Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

4.9 (158.4K)
234.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
MinoMonsters, Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
11 or later
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User Reviews for Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

4.89 out of 5
158.4K Ratings
2 years ago, RedOrangeSwan
Great game, needs some small improvements
So first I would like to mention that this game is cute and fun to play even though it could use some improvement. So the first issue is that after you get to higher levels and higher cat rooms the baskets start taking up to 15 minutes and it’s annoying to have to sit there and maybe even have to go to a different app just to wait out the time. Besides that, it’s hard to stay attached to the game for a while. There’s not a ton of updates besides the outfit events and after a couple minutes of being bored and waiting out time I usually just leave the game and go to a different app. A couple ideas I have for more fun events and updates are that maybe you could add more things to the events like maybe space out the updates more and leave more time for more complex updates and more options for higher level players. Maybe there can be more player competitions besides the room contests and more fun events specifically for clubs. I also think you should let club owners make some events themselves. Maybe there should be art competitions for artists and designers so they can give you ideas for cat designs or art competitions where the winners can get awards like diamonds, gold or extra special keys, maybe you can even add the cats to the games and let them make their own themes. Overall this game is pretty fun and cute and just needs a few improvements to keep players more attached.
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2 years ago, annaandme23
Steps of cat game they have a little bit of adds, but they are very annoying. 2.level 5 or 6 ( or up ) has long basket minutes: please remove this bug. 3. Never give you anymore legendary cats on level 5 or 6: they always will give you 2 chances 1 is supply duh! It’s easy to get supply on chance 1 it’s easy to get supply yeah yeah, whatever. On chance 2 you don’t get a extra spin like I said 2 chances only on 1 u get extra spin ok ok! 4. I wish I had a club but I’m only level 6 ( u get club when u level 10. Wat? I read the supports. ) U need to have 4 more for level 6 to level ten. 5.always get long time for basket ready: on level 5,6,7 or up u get very long timer ( depends on ur level) that can be very long. You have to play something else too. Or you have to just sit there and waste ur time anyway. Also, when you delivering, u cannot feed ur cat. And also, ( last thing in this part cuz it’s long, ) u developers need to put every food, every supply, every shiny supply, and more as u go in ( or level up ) levels, u should have everything, like everything. Because, like the basket timer, this also can make kids rage quit, cry, delete, and give u 0, 1, 2, 3 stars. 6. Great!: this game is great why I give u 5 cuz’ I love it!
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5 years ago, Hank Humberfloob
I kept seeing ads for this game on another game I was playing and I finally just said OK FINE and downloaded it. I have been HOOKED since. This game is so fun and addicting!! The animations for each cat are absolutely perfect, every floor is designed perfectly for the theme of it, and it all comes together so well. Sooo many people complain about the smallest stuff for this game. You don’t HAVE to be vip or spend actual money to get good results, you just have to be patient. You don’t have to spend that 99 cents a day to get the special key, you get special keys as rewards for tons of stuff in the game. Everything shouldn’t be instant gratification, sometimes you need to play the game and have some patience!!! I also saw where someone said it’s hard to get in to clubs, and it’s definitely not. I just went through, found a club name that peaked my interest and asked to join. I’m sure there are some who are very restrictive but they are a low percentage. The special events are a blast, and the more in sync your club is the quicker the rewards come. Everything about this game is a blast. Every now and then it will just close out on its own but when I open it back up, I don’t lose any progress and if I’m in the middle of a game it will bring it right back up. Minor bugs that I literally do not care about. All in all, this game is amazing, visually appealing and is actually extremely entertaining!!
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Five star-
To start off, this game is my favorite😊! But they have some stuff I don’t really like… so here we go! The thing I hate the most are the events. I love the events yes, but I hate the poppy cat events, I have a good reason! So the poppy cat events you have to craft stuff. And if you don’t have a club it’s just really hard. Also, they have great themes when it comes to the poppy cat events! It’s just really hard to get the Cats and the furniture. Another thing I don’t like is where the placement of the club button is. When I first got the game I loved it so much and I still do it’s just that when I want to go to see what is going on with my club I try to click on it and it’s so thin and at the bottom so I sometimes go to the Home Screen on my phone and it is just really annoying! Another thing I don’t like is they barley have any mini games! But that’s not a big thing so I’m not going to get into it. Ok now things that I like. I love how everyone is so accepting and the people who run the game monitor everything! Also I love all the designs of the cats and how they are so cute! My personal favorite is Kev from the cheerleading event! Also, I love that you can easily get cats fast if you really go online all the time! I do have some suggestions though! First, you should do an event where you can make your own cats! Or you can make your own floor! Also,make a dog game like the Cat game I think it would be adorable! Again those are just suggestions!
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4 years ago, dogilishos
Used to love, but now I don’t :(
I used to LOVE this app; it was my life! But for some reason, I just haven’t been able to get back into that love for this game. Maybe it’s because there is no new content, only events (but those happen all of the time, and are one of two different types). I would recommend a new update that comes with more things to do. Maybe you could go fishing to earn more money, and instead of buying food, you cooked the fish? Idk, but I would love to see an update to this game where there is something new content wise. Also, I feel like later in the game, the time you have to wait to open a basket is wayyy too much. Why should I have to wait 8 HOURS to open a basket that only has a 7 percent chance to give me a cat? I know the devs want you to buy the gems to speed up the process, but as someone who can’t really afford to pay for them, it’s just super annoying. Maybe have the max be like 3 hours, which is still a lot, but it also gives people who can’t buy the gems have a reason to play for more than once a day. This game is super fun though and if your looking for something to keep you occupied not for long periods of time, but over many days, this is the game for you! Also the cats are really cute!! I would recommend, but also if the devs are reading this, plz add an update to the game to make it more interesting, maybe like I said just a thing where you could fish with a little mini game (a very small one) to play as you catch the fish.
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7 months ago, Atomic444
Used to be better
My biggest complaint is that VIP rewards no longer stack. I played before a long time ago and it used to be that I could get online and collect my daily rewards whenever, and they would stack for each day whether you logged in that day or not. Now, you can only collect for the day you log in. If I’m paying you for that service, you should give it to me regardless of whether I log in that day or not. You collect my money whether I log in or not. The game becomes very pay to win the higher level you get, and it becomes impossible to progress without spending money. Even with VIP, you have to be online and playing for hours each day if you want to get anywhere in the game. If anyone in charge actually reads this, the game could be a lot better with a new mini game at the very least, and please make VIP rewards stackable again. Also, every year the halloween sets are lacking. There’s very little horror themed decor / cats, even when there are contests that call for it. In comparison to the Christmas sets this year for example, it really feels like you went all out in designing the Christmas sets and just threw out some filler garbage for the entirety of the Halloween ones, and it’s like that every year. It would also be cool to see some heavily inspired Yule themes rather than the stereotypical “Santa” stuff you generally see with the modern Christmas holiday that dominates everything these days. Give us a dark Yule theme, I promise it’s trending right now.
