Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

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4.3 (95.6K)
214.9 MB
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Sociaaal LLC
Last update
2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

4.32 out of 5
95.6K Ratings
10 months ago, Unimportantperon
Like everyone else, I’m only giving this a high rating so people can see it
Yeah, no. Don’t even try it. As soon as you open the app, ads. Then, it hits you with the subscription thingy. Then when you’re trying to take a photo, ads. Like Bffr… and then when you FINALLY take the picture, another add. Then it generates your look alike, but guess what? ADS! And then when you finally get to the look alike thingy it’s a pixel-y and you can’t even see it. Then, when you try to press the generate button, guess what? No, not another add. A freaking subscription. Why would I want to pay just to see my celebrity look alike? Like, at least let us see it one time, dang. So, moral of the story, listen to the reviews. <3
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2 years ago, SUP3RUnicornGirl
I HATE IT!!! (I rated it 5 star so it’s at the top)
This is what happend. So I was playing my game, and I got an ad for this! I said “ooh this looks cool ima try it!” I looked at the reviews but decided to ignore them. BIG MISTAKE! I went into it and I got a ad straight away asking if I want celebs premium. I exited it, obviously. I took a picture and at first, it seemed light. It was loading and the picture was literally pixelated. I clicked on it and it was pixelated. And it makes you pay money to see it! That’s all these apps want. Money. Like Mr. Krabs! (Lol) Anyway, developers, if you want good reviews, at least make it so that you can see your celebrity lookalike once. Don’t reply to this and say “Oh sorry _____ We’ll fix it! ❤️” Take this review into note and fix it. That’s what you guys are supposed to do, right? WELL DO IT THEN 👹. But fr do your job.
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1 year ago, playdotnothot
So, once upon a time, I was scrolling on tiktok, and I seen an advertisement about this app, so me being the dummy I am, I downloaded this app even though there were HORRIBLE reviews on it. So, I said “ forget what them people say, shooot, I’m trying to see my celebrity twin.” So I downloaded the app and the first thing I see is an ad. I close off the ad and their is a thing that popped up saying “ buy premium for $6.99.” I closed that off to because I wasn’t going to pay $6.99 for some premium. So I take a picture and it says my twin is HAILEY BEIBER so I take another picture because I know I don’t look like Hailey Beiber and it still say I look like HAILEY BEIBER! So, I try to take another one and it try’s to Bribe me into getting premium by saying “ most people don’t get this kind of match you r the only 1% of getting this” so I press I wanna see my match and it say “ you have to pay to premium” and get this I was only able to take 2 PICTURES WITHOUT PREMIUM!!! The end, so I RECOMMEND to NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
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12 months ago, thecoolgirl7567
DO NOT DOWNLOAD ( I rated it 5 stars so more people can see it )
So I was just watching some videos and this ad popped up which this game obviously, so I thought 💭 this looks really cool, I wanna see my celebrity look a like, and I downloaded it. Everything was fine at first, I took my picture and all. But when I clicked to see it, it was pixelated. And so I was like okay I’ll just click on it again and it was telling me to pay me money if I wanted to see!!!! Like hello, I feel like you guys want money, MONEY 💅. So yeah, do not do game, I’m warning you, it’s just a waste of time. Developer of this game, pls don’t replay with “ oh my sorry, bla bla, if you have any concerns pls email us at hfjf-“ NO! Just fix it and yeah. Hope you understand.
