Casino Roulette: Roulettist

4.7 (20.8K)
327.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Casino Roulette: Roulettist

4.66 out of 5
20.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Nicknamyes
One of, if not, the best casino apps out there. Have almost all the table games as well as slots/machines. Lots of daily quests and tons of new content being presented weekly to keep it fresh and interesting and brings out the competitive play out of everyone. Also provides free daily chips and quests that can be completed, to win more free chips. More chips, more fun 😎 I’ve tried so many other casino apps and this one by far has the cleanest and smoothest interface. However, besides all of the above, what’s kept me going is their customer service. Helpful and the fastest responses I’ve ever experienced! Super friendly and overall an amazing app. Recommended a few of my family members and friends to the app and so far all of them love it. Shoutout to the entire staff/reps/developers for making such an incredible, fun, user-friendly and smooth interface app! if you’re looking for a casino app to play or try out, I highly recommend giving this app a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
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5 months ago, PikeLeeProd.
Recommend but will never buy chips
I do recommend this game to anyone interested in a fun casino game to pass the time. The free chips are nice, I like to bet aggressively so when I lose them all (which is often) it is easy to get a million within a couple of days. The blackjack dealer is a little sus at times and roulette has done some questionable spins on me which seems to increase in relation to aggressive you bet. I have had many instances where I will grind for 20 mins slow betting conservatively then end up losing it all in a matter of hands consecutively with favorable odds in my favor yet the dealer will get 3 blackjacks, 6 20’s, and push every other hand that’s close to a win to send me back to even if not worse. Devs will say what the same script about “random”, im just telling my experience. Overall a fun game, and weekly events make it fun to get free chips and free spins. Poker has no complaints from me there. I will never buy chips as the computer “could” do whatever it wants, not that it does ; ). Company must have made an input after my review lol because playing by the book in blackjack: 500k buy in, lost it all with 3 wins or so, doubled down one time(lost). The amount of 20’s the dealer got was unreal, also the amount of hands lost regardless in it I would have hit or not is annoying
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9 months ago, THIEVES B AWARE
***DONT EVEN BOTHER PLAYING SPADES*** You can’t play spades at all! Every table every hand is 3 friends and a stranger!! I have had this app for a couple years. They don’t even try to hide it like they did at the beginning. The Mods won’t do chit about it, they let ppl steal your money! What do they care you just have to buy more from them. They could easily ban ppl from the game for cheating, but again they don’t give 2 chits. Like most casino games it’s pretty much rigged. **** Texas Hold’Em**** If you have the lead after the flop, lets say set of Aces on rainbow board you’ll get beat by runner runner straight or flush. *** Roulette *** I have had every number covered but 1, yup 3 Xs in a row the 1:32 chance hit. The gameplay is nice all different options easy to use, lots of players, but that’s not good enough for these greedy ppl, unfortunately. The cheating, 3 friends and a stranger, it just killed the whole app. If you’re just looking to pass some time it’s ok with their money, but trust me I’ve had hundreds of millions so many times just to watch it get cheated away. If you put money into games do not put it into this one. Just make a bunch of emails if you really need to play here. It’s really to dam bad. Good luck! **I BELIEVE THEY HAVE A BUNCH OF APPS** So before you put any money do a little research. Pokereist or something is too similar to this 1 also. ALL THE CASINO GAMES end in “IST”
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5 years ago, Jcastle01
Black jack is rigged completely....
I really do love this game I think it’s an amazing casino game but it’s NO SECRET that black jack is and about 50 other players have agreed that blackjack is rigged. About 7/10 times the dealer is going to win...8/10 times she gets 18-21...rarely does she’s honestly not fun at all to play considering the fact that I know she is going to win most of the time....PLEASE FIX THIS....obviously don’t make it easy for people to win but PLEASE lower her ratio of winning it’s rare that the dealer ever loses in black jack .....update to your response......look at your reviews.....see how many people are complaining about this^......maybe that’s a sign to make an update. ......update to your response....yea we get it, you have all these random generators...clearly they aren’t working, I don’t know if you noticed but your #1 complaint is about how unfair black jack is....maybe that’s a sign that y’all should change your “random generator codes” I play black jack in real life every weekend, this game is hilariously fake when it comes to “randomized cards” and I’ve got atleast 50 people who play this app who 100% agree, it’s not just there are lots of in app purchases which makes it pretty obvious it’s a vicious cycle leading back to you just buying in app purchases...
