Celebrity Look Alike - Looky

4.5 (22.6K)
36.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Who do I Look Like Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Celebrity Look Alike - Looky

4.5 out of 5
22.6K Ratings
5 years ago, erisolshipper
Kinda Fun, but annoying and not super accurate.
I know it’s a free app and ads are how you make money, but having to watch a video every single time you use a new picture or want more results is annoying. With more results, I had the same celebrities two or three times. It wouldn’t show “more results”. And some of the celebrities chosen were not accurate at all. Only about 2/5 are. Also, this app only has 5 star ratings because THATS ANOTHER WAY TO GET YOUR RESULTS. I find that unfair.
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2 years ago, An0m1nous
Absolute Trash
First of all, it isn’t even accurate. It thought that me, a Mexican guy with a villager unibrow and the darkest brown hair ever, looked like Tom Holland, the whitest brit ever with barely any eyebrows and super light hair. And when I tried it a second time, it said " SoRrY tHiS dIdN’t WuRk ChEcK uR iNtErNeT", and made me pay TWENTY DOLLARS TO DO IT AGAIN. In conclusion, don’t even try to see if you’re going to like it. You won’t. And the actual rating for this app is NOT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. At the very most ⭐️⭐️. Most of the 5 star reviews are either bots or people who are actually rating it 1 star and just wanted to get their comment seen. And there should be a petition to delete this app from the App Store permanently, but I won’t be the one to do it, as I don’t know how. Thank you for listening.
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5 years ago, get yourself a real job
Download this app to buy the real app!
So if you were looking to just get a quick little entertainment out of this app, you won’t. Immediately it will give you that “buy our premium” pop up, you’ll see the ‘x’, click it, wait... hold on, click it again..... okay, refresh the app, same pop up, “okay maybe it’ll work this time”, click it. Okay this just doesn’t work, click ‘continue’, “purchase our premium! First 3 days free, after that 9.99/week!” Okay no. So essentially this app is free to draw in attention and then leave you hanging because they need that 9.99. I don’t understand that, many other apps with similar technology to them are only .99, and that’s a one time payment. Look into your market before you produce an app.
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5 years ago, FancyCatherine
Just not worth your time
So at first it was annoying because you had to either give it a 5-star review or watch a ad to get 1 result, only 1. Then it got more annoying because to get more than one result, you had to watch ANOTHER ad. Then the thing that got me the most annoyed is it said (tons and tons) of times I looked like older men. That was like a insult because I’m REALLY, REALLY “girly”. I have long hair, wear makeup and jewelry, and there was also a VERY “girly” background in the photo. It said I looked like a older, pale, short red-colored hair, bearded male. When I’m younger, tan, long light-brown colored hair, and I’m a non-bearded (lol) female. Until this is fixed, I will no longer use this app because (to me) being told you look like a man (when you obviously don’t) was insulting
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5 years ago, Nabz100
Not great at all!
App makes you choose between giving it a 5 star in order to see the result, OR watch an add video - it’s quicker to give the 5 star rating so I suspect That’s why it’s got such great ratings; because most people just do it so they can get to the results quick and then forget about it. I wanna head and watch the video instead twice, to see the results For the picture of a female friend, the results were males, they didn’t even look like her, and yeah it was disappointing. Plus I hate that this app makes you give them a rating before you even know what the results are going to be. So disappointing all the way around. I am about to delete it and look for a different app to meet this purpose altogether
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5 years ago, Mooya8902
terrible app
I downloaded this app thinking it would fun, IT WAS NOT. The first thing that showed up when you open the app is a pop asking you to get their premium and after you say no they ask if your absolutely sure you don’t want the buy the premium, but that’s not all. I uploaded a picture but it didn’t go through so i tried again only to be greeted by a screen saying I have to an hour unless I get the premium. I wanted the hour and went back to the app but nothing happened. I tried uploading another picture and the same exact thing happened. At this point I came to the conclusion this app won’t work unless you their overpriced premium.
