Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino

4.7 (296.3K)
345.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
SpinX Games Limited
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cash Frenzy™ - Slots Casino

4.69 out of 5
296.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Angeleyes7173
Absolutely love it!
It’s not your regular slots app. There are so many missions, quests and incentives to win! Always something interesting and fun! Best slots app I’ve played to date! Update: I still love playing this but, I have a few suggestions for the developers. 1. It would be nice to be able to complete Quest Frenzy missions a little faster without having to purchase boosters. These are the only type of missions that seem to take forever. I’ve have never been to able to reach the end. 2. I’ve noticed when I won a very large amount and was able to bet larger amounts, that my missions now are always higher and higher bet amounts. Since I’ve spent most of my winnings now, it’s almost impossible to finish the missions in a timely fashion. 3. I’ve been playing for quite a while and I’ve seen tons of players names flash across the screen when they’ve won a jackpot. They range from 100,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000,000. I’ve won jackpots before yet, I’ve never seen my name flash across the screen. My husband was sitting next to me playing on his iPad and I saw him win a jackpot and his name never flashed on either of our screens. Also, when it comes to jackpots, I’ve never won anything past the 2nd level (mini - minor). Now, on a better note, I absolutely love all the different extra challenges. Even when you complete something, there is always something else you are trying to achieve. It makes it so much more fun and interesting!!!!!
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4 months ago, Horsetrader48
Cash Frenzy
Been playing for a while, just wanted to say that I enjoy playing your game! It can be played by many different age of people! It is very entertaining and winning all types of prizes is always good and fun!! Doing a bit of a bad job, I hope it doesn’t keep it up. I rated you 2 Stars for all the entertainment that I have enjoyed!!! I have loved playing this game, but recently, it seems to be getting more like all it wants is money money money! I have spent more than I should have, all it has brought me is a loss of about $40 Trillion today and yesterday! I had over $17 Trillion taken away from me in the game, reported it and never received anything back from anyone! Seems like the game has really changed since I started playing it and not for the better! Sorry for the low rating, I normally give you high ones, but it seems useless to try playing it when the prizes don’t even net me the price of one bet! Maybe you will get back to the way it was so that you will get better ratings! Hopefully you will understand why I took the time to write ! My game has had so many glitches in it that I had my phone checked out by Apple Technicians! They said that it is in the game and they could not find anything wrong with the function of my phone! Just wanted you to know that I hope you will check out what I have said! Sincerely Country Gentleman
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12 months ago, Msbeki63
Enjoyable way to pass the time
I’ve played Cash Frenzy before and enjoyed it then too, which is why I downloaded it now. It is a nice way to pass the time, let’s you get out of your own head for a while. One negative is how much you have to spend if you want to play some of the “bonus” games. Other than that, there is a nice selection of slots to play, and should be enjoyable for all who love the sights and sounds of the slots. I upgraded my stars rating to a 5 because I am addicted to this game. I probably play it between 6-12 hours a day. (I’m retired and lost my spouse in July 2022.) I have never been completely broke playing, if I get really low on coins (I’ve been down to only a few hundred dollars.), I just wait a few hours, and I have billion again in no time. Less than an hour ago, I won over 500,000,000,000!! WOW. Except for one other slot game I play on my other iPad, I don’t bother with other slot games. I’ve tried a few, but they always leave me disappointed. I recommend Cash Frenzy, but know it has its faults too. I have lost out several times with not getting paid what I won, yet, somehow, the developers always seem to find in their data that I received my winnings or did not win what I thought, or some other “reason” I did not deserve what I thought I did. That is one of the reasons I dropped my rating from 5 stars down to 3. I continue to play Cash Frenzy despite it’s short comings because having played other slot games, I know they are all pretty much alike.
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11 months ago, Pig-N-Jig
All kinds of fun!!
I really love this game because there are so many different ways that you can earn coins, several different side games to play, and there are challenges that make it so much more fun. There could be a few updates to make the game even better such as, making it a little easier to complete your stamp collections and build your dreams. I have been playing for many many many years and have never once completed either one. It would be nice if there was a way to search the slot games that have the same type of extra game within such as the puzzle pieces or the games that you collect to play free games and things of that nature. It would also be nice if we could just look at other peoples stamp collections so we knew what to send them instead of having to post them in the group all the time. In all the years that I have been playing I have never won the jackpot for slots of cash or any kind of grand jackpot in any slot. I wish there was a way that you could gift coins from your own stash to give to your friends and not be limited to how much you can send. Overall I would have to say this is the best Slots game I’ve ever played because there’s always something to do and I can usually play for quite a while before running out of coins until the next day.
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2 years ago, Iron Man4563567
Really fun but you pay for it
This slot is different than others in that it gives you more opportunities to get coins. You still lose them just as fast as other slots. I have made some purchases, but I don’t understand a developer’s thought process for purchases. When you play side games that give you very little coins every single time, why would I pay to play the side game with double the coins? Say I could win 1 to 100 million coins on a side game. I of course get the lowest 1m, but then I’m offered to pay a few dollars and I could play the game with wins now doubled or even tripled, at 3 to 300 million! Ooh that 300 sounds good, but I’m not going to pay for it because I’ve learned from the experience with this game that you’ll only give me the tiniest amount. Never the top prize. Ever. If a game proved it actually pays, I will pay for more chances. But coins are gone too fast. But if you let people win all the time, people almost always raise their bet higher and higher and still lose coins just as fast, but they’d buy coins more often if they felt there was a really good chance of winning a top prize. I’m sure you don’t care and you still make tons of money. I just think you could make even more, if you let people believe they could win the top prize. You’d set yourself apart from every other slot. People always want to play the loose slots after all. Just my opinion. Thanks for letting me waste my money in mere seconds.
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1 year ago, cookiemonsterjoey
Risks & Rewards
The winnability in these slots is notably higher than most other slots Ive encountered. The dreaded feeling that you just can’t win, like in so many slot games, isn’t felt very often in Cash Frenzy. Although, I wouldn’t say the same for some of it’s mini-games! That being said, the higher fun factor from those mini-games, along w bigger winnings definitely helps to balance it all out. It’s not for real money, but just for fun! A concept that still causes me to wonder why the asking price for extra coins , jewels and boosters in Cash Frenzy can rise in price so high! As is the case w most everything on the App Store! Some prices are set so high. A fun escape while waiting for your vehicle to be washed shouldn’t even come close to the price of the “works” package at your local car wash! And yet I see it more and more often than not! I say that in general w the many entertainment apps I’ve played. Cash Frenzy isn’t so bad in that regard, I just feel that real money can’t be won here, so let’s not go crazy asking for real money so frequently! Of course, declining the option to spend real cash doesn’t impede progress and you can still win just the same! It’s really a nice way to try your luck without the dangers of a real money casino experience. It’s all up to you!
