Cat Fishing 2

4.4 (11.1K)
386.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nestle Purina Petcare co
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cat Fishing 2

4.41 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Melia B
New version is Better now
UPDATE: Improved! It seems like you listened to the comments and improved it! Now my cat loves it! Thank you! Disregard the negative review! This new version is AWFUL. My cat won’t even look at it. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. I’ve had this app from the beginning. My cats used to love it. This new version looks like a kid’s game not a game for cats. This fish are too small and the scenery is cluttered. And you force users to agree to email (spam) in order to play. TERRIBLE WORK. The main thing that made it fun for cats ? They could tap the fish and make them disappear. The new version requires way too much pressure? Bring the previous version back.
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4 years ago, Chowtung200
Please bring the old version back. Please.
My cats grew up playing the old version from when they were kittens. The used to sit there and watch and play the game for hours on my phone. In fact, one of my three cats when she was a kitten learned to mimic the cat meows that used to play in between rounds. That’s how her normal meow sounds to this day. I call it the Friskies meow. They used to come running when they’d hear the bubble sounds of starting up the game. I downloadedthe new version and unfortunately they had very little interest in watching it and didn’t want to play. I think they miss the sounds from the old game. Sometimes too many enhancements take away from the look and feel of the game. While it looks great to me as a human, not so much to a cat. The only complaint I had about the old version was that it timed out and had to be restarted. I’m not asking to get rid of this version as it is pretty cool and some people like it. I’d just ask that you also make the old version available for those of us who have cats that don’t like having their cheese moved. I appreciate your consideration.
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6 years ago, jagkkt
Its good but beware!!
Its a wonderful app my new litter of kittens fell in love with it immediately. I have a big ipad so its big enough for multiple kittens to sit on the screen and tap or just watch the fishies very adorable! The problem i have is they have learned a bad habit. I can no longer play on my ipad myself without my kittens trying to tap at the objects on screen, which makes it hard to win the game lol. Not only have they become obsessed with sitting and tapping on my ipad my computer screen has become very amusing to them and the keep chasing the mouse around on screen... all five kittens are harassing me! So yeah...i dont think this was such a good download : / ... i still have it though so when the kittens are harassing me i give in and let them have it lol which is only reinforcing bad behavior :P they even fall asleep on my ipad while watching the fish so its just too adorable to not have this app!
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7 months ago, Luniktk
Stopped Working
I’ve been playing this app on my iPad for a while now for my cats, but within recent months the background sound had stopped working. Sound effects still played, but the rest of gameplay was silent regardless of sound selection. I opted to delete and reinstall the app, and since I cannot get it to “sign in.” First off, I have three email addresses which have apparently all been previously used for registration across my devices and previous install. It is ridiculous to not be able to re-use an account to be able to have full game play. Well, now even with trying other email addresses I barely use or even my husband’s own, I just keep getting “failed” messages when submitted so now I’m not able to have full play at all. I’ve cleared the cache and rebooted the iPad and still it doesn’t work. I have two new kittens that I wanted to introduce them to the app, and particularly with kittens I want the options to customize play. Based on other feedback, I’m not alone. This is way past due for an update.
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4 years ago, Mary Curran Hunter
My Cats live 4 my Attention
I have 2 cars that have Cerebellar Hypoplasia, their mom had a virus in her womb & it translated to CH. CH varies from mild to severe. Some people call it “ wobbly cat syndrome “ If u ever saw a person with Parkinson’s disease , They shake uncontrollably. CH is similar. My cats r moderate, my male has it a little worse than his sister. They walk with their legs spread apart to help balance them. Sometimes they can walk 3-4 feet without falling over, other times, especially when they first wake up they fall every few steps. The can’t do stairs as a rule but if they were carpeted they may b able to pull themselves up. Drinking & eating is a whole nother adventure. I do have carpeted stairs (2) next to my bed to help them up. They use them occasionally but very clumsy. As a rule the grab the top of the bed & pull themselves up. They have a couple of simple toys so I’m always looking for something new. My female ASHLEY really loves Friskies cat fishing game. It means so much to me to b able to give these 2 little babies who were born outside in my yard, a good quality of life. They go nuts when I come home, they crave my attention all day all night. Cat fishing has been a staple for my CH babies, Who god has blessed me with. Thankyou Friskies..... Mary, Ashley & Hemmy 💕
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2 years ago, 123Goldfish
Even my cat with dementia can play!