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3 years ago, Fl@rmp
I’ve had this game for a few weeks and I can’t stop playing it. A lot of people are upset that the club button is tiny and hard to click on, but I don’t mind that as I’m not old enough to use clubs. I definitely recommend. One bad thing (though this May just be a me problem) is that i Can switch emotions so quickly playing this game. I’m super happy cause the game is super fun, then I open s basket and it spins and it lands SO CLOSE to a cat but barely misses and sobering I actually grunt and glare at my phone. Also, another problem is sometimes in an event I spin the wheel to see if i get a cat and three times in a row I got the SAME CAT. I got a DUPLICATE. Which is awful cause I’m so excited that it landed on a cat then I’m bummed out that I got the same one again. I think that in events once you land on something, whether it’s a cat or furniture, that box is removed and you can’t get it again cause there’s nothing worse than getting duplicates. Also more mini games would be nice. We currently only have three and I think s drew more would be fun to mix it up a bit. One last thing, some reviews say once your a higher level you have to wait 8 hours for a small chance of getting a cat. I agree with them that at most you have to wait 2 or 3 hours. Also, please make there blank% current of getting a cat have to be at least like, 10 or 20%. That would be really nice. Such a fun game, I do recommend overall.
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4 years ago, tokki365
my hobby lol
this game is really satisfying to play and isn’t greedy with coins where you’re forced to purchase them. your cats regularly find coins based on how much decor you have in each room and it adds up fast even though it’s only about 210 coins per finished room. if you have 10 rooms it’s 2,000 coins 2-3 times a day. the crafting is hard at first, but getting used to it is the key. it’s not too much until the harder things to craft. my only complaint is that some of them take way too long to craft, like ten hours. the materials are fairly easy to come by. there are plenty of ways to get materials and things you need and that’s what I like the most about it. this game really doesn’t skimp on making sure you have what you need in order to play. it’s really fun to collect all the cats you want and continually get more and more decor for the room contests. I play this so much lol the only thing is that they changed how you could see what club members submitted for room contests and the decor and cats they received when you clicked on their little notification, but I can’t do that anymore. other than that I think they’ve recovered from the glitches really well and the staff listened to every concern I had, and I can see that they listen to other people’s concerns, like taking off the 99¢ fee to get the chance for more premium keys after completing the room contests and watching the ad.
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3 years ago, Ammyrhino
hard to stay interested
i like this game a lot. it’s my comfort game. but it seems the developers care less about the quality of the game and more about money. they ask you to spend money every chance they get. i understand the money is necessary to keep the game running, but i’m already a VIP and i still get pop up ads for in-game items CONSTANTLY. not only this, but it affects actual game play as well. this game gets extremely boring after about level 12. it takes so long to craft an item or deliver a cat and the likelihood of you getting a cat is so incredibly low that it just makes you not want to play anymore. i know they do this because they want people to spend gems, but people who have gems to spend are going to spend them anyways. it just takes the fun out of the game for people who can’t afford to be spending gems and real money in the game. i already quit playing this game once about a year ago because after a certain point it takes so long to do absolutely anything. and with hardly any minigames to play it gets boring really fast. part of running a good game is keeping it interesting, and right now the only thing about it that can be considered interesting is the basket events. pretty sad considering the game is really fun for the first 10ish levels. if the developers cared about making the game better they would lower delivery and crafting time. it’s just ridiculous having to wait hours upon hours for a pathetic 10% chance of cat.
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3 years ago, tabbytail1
Very good game
I like the purpose of the game and that the game can be used for all genders. The chat rules are very fair and it is reasonable that it only used some emojis (but they might have meant for you to use none). I really like the rewards you can get and this game keeps you playing but if you don’t like games that take a 1-5 years (depending on how much you play) and new cats every week or two than this is probably not a good game for you. I have one thing that might be very useful for this game and that is friends/friend list. I had a friend a very long time ago that is either not active, banned, or deleted the game. I think it should tell you if there banned how much days they where Last on and the regular profile (when you click on a players cat. That is all I have for this game, I am tabbytail1 on this game. I will send a support email telling them this would be a good concept soon.I also have one thing a lot of people have one star reviews about chat only because they are underaged but it is just to protect little kids this is a 4+ game and there are also people complaining about the basket time it is well very long but this is not a all day game and there is also chat for waiting for baskets. If you deciding to get this game you should. Edit: I have stopped playing this game for like a year or more so there might be an update idk.
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3 years ago, Bill272682
Really fun :)
Okay, so, I love this game. The art style, the collecting cats, the events.. it’s great! You update it so often and come up with floors and events left and right. And the new weather cats coming up? They look SO CUTE. Like omg. But I do note that while I understand this is probably hard to do but maybe add more unique animations? Like daffodil and starfield are about the same. And I can’t figure out how to get to the global chat unless you took that out. And the flash sales are a bit of a disappointment - my dad used 15 dollars and I only got 1 decor, 1 cat, 1 wallpaper, and maybe some gems or coins or something. I like the decor and cat but please add more for fifteen bucks! 2 cats and 2 decor would be better but maybe 3. I love the other breakfast cats and I am stuck with the one I do not like as much and I just wish I could get more cats for the money we paid! But it’s not a pay to win game and I like that. But if you do pay just I don’t know if flash sales are worth your money. But other than that I love this game and play it pretty often, the picnic event was beautiful as well. PLEASE ADD TRADING CATS THOUGH! Like I could trade coffee for apple or different event cats. I’d play it a lot more! Really really adorable art style and pretty designs though and the animations are cute and funny despite being sometimes reused. The game is also pretty fun. I recommend it :).