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2 weeks ago, 22to22
Cash freezy
The biggest problems is the pack of stamps you get 65 and can’t get one free stamp, also with the games now you don’t get as much free games even when you use your green coins (200) for a hour. Sometimes this is a waste. . Second rating Here we go again 50 stamps of blue and not one free stamp to my collection.(wow) second rating you still have a big problem when it’s comes to the blue stamps, I could have 65 stamps and only can get one or two and mostly none. And also the award are getting smaller and smaller like only winning 10 green coins. I play every day. But the prizes are terrible. Please note! The game is great but still the biggest problem is too many duplicate blue stamps you are not able to get a new stamp, sometimes I have 112 stamps and its only give me 2 new stamps. Give out more new stamps when you have a volume of blue stamps. Otherwise something are going ok. The game is good but you need to give my free blue stamps with you have a volume of over 150 stamps and you can’t get 2 free, how can you do better on this? The game still has the same problems as before with getting new stamps MAJOR, the prizes gets less and less to get coins I buy coins all the time. I thinking of about how much longer I will be playing this game. The game is getting a like better with the stamps, but you still have a long way to go. So try to get better when you have 60 stamps and you only get 2 free.
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5 days ago, vjlk2
in the game again
have not won the last week happy to be winning again lost all my money almost gave up having better luck today thank you fun game play every day having a great time enjoy playing this app love this game i play this app every day i really enjoy playing it hope it’s good to me today so i can keep playing itI have been playing this game every day since I downloaded the app I have done and all of the music game I have played this app every day since I have downloaded all of the games are fun to play i have played this app everyday since i have down loaded it i start my day playing it all of the game are fun play it daily have been for months would like to get more knew stamps have not been getting any lately play every day tired of not getting the bonus points when i should be receiving them the screen freezes and i have to close the app and then i get nothing just did it and i should have gotten 570 million, a gold hammer among other awards videos have been freezing all day causing me to lose extra coins at times multiplier still freezes at times having fun play daily gems not being added need new stamps please having a great time great game! love this game such a variety
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2 years ago, H.G.BIGGIN
I’m level 3221 in this game right now. Been playing for some time, and I use to love it. Until they started getting more and more players and then they started raising their prices more and more. To get through most the mini games and win the big prize you would have to spend money. My wife was level 1523 and she got a new phone when trying to get onto her cash frenzy account we saw it wasn’t there and trying to get her account back was a horror show with the less than caring customer service crew ever. And now all the money she spent and she can’t use her account. That’s where she gave up on cash frenzy. My thought is I’ve put any hundreds and hundreds of dollars in there and I’m level 3221 and I’m still not playing my game because I’m always broke in the game. After a certain point couldn’t you just stop being greedy. Give the people what they have deserved. Make mission pass cheaper again don’t know why you guys raised that other than pure greed. Boosters are crazy expensive. It’s just I don’t know why every time the world has something good people come along and ruin it. So you guys made the game more glitchy and more expensive and was like “ yeah, this is a good idea”. Well thanks for not caring about the customers that made everything possible for you. Glad I could leave you two bad reviews one on apple and one on google. UNLESS YOU ENJOY LOSING MONEY AND HAVING A SUPPORT THAT WONT CARE don’t get this game
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4 years ago, shellby19
Poor customer service
*WARNING!!! Do not spend money in this app- they will steal it back!!! ***** I have been playing this app for a while and with the stay at home order have been even making purchases to get more coins and play more. Shortly after I made a rather large purchase and won quite a bit, the app glitched. I watched it take 7B coins from my total. I looked down to see what the bet was and it was still on 5M and it auto spin mode, which is what I ALWAYS bet. I tried to go to the home screen thinking it was just a fluke and would go back. The game was stuck. It kept spinning over and over and would do anything else so I closed the app and re-opened it. Unfortunately, none of my coins returned. I contacted customer service thinking they would so the right thing and give me the coins back. All they did is give me one excuse after another. First they said I bet it, which I didn’t, then they said I must have got out of the game and back in and it changed my bet, wrong again, then they said my bet was so large it caused the game to freeze..... over and over just a bunch of excuses. I’m not the person to complain but I had just spent money getting those coins only for them to be stolen. I also have never wrote a bad review, but all I got was excuses for days when they should have fixed my problem. I am sure this happens all the time. They just take the coins from you and blame it on you. Do NOT spend your money on this app!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Robert Riddle114
Something is wrong
I like the games but when I changed from 40,000 to 10,000 in turkey blast I looked at the % and it was 51%. About 2 hours later it is same and played other games and still same %. Will no longer play these games. Will keep getting the bonuses to get to plunko. Will check the cash tower and if not caught up will not play. Sorry but if you are supposed to have cash tower then it is supposed to work. I’m an invalid so enjoy playing games and these are the best if they work!!! Went back few hours ago and not funny putting eyeglasses over %. I saw extra dice rolls and I could have won more than that playing as long as I did at lesser amount I switched to!!! I guess I’ll be playing out rest of my coins and until I play plinko one last time then delete the app. Goodbye!!!!!! Went to play and forgot that the circle for cash tower wasn’t s only half filled in like it was about 7pm. I still know it wasn’t moved!!!!!!!! Now I can’t get into the bonus section unless I buy the bank max so not very nice of you to do this unless I can see that section. NOT Buying Unless I WANT TO!!! Not playing unless that is dealt with.
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1 month ago, mfsebreze
1. We are asked to bet to high amounts in order to do Missions. 2. The Missions are sometimes impossible to obtain. 3. The rules are not clear such as: how to send stamps how to play games 4. I have had to buy coins and emeralds even though your ad said I would not have to. 5. Game is very hard on the budget. 6. The missions are impossible to do especially the stamp packs where we are asked to collect 60-90 stamp packs. You’re setting us up for failure. Big fisherman game is not working correctly right now. I bet 21 billion and have had 3 big wins not counted. Boo on big stakes for this game but I do win a lot. Since January with the new changes, matters have gotten worse instead of better! You ask us to win up to 70trillion coins or bet up to 50 trillion. Normally, I pay for emeralds and use these to complete the mission. But since January you’ve raised the amounts, sometimes up to 5 thousand emeralds. Yet when I started this game you promised not to have to buy anything. In my opinion the game creators want us to buy things mor often now and seem money hungry. You are still asking absurd amounts on the missions such as 37trillion in 100 spins. Please back off some or lower the amount of emeralds, which we have to buy in order to play, so that we can skip a task.
