Centennial Bank Mobile

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Centennial Bank
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1 year ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Centennial Bank Mobile

4.83 out of 5
24.1K Ratings
3 years ago, bulice30
Issues with app.
I love Centennial Bank. They have been absolutely the best bank I have ever used. They are considerate and wonderful at every location. My issue is only with the latest version of the app. Put out about 3 weeks ago. When they updated the app something messed up and now I can’t used Face ID anymore and have to enter my password. I know that sounds lazy but honestly it was one of the best things about using the app was the quick login secured by my Face ID! It makes it quick and painless and feels incredibly secure. I would love to give the app 5 stars and will once they fix the bug with the Face ID. For now I see a “authentication error” every time and have to input my password which let me tell you is a pain because I have a different password for everything and have locked myself out of my online banking a few times because I couldn’t remember which password I used for this account.
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3 years ago, Madwune123
There have been around 4-5 different occasions within the last couple of years where someone has gotten my debit card information and 1 of the times it was someone that lived 17 hours from me and who ever it was drained every penny out of my account . The last couple of times it has happened centennial has instantly frozen my cards and account. About a week ago I called the bank because I have a newborn and was at the store getting some things he needed and I didn’t even realize something was going on with my card until it kept saying unable to process transaction, which I knew I had well over the amount of money in my account than I was trying to spend, so I called and they answered at 2 in the morning and told me that there was suspicious activity going on and that my account had been froze for almost 3 days and I had not used my card so I never realized it. Nonetheless, I can’t thank centennial enough for making sure their customers don’t have to worry about someone actually being able to get all of your money and then having to file a dispute etc. I’ve been with them for almost 7 years and couldn’t be happier with the service I have received! 😁
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2 years ago, Nethia21
Love it
CentennialBK is the best💪🏻we forgot our app password and we went to the bank and the lady help us,I don’t know her name but she so helpful and she take her times and focus on us and try to solve our problems because one thing I told her that,I was given my card number to other business to automatically took 54 dollar every month for our payment and when I go and ask them to remove my card from them they told me that they can’t remove it until I bring one my my friend or family to joint them🤷🏼‍♀️so the lady help me and she resets our password and she gave me a new card😍So I want to give thanks to her for her helpful and caring and friendly..
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3 years ago, Hemcgill
Love it
Loving it!! The new font is better and it took a min to get into my account but that’s because they always say Im using my husbands online account, but he has never signed online. Anyway I don’t know how to get them to put us on the same online account- so I had to have him call to get the questions reset which is silly bc I’m the one who does them all and we are both on account anyway weird but it’s always been that way. Other than that so far the deposits and everything have looked great- love the how easy a transfer is. Now if we could just transfer to other banks with in a few mins- then it’s would be perfect.
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2 years ago, minniegj
Great Service
Centennial Bank is AWESOME! After 50 years of banking and moving to different states this bank is my favorite of all I have ever used. The mobile app gave me a lot of grief over the past 2 weeks but either at a drive thru at the the branch or when I was finally able to get an associate on the phone, no one ever gave up trying to help me. I am so grateful for everyone’s help especially the phone rep In Amarillo, TX she was unbelievably patient with me. We bonded because my sister was born there. I think My phone died and I Don’t remember her name but I certainly would like her to know how much I valued her help and patience. Thank you and keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, Airbase John
The Standard
In my 50 years of living, I’ve never been so well taken care of by a financial institution than at Centenial Bank. I’ve had several different bank accounts including Arkansas Federal credit Union, Usaa and U.S. Bank, none of them hold a candle to the service and professional attention that I get With Centenial Bank. The loan officers and bank tellers it seems at all locations go out of their way to make banking easy without hassle. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Centenial Bank to all of my friends family and customers. Thank you guys!
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11 months ago, morgo07
Great for old people that dont travel
How this bank had great reviews is beyond me. The app is horrible its good for maybe two things. Checking your balance and checking your last 3 months transactions. It has NO modern features like other banks, this bank makes it impossible to reset a password on your own, customer service is subpar. You better hope you dont have to travel last minute they will lock your card/account down immediately and they dont have operating hours on the weekend or evenings. Have fun being stranded in an emergency situation! They also will decline randomly decline your card and have you verify its not fraud. I use shop walmart grocery pickup often, they will decline and text you fraud alert. Its happened a few times now, Im not traveling, I shop there often, its never anything out of the ordinary. worst bank I have ever used.
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7 years ago, glitchgeek618
Functionality... great! Design... okay.