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1 month ago, Redwing1997
Additions to game
I believe that this is the best casino game on the market. The variety of games is excellent, but I would like to see some additions to craps. I would like to see the ride the line bonus bet be added. In addition I would like to see the little ones big ones and all tall make them all bonus bets added as well, I believe this would make the cramps in the game much more realistic and fun for the player. However, I know there may be some copyright problems when it comes to those bonus bets, but hopefully you would be able to get the copyrights so you can add these to the game. Thank you for your time and consideration, and hopefully we can continue to improve the best casino game on the market
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1 month ago, Dragonwolph
Pay to lose
The only good thing about this game is the verity of games to play. I have played a lot of gambling games and used to gamble a lot when I lived in Las Vegas. This game only allows you to advance in level by buying the chip packages. The odds of winning on this game is worse than the odds in Las Vegas. Just in case some people don’t understand what I’m trying to say. I’m saying that you have a better chance of finding a $100 lying on the ground then you do at winning and advancing on this game. It’s a rip off and I can’t see how people have fun on here. I don’t mind losing when it comes to fake gambling but it’s a different story when the game makes you lose so you will buy the in game packages. Any game that tries to get you to buy packages to advance is a waste of time and money. If you buy a game package, the advancement in leagues is quick but it will be short lived because you will lose it in a couple of days after you enjoyed the benefits of your purchase. If you don’t mind spending a little money on games that’s fine! I suggest you don’t waste it on this game! If you don’t believe me and what I say, then try it! You will find out what I’m saying is true!🤬
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5 years ago, Breezy2003
Great Graphics, Fun, but Rigged Obviously!
Great Graphics, Very Fun to Play, but the Roulette Tables are Obviously Rigged and Very Unrealistic Spins. Too many Repeats on certain numbers in such a pattern that’s not mathematically possible at a Real Casino. Don’t believe it’s Random by no means! The RNG Certified fair play is just some typical B.S. they Claim. The Numbers are already pre determined as soon as you press the spin, you’ll see that as soon as you’re done placing bets and hit the spin, Click on your profile and you’ll see if your balance has a Profit or Loss before the ball even drops. This is by No Doubt Rigged or Setup at the Very Least. I go gambling in Atlantic City every weekend for the past 30+ Years, and I could tell you from experience that the Roulette Table Spins are no where near random on this app. Sometimes you will lose 25+ spins in a row with anywhere with a 20%-66% probability in your favor which is Mathematically Impossible in Reality at a Real Casino! Again it’s a Very Fun Game to Play, and has Great Graphics, but don’t waste your time buying Chips, or taking this seriously as a warm up before going to a Real Casino! This is Very Rigged or Setup at the very least!
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2 years ago, Upset_314 Girl
Illegal Chip Transfer
My account was banned for illegal chip transfer which they claim is against Terms of Service. After reading Terms, asking where this info was located, and them trying to divert from the request, they responded sections 7.2-items a-k, 9.2, and 9.3 addresses the issue which is does not. The algorithm they use only flags after a certain amount because they want you to buy & send the chips. Lesser amounts are not flagged therefore it can’t be against their Terms or they would ban all amounts transferred. They took the chips back and still banned the account. So beware!!!! They will makeup a reason to ban your account and keep all your money. UPDATE: By stating it is a direct violation of the rules when it is not directly addressed in the rules is FRAUD!!! How can someone know if it’s not stated? If you’re a in a casino and fold prematurely and end up with a good hand, they don’t care. I just want others to know as Apple doesn’t care how apps operate in their store anymore. Don’t trust or spend money in apps with headquarters outside of the USA. They don’t care about your complaints and you can’t seek a resolution elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Spasz93
Don’t listen to the addicts
Listen- it’s FREE. I have millions of chips now that I won over time on roulette. People who say this is rigged clearly have little roulette experience or only use one strategy, probably martingale LOL. When I read people crying about spending money on chips and losing them, on a FREE game, you have to question how deep their addiction is. This is a great app to practice and learn how to adjust strategies during a sitting to come out on top rather than loose. Even when you go on a losing streak you can turn it around if you adjust your betting, strategy, and most importantly, having patience.