My Julius used to be an absolute pinecone killer when he was young. He’s about 18 and doesn’t really know where he is now but is still as sweet as ever. When he’s lying down I like to prop it up in front of him so he can look at the fish. He likes the bird sounds and sometimes catches fish when he makes biscuits on the screen. I don’t think he knows what it is or what I even put in front of him but he seems to enjoy it. For those who want to try it with their elderly kitties choose the realistic jumbo fish and put it on slow. Then go with the mossy border with the stone bed if you want to make it seem even more realistic for your little hunter. Thank you for making something soothing for my Julius!
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4 years ago, TheMamaC
I was looking for something to keep him occupied, because he is an Emotional Support Dog. While waiting in the doctors office… I came upon this app and I thought let’s give it a try even though it says it’s for cats I think it should be renamed for both dogs and cats! He absolutely loves it goes crazy and I wish I could show a video it keeps him busy for at least 10 minutes at a time!The great attention span for a 4 Month old puppy! The only thing that I have an issue with, is that I wish you could set the screen somehow because when his paws are going 90 miles an hour trying to catch the fish, He can swipe, it changes to another screen. If you have any suggestions on how I could fix this I greatly appreciate it!
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2 years ago, badgyalry
There’s currently a bug or something with current version of the app. It’s not allowing me to get past the sign up suggestion and therefore wont allow me to custom select the better settings that I know best suit my ipad kid..- I mean, my cat. been using this app for 2+ years now and I know exactly what works for them. Which sounds, critters, how many, the type of movement, the sizing, speed, colors, design.... ETC. Until very recently, the access in choices was unlimited. When i saw the updated version, and new shortage of options , and the word premiums, I certainly rolled my eyes but for my ipad kiddos I’m more than willing to pay a small subscription fee so we can get back to the way they like it. I go to ‘Unlock’ the options. Maybe this is every cat and the creators of the app know what they are (or tried) doing, but they need the certain modes. i attempt the process all the time in hopes that this has been fixed However STILL when i start to ‘SIGN UP’ aka unlock, all that i get it a reload &/or crash Also continuously rejecting the email I entered. And speaking of, i find that especially shady because im now recieving junk mail from you guys . I was going to wait it out but it’s well over a month now, maybe two. so sincerely from me & my cats, Phuckkk u
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2 years ago, clean and squeaky feet
I was very excited to see how my cat would react to this, because she always decides to sit on my phone when I’m playing anything I even signed up to be a Premium VIP member, because my cat deserves the best of the best. my cat had no interest in the game whatsoever. She didn’t even give a second thought I had to move her paw around for her.l but I will say that this app caught someone else’s attention. That person was me. I found this game very amusing, and I proceeded to play it for a solid 10 minutes. while, my cat just watched me. I found it very musing and I would like to see any of your cats beat my high score because I guarantee you they won’t.😼😼😼🤜🤜🤜🫵🫵🫵
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4 years ago, TakoyakiTai
Please rerelease the classic version
My rescue kitten loved the original version of this app so much. It helped him cope with his early experiences and also helped him to develop his motor skills. It was his favorite! The update has left him confused and stressed, he’ll paw at my iPad and then just walk away when I reopen the new app. The simplistic design was much better for him to see and I enjoyed the ripples and splashing sounds when he caught the fish. I can’t even play the app with sounds because more than once there has been an aggressive growling sound that startled him. It’s a good app, but I feel like the changes may have been a bit too drastic. Maybe rerelease the original version as a “classic” version so that cats that grew up with it can enjoy it, and cats that like the newer version can still enjoy it?
