Casino X: Social Casino

3.8 (165)
75.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Item Box Apps
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Casino X: Social Casino

3.82 out of 5
165 Ratings
5 years ago, mattho and the bear
Casino x
I’ve been playing for few months .its been ok but sometimes it has max bet on when I play a game so watch out had million and lost all of it . Also notice I get friends without inviting them wonder how that happens? I’ve also notice you will b winning and all sudden it won’t win no more so I don’t see how you can win over a million in coins . Without buying any packages I play lot of casino games this is the most unfair one so far the best casino game is DoubleUCasino try it people think u will like the bonus games better and u will win more without spending real money plus they have party’s on there there called clubs . But maybe with this review might get better will write another report soon wish all my real friends good luck and all u hacks hope u get caught and face criminal charges!!
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6 years ago, verteran player
Veteran player
Hi I have been playing for 4yrs off and on and it’s fun to play but depressing when u see the same ppl win the big jackpots over and over. And if you are lucky to be in one of the top parties you can do well but most of the time they are full and you won’t get accepted unless your already rich!! This game really is addicting I’m not sure why but it’s truly not fair and I’ve wasted a lot of money and that doesn’t help your odds any at all. The weekly wins are also very difficult and same ppl dominate them each week. Feedback is extremely nice and always have been to me. The developers I wish would try to find a way to make more ppl winners because it’s sad to try so hard and see so many ppl heart broke over this game. Lately I have noticed a lot of glitching in the reels and the app wasn’t responding. They said it didn’t effect my chips but I know I was losing wether it did or not was irrelevant becus I still went broke way to fast for the money I put into it ! Jackpots always get extremely high during big sales ! It’s ironic tho they say they don’t control the slots.. hmmm
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3 weeks ago, NoKyGal
If you also are a reckless Truck Driver who does not value others lives, this is your app!
I’ve never been more disgusted with this app than now and that says a lot with the vile racists and worst of the absolute worst of humans that have been on this game in the past decade. Now, if you’re part of the reckless, careless and most unprofessional Truck Drivers out there, who wants to live on this app with MULTIPLE DEVICES 24/7, which means, WHILE DRIVING, risking others lives everyday you have to be out on the road, then this app is for you. You’ll find a fellow Truck Driver mate, who thinks he runs this app, and if you abide by his rules, you too can be one of his minions. Maybe you all can work the same highways, trying to kill others, together, while you win all your jackpots! Those fake chips & diamonds are much, much more important than human lives! Don’t worry though, the kids who own this game don’t care. It isn’t in their country, so they’re safe, which makes you all good, as long as you live on this app too!
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9 years ago, CNichols 43
Good to a point
This is best online BkJ game I have found. It lets you split any pair, double after split and double any first 2 cards but still has a built in flaw of making you lose more often if you bet high so that you have to buy chips. I kept track. While betting $100, my win/lose ratio was 40 percent win 60 percent lose, about normal. I went to $1,000 bet and my win/lose ratio was 12 percent win to 88 percent lose.
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1 year ago, NoNameMan442
The worst casino app EVER!!!
I’ve been playing this game for way too long, back when it was VIP Casino, which is way too many years. The game was ok until the new owners took over (after mommy & daddy bought it for them). They have no clue what they are doing, hence no new updates since they acquired the app. This game needed updates before they took it over and now, so many bugs!!! The people that play and think they own the game are the absolute worse and they will remain that way since they put the most money into the game. They bully, harass and even attack minorities in this game, using the most disgusting racist names. And their “reward” for that behavior - multiple weekly jackpots. This app has turned into the most racism app I have ever seen, not only should this app NOT exist, it should be reported - unless the App Store doesn’t mind such a hateful racist app in their store.
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1 year ago, Slowwrx05
Needs new slots and update
Need to add a collect all button when collecting and sending chips to your friends. Maybe some new slots and wish they happy hour would be a little higher than 4x on a 10x sale. So for instance it would be 6x happy hour to help us out a little. Feels like the same ones that win are bots and can be on for 24/7 with no breaks. Good luck everyone and I’ll still continue to play because it’s been 8-9 years I have been playing.
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3 years ago, Ironbulb
Where’s’ my stimulus jackpot?
I have been playing since 2011. I’ve spent countless amount of money! The game is fun but in ten years, why haven’t I hit one jackpot?! The more you bet, the less you win! The bonuses DON’T activate even with five of them showing! It has to get better! Much better!
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11 months ago, mo345&
Game is not loading
My game is not loading and there is no way to leave a message or contact for support on the app I am in second place in a weekly tournament it’s not far I been spinning and buying diamonds
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3 years ago, Dhhfdhb
Ripped off
I made a purchase for a starter promo. It said 100x the coins and diamonds. I think it was $2,100,000 coins and 300 diamonds. Then after making the purchase I was given 210,000 coins and 30 diamonds. I’ve been playing this long enough that I KNOW I did not misread it because I never would have made the purchase otherwise.