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3 years ago, TristenWyles
I recommend it!
I like the blackjack and slot machines. I also found myself betting on Baccarat too! Even though I absolutely love roulette and this app has an awesome one… I spent 300 million chips in probably an hour or so on roulette. I bet the max on that table, which was 3M plus another 2M around it on the board, all on #11 the entire time; 5M every spin! As well as betting on other numbers; I won some and lost some but it never landed on number 11!! I had just downloaded the app 3-4 days prior and was liking it a lot: it’s actually very addicting, but like most apps I couldn’t get a refund!! However I will recommend this application because it is pretty sweet, with lots to do and tons of games. Quite honestly I couldn’t stop spending money on this app, lol. Have loads of fun!
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1 year ago, David …..:::::.
Personal review
So I do have quite a few issues with this gaming app. One of the biggest issues is the amount of scammers on this. I am trying to get you to send them money and it literally happens every day.! But my breaking point was this morning now over the past month I have probably spent close to $500 on this game and this morning I had a offer to buy 720 million chips for $49 so that’s what I did when I didn’t receive my chips I notified them and they claim that they don’t see the offer that I’m talking about. So to make matters even worse they don’t want to give me the over 300 million that I am owed but they said that they would send me 140 million! I can’t believe that they were going to allow something like this to lose a paying customer but I’m glad! I will no longer have to waste money on this app, and I would not suggest it to anyone else
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9 months ago, jedededededed
Wasted pontential
I was very excited when I found this app because it has all the casino table games and some slots and scratch tickets but it is ridiculous. When playing Texas poker you will see straight flushes all the time and full houses all the time! Not that you’ll get them! On the roulette it will very often hit red or black 20+ times in a row and very often hit the same number 3 or more times in a row or spread out between a few spins. I have played both of those games many hours in the casinos and haven’t seen that in person ever! I sent one of my coworkers a link and I was supposed to get more chips because he used my link and never received that as well. Like I said I really wanted to like this app and it has a lot of potential I just wish it was more believable and realistic and that they would live up to there promise on referrals.
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2 years ago, Marlenejojo1
What others say is true….
The good: Amazing graphics Big variety of games to play Live play against other people No ads, unless you want free chips Fun stuff to gift people while playing The bad: Eats money fast Losing streaks are unrealistic and predictable After losing millions you can watch an ad for free chips of “10k” which is absurdly low. All games are painfully hard to win It’s fun until the game takes all your money to force you to make a purchase. I did a few times to give it a real chance but lost 130 million so fast like under an hour. The developed sent a message about my bad luck and gifted me 7 mil which was nice but when you lost 130 mil it’s kind of an insult. Then agsin they didn’t have to give anything at all so at least it’s something. If you don’t mind a pay to play game for entertainment then this is your game.
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3 years ago, 1014961
Don’t be fooled
As far as the roulette goes...I don’t play that very often so I’ve not noticed anything but you may want to look at the reviews of those who do...but don’t be fooled!!! I’ve been playing poker for over 25 years and had my share of bad beats but on this game it’s 100x worse. It’s not random or luck of the draw. You will get beat by a runner runner more times than you care to count. In a ten game stretch where I was at least a 70% chance to win after the flop (based on seeing their cards after the hand was over) I ended up losing 9 of those games. One ex. was an A,K suited and flop came A, K, 8. I raised half the pot and was raised. I went all in and was called by a player with 4,6 off suit... needless to say the turn and River a 5,7. Like I said I’ve had my share of bad beats but the ratio it happens in this game is way above what you might expect
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2 years ago, Abram D.
