Casino Card Game

1.9 (56)
8.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Casino Card Game

1.93 out of 5
56 Ratings
3 years ago, Ljmall
Super glitchy
This game glitches nonstop. My cards constantly disappear and it freezes. It also doesn’t count sweeps or last. My grandparents taught me this game and I love it so I continue to play but really wish it wasn’t so glitchy.
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6 months ago, usr100000
app rigged so you can watch ads
This company RIGGED this game so you can keep trying to win an UNFAIR game while their ADS are shown in the background so they can earn money. That is why the game is rigged, so you can keep trying to win an impossible game so you can watch their ads and they can get paid. I downloaded this game to play with a computer to gain practice. First of all, the computer ALWAYS has the best cards in their hand (10 of diamonds, spades, most Aces). Secondly, 90 percent of the time, you can’t even make a match because the computer ALWAYS has your card and picks it up before you have the chance to. And you can’t build either, the computer always has that card and picks it up as well. So the whole game is you basically just putting cards down and the computer taking them before you almost every. single. time. It’s not even fun or challenging, it’s just frustrating. Oh and the app looks so outdated like a 1998 PC game. It’s 2023 we don’t have time for that. Oh and did I mention it glitches all the time and you have to restart the game. Total waste of time. I don’t write reviews but I’m not gonna let this company waste peoples time while they earn money!
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2 years ago, Oldschool Mamma
Love the game, but . . .
I was so tickled to find this game! It’s one my grandmother and mother taught me and I taught my son ~ what a fun tradition to hand down. I am glad that I came across it after most of the glitches have been worked out. I do have one issue ~ it is a bit frustrating that as soon as either I or the computer gets to 21, the win/lose guy (which can really use a bit of a make- over 😕) comes up. It would be nice if we could play to the end of that hand (not necessarily the entire game) and be showed the game stats before win/lose guy is shown. Sometimes when it is really close, it seems he pops up prematurely. A couple of smaller things . . . *Often it seems that on the initial play when I begin play, the computer has the exact same cards. May just be luck of the shuffle, but it seems to happen way too often to be chance. *It might be nice to be able to play in landscape orientation so the cards didn’t seem distorted. That being said, those are probably pretty minor things when compared to the joy I felt in finding this game and the fun I have had playing it. Thank you for taking be back in time to memories of family and simpler times!!! Please keep working to make it the fun app that it is!
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3 years ago, sure mer
Still Sooooo Impressed!
😁 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😁 Kudos and approbations! Especially this week (9.9.21). Somebody made some big improvements! It’s still a bit glitchy but, even with the complexities of this game and my utter ignorance of programming, I find it to be imminently playable and I sure do recognize your genius. I found this app several years ago and it is so nostalgic. I haven’t had anybody to play Casino with since my dad died. The rules are a little different from what I learned but close enough. Thanks so very much for a wonderful way to waste my time! (This is a re-review since it’s gotten lots better since my review of a year or so and I loved it then too ❤️)
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4 years ago, Rainflowergal
Old glitches fixed, but one new glitch
This game scores the way I learned so that is good. It would be nice to have options for different ways to score. I would like to see a point awarded for each sweep. It does allow you to build on the table, but then take a different card from the table. Many of the earlier glitches are fixed, but the biggest issue I see now is some of the cards disappear after they are played. I have to tap on the iPad multiple times to get them to reappear, which causes multiple errors to show up. I just accidentally played on a card that I couldn’t see, and the computer somehow put my card and the invisible card and a third card together to pick up the 10 diamonds. Very annoying.
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2 months ago, CancerLibraSag
Needs work but still fun & addictive
I played this game when I was a teen & was told it’s a jail game lol anyway, I don’t come across many ppl that know how to play it so imagine how surprised I was to find it in the App Store 😂 anywho, the app version is fun & all but still glitchy. The game randomly & fairly frequently cuts off or freezes, which is annoying. I can’t stand that if I don’t stack the cards up just right then the computer/opponent gets my cards!! I also wish there was a way to play w real ppl; there’s the option but it took forever to connect me w someone so I’m not sure if that feature really works. All in all it’s fun & nostalgic but would be better w these fixes.
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2 weeks ago, Eggre
What a pleasant surprise
I used to play this game with my father and his mother, but I don’t know anyone who plays it anymore. I couldn’t believe it when I found it in the app store. It’s well executed and I play it pretty much daily. Its rules are very different from what I learned, and for the most part, it’s not an improvement: - Overpowered cards. The 10d and 2s are five points combined. It’s possible to take only 4 of 52 cards and win the game. That’s insane. This comes at the expense of total cards and spades, which are here just 1 pt each. - The six card first hand is an absolute bloodbath. Don’t get stuck with point cards, because with that many cards in play, there’s nowhere to hide. - If you miss taking a card, it’s awarded to the opponent. I don’t mind that. I do mind that when the app makes that mistake, I get nothing.