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1 year ago, Addison203
Worst app ever i only rated 5 stars so this would get attention
Don’t do it I downloaded it just to see… it auto generates it I put in the same picture 3 times and each time it was a completely different person, then with the same pic it says only 5% are this close but premium to see who you look like all they want it money premium is for more people to see that don’t look anything like you and no adds you get adds like in between each “submission” nice try but I’m not as dumb as you think I am this app will be deleted and it shouldn’t exist it’s not a look alike it’s a morphing so if you want that download the app I guess but still don’t get suckered into buying it!!!👿😒🙄😡
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7 months ago, Mikeygodmeme164
Why this app is bad
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐️☆☆ I recently dove into celebs, and it's been a wild ride of hilarity. The content is genuinely funny, and I've found myself chuckling at the clever jokes and amusing features. However, it's impossible to ignore the downside – the relentless onslaught of ads. The humor embedded in the app is its saving grace. The witty writing and quirky design make it stand out, creating an experience that's genuinely entertaining. It's the kind of app that brings a smile to your face and keeps you coming back for more. Yet, the downside is hard to overlook. The frequency and intrusiveness of the ads disrupt the otherwise enjoyable flow. Just when you're getting into the groove of the app's humor, you're abruptly pulled out by a barrage of ads. It feels like trying to enjoy a stand-up comedy show with someone constantly interrupting the punchlines. I get it – ads keep the app free. But there's a tipping point where the laughter begins to drown in the sea of promotional interruptions. It's a delicate balance, and unfortunately, celebs leans a bit too heavily on the ad side. In conclusion, if you can tolerate the ad bombardment, celebs is a comedic gem. The humor is on point, but be prepared for a bumpy ride through the ad jungle.
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4 years ago, TASena1012921
Not bad
I see many reviews about how bad the app is. I would never buy the subscription, but for a free app it’s pretty good. I found that the ones that it said I looked like were relatively accurate. I was surprised. I also got people that weren’t too well known, unlike what the other reviews were saying would happen. I recommend people give it a chance. Use the two images then when you do your others, do a picture twice and the blur will go away. Don’t buy a subscription but give the app a chance.
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1 year ago, just a girl livin free
This is the worst app ever. You might be wondering why I gave it 5 stars, only for new people to see it. If you saw the advertisement it looked pretty legit, along with the overall rating but NO, THIS APP IS HORRIBLE. you take a picture, watch an ad, and boom! 99% match or whatever, you click match and SUBSCRIBE TO CELEBS 6.99 A WEEK TO FIND YOUR DOPPLEGANGER. like what is this? crusty crab with mister crabs clawing for money! Seriously, the only way to use this app is to pay 6.99 and I bet it’s just some random celebrity. Waste of time. Please do not download this. I bet the creators are ignoring this but they know what they are doing. WASTE OF TIMEE! EITHER FIX, OR DELETE THIS APP CREATORS CUZ NOBODYS FALLING FOR YOUR STUPID APP
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1 year ago, Mel the melon:)
Terrible app (5 stars so you see it)
This app is insanely inaccurate. The app gave me multiple look alikes that were men( I am a female.) I also tried giving it a celebrity and it gave another celebrity that was an entirely different race (black to white.) This app also gives you millions of ads unless you want to pay $6.99 per week. You also have to pay to see the look alike sometimes (basically making you pay for the sole purpose of the app.) The app is just another cheap cash grab that didn't put the effort into doing the bare minimum to create a decent app. Do not download this app unless you want to waist your time like I did.
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3 years ago, STAR MARSH 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Good app, but.....
The app isn’t that bad, but when you take a picture it almost always makes you have to pay to see your look-a-like because there’s a high look-a-like percentage rate. Also the celebrity look-a-like never even looks like the actual photo that you take. It only matches you up with a celebrity that took a picture and had the same facial expression as you did in the photo. Also, when the look-a-like percentage is high, the celebrities face blurs out and the blurred out face still doesn’t even look like the photo that you took so the way that it works is really just by the facial expression that you have when you take the photo. Overall, the app isn’t that bad but I hope that the app could have the celebrity look-a-like be from your actual facial features and not just your facial expression.
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2 years ago, its all bots
This is ridiculous!! 🤬🤬🤬 (I only rated so it’s at the top but it’s really one star)
The celeb app is the worst look-alike app I’ve seen! Honestly, I have never hated an app so much! It covers up the name of the celebrity, and get döpplegangers or whatever but to reaveal it’s like no one wants premium bc it’s just a waste of time and money for a stupid app! I really strongly not getting this app bc it’s stupid. Developers might say “Oh, we’re sorry you don’t like the app we’ll try to make it better”, but will they no! Bc all they want is money money money! Never buy anything on this app or even download this stupid app! The developers are idiots!