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5 years ago, suliam
This app is so ridiculous 🙄
I was going through my feed on snap and I saw the add about this app and I was like cool so I downloaded it and then before I used it I read some of the reviews and there were all TERRIBLE sand I was like is this app really that bad and when I used it, this app is so bad I deleted it immediately because first it told me to try another photo apparently but then it said to wait a whole hour!!!! SOOO I did then it worked on a photo and it gave me a picture of a woman that looks NOTHING alike me like she has bangs I don’t have bangs she wears BRACES i don’t wear braces so you see my point I can give you a WHOLE entire paragraph of why you shouldn’t download this app so please don’t download it OO YEET
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5 years ago, 14152626
Best celebrity look alike app plz 🙄
It wouldn’t even let me take a picture or you can look at the actual app it just showed the premium package add so that was annoying enough and then whenever I try to push the Xscape that it wouldn’t even let me lousy more annoying so if you don’t want to waste your time then don’t get this app you will deeply regret it this soon as you get it don’t listen to those five star rating as they’re all lies they probably pay for the premium package so yeah don’t get it don’t waste your time and don’t waste your day thank you very much I hope the makers of this app see this so you know how terrible that they have that’s all I have to say
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5 years ago, Bay273
Annoying and not worth the time
So I saw an add for this on Snapchat and it took me a second to realize what it was so once I realized what it was I downloaded it. I read the reviews on it while I wait for it to download and I see pretty much all the reviews saying it’s not worth the time and blah blah blah I’m still stupid and open the app once it’s downloaded and I choose a picture and an add popped up I just click the X and try to continue what I was doing and another add for the subscription pops up and it says “wait 60 minutes to use our app!” So I then get a little angry because it’s telling me to wait a hour to see who I look like. It’s not worth it don’t download
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4 years ago, tacogirl122
I saw an add on Snapchat and I was like oh this seems kinda fun and I can use this app when I’m bored so I get the app and immodestly right when you open the app it tells YIY to start a free trial then after a couple days you have to pay 9.99 ti use this app like that’s crazy they’re saying I have to pay $10 just to see what celebrity I look like I’m not doing that that’s just a waist of precious money like I see apps that are the same exact thing but for free or $1 but ten dollars is ridicules so I deleted the app right away and I gave it a 1 star rating and write this review so i would advice you to NOT get this app🙄
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3 years ago, fatty kitty
Why do I have to pay?!
Of course disappointed I’ve been looking for an app that will just let me see celebrity look a like but every time you have to pay!😡 the first thing it says to buy the vip pack so you can see your celebrity look a like! Like really? Maybe if I didn’t have to pay for something so little then I would have fun.
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5 years ago, Honest Review (not fake)
So I downloaded this app because Snapchat kept on showing adds on it and I thought it looked kind of cool. I looked at the stars and it was a high rating so I was thinking it would work. Then unless you pay, you take a picture and then when you it match it pops up that it won’t show your celebrity match in the an hour. Unless you want to wait that long then go ahead but if you don’t, DON’T GET IT. And really don’t pay for it, you would be wasting money for something you would probably use like once or twice then might end up deleting it. ok bye 🙂👋
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4 years ago, nun of your bisnis
horrible app = horrible review
Horrible app as soon as you open the app the PREMIUM pop up comes I couldn’t find the “X” then when I did it didn’t let me press it so I refreshed the page nope same thing that kept repeating so I deleted the app and redownloaded the app.... cuase maybe it was a glitch once I tried again I gave up SAME THING HAPPENED I was trying to see who I look like and NO I can’t so I deleted the app again and read some reviews and on one I read they were having the same problem and in their words “there’s other apps the same only 0.99 and that’s the only purchase”
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5 years ago, TikTok.lover
Terrible App
I tried the app out and i took a picture of myself. Then i pressed the match up button and it said i looked like this old guy. and i am a girl and he looked nothing like me. he was asian and I am black. this app is terrible and it completely wasted my time. it glitches out like 5 times while i tried to use it as well. it is so sucky and it should honestly not be an app at all. it is one of those scamming apps that just want you to spend your money on it. even tho it is such a bad app. however made this needs to take it down or something. this app is the absolute worst.
