CASHFLOW Financial Statement Calculator

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Rich Dad Operating Company, LLC.
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8 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for CASHFLOW Financial Statement Calculator

4 out of 5
142 Ratings
2 years ago, Cisco099
So much better than those physical sheets in the game
So! This app is amazing! It’s great because it makes the game go by so much faster and makes life easier to track. Having to scratch off your cash flow or your expenses all the time is super annoying and makes your paper look hideous by the end of it. The app eliminates all of it! Giving it 4 stars only because it’s not fully updated. It looks like it hasn’t been touched in a few IOS so the design, look & feel is ancient but! It’s still great. Just needs a face lift & an update
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2 years ago, Daniel Steven Rodriguez
The Greatest Board Game I’ve Ever Played
This is the Greatest board game I have ever played in my entire life thus far. I have never played a more entertaining, informative, life-changing game in all of my 29 years. My awesome wife and amazing realtor just played this game together and if we learned anything, it’s how to generate a positive cash flow and get out of this rat-race (paycheck to paycheck) lifestyle most of us constantly find ourselves in. If you are looking to learn about how to generate enough passive income to leave your 9-5 job, then look no further! This is the game for you! May we all prosper and generate the God-Given wealth He called us all to have! I am a better financially equipped person than I was yesterday, because I played this game.
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5 years ago, C. Nicholson
Market Card not found in app
My wife and I love this game!!! I give it 5 stars all the way!! While playing the game we came across a “Market” card that read, “Small Business Boom! The downtown economy has exploded! EVERYONE is affected. ALL businesses with a cash flow of $1,000 or less, have their cash flow increased by $250.” We could not find anywhere in the app while this card could be applied or how to adjust our cash flow on those that this card affected. I wasn’t sure where to go to make this known. Hope the developers can fix this. It won’t stop us from playing that’s for sure. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Chris Allen Hanna
Awesome app, major flaw but simple fix
I played Cashflow once on paper/pencil with my family and then downloaded the app and we LOVED it. It completely replaced the writing and paperwork. However, the major flaw is how the game ends on the app. When you win, there’s no prompt to read your dream to the rest of the players! Even worse, there’s no way to read your dream once you start the game! The board game states that your dream is the whole purpose of playing the game and escaping the rat race! Easy fix, please add a prompt to read when you win the game.
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2 years ago, Y Higgins
Excellent app but missing some itema
This app made the game so much faster. Instead of having to calculate and change multiple numbers on the financial sheet every time you do something, app does it for you and provide updates. But I noticed there are certain things (some businesses to buy, gold coin correct amounts, certain dream names) are not listed for selection options. Not sure if there’s an update that’s missing for the classic version.
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6 years ago, Cashflow Fan
Game is AMAZING, App is alright
The concepts of this game are amazing in teaching me and people of all level may play. It takes a short time to learn but a lifetime to master. For the app it makes the game go a lot faster, however it only supports one person, instead of multiple people like I expected. Therefore the family members you are playing with must have an iPhone too. If there's one thing to improve, it would be to support multiple balance sheet profiles for each player in the app and change upon each turn. Thank you for creating this game, it has taught me so much over the years.
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5 years ago, DPY85
Love the app!
This app is awesome! It makes the game so much quicker and easier, which makes it more enjoyable. The only thing it needs is the ability to save multiple games, that way if we don’t finish, we can pick up next time without deleting all of our progress. Sometimes we play with different people, so having a multiple game save option would definitely make this a 5-star app!
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3 years ago, hawkthesynapse
Great app but ...
This is a great app and it does help speed up the game play, but despite choosing the correct board type, not all market, doodads, dreams, etc are programmed into the app - it really needs to be updated to include everything in the newest versions of the board game. Please add in the other cards and feature so that the app is more complete. Also for example there is a doodad card that asks you to increase your credit card liability, but that option is not available in the app.
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6 years ago, Fosterdw
Great App
No it does not support multiple people, but it does support you! I use this app because I can get my business done fast and then help other people work the game on the paper. It's a great tool to use when you were teaching somebody else the game. You don't have to focus so much on you and can spend more time helping others. The overuse of technology can make people lazy so learn how to do it on paper first.
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6 years ago, Ronny6711
Missing business in fast track
This app has greatly enhanced the game play of the cashflow board game. I do think it is helpful to know how to keep track of everything by hand first, but after you get the hang of that, definitely get the app. That said, the app is missing the “build a pro golf course” option once you make it to the fast track. Otherwise it would be a perfect 5 Star!
