Centra Mobile

4.8 (2.7K)
80.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Centra Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Centra Mobile

4.84 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
11 months ago, jzman6
Bill Pay is great
Bill Pay makes my life so much easier! I set up payments as soon as I get my bills and never have to worry again! Saves time from remembering passwords for all the individual websites. Absolutely love it!!
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2 years ago, vampcoma
The new app freezes a lot
I was looking forward to the new update/app coming out. The old one was great, but I knew the layout could definitely look a lot better. I love the layout of the new app so much more, but now, I can hardly ever get the app to properly work for me. I have to close the app a great amount of times before I can even get it to let me view my account balances and transactions without the app freezing up on me. Sometimes it won't work no matter how many times I restart the app, and I end up having to just give up and try to check the app again later. It makes me login more than once even after I ask the app to remember my login/keep me logged in. I love the new set up and this app could be great! I also understand it's new and there's gonna be a lot of bugs. But I never had problems with transfers, checking my account balances, logging in, or anything in the old app. I don't like that I can't even simply check my account balance anymore over half the time. I hope this gets fixed soon.
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2 years ago, Alismora
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…
They’ve recently did a complete overhaul of the app to make it look more sleek and modern. That’s fine and I think it looks really nice. The issue is that the app is junk now. It crashes constantly and freezes up on you if you try to move within it too quickly. A simple task that would take seconds before is now a several minute ordeal after having to refresh and retry constantly, hoping this time you’ll make it to the end. It took me 10mins to do a transfer after having it crash 3 times on me through the process today alone, when before I could set a transfer up in less than 30 seconds, for example. This overhaul added no new features as far as I’ve seen, so this is a lot of headache for the sake of aesthetics. It may have looked just a touch outdated before, but at least everything worked as expected.
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2 years ago, Indiana 1971
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
I have been a member for a few years and I had to once a month to the bank to fix my app! And I explained my dis like of the app! Everyone that I talked to at the bank in Edinburgh was very professional and very nice! But now I haven’t had a problem with the app, so I say thank you for the hard work on making it better!!!
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11 months ago, DJ.CONWAY
Transfer// change it
The app is nice and all but it’s kind of hard to fluctuate between the transfers from another account/// I rated them a 3 star but I’ll Up it to 4 stars because they reached out to me about what I can do to help my transfer and stuff ^ they really aren’t bad at all Thank you for reaching out
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1 year ago, Corey Tin
Best Bank!
I love the ease of access to my money. The app is very modern with the newest update. It’s very easy to transfer money to and from accounts. I have nothing but good things to say about Centra. Thanks for making banking easy!
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2 years ago, Tlaloc 1919
Great update but…
Love the UX and UI. However, the app keeps freezing where I close it, reopen, close again, reopen and after multiple trials, eventually let me open the app to make transfers, etc.
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2 years ago, nightshifter260
Won’t work
Did the update and got the app to work 1 time. Now I click on one of the accounts, scans my finger print and it does nothing, completely locks up.
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2 years ago, emerckxslx
I like being able to scroll back through your history without figuring out what dates to type in.
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2 years ago, TracyLCarlson
Love the new update!
The new app is user friendly and with many new features! Really enjoying the new look and functionality!
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5 months ago, printingmoney328
New customer first impressions
I am a new customer. But my first impression has amazing since the start. I only wish I had discovered Centra Credit Union years ago.
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2 years ago, vollygirl123
Love the update!
Love the new features and ease of navigation. Looking forward to using the app for more then just checking balances!
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9 months ago, LarLeck
Very convenient but needs higher limit
Great feature to deposit remotely and instantly. Saves stamps, envelopes and trips to town.
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3 months ago, raeraecat1
Credit and debit card locking
It needs to be more accessible. Currently it’s difficult to find where to go and not all cards show
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5 months ago, jlucas6
User friendly and super convenient
User friendly and super convenient
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5 months ago, ddebra62
Great staff @ National Rd!