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2 years ago, 7biubiubiubiu
First of all I only put five stars for you to see it but the game is terrible I tried to see my lookalike but it said I need a free trial second of all the game said I look like lil yatchy and I’m a girl with pink braids brown skin with lighter skin than him so it’s impossible I look like him now they are ads and the game is supposed to be 8+ when I strolled down to see the age range of the game and double tapped it said it was for 17 year olds! What the heck and you guys I am going to sue if you do not solve these problems you guys better make another update !!! Besides the ads pop up every second
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3 years ago, ✨Meme_not_Mimi!✨
Extremely Misleading App!!!!
Don’t download or use this app!! I didn’t know that they made you pay money to see any of the results before downloading it and they took my picture without even showing me my so called “look-alike”, despite this app being free to download!! This app takes your picture right before making you pay for the results, instead of telling you that you have to pay them to see the results from the get go, and I find that extremely misleading! What does this app do with your picture after you decide to decline their free trial purchase offer? Does it discard your picture after declining, or does it keep the photo in a database without us even knowing it? IMO, this is a very sketchy app, so don’t use it!! (I’m especially talking to you; curious Tiktok watchers!! )
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2 years ago, caroline15789
This app is great...if you are looking for an app that will match your face with a picture of a "famous" (in quotes because their definition of that word is extremely broad) person whose head happens to be tilted to the same degree in one direction or another that yours is in a particular photo, regardless of any of your facial features or whether not any actual resemblance might be bore by any stretch of the imagination. This thing suggested one photo of me looked 98% like Dr Seuss and another photo 98% like someone named Min Yungi. The former might have a famous name but not a famous face while the other might be famous in another corner of the globe....who shares neither a shred of resemblance with neither me nor dr Seuss. I would encourage anyone out there to Google the faces of these two people for a good laugh. In short....will not be subscribing.
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2 months ago, Layanoreo 123123
WORST APP EVER!!!!! (I only rated it 5 stars so people can see it)
Oh boy….WHERE DO I START first when i downloades this it said “bUy OuR pReMiUm” then after like a million ads later I FINALLY TOOK THE PHOTO then guess what….THE CELEBRITYS FACE WAS BLURRED LIKE WHY JUST WHY then i bought the premium thinking it wouldnt be blurred IT STILL DID IT MADE ME PAY 6.99 then i decided to do it again bc i thought it might not still be blurred WELL I WAS WRONG IT MADE ME PAY 20 BUCKS TO SEE MY LOOK-A-LIKE and when i did me an american long blonde/ash blonde hair colored young lady IT SAID MY LOOK-A-LIKE IS KYLIE JENNER like….dude….bro why…? THIS IS THE WORST APP EVER!!!! I SPENDES AL MY SAVINGS ON IT SO IT WOULD WORK AND IN THE END IT DIDNT WOW THX ALOT NOW IM BROKE
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4 years ago, Itz Wavy
Horrible and inaccurate
I used this app for fun, thinking i would get someone close, but I get people that look COMPLETELY different than me, and then they ask you to pay for an app that just adds features onto your picture to make you look like another person? That’s not a good thing at all. I can add a bunch of photoshop to myself and make myself look like Kylie Jenner if i wanted. This app doesn’t give you people that you look like directly, they just add features so you look like someone. I’m a guy and was told i looked like a completely different girl that i look nothing like. I have no facial hair and was told I looked like Muhammed Ali. Completely inaccurate and you only get a couple tries before you pay for your “exact clone”. Horrible app, don’t waste your time & money.
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1 month ago, Lorelai145!
I’ve only doing five stars so you could see it So I really wanted to see what celebrity look alike was because all the TikTok ones were not really true so that I downloaded it and went on it and I had it at immediately route and I went on it and then I took a picture that had and then I was like oh yeah, I finally get to see it and then boo another ad again again again over and over and over again and then when I finally got to see it, I have to pay for it. Do not download this game. It’s the worst.
