Castle of Illusion

4 (2.5K)
529.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Castle of Illusion

3.99 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
1 year ago, 87067!!!!
Only if your up for a CHALLENGE
Ok so I am on the last level of this game. And the game was so fun through all the parts but, on the last level it’s a bit tricky. When you are trying to defeat the witch it gives you five stars. But I don’t know if this is for anyone else with this game. But when you are going up the tower the last part before you get to the door, when stuff is falling down it makes you loose a star and you can’t even go as fast as the stuff falling down is. And my last complaint is that when you are defeating the witch. When the witch has 1 star left, it does all these things all together and it expects you to beat them all at once when they are coming at you. So it is possible to beat this game. But only if your up for a challenge. So this is why I am giving it a four star
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5 years ago, antqndeakn
This game almost made me throw my phone against my wall
This game was good at the start but there are 2 levels that are stupid difficult when I got this game I got it for my son and he had a lot of fun on it but when I was doing paper work on my computer he said “dad can you help me pass this level and so I helped him but when I tried to do it it was sooooooo hard I I’ve played hundreds of mobile games like this and not all of them were too hard but this one was the worst out of all of them because the level my son wanted me to help him with was like a candy level sorta thing and I’ve never played the game before but I have played games like this one like I said so I pretty much knew what I was doing as I was trying to pass the level I swear to god I thought my head was going to explode so I helped him but I eventuality gave up and I said to my son sorry son I really can’t pass this level so a couple days later my son stopped playing it entirely so I tried it and it was pretty good from the start and then I finally passed the candy level before or after the level I can’t remember. I came across this library level that actually make me my head look like a tomato it was so confusing and so frustrating on so many levels so I just eventually deleted the app.. I do and don’t recommend this game so if your looking to rage and like puzzles get this game but I don’t recommend this at all to any people with serious anger issues. Good day.
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2 years ago, Big_Red121
One of the Best Games on the App Store
To anyone complaining about this game being “too hard” just know that I completed this game when I was six. Also, I would rather I game be extremely hard than extremely easy. This game was my childhood, and it’s worth the money. This game gives me the best nostalgia ever. And to top it off, THEY FIXED THE MUSIC! The music is by far the best part of this game, because it feels like your actually at Disney World. I downloaded this game again for nostalgia and to complete it, because even now it’s still a challenge to complete. I was surprised to see all the bad reviews on the game, because I’ve always thought it’s the best thing Disney’s ever brought to the App Store. You can disagree with me, but I could go on for hours on how good this game is. And stop complaining about it crashing, because this is a HUGE game that they managed to fit into iPhone in 2013! I think they did a good job, and you can’t change my mind.
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5 months ago, cweeper34
Best game of my life
I’ve been playing this game since I was about 3 and although it can be challenging at some parts, it also is easy to learn the concept of the game, it’s easy to play, and it doesn’t instantly become super hard. The game gradually becomes harder and although it provides you with five lives, it will never reset your save file. Also to everyone saying to not download it because of rage, my only response is that you need to practice the game more. Or maybe it’s just me that doesn’t have huge troubles with completing this game, since I have played it for around my whole life. If you don’t know whether to download it or not, just know it’s a challenging game with many fun levels, and many bossfights. The game never gets old and it’s still one of my favorite games today. If you are asking yourself: ‘Hm, should I download this?’ just know it’s one of the best games out there, and provides fun and entertainment for all ages.