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4 years ago, chemicalcorpsebride
New Update Is Unfortunate :(
I love cat game (id say more teetering on addiction but who’s asking) and I have been playing for awhile. All the cats are so cute and it’s a great way to keep myself occupied. HOWEVER, i was informed by my fiancé that there was an update and I usually have to search the game to update. So after searching and updating, I restarted my app.. I came back and the club button was gone !!!! But no no it’s not. It’s now a teeny tiny button in the bottom left corner right under the now very large SHOP (in-app purchases) button right where the club button used to be. But the crazy thing is, with this update everyone seems to have something different (others just have an updated bank icon). The thing that is annoying to me is that there is a permanent notification badge on the shop (not just for me but many others I talked to in VIP chat) AND it’s kinda funny how I seem to accidentally keep clicking the SHOP button whenever I try to go to the Club because it’s RIGHT under it. I do however love some of the other changes that have been made. I understand that not every update is going to be flawless.. but messing with the most used area of the game, especially the club button.. that’s not something you should changed in my opinion. A lot of people are upset about this. Clubs are probably the most important part in CG. But even with this unfortunate change, I still love cat game and will continue to play and pay for VIP. 😬 imma sucker for cute cats
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1 year ago, 0xDxrlinqxjujux0
Amazing Game !! just a few issues .
hello , when i first downloaded cat game , it was amazing !! Rarely any lagging or bugs . but after awhile , my game started showing a LOT of lag and i cant do anything about it . i tried checking my app store for updates , but the button always shows “Open” and no “Update” button . this makes me quite upset because my game always freezes and i try to restart the app but it still is always laggy . its quite frustrating because i love this game and now i rarely even play it because its wayy too laggy . otherwise this game is amazing . its so fun to play , also , i wish there was a private chat option that people could use to chat with one or more of their friends , because i feel like chatting with your friends in an active chat is kind of awkward , even if the chat is not very active people could still be using that chat . and i wish there was an option where you could take your cats on mini walks and stuff like that , or maybe even buy your cats little companions like bugs or small animals like that , it probably dosnt make sense but i think it would be very cute .also i used to log on almost everyday but now i rarely ever log on . please fix this , sorry my review is short , im quite tired to type a long review , thank you for reading this !!
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4 years ago, JJJUUUAAANN FFF
Can be fun but THE GREED
So let’s start of with bad because let’s face it I’m real salty right now. They moved the club button which is basically essentially for higher levers to a tiny icon on the bottom left of the screen. My fat fingers miss it all the time. What does it hit instead? The Shop button. Which I almost never click on purpose. Don’t get me wrong I’ve spent money on this game before. I’m a vip so they get at least $10 from me monthly. I will also sometimes buy their “one time deal” pop ups which btw are not one time. But I never go out of my way to go the shop. So it’s really just annoying. I’ve spoke to multiple players that say this is just and annoying hassle. Yet the developer who “takes everyone into consideration” won’t change it back. There are constant pop ups for things that you should buy and that’s annoying on its own too, but fine that’s been going on for a long time. If you really care about your community developers then you need to put the club button back where it was. For good I’m going to keep it short and sweet. It’s adorable. And it’s nice game to play when you’re bored. You’ll move up really fast at the beginning but higher levels stay stagnant for a while. On the other hand higher levels have clubs. This means you can meet people and make friends. You also have club events where you can work together to reach goals. The puns are pretty cute too. Advancing at higher lever is super slow unless you purchase things with real money js.
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5 years ago, -Cat Lover! <3
It’s AMAZING! But one thing....
I love this game, me and my cousin have been playing it for two weeks and we are level ten. We can’t take our eyes off the screen. There is only one problem, in our minds. We don’t really like how we can’t see pictures of the cats we haven’t gotten yet. My cousin really wants to see Snowball and I can’t find Snowball anywhere on the Internet. I would like it if you could give us a picture of cats we haven’t gotten yet that would be great. Me and my cousin have one more problem, I know I said one thing, but we have one more problem. We would like it if the percentage of getting a cat is a little bit higher. It takes us two days to get a cat that take four minutes to deliver! Like, we are just kids and it takes forever to get the craft stuffs so we can’t get the furniture and it costs so much gold to get those and we don’t have to much gold. Me and my cousin LOVE the ADORABLE cats, and we want to collect them ALL! We love the game, and it really addictive and fun, and we recommend it to everyone, young or old. We have two complaints. One, you let us see the photos,(And don’t tell me to look in the Wiki! I’ve already done that!) and two, let their be a higher chance of getting a cat! This game is perfect for cat lovers and dog lovers alike! (Even though dogs are slobbery beasts like Num num! (You know, the cat with the chip bag on it’s head?) )
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5 years ago, 3ponylover
I love this game
I love this game because it is so good and has a lot of cats to get and I don’t have any cats yet. I could have been spending my time getting cats . I Don’t know what to do this is just so hard to play but I think I know how to do this I believe in myself I can do it all by myself but to be honest it’s gonna be really hard to unlock all those characters in this game but I hope you love this game hi my name is Kourtney by the way.I’m sans this on an ad and I think well this is a good game and I can try to use it for being the coolest kid in town but you know I’ve been only playing this for one day but it’s good that I’ve already got seven characters because I love these cats they’re so cute I really wanted to tell you something that it’s an amazing game but you know what you need to get this game if you have an iPad so you can make an amazing collection and there’s over 500 to collect and 64 Floors but you know collecting different ones of cats makes a really good combination because they’re gonna have such a fun time together and they’re going to be dancing together but they cats don’t really dance but you know it’s always a possibility the cat can dance but you know what it’s actually an amazing time to be watching cats dance together so you can have a fun time but what if they do have actually over 500 to collect have you ever thought of that.
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3 months ago, 🌸✨cutie gamer 123✨🌸
Okay the “center of my being” is a little dramatic but it’s accurate! I 🩷 this game a lot! the graphics are gorgeous the cats are undeniably cute ( as they should be) it’s easy to earn money (I’ve been playing this game for one day and I have 5,609 coins already and I only played for fifteen minutes) but there’s one thing that I would love to change and a update for the game number one: why do i have to deliver every time i feed them? I mean can’t I just have to deliver every like ten minutes? Please change that cuz it’s getting really annoying and when i need to deliver I CANT FEED MY CATS!🐱 say that my cat wants sushi 🍣 and I go to feed it to them but I can’t because I “have to deliver” 🙄 why?! So please change it to like ten minutes or something like that cuz it’s really annoying but anyways if you want this game still get it cuz it’s a good game that just need a little change totally recommend 9/10 great game so anyways let’s talk about the update idea 💡: KITTENS! Now I think there is kittens already but (not sure) but have the cats be able to breed a have a kitten! And in like and for a few months they will only be able to eat milk out of a bottle! (So cute!!!) so yes please please please PLEASE! Make that an update thanks for reading see y’all next time (Remember cutie gamer 123 will be whiten in the top right corner so you know it’s me!! Bye!)
