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User Reviews for CashNetUSA

4.78 out of 5
31K Ratings
3 years ago, dfhgdifrtjduj
Thanks CashNetUSA!!!!
After doing a ton of research to make a final decision on who to apply for a loan through, CashNetUSA won loyalty! With much less than a fair credit score(>570 to be nearly exact), I was approved within 10 minutes for a loan. I absolutely despise talking on the phone unless it’s friends or family so the fact of not having to communicate via a phone call was a huge plus for me. The application process was much more user friendly than you would expect when it comes to applying for loans. The process was straight to the point WITHOUT all the extra navigating to different sites like 90% of loan sites out there do to you. (CashNetUSA keeps you on their website the entire time) I would guesstimate…give or take no more than 5 minutes, that I was on their website going through the entire process for 15 minutes, from start to finish. Extremely convenient trust me I know!! Lastly, I was approved for the exact amount I needed with a pretty good APR for how low my credit score is and the funds were deposited into my bank account the very next day! I would recommend CashNetUSA to the entire world if I could so please, if your needing an emergency loan or just a loan in general, give CashNetUSA a try and I promise that you won’t be at all disappointed with your outcome! Sincerely, Aforever loyal CashNetUSA customer ❤️
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2 years ago, WATCH OUT FOR THEFT
Beware - I’m employed by cashnetUSA
I’ll make this quick and to the point. I work fir cashnet the only reason I gave 5 stars was so my review would reach people here. Everyone already knows what the bad reviews say. LISTEN up the review about the elderly lady claiming it was a quick loan to get her medicine was written by my associate. The 5 star reviews are not paid but we get perks for making them. ALL of the 5 star reviews are made by us workers or managers and supervisors. If you read all the positive reviews you will notice that they all sound alike pretty much. It’s because we all studied for the same test. I hope that makes sense. Yes I work here but I would never ever take out a loan here. I have taken calls and heard old lady crying because of being misled by my associates when applying for a loan. I’ve cried myself. Please listen. Cashnet does let you know up front the fees and how it works. If not it’s UP TO YOU to ask these questions. You wouldn’t go to a car lot and set down and apply for a loan without asking how much your payments are would you????? So don’t do it here. My advice is to not apply here for bless you truly absolutely need to and have a back up plan to pay it off VERY early. I have a heart. You have been warned from an honest worker. Thank you.
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4 years ago, KcSusieQ
Well Organized yet Interest Rate is so hard many times.
I have had great service, appreciate the very quick response to loan requests, it could be easier on us with low incomes to be able to make 1/2 the payments, and time to repay longer. Just a suggestion. Cash Net has helped me lots of times, yet this is the first line of credit or revolving payment loan I have tried, with CashNet. I really believe if you have paid your loans time after time, you should receive a very low Interest Rate on say every 5 loans at the current Interest, you could get 1 loan at 100.% interest rate with a $500 maximum amount you could borrow. Wish someone in the Payday Loan Business would try this for say 1 year as we go through the National Pandemic, as an offering CashNet could provide the low Interest loan, as a way to help us out here. Thank you for allowing me to express an opinion From Susan C. Winnie, a grateful Customer.
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6 years ago, Gertta
I was in desperate need of a loan for just a short time and couldn’t find anyone that would give me the chance to loan me money. But then I found CashNetUSA and I’m glad I did because it was the best decision I’ve ever made. They were able to give me the cash I needed, to get myself out of a bind, that I was in at the moment. Their rates are fair and affordable. Every other loan company I tried, their rates were outrageously high. For example... a $600 loan would’ve cost me $2500 after paying it back through a different loan company. Which is absolutely crazy. I love that I found a company that I can trust. Whenever I’m in a bind and need money fast and won’t break me even more paying it back, I go through CashNetUSA. Thank you CashNetUSA for always being there for me
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6 years ago, Belinda Astrop
I hate i even have to use this option, but i recently requested money as a last resort. Even after submitting a copy of a check their representative entered the numbers to my account wrong. Because this happened they made me wait till the funds were sent back to them before they could reissue to me. They left me out of town with no funds and treated me like it was my fault. At the same time my payment was due and because they had the wrong account number they could not draft my account then it showed up like i was past due and we all know what comes with the word past due fees!!!!!!! I don’t think it’s fair for them to ask me to pay any fees for their mistakes. I ask for some type of document in writing that i was not charged a fee and let’s just say......I’m still waiting on it which makes me feel i was still charged a fee even though verbally i was told i would not be. This is one bill that if i can ever get it paid off i will never and let me repeat never use this service again.