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4 years ago, changemymind40
Fun but extremely frustrating
I have been playing this last week and find that some slots can be fun but extremely frustrating. Fun is the interactions and different bonuses you get to play. Frustrating is that you can literally spin hundreds of times and not get any bonuses or big wins causing you to lose all your money in a matter of an hour. For example 5 days of playing losing all my coins struggling to complete missions then Saturday finally catching a break winning 7B in coins super excited and stoked that I can actually complete several missions and enjoy betting 1m per spin instead of less. Come Sunday it seemed that every slot that I played was extremely cold and would do nothing but lose even when you hit a winner it was a loser. For example 300 spins in losing 300M to finally catch the bonus spins and you literally barely win more than your 1M bet needless to say that 7B I won on Sat gone on Sunday because the game will take all your coins until you spend money then after you spend money they will take it all again so you will spend more money. My suggestion is find what day is a hot day for slots so far for me is Saturdays and only play that day but just collect your gifts on the other days. Honestly I don’t understand why people play this game it’s to difficult to win and all it does is increase my blood pressure from frustration
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4 years ago, MadAsHeck2341rere
Another rip-off
This game started out OK - for the first week. It was labeled as a “starter week” and yes, I won a lot and it was fun. Then the 2nd week I spent $2 to test it out. The next time I went to buy the same package the price was doubled. $4 is cheep on these casino apps, so what the heck, I paid the $4. Eventually I began to notice that every time I’d go to buy something the price had crept up yet again. The worst thing about this site Is you lose BILLIONS of credits, barely get any bonuses, they’re constantly bugging you to buy things, there are “stamps” that you’ve “earned” that pop up all the darned time, the special feature mini-games are a scam and the whole thing begins to grate on your nerves. There’s a limited number of games - maybe 20-25 - and there’s a lot of crap going on with collecting stamps for coins, mini games where the sole purpose is to rip you off when they sell you special items to win the mini games. All-in-all - give it pass. I got ripped off to the turn of $40 one night and I’m done. If I have 75 BILLION credits and I’m only betting 5-10MIL per spin, seems to me like it should be weeks before I need to buy anything again. Instead - the credits were gone in less than 1 day because the games don’t pay crap. As another reviewer noted - the weekends are the worst. You would think the games would be looser on the weekend - not tighter. Overall - burn your money or go throw it in a ditch. EIther idea is better than buy credits in this game.
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1 year ago, lilesj27
Why I was waiting on to do the review was because I was checking out the game program and from what I see is on my plane method that I used that this is a great game no doubt about that but when a person almost spends $1000 plus and Harley ever win anything big when ever you have a higher bet. The biggest thing that I want on my higher bets is a mini or minor jackpot. If a person is putting in a lot of money for your game I think they should win at least once or twice at least every two weeks so it would keep that person interested in the game I’ll keep on losing so I am losing interest in the game every time I put money in and I just bid 27 billion and I lose it almost automatically and and that is the reason why I am going to play this a little bit longer because I’ve lost more money on this than actual casino‘s and this is what I do for a living and get paid for is the check out Games this is a great game though it’s just if a person keeps putting money in money in and money in you would expect a better reward or at least win, at least one time on the majors jackpot, I will give this game a three and most of it is because of the game is a great game -2 because a person should get a little bit more if they put in more money each time
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9 months ago, Uhjhhj
was labeled as a "starter week" and yes, I won a lot and it was fun. Then the 2nd week I spent $2 to test it out. The next time I went to buy the same package the price was doubled. $4 is cheep on these casino apps, so what the heck, I paid the $4. Eventually I began to notice that every time I'd go to buy something the price had crept up yet again. The worst thing about this site Is you lose BILLIONS of credits, barely get any bonuses, they're constantly bugging you to buy things, there are "stamps" that you've "earned" that pop up all the darned time, the special feature mini-games are a scam and the whole thing begins to grate on your nerves. There's a limited number of games - maybe 20-25 - and there's a lot of crap going on with collecting stamps for coins, mini games where the sole purpose is to rip you off when they sell you special items to win the mini games. All-in-all - give it pass. I got ripped off to the turn of $40 one night and I'm done. If I have 75 BILLION credits and I'm only betting 5-10MIL per spin, seems to me like it should be weeks before I need to buy anything again. Instead - the credits were gone in less than 1 day because the games don't pay crap. As another reviewer noted - the weekends are the worst. You would think the games would be looser on the weekend - not tighter. Overall - burn your money or go throw it in a ditch. Elther idea is better than buy credits in this game.
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5 years ago, Krib10
Worse Odds Than a Casino
If you buy chips, spend $$ on “perks” and pay to level up, this game is for you. Otherwise you will be bored and out of chips quickly. There are limited machines and when the App isn’t paying NONE of the machines are paying. Weekends are the worst - the odds of you even seeing a Bonus are slim. The App adds “side games” to make it interesting. Every spin earns you chances to play a Hidden Object game, fill Bingo cards, etc. This week’s game is boring and dull - you earn one chance to reveal a prize (from a field of 40 selections) every few spins. It interrupts your slot play, it pops up at any time (in the middle of Bonus play is the WORST), it takes time to load, it requires you “click” to play, you reveal your choice [surprise - its a loser], it requires you to “click” to exit, and when you get back to your Slot it always seems like you’ve done worse or your Bonus finished without you. You collect Stamps for leveling up and reaching certain benchmarks. The “You’ve Earned a Stamp” notifications are irksome. They too, pop up during play and interrupt your spinning. You can’t opt out or select to redeem everything at once when you leave a Slot machine. If you are betting a lot, the various Pop Ups can interrupt play every 4 or 5 spins. Don’t bother. Drive to a Casino and at least have a chance at playing your favorite machines - where you’re only interruption is a pretty girl asking you if you need a fresh drink.
