Catholic Calendar

4.6 (305)
78 MB
Age rating
Current version
Universalis Publishing
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Catholic Calendar

4.63 out of 5
305 Ratings
3 months ago, Eyeless Fish
Relative newbie
I am a protestant. He is looking for a way to deepen my Prayer life. This app seems to be the one to do that. It is a nice app, and I appreciate the free trial. I also appreciate that it accessible to the blind. I know that after the free trial, I am probably going to have to delete the app. I simply cannot afford a subscription or one time purchase. i’m blind disabled, and I can’t afford that kind of money. I’m on a fixed income, and after rent and bills. There’s nothing left for subscriptions of this kind. Or, even one time purchases of apps. It would be nice if there was a free version of this app somehow. Would use it daily if there was. Keep up the good work, and God is proud of you.
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11 months ago, CJSalata2019
Church Calendar App, G-O-A-T!
In less than 10 days, the Church Calendar app has opened the doors for me to daily praying the DivineOffice/Liturgy of the Hours (DO/LH). Highlights for me (a non-techy) include: Seamless integration between Functions and Features Intuitive Use And best of all - the app has made praying the DO/LH a daily reality rather than a spiritual goal I aspire to. If you ever wanted to pray throughout the day with and as the Church prays, take the Church Calendar up on its 30 day free trial run (no gimmicks). Your personal prayer life will be rocked!
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2 years ago, ella hilla beans
Daily Catholic Prayers
I originally bought the liturgy of the hours in book form and loved the little books !!! But my devotion waned as my life became complex, and when I tried to return to them, I couldn’t re-master the flipping back and forth and was never sure I was reading the right sections…. THIS! puts it all together, offers hymn and format choices, and helps me as I try to become more faithful in prayer. I love it !!!
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6 years ago, J. Thimesch
THE app for bringing your prayer life to a deeper level!
I have used this app (full version) for years and just when they add features to make our prayer life more rich, they come up with something to enhance it even more! Thank you to the developers for giving the Body of Christ such a wonderful gift to allow us to “remain in Christ” through the liturgy and other rich avenues of prayer. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, CareyAndrew
Very pleased
This splendid app is being improved quite regularly. As a priest I celebrate the Divine Office daily and rely on Universalis when traveling or not in my chapel. I find the new addition of the spoken gospel to be good for preparing a sermon or meditating. The extended readings to give the daily gospel its context is another excellent addition. I do wish we had more hymn choice but I know this is difficult to procure between copyrights and fees.
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7 years ago, EarlyTrain
The App to better yourself.
This app I truly enjoy, this app is a helper to prepare a person to mass or to guide someone in the liturgy of the hours, not only that, the calendar is specific and shows you the importance of that day. It has the masses readings, order of mass, and mass today, which is an entire mass. This app has helped me a lot and I'm sure it can help you too.
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1 month ago, EDScalise
So much great info!
I have been using this app for about a year. I keep finding more to love about it. For example, I didn’t bother looking at the Rosary for months. When I did finally look at it I found it was a scriptural rosary! I mostly use it for the liturgy is the hours and daily mass readings.
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2 years ago, Mikel CFP
This app leads me into a wonderfully prayerful experience every day
Awesome functionality - clear instructions - deeply theological - more “full gospel” than anything else I have ever read (which is extensive) as a lifelong (and still) protestant - better lessons in church than I ever received anywhere, including SBTSeminary.
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3 years ago, ####QQ
Notification Bells TAKE OVER MY iPhone!!!
Every time I swipe up the loud BELL TOWER bells from liturgy of the hours DING as LOUD as my PHONE volume will go!!! Even if my volume and ringer, and notifications volume is on minimum/low!! It’s like a hostile take over over Church bells. What worse. If the liturgy of the hours was at Noon and I unlock my phone or swipe up at 12:30pm....GONG!!!! How do I suppress this? I like the liturgy of the hours notification, but it suddenly taking over the phones Notification volume and ringing MAXIMUM volume is horrible. Please fix in your next update. My kids are starting to say my phone is possessed. Thanks!
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1 year ago, send Me now
Excellent program
I liked this program very much , but there was a small bug after I subscribed and I had problems reaching the company. None the less, it is exceptional and advances daily in its readings and this script I preferred.