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5 years ago, Ganemaw
Help when you need it
I tried to read all reviews before making my comments. Things to remember 1. This is a LOAN. You have to pay it back. Pay attention to contract. It’s self explanatory. 2. When you apply through the app, it lets you know EXACTLY when it comes due. 3. They will get their money from your account as soon as it hits your account. So make sure you have it budgeted. And 4. They will try to work with you if you get in a bind. The rates make it easier to get out of a hard spot than dealing with other companies. They offer discounts and they are upfront with everything and I have recommended them to friends. Great way to get over a hump!
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2 years ago, Manado Flexsteel
This is coming from a former customer. You don’t want to get involved with these predators. I just recently paid them off but they did enough damage that I have no clue when or if I’m ever going to get my life back on track. Put it this way, they come before every other bill. Who cares how important it is or major it is? Not them. I’ve been late on rent numerous times, close to being evicted at this moment. Barely eaten over the past week. And it all tracks back to CashnetUSA. I know how tempting it is when you have nowhere to turn. It’s very mesmerizing but I beg of you to think about the future. If you borrow anything from these crooks, make sure it’s a small amount and you have the means to pay them back SUPER fast. And if that’s the case, you’re much better off getting a payday loan. Trust when I say these people are demons. The Niagara Falls wouldn’t take this plunge. If you decide to go this route, best of luck.
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6 months ago, caprisunchan
only use when necessary
I took out a loan through here for about $600 because I was super short on rent. I got the funds within the next day which was super awesome and avoided paying rent late. That being said I only took out a loan from here because I knew I was getting financial aid from school within the next month and could pay it off in full. I strongly advise that if you need to use this service ONLY take out what you need and ONLY take it out if you know you can pay it back in full within the next few months. The interest rate is super high. It can be a helpful tool as long as you use it properly and have the means to pay it back almost immediately. Would give a higher rating if the interest rate wasn’t awful.
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5 years ago, yeallen
Great job.
I read the terms thoroughly and choose to you CashNetUSA, and I’m happy I did can when I needed money in a hurry all I had to due is Access my line of credit and click the button type in the amount I wanted to with draw and Bam the next day it was in my checking account. And I only took out what I needed at that time. One time I have to withdraw the whole credit limit, and it was easy for them to get paid right out of my checking account on each pay day with no problem. Thank you cash net USA for the great customer service and for being there when I needed you.I wish they reported to the credit bureaus. That would be fantastic!
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6 years ago, Users like everyone else
Cashnet usa
The App is very reliable with a cost. I mean you can get 25% most off I just wish for user that use it a lot could have offered more discount into investing into this app, but 5 stars for convenience and help support when needed assistance. So idk why people are disliking it really it’s not like they are forcing you to use it. So use discernment on using app like this if you need financial help just saying. Most of the users that use it have no problem paying the 66$ with 25% off if doing max funds which I have done about 5-6 times already. Overall great app just wish we could get a bigger discount like 35-45% at least. Thank you.
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2 years ago, trafficsheep
Shows how paid reviews work - Beware of this company
Clearly this company pays for 5 star for reviews. With the interest they charge and the fees, they can afford it. Just needed an extra amount around the holiday. Visited the site from the respected MoneyLion service and CashNetUSA was chosen as the “preferred” choice and was approved for $1300. So I spend a couple of hours connecting my bank account, providing details, and uploading a few documents. And then come to find out I’m not approved. This company while pretending to be legit is nothing more than a scam and is phishing for your private info, spending habits, etc. Be aware they won’t delete your account because they will bring up a so-called law that requires them to keep your information so they can further exploit your private info, potentially sell it to other fraudulent companies, etc.
