I would get a response that was helpful. I asked how I could prove I was the owner of the image. Things started to become helpful, but then I got an email that resembled the first. Keep in mind, in the first email it said “if we do not hear back in 2 weeks we will cancel the order and refund the money”. I didn’t see this email for over a month. My money was NEVER refunded. They also took an additional $1.56 from my bank account. I told the email bot to forget it and just refund me. I also messaged them on Instagram and they didn’t get back to me after 12 hours and read my messages. Their customer service is a complete joke.
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4 years ago, chtrgr
this app is pretty cool! the interface is a little glitchy sometimes, but i really love how customizable each case is. especially with the ability to view the case on your specific phone in the color you own. that makes a huge difference when you’re looking at cases that are semi-clear. contrast that looks pretty on a white phone might not show up on a black one. great thinking including that functionality. I would say though, that it would be nice if i only had to tell my phone model and color once. like if i could tell the app when i first open it that i have this specific phone in this color, and then it defaulted to viewing each case in that combination instead of having to switch it every time. i think that would be a really convenient feature because it does get a bit annoying to keep having to switch it to my phone color and model for every case i scroll through.
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3 years ago, lovely_tutu
Cute cases, Horrible app
If you are thinking about designing your own case, use a different app here’s why, I have been playing to get a new phone case but I have the iPhone XR in the color blue so there aren’t much nice cases that fit my phone. I told my cousin about the app so he got it. I see him a lot so when he purchased it said it will be there in 3 weeks which would be December 22nd. I didn’t even notice he didn’t have the case until 3 weeks had passed we were both looking for phone cases then he told me he ordered a clear one I said “why are you getting a phone case when you ordered one from Casetify?” he told me it was a rip off and not to get it they took 46 dollars and no refund. thank god he told me because I was just about to purchase. here is my side of the story and why you should. I hope the owner of this app sees this please make changes and don’t scam people for money. I’m very disappointed because I have been trying hard to find apps like these. thank you.
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2 years ago, zazuro
Terrible product decisions made
I only downloaded the app because the mobile browser experience was difficult to use - the search? Nowhere to be found. The filters and UX are not intuitive. Now I’m completely turned off at the time consuming difficulty experienced while attempting to browse the products on mobile web and on the app. This app is not accessible or intuitive. Why is the first thing we see a live video with zero affordances indicating how to get past the video screen (no arrows, buttons, text)? Then the second you figure out how to move past the video, the app wants immediate access to my camera? For what? Pretty sure I don’t need to give casetify camera access in order for me to browse the products and make a purchase. Then there is no option to skip allowing camera access. So it’s basically a dead end onboarding with no access to shopping - which is the entire reason ppl are on your site/app. Completely absurd.
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2 years ago, keilad123
No phone case
So I wanted to buy a case for my birthday they were going to my best friend was gonna get me my case for my birthday so she told me get the design you want and I’ll pay for it so I go and I download Casetify and I wanna make a photo grid case tell me they didn’t have my phone case I have the iPhone 6s Plus and they didn’t have it so I was kind of bummed but in the App they have the 6S plus when you download the app you can scroll on the pictures and they have the 6s plus possible but I didn’t have they didn’t have it so I’m kind of bummed so I got no case I don’t hear me out I try to design a case a different phone case and it was beautiful but only if they had the case I wanted so great I don’t got any case so great
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4 years ago, Hkgifigcdgyddygxshhx
Still Haven’t Gotten My Case
Around a month and a half ago or maybe even more, I ordered a case. I had heard that their cases were very high-quality, (I have seen some of them, and I will say they are) so I was really looking forward to it. The first few days it said it would come August 14-17, and I was fine with that, but IT STILL HASN’T COME. I checked every single day on the porch and in the mail, but I got nothing! I am still very upset and want my case as soon as possible. And, every time I would open the app to check on my case, it would log out for no reason. Then, when I would log back in, it would say the order is “on hold”, though it’s been like that for a month and a half. I am very upset. I want my case. I am a 14-year-old, and I’m writing this. This should show that you guys need some stuff to work on when it comes to ordering.
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3 years ago, Farsfan
I like their cases they’re nice and durable, however the designs are pretty basic, and theres only so much the buyer can customize about a case. Despite this I have bought one for my own phone, and my brother has bought one in the past as well, however recently I purchased 1 cases for my mom as a Christmas present. I ordered it on Nov 30. It said it would take 11-20 days to arrive which is long for how expensive they are but i did customized it, so I just assumed that’s y it would take so long. However it’s now Dec 26 and I still don’t have a case. Its literally been almost a month and my mom definitely didn’t get her Christmas gift. In the past they have always taken long but never this long very disappointed. I guess if your looking to gift a case make sure u do it 2 months in advance.