Blackjack is rigged
I’ve been playing this game for almost a year, and everything else is good luck after you spend money. But on the other hand blackjack gets so lucky if you double a 10 against dealers up card is a 5 and you get a 20 she gets a 15 then hits a 6, just happened 3 times in a row. And she does this a lot with any up-card, you always bust and when she has a 10 up-card and you hit a 12 you bust and she always shows 13 14 or 15. I’ve spent money in the game, blackjack just made me waste $50 on the game. And Omaha is 100% rigged in all in situations, I had A5K8 I shove from pre-flop raise she had Q985 flop was A K 3 the turn was a 10 and the river was a Jack. Best advice before downloading DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THE GAME.
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5 years ago, getf**ked
Real money for fake money
If you like losing chips very fast and spending your real currency on chips then have fun. Everyone knows that the odds of winning on slots or roulette etc... are very low but this game is at a whole other level. Played 5 million chips in a slot machine and it was gone in 15 mins. Took me a month to get to 5 million. If you read this my advice is to move along... Update... I would like to add after reading several posts below that the odds of winning in roulette when you increase your bet decrease to almost zero.... if I bet 250k on 2/3 of the table it is next to impossible that I would lose 7/10 times. It is rigged!!! Do not believe the positive reviews, keep in mind that companies pay people to leave good reviews to attract players!! It is an old scheme to make profit.
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10 months ago, Will here
Even the sports betting is rigged
I was gifted two million tokens for betting through the current promotion of the month. I placed a bet on each side for one event as I just wanted the 2 million tokens. I lost on both sides, that seems totally unbelievable, but it did. I have the screenshot to prove it, but they won’t allow you to post screenshots on this review. When I contacted the technical support about it, they responded as follows. The final point was not scored in regulation play, it was in overtime and therefore both bets were lost because the final score did not occur in regulation play time. I responded with “what a scam and I truly hope that all the executives at Kama games that are involved with games, die of cancer. If you scam people you deserve what you get.
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2 years ago, F kama
Scamming thieves
The lowest level of VIP customer service I have ever dealt with they treat each individual like theyre valued VIPs as long as they push their sales I am a level eight VIP and my $20 offer every day when it changes over Is anout 204 millionI have another account that’s a level three it gets almost as much as I get I should just go back to level three they don’t even reply to my messages anymore except for when I ask for bonusesI spend like a couple hundred blow through a couple billion and I’ll they’ll give me like 30 million such a F$);$; joke I literally bought one billion chips one day couple hundred hands on video poker and Dealer has an ace or a king on a every double up but it’s fair gaming and it’s random lies still the same VIP IS EVEN WORSE
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2 months ago, Upperframe1983
Same as any other cept
It’s the same as any other gambling game except these people expect you to spend money on fake money just so you can play their stupid game. You only win just enough to lose all of it. You know they say the higher you bet even more chance you have hitting a jackpot, but I had like 150 million coins that 1 million at the time I lost it all in like 10 minutes and didn’t hit anything and then they actually expect me to be like oh I’m gonna spend another five bucks to get chips because this game is worth playing no if I was winning real money, I might wanna spend real money, but I’m not and the game is just for funyou don’t lose over and over and have to spend money on this game
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2 years ago, Mystery-PoP-Tart
Great But
I love this app and have used it for a long time, the people complaining about it being rigged sound exactly like people in real casinos when they lose. The person designing the game doesn’t need to rig it for the same reason casinos don’t, the games have an edge. I do however hate that it no longer lets you use lower denominations as an obvious ploy to get more chips out of people, i am now not able to run simulation betting strategy’s which is what I used to do. If you could please fix that for a long time user, maybe just in private games? I even tried to just change the unit and do the math but table limit won’t let me place enough individual chips):
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4 months ago, Bird_man_2491
“Bad luck? It happens. We aren't lucky all the time either. The truth is, when the Random Number Generator works properly (and ours does - we had it tested by an independent company), it can be the worst kind of troll. Just try to be a little more patient. Sooner or later, you'll hit your jackpot.” Developer response to my other review. Yes I get bad luck exist but come one I won 100M in a slot went to black jack and lost 20 straight hands betting 5M they took it all back smh don’t lie it’s rigged yall just saying it not I get it but there is just no way that’s real. Oh and btw all with black jack and 20 hands to my crappy hands and when I got 20 dealer would get 21 like always.