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2 years ago, hramby 0
Faithful Fruend
This app has accompanied me for more than seven years through the US and Canada. We begin and end the day together mindful of the many who are doing the same and different yet the ever same unmeasurable time throughout the world.
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2 years ago, BobbyJohn600
Copy & Paste
Nobody asked me but I prefer the previous way to copy and paste; before your last update. It was easier to copy certain sections. I can’t do that anymore. Thanks for listening.
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9 months ago, Joseph J Andrew
Great App
I love this app! It is so well designed & easy to navigate! Every night I read the night prayer & sometimes I listen to the spoken version on the app. It has deepened my connection with Jesus. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, Deacon John Tomandl
Excellent App
RC Calendar, AKA Catholic Calendar or Universalis, is the best ‘all in one’ app that I’ve found! It contains all of the daily prayers and readings for the Divine Office as well as Mass and also has reflections, Lectio Divina and rosary. I have multiple app’s for all of these but RC Calendar does them all in one place and is excellent!
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4 years ago, SoleGreenville, SC
Great resource
This is a fulfillimg resource to be used with the LOH/DO/Breviary App. When used together, it makes the opportunity of LOH prayer far more focused and undistracted than the bound 1 or 4 volume readings... even though the prayers are the same.
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2 months ago, anewleaf75
Thank you!!
Can’t think of one negative thing to say beautifully put together!!
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2 years ago, Qerato
More than worth every penny!
The app allows me to keep up with the LOTH when I’m on the go. The Grail adds a nice counterpoint also.
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8 months ago, Lady MAH
Thank you
For including the daily mass in this app, it is so welcomed. Please don’t stop teaching us about the saints thank you Maureen
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6 years ago, Reviewer2942
A blessing
This app is great for every day. Having the readings and hours close at hand makes it easier to escape from the troubles of the day and follow the Lord's good workings.
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4 years ago, AdamFromIndiana
Recent update has broken ap
As a parish sacristan, this app is a must have for me, but the most recent update causes the app to crash upon launching. I have an iPhone XR running iOS 13.7. Please fix this soon!
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10 months ago, DonaldAndMilaniaFan
Memorial Dates
How come I can’t add dates anymore? The ‘ADD’ doesn’t highlight anymore, only the ‘Delete’ highlights???
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2 months ago, AllThisNotThat
Full Access to personal calendar?
So now your app will not add Holy days and holidays to my IOS calendar unless I grant you full access to my calendar? That is an invasion of my privacy. I used to love this app, now I’m going to delete it since it is of no use. Privacy is a very big deal breaker.
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1 year ago, With God on the move
The best prayer App
A great App, excellent for all the prayers, Mass etc. especially when one is traveling.
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12 months ago, cdos2
Content is great
I enjoy reading about the saints along with the daily scripture readings.
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5 years ago, EyesWideO_O
Just downloaded, explored a bit and Wow! What a deal to get lifetime subscription for $11. Prayers, readings, and tons of options. I’m impressed.
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3 months ago, sonofbard
Must have
An excellent resource for any Catholic who wants to pray with the Church.
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9 months ago, luckyshot572
Does not sync to Calendar
I downloaded this app to sync to my calendar. It does not connect to Apple Calendar even though it looks like it should.
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2 years ago, Catchdawg
I love this app!
This is my favorite catholic app. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Gfm15470
Please provide Spanish daily readings. Thank you and God bless.
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2 years ago, Honey12!
A beautiful and essential way to pray with th Church.
This is wonderful and I am deeply grateful!
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4 years ago, tfamyx48
It’s back!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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5 years ago, Paulinni1209
How can I change the alarm from bell to Gregorian Chants? Como puedo cambiar la alarma a Canto Gregoriano en lugar de la campana?
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4 years ago, David Conell
Something is wrong
Crashes on iPhone 6 with IOS 12 ;(
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7 years ago, Marine 47
What happened?
This used to be a nice free app. I would read about the Saint if the day and now—pay $1.00 a month. Much better free good Catholic apps out there. Will have to delete this app
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5 years ago, mxxxhxx
Unhappy with cost
I did not see any mention of cost when I downloaded this app! I am deleting now.
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4 years ago, stanley66
I love this app brings me closer to my Lord Jesus Christ
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4 years ago, rwinwa2020noa2030
App refuses to open
App refuses to open. Only provides a widget for liturgical calendar and feasts. No access to any of the material found on snapshots.