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6 years ago, sandgrl34
Casino C
I love this game I have been playing for almost 4 years I have made a ton of friends on here and I play everyday 🤗
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6 years ago, domt. care
I have been playing on and off for a few years first of all fed $99 I think it’s 3 million chips or something like that and I’ve never hit ever find any of your slots it’s terrible
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6 years ago, Sphankhac
X casino slots
It is a great game slot for entertainment. Beautiful graphics. I love this game.
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1 year ago, Pricknylon
Add friends
How can I add friends
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4 years ago, kayakfishing906
The Ultimate Video Crack
It is just that addicting.
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7 years ago, Dnnyboy63
Can’t log in???
Game keeps crashing..
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5 months ago, Kakahhhhhhhhh
Great Game
Great game no complaints
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5 years ago, Teresa Riels-Akin
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8 years ago, KrafTMom
Don't waste your time!
I played this app for quite awhile (over a year) before I permanently deleted it. You get very little to start playing. You need thousands of friends in order to get some coins to play. There is definitely a select group of players that are favored to routinely win. In order to get enough coins to play, I had to save up for a week (or more) without playing. Who wants to keep doing that? You deal with rude players daily! The app started up teams of up to 50 players. That's fine but most of team creators insist you make daily/weekly/monthly purchases, or be their "friend". Between all the rude people, the constant losing, and the week-long tournaments, it became senseless to keep playing. If you don't keep on top of the week-long tourneys, you can't win. If you don't place in the top 3, you don't win anything.
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7 years ago, Cutec0101
Never Win Big
I have been playing for years I use to love this game play it a lot doing the day sometimes buy coins but never win big I am thinking about deleting this game in the new year . I hate that it is so hard to receive coins or to give coins you have to go one by one they need one button collect all send all it would make it much easier. They need to give people who play like every day or for years free diamonds some type of incentive to make you want to keep playing. I see the same people hitting big jackpots. In my opinion it's like if you purchase coins they are not going to let you win so you will keep purchasing coins. I play different slots games online this was my favorite but now I am doubting this game very stressful.
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8 years ago, Lilspud5
Rip off
I've had this game for a bout a month now. It was fun at first but that ran out pretty quickly. Do not plan on leveling up for a long time. Getting coins is almost impossible. I've played for a month straight and my daily spin still gave me just 500 coins. The higher you level up and the longer you play for days in a row should mean the daily spin rewards get higher. They stay just about the same. You can obtain coins from friends but only 50 coins per person. Definitely doesn't give you much to work with. Plan on betting the absolute lowest amount for a very long time.
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9 years ago, Salon allura
Can't win
Absolutely love your app and the Slots have spent way too much money and not able to win anything on your slots also need more sales 100$ for 3 mill I get 30 mill from other casinos loyal player here bit has to also pay me not always pay casino x like I said love love your app but all done spending till I see a big big win 😰😰😰😰😰friends helped me gave me trains need to pay forward as I always do
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9 years ago, Short Blondie
Black Jack
The slots are pretty cool and Vegas-like, but I prefer Black Jack and feel that this particular app is not Vegas-like in the sense that at certain times of the day, this app won't even give you a chance. In the rare times that I've received an actual "Black Jack," the dealer always has one as well. I've lost over 3 million in one session, just trying to win a little of it back and that is only making $10-$15k bets after starting with $1k bets. I want to play so bad, but it is rigged to where you will NEVER come out a winner. But, the slots are pretty decent though, not great, but decent.
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10 years ago, Hooge1234
I love to play this game. It kills time very well. I play it everytime the phone is in my hand. Just wish I could hit bonuses more often lol. I been playing for months. I finally won, now I can't do nothing. It's eating all my coins up again. Just wish I could win more& the bonuses hit better. Sometimes I'm on a pay line but no bonus pops up. Maybe this could be fixed or changed.
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9 years ago, Alyssa-2012
Needs one more tweak...
Honestly it's a great game with lots of different levels and slots to play.. Runs seamlessly.. The only feature I would suggest adding is a "collect all chips" and a "send all chips" button.. It gets tiring going through each of your friends and tapping the button to send/receive chips.. Especially when you have hundreds of friends! Just a suggestion :)
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7 years ago, Malanm
Social site
Great games & I like the fact that it's a social site & you can send each other chips, but the gift thing is annoying!! I play slots for fun & apparently a lot of people seem to think this is a dating site!! Just be selective about who you accept friend requests from!!!!
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10 years ago, Sospy
VIP Casino
I really do enjoy this game . Have made a lot of friends! I play the slots & I just love it. I have had a problem with my name, instead of Soapy it somehow got changed to Sosy. Give me a fix?? I have asked twice & you have not gotten a reply . I figured it out. How do you Refer A Friend?Well I got all the above fixed. I'm really enjoying this game . I've made a lot of friends!! I'm addicted!!!!
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9 years ago, Bgg0207
Game very easy not over whelming just wish I could find some better rules and information on how to give money and other gifts at least there is no fighting are name calling Slots casino The game is easy don't win big at least for me the tournaments have so many players it's hard to win wish I could play more of there games I don't know what's it takes to open one up but on the positive side no fussing are name calling
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9 years ago, Deputy JJ
This game is exciting,fun and entertaining! It is the best slots app online. It has a all the other beat by a long shot. It has a casino device feel and pays well. Not like others who let you play 5 minutes then wait a long time to get more coins.