This app still does what it needs to very well— as I understand it, this update was mainly an aesthetic overhaul. //Personal opinion I'm not... a huge fan of some of the design choices On the login screen, it would be nice if, like other protected text boxes, we could see the last letter typed instead of it immediately showing up as a black circle. It's hard to keep track of whether or not I've made a typo; I end up having to re-type my password 5-6 times every time I want to log in. Before this update, whenever you double-pressed the home button to show all of your active apps, this app's display would change to a white screen with the Centennial logo. I really liked that, it felt very private and secure. After the update, this no longer happens. I don't know if it was an oversight or a conscious decision... but it was just one of those lovely little things that added to the security of the app. Like I said, these are just design qualms. Functionally, the app is very detailed and includes all the necessary functions.
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3 years ago, sallymae J
Banking deposit deadline TOO EARLY
The same day business deadline of 6pm is TOO antiquated!! While many banks have a cut-off time between 9pm (BOA)10 (PNC)-11pm (Chase) and TD ends their banking day at 8pm, 6pm is just outdated!! It’s bad enough you can’t even make a deposit at a ATM!! Get with the program Centennial Bank!! I started with Regent Bank in 2005 and stayed because I had a lending relationship with them!! However, right now my direct deposit still comes to the bank, and I would love to continue with the bank, but not updating your processes (longer same day Business hrs, ATM deposit
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6 months ago, nm000000000000000
Wonderful bank
I love that they have so much security when you call them on the phone. I know some people might find that you know invading their privacy but I love that about them. You know that they asked so many questions before you actually get to do your business makes me feel more secure, and my finances. I’m not leaving them for sure!! they are always so friendly when you go in to the branch!!
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1 year ago, KL00jajanqnjw
App is terrible
I’ve had this app for years and multiple times a month I have to uninstall and reinstall. The first few times I called the bank and they told me I just have to uninstall and reinstall it. At this point this glitch should be worked through. For example I looked at my bank account this am with no issues. An hour later,looked again to check something and it did the “error. Authentication required”. Can we please get this bug fixed!? I’m so tired of installing this app over and over, answering security questions over and over, as well as setting up the app settings like it’s the first time EVERYTIME.
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4 years ago, Hose Monkey Dave
Bank app
Every two weeks this application will not allow my user ID or my password. Lately I’ve been calling the bank over and over to get it reset. I’m fixing to leave the bank just because of this app. There is no one to help you over the weekends to reset your passcode and typically that’s when it seems to give me the problems is on the weekend. Other than that the service has been great.
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1 year ago, Becky Shuler
Customer Service
Holly Crum,who has been helping me understand my mobile account, Is able to make me understand the process without feeling dumb. I am 75 years old and not very literate in issues concerning the internet. She is kind and clear in her instructions. So much so that I am arranging to deposit additional funds in my Centennial Account. What a super employee you have!!
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4 years ago, jh4911
Overall works great
4 instead of 5 stars due to a recent issue. The blue box bottom center of screen no longer works for me. Normally I tap I’d, it turns I to a red X, and I have options appear to transfer money, etc. Now the red X will appear, but that’s it. No option to transfer or anything else. I click the red X and it takes me back where I was. Not a huge issue, but it’s definitely something I miss being to use as I can’t find anywhere else to transfer funds.
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5 years ago, bmdunaway1
Bank Statements
My main complaint about Centennial Bank Service is with the bank statements. I need to know what I wrote a check for...which pictures of my checks with my bank statement would clearly indicate. Unfortunately, the pictures of checks you provide with my statements show the backs of checks which give no information about who it was written to. Please do something about that. Thank you, Bev Dunaway
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7 months ago, WhyIsThatLikeThus
Will not let me use my money.
I’ve used centennial for almost a year now, it’s the only bank i’ve ever used that will decline my purchases even if i have money in my account. once this happened with the first card i got with them i wrote it off, opened up a new checking account and used that card. now, today, it’s happened again. still can’t use my old card, and i’m going to be late for work because the money that i HAVE and i was going to use to put gas in my vehicle is being withheld from me for no reason. i plan on severing ties with centennial as soon as humanly possible
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4 years ago, auburntgress20
MY Centenial
I have never had better customer service than the one at MY CentennialBK here in Morrilton Arkansas. They go above and beyond every single time and explain stuff in very easy terms that I can understand. They walk me patiently thru the stuff I don’t understand. I highly recommend going to see any of them today to start your new account. Particular shout outs to Ashley Conginie and Trevor Payne.
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5 years ago, src87
This is the third time I’ve tried to do a phone deposit and it doesn’t work. I usually have to end up with deposits not getting made and checks being returned and overdraft notices. I’ve never had this problem with other banks. I’m really not happy with your bank at the moment and thinking of changing because of the inefficient service you’re bank provides!