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1 year ago, questing1hunnit
K so first of all, THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST GAME EVER! Second, every one of you people out there saying this game is HARD AND UNFUN y’all better listen up. This game is NOT super hard and is VERY fun, sure some levels are difficult, but that’s what makes it fun geniuses! 🫠😵‍💫👀🌸 If you had a choice between an easy game or difficult one, what would you choose. I’m SURE most of you would say easy, but then you would have beaten the game by dinner time lol! We need games like this to push us to try harder and after you beat the level, don’t you feel proud! Anyway, AWSOME GAME! And if you’re thinking about downloading it, Don’t even think on it, just do it. I SWEAR you won’t be sorry. It is totally worth the money!💰And producers, if you’re reading this. PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS! I’VE BEATEN THIS GAME 7 TIMES! PLEASE A D D M O R E! 😵‍💫😭👀🤣🥳😊🌸❤️I’d rate this game 8 stars if I could! Thanks for reading and have a good day, bye. (ps MAKE MORE LEVELS PLEASE! Lol)
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3 years ago, Creepy Capra
This game gives me so much nostalgia and happiness! It reminds me of the times I went to Disney! Not just that but even if you haven’t been to Disney you will still know the plot because the game explains everything so you won’t be confused at all. The creatures are so mystical looking and just are cool looking. The plot is very well thought out. This game just makes me happy! The game is also great for adults as well. I remember about 2 years ago (the first time I played this game) my dad would help me out with the parts I got stuck on and would sometime even just play by himself in his free time! I could go on about this game for a long time but that’s what I thought was the most important for you to know! I definitely recommend this game to you and if you are the creator of this game...YOU DID AMAZING I’m only 12 and I think this is the best game ever just to play in your free time and have fun! All in all this game is awesome and well done to!!!
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9 years ago, Happy Feet Two
Castle Starring Mickey and Minnie and that Ol' Which
I purchased this game when it first came out by Sega Genisis back in the Early 90's. Thought it was so cool when it was only 16 bit. Now this game is more incredible. The graphics are spectacular. I could never have imagined this game as it is now way back when it first came out. It is so worth purchasing on your iPad Air. I was very angry because I purchased it when I had the iPad 2 and managed to get it to download. When Apple did an software update the game went away and I couldnû't get it to download again. Even though I paid $9.99, played and beat the game. Apple refused to fix the problem and I had to purchase the iPad Air to have it download again. It is so worth owning and if you too purchase the game I couldn't imagine anyone regretting the cost because you will have hours of entertaining fun with this beautiful game. Enjoy!!
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1 year ago, Binsk
This game is incredible add more levels!
I am literally the biggest Disney fan in the world, I love everything Disney so when I saw this I got soo excited. For those Disney lovers out there well this game is literally perfect. The levels are great they are not too hard but not too easy. I recommend this game to everyone who loves imagination and playing pretend. I saw some bad reviews and I was in shock of a lot of them what I say is if you have something bad to say then keep it to yourself especially this game. Castle of IIlusion is an amazing game and those who write bad reviews probably just don’t understand it and are just to lazy to actually understand and realize that this game can be so fun and in so many different ways. I 10/10 recommend and totally try this it is so worth it!
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9 years ago, Dougiestyle4ever
Best Remake of a classic Genesis game
This is one of a few iOS games that I have ever completed. Disney's Castle of Illusion takes me down memory lane as it is the first Sega Genesis game I ever purchased. At first, I was somewhat disappointed that this version has a whole new soundtrack and narration, as I was hoping to get that nostalgic feel. However, after completing the game and looking around in the options I realized that there was an option for the classic soundtrack. Perfect! Castle of Illusion is a true side scrolling adventure reimagined in a '3-D' world. The graphic are beautiful, perhaps even stunning. The levels are challenging sometimes frustrating. The game mechanics and controls take some getting used to but, in my opinion, it adds to the challenge, rather than take away from the fun factor (After all I was able complete it in only a few days). As someone who is no longer an avid gamer I think SEGA did a remarkable job. I am thrilled that I could play a game that I played as a child and I hope to see many more classics reimagined though I doubt I'd have the time to play them all as I did when I was a kid, but I never would have imagined that I would have had the time and dedication to complete this challenging game either. Thanks SEGA.
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9 years ago, Friendlie
A masterpiece of an ios game. Never played it on the Genesis but for the iphone it is a slam dunk of a game. Humorous, witty, and fun! Reminds me of old platform games like megaman, sonic, etc where there is a boss you have to kill after each "world". Only problem is the 3D jumping parts. If you hate jumping like in Turok then you'll have your share of frustrations. People complain it's short but for $1 its worth it. Even $3 it's great! I played on a plane for 2 hours straight and I think I'm a little over half through. It can be challenging to even a seasoned gamer but the fact that you don't just die and start the entire game over is great. Miss a ledge... no problem there's sublevels to explore. Great for kids and tough enough for gamers (due to touch controls). I just don't want to ever see the licorice dragon ever again!