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7 years ago, Traumaqueen2010
Update needed
I have had this game for quite along time and both of my cats enjoy it for the most part except when the timer expires. My ornery cat will play as long as the game is active, but I have a more laid back and he gets bored and will quit playing once the timer stops. I had removed the game from my phone, but wanted to downloaded it onto my tablet and I chose not to because there hasn't been an update since June 2015!!!! Is there ever going to be a new update? As myself and other customers have voiced that this would be given a better review and rating if an update could be made to remove the timer. I'm sure the cats of the world would agree in all of our opinions and recommendations. I would gladly give 5 stars IF an update that was more recent would be made.
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4 years ago, Kdkeely
Miss the old version, update
My cat has a hard time at looking at screen based games. He has a hard time seeing the distance of the fish on the screen but with the old version he could still distinguish the fish moving and loved playing on a large screen. The new update is fuzzy not matter what you change the settings to and the fish seem smaller even on the large setting. I cannot get him the play with the new version at all and eventually gave up trying to change the settings. There are not many cat iOS games and this new update took this one away as an option. I understand my cat is a special situation and I’m sure there are many cats who will love it but I don’t think cats need all the bells and whistles offered in this update. Simple is best when your cat would rather play with a empty box anyways...
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2 years ago, reziewXXXXjjsinoo
Omg- Bruh My Cat LOVESSSSS THISSS GAMEEE, I Have a Small Black Kitten Dude she’s obsessed with it I feel like I have a child you know how kids are addicted to screen time? Well she’s like a kid- she bites me when I’m on my iPad watching something and I put this game on she stops all her focus on that game she may love it a little to much 😂😅 But Lemme Tell you That the game is great! I liked the old model too but this is cool too I guess 🧐 sometimes my cat like Falls asleep on my iPad 🤣😂🥲She Sometimes Just sits there and watches the fish 🎣 like it’s a show or something? But The Game is Great For Here AMAZING! Tysm For making this my cat 🐈‍⬛ always bit me cause she’s bored 😐 but now she doesn’t have to ☺️🙂😌🥲
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8 years ago, Pegacorn2674
It's ok... But timed? Really?
I believe someone before me said the cat doesn't care what score it gets. Why time it? It confuses my cat when the fish suddenly just pop off the screen! Just leave it at one or two fish. The three gets squashed in my opinion. If you are buying this purely for your cat's entertainment, why would you possibly keep score? To compare it with the score of your friend's cat???!!! Who would do that? I suppose I just don't understand why it is timed. When the fish pop out of existence after 30 seconds, my kitten loses interest. She thinks that they disappeared and seems almost sad, like the game stopped. It's quite frankly, confusing. Just make a version where one or two fish could just swim around for as long as your cat wants it to.
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2 years ago, liyah165
Cat fishing
I took again my cats like it it’s just when you said I would like your email for you to be subscribed if there was like an extra people that didn’t want to subscribe and just like test it out first it’s not really a problem for me it’s just other people might say this if you just put X there so people can like go test out the game before they actually subscribed to it more people like that didn’t want their email and it was subscribe but for me that doesn’t bother me I just love the game so I give you a five star of nowhere thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, Dally1
Unable to permanently change settings
My cat loves this game, while I’ve been working from home she wants all my attention so I set up my phone and let her play away. However, with the most recent update, you pick your settings when setting up the account and if you don’t like them once you select them you’re stuck with it every time you open the app. This has been very annoying as my cat is blind in one eye and the colors I picked originally she can’t see very well. So every time I open the game for her I have to change them to something she can see. Please add to login page where you can change your original settings of the game. My cat and I would appreciate it!!
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6 years ago, Erin Gene
My 5 kitties love it!
I'm socializing a litter of 5 kittens and trying to expose them to as many experiences as possible. I tried a handful of games-for-cats apps and this is by far their favorite. It's simple- just tap/paw a fish, then it wiggles and sinks from view. The bubbly sounds were the first thing to draw them in, and if there's no action for a while a cute little "meow" sounds and always captures their attention. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is for the game's duration- after 3 brief levels it reverts to the menu screen and needs human attention. That isn't all bad though, since I have fun playing it with them, too! :)
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8 years ago, Prissy Wissy
Prissy the Cat frustrated!
