3.9 (131)
52 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rejean Poirier
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for Caustic

3.91 out of 5
131 Ratings
3 years ago, Geza X
Needs update but...
I wish I had discovered this sooner. It doesn’t seem to do it’s FTP thing correctly. And also doesn’t export stems correctly. I think both these issues are tied to the new IOS folder schematic. However, it is the only app that I get a song out of every time I use it. It’s really easy to compose beats on. The sounds it makes are awesome. Sadly I’ve only been able to export stereo and not stems, nor have I been able to use the FTP server to continue tracks in another DAW so it’s a bit crippled in that regard. The stuff I export doesn’t show up in the EXPORT folder either. I don’t think this is quite compatible with recent IOS. If it were updated it would still be a top app as far as I’m concerned. Geza X
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7 years ago, Leom187
Lots of fun! I like it more than Gadget
Quick tip: to get patterns longer than a bar- 2, 4, or 8, simply navigate to the machine of choice and scroll down. Each machine has its own piano roll beneath it, that is where you set the pattern length. Press grid, then 4x, 8x, etc. Recording live is great, rock solid quantization. SOUNDS great. There are deep sound design possibilities but the fx are so good you could get by just with presets and fx. Once you understand how things are organized, which didn't take long, it's very easy to create a lot of music very quickly. Don't bother arranging at the start, just create patterns till your heart is content and then arrange later. Not much to complain about aside from very small interface quirks that aren't that big of a deal. I suppose more instrument tracks would be nice. But with the live automation recording and 16 tracks, you won't lack for cool sounds. Also, don't miss the PCM synths ability to import audio from elsewhere. You can edit and apply fx to imported audio endlessly. Great app, my only regret is I didn't buy it sooner!
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9 months ago, Causticfan101
One of the best music creator apps!
Been making music since 1983 and I have to say, for a digital WS, this is quite impressive. I have tried a lot of similar apps, but I keep coming back to this one. The only problem I have experienced is on my iPad, when I try to connect via Bluetooth, it will not connect and only plays sound from the speakers. No other issues. Great app! Update 2023 Version doesn’t seem to be compatible with the new iOS 16 update. I literally lost years of music. The app doesn’t seem to be working since the update. Are the developers going to update Caustic? It would be worth it.
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3 years ago, Dissappointed Facebooker
Outstanding but few problems
Amazing sounds and beat machine kits however I haven’t been able to open up any projects since Caustic can’t seem to rotate to landscape mode even without orientation lock enabled! Not sure if this is a problem other users have experienced or just my phone but would definitely like to be able to use to keep using this app again! I’d also love to see a function where caustic can export songs to my phones files without needing to open iTunes on my desktop.
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5 years ago, alternative is not emo.
Incredibly intuitive, powerful, and fun to use
I have messed around with production since 2011, trying different DAWs to find one that I truly liked. I downloaded Caustic in October and have spent 1000+ hours using the app. I’m still finding out new ways to use its tools and very rarely feel like I’m held back by the limitations on the machine. There are some elements that are inconvenient when using an iphone (sound doesn’t play on Bluetooth headphones) but the portability and ability to quickly jump into production more than makes up for it. Would recommend this to anybody, whether as a supplement for desktop DAWs or as a primary workstation for amateur production.
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5 months ago, Nervosa420
Sad to report…
The app has since been rendered useless on my iPhone ever since the iOS 16 update. I have yet to update the app on my iPad and I hope it isn’t broken there as well. Having paid for the app a couple of years ago and up until now being pleased and even impressed by the quality and user friendliness of such a robust and feature rich DAW, I’m sad to see it in a state of disrepair. However, I’m keeping faith in the developers and hoping that they will fix the problems and restore mine and all of the loyal Caustic fans that rely on their software to flesh out their ideas and their creative outflows that would otherwise go unfulfilled. We need you. Don’t let us down. Thank you for everything you do.
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8 months ago, Asan110
DOES still work with iOS15 and AudioShare!
I hope they do update sometime (we would be happy to pay!) but it is still working fine on my older device with iOS 15, except most of the export options have broken! I was still able to use the AudioShare option however after purchasing that app and from there can save to iCloud, etc. like other modern apps. Might still be possible to sync files with iTunes as well, have not tried. Thanks for all these years with this groovy app!