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6 years ago, Starsigma
Good app... but needs a few things
Overall great app. Primary thing I don’t like is it gives you the option to have “favorites/loved” cases under your account. However it does not give you the option to mark any of the cases as a favorite to store for later reference to purchase. No point in having this feature if you can’t use it accept online. It also gave me a general summary when I first opened the app if features such as items for your birthday. But the profile doesn’t ask for your birth date. So how can u use that feature? Thought maybe you get a discount or something for your birthday. Don’t know as you can’t access it. Great app to shop with but in general has some basic items that need adjusting.
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1 year ago, OompaLoompa!
Casetify review
(Bit of a long review) I think it’s a great way to find cases for all phones and accessories. All the cases are unique and beautiful and they have almost every style that I wanted. The only thing that I wish you could do is instead of just putting in a general summary of what you want I wish you also had the option to type in a specific thing. For example, I found this AirPod Case that I really liked and I forgot to add it to cart and I spent a good 20 minutes looking for the same case because I couldn’t search up the words on the case or what it looked like. Great app though, I 10/10 recommend.
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2 years ago, h_llee
Extremely buggy
I love Casetify cases but from now on, I'm sticking to the website. This app is one of the least user-friendly shopping apps I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I tried to change my profile settings multiple times, including shipping address, payment information, contact information, etc, with unceasing error messages in response, and it wouldn't let me check out at all, despite restarting, clearing the cache, and redownloading the app. Also, it was kind of disappointing that the app only had the option to design your own cases, without listing any other products such as existing case designs, collab projects, and accessories such as AirPod or AirTag holders. I want nothing more to do with this app, it was a complete waste of my time to bother downloading it at all.
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4 years ago, Steph Beph
Major lack of customer care
I ordered a phone case for my wife’s birthday in which I used a PNG image file designed by a professional graphic designer. During the horribly clunky and difficult to use case creating process, the thumbnail showing the picture being used showed me a picture with a transparent background (what I wanted). So I ordered. I did not receive a confirmation email with a time line, so two weeks later I still have no case. I contact customer service and am sent a copy of my confirmation email. Somewhat helpful. Two days later (day 16) I received the case and opened it. The app had added a whit whack ground and blocked off the whole back of the phone. Not at all what I ordered and paid $48 dollars for. I have been emailing multiple times a day with customer service for the last week with no helpful info given to me and no exchange or return being accepted. I even sent the png file with the transparent background to them but their response was for me to spend another $48 dollars and just see if it fixes itself. The case quality was okay, not $48 worth and the customer service/support was horrendous. Will never order again and will warn friends against using Casetify.
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7 months ago, jj1227
I absolutely love your cases. They are great quality and made very well. However your app and site need updating. It took me over 3 hours to make my picture case. Every time I would put a picture into the grid I chose it would say the print quality was bad. Well the funny part about that is is that some or most of the pictures I selected were done by a professional photographer. How can print quality be bad on those. Anyways I finally got it done and kept using the same pictures one time it would say it and the next time after starting over it wouldn’t. Fix this. People don’t have 3 hours to put together a picture case because your app or site is not user friendly.
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2 years ago, dorisxie
The company is not customer centered
I ordered a case but the print was blurry and the edges of the case were not smooth to hold. That was totally a quality issue of the company, however, the made it a horrible experience as possible to return!! it too me 1 week, 19 emails to communicate with them. I was told to send my reasons and pictures and shipping info, and then they sent me tons of versions of their internal manual calculations and got a every small amount refunded. Not a hearted company, as customer service just copy the paste the verbiage from their template like a machine. I have spent hundreds of dollars on the cases and most of them have beeb great. The problem is that they don't care about you if you want to return.
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9 months ago, Caitlin_animefreak
Horrible app but the cases are cute
So basically like 2 or 3 years ago it was my birthday and I decided to order a case for my phone. After I designed the case and all I finally ordered it. I was gonna pay for it but my parents said they would do I didn’t have to spend any money. They order it and all. We waited for like days and days for it to arrive and the case never did. I maybe thought that maybe they were having trouble with something so I didn’t think much of it. It’s been like almost 2 months after I ordered it and it still hasn’t arrived. So I felt like they scammed my parents. I felt so guilty and bad for them. I felt like this was my fault cause my parents had spent so many money just for nothing. I hate this app. But the cases are cute.