I so agree with some of the other posters. I could not believe that all of a sudden the game shut down while my cat is looking at the fish and enjoying it...what a waste of my time can when I have to continue to push the restart button and what a waste of my cats time any emotions to let them get so frustrated with the game but doesn't continuously play. This game has a lot of promise but definitely needs some changes made for the little precious kittens. I truly hope y'all will work to redesign it so that it is pet friendly and not human friendly. I could not believe that coming from a famous company that this cannot get a level five score from me and others. I will leave it on my iPad and hope for the best.
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5 years ago, 🍓stwaberry
My cat loves it but...
I recently downloaded this app because my kitten would always try to catch the things moving on my iPad. I thought I'd try this because she can't go outside yet and gets bored in the house. It's adorable when she plays! Afterwards she's playful and happy. I am a little disappointed because it only lasts for thirty seconds. I think you should make a level that just goes on forever. She just likes watching and playing with one or two fishes at a time. This did cause a bad habit for my cat though. Now she is always trying to scratch or eat my iPad. Overall, this is a good game and my cat enjoys.
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4 years ago, Wirth111910
Pretty good just one thing
Okay, so I have had this app for awhile and my cats had loved it soooo much, but why did you make it so that you had to sign in? And why did you change it to be more realistic? My cats loved it just the way it was! Like once you updated it I tried it with my cats and they both just walked away from the screen, but when it was all cartoony my cats loved it so so SO MUCH! But now they like hate it. So would you please change it back to the way it was and maybe you’ll get five stars from me. Thanks for reading this!🙂
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4 years ago, YoullThankMeLater
Wish it didn't stop...
There are three 30 second levels then the game ends & you have to tap "play again" to start over. I'd give it 5 stars is the game ran indefinitely. I have a rambunctious, hyperactive kitty that will leave my fingers alone in favor of a cyber fish but I can't stop what I'm doing to restart the game every 90 seconds. We do like the simple graphics & how the fish respond to touch - they squirm & wiggle under his paw. & we like the sound effects. As soon as my cat hears those bubbles he stands at attention & knows what fun is coming. Come on Friskies, cats don't care about their score & if there has to be a time restriction it should be no less than 20 minutes.
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10 months ago, hotdawg gurl
My cat loves this
By the title you can see that my cat is already satisfied I have two cats one likes it the other one not so much when I try to change the fish my cat is like no! And tries to go out of it. It is so adorable and funny! I got this game like 2 days ago, they weren’t in to it at first but then my one cat loved it! Even when they are like kinda tired I lay it in front of they and they play. This game is awesome! When I try to go out my cat tries to go back in it. Like I said this game is amazing thank you creators
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3 years ago, izzydlp223
An absolute joke
I downloaded this app with the intention to use it with my new 1 month old kitten. I had used this app in the past with no issues, but this time, they wanted me to sign up/in, which I had to do multiple times because my email kept coming up as “invalid”. Once I was able to sign in, I had to then make a “profile” FOR MY KITTEN. Why can’t I just use the application without having to do the rest of this nonsense? I did try to make the profile, but once it got to the picture part (which is weird and so I tried to skip that), of course it just didn’t work. At that point I said forget it and got rid of the app. Please fix these issues, I was super exited to use this app again and I’m just really disappointed.
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8 months ago, RhondaHatch
Cat fishing game for kittens and cats
I love this and think it’s so clever. It helps her coordination, even though she’s very coordinated and jumps all over the place. I love kittens, but I certainly can’t wait until she gets grown-up. She’s almost 4 months old and I’m going to go get her fixed so she calms down a little bit. Have fun with your kittens and your cats. Enjoy them while you can, they make great pets. And remember you don’t known them they own you. Thank you Friskies for the games that you give for nothing.
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9 years ago, It is da kitty Kat!!