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9 years ago, Freddie Babe
Casino X
I have had a lot of fun and like this casino better than any of the others! It is like the Facebook of casinos! The people are friendly (some a little too) and you can exchange chips with all your friends!
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10 years ago, DaJuLee
Poor Support
It didn't give me my bonus for inviting a Facebook friend who joined. Won't invite anyone anymore. Lowered my rating because this app didn't do what it said about inviting friends - no bonus received. I wrote to customer support but no reply yet - they never responded. A multiplayer, interactive casino. Needs more interactive games like Roulette and Keno! Better bonuses would be good too. When I click to follow a player it does not show that I am following them. Please fix!
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9 years ago, Ladytriece
Casino X
I love to play Casino X. It's easy to play because you go to different levels that really make you think about the next round to higher and higher. I think it's a great way to relax.
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9 years ago, tootie2shoes
Love playing these games, but would love to have our sign in bonuses a little larger when you level up. Enjoy the other players, very friendly.
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7 years ago, Steel☠⊀ot╒☰☠🔥
Nice selection of slot games.
The games has a good selection of different games. The payouts aren't always great which but overall enjoyable. The interaction with friends and group is cool if your into that part of gaming. Another good app from ATA!
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10 years ago, Brooklyn856
Game has bugs
This game use to be the best casino game out there. Now it's hard to win and maintain a balance and also missies some bonuses when you spin. Even complained to the admin. They act as if it's not a problem. I was once one of the biggest supporters of the game now I'll play Big Fish. It has more games and less problems. Try Big Fish it's a better game.
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8 years ago, Jiggy409
My review
Casino X is one of my favorite casino games to play!! I find myself coming back to it when I quickly get bored with other games!
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8 years ago, Tdon44
This is probably one of the best if not, the best casino application on the market today. Only negative is the TIME CONSUMING from SENDING CHIPS 2 your friends. 2 me its 10 mins prior 2 even ACTUALLY PLAYING. NEED TO FIX. ASAP. You also go through chips really fast
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10 years ago, Dillyd55
Just started this game this month. So far, it has been fun. Still learning the system, but seems fair. Made friends quick. Even when I go broke, in no time right back up there.
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9 years ago, Earsii
Great game. Wish it would win more often when betting the max. Seems to slow down winning as the bet gets higher. Still great game.
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10 years ago, Sondra~69
Casino x
By far one of if not the best casinos online. Love the games and enjoy playing with so many people that you get to meet. Download it if you haven't already!!!
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7 years ago, pizzamonster67
Awwwe some But a lil tight
This is a fun social slots app to have fun and make friends but be careful of dumb ppl. I love the new updated version with the long awaited Auto spin Thankyou now we need a collect all gifts button .
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9 years ago, dkan666
I love how you can really interact with you friends right away and you have the ability to get rid of the stalkers.
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10 years ago, Txal
Had phenomenal beginners luck and struggling now but overall lots of fun. Friends and give and receive chips without affecting you chips. Wish all my Big Fish friends were here. Wish I was more luck on bought chips
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7 years ago, Cub (teddy) bear
Slots are average. Chips & diamonds are expensive. Same people seem to rule the leader board. Have played for 15 months, never hit a jackpot. BIGGEST ISSUE YOU TOOK AWAY THE REAL SOCIAL PART OF YOUR APP. BRING BACK POKER. Complaints on walls were always about slots, never about poker. I notice tournaments are gone. Appears they were a problem, not poker.
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8 years ago, jwjwjejwjwj
Simply the best!
This is got to be one of the best slot apps ever! Just a lot of fun, and to have the friends chatting an all is great, nice machines n good people, what more could you ask for? Lol
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8 years ago, Frank2158
There must be a bug in the works. I can collect my coins but when I try to start a slot game I get booted. Fix please still love the game
Show more
9 years ago, jodyam
Lots of fun!
Different then any other slot game I have played. Fun game, interact with other players. Not as many free spins, but always have enough to play. Try it!!!
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8 years ago, Wolf56789
Worse game i play
Well if u call getting bullied an no ever going to win an the computers cheating u in poker rooms an slots lol bonuses jump so u cant get an no one one millions on there no such think as big wins so u decide im about to delete game an so r alot of others .........junk game Cheats all the time really u call this a game or rip off we call it a cheating rip off
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9 years ago, Mph33
Games are OK', Not Great!
The addition of poker games has been a plus. Slots are pretty much the same as always. Still keep it because it is a good distraction occasionally. It is better, but not great. You lose very quickly!
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10 years ago, Longj65
Latest update ruined it
I was addicted to playing this fun game. Seems like the latest update has screwed up the graphics in slots on the iPhone 6 plus to the point the game is pretty much unplayable. I'll stop playing until the glitch is fixed.
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10 years ago, Wilztheon
I've really enjoyed playing here at casino x. This would be a great app if you could get into the bonus or free spin. Iv'e only been fortunate to get into either about three times in over two hours and three different games.
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