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2 years ago, GrumpSupport
A+ Game for Collectors and Small Game Enjoyers
Extremely well balanced. Not a lot is locked behind paywalls, and even then the cats and items you get from base game and earnable from events are very top quality. It keeps you engaged, and helps you fill the time with mini games that I no joke play for hours. You also get a pretty generous amount of premium currency, which is good. There’s not constant adds that are interrupting your play, but you have the option to respin some baskets and resources by watching an add which is fine! One critique is that the coins you get from the mini games and from the bank challenges don’t scale with your level and therefore the wealth you’ll spend on crafting, but it’s somewhat minor. Things get expensive to craft somewhat quickly, and it can be hard feeling like you’re in constant need of coins, but there are some remedies. The limited kinds of food for your cats is also a minor inconvenience, but again minor and it switches every 4 minutes so it’s fine. You can binge early on, but once you get to around level 7 or 8, things will take more time from basket deliveries and crafting, so it’s a good game to log on to, do what you need to and then leave it until it’s ready again. Overall a very balanced, adorable, loving, and enjoyable experience!
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2 years ago, Tatihana
5star cuteness….. but
Yes, this game is absolutely adorable. But forewarning is a big thing. Easy enough daily quests, easy enough game. The issues for me, constant pop-ups to buy things, limited mini games, vip that says no ads but means they won’t force it on you but if you accidentally click anything to watch an ad, you are going to watch it.( btw there is a watch ad in daily quests that you can’t get rid of, even if you have vip.) did I mention the constant “buy me” pop ups! With as much as the game seems to constantly be selling, you would think you can get a plethora of mini-games….. le sigh* not the case. But if you ignore these little things, the cuteness alone is worth 5 stars and the joy of the game. That being said it’s adorable, my favourites are the events ( minus the need to buy to complete the set) just please more mini games with fishing ( obviously) ;with cat scratching posts ( think fruit ninja with scratchers) ;match the toys ( flip cards or mahjong); sudoku for brainy cats; jumping game ( cats love going in boxes); catch the mouse (gopher game) Waiting for things to finish is fine as long as I have mini games that are fun to play. Because needing 20k to buy supplies or make crafts is a pain and that’s after committing to pay vip.
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1 year ago, MegaMet_2000
After some time this game has grown to be boring.
I’ve been playing for a while now and I’ve just reached level 14. It takes about an hour and a half every day to get baskets not even getting a cat in a single one. I leave the app and wait for cats more than I actually play the game. Until that point it is a really fun game. It brought me so much joy when I joined clubs and could talk to others who have my common interests and also that feeling when you finally get THE cat. My favorite part was the contests. Where you got to design a room with your own stuff fit to a certain theme. Once you reach higher levels maybe five or six it does get less fun. It gets harder to receive materials and the right things you want. That’s when I realized I couldn’t get attached anymore. I’m thinking about deleting and re-downloading but then again I don’t wanna have to restart and get all my stuff back just to be at the same point. I recommend adding more stuff for people of higher levels and making the times for the baskets way less. I think this game could be fun again if there were more ways to manage your time while your waiting since the majority of the time spent on the game is the wait time for new stuff. Thank you for reading, I hope you can take my feedback into consideration and have a good day!
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3 years ago, Rain Ame
What happened to the mini games??
For a while now the mini games have always been the biggest form of collecting income for crafting and collecting decor. The newest update lowers the amount of coins to collect from both poppy cats and blocky cats going down from 500 coins at 750 points to 50. The contest votes have a bar that doesn’t reset every wrong guess but there’s a limit to collecting 120 coins now. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with this but there is a daily quest where you have to collect 8,000 coins through mini games which was an easy task when I could collect 1k from poppy cats but now I have to play more rounds to achieve the goal. With a busy schedule, players wouldn’t be able to achieve the goal unless they remember and huff through endless rounds of poppy cats or even blocky cats. Having a full time job with this game to relax and even be a little competitive with, it gets hard trying to pass each goal and collect stuff if I have to keep buying coin packs to have enough coins to buy them. I’d just really like the tiers for coins to go back to normal. I understand the ads but all in all, it’s just tedious. Ive loved this game for a year now and this change is too drastic. It’ll be harder for new players to gain coins without having to buy packs with their own money and sometimes we just don’t have that kind of income all the time.
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5 years ago, r o c k y o o n g i
Its okay
I really love the game. Honestly. But the minigames are kind of limited. Only two, and they both get really boring after a couple plays. The cats are cute, and funny, but the cats in events could be better. Not that they arent cute, but they dont serve a purpose. With the clubs, i think the world chat should be restricted, yes. But i think that clubs should be all ages, but have a parental figure say yes to the involvement. Back to the events, i think you should use the secret keys always, because getting a key and getting exited to get a cat, only to realise you have to wait to turn it in is kinda bad. Now crafting, i understand that its supposed to be hard to craft and level up, but its really hard and expensive. That pushes the company to advertising coin purchases. Or having to play the games millions of times. In the shop, you have to wait commonly 30 minutes for food to renew. You only get 3 at a time. That doesnt serve you any good if you have 50 levels and have to wait weeks for the food you need to come in. I think the premium tower is good, and fun, but the ways to get premium keys, its so small. It’s crafting or finishing a room. Yes, finishing a room is good and you deserve one, and crafting is a good way. But there should be more ways. I think if the company expands the creativity and lets us have lots of ways to do things, the game would be more pleasant.
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2 years ago, sorinity
Good game, but some bugs
Soooo-I like the game and all, but I would enjoy it more if I could actually be able to SEE the cats I worked hard to get, and for me, after filling the second floor of cats, the rest of the floors are blurry, and when you click a cat it’s just complete white. And I can’t play any of the mini-games exept for the first one. And I can actually only SEE like 3-4 of my cats. The rest just arnt there. But when I go outta the section to feed them, I can see them. :/ It’s annoying and it won’t show what they want to eat, and it won’t show the cats, and the rooms after the 2nd room are super blurry, and if I click the cats to feed them, where the cat is supposed to be is complete black, but I can still see the feeding bar. It’s annoying, and I deleted it over and over again, but it didn’t fix it. I’m sad I cant enjoy the things I worked hard to get, and it’s really upsetting. Don’t know if it’s just me, but that’s what’s going on with mine. Please fix the game!! Also, a suggestion would be to be able to like, buy outfits, and to have a larger selection of food too. And a few more mini games, or even more, cooler cats to collect from like different video games! Like cats based off of Five nights at Freddy’s characters, or off of other popular video game characters! (Plz fox the bugs)
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1 year ago, MomoLV
Adorable but Frustrating
The first few days were addicting and fun! The cats and decorations are cute! But as you level up you start to realize it’s harder and harder to get new cats and decorations. You spin the wheel and have the tiny chance for a cat, and a major chance for supplies like cotton, wood, or stone. The more furniture you get the higher your chances for a cat. BUT, you need to convert supplies which costs lots of gold. I am always playing the same 3 mini games for gold that I’m sick of it. And even after playing the same mini game 10x in a row it’s still not enough for the supplies I need just for one decoration! Unless you’re a super high level your cats don’t bring in enough. A single full room brings maybe 210 gold. I have 12 rooms. So I get about 2.0K when I open the app because I’m still unlocking cats. I need 3.2K for ONE GROUP of supplies! And there’s several groups! Also, even after maxing out all the decorations in a room it’s still only a 19% chance of a new cat. There’s one cat I haven’t been able to get in over 2 weeks of playing. Im not even an advanced level! This game is now an endless cycle of overplaying mini games and struggling just to miss the cat on the spin… again. It’s been only a month and I’m getting burnt out. It only there were other ways to make gold so I can actually do something in this game that it satisfying.