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3 years ago, CarolinaDingo
Good but could be better
I am I love with this game but it can get so frustrating that when I got to the jack in the box I was on that level for a year and I was like I want to delete this game but since I payed 4.99 for this game so I kept it eventually I passed and then every level was a little easier but still hard and some are unreasonable and this is for KIDS! So I would say that when you are going to each boss I only had three life’s/ stars and that is just wrong . So this game was so fun but when you finish it there is nothing to do but start over so if you are the kind of person that likes to play games over and over again and you like really hard game this game is for you . Thank you so much for reading my review have a good day.
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7 years ago, rennder
Great game, but NO MUSIC!
I'll start off by saying I originally bought this Game for my PlayStation a long time ago. I loved it so much and decided that I wanted to get it on the go. I bought this app and have been playing it just fine. The controls work excellent and the game holds up just as well on iOS. The only issue, and it is a major one, is that there is no audio. The only sounds are the effects from enemies and Mickey himself, but there is no music. It completely ruins the atmosphere of the game and honestly is a huge disappointment for a paid app. I also got a message saying that this app would not work with future versions of iOS. I don't know if the developers have abandoned it or not, but A fix for the audio issues would be fantastic and definitely make this a five star app. It would make it more worth the money. Do not buy this if you value the whole game experience.
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8 years ago, Peachy_Peaches49
Need to fix AUDIO
I played this game sometime last year (2015) and loved it. There were some challenges at certain parts, but doable. Controls could be better on iPhone. I know there's a PC version, but I've never played it so I can't compare- I'm assuming that the PC controls are better to handle. I downloaded this game again partly because I was bored and I wanted to replay it. Here we are now a year later and there's no music and I'm having issues with the narration. Only the opening part has music, but when I'm playing the game, narration gets cut off all the time with no music. The only sounds I have are the noises Mickey makes and other character sounds. I wish they would fix/update it cause it's not as fun playing without the soundtrack- the music fit well with the game. Once they update it, everything might be good. For now, I'll have to do 3 stars until they fix it.
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10 years ago, Benni C
Great game!
It's mostly a 2D scroller, sort of like the old Mario games on Nintendo. Every now and then it transitions to full 3D movement. Both are done well and are quite fun, and the transition between 2D and 3D is super smooth. The look of the game is well-done and very cute, the animation smooth, and the gameplay mildly challenging (just the right level of difficulty for a casual game...though a bit tricky for young kids). While most of the game seems to support retina graphics, there are some strange graphics sprinkled through that are HIGHLY compressed, low resolution, and quite jaggy (some images in picture frames in the castle, the subtitles throughout the game, and some of the on screen status indicators). However, though strangely low resolution, these graphics don't detract too much, and overall the game looks fantastic. In addition to being a great game, there are also no in-app purchases, which is PERFECT. In-app purchases ruin otherwise fun games and always leave me wishing I could just purchase the full game and play without being pushed to buy more. With Castle of Illusion, I could, and I loved it. Let's stop supporting games that contain in-app purchases.
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3 years ago, msjsjssjsjsdd(#(
I love this app I have had it for about 3 years now and I originally was going to get it 4 years ago but I found out that Disney said that they were not supporting this app anymore more and It would not work on iOS 11 and then as soon as I saw that it got updated I bought it it was about 5 dollars and honestly I think that this game is so hard I did not even beat the game yet but I am only 12 years old going to be 13 in June so I feel like I got it to soon I feel like I should have gotten this when I was a adult but I was worried that this would stop supporting again so I bought it anyway and to be honest this game gets updated regularly like every 3-18 months or so but this is a really good game 5 stars
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3 years ago, Enter a Nickname 7834
Fun game with a few problems
To start on a positive note this game was really fun I enjoyed it a lot. There were some challenging levels but I was able to get through them with a bit of practice. I ended up finishing the whole game and going through all the levels only to find that I had statue pedestals without statues. I googled which ones went where and after realizing I had already beat those levels I decided to try again. After numerous time of beating the levels they still didn’t show up. It’s kind of disappointing to have to pay $6 for a short game only to find that it doesn’t work. It’s still a fun game and all the levels worked fine but it’s annoying that it didn’t work. I am going to try to get a refund because this is not the game I paid for.