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4 years ago, 4NV1o7
Do not get the app!!!!
This app looked cool on the ads I got from it ,but little did I know what was coming my way. Don’t you hate it when you see a cool app and you get it but your afraid of spending money on it for no reason. That’s me. I am just on Snapchat and I get a story on a sponsored app which is this app in particular. So, I really like this app but the point is that if you want people to use your app, then why do you give them to pay. I ain’t one of those people giving for free trials(aka like 3 days). I conclusion, don’t get the app if you don’t want to be spending money on something so stupid.
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5 years ago, Thespringtrap
dont buy this app
so i was on snapchat and i saw this ad, and it kept popping up, so i decided to try it. I picked a picture, and it said it didn't work, so i decided to pick another one. When i pressed find match, the subscription thing came up and i was like oh whatever. So i pressed the button again, the subscription came up again! I kept pressing it to see if it would work, but the subscription kept popping up, and it wouldn't let me find the match. So lesson learned it only let me try it once, read this and don't get this its a waste of time
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5 years ago, Lavender707
Ridiculous you have to buy this at such an expensive price to even use it
I only got to do one picture (which was a terrible fail, the picture they chose looked nothing like me). After that one picture, I can’t do anything without purchasing the app — which I certainly am not going to do! Whoever created this is just trying to get your money. You can find websites that do this exact thing for free (and those free websites actually work, unlike this app). Don’t waste your time with this app, and especially don’t waste your money!!
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4 years ago, amazing and awsome app
I found this on Snapchat so I decided it would be a good idea if I downloaded it. So immediately when you open the app there’s a pop up and it says “buy looks unlimited!” So I exited out and I put in a picture of me and it didn’t work so I got back on the app and I tried again the pop up showed up again and the same thing happened so I don’t recommend giving money to this app or downloading it. Because if you pay the app your paying ten dollars just to see who your look-alike is. So I don’t recommend downloading this app.
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4 years ago, I want my friggin money back
Cautionary tale
I downloaded the app just to see what it was about, got the free trial, attempted to cancel it, and apparently it didn’t cancel my subscription, so I’ve been charged 10 dollars A WEEK for MONTHS. I kept wondering where my money has been going and I finally figured it out. I guess it’s partly my fault, but I’m still furious that I was charged 130 dollars for useless app I didn’t even use. These app developers profit off of people who make simple mistakes. I’m an atheist, but I strongly believe there’s a special place in Hell reserved for these garbage app developers 🙂
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3 years ago, fjs2002
Don’t download
I never leave reviews but I feel obligated to do it. I won’t recommend to let children to use this app because they will scam you. I downloaded this app just to have fun but it asks you to have a subscription, I didn’t have an option to press x. It stated that they were going to give you 3 days of free trial, I wanted to try it out so I was going to try the three days, for my surprise the app charged me 60 DOLLARS when it said that I had 3 days free. I demand a refund, if there was an option to give 0 stars I would do it.
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5 years ago, wonderificly awsome!
This is garbage!
Every single picture I put in is the same dude everytime I made different faces and everything! It was annoying so I took a screen shot of Ariana grande and put it in and it said she looked like tameria mowry hously (who ever that is) so obviously it doesn’t work. And everyone’s like “oh I’m only giving it five stars because it told me I had to!” WELL SINCE THE APP IS SO BAD, I’m assuming you deleted it right? So give five stars for the five minutes you use it and then give it one star. It’s that easy. So this app should have 1 star instead of 4. Don’t get. Ever. 🙄
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5 years ago, BiggBoyyChungus🤠
If ur looking for a non pay app that finds ur celebrity look a like well ur at the wrong place my friend. This place will cAtFiSh you to the end. It ask if u wanna either use a picture u have take a picture or do a quiz, then they put up a white screen so ur thinking everything is great but no, they give u that “pay us so we can take ur money and give u a celebrity that don’t look nothing like you.” So I payed the app and did the thing and I got a celebrity that looks nothing like me. THIS APP GAVE ME VANNA WHITE AND IM BLACK!! Do not buy anything that comes from this lying sack of garbage.