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1 year ago, airnra. grande
OK let me tell you about this app, this app works, but there are so many ads every single second. Now about the way they show the face, when you get 95% are above it blurs it out! Because you don’t buy the premium access!? I cannot see who I look like 95% or more because I have to buy some stupid trial!!! it’s $10 a week if you do monthly $23 and if you do yearly $85 that doesn’t make any sense. I shouldn’t pay $85 a year to see a face of what I look like. Read this before you install if you’re ready to pay more than $100 a year to see your face. Besides, this complaint, the app is fine, I say it’s a good app.
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9 months ago, Marhaba zahiri
WORST APP EVER!!!(I only gave it 5stars to get people attention)
So let me tell y’all a little story I downloaded this app and the first thing I saw was ADD! like bffr and then what do u know it says “ get premium for $6.99 and be able to see your pics with no adds” like bffr ain’t no one going to pay $6.99 for some pic and the ones who created this app hopefully reads this so if they do they be like “oh Srry that ur disappointed with this app can u tell us how we can make it better” like no! Just fix it ok like all they want is MONY MONY AnD MONY like bro like just fix it.
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4 years ago, DNVickster20
I saw a tiktoker try this app and thought I’d give it a try. It’s something fun to do when your bored but doesn’t give you your exact match. I tried doing this a couple times and every time I got a different person. I understand that you can look or have the same features as more than one person but if they are all close to the same accuracy I look like them then I don’t get this app. I got this app thinking I would get someone I looked really close to maybe even almost identical instead I got a male and two different females I look like. And let me just tell u I don’t like similar to any of these people. The apps fun to use but if your trying to find your doppelgänger then this is not the app for u.
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4 months ago, Isaiah2!
It was good until they changed it
They made really bad first after you do one they make you do a ad and nobody likes ads but games have a lot of ads but every single one you do in first they change your different differently that the point I just don’t wanna play anymore and for anybody who’s watching this right now I’m gonna say who’s reading this right now. I want y’all not to say this is really really bad so really bad game it’s just needs some more improvements like taking it back it was because when they proved the game or it just didn’t make the game better made it worse, that’s my review
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1 year ago, gsyssbsm
I gave it 5 star to be o. Top
I hate this app because it doesn’t have a iPhone or iPad or iPod 4th cuz it doesn’t sound good to you and the sound effects of your real phone charger can you be on the charger charger and your phone is dead and your phone is on charger and your phone number doesn’t work properly but it doesn’t work on your phone number so I can’t hear you back to the charger charger or you do not have it on the phone with your phone number or phone charger and your charger ffr see Hh bsnsyskx
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2 years ago, yayayoyoyayayoyo
Horrible 🤬🤬🤬👎👎👎👎
Ok, to start of this app looks legit but as we all know that’s never the case. You can’t even see your celeb match unless you pay for it. So basically the pic you get to see is the one you just took of yourself. It’s awful and when I tried it it said the only 1% get a match at 99% and I have a hard time believing that’s true. And I only rated this game five stars so you can see this. So please for all our sakes delete this game!!! And developer stop publishing it. Thank you
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1 year ago, Kennedy the tiger
Ughhh (gave 5 stars so it could be at top)
Omg this app is just wrong!! First of all it has way too many ads like u literally have to watch a 20-30 second ad just to get ur ‘twin’. You also have to subscribe to get more than 1 answer and if u don’t then u basically can’t play the app at all! 😭😢 If u do different poses (or u take ur glasses off), it’ll literally give u totally different matches and it’s just insane..please, don’t get this app bc it’s basically just wasting most of ur money 🙄
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4 years ago, Markleangelo
Fun but not super accurate
I love the idea of the app, but after a few photos i began to realize head position was more of a factor than what you actually looked like with your features. Also, for a couple iterations the app would squash my photo, i think its because i decided to angle my picture and the facial recognition didn’t like that angle. I’m not rating this super poorly mostly because i did still get enjoyment out of the app even if it wasnt very accurate. The dog feature was a fun addition that i really liked. Bottom line, if you want fun then download it for a few photos, but its not very accurate most of the time.
