Cashman Casino Slots Games

4.6 (187.4K)
397.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Product Madness
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cashman Casino Slots Games

4.56 out of 5
187.4K Ratings
2 weeks ago, boyonedog11
Hi! If you wаnt to plаy in the best online casino, install the "Plimko Voyage" aрр, all nеwbies get a bоnus with their first deposit, i've already withdrawn $738... As for Cashman The advertisement make it seems like you get your winnings fast. Not true. July 28th (wow such a bad luck day for me) anyway I decided I was tired of wasting my money and from the $55 I spent I won $22. So I decided to cash out. It’s now August 2, 2023 and I still haven’t received my payout. So I decided I am calling Apple to request a refund on my in app purchase. Well not only are the makers of this app scammers and liars they are geniuses. How? They have you connect their game to your PayPal account making it almost impossible to fight the charges. Since this is a third party app I wanted $30 back of the $55 I spent because or the $22 I won that wasn’t immediately paid to me as the game states. There really is no free money and making so much money a day. I am a disabled housewife and I have nothing but time so I took a chance and I saw how much deceit is put out there in the world. Y’all time will come. I am trying extremely hard to get that Apple Store to get this app shut down because this app is taking advantage of gullible people such as myself who believe this is a way to make a few dollars that can make a slight difference. You’d have better luck buying scratch off lottery tickets than giving your money.
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5 years ago, tyreeyork
Why I shouldn’t give it a five star
I been playing this game for a While now and have not been able to play from my own account . Every time I log out it give me the guest option but the facebook option log in to my friend page. Another thing I paid over three hundred dollar on the app and I don’t even get V.I.P privileges and I alway end up buying more coin just to keep playing . Unfortunately ima have to end this review by saying you should have more bonus on the daily wheel and lot of different task to earn coin. It shouldn’t be easy to hit a jackpot but it should cost me thousands of my hard earn money to be able too. Please updates the apps daily and make the become the best casino app there is out here. Your suppose to be ahead of the competition make it our reality to separate the good with the bad but more good then bad. However about change for once for us people , and stop trying to brainwash us by saying it depend on your luck because it you guys who make us want to bad review it. But overall it a great game to download
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5 years ago, pop down
So frustrated
I have been playing this casino for a few years. Recently they came up with “Cashman studios” I could never get into the studio to open the cases. It would start to download and then stop. When I complained I was told to make sure I had the latest version, to remove the app and then download again, I sent a screen shot, and did all of the other “suggestions”. Nothing worked. They said they would look into it further and that the problem should be resolved shortly. The game ended with me having over 200 cases that I could never open. Now there is holiday Cashman studios. I am experiencing the exact same issues. I sent a complaint as was told to do all of the things I was told the first time. Same result. They will look into further and the problem should be resolved shortly. I now have over 100 cases that I cannot open. What a joke. It’s very frustrating when you get a generic response that is sent to everyone with a downloading issue. I did ask if others were having the problems, and I never got an answer to that question. So if your tech guys are actually reading this, maybe they can help me to resolve this ongoing issue. Who knows how much money I would be getting if I could actually play and open these studio cases. And of course you don’t give any compensation for the problem/glitch in your game. Thanks A very unhappy customer. P.S. no need to send me yet another generic response saying how sorry you are that I am having no luck participating in the game
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11 months ago, wafdjll
Poor to Fair: Originally this was a lot of fun. Sure you lost some, but not like now. Remains a losing proposition. You have been known to provide some real successes. Improving still need a little improvement. You have a tendency to go 3 and 4 days with nothing winning You are improving You are continuing to improve. I would give you three and one half starship are continuing to improve...the games are fun I am increasing to 4.0. I do enjoy Good 4.0 Things are going backwards for the players. 3.5 I am disappointed at the current directions. I would hope you would return to not being so greedy. 3.5 Things are back to improving. I loose but occasionally I am allowed to win Good 4.0 Poor to fair. You have things tightened up to the point of eliminating any fun. It is nice to hit good sometimes Poor to fair. Plenty of losses versus enjoyment of winning.3.5 with some improvement. I would evaluate at 2.5 to 3.0. The increased greed has dampened the game enjoyment….I am back to playing and I will see how things are going. I enjoy playing and occasionally getting surprised.. It appears you have the machines tightened up again. Maybe we choose the wrong machines. We would rate you low at this time.. Remains poor. Very few wins. Improvinghave not played for awhile but it appears you are doing better or Probably go with a 3.5.rating has seriously dropped. Probably rate at 3.0
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2 years ago, TheTrueReview2021
I Get It but, Come On
Update****. I know you’re going to put free coin ads up all the time. Ok. But could you at least not place them over the same area of the screen where we are pressing to spin? That’s extremely obnoxious. Also, as with your other games, you are not replicating the casino experience. This is because you are changing the payback percentage variably to increase and decrease winning per your algorithms, to hook people on winning do they will lose and want to pay for coins. Look developers, I understand the assignment. Your job is to make money with this app, and you achieve that by getting users hooked enough on the experience of winning fake money to spend real money on the process. And I know that is done by allowing users to win in the beginning, get up big, then take their coin balance down to zero (throwing in bingo and other silly distractions to keep it as engaging as possible). I’ve played real slots plenty in my life, and your use of actual branded games and interface is second to none. That said, come on now. You would be wise to be a bit less obvious when you go into “take them down to zero” mode. Ten consecutive spins with NO credits won, bonuses of 15 spins with NO credits won, while being bombarded with “special offers” to spend real dollars is a little transparent. Maybe a little subtlety in reducing payback percentage would go a long way!