Super kewl
This game is like I said KEWL. My kittens, about 2 months old, love it and are actually trying to swipe at my tablet while I'm writing this review. Although this is an amazing app, I agree with some other viewers when they say there should be something more to hold their attention. My smaller kitten although more attracted to this game, leaves after about 3-4 minutes. It really depends on your cat. A younger more energetic cat might enjoy it more, as older slower cats can't keep up. Over all, I think this is a pretty KEWL app, but it could use some improvements.😬😬
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4 years ago, yy_love
It’s Amazing!
This app is amazing! My cat loves it she won’t stop playing with it. It is so funny how she taps the screen to get the fish. I have had this app like around 6ish months already and every time she plays it she has fun, Even though she gets bored with it in like 6 mins and she looses it. If it had something add it to it like maybe at some point the fishes swim faster and more fishes appear or there can be a big fish that comes in at some points and it needs like around 3-4 taps for it to be “catched”. Over all my cat loves it, and I love seeing her tap the screen!
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4 years ago, Hoppiesll
The update is not user friendly
My cats adored the previous version. This version scares them. I have tried to change the settings to make the visual more similar to the previous version but the visuals don't change even if I change them. It seems to be on some kind of automatic cycle, including changing from fish to glowing shrimp which gave me the creeps. I also did not like that it made me register but I did thinking well, if my cats can play it that will be ok. It now they run from it so it's not ok. Please offer an option to restore "original mode" so those of us whose cats loved the old version can go back to that. In the meantime I am going to unsubscribe as soon as I get marketing emails.
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2 weeks ago, Puddle1212
Cat currently going crazy for it
My little 10 month old baby kept trying to join my drawing whenever I’d draw on my iPad so I decided to get him a little game to play sometimes, searched “cat game” on iTunes Store and this was the first one that came up for me! Love that it’s by Purina, I use them for my kitty’s food. He’s currently destroying those fish next to me and having a blast 10/10 I also have it on my phone now so hopefully that’ll keep him from my iPad when I’m drawing again
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2 years ago, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋❤️😛🤒🧐👻👻✅
not good… not ok… very bad
i’ll give five stars so u see my review my cat is very young and love to PLAY and she didn’t even look at the screen and she doesn’t care to tap on it this is a bad game and then she tried to and they didn’t go anywhere the fish kept moving after she hit it and she shouldn’t have to slam her paw on it and i have no screen protector or anything so this is just a bad game and i didn’t look at reviews because this is a real cat brand so i thought it would be good and it’s NOT
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2 years ago, Dorky worshipper
It’s a good game but my cat won’t play
I got a new cat just a couple of weeks ago, and I saw a video showing this app so I decided to get it for my cat. I put my phone down but she just ignored it, I don’t know why, but in the video I saw, the cat was playing on an iPad, and iPads have big screens, unlike phones, and since I don’t have an iPad or tablet for my cat to play on, I downloaded it on my phone, I think the reason is that my phone screen is too small, or she’s just confused
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4 years ago, swededish fish master
Amazing, but something to add
I like the idea of making a profile for your cat and choosing everything to make your cat’s experience the best. One thing, I think you should be able to make multiple cats. I have 2 cats and I play with a lot of other cats (my mom works at a veterinary) so I think it would be best if I could have a lot of cat profiles for all the cats a meet! Just for extra fun. I love everything else about it and I think the update adds a lot to it. I’m absolutely in love with it but please consider this!
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3 years ago, NinjaFan531
Not the best for several reasons
This app did have some potential for engaging our cats, but fell short for a few reasons 1: You need an account in order to use it. On the page, it says that an account will just give some bonuses, like infinite playtime. However, when I started it, I was unable to continue without making an account. Fortunately it was free, but still 2: My cats were not interested. This may be because I did this on an iPhone instead of an iPad, but one of my cats didn’t care and the other one (who is very skittish) went away from the phone at one point. I think that due to the small size of the fish (even on jumbo settings), the fish were too small for my cats to class as ‘food’ and so would want to go after them I think that if you’re OK with setting up a Friskies account and are doing this on a bigger tablet, your cats will enjoy it (the controls are responsive to cat paws), but otherwise it’s just a waste of time
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5 months ago, Fancy truck
What’s wrong?