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5 years ago, Mocitysyd
App isn’t all bad
I know people gave this app bad reviews bc it “makes” you give a 5 star review to view the photos... BUT JUST WATCH THE VIDEOS MAN every app had video ads now so it’s not the biggest deal ever. So I watched the videos and it gave me some people that looked similar to me and some that didn’t at all.. all in all I’ve gotten the closest celebrity look alike to me so far so hey man I’m not complaining
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5 years ago, deeeeeeeznutzzz
worst app EVER!!!!!!! This is a scam. It says it’s free, but as soon as you download the “free” app you are forced to either pay for the full version of the app, or stare at the advertisement for the fill app for hours on end because you are not physically able to exit the ads. Horrible horrible horrible. I couldn’t even use the application at all because the ads were so overbearing. DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you don’t want to waste time! If you want to waste time staring at useless advertisements, this is the app for you. #1 app in time-wasting category.
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5 years ago, dogloverhatesbadapps
Once you open this app it immediately asked for me to join their premium which was a ridiculous 9.99 per month. I clicked out of it and then took a photo. It told me to “check my internet” when I had three bars (full) WiFi. I then clicked again to see if it would work and it told me to come back in a little while or join their premium. So apparently you only get one picture per 5 minutes. Or you can watch a add. WAYYY over advertised. If I could I’d give it 0.
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5 years ago, bgjpfflh
Awful App
I got this app because i was curious about whether it worked or not. When i opened the app, i was not able to choose a picture of myself from my library, but it took a picture that i had taken. That was when it prompted me to get the free trial, but when i clicked on it it asked me to pay. I did, and when it gave me my results, it said i looked like seth green. Mind you, i am female, blond and i have blue eyes, which is nothing like him. I am very dissatisfied and will be deleting the app after writing this review.
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5 years ago, 1andreaaaaa1
Here’s the tea. 🙃
With every picture you try to upload and “find your celeb look alike” it says to try a new picture or check your connection. No matter how high quality the image is or how ever good the connection. Then you must wait an hour before trying again, or you could simply pay money. Which that wouldn’t be an issue for me, but it seems like such a waste because it hasn’t worked so far. I don’t recommend this app. I tried to give it a chance, but it’s a nope for me.
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5 years ago, ACABANANA
Terrible, and not worth your time
This app was terrible. I chose a picture of me and it kept telling me I look like a very ugly old man. Just ridiculous. Second off, if I wanted to see who I looked like I would have to either upgrade to premium or watch an ad. I forgot to mention that you only got ONE person. I tried using multiple photos of myself and it would still show me the same old man. I will never request this app to anyone. If you want real results, I suggest you download another app.
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5 years ago, bbrown
Only has 5 star reviews because you can’t use the app until you A) give a 5 star review or B) watch an ad. I chose to “watch” the ad so I could give an honest review: I had similar results to the previous reviewer: female subject matched to an older male picture. Doesn’t bother me too much since this app is just a silly endeavor–and the dude in the photo had a great smile–but I can’t say the app works well. The means the developer employs to get good reviews and increase ad revenue are pretty shady. App Store staff should look into this one.
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5 years ago, Fox Bettie
I found the app on Snapchat and I’m was wanting to see who I looked like so I downloaded the app the second I opened the app I saw the vip feature and I just didn’t want to pay the 5$ a week or whatever it was so I go to the camera I take a normal picture and it’s says picture not valid so I’m like “ok I’ll just try again “ I go to try to take another picture and it says wait one hour to use again so I do and then you can pretty much only use the app if you use vip. Don’t buy this app.
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5 years ago, GamerR8TER
Bad, poorly written buggy. Don’t bother
Dont listen to the ads, or any review over 1 star. The thing is completely broken. You think its a free app, but it prompts you to pay 10 dollars every week! Worst of all, you have to wait 60 minutes every time you want to use it! If the picture is poorly taken, or theres no network connection, you have to wait another 60 minutes. So to use the app, you have to manually change the time in settings. Bad scam. Don't bother.