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2 years ago, as taser
I love the game!
I love the game because of the creative of the game and the cats but the downside is that when some of the people that want a secret cat they either have to buy it or get vip which some people won’t be able to because some of the people that play this game is a kid so there parents may not let them because of reasons like they have to provide food for the child and so it can lead to them getting mad and deleting the game and not getting it back so if the game can do something about that it would be wonderful for others! I think if I had another problem I would let you guys know ❤️❤️ I would love for more things for when people are at a higher level to be able to have more contest for the rooms because I know that I enjoy the room contest because it is fun when you get to enjoy to decorate a room besides your showroom! One more thing is that I would love the game to have emoji’s like custom made cat stickers and the higher the level the more stickers you unlock? Sometimes when opening a basket I wonder how will I get it if I always end up landing 1-3 spots away from the cat so I try to double click and things like that so I can some how level up from the exp. The cat gives me.
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1 year ago, CrazyCatLady637
Pretty good game, needs some improvements
Now, I woul definitely recommend this game, if you are thinking about getting it. It's very fun and I love the game. Collecting the cats is a lot of fun but I also have some ideas that they should add. Sometimes to get a cat, you have to wait 8 HOURS. Yes, they want you to buy gems to speed it up, which I have had to do before, but I know some people can't afford it. This is really annoying and sometimes it's only like a 10% chance for a cat. I personally think the limit should be 2 - 3 hours, as you may read in other reviews. I think for these, even if they keep the time, they should give at least a 20% or 30% for a cat. But overall this is a great game an I definitely recommend it. With all this being said, there is no reason to forget the great qualities of this game. Whenever you're waiting for cat, instead of going on another app, you can play the minigames (Poppy Cats, Matchy Cats, Blocky Cats, and Contest Vote) in the bank. These minigames also reward you with coins, depending on your score. The bank also has 8 tasks to complete, and have a chance to get a premium key. Overall this game is great and I woul definitely recommend it for someone who just wants to relax after a long day. So, go ahead an download it now!
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3 years ago, 【Natalee】
An outstanding game, but one complaint.
Let’s start off with the basics on why this game is my and many other peoples’s obsession. For one, it’s a game over cats, an animal loved by all, and in fact, my favorite animal, go figure. It has a really neat concept to it, which you may consider collecting cats. Yes, that, but there’s much more to it. Not only do you collect cats, but also furniture which you can use the furniture to furnish your showroom, as well as showcase cats. You can also edit your profile picture, which leads on to another cool feature, clubs. Not to mention another feature they added is obtaining premium keys once a room is completed, to unlock new cats and furniture, which leaded on to another feature. It just goes on and on, there’s so much more I could add but I have limited time to do so. Let’s get on with the bad games. There are some small bugs that have been mentioned in other reviews, ones that I’ve experienced, but there’s this major complaint I want to discuss. Once the games is deleted, which I have accidentally done, the game deletes all your progress and data. I think there should be an option where you can restore your data and progress, to eliminate the stress of getting back to where you once were.
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4 years ago, Unicorn News
Gives me a headache😩
I was just playing and downloaded less than 5 minutes ago, and literally when I was making my name, I got alittle lightheaded. I was like, “Hmm, that’s weird, Imma keep playin’!” And now I stopped. I’m fine now. 10 seconds ago ( yes I do type fast or maybe I’m sarcastic😅 ) I had a massive headache. And please do not say that, “Oh, they just don’t play video games.” UH, Yes I do. I have one that has so many graphics, and I’m still okay. Another one that is phenomenal with graphics, and still, no headaches. Overall, though, ( enough of my stupid complaining ) it’s a good app. I think it’s just the lighting because I have sensitive eyes ( my eyes are purple,, ) and.. yeah! The cats are very cute. Also, let us add friends and ( to make it fair for the younglings ) make the age restriction to 9+ ( for the club chat ). They can handle it. Thank you so very much, stay safe. Please give me a Developer’s Response so I can have some answers about my mischievous headaches. Once again, thank you! EDIT: Thank you for the response, I was so happy to read it! Thank you, too, for taking the time and enduring my complaining. Since you did that, Imma bump this 4 star review to 5 stars. 😊 Thank you, stay safe! Byebye!
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3 years ago, FerretQueenAC
Awesome game, but a few suggestions.
I installed this game a few months ago after seeing countless ads for it everywhere. It looked pretty cool so I decided to try it out and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It is fun, time consuming, and there are always new things coming your way, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. But there are a few ways to improve this game. First, make crafting time and delivery time shorter. The further into the game you get, the longer everything takes, which is a no go for me. I would have no complaints about that if gems that are used to speed the process along were easier to have access to without spending real money. Second, make events last longer. Some people may not have the time to get on everyday or so, and with how quickly events come and go, it’s very easy to miss those events. All in all, it’s an awesome game, but could use a few adjustments. Keep this in mind though, I am not criticizing in any way shape or form. I want this game to be as successful as possible, and with my suggested adjustments, I feel as though this game can reach its full potential. 5 stars! Everything about this game is lovable (just about)! Keep up the good work!!!
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4 years ago, hdnndhhcy
Great game, only 1 flaw
This game is amazing. Not only are the cats and decor cute but unlike many other games you aren’t bombarded with ads to play another game, you only watch ads when you do it for coins and sometimes after playing mini games. The other thing is the game does not become infinitely more difficult if you don’t wanna spend money on the game, there is an option to become VIP and buy certain rooms but by no means does the game make you feel like you have to buy things to do well in the game. For the most part events set attainable goals, though sometimes difficult to meet those goals without a good club. Like any other game it has glitches but the customer support is extremely helpful and often make amends for these glitches, sometimes in the form of gems, sometimes with a new “secret” cat. My biggest issue with this game is how long it takes to open, at least on IOS, each time I open the game it comes up with the title screen, I press play, and then I have to wait 20-40 seconds before it loads. It’s not a huge issue but after awhile and especially during time sensitive portions of the game it’s gotten pretty irritating. But loading aside the game is great fun and I would recommend to anyone who is patient, and enjoys playing 10x10, one of the mini games.