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2 years ago, Nickel-J
Great place to test new “systems”. As they say “I’m not gambling if I got a system”, haha. No seriously, this app gives you an authentic feel and experience of Real Casino Gaming. I like how opportunity exists to interact with other players but the main focus is realistic fair play and physics. The support team is spot on and helpful. The new 3-D hold’em set up has greatly increased play speed; which was my main complaint in the past. Don’t bother with any other CasinoGaming App Pokerist is the place to be to learn and have Fun.
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2 months ago,
Incredible Casino Experience
I’ve had the best time!! So impressed with the quality of design and interface! Feels like walking through a casino!! I love the roulette tables, and much more! The system is so much fun, daily prizes and ways to earn coins to play the games! Designed for preference, one can also buy coins to play. Great ‘girls night in’ with a glass of wine. Won $37 million in a week!! If I could change one thing, it would be to make it real money😉
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3 years ago, tjjjhhhhh
I believe In You
I love this game so much I am a table dealer in real life I had some suggestions could you consider adding some games like Mississippi stud or three card poker? Let it ride would be a good add on I have even more suggestions that could really add to your growing app but the stud game I wanna play with friends or just others and have failed to find a free currency app have I find stud games but it’s always solo play
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1 year ago, Ridiculous app
Not even close Rigged Games
The roulette is not even close to being fair. Real games don’t have losses just because of bet increases. The house percentage is way out of whack and you are at a complete disadvantage. Tournaments use to be at least once every two weeks and now it’s whenever the moon turns blue. This place is linked to Pokerist which gets more attention. The site tries to force you to pay for chips and they do it buy raising the house edge to an unbelievable percentage. When a site speaks of fairness don’t believe it because it’s difficult for any program to simulate probability because it’s completely random. Now they have bots hiding behind avatars. Everyone can see it
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3 years ago, jeffrchin
Dev response are useless
After addressing some issues and opinions of the game. The devs just respond with the same “automatic” response. After months of this game running the bet size is still the same. I’m not the only player who thinks this. I’ve seen others with the same suggestions. Please revert back to the old betting range. These tables have no players advantage at all. The creators claim that they changed the bet size so players can win more and make it more “exciting “ but how is that exciting if you are losing faster with this limited betting range. Tables feel like flat bets. Please update the bet range like how they’re used to or give more options. We want $5-$2,000 tables or even $1-$500 table.
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2 years ago, 11VISION
Great Game - But Rigged
I always take people’s ‘rigged’ comments with a grain of salt as most of the time people that say ‘rigged’ are just sour, stupid, uneducated, or some sort of conspiracy theorist. However, after weeks of playing this game…there is no question about the rigged blackjack. It is simply impossible to play this game with such epic dealer hands. I would love to screen share or screen shot the absolute impossibility of the hands that the dealer receives and the lack of hands the player receives. This is fun to play…but expect to loose in blackjack in every way, every level of expertise and every single aspect of everything. You will not be able to win in blackjack here.
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2 years ago, Paul'sIphone
Worst customer service
I have been playing this game since 2018. For the most part it’s a good app. I often create and bye into private rooms with my friends. The developers apparently don’t care that you create a private room because they are constantly letting people we don’t know into the room and interrupting our game. I have chatted with support and they blame it on the player. They say that one of the players must be friends with the person. When I asked the players if they knew the intruder they all said no but the developers won’t do anything to stop it.
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1 year ago, link to pass
Fun game- great way to practice!
I love the game and enjoy practicing my skill on roulette and even learned a little more about craps. Only thing I don’t like is the tournament rules on roulette. Typically the person who wins the most wins the tournament but in this case the person with the most chips left wins… I’ve played many times and found players are just sitting and not betting and end up winning. Just my thoughts!
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2 years ago, Basic Strategy Plalyer
Take it for what it is
This game cheats so badly sometimes that it is no fun to even play, particularly the Blackjack. I know the dev is going to say they are certified and brag about their random numbers but the game still is biased. You are almost guaranteed to lose the first few hands or rolls in all games. The fifth card in blackjack is always a 10. The dealer always gets 19, 20, and way more 21s. They should at least mask the cheating better. Put as much into that as they do the graphics and presentation. Come on guys, don’t make it so obvious!
