4.8 (3.3K)
167 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for CentralMOBILE

4.78 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Pvt. Barber
I used this bank and furthermore this app since it was the quickest way for me to acquire a bank account before basic training. Now, a year later deployed. This app is quite outstanding. The simplicity is out driven only by how fluid everything is. My only gripe would be that on occasion this app under goes maintenance and does not inform me. So sometimes I’ll need to check my balance only to find that I can’t. Kinda silly. Apologizing for the inconvenience frankly isn’t good enough. Fix the system or inform me ahead of time of the maintenance. Otherwise, outstanding application for simplistic banking and money management.
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5 years ago, Geno.B
Amazing App and Amazing Bank!
I’ve been a customer with Central for over 20 years. This is a great app and they are always making improvements for their customers. I love the new addition of the bill pay feature! Keep up the great work!!
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2 years ago, Hehshshshsbdhhsjsns
FIX Your Bugs
Y’all need to fix so many bugs. all my transactions for the week are pending but it never shows me my total bank balance after subtracting that pending charge, and its hard to keep track of my expenses, like is the bank balance not my true balance until after the chargers are not pending? and how it will show my balance under the charge, it always glitches and they disappear as i’m scrolling through my transactions, and it’s very confusing and frustrating. and the new central wallet thing you guys added, where you guys show our reward points, it will have like travel, merchandise, gift cards to choose to redeem the points but you can’t click on anything, nothing happens..?
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1 year ago, bblair22
When it works…
Update: Still will not load, almost worth switching banks for one with a usable app. The App is pretty great when it works, but that is becoming more the exception than the rule. It’s a shame, because there has been a lot of added functionality and improvements to the UI over the last year. I often don’t even try to open it and just go to the webpage on my browser instead. Please make it stable, it’s a good app when working!
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4 years ago, DRosenblatt27
Unbelievably inconvenient
Terrible bank. Have had for years and had consistent issues, and always tried to forgive and forget but tonight was the last straw. My card has been stopped from being used for “fraud suspicion” three times in two weeks now. I’ve just come home from a 14 hour work day and want to order some food delivered to my apt and can’t because it’s happened again, and CANT CONTACT CARD SERVICES UNTIL MONDAY. Unbelievable. Will be cancelling my account with them first thing Monday morning.
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2 years ago, TiffDorn
I love Central Bank. I have banked with them for 3 1/2 years since we moved. Two of my teens have student accounts and have done great saving money. Everyone is helpful and kind with transactions, questions and service.
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4 years ago, eiwanna
Easy to manage my accounts
I can transfer money easily or check my bank balance within seconds. Love the ability to deposit checks from home. No technical issues ever.
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6 years ago, less66
Works great
Use often to deposit checks and occasionally to pay bills. Works well. usually any problems are my own user errors.
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3 years ago, shadowsong US
Do not update to iOS 14.5 just white screen
My phone updated to iOS 14.5 and I just get a white screen does not even get to log in screen. I deleted and reinstall same issue. I had this same issue when I went from iOS 13 to 14 you guys are too slow updating the app for new iOS updates it is annoying. This is only app I have trouble with after updates. It is up to you to make sure the app works on new iOS.
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6 years ago, #1Annie
True Blue
Central Bank has been my bank for more than 10 years. I appreciate how they are always available when I have a question or need help.
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6 years ago, nihfde111
Very poor
Downloaded the app and tried to make a transaction and pay a bill. Several things on the app side went wrong while I was trying to set up a payment. Ended up wasting my time for an hour trying to fix it, and a late fee. When I called the bank, they said they didn’t know any better and just advised me to cancel it and make the payment my usual way!! Thanks!!
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6 years ago, norobotsforjobs
Been with this bank over 15 years
I love this bank!! The app has always worked. They are always so good and so kind to me. As long as I’m in Ky they will always be my bank.
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4 years ago, cdmdube
We have come a long way from the days of “counter checks” (1960s’) haven’t we ?.
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5 years ago, Neb1133
Great App. Easy to use and very easy to navigate through your accounts. Mobile deposit is easy to use!!! Thanks Central Bank. FaceID never works on this app.
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2 years ago, Elizabeth893
yay! thank you so much for fixing the app! i can now open it without crashing.
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5 years ago, Skellylex
Very Nice Central Bank!
I love the app and my wife uses the iPad version. Mobile deposit is the best thing ever. I can pay bills fast and transfers to other people is really nice.
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6 years ago, T-Money41
New features are great
Love the new fingerprint scanning feature to login. Being able to enroll without a desktop is nice too.
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6 years ago, Tfmashland
FaceId is apparently only a technology demonstration. You can log in via FaceId but must then enter password to actually do anything useful. Either make FaceId an acceptable all inclusive access method or get rid of it and go back to allow only the password to sign in and execute transactions-doing both is a waste of time.
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4 years ago, hggvvvv
Why when I try log in i put my info and it don’t log me in?