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2 years ago, Miagog
Fun all the time! Update I used to love this game and now it only frustrates me. I’m so sick of you raising prices and giving lower rewards. The mission prizes are not nearly as good as they used to be and now it’s $20 to continue the mission when not long ago it was $10. When you do actually get to collect money from a mission then that’s when the winning stops so you won’t have those winnings very long! The rewards in frenzy spins used to be so much better also now … just barely worth spinning. You know I get why restaurants are raising their prices because the price of food has gone up but I really don’t think that applies here 🤔. When you don’t let people win it’s kinda hard to continue playing. Seems that you people get more greedy everyday and expect people to spend more… not gonna happen I’m done spending my money with you… it’s just not fun anymore. Next update : I just have to say the way you take away 90% of the points we have earned for an entire year is the biggest, cheapest, most greedy thing I’ve ever seen!! This makes it impossible to reach the next level up unless you can afford to spend tons of money here. Taking away points… what a crock… that’s like your boss saying oh well you almost got a raise this year 🤣🤣🤣.
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1 year ago, Jules the dom
Favorite Game EVER!!!
This is the top of the top for me! I love this game, it’s been a winning pic of my day every day for over a year and I don’t have any of the issues 99% of all the slot games on Apple or Google Play. I recommend this game highly abd would give it 10 stars if possible. I’m on a winning streak again today as I’m typing in spinning over 86 free spins! It’s common enough but still big enough of a rush cause it’s not burnt out fun. Just try it out and see. You’ll be very satisfied if you take it for what it’s giving. 👌 Update: about two years into playing I started noticing the following: My only complaint is that the game is very predictable in the way it will let you drop down to almost nothing before it pays out and by then your betting so little it gets you nowhere, it’s a very repetitive pattern and isn’t avoidable no matter how you start out betting it will eventually run you down to nothing especially during missions, you might get the first two on a game done but after that if you don’t top up, you’re wasting your time. I’ve been playing this game daily for many years and it’s gotten worse with time
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4 years ago, They Made Me Give Them 5 Stars
Very disappointed
This game starts out fun. I won’t deny that fact one bit. However it doesn’t take long before you will realize that they are after your money, and don’t care one tiny bit about anything else. The customer service is atrocious, as of right now, I’m in the middle of a 5 week (and still going) dispute with them over a bonus that I earned in the game that they are refusing to award. I have proven to them that I earned it and I have gotten literally no assistance in the matter whatsoever. They constantly ignore any and all feedback they receive from their customers, and blatantly rip you off with a smile on their face. I would be absolutely ashamed to work for a company like theirs, and it’s obvious as you play the game that they have it completely rigged against you in order to try to get you to spend money. At the beginning of the game it is a fun casual game, and it’s not hard to accomplish the missions. But the difficulty increases exponentially and you end up having to play for 18 hours a day just to get the same rewards and to achieve the missions that you could originally complete within an hour. It’s depressing what they have done to their game in just the short time that I’ve been playing. There is absolutely no regard given to their customers, and I hope they figure it out the hard way by crashing and burning. There’s no way the current approach will work out for them in the long run.
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1 year ago, Acturo
Typical money grab slot.
Big wins do not come often. Bonuses are far and few between. You will lose most of your coins then gain a few to keep you playing. If you plan on hitting anything other then a mini or minor jackpot you have got to be kidding yourself. It will take thousands and thousands of spins to win a major or grand jackpot and that’s even if you are lucky. I’m over 600 and haven’t hit one. The pick games are rigged. I’ve played over 100 of them and you always win either a mini or minor, which can be very frustrating. The ads in the game are ridiculous, as soon as you open to app you are bombarded with at least 5 ads then they make you look at the ads again so you can collect a laughable bonus. And then when you click on buy coins the hit you with another 2-3 ads. It’s just a money grab for this company. I thought I was going to like the app I was winning quite often got into the billions (my highest bank was 128 billion) and then within hours I had lost all my coins from better 20–50 million a spin, never hit one bonus and the wins were a joke. There is about 2 days out of the week that they chose and you’ll win and win, then the other 5 you lose more then you thought you could ever lose. I’ve spent around $60 on this game and it’s been an absolute waste. Find another slot game to play. Don’t waste your time with this money grab.
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1 year ago, Christy Jolicoeur
Impossible to win the more you level up, and missions almost impossible to complete
I used to really like this game. Once you hit a certain level, it’s almost impossible to win anything significant. At one point, I had close to 900 billion coins - then the game turned and I lost over 800 billion coins and now am down to just 65 billion - which sadly, due to the spin/win ratio set for this game, isn’t much! That was MONTHS AGO, and nothing has changed. They changed stamp packs to where now you cannot finish the album without finishing two very specific collections they added (and now instead of finishing 10 collections, you have to finish 12 collections) - CASH CLUB & MANSION QUEST. The only way to complete cash club collection is to “get the club key” and you are rewarded with a stamp in that collection for that week. The whole thing is just beyond ridiculous now. The daily missions are hard to get. The mission pass missions also can be very hard to get - like “bet 2.4 trillion coins”, and that’s only for 63 mission stars, and if you don’t have enough coins to spin, you can always spend the hard earned emerald gems you collected - or - you can BUY the emeralds you need to get past the mission. The game is no longer enjoyable. I used to play as a source of relaxation and fun. However, it is no longer relaxing or fun. My suggestion is to find another game.
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1 year ago, BethanySarahh
It’s fun but prepare to spend
It’s pretty fun. I will say that the daily bonuses/challenges are not set accurately for when you get to a higher level. The bonuses stay in the low millions when you need billions to play and succeed. The challenges/mini games become wildly difficult without having to make purchases and I’ve been playing for over a couple years and I have never won a grand jackpot. The other jackpots are easy to hit most of the time (when you have enough coins to play) and there’s a huge variety of games. But they want your money, and the prices creep higher and higher. With that being said, compared to the other games like this, it’s a lot of fun. The mini games and challenges make this game different from the others that are strictly slots. It’s my favorite, I just wish the goals and rewards matched the challenges. All in all, I say, it’s fun. But if you’re a serious gamer and get to the high levels, prepare to spend to win 🥴 I’ve spent a good amount over time and watched this game grow. Through updates and bugs, more and more games, I just wish they were better to us that are at high levels. Price wise and daily coins too. (Over level 5000).