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3 years ago, Shells2377
There are some casino apps that give too many free chips and it makes it boring to play and there are some apps that are very stingy and don’t give enough, Cashman casino is one of the apps that is very stingy. As an example you get a daily bonus and 98% of the time you get the minimum amount possible on the daily bonus so you could’ve worked very hard to get up to five times multiplier on the bonus and then you end up getting 20,000 multiplied times five and if you don’t have any multipliers you get 20,000 chips a day l, that is only two spins with the minimum bet of 10k. I’ve even tried purchasing chips and the game is so stingy with the bonuses and just normal spins that you just lose your money. I know people would spend more money on this app if the bonuses and just normal play we’re not as stingy. And if the daily bonus points you are given were higher. I’ve been playing this app for just over two years and I spin the daily bonus will every day and not once have I hit over 500K and not once have I ever hit the jackpot. I will say that this app has the absolute best casino games but it’s just not worth the frustration of trying to play the game betting max, and winning almost nothing. It doesn’t cost you anything to give free tips I mean it is just for fun I think you should loosen the purse strings a little bit and it would make the game more fun and it would make people want to spend money on chips.
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5 years ago, sandigirl2272
Yes it’s fun, but Don’t fall for it!!!
Love playing Pompeii, the lightening link game, and the diamond, but while one day I may win, it takes it right back and wants more money to play. You said these are set up like real casino games to give you that experience but I can tell you from experience I get to play a lot more on real casino game than this one and I can play to Win money and you cannot on this one. My point is this, since you are not having to pay anyone any money out they should be a lot loser for the player. Since they aren’t, then that’s just greed on your part. I thought these games were for enjoyment?? They obviously aren’t to people who keep forking out money to play these machines as I have. It’s quite unfair. So either lower your prices on coins or make the payouts better so people can enjoy playing. I for one, am about done playing. Last few days I have paid and played over and over and it just took took took and didn’t give anything! I never hit big jackpots... with the money I have spent you would think they would let a person like that win just to keep them here to spend again, but nope!! I’m fixing to delete this app off my phone because it has taken too much of my money and of course no enjoyment because no winnings. Really sad! So to all that reads this, beware! It may let you win for an hour but after that it takes it all back and then more when you buy more coins.
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10 months ago, Nutmeg girl
Terrible Odds
Variety of games is good. Newer games are included. One big complaint. As I said before, games are good. Several varieties are available to the player. My complaint is the costs of play coins are much too high, the odds of winning are minimal. One can get very little if any play time on their purchases. The returns are practically nil. That’s TERRIBLE! I deleted the app from my computer a couple years ago and tried it again this year. Unfortunately nothing has changed. It’s a shame. GREED IS IN CONTROL! The name “Mr. Cashman” is very well suited for your modus of operation. You want it all!! Love your games, but have to admit it’s extremely hard to win. I understand you are not facilitating those of us who play for our pleasure only and expect to pay for the play coins. However you charge more for very few coins and winnings are almost negligible. I play a couple other sites and none of them charge as much as you do for play coins. Back to your old tactics Some improvement noticed. Glad to see that. More than a year have past since my last review. NOTHING has changed. Your company charges too much for play money. You pay REAL MONEY, just for the opportunity to play a favorite game. Love the games. The doct of coins to play still too much fore me. Slight improvement noted. The games are popular.
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4 weeks ago, realy??
Game are fine although....
Commercial interruptions are understandable, but not when almost two thirds of the interruptions show up to inform you no commercial is currently available. You would think if you are going to interrupt our game that such interruptions would be fruitful. Actually your app has become a pain to use. Especially when a short time back a change was made wherein the amount of your play opened up at a very high amount. Numerous times after that change I failed to catch the very high amount of the bet only to lose a third of my winnings before I noticed it. Then the last time I caught the high bet but the auto play failed to quit even though the cancel auto bet was pressed numerous times. The only way it stopped was shutting down the computer. Playing your app used to be entertaining, lately it has been more than a challenge. I’ve almost reached the point of moving on to other apps. Your app has become too frustrating to play. Also, for some reason the past few weeks the app keeps cutting out, “Lost internet connection” yet, all other apps don’t experience any such error. I have even monitored the Wi-Fi connection and it shows no interuption. It’s like you really want me to leave your app. Perhaps I should because it has become an annoying experience. That is unfortunate.
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1 year ago, Waggles57
Cashman review
I like the games but don’t really care how much “guest” or others have won. The only person who cares is the one person who won and they already know. It is distracting and unnecessary. The “this game has been idle” is annoying because it happens too often. Still too many breaks in the game. Better to let the players decide when to stop and get the bonuses. Still have to stop too often. Let the players decide I do NOT like the chest thing. It gives you NOTHING except interruptions and does NOT add to the game in ANY way. I hate it, Get rid of the chests and all the interruptions Get rid of the chests and all the interruptions Get rid of the chests and all the interruptions You are so stingy with the wins. I am about to quit playing because I am so tired of giving you more money 😒Stop the interrogations Dump the chests Dump the chests Dump the chests I still feel the same way. Wish you would get rid of the chests No change, still too many interruptions and I don’t like the chest thingToo many interruptions I’d like you to quit stopping my game to advertise new games or trying to get me to buy more chips. Too many advertisements interrupting the game I’m playing TOO MANY INTERRUPTIONS It’s better now. I discovered the heart game and it’s fun. I still play the buffalo game though. Keeps me entertained.
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2 years ago, T&t tool man
T&t tool man
Would be better to be a little better at bonus been trying for a month to get going without having to buy coins but never get a decent game. Reinstalled game was able too get ahead a couple of months ago but haven’t been able to get past 5 times multiplier 1 time game is definitely geared to you having to always buy coins would love to win a great amount but never seems to happen. Yesterday had finished my tasks for bonus payment and game screen changes and no credit for bonus. Game is sometimes hard to get ahead with coins used to have more bonuses but now it is a lot harder than used to be. Have played and had large wins that aren’t credited to the game. Happened three times. Game seems to have moments when you get ahead and are able to stay for a bit sometimes. Lately games have been freezing when you try for the extra bonus. Would like to see larger bonuses at start ups in mourning. Game extremely hard to get ahead game decide when bonuses happen games not free to react on it’s own. Operators definitely know games are geared to the company. But still a lot of fun to play.