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4 years ago, y.r.all.da.nicknames.taken?
Disappointed 😞
Before downloading, I read some reviews and description carefully. Seemed like a reliable and friendly app. It says they don’t serve those in Texas but nothing about those in NJ. I tried signing up and after I put in all my PERSONAL information including social, it denies me because of my state. Why does my state matter ?? And why did they need my social right off the bat without even seeing if I’m eligible first. I know there’s probably more hoops i’d have to jump through before getting a loan but still... at least narrow down the state options before you have people getting their hopes up or sharing extremely personal information including address, how long I’ve been living at my residence, and social security number.... I hate even having to resort to this but life happens but now I’m worried about what’s going to happen to my information!! 😣
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4 years ago, bellbrazz
CashNetUSA Contact
I just want to give your Customer Service Representative, Tamika. She was so very nice, & very informative. Those are two things that are very rare these days. If all of your Representatives are like her I can assure I will most certainly continue to do Business with CashNetUSA. Please let her know how much I appreciate her, & how much she has influenced my willingness to use CashNetUSA, in the future, should I need your Services. I wouldn’t even shop around, I would just pull you up & go to your Request Form. Thank you for your ease, & quick response when Loans are replied for. And, mainly Thank You for having a Customer Service Rep like Tamika.
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6 years ago, Tierra Monique
Really like it and great for this company
I really didn’t want to go looking for a loan but iDid it as a VERY last option but iRequest a loan and within a day gave me my loan to pay my rent but stuff started to slow down very very very quickly with my my work and wasn’t able to pay the loan back in full they still give you more time to pay it off!! If this was some other loan company they would be calling and calling and emailing etc. but this company will give more time to pay off if need and I’m very surprised and really thankful for everyone that works with this company
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5 years ago, Kennercitycutie
Liked the old way better
The pay day loan way wa a better this was interest is added everyday I’m almost 3 weeks in and if I only pay 100 each payday I’m still at the price I borrowed don’t like it at all of course I pay more if I can ... in the beginning I was but the lady in the phone didn’t put in my right account number so I was paying 300$ well thought I was and though everything was all good ended up spending the money that I thought I paid on my account until I received a email that my payment was past due 🤦🏼‍♀️ yea that sucked but likes the payday loans a lot better I was only paying 45$ extra this way I’m paying way more
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5 years ago, tyrus_silvre
Honestly reliable trustworthy service
The company is what you expect and delivers on your needs every time. It also continues to push the issue that this is not a permanent solution to your problems but is there when you need it. The fees aren't bad in comparison to most other cash advance companies and the customer service is effective and efficient. They ensure that you are happy with the service and that you understand the responsibilities you have. Don't over estimate how much you can pay back and you should be fine.
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5 years ago, Minvilla Manor
Very Helpful
I am a senior citizen and only had a savings account, my loan could not be deposited into a savings account. CashNetUSA explained to me what I needed to do to open a checking account, which I was able to do with there help. I resubmitted my request for a draw and the money was in my new checking account the next morning. CashNetUSA support helped me each step of the way. Without CashNetUSA I could not have paid for my medication. I am so very happy that CashNetUSA is there to help seniors like myself. I appreciate CashNetUSA very much for the help that they provide me. Thank you
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2 years ago, WarriorByDesign
Lack customer service email
I really like CashNetUSA until I recently tried to update my bank account and email. Now I’m locked out of my accounts and can’t get in. I’ve chatted with an agent and called on the phone, sent my email and documents and driver license over twice ans it’s been weeks and days and no reply. Really crappy customer service in your email, now I don’t know who even has my bank information and driver license because I’ve never had a reply or confirmation my account was updated. My husband and I have both uninstalled your app. How sad I will not use anymore because I can’t guarantee my information is secure. There is no portal for document upload.
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3 years ago, #Smooth
Thank you !!