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10 years ago, LyndsayEvonne
I've been waiting and hoping for this app to go on sale. Once it did I didn't hesitate to purchase it, and I don't regret it one bit! Here's why: Gameplay is smooth as silk. Controls are easy and not complicated; jump, move, and throw. That's it. The storyline is interesting and feels like an actual videogame, and keeps me interested in playing. I'm excited to see what level is next. My only complaint is that the levels are somewhat sloppy for an iPhone game. It's hard to see if you have been everywhere in the level because you are unable to "look around" and it doesn't exactly follow a pathway straight through. Otherwise, this is completely worth five bucks! Way to go Disney and Sega!
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6 years ago, Laptop 10000000
Awesome 🤩
Overall, I think that it’s a great game. It’s so hard to get the 800 diamonds. And so many more things to get like statute pieces. I got this game a good 2-3 years ago forgetting it after a year or so but the moment I remembered it I got so excited. The masters of illusion are a good not easy but not impossible (clock master, candy snake, and green monster gang are the hardest). The way they hid the diamonds and cards and chilli peppers is amazing. Also, if your get to Israel’s last life and miss and have to do it again I am so sorry. Plus, at the beginning of the battle with Israel you can see Minnie smiling even though her beauty and youth is about to be taken away. Like, come on! 🤬 Any way, buy it cause the $4.99 is worth it! 😀👍
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2 years ago, capunk2441
This game gives me great memories and I had to download it again to play it. I beat this game when I was 7 or 8, and it has a lot of gameplay. It is not hard if you know what you are doing, and it is the perfect difficulty for a game. Consider downloading because it is one of the greatest Igames! Let me tell you everything I blew through in like an hour but the dungeon section stage 1 and 2 got me dead in my tracks. All the bosses are fairly easy but the last boss is a whole different thing. See you have to get up to her tower and then fight her and she is pretty hard. It took me about 6 attempts to beat her and it is a extremely great game.
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6 years ago, Woolly_Centipede
Castle Of Illusion
I don’t know how anyone could rate this game poorly. It’s absolutely stunning, with both the graphics and the gameplay. You feel like you’re really there. The concept seems so simple and easy but it is a very difficult game, despite how easy it is to grasp. I am on the last stage of the game, and have been playing for a few months, so that’s about how long it could take you to complete it. You can play as many times as you want. Not to mention the ad free gameplay and immersive, real experience. You don’t have to wait to refill you lives or anything. If you have $4.99 on the App Store, please please purchase. You absolutely won’t regret it.
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10 years ago, GrepACE
iPad 2!
I bought this during the $0.99 sale only to find out that I could not install it since it claims it is not compatible with the iPad 2. I installed the game on a friends iPad 4 and backed up the application to an ipa file using a Windows application called iTools. I then restored the ipa to my iPad 2 and to my surprise, the game is running fairly well (so far). I won't be disappointed if it glitches/crashes later on, but just wanted to let iPad 2 users know that there is a way to get it installed and running. Have fun! UPDATE: Just finished the game without any issues. Still do not understand why installing on an iPad 2 is blocked. Updated to four stars.
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10 years ago, imthatnicolasa
Defeat evil as your favorite mouse!
Who said Disney is just for little kids? This game is awesome for adults! There are so many levels and the concept of this game is really easy. You play as Mickey to defeat evil though all different levels inside of a castle to save minnie!!!! The controls are a little sensitive, but you will get use to it. The game also give personalization options for control. You can pick to your liking. Basically, you can switch/adjust the controls to fit what's easier for you. This game takes concentration, skill, and patience! I'm so addicted to this game and I highly recommend it! So start downloading and let's save Minnie!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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7 months ago, hbj,bhmjgvukuh,vut
Great but problems
Mickey castle of illusion is a really fun and adventurous game but it’s really hard and frustrating! Never one in my life have I completed this game, and I only made it to the 2nd stage of the library. Right now I am really stuck on the green guppy boss and it’s not really fair how the game only gives you 3 lives. And no matter what I do to defeat the boss, it never works. And if I touch the boss, or graze the boss , it makes me lose a life. And it also glitches and makes me restart the stage! Please fix this and or please give me some tips on how to defeat the game🙏🏻
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6 years ago, Trainz Fan
Can’t tear myself away
This game is amazing. The graphics are great and the overall story and imagination put into the creation of this game is superb. However, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND PLAYING THIS GAME ON AN IPHONE OR IPAD, the controls are far too hard to use and you will just end up being frustrated and wasting $6. I ended up downloading it on my Mac later and it works a lot better on that. This is an extremely challenging game as I’ve read in other reviews as well so while it’s Disney I wouldn’t recommend this as a game for young children. But overall it’s a great game and I can’t wait to finish it!