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5 years ago, Razz144
Transfer notes needed
The app works well but I really need the ability to add notes to my transfers. Please make that happen! I also need a way to get notice of charges as they happen on my accounts so I can flag anything that is fraudulent. The site and system is not smart enough to recognize fraud even if it is done over and over again. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Pan Head
Not working
I have always loved this bank and the app. Seems I have grown dependent on the app, but now some features are not working. I now can not transfer money from one account to another or make deposits with the app. Two great features that I use a lot. Now I have to start making weekly trips to the bank again.
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1 year ago, Gigigore
Bad business!
Something doesn’t feel right with this bank! We have been locked out of our accounts for the entire weekend, with no explainable reason why the app is not working, why the phones aren’t working, and why our money isn’t showing up correctly in our accounts! We have been banking with this bank for almost 20 years, but they have lost our business after this latest incident! I have been waiting for w call back since Friday! I drove to a branch and all they could say is their system was down but we could use the ATM! I am DONE!
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5 months ago, Czsrq
Centennial Bank review
The people that work in your bank are always very helpful. I loved Debbie, but now I love Mireya. She is extremely helpful acknowledges & me when I come in. The reason I am at your bank is because my printed monthly statement includes photos of the checks I have received from renters and checks I have written. This is extremely important to me.
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2 years ago, GetAnewBank
Love the app!
There is just nothing better than NOT being able to log into the app because of system errors. I absolutely love when you try to get on a day later and it finally lets you look at all the different accounts only to find out there is another system error with transfers!
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5 years ago, NanaMnkey
I have been with Centennial Bank since moving down here from Oregon in 2012. They have always been friendly, helpful and all around wonderful to work with. I love going there as they actually joke with you sometimes and it makes everything so much friendlier! I definitely recommend this bank to everyone. It costs you nothing but a great experience!!!!!
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5 years ago, MimiElyse
Exceptional Customer Service
I have had outstanding customer service. Everyone at the branches near my place of residence are extremely knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. As far as the customer service line I needed to call while I was traveling abroad, Brenda was very kind and quick to help and answer all of my questions. Thank you Brenda, and to everyone at the Centennial team!
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6 years ago, John Henry Eden your president
Overall great
This app makes everything so convenient for me and free’s up a lot of time from my day especially when I’m paying bills and don’t have time to run by the bank to see how much I have in my account and end up getting overdrafts for spending too much. Lately though I haven’t been able to check my balances though because the fingerprint ID isn’t working and I definitely don’t remember my password
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4 years ago, PipCcola93
Only 1 issue I’m having...
This app has been pretty good in terms of user-friendliness and design. The only issue I’m having is, the middle plus sign that you press which brings up different options like making a deposit, etc. doesn’t seem to work anymore. By this, I mean I push the button and a blank blue screen shows up with nothing on it. I don’t understand. Other than that, pretty great app though.
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1 year ago, felinefrenzy1948
No problems
I’ve been banking with centennial bank for more than 10 years now and haven’t had any problems. I call customer service occasionally when I need to know something and they are very helpful. Thank you for being there when I need you.
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1 year ago, Tambo2018
Super easy-to-use app!
I appreciate the ease of use with the app. I can’t think of anything that needs to be changed. The only thing that would improve this app for me would be to update the app for phones that use facial recognition instead of a fingerprint. Other than that, it’s really good.
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3 years ago, petitjean1978
Bill Pay has huge bugs
Used to use bill pay on the fly to make payments immediately as I became aware of them, or when traveling, etc—but recently the app will not execute searches for a bill pay account and returns an error message. Completely frustrating, and negates most of the benefits of having an app to begin with. I have enjoyed banking with Centennial but this app needs a patch.
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1 week ago, spin62
Doug cantrell
I have never more proud to to be part of a banking institution.. Everyone from the call center to my bank on Cantrell are the most courteous, friendly.. I would recommend this bank to anyone who would ask.. I actually just got my pops to open an account them..
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9 months ago, delphine debono
Best banking in Santa Rosa beach
I highly recommend Centiennal bank in Santa Rosa Beach . My branch is amazing on 393 , the customer service is top notch and the ladies there are always extremely helpful , always smiling and 100% there for you . Best banking I ever had period , it’s really about the people behind the desk who makes all the difference in the world 🙏❤️
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2 years ago, Ren17493016
Latest Update is ROUGH
Super unhappy with the latest update. It’s now requiring a password upon lots of things in the app-specifically bill deposit- despite the fact I’m already logged in? Seems a bit overkill and unnecessary. Not only that, but all transactions in online banking are now black when previously they were color coded based on withdrawal/deposit. Why on earth would you change that?! Fix this and I’ll change my rating. C’mon Centennial, let’s make improvements with updates, not the opposite.
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4 years ago, Maddiegrace171
Transfer disappeared as Im writing this there is no text displaying on the screen. The passcode screen is just a white screen. Not site what to do with tag. If I reset my password online through my computer it will not let me log into my movile app.