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3 years ago, Pktapukoko
Love it!!! A few problems tho...
I LOVE this game!!! It has the perfect combination of cute and entertaining. I got got this game looking for something that entertained me, and this game filled that need!! There is a few problems though. First of all, getting cats is HARD. It spins a wheal to get you cats. But it is no surprise of what the cat you are going to get is! It tells you!! Witch is no fun for me. I like feeling the element of surprise. Also... something that I was very disappointed of is that in the advertising it told me that you had to merge items to MAKE a cat. It never told me about all this “try 2 million times to get one cat stuff.” I don’t like games where you have to try again and again to get stuff. (Although as a gamer I should be used to that kind of stuff. ) and it also said that you can merge cats to make other cats. I am not very far In the game so I don’t know if you unlock that when you are higher leveled or what. The game also is forcing me to use my gems in tutorials. Witch is very frustrating. Oh also one last thing... I would very much like it if the cats moved around more. Other than that this is a VERY fun game!! If you are fine with the try again and again part, that you should probably get this game!! You will not regret it.😁😁❤️
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5 years ago, sunsun13
Love love LOVE!!!
I have never been so addicted to a game on my phone in my life! I kept seeing ads for this game and I just thought , what the heck, I’ll give it a try, not really knowing what to expect besides getting cats. And what can I say, I’m in love with the game. I got my friend hooked on it too and she loves it. The only problem I have is that I used to be able to go into the bank and watch a video and enter a contest and get stuff to make keys and stuff. But once I passed a certain level it wants me to pay .99 for 10k coins in order to get the basket, along with entering in contest and watching a video, which is fine. I just feel like if you wanted to pay for coins it should be in the shop instead of interfering with that part of the game. Maybe instead of wanting us to pay .99, you could say like play mini games and open boxes to earn 5k coins, and after you earn the coins you go to the bank and are able to spin. That way your not getting 50k coins a week easily and are earning the coins by yourself, and at the end receiving the basket you open in the bank. Not a huge problem, but I just really enjoyed opening those baskets. Otherwise, I’m really loving the cats and the clubs and everything about the game. :3
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5 months ago, Yotsuba Amae/ Lily-Chan!
Cutest Cat Game UwU
I LOVE THIS GAME! Something I want to say though is that, and, before I say this, just know the last time I played this was, like, six months ago? Ok, now. It’d be really great if there was a progress transfer option (if there isn’t already, as I said last time I played was like six months ago), I play this on my IPad that is kept at my grandparents house, and because I’m a kid, I have to ask them to buy the stuff for the game using my money. Let’s say I were to get this on my phone. I’ve bought 2 packs that I can remember, being the Asian food pack and the all starter cats unlocked pack. I don’t think my dad would get those for me on my new game, and I have a ton of progress. So being able to transfer progress would be nice. The reason I haven’t played this game for so long is because my IPad is really old, so the game glitches A LOT. I went through a phase during COVID, where I really wanted to play this game, but I couldn’t, and unfortunately my little sister was really sick during this time and it was around Christmas. Soooo yeah. Anyway that’s it this game is great I recommend it to all cat lovers and cute lovers out there. Remember, the world is what you make it! Bye!
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2 years ago, SithChick
Love it, but...
I’ve been playing this for a little over a year now, I’m on it every day and almost to level 70. It’s definitely the game I spend the most time on. I love collecting all the cats and I’ve met some really nice people in my club. It’s really easy to make progress in the beginning, but that has definitely slowed down for me now because crafting items gets more and more complicated and tedious. It’s also become harder if not impossible to get many event items because there’s WAY too many duplicates now. When I first started, I could complete a whole event floor easily, now I get maybe 4 or 5 items and I’m super active on there! The stars you get for completing items is also uneven, the more difficult higher level items should be worth more stars. That would be helpful during an event where new players are crafting easy items and getting a ton of event points, while higher level items take a lot longer- which then equals to getting less points. This game is definitely geared towards newer players, but as you level up it gets harder and the need to spend real money is increased- especially for events. I still enjoy the game, I just wish they would stop making it so hard to get event items!
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3 years ago, Vineclimber3
Has a Few Flaws
It’s a great game and I really recommend downloading it. I really like all the cute things the cats do, and how you can unlock premium ones. I also have mixed feelings about the events- I love the events but there are a lot of them... I guess that’s so people will play the game more. Ok now for my complaints. You can’t change your age, which really is annoying, and I can see why. But maybe you have to contact your parents so they can say, “yeah you’re 13” or something so nobody cheats? I personally think that age 13 is a bit high for people to join a club. What I wish you could do is have friends or something, and not have to wait like really. Also, you can’t play this game with internet, which isn’t really a complaint but it can be annoying. I’m not saying to change it, though. Oh yeah and things take forever, so it’s kind of a hop-on and check in game. But the percentage is so low for some things- 6% for a cat?? Like when am I ever gonna get that? I also wish maybe sometimes the bank challenges were different- something less crazy, maybe. That’s one thing I don’t really mind though. Anyway, it’s a great game, so be sure to check it out!
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4 years ago, summer alz
Love this game but one thing🤨
Let’s first start with the bad thing but it’s not that bad am new like for I played it 5 times so am a beginner 😒 boring but am in level 4 if the cat has a delivery it gives me cotton or a cat but I want cats not cotton and I all the time get cotton or wood and I hate it but I don’t hate the game I love the game and the cats some of the are a little bit ugly 🤷‍♀️ but I still ok with it and some are so so cute 😍 I have a cat it’s a boy named muffin and I saw I cat in the game that looked so like him and I named the chubby cat chubby don’t know why but I told you the problem is that there is like few cats and lots of cotton and I hate it I want more cats and I love this game so much I play it even at 1:00 am like two times I want more and more rooms and cats🐈 I love that you can name the cats and the rooms like leves have there different decorations to the room but I still didn’t finish my fourth floor and I love the pink fluffy cat she looks like my cat but with out pink fur and I side I lot of things about my kitty his 8 months but the cats in the game are so cute 😍😍and the delivery I want more cats and less cotton or other thing the are not cats but I love this gams so cute that’s all and that a lot 😏.