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7 years ago, VenLikesThis
Music is missing, otherwise great game.
The major issue is that there is no update compatible with current iOS so we are stuck with a version of the game with no music whatsoever. It's very disappointing because, the game has a new soundtrack as well as the original 8-bit soundtracks to choose from, and they both sound beautiful and build the atmosphere of the game to that of an interactive Disney cartoon. Without the music, it's a litttle unsettling. The game itself is fantastic and the controls are done very well for touch screens. It's as good as it is on consoles. However, I honestly want a refund if the developers don't plan on updating it to include the sound. It's a true deal breaker.
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8 years ago, Dlmille
Love and hate this game
Update: I passed the evil jerk-in -the box! 5 stars great game and worth the money.... really! (1 month later still on level 2) Okay I've waited a long time to write this review. I'll start by saying the graphics & story are amazing but the actual game play or controls...well, here's my issue: I'm stuck on the jerk-in-the box level and cannot get past this fool for nothing! We are talking two weeks. I have the iPhone 6 Plus, so no issue with my device. I'm not blind, and I'm nimble in the finger department. What gives?? Don't you have a mercy pass option?
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4 years ago, meanest devil
The game is great but needs some work
When I got the game it was just fine but then it started to just be difficult to go this way and that way there is so many different ways that I can’t even go the right way a other thing is that the music I don’t like the music you know why because you have to make the music the way Mickey feels you’re doing something random but that is it the game is really good other than that when I took the time to right this it was the best night of my life thank you for the game peace out ✌️
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9 years ago, 1100myke
Great Game, Challenging Controller Movement
First game purchased on iPhone 6+. Beautiful graphics. Controller will be challenging when you first start playing but a in a few minutes you should be able to adapt to its movement. I like it a lot so far. Not really into blood and gore in games so this games suits me perfectly. If you like arcade games like Mario Bros, this game is on par with that genre of arcade games. Worth the purchase considering there are no additional in app purchases as part of playing the games. Highly recommended. I thinks it a better games for young adults and adults than children.
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3 months ago, nickYoure1234
Maybe maybe not
I love this game so much because this is my childhood game and gives me so much funny memories,But something weird happened once I got on,There was no music or sounds at all,And sometimes the controls aren’t working when I keep pressing them which really bothers me when I’m doing the parkour😕Though the part I like about it is all the details and how 3d it is.I also like how the ending is.I recommend that you get this game because I think you’ll have a lot of fun on it and I don’t know if it’s just my device or if it happens to lots of people,But you should get it!
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10 years ago, bodyrock70
I almost didn't buy this game due to some of the negative reviews on here, but I'm really glad I did, and, on sale, it's a no-brainer. It has some of the best visuals on iOS, and these alone are worth the purchase price. Yes, the controls are challenging and sometimes frustrating, but isn't that the point of a game like this? When you die, you keep trying until you get it right, and when you finally make it through a level, it's incredibly satisfying. Do yourself a favor and buy it now!!!
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7 months ago, super-nerdy
Great story- controls need work
I’ve played this game on and off for about a month now, and while I love the story and the graphics a lot, one of the controls needs SERIOUS work. There are so many times I try use the jump button that is on the right of the screen and it either does nothing at all, or it thinks I’m moving the joystick that’s on the opposite side. So instead of jumping to avoid an obstacle I end up crashing right into it, or falling and losing a life. Extremely frustrating, especially when you’re in a level that requires a lot of jumping
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1 year ago, Elani Milo
One of my favorite games!
