Cathay Bank

4.3 (1.3K)
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Cathay Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cathay Bank

4.27 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
11 months ago, AnonymousHoward
Very Simple and Easy To Use
The app is very basic with a simple to use and navigate interface. The layout looks a bit plain and dated, but if you just want to get things done, then there’s no need for it to look fancy. I haven’t used/tested every function such as mobile check deposit, but overall the app does what it’s designed to do.
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3 years ago, Legendaries723
Do not use !! 12 year customer closing my account
DO NOT USE THIS APP OR THEM FOR BANKING.. -$10/month service charge -Mobile deposit is inconsistent -Zelle takes a day to show up -non-cash Transactions take 1-3 days to post I don’t know of any good reason to use Cathay Bank unless you need to. I have been a customer since college and it’s over 10 years now and this past incident is the final straw. The app mobile deposited a check twice without my control (I only submitted once in the morning, second time was at 10PM). As a result, I got charged a returned check fee and another fee. They still have yet to respond to me about how that’s happened. Why would anyone deposit a check twice unless they’re asking for trouble ? I’m closing my account after this. Just fees on fees and their mobile app runs at dial-up speed. Just save yourself trouble go bank with someone else.
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2 years ago, Amitksh
Interface is not intuitive
Having used 2/3 other banking apps, I think Cathay can be better. Layout is sort of old and feels basic.
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3 years ago, MinionAC
App/online banking needs improvement
Since Cathay Bank changed the online banking or app (maybe last year?), the balances are NOT accurate. I should be able to see what my actual balance is so that I don’t overdraw on my account. But sometimes the App or online banking shows I have a negative balance when I know I have a positive balance. No point in having an app or online banking when the data is not accurate.
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2 years ago, Periooiiii
Cannot sign up to my account or register
I have lived in the United States for decades, and this is the first time I have encountered this situation. For banks like Chase Bank, PNC Bank or more, as long as you open an account, you can directly log in to your bank platform to register on your phone ,Online banking and mobile banking, only Cathay Bank’s platform cannot operate and give any options. I really regret opening an account with Cathay Bank. I don’t even know how much money is in my account.
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1 year ago, FCZQ123
Cathay Bank should be investigated by the Federal Reserve.
Cathay Bank does not immediately or timely post debits/credits to your account. They wait literally 3 or more days before any transactions from that day are posted to your account. They also don’t have Apple Pay for iPhone. Cathay Bank is one of the worst banks in the U.S. I’d go as far as saying it’s the worst banking institution in the U.S. This app is getting bad reviews because the bank is abhorrent. The app should be updated with debits/credits immediately.
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8 months ago, Icey Cake
Worst Terrible Banking App
Both app, web site, and the backend services are a joke. If you are looking to do online banking with Cathay bank, forget it. 1. No ending balance per transaction 2. Online statement? Why make it so hard to see my monthly online statement? 3. No pending transaction? Hello? Are you really a bank? Bring me back the old crapy old app. It has out of dated user interface but at least I can do online banking normally. I had seen bad online banking app but this is the WORST!
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3 years ago, aquarius's violet
The account activities are no up to day
The App is showing up the activities for last year. For the year of 2021, the activities started from April 5. Also the activities is few days behind. Other features are better than the old App.
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7 months ago, is step 2 really required?
Secure Message
The option to use Secure Message is useless. Even after you log into your profile with your credentials the bank will not provide requests for proof of bill pay check payments. Your said in your reply to call the customer service number. The point is to use this option to avoid calling. This is the worst experience.
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8 months ago, Stemsoja
5 star good
Only issue which has imporved is if you make a typo on password not to get locked ou and password reset option etc to avoid that
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2 years ago, chibinyc
Buggy mobile deposit
As of October 2022, the mobile deposit feature is broken. After taking the front and back picture of my check, the app would auto jump back to the login screen. I had retried 4 times before it finally snapped out of the bug. This is unacceptable.
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3 years ago, Alex C Jon
My feedback
The Bill Pay interface is horrible. It’s short and customer can only see a few payees at a time. The activities page is also very bad, it purposely doesn’t show the balance right after each transaction. It looks like Cathay is tying to hide something from customers.
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2 years ago, omgwhataheadache
Password issue
I used a iPhone, but the app keep asking for password even after I enable face recognition. Also it’s not user friendly and seem to lack function compared to other bigger bank like chase Citi and more
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3 years ago, Waiguoren1
No deposit
For the most part, works well. But have not been able to deposit. For some reason, it does not automatically connect to camera. Frustrating.
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10 months ago, Hapa626
Works smoothly
This app has given me no trouble. I can just about do everything I need with it banking wise.
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2 years ago, ElysianL
Had hard time depositing a check on phone before
Called them many times. Finally they got it resolved.
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3 months ago, Olivetree01
Not as Advanced
Need to be as user friendly and advanced as other large bank franchises. This APP is too basic.
