CCU Mobile Banking

4.9 (10.6K)
84.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
North Island Financial Credit Union
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CCU Mobile Banking

4.86 out of 5
10.6K Ratings
4 years ago, MexitalianStalian
Great app but could be better
Great app. The only thing I don’t like is that there are certain purchases that do not automatically get pulled from your card until the business or company decided to pull that money. Therefore, this makes it difficult for people to keep track of exactly how much they have in their account because if one makes multiple purchases and then checks their account the following day they may be deceived with the actually number that is provided by the app. This is because those companies/businesses may not have yet charged the card and so the person will “think” they have more money than they actually do have. In which case, they end up overdrafting and get charged for doing so. I wish this app could just keep track of all the purchases that one makes and subtract that number from the actual number that’s in the account. This would make the app perfect.
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6 years ago, NavyPink89
Best so far
I’ve got 3 other banking Apps, Navy Fed, SELCO and USBank, CCU(&NIFCU) is by far the best. It’s pretty easy to navigate and gives lots of detailed information you want. The others lack this. CCU shows when things are pending for withdrawal & deposits. Most Apps view as a “short version “ of the website, meaning all the features aren’t available, but CCU App has all the features as the full webpage does. It seems they are far more advanced in the online/app banking verses other credit unions/banks.
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3 years ago, Cabrio924
Annabelle from North Hollywood
I I Amit whom it may concern. Annabelle have served my with the highest level of professionalism and excellence personal service for a decade. I have been a member for over 20 years. I have had many checking, savings, credit cards, car loans, home loans and home equity loans. She has always been professional and of the highest quality.
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1 year ago, lindsssaay
Mobile deposit STOPPED working
With the newest update, mobile check deposit has completely stopped working. After moving to south Orange County from San Diego, I don’t have a branch that’s close to me so I rely on mobile check deposit for payments I receive. With the new update, this feature is completely broken. It is stuck on a blurry screen with a “rotate your device to continue your deposit” notice. I am totally out of options here so I will have to make a 40 minute drive to deposit a $100 check. Officially moving to a different credit union because of this!
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2 years ago, r00ted0ne
Great app but could use a few small features.
As a customer with usbank I was spoiled with push alerts every time I used my card. I’d love to see CCU’s app do the same. It helped greatly with keeping track of what I’ve spent throughout the day. Things that would be useful would also be a dedicated Zelle button on the bottom navigation bar. But my main thing would be alerts for purchases.
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6 years ago, Danny O'B
Mobile banking at CA Credit Union
We love North Island and CA Credit Unions and the mobile banking app has been a great addition to their services. We have saved on gas & wear & tear on our cars as the Santee Branch had been closed so we had to drive over 10 miles to the La Mesa Branch but wanted to stay with North Island & CCU. Very convenient and easy to use and I highly recommend it to other customers. Thank you, Dan O’Brien
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4 years ago, lwdupont
Great app and great credit union
I got a car loan through this credit union, which is how I was introduced to this app. Out of all the other bank/credit union apps out there, this one feels the best, most native on iOS. Fast Face ID login, easy transfer and deposit. A really great app. Enough that I’m considering moving all my other accounts to them. 👍
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2 years ago, Vanasty14
Convenient for my lifestyle
Im originally from San Diego and NICU (now CCU) has always shown the best customer service I did not want to leave as I traveled around for college living and now in my career. The convenience of this app allows me to take care of business without having to even be in the county! Or in the state. Thank you.
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9 months ago, Unlnown player
Well made app.
Super simple, able to use Face ID, easy buttons to get you where you need fast without needing to talk to anyone. Very responsive with no bugs due to the simplicity. Overall really good compared to other bank apps.
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2 months ago, million3000
App Is Handy but ..
The app is very helpful because I can access it at my fingertips from my phone… but the transactions doesn’t show me which debit card was used. We have two debit cards … one for me, one for my wife .. the transaction statement is not specific; it doesn’t show which debit card was used.
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1 year ago, jkyinthesky
Can’t Mobile Deposit
Just letting you know that as of the most recent update, the app doesn’t let me mobile deposit anymore. I open the camera to try to take a photo of my check and the camera stays foggy, doesn’t fully open when I rotate my phone either.