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7 years ago, La La 1312
Some things never change
This app is by the same developer as Heart of Vegas. As with that game, it is lots of fun to play and has great games and graphics. For that, they are the best apps available. Sadly, as with HOV, in the beginning it gives you lots of coins and bonuses and you almost can't lose on the spins. Once you establish a pattern of playing, the honeymoon is over and you are stuck waiting for your hourly bonus, or buying coins to play (and believe me, I have). I know Product Madness is in business to make money, but they could at least set the reels to let you win ONCE in a while. The bonuses drop to nothing and you are lucky to get a handful of spins out of them. So be patient--if you don't play for several days and collect your little bonus every 15 min. (if you have nothing else to do), you can save up enough coins to play for maybe 10 min. I think they hire only techno geeks who have psychology degrees to create the pattern of the games. In response to developer: keep your bull to yourself. Your canned and syrupy responses are ridiculous. Your games are a ripoff and that's the bottom line. People spend good money to buy coins to play your games and you minimize and disregard their doing so with your stupid defense of the fact that you set the games against people. While trying to make us look stupid, you prove that you absolutely are jerks
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2 years ago, anniep69
Worst payout ever! Rip off. Do not buy coins from this site. Been playing for a long time and would to win once in a while. Would like to buy $100 and play for a day or two, not a half hour or less. Very hard to get a bonus! Very little payback. Still the same outcome as always. Doesn’t do any good to complain. They don’t change. The payout is terrible most days. VIP is NOT a benefit like on other apps. Cashman has the best games with the worst payback and they do not treat you well like DoubleDown Casino. DoubleDown Casino values paying customers. Almost impossible to get a bonus on any game. They expect you to keep buying but you can’t keep any coins because the payback is terrible! The VIP program is a joke. They say they assign you a VIP rep but the reps don’t care. You are much better playing Double Down Casino. The payout is better and their VIP reps are responsive and will comp you. Very hard to get a bonus. The game reps do not care about customers. They are rude and not helpful. I would NOT recommend this site to anyone! Play something else! Very hard to get bonuses on this site. They want you to buy, buy, buy. They do not payout enough to keep you playing after a purchase. I recommend purchasing coins from a site that has better payout.
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3 years ago, Take a screenshot-seriously!!!
Be sure to take a screenshot of your game malfunctions
My husband was playing a game and was winning. Surprised?? Us too. Then it was in the middle of a bonus and it was racking us points like crazy. Like over 274,000,000. Needless to say we were excited beyond belief! Then guess what. The game malfunctioned and no points were added. Seriously we were beyond belief. We have sent several emails to tech support and was told they would need a screen shot of the total??? Seriously who thinks to take a screenshot of a win because in a few seconds the game will malfunction and you will need proof that you are not lying!!!! Seriously this is a game. We have bought points before but won’t do it again. They don’t believe their customers and honestly think we would lie about this. So we were told they would credit the account. NEVER HAPPENED. So just heads up if you win big take a screenshot because this is a trustworthy bunch of people. More other games to choose from. And we thought Vegas was the best games before this. Ok months and months later still not able to make adjustments to their errors. It’s not like it’s real money and they still can’t credit your account. If only we knew we needed to take a screenshot to prove our claims. Thanks Cashman for nothing!!!!!
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5 years ago, Ricky0236
You will never win
So I’ll start with the good which is the app has a lot of the same games you play at the casino which is really nice. Aside from being able to play your favorite games that’s where the fun ends. I’ve read several reviews on here and everyone has the same complaints. You can never win on this app. I decided to spend money and buy coins which i don’t normally do on any app. As soon as I bought coins they realize they have someone on the hook who will spend money so then you lose at an even quicker rate with the hope you will continue to spend more money to line their pockets. I bought coins several times back to back to back which I’m embarrassed about now since I was ripped off so good. It’s sad that this app takes advantage of people who are just looking for entertainment. Now watch I will get the same generic response from the support team that everyone gets telling me they are sorry my experience wasn’t good and hopefully next time I will win. That alone just shows that they don’t read these reviews and we all get the same response. It’s ok they got me and I was their sucker but if you are reading this please believe this isn’t just complaining and heed the warnings from so many of us and skip this app as they will do nothing but screw You over too!
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3 years ago, Dawn312
Developer issues/bad payouts and bonus ratio
So I’ve played this game on and off over 4 years. Graphics are great. However from there it’s tough. This is not similar to the casino. I know the payout from the 4play Buffalo/all Buffalo slots well enough to tell you this is a rip off. Casinos give you play to keep you playing, this game drains you. Even in Vegas the original Buffalo game will pay you 50 cents if you get any 2 Buffalo/elk/eagle/wolf. It’s not the same in other states but to compensate they pay you more of the two buffalos to make up for it. I also know for a fact that bonus games come up much more in real casinos. They may not pay a lot but least they are there. This game has a 2% rate of bonus game unless it’s a new release. Then to make matters worse every time a pop up from the left or the right from their “bingo ball/boards/etc you absolutely won’t get a pay out. Considering these pop up every 3-4 spins you’re losing 25% percent of your coins at the glitches expense. It’s the same in hearts of Vegas too. Not sure who develops this but you should get with real slot players. They know why they like them and some even know the combos of how these wins should be showing up.