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1 year ago, joef1956
This game has a lot of bugs. Sometimes it makes you play two cards in a row and then freezes the game went you have no cards left for your turn. It also will turn your build into a stack only and not let you add another card sometimes. These are only two of many others I have encountered but it’s free, it does not bombard your with adds after every hand like some other games. So I’ll still play and wait for the updates to fix the issues
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11 months ago, Eyeless Fish
First of all, thank you for making this accessible to voiceover. This is a really fun game, it’s easy to pick up, but hard to learn. I don’t care though. Because I know it’s some point I will get better at it. I do hope this game gets updated though. The last time it was updated was about a year ago.
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2 years ago, spete54
Love this game!
Great practice to beat my friends!! Sometimes though a card will "scoot" off the screen for no reason, or when the computer plays first the card is invisible. Took me awhile to figure that one out! If those bugs could be fixed, and had the ability to play against other humans... it'd be perfect! Thank you
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1 year ago, CcRyder76
I was so excited to see this game! However, when I started to play I was so mad! This game is not the way to play. The scoring is wrong and also I am not able to build my cards. The only cards I have to have all four to build is face cards. Also if I started building I can stop the build with a point card ONLY! And it picks up so quick you can even see what’s being played. I love a fast game but REALLY!!!
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3 years ago, 678693
This game should never have been released without all the bugs fixed, and the new music every time you pick up money cards, annoying! The update should’ve just been for cards going missing or scooting off the board. Please give us a way to turn off the music for winning cards. It seems that each update keeps getting worse. Please, don’t fix it if it’s not broken!
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4 years ago, celtyank
Problems after last update
In addition to cards disappearing from the board, (they’re still there to be used but not visible) somehow, I now have two running total wins/losses. The new scores can be viewed by tapping “stats” and the old score count after tapping “stats” and then “ok,” but they’re no longer being combined. Please fix. Thank you
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3 years ago, bfsutton
This game used to be pretty bad
Now it’s unplayable. At the end of a deck the card reconciliation now displays scores where aces or casinos are not even counted. I just saw the computer play an ace that was not just on the board, a nine and the big casino….your turn🤔 I try to build on the board and am not allowed to. I build on top of an ace and the ace just disappears and is not counted at the end of the game. Please figure this out or take it down.
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4 years ago, TH725
Disappearing Cards
My rating would have been 5 stars, but recently cards have started to disappear from the board in the middle of a game. They are still there and can be picked up if you remember where they were placed. Please fix. Otherwise, I love the game.
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3 years ago, jjjrrred
Casino card game
This game was great till they did 3 updates in a week. Now the gameplay is so slow and your cards will disappear if you play to soon. Use to be able to play a game in a couple minutes now it takes a couple minutes for one hand. Go back to the old way. It was way better
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1 year ago, Queentwitbihh73
I love this game. However it does not always give you the points you earn! Also after a few games it makes the same moves. Last but not least in regular casino the same cards would not be played in the second hand!!!!
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3 years ago, QPid901
Slow game play
The game is completely unplayable now. Even with the last update from last week, they made it worst. Game play is slow. Every play is out of turn. Hopefully they’ll fix this soon cause I live casino and this is literally the only casino game out.
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7 months ago, prayerminder
Casino card game
Horrible app. Dealer always has winning cards and gets a better hand than player! Happens too often to be by accident… losing is not due to not playing well… It’s really off being dealt a bad hand… over and over!
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3 years ago, MD778groton
Recent Update made it crash & not open!
It’s a real fun game but it’s most recent version update prevents it from loading at all! Please fix! Thank you
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3 years ago, pindju
Very confusing .
I’m just learning this game and I love it. I thought it would be helpful to practice when my partner isn’t available. This game has lots of problems. Cards disappear and you don’t know why Hopefully you’ll fix the problems.
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3 years ago, Atmyk
It needs many many many fixes an the cpu is impossible to beat it makes it entirely to frustrating 😡
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3 years ago, SharBinks
Fun game but trash app
This game is fun. Gets your brain and Strategy going but it shuts down. Freezes. It has all types of glitches. It could be a good app but the app its self is mediocre
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4 years ago, Cosmonaye
Thank you for fixing the Apple multi-player and multi-player games
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2 years ago, Mrs. T Lovey
This app had better count its days! It freezes, kicks us off, abruptly closes, & more. This childhood game is fun; but only when played properly without interruptions & interference from the computer or app developers. Good grief Charlie Brown! 😤
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1 year ago, Mrs.smith.0201
Needs work
The computer will not let you stack the cards when you try it will not stack them. The cards move to fast you can’t see them.
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2 years ago, jimmy waad
Frozen screen
The screen freezes and there’s no way to reset the game also cards disappear
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1 year ago, Yankee-hater
The dealer card doesn’t play when it’s the last card.
Dealer card sticks
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2 years ago, Bierp
The game is great, but give me an option to buy out of the ads!