When I click on the app it gets stuck on the bubble loading screen, I have updated it to the latest version and it still won’t load all the way. My cat loved to play this game and now I can’t even get it to load for her to play. I have refreshed and it still won’t load. So it a one star for now. Would love to update my review to a five star if problem gets fixed.
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4 years ago, HRRunner
The new version needs some tweaks.
I have a couple cats who loved the old version of the game. The part they loved the most was when the fish wriggled when the cat placed their paw on it. It was stimulating sight and sound. In the new version the fish doesn't visually wriggle when the cat puts their paw on the fish. You still hear the water splash, but the fish aren't wriggling. The cats lose their interest quickly. I hope Friskies will update the new version.
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9 months ago, luv🌻💜
Lovely app but… 🐈🐟
It’s a very lovely app if you have playful cats, my cats hated it. If you have kittens that are playful and like to attack things this will be great for them, but if you have a teenager cat that doesn’t care about anything and a 7 year old cat that is not playful at all then don’t get this app. The reason I’m giving this a 5 star is because there is nothing wrong with this app, the problem is my cats 😂. But this app is great if you have playful cats! 🤍🤍🤍
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3 years ago, Meowzers617
My kitten loved it!
I have a jumpy kitten who gets scared easily. I was having a very hard time bonding with her since she would hide whenever she saw me. From time to time I would see her messing around with my iPad so I decided to download a game for her. When she first saw it she was unsure but after a bit she really liked it! I do not regret getting this app! She’s been hanging out with me more often and let’s me mess with her now 😊
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5 months ago, YourBioMom
Great for the cats but there’s a big problem
Every now and then the app will just refuse to load. It will just stay on the bubbling screen and you have to reinstall the app again. The only problem is that it deletes your cats profiles I happened to have a profile of my dead cat and a photo of it when she was a kitten, so I had lost that having to reset the app and I just think that that’s not right to get rid of the profiles when you uninstall the app it can cause some trauma and hurt for people, so just be warned.
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2 years ago, al al 😎😝
Great game!
This game really increases my cats hunting ability! But please know that when cats play this game they will use their claws and maybe crack the screen, but besides that he is learning to be a great hunter and I’m proud to see my cat grow! He purrs so much when he play this game! Every time when I say “Wanna play the fish game?” he shakes the tip of his tail really fast (that means he is REALLY excited)! I think with this game kittens and cats will grow stronger! Thank you for reading!
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8 years ago, JenDarrell
Cat wants to eat my phone
My cat comes running when he hears the bubbles. First he taps, then he swats at my phone, then he starts biting and licking my phone trying to eat the fishes. Now even when I have music on my phone he wants to come play and swat at my phone. He can't get past the first level without biting my phone which leads to me turning it off and saying NO. It would be nice to have a continuous mode. He is a simple cat and loves just the 1 fish at a time. Level 3 with 3 fishes is usually overwhelming and he just watches.
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4 years ago, 🐊🦈🦟
Not good
This game is just not good my cat Danny doesn’t like the game at all I showed it to him he wouldn’t play it I picked up his paw and he started growling and I try to make him play it so even if you watch get the plate they don’t like this game this game is just not good my cat Danny doesn’t like the game at all I showed it to him he wouldn’t play it I picked up his paw and he started growling and I try to make him play it so even if you want to get the plate they don’t like this game this game is just completely horrible the cats don’t even do anything I mean my cat I don’t have cats but I do have one cat my cat doesn’t do anything he just sits there and doesn’t even stare at the screen overall this game is very bad
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5 years ago, ItsYoGirlNaomi
Thank goodness
My cat’s name is Butternut, he usually tears up my hand every day but I hid with his treats under the cover and put the game on over the sheets and he got curious every time he got the fish, I threw him a treat. Next thing you know he got addicted. I thought because it was virtual it would disrupt his hunting instinct for real life toys but supplementing it with real treats helped him not attack me on a daily 😂😂😂 it definitely gave his rough play style an outlet. My scratchs are healing and I got more toys for him
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7 years ago, vanholmc
Make a version that doesn't stop
The voice of the customer is clear. Our cats love this game and they could play for hours, but this game must have been developed FOR humans, because the game should not keep score nor stop. It should run for ever. I'm willing to pay for such an app, please make it this app. I'll even buy more purina food. Call it cross selling if you make it a marketing tool. Bring up the app at first with what's new on the purina product line, give us coupons, then make the fish swim endlessly for our pets. Looking forward to this new version.