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11 months ago, Mushroommm_1
Cool but I like the website more
I like this app it’s cool and all but I don’t see a button anywhere to shop…. I think you can only make phone cases with your pictures. For example I normally use apps instead of websites, so I obviously downloaded this app because I wanted one of their mushroom phone cases 😂 plus (I thought) it would be better for shopping and not having to open tabs (you know what I mean). In summary, cool but not what I was looking for. I would definitely get cases from here for like my best friend idk my family with pics of us on it, but if you necessarily want to shop here, I don’t think you can.
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4 years ago, deza7
The app is basically pointless 😠
If you downloaded this App to make your own custom case than you got the right app, but... when you try to search something nothing will come up, I have tried and tried but when I search something up that should be easy to search like food, art or flower, nothing comes up and I am really disappointed! I deleted the app and downloaded it again and still no results came up when I wanted to search something. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone who wants to try and find any cool cases, I would just go online, but like I said before, if you want to make your own photo custom case than I would recommend this app. I’m deleting this app.
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4 years ago, itsmywayokay
Horrible Customer Service
I had a few issues with my order so I asked them multiple question and they never answered any, they IGNORED them. I’ve ordered more than 7 cases with them and this was my first time having problems with them. So I asked to cancel it since they never processed/made the cases and they did (only question they did answer). So I then emailed asking for a refund, I got an email back saying I would get my money back in 5-7 business days. 9 days later I still haven’t received my money back and when I emailed them to let them know I never got my money, they never answered me. If you want a refund because you never got your money back, instead of emailing them again just call your bank and dispute it.
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4 years ago, sunflower.kk
shopping cart problems
I had 2 cases that I was considering on buying. When I left the app for a few hours and came back to look at the cases again the custom case and the other case that I was looking at weren’t there anymore. This happened last time and I was okay with redoing the custom case. But this really just annoys me. I don’t want to keep redoing the custom case and then have it disappear. Other than that the app is great and a good way to find different types of cases.
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2 years ago, cdbdhgegd
Well I love the appanol and it was a great thought but when I went to go make my case it popped up is $40 and I was not about to pay $40 for one picture image I was so mad about that because the case I picked was super super super cute and I really wanted to buy it but then when I seen it was $40 I decided I did not want to buy it because I was way too much but like I said I really do you love the app and I hope you guys can fix that price because if you guys six surprise I will decide to me by one but the prices to be way lower than $40 maybe $15-$20 but I cannot understand 40$and the last dollar broke or something you guys really really really really really need to change that price
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7 years ago, Clintonar
Complete crap
I have purchased several cases in the past and I received my order today and I am 100% disappointed and unhappy with my order! Your new high gloss cases are complete crap!! My plate is already scratched and I have only opened the box! I have always recommended your cases and now I will NEVER recommend again and I won’t ever order again unless the matte case/plate is a choice! Why you would ever change the excellence you had is beyond me!! One very unhappy customer! I will be looking elsewhere for future orders!! I can’t even give you one star for the complete crap!! Pictures on previous cases were excellent quality and now a big ole mess! Again..why on earth would you change such an amazing matte case for glossy crap!!
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3 years ago, Gabriella Tucker2002
I like it but the pictures
I like it because of the case helping with the phone but it is getting irritating because no matter whatever picture I pick it is still telling me my print quality is low which I don’t get at all and everytime I hit submit it keeps only showing one picture if I do multiples I been having to fight with this app since day one and no matter how many updates u do it still does the same exact thing and it is getting extremely frustrating for real hopefully you guys will get this fixed
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6 years ago, Can walk to store faster!
I recently purchased a new phone case for my IPhone XR and when I ordered it it said it would be here from November 1-6. Not particularly worried about, I got an email later that week saying it had shipped and would be there the 29-2. Cool. However, it was delivered today (Oct 27th). Not only was it early the phone case is beautiful and feels really durable. It’s a little heavy and bulky but it still gotta in my back pocket easily. I got one of the neon sand ones and it is definitely worth the price.
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2 years ago, certifiedapplover
When I tell you that these shock absorption cases work, I MEAN it! This case has survived many falls onto my driveway, off of ladders and even me slipping and it SMASHING onto my marble floors! I used to have a speck case, that is around the same price, and it did not compare! My speck case isn’t pretty and it does not work as well! The second I realized how much better this case company is, I HAD to write a review. ITS JUST SUCH A GREAT CASE!! IF I COULD GIVE THIS COMPANY 15 STARS I WOULD! 10/10!