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6 months ago, elkc248
Doesn’t work anymore
The layout is wrong even though I’m holding my phone in landscape mode
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7 years ago, Strizbiz
Sequencer needs work
Overall it has a lot of great features, probably the closes you'll get to Reason 4, sadly the sequencer section is not that good, I find it very cumbersome to get things done, I spent at least an hour trying to figure out how to make a pattern that was more than 1 bar long so I wouldn't have to record a chord progression a section at a time, apparently you can, so it really makes it a slow drawn out process, and for the most part, it just not that intuitive. I wish I could give it a higher rating but imo, the sequencer is more suited for step sequencing versus real time.
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3 years ago, vibrobooot
Sampling issue
I’m on an iPhone 6. Every sample I record sounds like it went through a children’s Robot effect. I’ve tried everything I know to do, and cannot get a clean sample with this app. This is particularly frustrating, because I really just want to use this app as a tracker/sample sequencer. The fact it does that is amazing, but I’m working with nothing but robot sounds, and it is very frustrating. Please update.
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7 years ago, bellyclava
Best mix of features
This is the most comfortable and well thought out DAW that I have used on a mobile device. Just yesterday I was wishing for different time signatures, and guess what? This update has them! Among plenty of other good things. Thanks for all the good work.
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2 years ago, Next//Page
Thank you for this masterpiece
One wish that i have is that i hope this developer could update this app to at least support for some time 🥲🥲 perfect app for mobile music creations!!!!
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2 years ago, YeahsYeahYeahs
Amazing app. Just wish it could transpose your notes if you change scales. For example if u change from c major to f major the c will change to f instead of staying a c. More than worth the money as is tho!
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4 years ago, Eat a duck
So so close to perfection
This app is a gem. It has let me make amazing songs on the go. 1. Exporting stems doesn't seem to work. 2. It's impossible to line up the dots that control the volume of a track at a certain time. They will always be a bit off from each other. 3. The modular synth exports with TERRIBLE crackling that isn’t in the synth before exporting sometimes. It seems like the mixer modules can glitch like this sometimes. I can’t figure out how to prevent the glitched exports! I hope these issues get addressed!
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1 year ago, Lu!G
Amazing Mobile Daw
Best mobile daw ever created! Thanks Rej I have a very important question tho.. I’ve recently installed it in an iPhone.. How and where do you find the Caustic-data folder ??
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3 years ago, Gauphy
Update for goodness sake hohoho Merry Caustic
2021 update Please Still this app shows how little improvement has really happened with iOS music tools over the last 10 years. The developer of this app was so far ahead that only now he’s being passed. Wish list: Refresh the interface look/design, work as Audio Unit or AU’s within Caustic, better or access to Pro Mix/Mastering tools. Pass by every music app again for another decade.
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4 years ago, Jonavin Jackson
Make as audio unit
Could caustic please be made as an audio unit extension? and also have a folder made for caustic in the files app so you can access your songs samples instruments and etc?
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4 years ago, another commenter
Issues with caustic
This is a very versatile and creatively expressive app. The only issue that I have is that my Bluetooth headphones keep disconnecting every time i try using the app. It is really frustrating as I’m usually in public and can’t listen to what I’m playing on my speaker. If this issue is fixed, this would be an amazing product.
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6 months ago, upset caustic fan202
Great app, but needs update!
Had this app for years on multiple devices and it’s always been amazing and I’ve written so many songs here, but since my last update a few months ago it hasn’t worked at all! Willing to pay for update
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4 years ago, ItsLodexstyles
Updates plsssa
This app is truly capable if sooo much! But needs updates...... More synths, the ability to add more than just two effects, maybe a multiband compressor, etc....
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4 years ago, GD Beats
I can’t view my caustic files
This app is pretty good but I can’t get access .caustic files, I want to save all my project files and collab with other caustic users but I can’t because if this
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4 years ago, Dallas Jepson
Exporting doesn’t work
Clicking on any of the prompts including SoundCloud will not open those apps. Also, the exported files are nowhere to be found
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4 years ago, coolvault
Little things.
It literally takes 3 minutes to make a smaller or bigger trying to change the length of it... so much hassle for little things like the grid and going back and having to put another note to replace and back out of the grid it’s just terrible and very confusing with not a lot of help
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4 years ago, Hurtzdonut
Your other app editor for Volca needs an update...
...and now seems to be missing from the App Store. It was awesome. Please update it.
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6 years ago, The Zekeness
Exporting is broken
A bit of warning to you all... The developer wants you to fork over an additional cost for a separate app to export your songs. If this allowed me to export to Dropbox or Google drive from the get-go, a higher rating would be warranted.
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7 months ago, Horse Menor
Garbage and I paid for it!
This app worked fine on my iPhone however after an update for the phone the app only offers a single synth and only fills up half the screen. Junk! I want money back, what a rip off!!!