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7 years ago, SexyCellus
Popmoney does not work on my app. Wish it had more features like to take a picture of your check to deposit right away or let you look at your different bank account from the app instead of going online.
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3 years ago, grat bnkng
Great Banking
Its been quite few years banking whit north island credit union,theres been some issues over the years (not whit the bank) and is great relief knowing that the institution is there for you to solve any matter that arise,Thank you North Island.
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1 year ago, dogshoe55
Interface Issues
Good and helpful app, but PLEASE fix the zelle add in. Whenever I add a new contact, it asks me to confirm by pressing 'continue,' but because it's just a website loaded onto the ccu app, it's a pop up. The pop up ends past my screen so I can't click continue, even when I try to zoom out or change the rotation.
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2 years ago, DumbNicknameIHaveToEnter
CCU Mobile App
If I could give it no stars, I would. The app is so glitchy and there are constant error messages. In this day and age, their online banking system should be way more efficient so that people won’t have to go in to their locations to do something as simple as depositing a check. I consistently have issues depositing checks because the system can’t read the date, the amount, the endorsement, etc.
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7 years ago, Mangosan
Love NIFCU/ccu app
I'm not sure why so many complaints. I followed the directions and uploaded new app on Monday morning after merger. No problems with any of the functionality. It's easy to use and I love being able to make deposits or transfers on my phone or iPad.
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7 years ago, cantstandtaylor
Pending charges still apart of available balance
The reason I left Wells Fargo is because they made it difficult to keep up with PAST payments that should have been processed. If there's a pending charge why is it still apart of my available balance. I.e. If 5 dollars is pending at a store. That same 5 dollars should be SUBTRACTED FROM the AVAILABLE balance LIKE IT ALWAYS HAD BEEN BEFORE THIS MERGER. If this is the case, I can take my money to a more reputable bank with the same game system you all are expecting us to play.
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2 years ago, Daya-fast8-working
Having issue with mobile check deposit
Mostly love this app But recently I am having an issue with the mobile check deposit function I am able to get to the point of taking a picture of the check and then the screen goes out of focus and a warning pops up that I need to rotate my camera I have tried all levels of fix both in my camera app, in the credit union app, restarting phone, deleting app and reinstalling. Nothing appears to be working. This only changed in the last month or so. Hoping at developers can assist
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3 years ago, ferndoit
Excellent service, the branch in Torrance has the best staff, very accommodating.
The mobile app is very useful and very resourceful. I would like to see that your branch in Torrance, that staff is amazing I have never been treated so well and they are very helpful.
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4 years ago, OrbusGirthy
Very simple and convenient.
This app has changed the game in banking, it's so user friendly. It even makes banking easy for my fiance who doesn't know how to use her smartphone. The ability to send money via Zelle and make transfers is awesome.
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4 years ago, Sck67
Quick Balance Feature Broken
As a 20+ year CCU customer, I really liked the quick balance feature, which worked great for several years, but now CCU has decided that they would allow their app developer to render it useless. This has unfortunately been the case for quite a while, so it is becoming quite clear that CCU not only completely out of touch with their app performance, but also their customers.
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6 years ago, MyRevenge
Pretty good App
This app is very easy to use. I like how it also shows pending transactions. However, I wish that it would work with Face ID. Hopefully, in their next update they will have it work with the iPhone X’s facial recognition.
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6 years ago, pinkduck6
Pay my bills and pop money check deposit
Thanks to this new app I don’t have to buy stamps,go to atm if I need to pay someone money or even go to the bank if I need to deposit a check it’s all on the app I love it💗
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4 years ago, Cougarami
You won’t find an easier app to use and access your account. Convenient, fast and immediate. No waiting in lines or driving to do. Highly recommend!
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7 years ago, Lil Buga
Thee Worst banking app ever!
I hope someone actually reads this and makes some changes. I have had several other banking apps and this is by far Thee Worst, the functionality, the looks, the amount of time and effort it took to find the app in the App Store was utterly ridiculous. This app looks and feels like the IT department walked in the credit union asked its tellers if any of them knew how to create apps. Wish I could have given this zero stars.
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6 years ago, Wannisounique
I love the access! Everything at your Fingertips!!