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4 weeks ago, Jitheguy
This is app is terrible
(Five stars so it could be seen) I open the app and ofc like 90% of the apps on the App Store they ask me to buy premium I exit out cuz nah, I post a image of myself and it’s pixelated so I click continue and it makes me pay premium to see the picture? Are you serious… I can’t wait till the day apple makes a rule against this, probably never will because they want money too, App Store is full of money wanting people 90% of the time.
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1 year ago, DJSWORLD06
Just wants money (5 stars so everyone can see it)
I downloaded the app because I thought it would work, ignoring the comments but it didn’t, it showed me an ad for premium and then when i took a photo, just because i don’t have premium it didn’t show me my lookalike. There should be apps like this for free. If you want a free celebrity lookalike app, this is a waste of time. If you want to spend your money to see your celeb lookalike, this is for you.
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1 year ago, Fungame478963258
Only rated five stars so I could get to the top for people to see message😡
So it started simple it said celebs I waited a few seconds and showed up I took a picture then it said only 1% of people have this match and did a 35 unskippable ad and I was getting a little frustrated and the pixelated my picture and it said see your match so I pressed it and it said you had to pay for it!!😡😡😡🤬🤬and that’s why I don’t recommend this app for whoever finds this .
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4 years ago, is it a flop👎🏽or flip👍🏽
You know the ☕️ teaa
If you want a good review right here! It kinda works but i have been getting like 100 people who so called look like me. I got this app from a tik toker. And it looked good so I got it. It said I look a person it was a 99 match but the person was burst out so you could not see the person I had to pay like 17$ to see the person. And some of the people no where looks close to you. But if you like trying things out but don’t have high expectations then this the app but if you looking for a a doppelgänger this not the app. But it’s fun but if feel like paying a scam be my quest. That’s it on the ☕️ teaa By is this a flip or a flop. Ofc a flop..
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3 years ago, sophia E. P.
The app might say In the description that you can see your look a like for free but you can't without upgrading to celebs+ . It just takes your picture than asks for your subscription before you can see your look a like. This is very misleading and if you want to download and are willing to pay then great but unless you want to pay five dollars a week then don't get it. I hope you read this before you download this app so you don't give them your picture, like what do they do with your picture keep it in some sort of database?! Honestly if you want to pay a subscription then get it but if you don't I 100% do not recommend this download.8
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3 years ago, Xhiper
I hate games that do this they have a cool idea and make you pay for it
This game makes you pay for what you shouldn’t pay for it’s dumb all of these apps do this give a cool idea and make you pay for it most of the time it’s not even worth it I’m so glad I deleted this when I first got this and saw you had to pay money it’s not that I’m broke it’s just dumb you would need to pay to see who you look like it’s not like it’s matters
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1 year ago, its me Vera Louise
Don’t download this.
This app is such a scam. You have to pay for it jus to see your twin. I think nobody should download this because it’s a waste of money. My aunt downloaded it and actually paid to see her match and she only seen it one time. Which I think it’s crazy that you pay for it only to see once. Overall this app is a waste of money and time. (I only rated it 5 stars so you guys could see this)
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4 years ago, Presley Gruber
Deleted my Snapchat
I downloaded this after seeing it multiple times in my subscriptions because I thought it would be fun to try. Later when I tried to submit one of the lookalikes to Snapchat, it took me to the login page. I ignored it and thought I would just sign in later, but when I put in my password it said it was invalid. I’ve had Snapchat for only about two years and I have a lot of saved memories and I might just lose all the pictures and streaks and subscriptions in my account. I have not figured out if my account is deactivated or deleted but I would not recommend this app because of possible hacking and how the app also really doesn’t work. 😞
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4 years ago, Olivia Barber
Horrible from what i have experienced
I tried opening the app, after reading the bad reviews and few good ones. I expected something at least. I download it and it kicks me out of the app. So, I delete it and try again. Still nothing. So, I permanently deleted it off my phone and made the promise to never redownload it. I then broke my promise and redownload it because I saw TikTokers do it and it seemed to work for them. I read through the reviews first to see if anyone was experiencing the same issue as me, which no one did. I thought it was a one time glitch. I opened the app and it wouldnt even let me open the app before kicking me out. I’m not saying this is a bad app, just needs fixing.