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2 years ago, Victor Silvestri
Can you please remove the settings button?
Or at least move it? Or make it “hold” to activate like the exit button? How out of touch from your own product do you have to be to make a button that completely takes you out of the game right on the play screen? I use this app with my birds (they absolutely love it) but they’re constantly hitting the “settings” button right there on the play screen. The game comes to a complete halt until I have to exit it. Very poor design. We don’t care what score our pets got. We just want a completely uninterruptible screen for our fur and feathered friends.
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11 months ago, Kittenlady06
Used to be great
My cats used to love this and was especially great to put on when my cat was wanting me to be up but I was not. Not sure if it’s my newer phone or what happened but the app no longer works. The App Store says it’s compatible with my phone but it won’t go beyond the opening loading screen. I’ve tried to delete and redownload it. This is the only way I could figure out how to report an issue because the report a problem in the App Store just takes you to the website which will just kick you back to the App Store.
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4 months ago, Q U E E N B E E
Omg this is incredible!!!
“I love this game”opps sorry that was my cats but seriously they love this game it’s soo fun and funny 😆 when my cat saw it she was like “ummm” then I picked her paw 🐾 up and placed it on the screen and she loved it!!! My other cat was like “nah dude” I tried so hard but he wouldn’t budge but at least got one 🐟!!! I think your cats would really like this app too if you have a cat definitely get this “sooooo fun” oops cat again 😓🙃😫
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2 years ago, Shfrr7
My cat just didn’t give a **** at ALL!!!
I mean it’s cute colored fish swimming on the screen. My cat didn’t care at all. She looked at me like I stole or something. I even tried assisting her by holding her paw…still didn’t care. She did nothing. This cat is a work of art man. Let me tell you something. Not even a hint of pleasure from her. Just a stoic stare. She seen things. Bad things. And this wasn’t one of them.
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4 years ago, Mrjombi
So disappointed with 2.6
I used to love this app because my cat loved it. So I updated to version 2.6 because it appeared to have some new fish. My happiness crashed when I open the update and it required you to register your cat (?) before you could start the game. So I went through the steps until the last. That forced you to give the developers your email address so they could send you spam. Wonderful. I was so mad because you couldn’t opt out, let us send you emails or you can’t play. I was mad because my cat had enjoyed this and now I had to delete it. My advice is do NOT update if you have anything before 2.6, it’s dead end now.
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3 years ago, scottybirdcaller
Bug fix
Great app and my cat loves it….however he is too smart and can pull down the notifications window or open the screen adjustment corner swipe or swipe from the bottom or side to access other apps and settings. Make it where when playing the game they can’t get off of the game without pressing the home button. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Mike Verzella
The old version was better
I would be happy to pay for having the original version back. Previously, the game was simple and enjoyable for hours. The cats couldn’t help themselves and went wild on it. To use this version however, you must first create an account, provide your contact information, build a profile for your cat, upload a picture... They changed the look of the fish, and there too many options. My cats lose interest after a few minutes. Fiskers botched a good thing, and can now abuse your notifications and send you marketing.
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7 months ago, PatheticGirl83
Sign Up Broken, Yet receive Spam
I had to reinstall this game on my phone, and the "sign up" for full features doesn't create a saved account, and wouldn't let me use my previous email. Any new email address I've tried is met by a rejection/error, HOWEVER since attempting this, within a day I started receiving potentially malicious third party spam emails to two of the addresses I had tried, accounts that I only use for personal business and have never used for any other websites. I guess basic data collection of pet demographics for the brand isn't enough to float this app for free.
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