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2 years ago, Dbrahe
Ok at best
It’s fun, and I have paid a few grand, a few grand, to have fun, that’s on me. How many $100 dollar packages to get pieces to win all the chests?? It seems like you would have to spend about 10 grand in a month to maybe, maybe, have a shot at winning the 5 billion and getting every piece. What’s the most annoying is every day they thank the “most loyal fans” on the regular Cashman page on Facebook with 5 million coins daily, which VIP’s get. However, how about triple that for the VIP’s who actually are the “most loyal fans” and keep this app up and running. I’ve bought about 3 thousand dollars in coins the last months, still need about 12 minimum pieces, which rarely show up anymore, in the magical chest that comes in these packages, and the rep on Facebook Joanna Jones never ever responds to my double charges sometimes, she’s worthless, give me her job, I have 17 years in customer service excellence with Delta Air Lines, and stuck with $200 the VIP staff says I have to go through Apple to get, but I still play. Take care of the people who pay you Apple, or hire me, but fix it if not I’ll just play real slots online for real money.
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2 years ago, CynthiaEH
Magic Pearl Crashes during bonus consistently
I put in a ticket every time the game crashed during the Magic Pearl bonus round. I only got reimbursed once. I also took screenshots of the crashes. I have an iPhone 7 plus. I make sure that there are no apps open when I'm playing. Still the game consistently would crash during the bonus. The support center admitted there's a problem but they are fixing it. I have a copy of that message. Here is what they said: Thank you for contacting Customer Support. We are continuing to work with our development team regarding issues that may have occurred while you played the Lightning Link games. As we have previously stated, you may continue to experience this issue while we work on a resolution. Please note it may take some time to correct any issues. We appreciate your patience with this matter. Thanks again, Shahrooz Product Madness Support I want to be reimbursed for points lost when I can prove a crash.
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3 years ago, genesis471
What a rip off
This game was fun he first day, when I won coins so easily it seemed. The reality is, it is worse than playing real slots. Most of the payouts are less than the current bet, which makes no sense. Also, the games that require 5 to 6 of the same symbols, these on a real slot machine wouldn’t be the same denomination as your bet. For example, I bet sat 100k in coins, and the wheels often pop up with the same 100k, and rarely higher. This makes no sense again. Furthermore, what the heck is wrong with your math? Most of the time when you mega win or huge win, let’s just say it’s 2M on a 100k bet. That’s only 20 dollars on a dollar in a casino, not considered a huge win. Hong Kong Jackpots for example, your bet often shows up on the wheel and you’re trying to get 6. So if 6 come up, you win 6x your bet and more if you are super lucky. Who gets 6 dollars on a 1 dollar net in a casino, when matching 6 symbols! Even the casinos aren’t that cheap. Your game is crap and nothing but a money pit. I’m sorry I wasted my money, I’m really sorry. I could of got much better use out of the $130 I spent. Don’t bother telling me your sorry either, your game is by design to fraud people out of buying coins. Way worse than the real thing. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!
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4 years ago, Timmyt66
Best game ever next to Lightning Link Casino
This game is fun and entertaining like Lightning Link Aristocrat and Product Madness produce great games, best on the planet. This and Lightning Link,Fafa, and Heart of Vegas is all I ever play these days. Product Madness and Aristocrat make the best games out there. Their games make u feel happy especially when your winning a lot. Even if you have bad luck it’s still entertaining and fun as you try to win of course you will lose some while your trying to win some. I love Aristocrat/Product Madness games, their fun and entertaining. It’s all I ever play these days. Hope everyone enjoy these games as much as I do I simply can’t stop playing them. If you haven’t tried to their other games as I mentioned, go download it now. If you haven’t tried Lightning Link you will love it, it will almost be the only games you ever play after you start along with the rest of Aristocrat/Product Madness games. Don’t take my word for it go try it yourself you’ll fall in love with these games like I have.
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6 years ago, Hotballoonlover
Great games.... till you win big
Notified customer service twice with no responds. I play often as a silver member " Hearts of Vegas" having zero issues. This is a new app I just down loaded and played thinking I would enjoy the same as the site mentioned above. Won twice as good wins 8 million+ on bonus rounds having the game bug out and lose the win. Not a very good impression, simply poor service taking care of new member and a future customer. Let's see what they say.... If they do. Got a reply as you see. Generic automated responds. Seems I'm not the only person with these issues. Think they should close the app and fix this issue. People are paying and not getting what they pay for. I will not pay one penny till I get my winnings refunded and site is in good working order. Sad Think this is a scam with higher volatility than a normal casino slot machine once you play further into it. Be fair for the user and profitable without feeling ripped off. Stay away, take your love one out on a date instead....
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3 months ago, 4salelady
Give more bonus rounds
I’ve been playing hearts of Vegas for years it used to be a lot of fun and they used to give you a lot of bonus rounds and you didn’t mind buying some tokens now they don’t give you hardly anything it’s not like we’re paying for cash it’s just for entertainment so I’ve been buying tokens and the game is just horrible now so I came over to this app which is owned by the same company to play HeartofVegas. Same thing payouts not good. Bonus rounds are not good, I gave a five star review so I could leave a honest review of what I thought because I feel like the company can do better. I’ve written them tell them to at least let us play more especially for the money we spend on tokens I’m going to give this app a few more tries then I’m going to look for something that pays out better with more bonuses. I’m still trying to see if their bonuses or payouts are better I’m not been noticing much of a difference
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2 weeks ago, Silleeeee meeeee
Don’t bother.
If you want fair games you can actually win, Cashman and Heart of Vegas are not your games. Download Pop Slots. You can win and gain rewards towards buffet, free rooms, etc... in Vegas. And you will not have to buy coins to do so. Update: 6/1/18 When I open the app it tells me to login through Facebook and I’ll get 1,000,000 coins. That doesn’t happen. I keep doing it and no extra coins. I have 267,000 coins from collecting the bonuses during the day, not from playing. They’ll be gone after a few spins. August 2021: I’ve been playing again lately and have been able to continue to play certain games and win . February 2022: They are fun games. Once in a while I will hit enough coins to be able to play for a while. They do always ask for the ratings just after you win some coins. May 2024 winning more now. Started playing again. Time will tell. It is better, at least lately. I have been able to play nightly with a decent stash.