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4 years ago, Frustrated in Searcy
App lacking but great bank
The app is good considering the stuff it can do, BUT it no longer allows me to transfer funds. The plus button is present at the bottom of the screen. When I hit it, a menu pops up; however, there’s nothing to select. It’s basically an empty dialog box. It frustrating to have to either go to the bank to transfer funds or wait until I get home to my computer.
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2 years ago, camnewbotry
They made some kind of update where the deposit transactions no longer appear in green and it just makes it really hard to read and quickly locate that info. All the font colors are black so it makes it seems like it all just runs together! Other than that, it’s a pretty good app. Just bring back the green font color and it’ll be a great app.
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11 months ago, CSRoach
Love the bank, hate the app
I’ve had this app (and this bank) for years, and I’m finally leaving a review because it is incredibly frustrating that, every few months, the app decides not to accept my touch ID. Because it does take it most of the time, I don’t remember the password, of course; and I end up locked out of my banking app until I can get home and fix it or call my local banker and have her reset it. Not the purpose of a mobile app, and it’s never. Been. Fixed.
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6 years ago, Andr3ws15
Easy to navigate
Pretty simple app to use. It is a little slow to pull up images sometimes but that could be my connectivity instead of the app. I do feel that it prompts me to re-enter my password too frequently when I’m using it to reconcile. I love having it though! I use it daily.
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6 years ago, Xeromonas pool lover
Best little bank ever!
I have used banks all over the country during our Air Force travels, but none compare to the personal hometown quality of Centennial. They are quick and friendly to reset passwords and have helped me immensely with their Fax services. Their bill pay app is easy to use. I highly recommend them!
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6 years ago, Frehr
So easy & just the right features
Absolutely love using the CentennialBK bank app. It allows me to access my account very quickly, conduct business with it, and still maintain a level of confidence in security! I don’t need all the hullabaloo some other bank apps have and I sincerely appreciate the ease of use.
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4 months ago, Karen Demetri Easter 🐣
Extremely Unprofessional
🙏🏽☀️rude service from the Vice President down! She cut off my card and called me to berate me as a child when I sold art and was given a bogus check. She assumed, for some reason, that I was pulling a scam! I'm the account holder and I called into the bank 🏦 as soon as I learned there was an issue. Tellers are attitudinal and ignorant to policies and procedures. It's frustrating that low balance holders are not treated as the 1M average daily balance holders. We ALL bank with Centennial! 🙏🏽☀️🇺🇸💯Thank you for allowing feedback
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1 year ago, GB Han
Deposit Restrictions
I do not understand the deposit restrictions. I have to make 2 to 3 consecutive day deposits every month and schedule a withdrawal all in the last few days of the month. Makes it very difficult
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5 years ago, MeMe0529
Love the app and Centennial Bank
I rate the app and the Bank 5 stars! The app is very user friendly and straightforward. The tellers at every branch I’ve ever been too are super helpful and very nice! Everyone in my family and many friends love the app and bank as much as I do and refuse to use any other source for their banking needs!
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6 years ago, Garlando11
App basically ok
This app performs basic functions such as deposits, transfers, and transactions well. However there is so much more that could be done with this app to allow greater flexibility and control by the user such as contrast variability, font size, color coding of the font, and details of transactions.
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1 year ago, WendySWFL
Login issues
I have to keep putting in my password whether I set it up on Face ID or with a passcode. I’ll be able to log in a couple of times, then I’ll start getting an “authentication required” error, which requires me to enter my password yet again. Very frustrating, especially if I have to transfer money. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, Belwil71
Love the app
The app works great and does exactly what it should. When a new phone is purchased it was so easy by logging back into the desk top version to register the new phone. Most people don’t realize this needs completed in order to log in new phone. Very user friendly app.
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4 years ago, Cade.Bennett11
It gets the job done
This app has every feature that you’d expect and it all works very well, but the focus when developing was definitely function over design. The ads are right in your face and everything looks very old. I have nothing against this app, but it may be time for a refresh.
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4 years ago, RaiderMike7575
Service and aptitude
I recently transferred my accounts and services to this company. It has been nothing but absolutely pleasant. Assisting me in every facet possible with tremendous banking knowledge. Highly recommend to all my colleagues and anyone thinking of switching.
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4 years ago, Mary9836
No Transfer functions
This app is terribly basic. All I can do it check my accounts. Not deposit checks or make transfers. If I didn’t have to have this app I would not have it. It’s been a year since the last update if that tells you anything.
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3 years ago, fix app error message
Trouble logging in
How many app updates do you guys do? I constantly have to update this app in order to use it it’s very inconvenient. Making this simple deposit has taken me several days to figure it out. You just get an error message until you go into the App Store to update it. Why don’t you guys put a message on there that the version needs to be updated before it could be used again that would help a lot.
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