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2 years ago, bootycane18
It won’t open the app for me and the only way I am able to access my money is through the website. There is no new update and I have restarted my phone and redownloaded the app. Nothing. But I hope it will be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Great💜
App Function
Great bank but please make the Face ID function work!! I’ve tried everything but I’m having to type my password in every time!
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4 years ago, Pratt
Face ID Issue
Face ID login will work for about a week when you download the app. Then it stops working. You have to delete the app and then download it again for it to work for another week. My whole family has this same issue.
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2 years ago, Abbbbbbbbbbbby me
not capable with IOS 16
I love this app but it is not allowing me to get on the app ever since I updated to IOS 16. It just closes out.
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2 years ago, leah0988
I’m not for sure if you are aware but you app is just crashing. Thank you for your time
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3 years ago, Exposed_Agenda
Really good app
Really simple and smooth app, but I don’t like I can’t find my account number and routing within the app
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5 years ago, AncientAwakening
Touch ID No Longer Working
Touch ID no longer works when opening the app.
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1 year ago, Cwilson0174
Always an Error
Every time I use the app it errors about a million times and eventually allows me to access my account. Extremely frustrating.
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5 years ago, Michael Todd Chandler
Great Bank
Been banking with Central Bank forever. Always been great to me. Thanks!
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6 years ago, Colossos42
Not there yet for deposits
For making deposits with taking photos of check, don't count on it yet.....
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5 years ago, JenThib
Won’t let me in
I used to never have an issue with the app but the last few weeks I’ve tried to get in and it keeps asking me to put in my email address. Once I do that it asks me to log back in then asks me to enter and verify the email again! I can never get in!
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2 years ago, jsnsjdndhdbdkdms
The App always says that it’s unavailable and try back later, and when you try back later it’s still not working. I have this app for a reason, to have access to my account at anytime. It’s an inconvenience.
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3 years ago, kellyla52
App issue
This app crashes every time my phone updates. Can’t even check my account balance, withdrawals, deposits because the app is garbage when your phone updates.
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4 years ago, Uhtaree
Great Bank, Terrible App
App constantly saying please try again later as soon as you open the app so it won’t even attempt to log you in. The app is great when it works. But more times then not the app is unable to be used. Badly needs to be updated.
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7 years ago, meggie5963
No longer works, can't login
It worked in July, needs updated or something. I get a bunch of security questions I didn't set up and then it fails to login. Previous version worked perfectly but current version is crap
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2 years ago, Freudian Slipup
The app is not working with iOS 16. It crashes immediately upon opening.
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6 years ago, mj67lex
Great app
App works well. Now you can enroll without going to a computer.
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5 years ago, Attervan
Central Bank App
The Central Bank App is simple, uncomplicated & easy to use which makes banking a pleasure!
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3 years ago, picklepasser
Central Bank App
I have now had to go into the bank to have my app fixed multiple times! It’s not been too great at all for me! Always states it is Unavailable and that it is sorry for the inconvenience!
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4 years ago, zaeem1@yahoo
Face ID
Not working as it’s supposed to
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3 years ago, mccrease
Face ID
The Face ID feature works about half of the time. It will work for a while then quit again. So frustrating. I never have a problem with any other app that uses Face ID.
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7 years ago, Bear859
Hasn't worked in weeks
For weeks now I Can't log in to see account, just a constant loop of adding your phone number and re logging in. Just go to their website it's just as fast and easy as this worthless app
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1 year ago, onimimax
This app need to be updated why can’t you send out an update
This app needs a update it does not work with my iPhone. no problem before new update came out now it is junk
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6 years ago, hgdkdgx
I can log in on my old phone that has the previous app version. But this new one I can’t log into my account to manage my spending and it’s really messing me up I can’t do anything with the app I need it fixed ASAP
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5 years ago, KBallG
Fingerprint option not working anymore
Finger print option not working anymore. I used to have an automatic thing pop up to scan finger but it doesn’t any more, have to put in password 👎🏽
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6 years ago, sare238
This app is awful. It never lets you log in. I’ve deleted it multiple times and re-downloaded it hoping for it to work again but it has not.
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6 years ago, pjr0009
Latest Update Won’t Work
Latest update asks for my email. I provide my email. It logs me out and asks for my email again. I use this app to cash checks since there are no locations reasonably close to me.
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3 years ago, billy259907742289411
Connection error?
I keep getting this network connection error for only this app. The card app works just fine but this one seems to keep crashing.
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5 years ago, Elijah131
Haven’t been able to use since last update
Every time I go to log in a I get a sorry for inconvenience message and then it sends me back to the log in screen.
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7 years ago, Narayan Bhai
The app only show one account info
The app should show the the account the others banks app do! I have checking account and it will just show that account not my Central Credit Account!
Show more
5 years ago, Eman18354
Doesn’t work
I just wanna check my balance, why is that so hard to do with this app. Hopefully the fix it, it’s not like I have another option.
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