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4 years ago, Slaydog#1
Don’t spend your money
As stated previously I am about to delete this app from my tablet. It will let you hit the major jackpot like 3 weeks in a row in the lower stages of levels but when you get above around 130 or so don’t spend any more money on coins cause your winning ain’t happening. I think the game is BS people get addicted to this games cause it’s fun the you buy 2,000,000coins for 4.99 and they are gone in 10 mins. Way to run your game to scam people out of there hard earned money. I will never get another game with your companies logo on it again. I really hope you can sleep well at night and you can take your game and shove it where the sun don’t shine. This is to the response from the developer. I will not be back for bigger wins in the future cause your game is a scam. Get peop,e winning at first then they lose their coins buy more buy more and keep buying so they don’t win crap.
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2 years ago, Journeyfer
Real slots + frustration
Update 5/5/22: I used to enjoy this app , but the bonuses are sparse , rewards are very stingy and the pop ups are so annoying that I’m probably going to delete it after this event, which I will never win because even building up to the highest chest or ticket bonus doesn’t give me any new items, seems like you have to spend money for that :( 1st review: I enjoy this app because it allows me to play some of my favorite slot machines I find at the real casino like “Jewel of the Enchantress“ and “Miss Kitty“. Obviously the developer’s goal is to make money. The payouts are about as much as you would expect in a real casino.I personally wouldn’t invest money if I don’t expect to get money back. 1. Loads very slow and has to refresh even if you only have it open for a short time. 2. Pop-ups to buy coins are done in such a way that the purchase button is in the exact same place as the spin button, so you need to be careful that you don’t “accidentally” buy coins. 3. Pop-ups keep coming up telling me about other people, especially “guests” ,who win jackpots.I don’t care if somebody else wins a jackpot.
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10 months ago, O EnoryT
I don’t like the fact that you guys say if you bet hi you win more. I purchased two packages that totaled 457 coins per package on two different days and before I got or hit a bonus betting high as you guys told me to do or recommend. I believe my bet was $6 million a spin and before I hit anything you took over 400 million coins that’s before I hit anything which I considered totally ridiculous. I know this is gambling but you guys are raking in huge profits, and the coins that you’re offering aren’t even real, so yes, I took a hiatus of three weeks or so not purchasing anything from you. Another thing your little bonus wheel you allow like every 18 hours, my meter was full to the top on a number of occasions and guess what I usually get 80 coins 200,000 coins so really doesn’t pay me to play often to get my meter to the top because you don’t reward according to peoples play cycles or what their contributing toward that meter going to the top. I could go on and on, but I will digress.
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2 years ago, Connie Quest
Nearly Unplayable
Even though I find the free bonus coin amounts ridiculously low (usually just 20k before the multiplier), my biggest issue is with the constant “connection lost” messages that appear whenever I get into a slot bonus, or while playing side games (currently it’s Bingo). They never occur while playing a slot’s base game. I am running the app on my iPhone using mobile data and have done all of the recommended troubleshooting such as closing all other apps in the background, plugging my phone in while playing, and restarting my phone. I experience the same connection issues while playing Lightning Link Casino, but not with any of my other apps so it seems like the problem is on Product Madness’ end, not mine. It’s disappointing because the games are very fun and are just like the games I enjoy playing at real casinos, but the connection issues make me dread triggering any bonuses because I have to wait for the bonus to finish (which continues to run behind the error message) just to make sure the bonus winnings are added to my bank before restarting the app.
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4 years ago, Jacob9682
Money Pit
While this app does have several of my favorite Vegas slots, it does not give you much time to play them. The daily credit wheel spin is a joke, and the other two spins you get through the day aren't any better. I've figured out that the free credits the app will give you a day at the wheel spin is 200k or less. You run through that in about 10 minutes. They want you to spend money to get coins and even when you actually buy coins you blow through those. I understand you can't win every time, but the amount of actual wins more than your bet and especially big wins is extremely rare. It shouldn't be that hard to get a decent win fairly often. I get real slots are more difficult to get a big win, but I'm not playing this game in a casino. They really need to up the win percentage. It seems when you do get a big win the odds are completely changed to make sure you don't win again making you run out of coins. Haven't played the app in about a month because of this. Fix this game and actually make it to where I can enjoy playing more than 10 minutes without losing all my coins.
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2 years ago, rascal2228
Cashman casino enchantress
Unable to open any chests. Ihaveover50. The app freezes when you try to go to the bonus. Nothing works. This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of weeks. Also very difficult to win anything substantial. Would never recommend this app to anyone. PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM. As of yet, the problem is not fixed. I have over 80 chests to be opened and maybe some free coins. The bonus apps always freeze. Is it not time to fix your problems with this site? At this rate, I would discourage anyone from this site. As of today, the site is frozen again. Please fix. This time it is factory robot Again, the game is frozen. Quite exasperating!!!!!!today, March 22, the game is frozen again. Please fix the problem. How can I get this fixed? Please help. New bonus freezes up the program? Why? So frustrating. You install a new bonus and it takes forever to work. March 24 still frozen. HELP!!!!!!!!!! Still frozen. Why???????????? Today, the game is frozen again. It was good for so long. But now it is frozen again. Help????????2nd time today. Still frozen. Help
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6 years ago, eljugador420
Try your luck
I have had a love hate relationship with this app, it seems that the only time I’ve been able to get ahead on this app is when I spend money for coins. There was about a 2 hour window when the app would actually give off the vibe of winning. But it didn’t matter how much I would buy the end result was always the same. My going balance would always end up at 0. The daily bonus available has a jackpot that I’m pretty sure no one ever gets and I always have the luck of receiving the smallest allotted amount which is 20,000 coins. Which in this app get you nothing. Minimal bonuses with minimal wins. I know this app is has a business aspect behind it but for Christ’s sake they could at least be a little more friendly about giving wins to their players. Needless to say I will not be spending my money on this app again. Only to see it dwindle away to no profit or gain to me. Now if you don’t believe that this app is a business read the automated response they are going to leave to this review it should match pretty much everyone who left a negative review. Something along the lines of sorry for your string of bad luck we hope you will continue to play blah blah blah
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6 years ago, Kimasue
I have been slots for years and the graphics and realism is right on. I must admit there is only 1 downside and it’s the return on when I have purchased chips. $100 dollars went faster I think than in the real slots. Now I’ve resulted to just playing free mostly sometimes I’m very tempted but rather than get frustrated and delete the app I’d rather appreciate it sometimes. Some advice to the developers if I may? You would make a lot more money by bigger daily and hourly appreciations and allowing it to last then people such as myself would go back to playing on your app with purchasing and chips won. I have an app I like because for instance I spent $50-$100 and it has allowed me to play on it for more than going on 3+weeks now and still have 18 billion. Now, people would tell others and this money influx should be greater for you, please think about it. I wish you the very best and hope your hard work will have much greater rewards and reviews.