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2 years ago, Josh M San diego
Glad an app is finally out but mobile deposit never seems to work and always asks to retake the photos of the check, and then still doesn’t work =(
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2 years ago, The2thguy
Mobile deposit
It takes too much time to do mobile deposit, it won’t tell you what is the problem, so we just have to do it over and over in the dark!
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2 months ago, Ray Lin Irvine
Bad app
I don’t like the design of this app. I do not see the detail of my loan amount. It always shows 0. Verifying 2 small deposits is not working well. For example, $0.04 needs to inputted as 04. How about $0.70. I cannot figure it out. Bad design.
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7 months ago, Chu3505
Cathay Bank App.
The Cathay Bank App. are working fine and correctly without problems so far.
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11 months ago, Cathay Users
Something wrong with my payment part
Something wrong with it. I opened new account, closed old account, but payment still show two accounts, I add new account to link the payment, it didn’t save. my payment option was blocked, I can’t access auto payment.
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3 years ago, fukuda0930
Simple and easy
It’s easy to check my account online. I like fast and simple step.
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2 years ago, Something that's nothing
Handy bank app
Quite easy and reliable to do your banking needs
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2 years ago, BKLYN11228
Easy to use
It’s a big surprise that this Bank has pretty cool online access
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2 years ago, Ryan Z Mai
Very convienent
Online check deposit, Ach, Zelle, and most important Wire transfer for half the price thats charged at a branch!
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7 months ago, Aeric ng
Web cam
The software of the web camera must be improved! L have been took many time to mobile deposit, even though l used the iPad with newest software but l still need take a least two or three time to success deposit ! L deposited with chase app with only only one time.
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2 years ago, Llh938
Some of the feature of mobile banking not working correctly. Like if I made a principle payment, and the next day it will processed as next month regular payment. I called to the bank that said they can’t change it.
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2 years ago, Avril820
Overall good
Hope the app could add more functions
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3 months ago, jiatc
Easy to use and easy to see my account information
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1 month ago, ATF/ITF
Cathay Mobile Banking
There are ACH transfer limits that should be disclosed in the app or online without having to wait a long time to speak to a customer care representative.
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11 months ago, Tehmina ArUmanyan
Tehmina Arzumanyan
Excellent customer service, app is always available, detailed info, very helpful
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2 months ago, Eric20240521
Easy to use
App becomes better and better, good job.
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7 months ago, Eveloveszz
Best Service
Been a long time customer! Always best service!
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2 years ago, Moon6luna
Bank app
Quite useful and well designed.
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1 year ago, howstrong
Poor app
This is one of the worst bank app in the world, especially the mobile deposit, times and times failed to deposit check, and times and times I complained, but unfortunately it still failed and failed.
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2 years ago, Mr. Lighthouse
Mobil deposit
Excellent app. I really enjoy Mobil Deposit. It saves so much time. Thank you very much.
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5 years ago, Hmmm, okay then
My least favorite banking app
This is the worst of the finance apps on my phone. Face ID is spotty and only works sometimes. This app holds the record for attempts “unable to process at this time,” an inconvenient error for a banking app. When it does work, it does what it’s SUPPOSED to do.
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7 months ago, 好来来来了
Good service
I like the local office and most of the staff there. Always helpful.
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8 months ago, Ny-Long8
Everything excellent
Every good service!
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2 years ago, XXXX4TRUMP
Always got error when use Zelle
I do not understand why couple months past but this bug still not not fixed. Even I contacted support, but not work.
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3 years ago, Body wave
Always not available
This bank app always not available for service , mobile app online banking always maintenance. I can only do it on my computer website, if you make deposits of check, need to to local branch .
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1 year ago, Waynewcheng
Great mobile banking app
Great app and customer service, recommended!
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8 months ago, Zhul.
One of worst apps for depositing checks
I have used so many bank apps and this is the only app where I have to consistently take photos of the check multiple and multiples times for it to even deposit. Waste of time
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2 years ago, Will2go
Functional, but slow and old interface.
Need to update the app for more modern UI. Basic functions works.
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2 years ago, anyuser66
Internal messaging
I have sent messages to Customer Service through the apps messaging system with no response. It would seem that a problem exists with this.
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2 years ago, B B Chen
Great user friendly app!
It is easy to sign on, make online deposits, fund transfers… love it :-)
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2 years ago, masuner
Cool app
Easy to use and quick to connect
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1 year ago, Baboontunes
It’s okay. The bank itself is very old fashioned. Some slow and annoying processes that you wouldn’t find with bigger banks.
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2 years ago, 123jac321
Poorest bank app I’ve ever used
For more than a month the mobile deposit has been inoperable. Secure messages about that issue and the lack of mailed statements have repeatedly gone unanswered. It’s difficult to imagine a poorer app than the one at Cathay Bank.
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