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1 year ago, Josh-ua Cooper
Conflict of business types
One of the market cards says small business improves. It refers only to the small businesses that you started (they are small deal cards). However, if you own a big business when this card is drawn the app increases the cash flow from all businesses that you own.
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2 years ago, AaronLearns2
Are we ever going to see a mobile version of the game?
I love the game, but I live on Mobile platforms now that I am OTR. I was hoping to have a mobile version, but there isn’t one. The web version doesn’t play on mobile phones. One thing I loved about the paper version of the Income Statement Tracker was the freedom to use my own job, income, expenses and assets/liabilities to play the game. I’m hoping eventually that will be a thing with this version. I didn’t miss that feature somehow, did I? I liked Cashflow 2.0, which if I recall correctly, was only ever web based. Can we have that as a mobile app? Please?
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4 years ago, KTL from the ATL
PLEASE add Golf Course to Fast Track
LOVE the app, but it is missing (at least) one business in the 2014 version: Build Pro Golf Course ($150K down; $6K/mo CF). Please add this so that we can make this a fair game. Also, please update the app to include a “reverse” function for times when we accidentally accept an audit action, but realize it was made in error and need to reverse the action. Love the game and app, though!!
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5 years ago, Maidius
Makes the game go fast but...
The app makes the game go very fast but there needs to be an undo feature because there are times when you make a decision and want to reverse it because of the effects on your balance sheet. Additionally, you should be warned before going into a negative cash flow because it causes difficulty and stress to try and figure out how to fix it. Otherwise it has been great.
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4 years ago, ELACO7000
Please add undo button and Pro golf course business
A must have addition to the board game. I would have hated to play without this app. However, I wish you could undo incase you accidentally add a child or something and the app is missing pro golf course business option.
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3 months ago, Poor Dad World
This game is really fun!!
This game is fun and more like a real life monopoly/Life game. But beware if you bought any online real estate courses from Rich Dad World. DO NOT BUY!!! It is a complete scam. They will tell you one time deal for 99 dollars but will secretly charge you 99 dollars for 5 different monthly payments but will leave you out in the blue. The real estate course is also not worth it because they give you information that you can find yourself relatively very easily. Please beware!
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9 months ago, bdbdjcocidid
The app and the board doesn’t line up
On the app for the new board has different dreams and it doesn’t have some of the businesses once you get to the fast track…… so we’re wasting our time trying to play the new board version we had to go back and play the old board.
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5 years ago, 94Fer
Love the game
Me and my family love the game, we play VERY OFTEN, but it always takes a lot of time since we have to do everything by hand... now with the app we thought that would change the only problem is it won’t let us pick the other board game (2011) version. Hopefully this can be fixed so we can actually use the app
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5 months ago, I’m a dad now
First, I want to say that I love this app and the board game. Second, I have a question: this app supports the 1996 and 2014 versions of the board game. A 2020 edition of the board game came out. Do you plan on updating the app for that 2020 version of the game?
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5 years ago, HnyB33
To Developers and Mr. Kiyosaki Please Fix
I just downloaded the app and purchased the latest version of the game. I can select the 2014 board but no matter how I fill in the job, dream, and auditor fields the Start button remains grayed out and I cannot Start the game. Please fix this small issue as soon as possible as the app does not work with the latest version of the game. Thank you
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2 months ago, Ezkill34
How I made 9,000,000,000 and broke the app
This app is awesome however when I sold my stock I should’ve been able to collect my $9,000,000,000 however instead it robbed me of my money I broke the app. Please update it to where I can collect my money.
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2 years ago, Hlane1975
App needs updated
Bought this game to play with out 11 children. Unfortunately the app doesn’t follow the rules and names/opportunities in the game. Dreams do not match board game. Cannot pay token holders 50,000 as rules dictate. When trying to learn and teach a new game to a group it would be helpful if the game worked with the app that is supposed to help make it easier.
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2 years ago, Kiss-ya landlord goobye!
App Crashes with new update 16.1.1
App will not open. I assume it’s because of the new update because I was able to open on my husband’s phone (not updated) but mine crashes.
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7 months ago, BardsBai
Not Exact
The game board we have is for 2020 but this app was made quite a bit earlier than that so it’s missing certain businesses and details but it’s pretty close and works really well.
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1 year ago, Dragon1106
Played the game today
This is great makes the game go so much faster. The problem with the app is it doesn’t match what’s in the game. I bought the game last year and it just doesn’t work quite the way it’s supposed to. Wish they would update the app.
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7 years ago, PaterNovem
Takes the fiddling out
Like the app; takes all the fiddling out. However... I have a big family... would be nice to make the limit on number of kids go away. Kinda funny to see my kids deal with a large family!