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3 years ago, AndrewOriginal
Bad programming on games
So I have won some jackpots here and there, never once have had a grand. Spend real money on this game, lose it all in a day. I do 100K bets and make 50K after all of them, do 50K bets and make 50K if I’m lucky. Once in a while I’ll win 1M but then away it goes. I’ve played some of these games in actual casinos and have won more than 3x my money back with far less spins than in this game. The odds are way off for hitting a jackpot, I recorded myself playing, it took me 2M in spins on Dragon’s Riches (50K bet) to win 750,000 coins during a golf & spin. Word coins come by once every 15 hold and spins, and actually land even less from my experience. Developers should really look into their odds because it’s far too low to actually want to keep playing. I’ve spent over 100M in the last few days on spins, and I’m currently sitting at 3M. I play different games after hitting bonuses and doing a few backup spins after. It’s sad to say that although this is a fun game, it’s just not a good one.
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2 years ago, flavor2828
best and worst casino app
i love the feel of this and the other product madness casino apps. i think it’s by far the most realistic experience for slot enthusiasts to have on a mobile device. HOWEVER, you guys are extremely stingy with the coins and after many weeks and hours of spinning i am thoroughly convinced that this is rigged in some way. i have created several accounts on my multiple devices and there seems to be a pattern of big spike of coins / wins at the beginning when you play for the first time, then it’s like the switch gets flipped forever and you will be lucky to get half of your money back in any given slot. the bonus rewards are a joke, i am 100% convinced that it’s impossible to get the daily jackpot. thanks for the 30,000 after i just spinned away 10 mil. as a loyal player of these apps, i feel robbed and like the time i spend on these apps is totally worthless. you guys need to learn to cater a little better to your loyal players.
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7 years ago, IsThisN1cknam3TAKEN
Rip Off
I actually downloaded the app and loved that I can play some of my favorite slots from the comfort of my home, or anywhere for that matter; however, I have been playing for several days and have spent a good amount of hard-earned money on coins and there seems to be almost ZERO return...I spent over $40 in the last day or so and hit ONE free spin bonus which only paid back like 752,000 on a 150,000 dollar bet. You would think that spending this much money one would see some kind of gains! I have yet to see them and disappointed that the slots seem to just take my hard-earns cash without even allowing me to play longer than a few minutes due to the lack of winnings and the lack of bonuses. I was also surprised by the fact that there haven’t been ANY coin specials since I’ve downloaded the game at all unlike most all other slots I play. The graphics and games are great, but the developer needs to allow players to enjoy the games by not setting them against in such a huge way. Unfortunately, I will not spend another cent on this app...
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6 months ago, Shelzss
Fun but don’t listen to their customers
I have played this game for years and enjoyed it for the most part. I often purchase coins but look forward to the daily bonus on Facebook. I usually receive 5 million coins per day due to my play history and coin purchases. Before the holidays, I started having issues receiving my daily bonus and for the last 3 days have had the same issue. The link takes me to the App Store page for Cashman casino and if I open the app from the page I don’t get the free coins but when you contact tech support, they tell you got the coins. I have reported the issue consistently on their Facebook fan page and to tech support. It’s sad that they don’t listen to their customers and fix issues. I’m sure the issue will continue and I refuse to continue buying a service from a company who doesn’t value their customers. It takes time to reach out to tech support everyday and the issue never gets resolved.
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2 years ago, horrible payouts
Horrible payouts
I downloaded this app a few years ago. It payed out in the beginning but then sucked up all my coins with very little payback in regular spins and bonus rounds. Ended up deleting it, wasn’t entertaining anymore. Thought I would try it again thinking they made it with better odds since it’s an app, trying to get people into the casinos to play their games. Not much has changed with the game. The minimum to bet is way to high for what they give you in free play to have coins to use. The game’s graphics are enjoyable and the games themselves are entertaining. It is so disappointing to only play for a few minutes with the free coins before running out. The real games at the casinos have better odds than this app. So frustrating the payouts on here that I don’t want to play this game and considering not putting my money into your games at the casinos. Would rather put my money into a game that has more fun entertainment than frustrating watch everything disappear. Your a multi millionaire company, why are your minimum bets so high and your payouts so disappointingly low??
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7 months ago, asdhjkttfcnjyrdsvnkkfdx bmkfff
They’re ripping people off! Poor customer service
The event is for 13 days I bought a premium pass when the new event came out I completed the premium challenges within five days. today it says for one of the games to purchase a premium pass for flame goddess why would it give me an option to purchase a premium pass again for the same exact event and when I contacted customer service, they refuse to give me a refund? I thought for the flame goddess that premium pass was something different for that game specifically but apparently it’s not. It’s for the same event I’ve already purchased five days ago. Once I get my coins for the event I paid for I’m going to delete the game. I don’t mind paying for the game for events and stuff if it’s fair. But this is taking peoples money and they don’t get what they paid for. Soon enough people will see and stop supporting this game. Clearly customers aren’t important. Money is to you guys. And don’t send me that “contact us and we will make it right” line like you did before and you guys still did nothing to fix the problem.