CastNetUSA helped me when I had no where else to turn. I was trusted by them. I was accepted even with my credit history. I am so thankful, so very thankful. The customer service is excellent. The on-line app is phenomenal. Everything you need to stay on top of your account is there for you. I have all GREAT comments - CashNetUSA has left nothing to worry about ! One can even change your due date! This is more than I ever asked for or expected! Very loyal customer, Cynthia Manis
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5 years ago, CaroAF
Review CNU
I have been a happy camper with CNU for 30 months and I have not even the first hint of a problem of any kind. My app works great on my IOS, advances are in the bank toot sweet and that man with the cap IS my hero, I would love to have drinks with him. Haha. Also I have passports outside of USA and same five star service. I pay my bill on time and try to always pay more than minimum. But you know what? I want to because the service is stellar, friendly, rewarding and positive. I think the company is full of lightworkers😘🎃🎃🎃🎃🎶☮️
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4 years ago, xlxBeholdxlx
Is it worth it?!
This isn’t a bad review or a good one. I needed the finances and Cashnet was there! I agreed to using them, so I’m responsible for paying them back. The interest is high but doable. If you’re not able to pay them back, it will be costly to you and frustrating when they expect you to pay them for their services. Overall it’s a good experience. I needed them twice and they come through. The faster you pay them back the better for you.
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1 year ago, Katie 🌚🌝
Being threatened with legal actions over missed payments
You know what’s terrifying? Getting a call from cashnetusa saying they were going to take legal actions over a missed payment if I didn’t do something about it. I asked to put the payments on hold because I’m moving and need to find work first before I can pay off this stupid loan. Cashnet, is it really necessary to threaten someone like this. I don’t even think it’s legal.
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5 years ago, mariah35
Don’t get a loan from them
I got a loan for $1,200 and so I did payment plans so that I can pay them off but if you do payment plans they rob you so now I calculated it all and I got to pay them $2,171 back I’m thinking about to take them to court cause I feel like I’m being scammed i have no credit so that’s the reason I went to them and I needed it for some bills so that’s why but do not trust them because after you get the money and have to pay it back and do payment plans and wonder why your bill is not goen down it’s because they add interest on it every day and they say it takes a year to pay off just some scammers
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6 years ago, MICHELLEC2283
A pleasant experience with an unpleasant situation
As a last resort having to borrow money is never something anybody likes to do. CashNetUSA has made it so simple and easy, even gives discounts/promotions and are flexible with payment arrangements if you can’t pay back your loan. My loans are funded quickly and applying is as simple with the app as a push of a button. As soon as I pay off a loan I’m immediately eligible to request a new one. It’s nice to know I have a back up whenever an emergency comes up or I just need some extra cash.
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8 months ago, kerykatssssa
Thank you
Honestly that goodness for them, I was struggling so bad with my job shutting down and ran out of money that was saved. Can’t start work for a few days and they definitely came through . Were the only people to approve me and it was super fast and easy. Would highly recommend! Also they give you soo much time to pay back and interest really isn’t that bad.
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5 years ago, Hoppy2bme
Great when your in a crunch
Great to have when in a crunch! Only had account a few months and my limit has already been raised!! Only gave 4 stars because let’s be completely honest, with the interest rate as high as it is, it is pretty much a payday loan. Also, loan statement says if loan is applied for before 10 am it will be deposited that day, but I have yet to actually have one deposited on the same day. Wouldn’t suggest for a long term loan, but great when you’re in a bind! Overall very pleased and thankful it’s there when I need it!!
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2 years ago, mflynn9812
Best free credit and money loan app
I needed money asap for my bill that was cut off. 400$!!! I researched some apps and came across this one after filling out several loan apps. I got approved instantly and the money was in my account same day. I really like the fact that i can pay monthly payments instead of weekly and it also helps my credit!!! If you need money fast this is the app for u!! Highly satisfied
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5 years ago, Not Streesed
You know what you are surprises
I Robles borrowing from Cash Net. You know exactly who much you get. Payback is very reasonable. Very easy to borrow . I never dreamed I would have to draw money myself but cash net has made it extremely simple It’s not questioned why you need the money. It is placed in your bank next day. You know how much you will get and payments are affordable, Cash Net has come thru for me many times when in financial bind. I can always rely on Cash Net
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5 years ago, FL_Tyler
Simple, no hidden fees, next day deposit.