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3 years ago, Codowlsky Polopumus
Ghost notes?
Getting keyboard triggers for keys never pressed. Unable to record due to this (felt like I was playing 2 player and it was always the other guys turn)
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2 years ago, Prisumfire
Great app
This app is super fun and I believe super underrated. However, I believe adding bluetooth support would improve it ten fold.
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5 years ago, HealersChild
I love this app but...
It won't connect to my Bluetooth headphones. Everything else on my iPhone 7+ will, but not Caustic. I won't be able to mix well without that - I hate to say this, but I either need it fixed or I need a refund. :( So excited to download this app, now very disappointed😭
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5 years ago, Mikes jello
Such a great workstation and workflow with so many great machines. Hope the developer keeps it updated. Thanks!
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8 months ago, Zoekilahh
How can I import sound
Caustic 3 is a great daw but I can’t import sound that I have please update
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2 years ago, XxDarkMap
I really like it but I don’t know how to import my files in it 😐
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10 months ago, St@X
I can’t even use it anymore because the screen is locked in some weird position. The developer completely abandoned this app. It was amazing for years until the latest apple update. C’mon man, DO SOMETHING!
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1 year ago, mantis2483
It need to be updated to work on iOS 16
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4 years ago, BeeTull
I used to love this app until I bought the iOS version. $9.99 and I can't EXPORT the file unless I buy another $3.99 app? The export to share does nothing, you can't even save a local file with this app. What a joke. Fix this. 1 star because I can't give 0.
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4 years ago, 1Roger That
Developer Is Lazy
If you build a monster then you feed it. File transfer difficulty is not all on apple
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5 years ago, sanitune
Cannot load presets
I cannot load anything past caustic, I cannot load any new presets or sounds
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2 years ago, da real hiphop
This app is not working anymore
Yo why is caustic not working anymore???
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5 years ago, Isaackoz
Bluetooth headphone support!!!
Needs Bluetooth headphone support! Especially now that newer phones lost the audio jack
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9 months ago, Nickyanwilfredo
wish i could use my BT headphones :(
cant use bluetooth with this app
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4 years ago, jessedonalies
Why won’t this app work for Apple AirPods??????
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2 years ago, Domji27
Bluetooth headphones don’t work iOS
Great app but the fact that Bluetooth headphones won’t work on iPhone with the app is killing me. I’ll rate 5 stars when they fix this.
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3 years ago, ffvhgfbjbf xx cv
I’m unable to have sound through Bluetooth headphones. No option for output in settings.
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3 weeks ago, Trampas Sisk
Does not work on new iPhone
Paid 9.99 for an app that will not run properly in the new iPhone. Can’t even hit the transport controls.
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6 months ago, Bomani x2
needs update
needs update
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6 years ago, neveroddoreven108
Not better than gadget. Not worth $10
The sequencer is completely unintuitive. There is no count in to record live. Pattern structure is a mystery. The manual is not much help.
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1 year ago, Coffin Queef
Only grief about the app
When opened it plays whatever the last song you were working on and wish there was an option of creating a new song or continuing with the last. The second I hear the old riff is the second I forget the new riff. It’s really annoying wanting to put something new in and then you have the old riff in mind and I just forget the new riff. Would be excellent for option of creating new or continue old. The amount of machines to be used with an instrument could be expanded. And the export feature could make sense. Have never been able to utilize it. Maybe I’m just dumb and don’t know how to use app to its fullest extent, but more direct resources to what you want to hear and do would be awesome. Have often heard little riffs in videos I’d like to use in a song but getting it into it is idk just seems like a mess to sort out in audacity. Would like to see the app more streamlined to make some devastating songs and riffs. As is kind of a casual user experience to mess with when you’re on the plane or bus. Would just like to see something that truly makes this app powerful. Am stuck in a rut with it and everything comes out as a chip tune which is alright I guess but nothing that comes to as essential for the creation process. More of a roadblock than anything else. I might be stupid and asking too much, but I’d like being able to easily record a riff on the guitar or vocals and just put it in where I want it rather than trying to make it fit in. Everything feels forced when I want it to flow. Just an ordinary user’s experience.
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3 days ago, Gestic
Won’t work
I downloaded this into a iPhone 14pro max and it simply won’t run.
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4 years ago, MrSpicket
Totally unusable on IPhone XS Max
Interface loads in vertical mode with most of the keyboard obscured, will not rotate to horizontal. Completely worthless app on iPhone XS Max. How do I get a refund?
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5 years ago, avotoli
No Bluetooth headphones support
I only have Bluetooth headphones and this app doesn’t support it in iOS.
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