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5 years ago, Bern26
Why doesn’t it have access to Apple iPhone calendar any more?
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12 years ago, pinaymlc
First of all, the person who gave it one star below didn't check the settings-- you can easily change the mass readings in accordance to your local Catholic church liturgies (the default liturgy that this app is set to is not the United States one, so maybe that's why that person was caught off guard.) Anyways! This is truly a beautiful app-- the readings are so easily accessible and the Hours are just wonderful to have everywhere I go :) my daddy and all my friends who've downloaded it all love it too!!
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5 years ago, NolinKerry
See Laudate, send them a donation. Their free app is more stable, reliable, and they actually respond with your questions.
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7 years ago, MQ1 TT
I used this app everyday since it was developed, daily readings are free, sadly no longer
Show more
4 years ago, AAUriel
Thank you Zeus. ;P
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11 years ago, Saltie 1
Archaic language
I wish that you could do away with the archaic language especially in the hymns. The rest of the wording in the breviary is pretty good. I was using it every day for a few months but now I have gone back to the liturgy of the hours. I have version from Catholic book publishing company in New York and I like the wording in it better. But thank you for the wonderful service and I will continue to use it from time to time.
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14 years ago, BigDaddy Rob
Fire the Writers!
The RC Calendar may be OK for finding out what feast day is is but the synopsis I read today was the last straw. Poor or trite phrases for SAINTS abound; People who we are to look up to and I get and I quote, "After nine years in the convent she dies and that was that."! see Oct 1 feast of the Little Flower. In context I don't know if it was the Saint who died or the superior mentioned in the previous sentence! I happen to know from another source the Saint Therese' died after nine years in the Carmel not the superior. I am removing this from I phone and finding a better one with better writing about the Saints. I'm no Yeats or Shelley but I know poor and careless writing when I see it (and when I produce it) and this Stuff is TERRIBLE!
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15 years ago, Gus Monkeyshines
Very useful with only one qualification
With its "About Today" feature on the lives of the saints, provides a practical tool for daily living in the communion of saints, but sometimes goes from informative to preachy with questionable guidance & practical applications of the saints lives that seem forced or beyond the reach of the straightforward biographical info. Even more useful is the app this is the "teaser" for--"Universalis" for praying the Liturgy of the Hours--for which the developer recently adjusted the price down so I bought it. Thanks!
Show more
16 years ago, Yesiree100
Good Way to Read Bios of Saints
The main offering is the About Today feature which includes nice write ups about saints (about two per week). It is interesting to use the Pick feature to see if there are any saints chronicaled on specific days. It's a little slow to start up (only about 3 seconds, but still slower than other apps), but loads and works fine. A worthwhile teaser for the larger Universalis App which includes readings, psalms and three daily prayers.
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14 years ago, CS Farmer
Love it!
This free app is one of the best I have. Especially appreciate the Liturgy of the Hours on my phone. I don't think the Liturgy was included originally, unless I just missed it. I used to read about the saints and liked the app for that, but then I noticed the Hours button at the top of the screen. Available anytime, anywhere...awesome! Thank you so much, Universalis!
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12 years ago, Dino,""
Why are the dates of the week incorrect?
Being an individual born on the feast of Saint James Zechariah I pride myself on the day of my birth being that of a "Wednesday" yet your calendar app has recently broke and receded back three whole days which that of is incorrect to the calendar of any church hand out... Please fix this bug as also offsets the weeks set of the year. Thank you- Dean Domenick Zack Jr.
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15 years ago, rlopez8
A Wonderful Blessing
This app is truly a wonderful blessing to have. A great tool in providing the daily guidance we need move closer to Christ. Being able to have the Liturgy of the Hours at your fingertips is such a wonderful gift. Thank you so much as your ministry in making this available is helping to bring many closer to Christ.
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12 years ago, Reginsaw
Parishioner of St. Peters of Schulte, Ks.
This is just the Apps for the person that attends daily mass. It's really good for all mass'. It has the Ordinary of The Mass plus all holy days the daily and evening prayers. This would also be great for students. It is the latest up to date Mass readings. It also has the priest and people's reply at the Mass. You have to check this out. Maybe I can convince our parish to get WiFi for our church. Then we can use our iPads during mass.!
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