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5 years ago, Dummy-Head
Chats, Devs, Events
This game is super cute. I spend a large amount of time on it daily. However, I feel like the cutesy part of the game hides a lot of what’s wrong with it. The devs aren’t very kind sometimes, and I’ve heard multiple stories on how your banning isn’t properly handled. The rules within the chat are ridiculous. You can’t share social medias, you can’t find any other way to reach people that you find nice and have common interests with because there are no DM/friending features. I do get that this has to do with safety but often the way it is handled is ridiculous. The 3rd part of the events are always unfair, you hardly have any time to achieve cats/furniture (I know this bc I have talked to a variety of people on chats, they can hardly achieve anything). You either have to be on the game every second or you have to pay. In the chats, certain messages don’t load. A lot of things are just handled poorly, the 3rd events are too difficult to enjoy, and the game itself is the definition of glitch. I’m sorry that this is a really long review but it’s been on my mind for awhile now and I hope it will actually be seen and warn other people. :) I’ll probably always play this game for the cats but I don’t quite enjoy a large portion of it. (Also: why have a chat when everything to do/talk about is so limited?)
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11 months ago, äūtûmñ łëávęš
Cat Game is by far my favorite mobile game that I’ve had. Its not addictive, you only really have to check in a few times a day to collect crafts or baskets, and the only time you need to watch ads is to re-spin a basket. You don’t need to spend money to complete the game, and the only time money is needed is if you want to buy VIP, gems and coins, and special cats. Without VIP you can basically do everything the game has to offer, and collect all the cats that are available without VIP or need to be bought. It does sometimes push these products at you, but if you’re worried that a kid playing this game might buy something then you simply need to turn of in-app purchases on their device and it’ll be fine. There are clubs, but if your kid is under 13 then they won’t be able to join one. All the events are really amazing, and always super fun to participate in! The art style is GORGEOUS, and as an artist and animator I can really appreciate the time that was spent on cat designs and cat animations. Each cat has at least one, sometimes two, special animations, and all of them are so cute! This game is incredibly well made, and I really love playing it. ❤️
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3 years ago, Serena,
5 Stars! A few suggestions...
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing game. I can tell that everyone who helped create it put countless hours into The Cat Game. I have very few suggestions, but I do think they could help improve your game in a positive way. First, I know you can be apart of clubs, and make friends with other people. However, you can not trade cats. I only say this because my sister had a cat she did not want, but I did. We suggested that we share custody of it, but soon realized we could not trade. I think the trade of cats would improve this game, and make it slightly more fun attractive. The last suggestion is getting cats easier. I’m not sure how you would incorporate this, but getting more cats in the higher levels is somewhat just chance, and very difficult. Perhaps you could increase the chance of getting a cat? No pressure though! Thank you so much for this astonishing app. I hope you take these thoughts of mine, and turn them into reality! I can’t wait to see what will happen.I’m deeply thrilled, to share my thought with the developers. There is no other game quiet like this one, It’s truly amazing!
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4 years ago, whitewolfgirl2011
The cats are so cuuuuute!! I’m on level 29. My sister loves cats. I like dogs, cuz when I saw a cat for the first time it scratched my eye and I had a scar, also the time when it scratched me so hard it scratched me every where that I had a big SCAR on my back. Anyways back to the thing, my sister likes cats. Cuz they have been so nice to her. Dogs are rlly cute! I’d says cats and dogs are the most fluffiest and cutest pets on earth. I also love how you can unlock other cats. My brother also likes dogs, and cats! Me and him would challenge each other for how many cats we have. Also my sister would ask for my phone....cuz she would want to play the cat game. My sister is only 7 years old. And my brother is 14 I am 12 so yea. Us three rlly like this game! Us three rlly like this game that we game this game a 5 star review. You can play with you’re friends! But actually I don’t have that my much friends on this game. My brother had a lot of friends on this game! He is also friends with me. And my sister and I has to share cuz my sister does not have a phone. She has nothing so she would just play with me! Or my brother......anyways I guess that’s all! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! BTW LOVE THIS GAME TOO!!!
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3 years ago, JamieGurl33
Super fun
UPDATE: new mini game is amazing, and thanks, developers! ❤️❤️ This is probably my favorite app to play of all time... not kidding. Historically I have been a big farming/crafting game (like FarmVille) person and enjoy games with interior design or collection elements, and I’m a huge Tetris or puzzle game fan. This literally has all of those thing AND CATS. I have a tendency to lose interest quickly with games, but with this game. There is always something to do to occupy your time while you wait for crafting items, and the graphics are great, and you can name your cats! You don’t have to spend actual money on things to get past a certain point in the game like so many other apps. The clubs that you can join at level 10 contribute to events in the game, and you get awesome stuff from the events at a reasonable pace and without spending a ton of coins... and the people in my club are really great. We chat casually and help each other with events. It’s just perfectly balanced and amazing and SO fun. Get it. It’s the best, and I can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. I do wish there were more mini games, but that’s my only critique!
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3 years ago, 🎆💜Entrapta!!💜🎆
Amazing, but sometimes frustrating
So I absolutely love this game. You can enter decoration challenges, decorate your showroom, chat with other cat-lovers, be competitive, work together with your club, play fun mini games, and of course, collect wonderfully designed, adorable cats and kittens. However, I do have one problem with the game. It’s entertaining and the graphics and animation are adorable, but it does get frustrating. I have a fully decorated room and spun it 7 times just now and still no luck, and this has happened many a time before as well with previous rooms. I paid 120 gems just to get some cotton which is rather unfortunate and disappointing. However, gems are actually easy to collect for once in a game which is greatly appreciated. But still, I find this frustrating and annoying. Though all around I absolutely recommend this game, it’s great, and other than sometimes frustrating, in the end it’s still rewarding and fun. If you added some sort of system where like maybe if u pay gems to speed up the process (of three long hours or more) you get a higher chance of getting the cat, or if u spin a certain amount of times, it’s more likely, I’d give 5 stars :). Thanks 😊
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5 years ago, Recklessbonez
I love the game but there are a few problems...
The art style is really good and I like the cats are really cute!...but, there are some problems that you need to fix, #1: the hard luck for getting a cat. When you reach the mayhem area, that is where it is real hard to earn a cat, the way you should get cats is by buying them in the shop which is a lot better for a purpose of it that just buying food and supplies, same thing for furniture too, but anyway, the last time I earned a cat was a month ago, I’m not joking! #2: the unrealistic cats later on. The first couple cats you get look really realistic and most people know or believe in, but at the beach area, it’s just cats dressed in costumes and it’s not really “real.” There is a carousel cat...literally! #3: the name alone... the name is literally “cat game,” you could have a name like “the kitty collector” or, “coat tycoon,” but nope, the name is literally “cat game.” #4: the events, if you have seen the events, you know what I mean, in other games, they have for events like 20 or 12 days, but no, this game only, has 3 days, and that is definitely not enough days. But overall, this game is good, the problems aren’t too major, but just need to be modified.