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4 years ago, thanksforyoureunderstanding
wth did i just download
Look i get the concept of this ridiculous app but im pretty sure this was made as a JOKE. I was on my snap feed and i got a ad about this app. Like most people here i downloaded it and tried it out. First of all they let you have a free trial and i tried that. I put in a photo and a MAN appeared and i was a WOMAN . Totally different skin color (no racism), hair and eyes. Are you trying to fool people. Please read reviews before you download this app and waste your time and give money to this trashy game
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5 years ago, Dan Yurkovetsky
right away it starts off telling me to buy their membership, and when i decline it and try to upload a photo to see which celebrity i look like, it tells me to check the internet connection. my wifi is working fine and 3 bars and when i try and do it again it tells me that i have to wait for 1 hour. so i tried it again a little later and again, the same thing happened. just don’t get this app. it’s a waste if your time.
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5 years ago, vizzy_da_epikgamer
Did not look like me at all
I got the app because I thought it would be cool to try,I have short hair and its blond and the celebrity I got had long brown hair and green eyes although I have blue eyes And the most horrible thing was that the celebrity that I got was like 38!!!!!!! I need to say that this is not what you would want if you want to see what celebrity you look like!! It’s a scam to me because it’s totally different then what I look like!!!! I’m so disappointed because I really wanted to know what celebrity I look like
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1 year ago, marg.shea
Useless garbage
This app is absolute garbage. I uploaded a pic and it told me to check my network connection or upload a different picture and try again. I did that and then it prompted me directly to have to pay $20 for the premium version for “unlimited searches” which according to other reviews even when the search works, it’s entirely inaccurate. This is the first app review i’ve ever felt the need to write. That says a lot,
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4 years ago, My story revie
Please read the reviews
I thought this game will be cool so I downloaded it and when I open the app the first thing I see is some premium thing that no ones gonna because the app is horrible and the first time I tried the face matched it worked okay but the next time I tried it all that popped up was the premium thing so I don’t recommend this app and if you find this app on snap like me don’t download it please
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4 years ago, bella11221
This app should be dealeted😡😡
When I first saw it I liked it but then I saw the rating and they didn’t look all that good but I still wanted to see so I take a picture and it froze and I had to wait a whole 2HOURS and when it did turn on I took a photo it showed a Celebrity I took a Thor one of my sister because she was excited to see her results and it showed prima and when I tried to press the X it FROZE at this point I got our of the game and deleting it I suggest to NEVER get this app
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12 months ago, Nikki Dodd
So I basically got the app because I always wanted to know what celebrity I looked like. I thought it was a good rating 4.5 stars. So I got the app, I of course, pressed the X because I wasn’t gonna pay. I uploaded a photo and it said something is wrong with my internet. LIKE REALLY?!?! My internet is FINE. Pls do not waste your time getting this app. I tried again and just told me to pay. I do not understand how this app is 4.5 STARS! Probably some dumb robots.
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5 years ago, ughihatethisapp
just don't download this app
would give zero stars if i could. i opened the app, and skipped the trial. i presses the button to submit my picture. a little error came up that said "something went wrong, choose another picture" that wasn't a problem. apps have small malfunctions all the time. but when i went to submit another picture, it said i had to wait an hour. are you kidding me? an error occurred when i tried to submit the picture, so it made me wait an hour as if nothing happened. i've read some other reviews of this app, and apparently you have to rate it 5 stars or it doesn't let you use it, or you have to watch an ad for each result. this is literally the worst app i've ever owned, don't bother downloading it
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5 years ago, presley g.o.a.t🤙🏼
don’t recommend
it says it free but when you enter the app you have to pay like $9 which is honestly stupid. I don’t recommend it whatsoever bc it’s not worth the $9 at all and I wasted my time for no reason trying to press exit and trying to take a picture but the money thing was always showing up. Don’t waste your time trying to enter the game, bc you have to pay $9 and there’s no other way you can enter the game without paying $9.
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3 years ago, DJ WOZ!