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3 years ago, Bhurabhai
Awesome app but rigged!
This is one of the best Casino app out there but it’s rigged!! Doesn’t matter whether you play Roulette, Blackjack or 3 card poker! They just want you to keep on buying chips!! There are times when number comes up even before wheel stops while playing Roulette which explains everything. Please explain. Stop cheating and taking people’s money!
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3 months ago, Æëçñå
Worst game I’ve ever played
As soon as I opened the game I was offered 15k chips if I turned notifications on which I did not receive. I then won 20k chips on a lottery ticket which I did not receive. All the while receiving constant pop ups to sell me more chips and I mean I could barely start a game without getting a pop up instantly after closing the previous pop up. I finally started a game of roulette and the the game automatically placed half my chips and lost them all. I immediately uninstalled. 0/10 I only recommend you leave a bad review even if you haven’t played the game.
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3 years ago, Matt-GI
Excellent Graphics, But Ridiculous Number Generator
The game has excellent graphics and great gameplay. I gave it only three stars for two reasons. First, they say it’s RNG certified, but I don’t believe it. In my experience, it likes to repeat numbers and the number generator seems to do other goofy and improbable stuff very often. Second, I wish you could bet amounts similar to what you would in a real casino. The lowest level has betting amounts about ten times what I would actually bet in real life.
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10 months ago, tbaker1221
Would be 5 stars IF
-properties should payout more than 10% back after selling. They should be worth more after holding for x amount of time. Seems extremely predatory. Buying property for $1,000,000 and only getting $100,000 after selling is insane. -You should be able to to pick your buy in from any tab you click on when transferring to a game. Extremely predatory to throw people into a game where the minimum bet is $250,000 and I only have $5,000,000 or less is insane. -Min- Max bet is unrealistic. Other than that great game!
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5 years ago, Old man Griffith23
Best Casino Game
This is by far the best casino game on the App Store. This game has fantastic graphics and multiple games to play with tournaments. My only complaint is that Texas Hold ‘Em doesn’t have 3D graphics like the rest of the games do. Everyone saying that this game is rigged in roulette or blackjack have obviously not been to a casino irl. The probabilities in roulette seem to hold true more often than what I have seen in casinos irl.
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5 months ago, Y'sGuy
Love this app
Been playing since 2018. Before all the 2&3D avatars. Love this app because it’s no actual loss and the games are pretty good. You can also chat with people which I think is super cool. I just want to know how to change my picture and not to one of the avatars. Used to be simple but if I’m stuck I’m stuck hope a developer responds lol great app honestly.
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3 years ago, BrandomineLP
It’s not rigged for real
I see a lot of people complaining that different games are rigged. 1, if you play poker and see something going all in, chances are that it’s probably not a bluff therefore you’re misreading the table. 2, blackjack is perfectly fine, I’ve played plenty of hands and not one time did I think it was rigged. Roulette is not predetermined, the ball physics are too good to be predetermined. Yours truly, an game dev.
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3 years ago, evndild
Mostly add free
You won’t believe how many adds are in most mobile games, once an add appeared in an online game and made me lose. But this game, with one exception being the free chips, has no ads at all and also doesn’t advertise paying for chips that much. That’s a huge win in my book
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3 years ago, Carlt2u
This app is rigged to the max.. nice graphics.. but totally rigged.. In addition to this review.. the method of their rigged app is that they want you to buy their product.. like most apps.. and I’m lucky I’ve only spent $10 them.. but they automatically put you in higher paying games with the ability to play lower paying games.. which in turn turn makes you lose your big bankroll faster.. yeah the ball bounces wrong and you get a bad streak in the cards is what their reply.. everyone has a choice to play here.. but it doesn’t last long.
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4 weeks ago, H&te2Sh0p
Wish there was more bonus wins
I have enjoyed this game, I do wish there were more bonus wins or free spins on the slots. And I feel like there’s not enough bigger winning hands - just so that I can play longer. I will usually spend about $20 per week on the games I like. This game takes my coins too fast at this time. Maybe the more I play the better the playing is.