One of my favorite games ever! Helped me get any stress of my shoulders whenever I was down. The plot and adventure just makes me smile. Also the design and interesting scenery on each level is amazing! Yes some levels were hard but in my opinion it helped me to get better at it. I even showed my friend and she had so much fun even when she failed a bunch of times. Couldn't ask for a better game, probably will play this every day now.
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11 years ago, tcotav
incredible port, controls are tough
the biggest thing to note is that there are two modes of jumping - little jump (tap right side of screen) and the big jump you'll need immediately (tap right side and hold). also, I recommend enabling the virtual stick right off. Otherwise it is a great game. stunning sound and graphics. Mickey looks sharp and has solid animations. The VoiceOver narration of the story adds to the story book atmosphere. And best of all, Mickey's voice is in-game (versus the usual text on screen of most games). *written assuming no experience of original game
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8 years ago, Brandon Waters
Audio update is needed
I've had this app ever since it was released back in 2013. The game is fantastic, and captures the feel of the original Genesis game flawlessly. However, the app is currently free on certain devices. And I me and many others have the game lacking music and a few sound effects that were originally in this app. Music only plays during the brief 5-10 second loading screens. I know the game hasn't been updated since it's release. But I really wanna hear the music composed by "Grante Kirkhope" again. 😔
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10 years ago, Bill Somethingorother
Good, but not amazing
First, this looks every bit as good on the iPad as it does on a medium-high gaming PC (yes, you can get it for Windows; my rig features a Radeon 7870). The only problem I have, however, is the controls on iPad; the stick moves around on its own, no matter what you do, and tap anywhere to jump gets annoying during fast action. Set up controls similar to the Sonic ports (but analog instead of digital) and we'll be golden. PS - why no iPad 2 support? iPad 2 and iPad Mini (non-retina) are basically the same hardware outside of the communication chipset.
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5 years ago, Retro Genesis Gamer
A great homage to the original!
This game brings back many memories from the Sega Genesis era. The gameplay is smooth and very simple on the controls (similar to the classic ports of Sonic the Hedgehog games). The graphics are amazing and it gives that classic gaming feel. While many have a hard time with the controls, that's not the case if you make the changes to your to liking in the options menu. I would give it 5 stars if the developers took some time to add support for MFi controllers like SteelSeries Nimbus. Other than that, I really love this game!
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2 years ago, Space adventure andy
Can there be a skip button
Hi Disney so basically I’m on the last boss battle, got all 7 rainbow gems, got all floor levels, but final one is Verrrrrrrry hard, so When I first started playing final boss I had 40 lives, but I kept playing for hours and today I’m left with 2! Plz add a skip button or at least easier levels and bosses cuz I hear thousands of complains in other people’s reviews. Plz add skip button or at least try to make it easier. But overall, the game is good
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11 years ago, xRsIVx
Brilliant remake of a classic
This was one of my first and favorite Sega Genesis games. This remake takes everything that was good and central to the original and enhances it, without losing any of its quality and charm. I am very impressed, and thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I would also like to add that I think the controls are excellent (contrary to some other reviewers' opinions), and the game looks gorgeous and runs perfectly on the iPad mini retina. Worth every penny; Thanks to Sega and Disney for breathing new life into an old classic.
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10 years ago, ayteaEN949
Beautiful & Frustrating
Graphics are beautiful and capture the magic of Disney. The platforming gameplay is fun, addictive & surprisingly difficult especially toward the later levels however you may find yourself cursing at the game when the touch screen controls fail to register a move or jump & you plunge to your death. It's a serious issue especially with a game that demands such quick reflexes & perfect timing. Overall it's an excellent game & worth the purchase just prepare to be frustrated.
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11 years ago, arotella1980
If you grew up playing an actual platform game on your Sega, Nintendo, Gameboy or even a DS and your looking for that experience on your iPad this is your game. $9.99 all included, no worries of in game purchases, you advance in levels and you move on, each level is different and challenging (no recycled levels or the playing for points like the majority of iOS games) Classic controls and stunning graphics and all with Mickey Mouse. Finally THANK YOU please keep these types of games coming!