I’ve been trying to find an accurate celebrity lookalike app which is apparently harder than I thought.. So I found this one and thought it looked promising. It offered a free trial like the others, but doesn’t tell you how long the free trial is or how much the subscription will be after the free trial.. Being foolish, I clicked the free trial anyway.. only to get an debit alert seconds later saying there was transaction of $31. Needless to say I was VERY upset.. but thought since I already paid for it, might as well see how good it is.... it showed me 0 results, saying that there is a network error. I have very strong WiFi signals and cell service in my house. I would have felt guilty if I didn’t say anything..So at least you have been warned.
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5 years ago, JJSAYSHEY
this app is strangely offensive
I was looking at snap adds and found this. i look nothing like the people it said i did, it was offensive that half of the people had nothing in common with me and were kind of obese. i understand that they're famous but i dont have gray hair and dark skin like half the people that were shown. and the fact that you have to pay 10 dollars weekly is mental. this is one of the worst apps ive ever used. i wish i could rate it 0 stars
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5 years ago, logoutislal67950
Terrible Warning get at own risk
This is a cool app and all but there certainly needs to be great improvements. They didn’t make this app for people to enjoy they made it for all the money they make off all the adds they show you. Every time you want to take a picture you have to watch a 15-40 second add for not a great outcome for what celeb you look like. All in all teach the jerks who made this and don’t download this so you can watch hours of adds.
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5 years ago, YaSkeey
When I first saw the app I thought I’d just try it out for fun. But when I got it the first thing that shows up was this ad that I couldn’t get off of. I clicked continue and it said pay 9.99 a month. And not only that... whenever I opened the app, my phone would constantly vibrate and it only happens on this app. I deleted and reinstalled it just in case it was a minor mess up with my phone. But no, it still happened.
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1 year ago, K-Fluze
Learned a lesson! Don’t care about something so stupid.
Yep this app is complete trash and is probably used as data farming. I tried using my photo and conveniently the connection did not work. I used a random photo of someone who favors Naomi Campbell and it matched Amy Adams!! Lol. I laughed and learned a lesson to not care about something so pointless and meaningless as this. I was curious and wanted something—instead the app didn’t even work at all.
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5 years ago, meredith0924
Results weren’t accurate.
For results, you had to give a 5 star result or watch a video. To see more then one look-a-like you had to watch another 30 second video. The results weren’t accurate at all, a lot of the people weren’t the same race as me, had different hair colors, and looked nothing like me. I didn’t get a single result that was accurate. I even tried 4 different pictures and got as many results as possible.
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2 years ago, DivaJ01
Don’t get!! Forced to buy & doesn’t work at all
After a week trying to get it to work -> 0 successful matches App doesn’t work unless you buy it. Pop up message implies it’s free, but I was immediately charged. Over 30 photos uploaded & taken - 0 have resulted in a celebrity match. Every photo used results in a pop up error saying to check my network or use a new photo.
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5 years ago, Girl0013
Can I give this zero stars???
This is the most ridiculous app. A complete waste of time. I’m pretty sure they only have football players in their available matches. I’m a very feminine looking girl, with pale skin, freckles, red hair and blue eyes. Out of my 4 matches, all were male football players. 2 African American, 1 Hispanic, and one Anglo. The only thing any of them might have had similar to me is a couple of them have dimples, and so do I. Don’t waste your time or storage space.
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5 years ago, angrygal13
If I could give this app zero stars I would. My friend and I both tried with multiple photos of ourselves and it gave us results that were invalid... are you trying to tell me that I look like no one???? sorry that’s just fake, so no one should download this app and if I were you I would probably just go ahead and delete your whole phone, just go throw your phone in the trash if you’re thinking of getting this app thanks OK bye.
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4 years ago, evam59250
I looked nothing liked the celebrity.
Ok so when I first opened the app, it showed me like the 10 dollar premium membership which was first of all, WAYYYY to expensive. Second of all, it shouldn’t pop up literally every time I opened the app. Also I looked nothing liked the celebrity. It showed me this pale looking guy with freckles and long curly black hair. I’m a girl who is brown with brown hair! I would not get this app and I strongly discourage you to get the premium.
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