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11 months ago, Haidyn.M
This app popped up as an ad and I thought it would be cool to download because I would have liked to see what celeb I would have looked like, so I went to download it and saw one good review, that's it, and I thought it would be a good app, but when I got to the app and put in my picture, it asked me to pay money to pixelate the picture. there is no point in downloading this app, you have to pay, no matter what. there is no way in, the whole point of the app is to see what celebrity you look like, but you have to pay just to see one picture, I don't recommend this app and I recommend you don't waste your time and or money on it.
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2 years ago, fyjfkhzFHNhngFHg
This horrible app
I find that none of these are accurate. I know that it would be hard to do something that could guess you celebrity twin but the ad was a bit over exaggerating on how this app really is. Over all there is no need for premium at all. All it does is remove ads and makes the twin a little more accurate. Plus it is really expensive and no need to spend that much money on something that doesn’t even matter that much. Also this app. Has a bunch of ads. I couldn’t even agree with the terms of service without getting one. Over all this app is horrible and I do not recommend getting this app at all.
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10 months ago, Trippiehippie6
Too many ads!
When you first open the app after setting everything up it sends you directly to ads anything additional you do will have another ad after doing so. It has so many ads on it coming through it makes it harder to use the app. Anything I did was met with an ad right after or in the middle of doing don’t waste your time downloading the app it’s not worth the time and the results rent really that accurate. I mean look at the ad they are trying to promote a look alike app with a guy who’s transferring into other images to look like Robert Downey jr when in fact that mf looks like Nicholas cage. Tell me I’m wrong Lmaoo
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11 months ago, Grhsjsbdbe
𝓦𝓞𝓡𝓢𝓣 𝓐𝓟𝓟 𝓔𝓥𝓔𝓡!!!!!!!!!!!!
So basically i rated it 5 stars so people could see it but i was watching TicTok and this ad came up and i was like wow i wanna try that and the first one worked but the only thing that me and the celeb had in common was blonde hair but hers was platinum and mine is strawberry blonde and then the next time it was someone that was pixelated and I could see that it had black hair not even brown or blonde very disappointed 🙄🙄
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1 year ago, YASQUEENJAY
Soo this has some work to do 😡
This is ok Soo every like 1 minute you get an add and also when you just join the game you get an add and when you take a selfie you have to pay how do you expect us to take our pictures if it cost money??? So the gallery that’s fine but still when you are to close to the screen it cost money it’s just what I don’t get when it always gets to the good part it just has to cost money???? So yeah I don’t think you should download this app and we probably all got this from a YouTuber but I’m not gonna call out her name but this app is the worst
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1 year ago, Tami Stevens
#1. The only reason that I gave this 5 stars is that so it can be at the top and everyone can see it #2.Read reviews before you download bc there is so many people that don't like it (including me) and gives honest reviews Now what I want to say about the app: This app is kind of cool but right as you open it up there's an ad that's like 30 seconds long about getting a free trial and it's $10 a month FOR A FREAKING APP and I am not spending money just to see what celeb I look 99% like. Like the app is supposed to tell you but instead it's like most apps these days and says "to use this app you have to get a free trial" LIKE NO I'M NOT PAYING TO USE AN APP🤬 So if you're reading this, just plz consider this message before downloading this app
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1 month ago, lilterryj08
Useless and ad filled
Why anyone is rating it 5 stars just so people will see it is beyond stupid. This app is worth less than a star. Trash interface. The second you download it you’re greeted with an ad before the app even fully opens. Try to upload a picture..ad. In order to see the lookalike you HAVE TO PURCHASE IT. Then guess what…you upload the picture and you guessed it another ad. The app never even showed me the lookalike even after I did the free trial. And I just wanted to see if it would even work so why would I give you $5 just for you to generate a very random celebrity that I don’t look anything like? DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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9 months ago, Elliott Marles
I don't know what to say.
I got this app because I sa it and I though, oh that looks cool. When I first tried it showed me the celebrity I looked most alike too. I was so excited that I worked (since som of th comments said I didn't) so I went to show me mom. Th only thing is when she did it, it said sign up so see your results. What!?!? I don't know why it didn't work and it has happened multiple times. I won't say wether or not you should get this app because, honestly, I don't know but I figured I should say something anyway.