I’ve used CNU quite a few times now and needless to say they always have my back and help me when I can’t help myself. They give you many options to choose from, all fees are upfront in bold before you agree to the terms, next business day deposit into the bank account; and they normally give me 2-3 weeks to pay it back. I love this company and will continue to use their services.
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3 years ago, toggie2
Thank you CashNetUSA
I’ve been trying to repair my credit for some time now. CashNetUSA is the first place that has given me the chance to do so. It’s simple to use, and when they told me that the funds would be in my account the next day, well they were! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for some extra funds for whatever reason. Thanks again CashNetUSA
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6 years ago, TaketheD
Just know what you’re getting yourself into
We’re all here for a reason....let’s not kid ourselves, we have financial issues. This app/company makes it extremely easy to borrow money.:but remember it has be paid back...and you can get yourself in trouble. Depending what you borrow, your payback for next week can be $300..and they will snatch their money AS SOON as it hits your account. Depending on your check, now other bills can’t get paid. I wish they lower the biweekly payback to help us to get on track. Yes, you can call in for extension, but you only get that twice.
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3 years ago, Complete and total rip off
High interest
Was very happy I got approved for a decent loan amount was in a bind at the time, however seemed like everytime I made a payment the balance would go down but then go back up, seems you get charged around 6$ in interest everyday, which the increased the amount owed to them , seemed to never go down. Felt like I would never pay the loan off. Paid everything off when I got the money all at one time, then all of a sudden they didn’t do loans in my state anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️
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5 years ago, CSYREE
I needed the money because of a sudden death in the family I submitted my information and within days I had the money needed to not only help with the final expenses but also gas to get to and from the other state in which the home going services were being held, and because of paying back on time I’ve had several increases that come in handy if something suddenly pops up between paydays.
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6 years ago, Soundtuck
Great in Pinch
I’ve been using Cash Net for a while now. Hopefully won’t need to much longer but I like it. Haven’t had any issues and they even worked with me when I wasn’t able to pay after the final extension. The app is easy to use. Just be sure you read and understand how it works. That’s what I’m getting from people who left bad reviews. They just didn’t fully understand how the pay back works.
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2 years ago, rmartin. 1967
First time user
This is been so helpful and I thank CashNetUSA for helping me and making the progress so easy, I highly recommend this to anyone who is in need of assistance they will help you and if you have questions or any issues they will help you understand what you can do and how to get help with them. Thank you CashNetUSA for helping me out I’m so appreciative of your assistance!!!!!! Have a great day !!
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4 years ago, BLwhite2497
This company and their app have been so convenient and easy to use, wished I knew about it years ago! Sometimes life gives you a curveball, auto repairs, meds, etc.....this app and having the available to funds in emergencies has been monumental in easing my stress and anxiety 🙌 if you use it properly, pay your payments on time or in advance, they recognize this and up your limit without even asking.
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6 years ago, dustin9616
All I needed was $300. I was approved for a loan and it was there fast but I couldn’t make the large amount of payments consecutively like that. I requested an extension and got it but somehow I’m still paying a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT. The interest rates are super high and you’ll go broke trying to pay your loan. Thanks cash net for sucking my bank account dry. I definitely do not recommend this app unless you want to go broke trying to pay back a small loan.
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4 years ago, Deetinee933
Lord knows I run through money like toilet paper!! this company is the best cash advance company i have used EVER! From the app to the customer service agent Mya, no problems! I have cursed out a lot of customer service agents in my 27 years of living. This company gives you no problems at all. They pick up the phone quickly, emails dont take forever, and cash be on hand. I give them ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ across the board‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
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3 years ago, chocolate225
I’m very thankful that you give people the chance to borrow funds when needed without all the crazy questions and paperwork the big plus is that I can set my payments date thank you so much and I’m very glad I chose to fill out the few questions I really didn’t think I would get anything but I did thanks again
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7 years ago, fee mo
Available when I needed it
I was a little apprehensive at first because everything was so simple and it didn’t require that I go through a lengthy process. Once I was approved CashNetUSA disbursed the funds and debited my account every payday as informed and increased my limit when my payments were in good standing. The only thing that needs improvement is having the terms (expected length of repayment and payment amount per pay period) available daily.