The employees at National Rd are so helpful and thoughtful! They go above and beyond the services Centra provides. They are truely what “Amazing Customer Service” should look like!
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1 year ago, Ruth From Indiana, USA
Since the update
I have been with them for 20 years. Since the update i have been having them boucing my account every month. Its terrible. My account was perfect but this rubish started happening. I guess they are trying to make up the pandemic money lost. Sad man before i gave them 5 stars now.. 1
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10 months ago, Horrible Software issues
Landscape mood and printing failures
Landscape mode and the ability to print statements does not work on an iPad with the recent updates. Centra states it is a known problem. The landscape mode has not worked for at least two weeks. When will these features be restored?
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2 years ago, abailey0106
Pop ups
Needs an update or something. I get a pop up to another screen when I enter an amount to send through zelle and it’s really annoying not being able to zelle.
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2 years ago, lcw9721
Love it!
The new app is a major step up from the previous. I love that I can link my PNC too!
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2 years ago, not deceived
Easy to navigate and very convenient
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2 years ago, hneems812
Love the new app!
The new features are awesome, and the app looks way more modern. Love how quick it is!
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1 year ago, centra 2023
Centra App
I love the app because it’s super easy to access my account info
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7 months ago, The Boss2948
A must
Easy to use and great customer service!
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2 years ago, legendarycoach
Awesome love the app and everything about it
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2 years ago, ssangamkar
Love the new app
Love the new app and all the new features!! Great job Centra for listening to the members.
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2 years ago, KLuedeman
Updated App
Love the new centra app! So easy to use and lots of new features
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8 months ago, Nurse Leah
Love my centra app! Easy deposits, transfers and maintenance of my account
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1 year ago, chrisd1233
Zelle Still Needs Fix
The app works great till you have to use Zelle. It takes you to the log in page once you try to enter money amount.
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2 years ago, W252
New mobile app
The new mobile app is great!
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2 years ago, ShannonSchroder
This new app looks amazing! Way to listen to the members, Centra. Great job!
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2 years ago, ethanskix
New update
The new update is exactly what was needed
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10 months ago, lyhahn
Love the Centra app
Love all you can do
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2 years ago, Bahdbsns
New Update
I have used the centra app for quite some time and they came out with a new online banking update today. I went to sign in and it is saying that my credentials are wrong.
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1 year ago, CAb1&3838387:7171737373
Not at all intuitive
You’re mobile app hasn’t helped me at all. It’s not possible to see anything about my loan nor am o able to make a payment.
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2 years ago, mbsmsn
So easy to use!
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1 year ago, Dollar Dave K
Awesome app. Secure and quick.
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2 years ago, Jbchj
Removed Widgets
The app is great but lot the widgets so I can’t quick glance my account
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2 years ago, Codyninja636
Won’t recover account
Just says unexpected error any time I try to recover my account and log in
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3 months ago, G 'Money
Online banking…Sweetness… I say
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1 year ago, Abettis23
Zelle never works and it kicks me out constantly
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2 years ago, gginganjja
Gee-Willikers, Batman!
This app sure is swell! :)
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4 years ago, they should be embarrassed
Couldn’t even set up app
I recently moved further away from my bank and work a state away as well. I have always loved Centra. Been with them for over 20 years and they are a great bank. I don’t want to change banks, I really don’t. However, I need to be able to do at least some mobile banking now and I can’t even set up a user ID to log in. It simply will not accept the information it wants to verify my account. After several attempts it just gave me a phone number to call but after reading the reviews I wonder if I should even bother. What’s worse is the blatant lack of concern the bank seems to have concerning the app issues and the willingness to keep a product that is garbage and unusable as the only thing available to their customers. This is very concerning to me.