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2 years ago, anynoumouse47868"
I HATE THESE TYPES OF APPS (again, only rated it 5 so it’s at the top)
These types of games are terrible. In the ads and when you download the app it says “Oh, it’s all free, but you can get the plus/premium to receive no ads and quicker results” which I feel is reasonable IF ITS ACTUALLY LIKE THAT!!! You have to buy the premium to do anything! This is an app I do not recommend unless you want to spend your money on stuff like this.
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2 years ago, new year timeeeeeeee
Really misleading ( five cuz I want ppl to see )
This is so fake!! I did it twice and it gave me two guys that didn’t look REMOTELY close to me! And if you get like 80% or over they make you pay! And it’s so fake that I did two of the same pics, two different ppl. Please never download this or purchase anything, even if it was only $2.00 I would never buy it. Stay safe and love yourself!❤️
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2 years ago, God's Girl, Lovely Lynn
This app is straight garbage- don't waste your time
This app is horrible! First of all it should ask your gender so you can get gender specific if you want. Also, the matches they came up with are far reaching. I think they need to add a lot more celebrity images to their database as well, particularly celebrities of color (African American, Latino, etc.). Maybe they should add that as an option, choose race for those who want to narrow the search. Most of what they can up as my celebrity match was straight laughable. So if you are just using the app for straight entertainment and not an actual celebrity match. You will love it and get some great laughs.
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1 year ago, Rosie 397
Do not download!
I downloaded the app because I wanted to see which celeb I looked like. Well I opened the app I chose/took my photo and then watched an ad but then it had me press “See my match” and the it took me back to App Store so I could make my purchase! When I read about the app it said it was free so I was like “What the heck!” So then I tried the app again with a different photo yet it still said I had to make a purchase. So I deleted the app because I am too little to be making purchases for games I will hardly use but want to try out. Please read this before thinking about downloading this app. -Thank you
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3 years ago, Keisha Pooh
Horrible app!!
This app is terrible i only rated it 5 stars so it would be seen but it only shows ur “lookalike” to make version and some pics uu have to pay to see! I tested my theory by getting a picture of Nicki Minaj and Jordan Calloway and for both it changed to man and for Nicki it didn’t recognize her AT ALL! This app is very bad and I wouldn’t recommend this to my worst enemy honestly do not waste your time on this
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3 years ago, CJ Stoker
I downloaded this app. Like many people have. I wanted to find what many people were looking for… their celeb look alike. This game could’ve been fun, and I’m sure it is. Thank you to the producers of this game for taking their own time and spending it on this app. I really think that I shouldn’t have to pay to see my look alike. I would’ve enjoyed it. I think you should erase that feature because even though it makes you money, it loses your costumers. Yet again though that I you to the producers off this app, please respond.
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2 years ago, Honest Reviews To Read
Hate it. -5$ for one stupid inaccurate thing.
You have to pay money to see who’s your ‘twin’ and other reviews say it’s not even accurate which I can agree from the 2 photos you can see and 1 is the photo you took, but the other one gave me male hair and a beard which is already very far off. Also, you can take one photo and then pay 5$ to see it but it’s stupid bc you can do it one time and you’ll see your ‘Twin’! So I don’t recommend it unless ur a millionaire and can spend 5$ on something for a one time only thing! I would rate this 0 stars but you can’t do I’m saying here it’s 0 stars!
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10 months ago, jdkcnfbcuspngbcuclsndhf
Not worth it
Yea do not download this app it’s not worth it at all. As soon as u open the app it give u ads and when u trying to talk a photo it’s constant ads. So when u FINALLY get the photo done it’s more ads Then a premium thing so when u got to exit out of that it’s pixelated to u click on it and it’s the premium thing again so basically it’s just a excessive amount of ads and u have to get premium to see your celeb look alike. they won’t even let us see what our celeb look alike is once. Like why would I pay for a whole premium thing for a one time thing like bro what.
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