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7 months ago, Shoklogic
To developers: Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job. Thank you! To everyone else: People in your life that care about you will become concerned with the amount of time you spend playing Cash Frenzy! Fact: The number of hours, days, etc… I’m sure I have lost to this app is countless. Opinion: I know people are quick to slap a five star rating on any old app nowadays, but this is among the best of the slots apps on the App Store. Cash Frenzy is regularly updated, uses plenty of vivid colors and quality graphics, there’s plenty of free (fake) money to keep you playing. And I f you’re running super low on the in-game currencies, there are usually great deals/discounts on money and other items should you decide to actually spend real money in-app. But you don’t need to spend money to play. I think played for two years or more before making an actual purchase. Fact: If you like slots and have free time go ahead and get this app and play for free. Opinion: I only WISH I was playing for real money because I’d be a trillionaire! Devs: Hook me up with some emeralds and props! 👋☝️👍🤜🤛
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1 year ago, Over This Game11
Find a different game
This game was so fun for years but it’s no longer fun. I spend more time dealing with tech support and them not understanding what I’m telling them with screenshots along with step by step instructions of what I’m doing that I could scream. Do I need to create a PowerPoint? Then you’re told that they don’t see anything wrong when clearly I’ve played this game longer than they have owned the site. I have spent way too much money on this game and it’s a shame that they don’t care to fix things and make them right. So now not only am I and many others spending money on this game but then you don’t win and things aren’t right. It’s complete crap and I know many people are sick of it and leaving. I will be one of them as my group in Cash Frenzy have found an app that’s much better and I cannot wait to try it. I don’t need a reply from the company saying that it’s a game of luck and that they have no control over who wins or asking me what is not working properly because I have told you guys about 5-6 times!! I know I’m just one person and the amount I spend a day/week/month/year might not be as much as some people but when it’s blatantly obvious how they are taking your money and giving you less and less it makes you feel taken advantage of. Save your money and go play a different game!
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9 months ago, parisjrswallows
Very upset player
The game upsets me quite a bit constantly kicking me out I think it’s because I won’t spend money I think that your game discriminates against people that does not spend no money or buy none of your stuff I’ve been trying to go into mansion quest all morning to complete my mission and it will not let me in there it kicks me out all the time when I collect big things big items and then don’t give me what I supposed to give me so if you’ve got the game set up that way it’s very wrongBeen trying to get into mansion quick all morning to complete my missions it will not let me. Total different day I still can’t get into Magine quest to complete my mission why??????????? Still not able to get into mansion quest been trying all afternoon in and out he keeps kicking me out of the game every time I try to go into it if you want a better rating then you should make it where I’d be able to do the things I wanna do is complete my missions so I can collect my points and continue to play things have been starting to get a little bit better I still get kicked out a lot
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5 years ago, sinclpa
Rigged to Lose
The games are really fun, and I agree that I won big in the beginning, but I am around level 250 now and I feel the wins are fair when the games are working correctly. There is currently a Quest in progress where you need to complete certain challenges to move to the next level and ultimately win a gigantic prize. The challenge is not always clear, such as “win $34 million in the mini game”, but nothing is labeled as “ mini game”. I was winning in the mini game but didn’t know since I was not getting any credits on the meter. Support actual did respond and fixed it, but several days later as I approached the end of the Quest there was another glitch. This time I need to win 183M in the free games, but the scatter symbols that give you the free games don’t come up. I have spun over 500 times and lost hundreds of millions of coins and have not seen 1 scatter symbol and now Support is ignoring me. I can’t complete the Quest so now they don’t have to pay out the prize. Glad I only spent $5 buying coins on this game. It’s fun when it works, but don’t waste your money buying anything in this app. Now I can’t even submit my 2 star review which I want to change to a 1 Star because it won’t let me submit it without a nickname and every weird thing I enter is already taken so I am changing it to 5 stars to see if it goes thru, but it is really a 1 Star review
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3 years ago, Dawg on a Mission
Answers Need to Spin
For me, being 6 hours away from the nearest casino, it allows me to at least satisfy the need to play the slots. Whether between appointments or during struggle with insomnia, it’s a great distraction. The payouts and Jackpots seem to be higher than others I’ve played plus the House continuously gifts $10k coins when you’ve had a run of bad luck, which is not offered by other online casinos that I’m aware of and it allows you to keep spinning for another chance to win, which is my goal. If I bet risky and choose “High Roller” betting each time then it’s on me for wiping out all my credits faster than normal. I’ll continue to play online while wishing I was sitting in a live casino. I’ve not had a need to contact customer service but by their responses to player issues posted under reviews, they at least appear to be open to possible weaknesses in their games. I’ve known of some online casinos that absolutely never reply to player issues, with some not even providing the ability to directly contact them. So, for me they’ve earned the 5 Stars.
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2 years ago, ls_steve
What a great casino , so much fun , until you get sucked in and start buying coins which actually get you no where, waste of money , anyway you see a great deal on the page and you purchase it , the best deal you’ve ever seen. You play , play , play having fun , stoked with the great deal you got , fall asleep , next day you login and find that your 27 quadrillion coins you got and played with is gone. Come to find out a couple days after trying to get ahold of customer service with no luck, come to find out there was a fat finger and someone put an extra zero. So because they made a data entry mistake they took the coins that I bought and never gave me any of them back. They never even offered a refund. They said oh we can’t put them back once we’ve taken them out or something to that nature. I said then put my 27 quadrillion in like it’s new , probably just a button in a computer, and oh no that can’t be done. They blew me off and every time I try to contact them they close my ticket and ignore me. Don’t trust this place they’re crooks. But it’s fun !!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, SUGAR2848
I really enjoy this app, however I’ve realized a couple negatives with this app. It’s wonderful to have enough free coins to enjoy playing the Cash Frenzy app, but I have been tapping the max bet accidentally only due to the max bet button being located right next to the play button! I really hope a representative reads this review, and I hope to see the max bet button located elsewhere. Most importantly, I hope some improvements this will be made to this app with your coin balance located on the top left! I don’t have to wear glasses (thank goodness), but I’ve been struggling to see my total with it not being a stand out color, and the size of the #’s is just ridiculous! I haven’t contacted Cash Frenzy about either of these issues cause I still haven’t received a response from the many messages I’ve submitted explaining the glitches that I’ve experienced. Hopefully both of these situations will get attention since they have been submitted by a Cash Frenzy member who enjoys accessing this app DAILY! I would love to see a few new slots available as well…
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3 years ago, DesignerOfChaos
It’s good but mischievous
Let me start by saying there is a lot of fun stuff that the game gives you to do. But the problem that I am finding as you level up there is now a much larger minimum bet that it almost forces you to do. Now what I mean by this is that the game was fine at letting me bet at 10million or 20million and would pay out great. This included any props or spins for the other games or even getting frenzy spins, stamps and big wins. But, now that I am high in levels and cash, it stops giving these out without paying 40 or 60million a spin. This may not seem like a huge jump but this will waste your money super quickly. I went from 50billion to almost 20 billion with no big win in sight. Now it seems to be locked in and without betting super high it’s not possible to get big wins that will get you to point where you feel like you not wasting your money. This is super disappointing because now without buying something you put behind a paywall. Even if you do buy something the money is so small that it is gone before you know it. I am losing interest especially because it seemed like the kind of game that would like you spin and have fun doing it. But not it’s turned into hard work and the fun is gone.