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4 months ago, Ryhodu
Counting the ways I love my Cashman Casino app
I never used to gamble, never seen the appeal. In the last few years I’ve found my feelings have polarized in those regards. Relative to before now I’d say I’m a gambler in comparison. Spending a lot of time and money going to the casino. In the past few years I’ve started cultivating my gambling identity and so far my W/L ratio is fairly even. Now after finding and installing the Cashman app on my phone, I can better learn the rules of each game and its mechanics. It’s ubër fun and addictive but less harmful on your wallet and it’s a gas saver and minimizes wear and tear on my vehicle going to the casino all the time. Your app is gonna help me build up my specialized skill set with the knowledge to start winning a lot more cash when and if I ever make it to another casino because I’m starting to love the app more than the casino.
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6 years ago, C-Dubbery
Company is too focused on profit
Update: After posting the review below, the company decided to make it worse by lowering minimum bonuses from 20K to 15K. I’m not going to spend all day collecting bonuses just so I can play for ten minutes...and after seeing the way the company is treating players, I sure as heck won’t spend money buying credits just so I can play (and lose)...especially when I can visit a local casino, put that same real money in, and have a chance of getting real money when I finish. Disappointing, Product deleted. People come to have fun, not get nickeled and dined to death. Jackpot hit frequency has been reduced, amounts you get for coming back are smaller, and now with the latest update, you have to bet $100K in order to be eligible for a Major Jackpot (NOT the Grand). That equates to about one or two spins a day after collecting all three bonuses if you want a shot at the Major. It’s clear as day what this company is trying to do...get people to buy credits with real money. What they are actually doing is turning off people who come for some fun. App delete crosses my mind every time I play now.
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3 years ago, TunicaBound32
Terrible Odds
This game gives you no choice but to spend real money in order to keep playing. The odds are by far even worse than an actual casino and I believe that’s the point. They want you to keep spending your hard earned money in order to enjoy the experience of their app. By all means if you have a casino nearby your money would be better spent there. At least you have the possibility of winning some real money there. This app is a joke. They should increase the odds purely for the entertainment aspect and quit trying to drain people’s bank accounts. That’s why I give this app 5 stars. It gives me the same feeling as when I’m at a real casino and getting screwed out of all my money except on here I have no chance of winning it back. Kudos to you Cashman Slots. You’re even worse than the real machines.
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5 years ago, Ka-chong
Fun games, but losing is the name of the game!
Listen, you can spend a bundle and not even get the bonus round ONE time!!! The developers want to make money, and more money, and more money, and they don’t even care if you have fun playing. It seems ridiculous that you can't get a good bonus round, or even very big wins, EVEN THOUGH YOU NEVER EVER GET TO TAKE MONEY BACK OUT OF THE GAME!!! Doesn’t that seem stupid? At least make it enjoyable for your customers. I would just believe that you would be able to make the games last a bit longer for people willing to pay to play. I’m done with this game and I’m uninstalling. I just can’t stand the mentality of the developers. Don’t you want it to be fun and exciting? Then you should make the payouts better. Like I said you’re NEVER losing money because we don’t ever get to cash out any real money! Also, on the free spins, you can’t even win enough to play once on some of these games. The minimum spin might cost $30,000, but you only win $20,000. That also doesn’t make sense to me. I’m going back over to Doubledown where I can at least play a few spins on my “free” (spin) play.
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5 years ago, Ppaarriiss
Cashman slots
Some nice games on this app but would like to see an opportunity to get more coins. Maybe make the wheel bonus more often, every 2-3 hrs please and maybe increase the hourly. Also it's hard to play the games requiring 40K per spin, could you lower to 20K? So here is my second review and while you are great at saying thanks for your feedback, nothing changes. Why? I have never ever won the jackpot on the wheel only the smallest amounts and It takes so long to collect enough coins to play the games and some games are too expensive for a minimum bet. Then once you’ve saved enough coins to play, poof almost every spin is low or a loser. If you think your customers don’t know it’s a ploy to keep us from making purchases, think again and be fair... ever here better to lower your prices and increase your volume of business? It actually works. So, your welcome for my input in advance, but when is some fair change coming?
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6 years ago, jregreb
Worse than a real casino
Stay away. The game algorithm is such that it will not let you win anything decent until you pay for the coins. Once you do pay, it usually will give you a decent win but then quickly the game is designed to stop paying out so you deplete your coins. This is the obvious way they make money which is smart for them since people pay a lot of money to play and they don’t actually have to pay out anything besides worthless coins unlike a real casino. Please avoid these types of games. All you are doing is wasting your hard earned money on entertainment you can actually get for free on some of the other casino slot games on here by simply watching a video to get free coins or the coins they give you up front are of large quantities. Avoid avoid avoid. I am fairly sure that these developers will soon be facing a class action lawsuit at some point by a group of greedy lawyers because of how these games operate and the amount of real money they take from people to play a game that pays you nothing and has no potential to. It just takes and is designed to do just that.
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4 years ago, dissapointed customer12
Watch out Everyone!!
I got free spins on the Buffalo Diamond game. When my spins were completed, total coins won was approximately 36,000,000. Long story-short: The game glitched and did not credit my account. I contacted support and was told because I didn’t take a screenshot, I will only get 2,000,000. Seriously!!!? I’ve literally paid cash out of my bank account for coins on multiple occasions, and when I finally win a good amount of coins all by myself, I don’t even get credit to play them?!?? I won the coins fair and square!! Just because I didn’t think to take a screenshot is not my fault that your App is nothing but a huge glitch! If I knew that if you guys weren’t going to credit my account with my coins that I won, then obviously I would’ve took a picture. I will be uninstalling these apps that I have with you guys and also letting my friends know not to download. I am a very unsatisfied customer and I will be commenting and rating this App on playstore. Just FYI, If y’all want to keep running, I think you guys should treat your customers a little bit better than this!