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2 years ago, jugbff
not enough pass benefits
I find myself making a lot of money and then losing it in the matter of 20-30 minutes, so I bought the pass to make some money found out it doesn't give you as much as you would expect I feel the dev's should come out with more money in daily bonus's and also increase the amount of money in the passes.
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3 years ago, RT1882
Unauthorized in-app purchases and suspension for no one reason
First off these are extremely fun casino games. Sadly, I saw one unauthorized in-app purchase appear on my Apple account. More disturbing is that when I discovered my access to game was blocked, I wrote to support and they said “I was spotted in Fraudulent Activities”. Chat support agent wouldn’t share details. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is related to some hacker(s) somehow gaming the system and perhaps the unauthorized in-app purchase is somehow related. Very sad to see game support throw down the hammer on innocent game players.
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6 months ago, ShinyEevee2039
Bad pay outs
Look I would like to win I never reached over 100 million or even a billion every one is saying this game is by chance I highly doubt it but I lost all my chips basically on trying to win and I haven’t won at all I’m warning other players to not play this game cuz you also need to pay for a not so amount of coins like even the lottery scratchers are terrible they say you can win up to 300 million or 15 billion but you don’t not even over 100 million I just can’t play a game with such bad odds
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1 year ago, Usielo44
This game is rigged. Nobody pay they just want you to buy coins this game is completely rigged especially blackjack. You can’t say it’s not because there is no way that I hit once and go over but the computer can hit 100 times and magically get 21. Don't even bother. I gave it a chance and bought some chips and the result is the same. It’s not random. It’s rigged. Developers say it’s the computer but you guys made the game at least make it realistic. You’ll have better luck at a real casino than in this game.
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5 years ago, Johnathon J. Smith
It’s sad how bad they cheat.
It’s sickening to me how bad they cheat on this roulette game. I mean, I don’t understand. The game is free, so it’s not beneficial to cheat people. Maybe they force people to lose to lower people’s confidence in winning. Not sure, but it’s sad.... Update—-company says that they are RNG certified so I believe them a little more now 👍
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2 years ago, Dwarket
Pretty good casino app, but the spades game is ruined.
I picked this up mostly to play the casino spades game, which should be pretty fun. The problem is that there is little to no skill involved in single player games because it depends solely on your cards. If anyone gets 5 or more books, or get nil, the round/game is over. If you don’t have a good/bad hand you basically have zero chance of winning what should be a game of skill.
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5 years ago, Super Mom!!!!!!
Fair? Not!
Let me start by saying they graphics are really nice. Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. They start you off with $5,000, okay that’s a decent amount, but wait... the game automatically placed a $2,500 first bet without my consent. At first I was confused and thought it was a tutorial or something but then I was DOWN $2,500. After that it just seemed like the game was against me so I left the table and will never return. I’ve played many roulette games and I will remember NOT to re-download this one because of it “FAIR” claim on the icon. Boo! For shame. But the graphics were nice, lol.
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2 years ago, Robert M Angelo
I agree with most.
I play roulette professionally, and video poker/poker for that matter.. I dont believe RNG exists in this game. Or if it did it’s manipulated extremely to be biased towards house. There are to many mathematical improbabilities.. I get why they do it.. you go on a streak and win.. they put you on bigger tables with worse odds.. you lose and buy more fake chips.. I just wanted something fun to play. Which it was until they price strangled me.. I’m not wasting real money on fake money to just turn around and lose
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5 years ago, ohouy. gdduygouy f
It’s almost perfect
You eventually lose control on how much you’re really allowed to bet. It’s frustrating. It’ll tell me I HAVE to start with 15k when all I want is to start with 1k or less. It also prevents me from making 5 and 10 bets and automatically have to bet off 25. Lastly there’s different versions of Roulette based on certain locations but doesn’t let you change it. All soo frustrating, truly.
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1 year ago, Review it now!
Casino gaming
If you want reality, or life like gaming, this is the app for you. The only complaint I have about this game is the fair play guarantee. They have no back up documentation for that statement and it bothers me. Other than that, fun game, I play every day and seem to have fun doing so, especially if I want to game and cannot get out to the real casino.
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