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3 years ago, Purple Gurl 65
Worst Customer Service Ever!!! This game is a SCAM!!
If I could give 0 stars, I would. Don’t play this game or spend a dime with this company. This game has cheated me out of winnings twice now. While I was in a free game bonus and was winning the jackpots, I quickly realized that the game was not adding the jackpot amounts to my winnings, so I started recording. After this happened, I contacted customer service and asked where I could send the video so they could see the proof and issue the jackpot winnings to my account, but no one would ever give me an email address to send the video to. After sending four separate messages to customer service, I finally got a person who issued some coins to my account, but no where near what I won. Imagine you had won 10 billion dollars that you never received and someone gave you 10 dollars to compensate for it. I should have stopped playing that day, but I didn’t. Two days ago it happened again. I won a bonus, and didn’t get receive the coins. I contacted customer service, again, and again they don’t want to honor the fact that their game cheated me again, so I will NEVER play this game again and I advise you not to either. I am posting the video I recorded of the game cheating me out of the jackpots on my social media, so none of my friends or family are scammed by this company. Buyer Beware!!
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8 months ago, lorider6
Great game but…
Have been playing this for about 4 years, play it pretty much daily. I’ve never paid for anything that whole time and don’t intend to. That alone should earn this slots game 5 stars because every other casino/slot game i’ve tried - you run out of money, or there are too many ads, or you lose interest. This game has a great balance, daily quests, good bonus games, new slot machines weekly, colorful graphics, lots of free coins… But… because I’ve been playing this for so long i’ve become greedy! Within the last month my coin balance has dropped, the quests get harder the higher level you are, I’ve been trying to get my balance up but luck hasn’t been on my side, and it’s getting very annoying. Today, for example, I had 600 billion, did quests 1 & 2, got up to 1.3 trillion, tried for quest 3, didn’t finish it and have a leftover balance of 20 billion. I will probably spend the next two weeks plus getting back up to over a trillion, which isn’t fun because I have to do that with small bets gradually. So I need my luck turned back up. It’s been 4 years since I won a Grand prize.
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2 years ago, HornsFan1974
Great slot game
I really like Cash Frenzy. They give you a really good chance of hitting jackpots. Definitely not a pay to play game. Although I have spent some money on it, but mostly for added bonuses. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy the game. They have a tremendous amount of different slots to choose from. They also have a lot of different mini games to earn even more money to play. I definitely recommend it. Sometimes you do need to grind some , but it is worth it. I really like the “Cash Club” feature. Definitely helps having teammates to earn even more cash. Never has glitched or slowed down on me. You don’t get slammed with adds after every spin like most other slot games. You can check their offers when you first login for the day and you get bonus money for just looking at them. You also have a chance to win cash every 15 minutes. It’s not a lot, but hey it doesn’t cost you anything. Sorry for the book of a review, but like I said it’s definitely a good slot game. Thank you developers and keep it up.
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3 years ago, liars who steal your money
Negative reviews are real
Don’t bother unless you like spending money on a rigged game and terrible customer service. This is a pay to win game and they 100% weight when and how much you win based on how much you’ve purchased and will be willing to buy next, even if they claim its all based on “luck”. They have a side game “mansion quest”. Durning it, you’re supposed to complete challenges and move on to another slot for new challenges. Well, while spinning at 17BILLION chips a spin I finally hit a bonus round. Mid spin the challenge completes and the game closes out & I'm rewarded with only 561 million chips as the challenge reward. I’m not allowed to collect what had been won during the bonus round nor are you allowed to continue with the rest of the free bonus spins for more. How is this based on the “luck” they talk about?!? This isn’t stated anywhere I could find, at least not in an obvious place. Customer service responds within a day or two but didn’t address what really happened. “Big win from free games are not included, only big win from a single bet counts in the mission.” That’s all they wrote! Be prepared for their canned response on here also. Not sure what I mean then just search out their negative reviews. I’ve played a lot of online slots and this one is like the rest of them. Don’t waste your money.
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12 months ago, Graesonmm
Great graphics
They have a large variety of games with a variety of the free game options. I find it entertaining. What is not entertaining is payouts are low, frequent pop-ups asking you to buy chips, emeralds, free games accelerators. Etc. Essentially, you are going to keep playing at a loss so you win big and within a few days it’s gone and they want you to buy chips. I will say that winning seems to be dependent on the day of the week. Mondays and Tuesdays are a good day to win as are Thursdays. I try to stay off of this app on the weekends because I have never been able to win consistently on a weekend. Login and get your daily freebies but consistently no game is paying on certain days. Join a team and you can tell which days slots are winning. There’s lots of freebies for other team members when somebody wins but on certain days of the week, nobody is winning on any slot. The team rooms are super quiet. Overall, it’s fun and there’s a wide variety of games to play. Slotomania is comparable- it doesn’t seem to be dependent on which day of the week you play. Double down is more generous with payouts, but the games are older and the graphics are not very good.
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3 years ago, Mwp15800
Misleading advertisements when making coin purchase
The promotion states make a coin purchase and receive the spin up feature plus one of the hard to get stamps. I made a purchase and it immediately asked me to make another. I declined the second purchase and noticed I did not receive the spin up feature. After re-reading the advertisement it said you must make two coin purchases of the same amount so I bought another coin package at the same amount as the first, still no spin up. The stipulations of their advertisements are not made clear or are very misleading. Attempts to talk to customer service are pointless. It is a bit that keeps giving me the same response over and over. If you mention being ripped off you get an angry response about how unfair it is that people claim they are being ripped off because all spins are random (which they are not). But random does not come into play when making a purchase with real money. They then say “you will be receiving gifts very soon!”. Thinking they are going to make the issue right I wait for these “gifts”. After days I ask what exactly these gifts are because I haven’t received them and the response was “the gifts are what you win from spinning slots”. Such a joke and I will say again since this seems to strike a nerve with them, TOTAL RIP OFF.