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3 years ago, Hossa12987
Useless communication
I have used CashNetUSA a few times when money was needed. Fees are acceptable for borrowing amount. Payed off a loan about a week early, a few days later I decided to reapply. I signed my application with a set payment date (payday) a few weeks away and signed. Came back as a default extension. So now I am forced to pay it back 3 weeks earlier than expected. Contacted them directly to get help. Only response I received was “Sorry for the inconvenience, but your payment is due on the date provided”. So basically I have to pay them $75 to hold onto their money for a week and give it back. Well done 🤗
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3 years ago, 98:!@;992!!2@@
You guys posted a payment to a very old account that is non existent, I have reached out 6 different times, possibly more, and still have no resolution. They have my old act that is closed and somehow deposited 700 in an account that’s closed and foe the withdrawal they have my current bank info to withdraw the funds that I never received in the first place. It all seems a little bit sketchy to me that they will deposit money into an old account and won’t do anything to rectify it and will be more than willing and happy to pull money out of a different account. Smells fishy
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4 years ago, CaringSpirit
Totally Dependable
I have been with CNU for years. They have always come through for me. Even if, I have been late with my payment. The customer service team has always been so understanding and worked with me to keep my account straight. I would recommend them to everyone and to all my family and friends. Keep up the good work. CallyBlue, a forever loyal customer
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4 years ago, AkPalmerSlc
No more CashnetUSA
They’re a good company for calling customer service, but that’s it! They are part of a predator shark that feeds off the backs of people who are struggling financially! They charge insane interests for small amount of money because it’s 1.7% each day, that’s 620% each year, and then charge insane amounts of money per month for a very small principal, 210 each month in payments! As always stay as far away from these people that you can, as work hard to manage and budget your money so that you don’t need them!
Show more
3 years ago, calling guy
Horrible Privacy policy
Read and ReRead their privacy policies, because they will not let go off your personal information once they have it. They’ll never ever let go of it, at all!!!! The customer support Lannania was better than the one I chatted before, but still lied to me so many times about my personal information as well as about things like how she doesn’t have employee number. She gave me the phone number when asked about the employee number, that’s how bad they are and they need pick up your call nor care to call you. Stay away!!!
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4 years ago, InspiredSquire
5 Stars for Two Years
CashNetUSA is a great option if you just need to borrow some funds but can get it al back on your next payday. Yes, the pay back rate is super high but it is a payday loan company. What do you expect? They have to make money somehow. I’ve had them for two years now and I only borrow what I know I can give back by my next payday. Otherwise, it seems they’re just giving you free money.
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2 years ago, rrsshsrrs
Good people
When you need it they are there. I gladly pay their fees rather than jump through the hoops with an unknown. Plus they don’t let you get behind in payments nor loan you more than you can repay in a few months. I’m staying with them even though I’m managing ok now, just like they stayed with me when no one else would!
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2 years ago, chpass
For a quick cash advance this is so much easier than physically visiting a cash advance business. They have great customer service, and the faster you pay it back the faster you can reborrow. If you don’t have the full payment that’s ok you can make payments towards the loan versus mom and pop cash advance loans like ACA.
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1 year ago, DraddPàdaun
Legendary Service
I don’t ever do these reviews, however I deemed it necessary to do a Review for CashNet Loans. At a time I needed help with a loan CashNets Loans Application was simple and quick straightforward without any hidden catches. Their Customer Service representative was absolutely professional, knowledgeable, helpful and very kind. I was quickly granted a loan within the same day! Thank you so much CashNet!
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2 years ago, Dympiece85
Okay for emergency needs
Interest rate is ridiculous but when you need funds in a rough situation they can be relied on and get the you the funds typically the same day. I suffers paying on the balance even in between payments already scheduled. It would be nice if they just had a monthly payment that was affordable instead an adjustable one. All in all good in emergency situations and quick.
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