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8 years ago, Twiggley
Love it like lettuce
I love this app sooo much! So,you know how you just keep on chewing lettuce and it never ends? Well, imagine the lettuce is the adventures,how long it is is how awesome the game is so yeah. By the way,as you can see,this app cost money. Don't buy it at this price cuz it sometimes goes on sale for $0.99 and it's just as good at that price than any other so yeah. I tried to make the lettuce part make sense and I bet you it didn't but it does to me! Now, I'm gonna actually play the game!PLZ GET IT! ITS SOOO AWESOME! Just like me!
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2 years ago, Katiekat5b
Amazing Remake! But controls hard and so are the levels glitchy too
This game is amazing but could use some work so I’m on the giant gear thing or what ever it then I faze right through it. Then I’m behind the platforms I’m stuck and try to find a way out then I fall hoping that It would respawn me but it took me to a pitch black room I couldn’t see anything then I had to restart act 2 please make castle easier and fix this glitch also the controls but anyways it’s a hard game and a lil glitchy but most of all it’s a great remake
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10 years ago, JudoAndy
Blast from the past that looks amazing
I had this game on the Sega Genesis when I was a kid. The app updated the graphics and audio, so it looks and sounds amazing and it's still true to its roots. This game is really fun, but I do have an issue with the controls. The movement feels very sluggish and unresponsive. There are many times that I've died because Mickey didn't move, even though I was moving my thumb to the left or right. That being said, this is a game worth buying.
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5 months ago, Thd shields
Games are hard
I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I never have gotten past the second “boss”. No matter how hard I try. When I downloaded this game I did see a lot of people talking about how some of the levels on the game were way to hard to complete. I love all of the attention to detail and the story (so far) but I’ve been trying everyday for a year now and I can’t even get past the second “boss” wouldn’t recommend this game for younger kids or people with anger issues
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4 years ago, valemjime
Great game!
This game has great animations. It looks clean and works very well! It’s true that there are some levels that take time to figure out, but I like the challenge because then it makes the game lasts longer. The resolution is great. I just wish Disney would add extra levels on the app or make more apps like this one because it is the only one Disney has made like this. Overall I really recommend for anyone looking for a good game to play.
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2 years ago, JPCali
Amazing reimagining!
I loved this game on my Genesis, and I’ve had it on my iPhone(s) since it’s re-release in 2013. I remain amazed at how well it’s been updated and how fresh and creative it feels, even after all these years. The challenge is real, but the controls are tight enough that it’s fun rather than frustrating. If you enjoy platformers with plenty of discovery, definitely check it out.
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1 year ago, laurenAnnika
I remember something
this game was perfect first time i got it i got angry sometimes but i got through i saw videos about a game called “Mickeys magical mirror starring mickey mouse” so i request to put in on the appstore this game is amazing i played it over the years it gives me alot of nistolgia I literally love it why would any one give a one star review everyone should like this game its amazing I recommend everyone to try it
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2 days ago, higgthjfvjhkr
Excellent Game!
I love this game, I wish I could give more details but I don’t know what to say. I loved this game, and I had to get rid of it because of low storage space but now I have more and it’s very nostalgic. I like the idea of costumes, and there is a bug where in the Toyland level inside the magic hat when you get the golden Mickey head it stays there, but I think you obtain it. Thanks so much for this great game Disney!
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9 years ago, Jaime Ruiz
Not what I was expecting
At first I thought this was a game for little kids so I download this game for my little cousin . When she started playing it she happy until she screamed and got sad . I was wondering why so I checked out the game and now I know why she's sad it was because she couldn't pass it . But then I was the one that got into the game. I realized not even a 3 or 4 year olds can pass this . But I was the one that past the whole game😏
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11 years ago, app'n'yellow
Standout Gaming Experience
This game comes with a relatively high price tag, but is worth every penny. Impressive graphics, compelling storytelling, epic boss battles and console-like gameplay. The unique 2D/3D camera is very cool too. It can be frustrating at times, but unlike many other platformers, this game is very forgiving of your missteps and provides a high reward factor for perseverance. Best of all, it's pay and play with no IAP model to diminish the experience. iOS needs more games like this one!
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