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4 days ago, Free higher levels😏
I will continue to post this until this issue is resolved.
Example: today Thursday May 30, 2024 at 5:50 pm, I received an email from Cash Frenzy to get $160.0 free rewards. I clicked on the spin now button it took me to my cash frenzy game, notification showed the reward has expired. This happens on a daily basis. I have submitted several requested through the year through Cash Frenzy Support several times, with no resolution from their IT department to resolve this issue. I have not been able to receive my daily promotional coins through my Gmail acct for over a year. After I click the submit button on Cash Frenzy offer thru my email acct I receive a notification on Cash Frenzy game app stating promotion has expired, though I just received the offer in my email. Again, your emails are going to my gmail acct. not spam or junk mail. I have sent messages to your IT support team with no contact back or resolution on how to fix it. Hopefully, I will hear from someone in your IT support department soon to resolve this issue.
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3 years ago, 16fornina
I wish that I didn’t get the mini jackpot EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! If I had to guess, I’ve spun wheels, slots, numerous games of chance, picked cards, whatever, you name it I’ve ever payed to on here at least 500x. Probably over 1000. I can remember 1x hitting a minor jackpot. 1x. Everything else has been mini. It’s so rigged. If there’s a a game to make a choice, for instance, picking 2 of 3 cards for a prize, without fail, uncovered is the smallest prize out of the 3. EVERY SINGLE TIME! When spinning a wheel for a prize or multiplier, I can tell you what I will pick or land’s always whatever the lowest prize is in the group or on the wheel. I just look for whatever the lowest prize is and sure enough, BINGO! That’s what I will win. I’m like Harry Houdini when it comes to picking the prizes this game awards!! It’s actually laughable now. Even if I spend money on the shop items, boosters and coins, I’ll still pull the lowest prize in the group! Granted, I seem to play a little longer, hitting the the smaller stuff more often but come on!!!!! Would it hurt you guys to loosen it up a little? Jeez
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2 years ago, Great slot
Take you time and read what I have to say!
I personally have played for many years they start off letting you win pretty frequently, however don’t let that fool you! The higher you get in levels the worst they will treat you fair WARNING!! Also NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING!!! And I mean NOTHING NO MATTER IF U THINK ITS ONLY .99 cents, that all adds up over time! You won’t get anywhere. If I only had the money that I spent on here I could have went anywhere and I mean anywhere for a all inclusive vacation for two weeks I guarantee that over the years thinking “o sooner or later I will win”! NO NOT WITH CASH FRENZY YOU WONT another FAIR WARNING. THEIR OUT THERE TO SCAM YOU THATS EXACTLY HOW GREEDY THESE PEOPLE ARE!! I’ve message them plenty of times all they ever tell you is it’s like a real casino experience! Tbh I never had an experience at any casino like I do have on CASH FRENZY. Their literally are out here to take COMPLETE ADVANTAGE OF YOU ESPECIALLY IF YOUR ONE OF THE ONES PAYING REAL MONEY FOR COINS!! Read everyone’s comments your see it’s not just me that says this!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE TERRIBLE TO DEAL WITH BEST THING TO DO AFTER DOWNLOADING IS TO DELETE IT YOUR BE SO HAPPY!! I HAVE MYSELF!! In another few years I’ll be taking that dream vacation!!! They shouldn’t be allowed on any app market but that’s just how I feel! Their VERY GREEDY people don’t say you weren’t WARNED!!
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1 year ago, This is a great game(4447)
Love playing Cash Frenzy great stress relief game.👍
Well everyone knows that just about everyone has stress going on at some time this game is a great stress relief for me. I enjoy the graphics and I really enjoy picking up the concept of certain games. Thank you Cash Frenzy for all the free gifts 🎁 and coins. I have played a lot of games and this is by far my best go to game I see a lot of people who are having trouble saying that they can’t pass a certain point in the game that’s when you change the way that you play the game . I was there at one point and then I changed things up and found out some pointers on my own. Yes I have spent money on the game but everyone should because if you really like the game you want it to be there when you want to play. Do you think that it’s free to make theses games no I don’t think so SO if you love the game then paying every once in awhile will benefit you and everyone who enjoys playing the game . Thank you Cash Frenzy you’re team is doing a fantastic job.👋👍❤️
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3 years ago, to glorify him
Bad support and rigged games
Don’t download if you are wanting to play this long term. It’s great for the first few weeks while giving you lots of wins and building your $ up. Sadly, it starts eating away at your money very quickly. Then when you spend your real money that doesn’t last long and the packages get more & more expensive. Also, if you play in the challenges and you get close to getting past them, that game starts freezing up over and over again (but if you play another game that’s not part of the challenge funny enough, no freezing!). Even worse is the support. Not only will they not respond to you except with “it’s your internet, or download latest version (even though it is) and they don’t compensate you for anything. Also on multiple occasions the game froze during spin cycles and you lose your money. No compensation for that either. Play at your own loss. Had spent my real $$ and had over 400 billion, have gone a week now and lost it all, and the game is rigged to just make you keep losing, have won nothing at all. Software rigged to not let you past big challenges that would have given me a lot of $$ It’s outrageous with how much money they make through the App, and yet they make it impossible for you to keep playing on a regular basis
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2 years ago, mikestruck
Rate Us
You have made this game to hard to play. I couldn’t play for 3 days in a row bc I didn’t have enough coins. You need to make changes so that we can still complete our daily missions, blazing challenges, albums, and prop games. I realize it gets harder as you level up but you have made it ridiculously high to even play or complete all the challenges. I’ll have a good day on Sunday’s and then Monday I lose all my coins and can’t play for days bc you’ve made it to difficult. You can make it easier for us and still make your money off this game. You just choose not to. And you always say that you take our feedback seriously, but you don’t. My club mates hardly play anymore and I’m sure it’s bc they are having the same issue as me. A lot of people probably won’t even respond to rating you bc you never do anything that we suggest. It’s a known fact that you make over $500 billion a month just on this game and that’s all you care about. My friends and I have all given you plenty of suggestions and we all get the same response but you still have not done anything about it. So I guess I don’t understand why you want us to rate you when you already know you’re not going to listen to us and make any changes.