Simple app that’s easy to navigate, Pay bills and see your available balance within a few taps! Add payees for your monthly bills and send funds easily! Amazing app!
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6 years ago, Luisa Miranda Murillo
CCU has really come along. I was reluctant when it changed from NIFCU. Improvements & easier to pay bills online and app is all around getting better. I have zero complaints. Keep up the good work CCU
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1 year ago, OSpv
Zelle app within the CCU app is useless
It’s almost impossible to send via Zelle using the CCU app. There’s always a hold on payments sent out to my contacts. It’s very difficult to conduct business using the Zelle app within the CCU app. Other than that, the app is A-ok.
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7 years ago, d.zelaya
Credit card payment
Won't let me pay my credit card by simply transferring from checking to credit card.
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11 months ago, butterflynette 22
My CCU app
I really like this app it’s better then the other apps I’ve experience cuz everything is so up to date all my transactions are there with no delays! Awesome bank awesome app‼️
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7 years ago, Barbershop Owner
Fix this💩
Why do I have to go the branch in order to a transfer to my credit card ? Because this useless app doesn't have that feature.
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3 years ago, coachkath66
User friendly and reliable
I have been ising this app for more than five years. It has been fantastic and very Easy to navigate.
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7 years ago, Like the game but....
Works good but can use help
I think the app works ok since the update but some features won't populate. The screen will go blank and you're not sure if it's thinking or stuck.
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5 years ago, Angielina1985
More online banking options
Would be nice if there were more options on the app, such as Zelle and transfers between other bank accounts.
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2 years ago, Porter Bunz
Use it friendly and I love the secured mail system that’s usually being done instantly ;)
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6 years ago, heidigiselle
Wish I could order checks online
I love this app and I just wish I could order checks online, who goes to the bank these days?!?!
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2 years ago, Lpvp2011
Camera not working using Mobile Deposit on iOS 16.0.3
Camera no longer working during mobile deposit. Keeps asking you to rotate your screen and you cannot exit out of this mode
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6 years ago, lam0nta
Great app
I love this banking app just wish I can transfer fundings from my checking’s to my credit we were able to do before!
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6 years ago, Eddievee24
Bad update
The update ruined everything.. I am no Longer receiving updates on my bank info and transactions
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2 years ago, jasond1979
Great Apo
Use all the time highly recommend. I like the convenience of using the ap. Functions very well
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7 years ago, Susan SD
Overall good
One area that I would like to see changed is the date to make a payment. Would prefer a calendar vs. the rolling dates. Otherwise the app meets my needs for my account.
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1 year ago, kendg2
New login is a hassle
I updated my CCU app recently. Whatever was done to the login page on the app, please undo it! I now have to enter my passcode and then search for my passcode in the settings of my iPhone’s “Autofill Password” instead of it automatically filling once I’ve entered the passcode. Completely inconvenient. Defeats the purpose of a smartphone!
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1 year ago, Chitamakkk
Mobile check upload is flawed
I’d rather get a new bank than continue trying to get their app to work. Either it gets stuck on the “rotate your phone” screen, or there’s an application error. Super frustrating.
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7 years ago, northisland4life
Sweet app
I downloaded the app no problem. Works just as good as before if not even better. Great job by the staff with the conversion. Made my online banking experience seamless.
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2 years ago, #compulsory5stars
Easy to use, great service
I really love CCU and the app is easy and functionally simple. Great service from this credit union.
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4 years ago, Sevenprincess
No more waiting
Very convenient, I don’t have to call the bank anymore, love it!
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2 years ago, Komit
Convenient easy to use
Super convenient and way to use.
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6 years ago, mw232mw
Could be a 5
But fingerprint ID was disabled so I don’t get the full functionality that is readily available on other financial apps.
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2 years ago, Puttz Springa
Love my NICU, super easy to navigate and fast.
Extremely fast, convenient and easy to use!
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7 years ago, Billhowardst
What's the use?
Not only did the credit union make my account inaccessible at ATMs for an entire weekend and more, I know I have a useless app which, though it seems to recognize me, has no intention of doing any kind of business with me. If this is any indication of what the merger has in store for me in the future, I may well pull my money out.
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