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1 year ago, Sjguy
Read the negative reviews. Don’t believe the good reviews
Update Nov 2019: Paid over $500+. Same scam never paid even after 200+ spins at max bet. NOTHING. Maybe time to teach this company a lesson. This company is ran by scum. Even if these people are dying in front of me, Iwould not care to help scum. Update: Just as I figured. Those jackpots you see on screen are fake. Same people winning. Tried Pompei for $200k bet straight for 30 Million. NOTHING! Not even a bonus spin! Is there a way to sue this company for fraud? IT’S A SCAM. This game does not even deserve a star. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Finally I had a chance to play my favorite slots like Buffalo Gold. It is hitting bonuses when you are just trying it out. Since I am a fan of Aristocrat slots, I spent $100 real money for $200 Million. Boy did I regret my decision. Lost $10M on just a few hours and yet I conservatively bet $30,000 average. After the purchase, it rarely hit bonuses and the pay out, if it did hit, is very disappointing and NEVER DID I SEE A SINGLE RETRIGGER FOR BONUS SPINS. It is way, way, way worse than a real slot machine. It just takes the fun out of the game.
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1 year ago, Lv norway
Games are fun, but payouts aren’t very good
Allow the players to get a decent jackpot as I have spent lots of $ and the amount you win is VERY minimal. The money doesn’t go very far. You have these side games such as the current one with Minotaur etc but I believe they are impossible to earn all of the pieces and win the big prize because I have bought and lost billions of coins/money and I have yet to complete one. I wish you actually read the comments and made changes so my $99 purchase would last longer then a day or two. We know if we play your platform we will just donate and donate money without winning a pot larger than the major. I use this platform for enjoyment and relaxation but unfortunately, the Apple Card’s that I received for Christmas will not be spent on this platform until changes are made. Keep in mind...this isn’t a real casino and we don’t win your actual money-Let us play without donating for awhile!!!!
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6 years ago, the real poki
Game glitches = lose your money
I do enjoy myself a fun casino slot app and I have to admit this app has all the slots I love playing at a real casino. However, the down side is that it does take forever to get a bonus. The amount you lose, you’ll get in return in the bonus but it’s not all the time. And when you do get a good bonus where you actually might end up more than you lose, the game glitches and you end up not winning anything at all. The biggest upset for this app is that it glitches Your winnings. For example, I got a bonus in lighting link collecting 8 pearls, the game tells me to push to start, and after I push for the first time, the bonus ends and I don’t collect my winnings. Another time where it glitches is when in the middle of spinning the reel, my money seems to disappear. I’ve submitted a ticket for this but nothing seems to be done and all they have to say is “sorry, there is nothing we can” In conclusion, don’t waste your time and hard earn money on a game that cheats and doesn’t care the money you put in. Just head to a real casino if you itch for a quick buck.
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3 years ago, syracuse07
Rips you off, no loyalty perks!
I’ve gambled for most of my adult life, & gambled all over the world. I play these online games to amuse myself & keep me occupied during my down time when not working. I know casinos online & real are in business to make money, I get that & I have no issue support that. However what I don’t like are companies that take advantage of loyal customers & use analytics to screw their customers. Once the online casinos learn your habits they exploit them. I have spent over $2,000 on Mr. Cashman in less than 3 months. The money is not a big deal I spend much more than that at real Casinos, however every purchase I’ve made, I can’t even play for more than an hour before the coins are gone & that’s with modest wagers. You get nothing from Mr. cashman, no loyalty bonuses, no discounts after spending a certain amount. I am deleting the app, I’ll stick with Jackpot Party & other online casinos that at least allow more frequent & better wins, & have loyalty perks. Can’t wait until COVID gets a bit better so I can start spending my money in Brick & mortar casinos rather than paying these crooks on here.
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3 years ago, Hawkeiye
Fun Games But It’s Also a Huge Ripoff
I’ve played this game for almost a year, and am ashamed to say I’ve spent lots of money purchasing coins. The slots are realistic and are a lot of fun, but one game, Luxury Line Timberwolf is a total ripoff. I was in a free game several times when it locked up as I was winning big. After closing the app to try and recover the game, I received a message that stated the game failed to recover, and the major win was lost. This happened a few times. The first time I was given about 90% of the lost bonus coins. This last time, I was told by the VIP Support team they could find no record of the glitch and would not restore my win even though I provided a screenshot of what happened. So I am deleting this app once my coins are gone and am done with games from this developer. I strongly recommend anyone to not get started playing this game and certainly don’t purchase coins. You’ll get very frustrated and broke. And the higher in levels you go, the less frequently you’ll win. Good luck.
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1 year ago, default405
Horrible bonuses and so many ads
This is a game where you would invest your time and money on, just to end up making a fool of yourself. Everytime you get a “big hit” they ask for a review just like this one! Well why not ask the people who don’t hit to write a review? Because overall this game is trash, bonuses don’t pay, very infuriating, and yet it’s never mind blowing… and everytime you log in the game, it hits you with 5-7 different ads! “Buy coins! are you sure you don’t wanna buy coins? We have a deal on coins with a free chest! Did you hear our end sale?” Like come on, do you think we wanna buy coins off this rip off of a game! Get real, I rather go to the real casino than this garbage. OH! And if I ever get a respond back from the game developers, well here’s a message for you! “Don’t bother messaging me back on this, because your not going to fix any issues with this game at all, oh yes I’ve read your reviews from other sources and I’m not impressed y’all always have the same responses! So who cares if y’all respond!” Have a good day!
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