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2 years ago, Jimcoolone
This games bites
It’s only a game and you want me to pay you for coins or some other stupid stuff. I don’t gamble and this is totally supposed to be for fun. Yet, you have ads and pop ups while I am in the middle of a spin. How stupid is that! When I have gone to a real casino to watch my friends play, there is no ads or junk while they play ever. What makes you think people will actually like this game away from the real thing. Hardly any free game bonuses show up at all, and when you finally get one, you get nothing. I can see that happening when you play for real cash, not a free downloaded game. I really think you lie about how great this game is. I have a game on my computer I downloaded and I never get any of this crap either. What ever happened to just enjoying online games. Greed is all it is. Fixing to delete this game and find a better game to play. I can’t believe that people actually spend any of there hard earned money just to get coins. Not worth anything to me.
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4 years ago, navillus8
Don’t Get Purchase Benefits That are Purchased
If you are the type that plays a game without making any purchases, you’ll be happy with this game. (I also applaud you.) At first I absolutely loved this game and rated it 5 stars! As time went on, I would periodically purchase additional coins or various bonuses that were offered. I’d look at the “purchase benefits” that were part of the package, which they were providing to entice you to buy. At first, when I didn’t get certain items within those packages, I thought my memory was wrong or I read something wrong (you do need to read very carefully!!!!); however, as time went on, I am now convinced that they are not providing the benefits that are being purchased. I was also trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Today was the defining moment when I clearly paid attention to what I purchased as compared to what I actually received (shame on me for not doing so before). Once again, I didn’t get what I anticipated based on my purchase. This will be the last time I will be purchasing on this game. I tried “contacting” through the game but without any luck. I don’t mind paying for something I enjoy but I won’t be taken advantage of.
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4 weeks ago, Ff28boy
Americans, patriots, veterans
These people has successfully stolen over $9000 out of my bank account over the past year I really don’t play the game as much probably once every month and recently found out that I was getting charged five to $10 a week on purchases. I never made. I thought it was a mistake and easily could be fixed, but I was wrong. This company is based out of Korea or China one of the two I’ve been in contact with Apple that seems that they cannot help me my Banks forensic computer fraud division said they access my bank account through the app and digitally took a little here and there enough that they wouldn’t raise suspicion and wouldn’t alert my bank to what was going on since then, I found that I cannot call from my phone anymore. It has to be a burner phone to try to speak with someone who speaks broken English. my money was insured so eventually, I will get it back but moral of the story is to my fellow hard-working Americans and patriots please do not download this game to your phones. The app itself is a virus. Does how to get into my bank account I’m writing this review off a burner phone it probably will be flagged and taken down immediately. God bless America you cowards will not win.
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1 month ago, meladeanne
Cash frenzy
This game at one time was my favorite game to go to during the pandemic but as time went ,I found myself and several players losing trillions of game coins and being aggressively pushed to buy game props at ridiculous ,outrageous prices,If you bought once ,prices would double for you within just a few minutes It is no longer an entertaining game ,It is stressful , they withhold game props from you so that you will purchased .I quit for about 3 years and recently came back a lot of changes has occurred in game but prices and rewards remain same ,take for instance ,recently (2days ago ) we started a stamp collection and need to fill 24 albums which are pretty much empty ,I have opened at least 88+ stamp packs and have only received 2 new stamps .We can only send 10 friends stamps per day and have to collect up to 45 packs of stamps ,this makes it difficult .What department store do you know that doubles the prices of items you buy within a few seconds ,none
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1 year ago, yeioy
I love this game but lately you can’t ever get the grand jackpot and you can only ever get the mini. And you will spend every coin you have trying to get it. I use to win a lot but not anymore now I just lose and lose and some times win. But it’s different for everyone and I am sure you will love this game too. I don’t like any other casino game but I love cash frenzy. But forget about the bonus games they are getting harder and harder to get and when you get one you will get the very minimum prizes. Why so stingy with something that is not real? What do you have to lose by making it easier to win the big prize? If you make it easy to win sometimes I would probably spend real money on the game but if I lose all the time I’m just not going to spend real money. I’m not going to pay to lose my money, I will pay if I can win more than I lose. But y’all are not going to be letting me win not even a bonus game. I have spent billions and never got a bonus game. That’s sad
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5 years ago, Stacy N Texad
Slots fun but missions are made too hard to complete for final prize
Aug 9, 2019 New problem: Slots keep spinning as if there is no internet connection then asks me to check my internet. I Play a lot of games and no other game has this problem. The problem happens about 70% of the time now when playing. I get frustrated and just get off the app. I have reloaded the app to see if it helps but NOPE!! My internet is fine, my phone is an iPhoneX and brand new. It happens on wifi and my unlimited data plan. This has happened for a few months intermittently mostly late night but now it happens all times of the day. No other game or app I have has issues. **************** I enjoy the slots a lot BUT after HOURS AND HOURS of trying to complete missions I finally get to the final mission which is literally impossible unless I spend money. 5000 lounge points? Are you kidding? At least give details on the best ways to earn lounge points quickly if there are non purchase ways. I cannot come close to figuring out how to gain that many in 9 hours unless I buy up and spend money. So unfair. YOU SHOULD NEVER REQUIRE PEOPLE MAKE PURCHASES TO COMPLETE MISSIONS!!!
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1 year ago, eyeball pie eater
Brought items disappear constantly
I have purchased numerous boost for the BINGO game The boost that includes wild #s along with 16 BINGO balls + coin, about 2 weeks ago I noticed that you took 3 of my wilds when you changed the game, then again you took 2 wilds less then a week later, now today you’ve taken 4 wilds from me, without giving me back my money I thought this was going on before discovery of the facts but sure as a bear craps in the woods you are stealing from me, over and over, like I’d never notice.! I’m fed up with this thievery and plan on reporting this Bullschiff to the Attorney Generals Office, not that their not aware of you, your company and this bogus game, I want back all you’ve taken without my permission to date it’s at least 9 wild draw #s from BINGO, your not going to get away with all this stealing, what are you a bunch of Communist who blindly believe Americans are easy pickings, I notice that you’ve admitted to many, many indiscretions involving programming and such, as it has happened to often to be accident’s. Return that which I’ve paid for, do so immediately..your still thieving Taking from players and giving nothing back. F—K Y-U….
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