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8 years ago, JasonAsher
Absolutely Horrible
This app has, since it was released, always been buggy. There have always been times I couldn't log in this day or that day, but it would always begin working either that day or the next. However, for the past several weeks, it will NOT allow me to log in, ever. It will let me put in my user ID, and the correct security image comes up, where it had me put in my password, and then it takes me to one of my security questions--it's at this point that I can go no further, as it just repeats asking the same question over and over and over. Again, it has done this exact same thing in the past, but it's always started working again within a somewhat reasonable time. I have tried removing my saved account info and logging back in, which did nothing. I then tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but that also did nothing. Centra has gone WAY down hill in the past few years, and they're very slow to resolve any issues. I'm so very sick of all the crap I have to deal with to remain a member of this credit union, which I've been a member of for 22 years. Time to move on to another institution, I think.
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4 years ago, Tracebooks
Worked decently for a couple of years, although it lacked functions many other modern banks’ apps have. But the last couple of updates have broken it. Endlessly asking me to change my security questions? The exact same image, which is hilarious? Then throwing an error? Nope. I nearly changed banks because of the lack of a working app three years ago. I really can’t do this, especially when it’s been necessary to have an appointment just to go into the lobby.
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6 years ago, Jrambellows
Not user friendly or intuitive
First let’s look at the feel: Even after the update the app looks dated and old. The welcome screen is generic. Second: The log in process is clumsy. You don’t have the option to create a user name or use the touch feature for iPhone users. The system also locks you out quickly if you happen to mistype a password more than two times and you have no way to unlock it unless you call the branch. This is a problem If it’s 2am or you travel internationally. The system is always down as well or problems. The mobile deposit feature is nice, when it works properly. This is great bank, but I can’t understand why they don’t spend some money on updating this app and truly making it customer friendly. This is one of the main reasons why I haven’t left Park Community Bank. I like they’re online banking features and the mobile banking.
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4 years ago, Krd3269
Great to see account balance but...
App works great in terms of checking account balances but beyond that it’s less than satisfactory. As a customer of centra I would recommend giving more instruction on how to use the deposit feature as the only instruction there is align to fit in green lines nothing else and I tried over and over to get it to take my check several times with no luck. So after trying several times I looked in the app and clicked the help tab and all it had was the customer service phone number but wouldn’t make more sense to provide some kind of demonstration or more detailed instruction for how to use certain features of the app like the mobile deposit. Also Face ID login or Touch ID login for iPhone would be nice to have. I think with a some updating this app could do better.
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5 years ago, Mr. Willcott
Horrible App & Customer Support
This app is full of bugs and the credo union’s customer service isn’t much help with app-related problems. At first the app only listed one of my accounts. It also wouldn’t let me digitally deposit a check into that account. I called customer service and they linked all of my accounts and told me to try another account. I tried it again with another account and got the same error message. It said that I couldn’t deposit the check until after the expiration date of the check. I called customer service again and after spending 10 minutes on hold, I was told that the problem couldn’t be resolved. Given the lack of functionality in the app, I highly doubt that I will ever use this app again, and would not recommend it to anybody. This app operates like an early beta version, at best.
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6 years ago, Ric-a-Shea
Why fix what’s not broken???
Really guys? The original app was soooo much easier to use and understand. I now sit with pen in hand adding and subtracting numbers trying to figure out my actual balance ( which I did figure out). It’s a total nightmare! How come the app is changed for mobile deposit? It’s challenging enough to hold the camera still and let it automatically take the the pictures but now you’ve changed a great feature to manually having to do it. I don’t get your theories in changing some great features. You should really ask for opinions from people who use the app regularly... just sayin.
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4 years ago, TessaJohnson20
“Intermittent Connect Issues”
I have been with centra for almost 10 years, I use my mobile banking often but this app is awful. For MONTHS, I have had to use a safari webpage to do my mobile banking which is irritating and is not conducive with depositing checks because the application won’t launch. I continually get an error message saying “The Mobile Banking application is experiencing intermittent connection issues, please try again.” I have made sure my app is up to date, I have made sure I’m entering my information correctly, I simply do not know what else I can do but it’s getting very frustrating. I would give the app 0 stars if they would allow it.
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