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6 years ago, Bigfoot999
They Tried
I’ve been looking for an app for this game. Good enough if you’re desperate and nobody is around but the app designers forgot to add anything to actually let you build. You’re supposed to be able to put a 2 on a 6 and say building 8s in one round. Instead here you have to put down the 2, hope your opponent doesn’t use it, THEN put the six on the two and take it with the 8. Horribly put together.
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12 months ago, RJkdhdjdhdh
I always liked playing the game in real life but the app doesn’t match the rules I remember. Also the computer logic is set up to get good cards when it’s losing always
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4 years ago, Tut Neal
Cheating game here!!! How does the cards disappear and some how be a point for the computer ? You missed an 8 or you missed the 10 of diamonds. Please fix this issue. It’s been causing me to lose games!!!
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3 years ago, CPlag
Cards Disappear
My cards are always disappearing from the board. It’s irritating because it causes the me to lose points constantly.
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3 years ago, DGAONE
The cards keep disappearing and then it will tell you that you missed a pair or it will stack cards and let the computer go about 2 or 3 times in a row.
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3 years ago, Gary Lee Fishman
Great to see the game is still alive! I score different; but I like this way too. Sometimes cards disappear from board. Touch the screen to make them reappear. App needs a little work. Slow down the computer takes ; so we can count cards gone.
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4 years ago, Snapplefacts69
App worked fine for a long tome but then after playing 1st hand every time cards played down on table disappear.
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3 years ago, jrjams
Please fix
I love this game but very frustrating with cards disappearing and now with latest update game won’t even load.
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3 years ago, Elle'rontae
Latest update
Glitches out EVERY TIME I press New Game. Also Even while signed in to Game Center my Stats Are at zero in each field
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3 years ago, Daleiob85
Major glitches
The game keeps glitching. Sometimes I’m unable to pick up cards because the cards disappear. Please fix
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3 years ago, mamamamammanan
Every time I try to hit play it just shuts me out and won’t even stay popped up on the screen
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2 years ago, just wanting to play a game
I wasn’t even able to start my first game. It froze from the beginning.
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4 years ago, christinarae1008
Can’t invite friends to play👎
When invited by a friend to play, I have no cards. If I invite a friend to play, they have no cards. Please fix!!!!! Apple phones.
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4 years ago, MJB@
A lot of glitches!!! Not showing cards that have been placed on the board.
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4 years ago, sh1rene
Cards disappear and re-appear on the screen.
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6 years ago, dodiad
Decent with reservations
Pretty good version of the game, but with a couple of problems. Complaints by other reviewers about not being able to build are wrong, they just haven’t figured out how to do it: to start a build you have to tap a card on the table first instead of one from your hand. (Of course it would help if there were a “how to play” file to explain this, which there isn’t; I had to discover it for myself by trial and error.) Scoring is wrong, or at least not what I’m used to. The way I’ve always played, it’s 3 points for Cards, 1 for Spades, 2 for the ♢10, 1 each for aces and the ♠︎2. This version scores only 1 for Cards, 3 for the ♢10, and 2 for the ♠︎2; makes the strategy a bit different. I also play that you get an extra point for a sweep (picking up the last card on the board, leaving the table empty); this version doesn’t do that. Other problems: there is no command menu for stuff like quitting or starting a new game; only way to start over is to close and reopen the app. I have had it freeze on me a couple of times (not often). And the “You Win”/“You Lose” cartoon at the end is really ugly (see screen shot above). So there are problems, but still not a bad implementation and fun to play.
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5 years ago, churchja55
Last update
The last updates really made things a little more difficult. The cards flash in and out when played, You have to click whether to pickup, cancel build, you can not select the card backs, the one that is on there now, is lame and this sliding action instead of clicking the card has become harder when you think your playing one way and it closes for you. I have played this game since the sixties and it is played differently.
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8 years ago, BlueCeCe-77
Good game
I really like playing this game. The rules are just like I play with family. This app gives me more practice. The only two minor issues that I seen is when grabbing cards sometimes the game will say you messed that card and computer gets my hand. Also, the computer grabs fast so you can't see what card they used to grab with. Other than that this is a good version of game.
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7 years ago, Just me *g
Would have been a fairly good game
If it let you take the cards you match on the table! Unable to stack the 8&4 on table to take with my queen! Unable to take opponents stack with the card I too have (steal their stack), number of cards dealt each round is not right. ( should either be 4 cards dealt per round or continually get a card after each turn. Make this game playable and I will give you a better review. Otherwise I would have to recommend not to download this useless app.
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4 years ago, Swayzee2123
This game could be SO MUCH better, but the Apple Multiplayer mode is JACKED UP. I’ve tried to play with several friends, but they’re either unable to start the game after I send the invite or the game will start then freeze after cards are dealt. This could be an easy 5 stars if the multiplayer worked.
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6 years ago, _marsolo
I have been looking for this game for a while and I found it. They only issue I have is that the face cards have value as well (at least how I was taught to play) K=13, Q=12, J=11 and A=1 or 14. Still, even with this difference, I love the game.
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