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3 years ago, fuzzyCROC
Worth it! 🐈‍⬛🐈
So far this game is really good. I love the cute little cats! Its so much fun to feed the cats. Now don’t get me wrong i do wish there was a little more you can do on the app. I did just got it so idk much. Also so far i have seen hardly any adds (which i have like never seen in an app before).All so i just love the humor in the game. It’s a very fun game to play if you are bored. FYI as you go on in the game the longer you have to wait to get the cats. Sometimes you waste your time waiting for a “cat” but you just get wood or something else. Then again when you finally get a cat it’s usually adorable and worth it. It is one of those games that if you don’t want to wait you have to actually buy the coins or gems to speed up the wait. Which in my opinion can be a little annoying. So if the developers see this i just would like if you could just take this into account. Also if you are looking at getting this app just a word of caution :) Now putting that to the side, I really am enjoying this app. Btw if you see this app pls get the game. Thank you for reading! Have a nice day :)
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1 year ago, Gfhjfghhvjkut
Horrible after level 20
I want to start off by saying that I love this game and it has a lot of potential. The cats are cute, the floors are wonderfully designed, every decor looks amazing, and the events are perfectly paced to keep you interested. The progression through the first levels is nice and draws you in like it’s supposed to, and then it gets more challenging but after level 20 or so getting cats is pretty impossible. Level 15 the chance of a common cat is like 40-50% but at level 22 it’s 5%. For the easiest cat on the floor. The chance should stay at a reasonable level so that you can progress. It doesn’t have to be super easy, but it should be doable. There’s not much a player can do to increase your chances other than watching tons of ads or paying for VIP, which slightly increases your chance. Trying dozens and dozens of times for a cat doesn’t make me want to play. Also once you get that high crafting recipes become so hard it can take a casual player a week or more to get one decor. The problem is the game just stalls and if you can’t get cats or decor, you also can’t progress in the events, which is just no fun. If the game got a rebalancing adjustment I’d be hooked again; it is a cute and fun game, only at first.
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2 years ago, littlejeevas
Cute game, aggressive sales tactics.
First off, I love this game. The art style is charming, the animations are well done, and there are TONS of cats to collect, each one even more adorable than the last. There’s plenty to do and see and craft, and the minigames will keep you busy for hours. BUT - there’s one thing that keeps this game from being my new favorite: they want MONEY, they want a LOT of it, and they’re going to ask you for it CONSTANTLY. I’m not talking about the video ads, either. I mean every time I load a new screen - tower, shop, etc - they throw another offer at me; there’s a “flash sale” every 5 minutes; the daily VIP pack is a $10/mo subscription; event items often have “TODAY ONLY!” timers that count down to zero and then start over; it’s surprisingly easy to get hassled into buying something just to make stuff stop popping up, and these packs are all at least $10 each. The first day I played, literally the entire left edge of my screen was offer icons. It’s been a week or so, and I’m about ready to quit. I might hang in there for the remainder of my VIP month because I really do like the game, but I’m tired of being hounded for cash every other breath.
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5 years ago, Rhiana Tokarz
This game is great! It’s so adorable and I love cats there for the four stars. But it’s very confusing. I’m only level and it it took me forever to get there. I feel like I had to spend 50$ real cash just to reach where I am at right now. You should be able to earn coins much easier than this. And the 10% to 20% chance of getting cats for every basket is very annoying. It makes me not want to play. But I’ve already spent so much real money I don’t want to just delete the game. The weird thing is there’s no directions or little pop ups to tell you what you can do with certain items or things. The constant rise of coins when purchasing items in the store really messes up the flow of things. It’s should be consistent. Also the shop, it should have everything that you have unlocked accessible for you. If you unlocked a grass cat, it should supply the shop with grass feed. I don’t like waiting 10 minutes now for a new supply of food. And when the 10 minutes is up only one item changes half the time. I believe a few/a lot of things should be consistent and considered for renovation in the game. It’s cute though :)
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4 years ago, season kittens
So cute
It’s so fun to collect cats from the baskets the cats are so cute and all the cats and furniture in a contest and vote for other people’s creations. The mini games are so fun to play higher the score the more coins you will get. At the beginning of the game you can pick only one secret cat the name’s are smudge, boots and molly are the secret cats that you can pick from. You can collect star by crafting things in the craft section once you craft something it will give you the stars and place the thing you crafted in the cat room it belongs to. You can get keys by completing rooms and you can use the keys to open a basket and from the basket you can get a cat of furniture. The only way to finish the starting room is to buy the other two cats from a pack with real money. There are 67 rooms to complete and ever time you finish a room you can collect keys for the basket. To get food for your cats you go to the craft section and at the top there is food to buy for your cats if you give them the food they want it will feed the cat’s quicker. You can buy packs from the shop and you can use the packs for a room. Also in the shop you can use your gems to buy coin from the shop.
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3 years ago, meowmeowmeow kitty
OMG so amazing!!!
Ok so my friend on the bus was playing it about 5 years ago when we were younger, but at the time I didn’t have a phone. So on my 11th birthday, my mother had gotten me a iPhone 10. So I (of coarse) immediately downloaded the game. I’ve been playing it for about 4 years now and it has not let me down.😁 Though I do get really frustrated when the % on getting a get from the baskets are low. It makes me mad 😠 and I stop playing the game for a while. I eventually get back onto the game and start playing again. It kills me to say that the prices for some purchases are ridiculous. I don’t think anyone will pay some of the things they require. I’m talking fake money on the game and real money. I just got an add saying the “Dog Game” and I immediately downloaded it to see if it was better, worse, or about the same as the Cat Game. I love your guys’ games and I hope all of you that helped make these beautiful creations are doing well! I can’t say it’s bad, but I do think you should lower some of the prices, real money and not. Have a great day y’all and I’ll write a new review sometime soon! Bye!
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2 months ago, lilliedacat
Honest Review :3
As someone who likes both cats and games, this is an ideal game for me! You start on your tower crafting the basic rooms, it’s not too hard to craft but it’s engaging. You don’t just have to watch a ton of ads and you have the option to speed up crafting or crates with gems. As you level up higher the tower floors become more detailed but also more challenging to craft and deliver. There’s new events every week with cute new cats and decos to collect. I like how you can get more prizes with an active/competitve club. I do miss Crafting Crazes which we had in 2022, but haven’t had since then ( you crafted a certain amount of materials to get special prizes ) nor have we had any Craft Nows since 2022 ( when you craft certain materials to use to make a special deco ) The events are cute but there’s also a lot of GREAT event ideas posted on the Cat Game/Mino Upvoty that support should check out. The only reason this isn’t 5 stars is because of lagging during club events and no recent Crafting Crazes or Craft Nows. Otherwise than that, this is a fun and engaging game for all kinds of people and I reccoment giving it a try and sharing it with your friends :3
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