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2 years ago, vifoam
Alright cases but terrible company
Ordered a case that said it would arrive inbetween 1 and 2 weeks. I told them it needs to come during its estimated time because I'm moving on the last day of its estimated arrival. They constantly assured me it was getting there on time, though it hadn't even shipped. A couple days before the last day, I emailed them telling them to cancel the order. They told me that they couldnt cancel it because it was already shipped, but the USPS tracking said it was still awaiting the item for many days after. It finally shipped a week after the final date, to the old address. I will never be doing business with this company again.
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2 years ago, jxdenx
Second Time This Has Happened
Im not the typa person to leave a review on literally anything ever but the first time i ordered a case from them it didn’t come for about 2 months and it only came because i emailed them 1000 times AND when it finally came they sent me the wrong size so i had to just give it to a friend. Now i just got a new phone and wanted a cute phone case so i placed an order over a month ago and it just says on hold but i already spent $55 on it so i YET AGAIN had to email the company. Said I wasn’t gonna use this app again but i gave in only to be disappointed for a second time if i could give 0 stars I would cuz this ain’t chill.
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3 years ago, abbegayle b
haven’t gotten cases
OK i ordered my cases on November 21, 2021 and then I got a notification that my package had been delivered on December 1, 2021 but I still have no package I spent $64 on two cases and I emailed the company they haven’t emailed me back it’s like they don’t give two craps about my cases and I’m really not happy with them I don’t know if this is happened to somebody before but I thought this was an app you could trust and I’m just really not sure anymore I’m hoping that my cases will just magically appear but I don’t think that’s the case here. please get back to me because this is very irritating and annoying. got pics of me and my boyfriend on my case for christmas/his birthday. not cool.
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6 years ago, Tweetybc88
I’m an avid cellphone case hoarder LOL. So I was a bit disappointed when this site keeps giving me problems on bring up my cart to see my orders. I would add my order and try to go to my cart and it would say it was empty even though the cart icon said I had my quantity. Needless to say going back and trying to do it again and again only increased my quantity and was very frustrating. Two cellphone cases and a band for my Apple Watch turned into 10 items and couldn’t get into my cart to delete and purchase. For the price of these items I expected better please fix this I really like your site and would hate to shop elsewhere.
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3 weeks ago, Charcat24
Great but a couple things
I've never gotten a case from here but I got the app. I designed a lot of phone cases with photos but then it logged me out and said my password was wrong and it was right because it was th only password I used. So I had to create a new account and now it's not letting me chose a picture for my profile or make a display name. I put my display name in and saved it and it didn't save. I'm very mad. If you don't want to be frustrated then don't get this app.
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11 months ago, LuciDog789199
I just want my items
I was so excited to order a brand new phone case from this app heard great reviews I have not received an update since July 4. The original shipping dates were July 13 to the 21st now they changed it to July 15 the 29th and it keeps getting delayed for some reason, I tried contacting customer support and nothing. They just sent me the link to a shipping thing that doesn’t get update at all so can someone please help me get my item so I’ll be satisfied I’d be happy to get this. I don’t know what to do at this point I don’t wanna refund I just want my items. To be here on time and they have been delayed five or six times so please help me out.
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3 years ago, BHCUS
Great app
This is a great app. There’s only one thing I’m going to complain about, I went to customize a phone case with the tictok grid case for a Samsung phone but I couldn’t and it made me slightly upset because the case was important to me. Also I wasn’t able to customize anything other than the phone cases in the app I had to go onto the website on my safari to finish customizing my things
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7 years ago, Concerned bill payer ....
Great case and excellent service !
I don’t usually do reviews but I felt like I needed to this time. I just received my case today and it is beautiful. The pictures turned out great and the case is nice. I purchased this for a Xmas gift and was worried it would not make it in time. To my surprise I received my case just 5 days after putting in my order. Very happy with the product and the service. Will definitely be going back for more.
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3 years ago, Halo parley
I wasn’t able to deliver my phone case
I was so exited to download this app so I could get a knee phone case for my new phone! I was so happy cause I could decorate my case with all the pictures of the people I love! So I designed my phone and I made the case clear and decorated my phone case then I filled in all the info needed and I double check to make sure that it was the right phone case, and all of a sudden it was yellow! No matter what I’d do it would never change. I’m really upset that I did not get one of my dream phone cases :(. Other wise that it’s a pretty good app I guess.