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4 years ago, JayGee too
John G
We got the board game and the paper sheets are annoying at best so we looked for an app. Yay, we found this one but unfortunately it doesn’t work. We entered our profession and auditor and dream and it will not do anything beyond that. If we try to select the board again it starts all over At least it is a free app. I guess you get what you pay for. Too bad. This would make the game much better.
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7 years ago, iwookiee
Good for what it does
This makes the board game just fly. In that respect it's excellent. However, I have found I get disconnected with what is going on in the game. The amount of bank loans I'm carrying or starting loans get buried. It doesn't make the game actually good. The game itself is a pretty poor design.
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3 years ago, Grandma LH
Need an updated version for the new released board game.
We just received the updated CashFlow board game. We loved using this app; however, it can’t be used with the new version. Would love to see an updated app. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Lexi Cardoso
Fun and Great Intro to Creating Wealth
The app is easy to navigate! If you’re used to playing online and want to enjoy it more in a more tangible setting, it keeps the game going at a good pace.
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3 years ago, Dyeenanoel
No Edit Button
I want to love this app, but I made a mistake by entering a wrong number and there was no way to edit it. The only option I saw was to start a new game and re-enter everything all over again. Am I missing something?
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3 years ago, Gaming32
Not up to date; unusable
This app has not been updated in 5 years, and is thus not compatible with any version of the game after the 2014 edition. It is this absolutely unusable with our 2020 edition. Don't install this app unless you have a version of the game that's more than 7 years old!
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1 year ago, Paedagogus
Doesn’t match the newest edition
There are many inconsistencies with the latest board game. Several of the dreams, for example, are either different or non existent in the app.
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4 years ago, Dudesirmanking
Very helpful
Love the Cashflow board game, one of my all time favorites. This app makes game play much faster and enjoyable. It’s missing a few items, but otherwise helpful.
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2 years ago, dbl9903
Not updated
My family just bought the newest cash flow game and this app doesn’t have the updated game board. It seems like this app would be a great addition to the game if updated for newer versions.
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2 years ago, Dis hang
Overall good
Overall very good idea, but it Needs to update with the newest board game, some franchises are missing which is annoying.
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4 years ago, OrcaBear23
Amazing Addition to the Board Game!
Well worth it! This app has breathed new life into the board game. It was such a pain to write, erase, write, erase (repeat.) Now we can just play and have fun! Let the app calculate for you!
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3 years ago, kramdavid
It’s useful but need more profession
The latest board game has more profession than this calculator app so if possible update the calculator with more profession as soon as possible :)
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7 years ago, Roachwomanfw
Excellent app!
We have loved this game for years. The app makes the game so much more fun. It is responsive and complete. No glitches. Easy to use. My millennial sons who are video game players love this game and the app.
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7 years ago, Brayden80005
This helped a lot! Instead of using a calculator and the cards, it does it for you. Thank you so much, made it so much easier
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4 years ago, Felipipi
I love the app, but I think we have a bug.
Multilevel Marketing $500 is not adding to the payday. Im not getting those extra $500. Also, how many times can we buy this MLM?
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6 months ago, Wardmain
Needs updating!!!
Would be a great addition to the game if it was updated with the newest game version. We have the 2020 version and the expense numbers of jobs are not lining up with what the app has so it is useless to us. STILL A GREAT GAME!
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2 years ago, thedaveray
Doesn’t Account for Expenses Properly
Expenses are deducted from each paycheck but is not shown in each account ledger. I have been paying off mortgage on my home for 10 plays but shows that I still owe the same amount at the beginning of the game.
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3 years ago, TB159
Need Update
It missing a few Dreams & plus you can’t add stuff to your credit card like wedding on the game for doodads
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6 years ago, 1964smiley
Build Pro Golf Course
Just to let you know this choice is not available in the game.
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7 years ago, J03Bagz
Great App with our game!
It makes playing faster and more streamline. We play more now that we use this app.
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2 years ago, Brianmatic
Very helpful but needs and update
Please update to the latest cashflow game update! Thanks for this app. It really speeds up game play.
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7 years ago, FireManTTSOM
Excellent app to have if you enjoy the game. Takes the manual math out of it but you need to know the math to play well.
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7 years ago, xXCommon DudeXx
Please update the game!!!
Please update the game!!! It is not compatible with the recent iOS on the iPads. I lost the CASH FLOW app due to an upgrade! I’m very disgusted and withdrawn... Please help... Please UPGRADE CASH FLOW.
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3 years ago, User3000
Not updated
This is not updated to the latest version. Please update this to your latest version. Many cards are not supported by this app.
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