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3 years ago, Dlc starr
Wrong order
My first order was ok. The second was downright disappointing. What’s upsetting is I found out my order is completely different from what I wanted. When I called this to their attention I was informed that they can’t do anything about it because It is already being delivered. The real problem is nobody even emailed and informed me that my order is not anymore available or discontinued or whatever reason they can give. Instead they call it upon themselves to decide for themselves what I will be getting . This is not a cheap purchase. And I expect PROFESSIONALISM. It arrived just 5 minutes ago and I didn’t accepted it.
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3 years ago, honey lemon 23456
Casetify Review
Casetify is an app that is really helpful if you are looking for a cute case that fits you. It does cost lots to actually buy these cases. For my little I phone SE it’s $40 to customize a case. There are no adds, but it takes time for things to load. I have yet to buy an actual case,but I have heard great things from other social media platforms. They tend to come out very clear, and shipping is free! So have fun with this app, and make a cute case that suits you!
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3 years ago, Mira-The-Dumb-One
Please read
I read this app five star so you guys could see this I myself have a has an iPhone 6 and the lowest phone they have is an iPhone 7 so if you guys have anything lower than an iPhone 6 I am warning you do not download this app you might want to download some thing that has lower than an iPhone 6 so I’m sorry to disappoint you all with an iPhone 6 or lower love you all have a great day
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6 years ago, knightmare27
I ordered a leather phone case with a holder for cards for my phone. I absolutely love what I received!! The price was kinda pricey, but after I received my case it was absolutely worth it! It is very nice and luxurious looking with its style, soft on the inside and classy for the outside. My case came a few days early and the box holding the case is very nice and they took care in making sure no damage was done to it while being delivered.
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5 years ago, Ehspresso_Dehpresso
Good selections, Horrible app
I like to put the cases I like in the cart and then make a decision from there. Well every time I try to do this on the app my selections either don’t show up or the app crashes and it doesn’t save my choices in the cart. There’s also this issue of when I go to delete a choice. Instead of deleting one item it deletes all of them and my carts empty and I have to go through and find all the cases I’m thinking of buying again. To some this may not be a big deal but to me this is very annoying and it makes me not even want to buy anything. Please, fix this ASAP
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3 years ago, catdracon
Casetify is horrible
I ordered my phone case on January 8th, it is now February 6th and it is still on hold. The app is so annoying, it signs you out every time you leave the app. It says at the bottom of the home page that there is FREE shipping world wide yet I got charged $6 for STANDARD shipping. They should not be putting false information on their home page and they should at least allow you to actually contact them. The only way to contact them is emailing so I did email and a bot replied saying “we have received your request” but I never made a request I made a complaint so clearly they didn’t read it.
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2 years ago, Jean Dimitra Dayrit Nicolas
Casetify on hold
I ordered my casetify well my brother did 10 days ago and still haven’t arrived I’m afraid it will not arrive before Christmas or maybe even after New Years. It says its on hold for like 9 days now hopefully it’ll arrive before Christmas cause that’s a present of mine. I wanted to try out casetify since apparently they said it’s a good case and it “ships fast” it’s my first time ordering. Hopefully it comes before X-mas also when I MAYBE het it then I promise to write a better review. My brother paid an extra $15 for fast shipping too and its been like 11 days.
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4 years ago, hi this is a review so hi
Won’t let me get into my account
The app was fine, and it got off on a good start. When I started using the app I made an account, but I woke up this morning and it had signed me out! It would have been fine if I was able to log back in, but it kept saying there was an error. I went through the forgotten password process, but when I clicked “change password” it said there was an error and still wouldn’t let me in! I’ve been trying all day it it still won’t budge. It would have been nice to at least explain the problem to me so I could fix it.
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3 years ago, ksjtbkahubdks
Pricey but Quality
This is a great app but it’s a little pricey, for a basic phone case you have to pay at least 35$ but if you want real quality it goes up to the 40$ price range. While it’s not a lot of money, I kinda makes you think why u are buying a phone case that costs 3 times more than your current one that works fine. I don’t know, just very expensive but otherwise great app.
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3 years ago, Brooke.Blueberry537
Good, But why can’t I track my order?
a couple days ago, I made a case and then paid for it and it was expected to come May 24th. Although it isn’t supposed to come yet, I’m afraid that my case got lost. I made the case with no account and no, I can’t track my order or even see that i ordered anything. It requires an account and won’t let me see anything. What do I do? Is my case lost? Will I even get my case?
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