Centris Mobile Banking

4.6 (1.2K)
44.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Centris Federal Credit Union
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Centris Mobile Banking

4.57 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
2 months ago, 2Katz88
Disappointed in last update
After the last update I lost visual of my accounts their balances and the daily activity. When I called to find a fix they are not able to look on a phone app they could only look on the computer which was not a problem. In order to get it fixed they suggested I bring it into a branch. At the time i had just tested positive for Covid-19. For their safety and mine I have not gone in consequently it’s not working.
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3 years ago, crazyball1000
It be nice if you could put on the app where you can shut your own card off if lost or stolen. So you wouldn’t have to wait for the bank because they don’t have anyone to answer a call 24 hours to help you at all. Someone could wipe out your account before they do anything. And then you have a hard time getting your money back! And I had money in my account for over a year with Centris and all the sudden it disappeared !! Well I’ve talked to other people and they said Centris did the same to them. a lot of people said they quit banking with them. I went to the bank one day to put extra money in my account and got asked where did I get money from? I was shocked it like you not allowed to save any change or get money from relatives for birthdays or Christmas and put it into your account . I didn’t know that it such a big deal to save money at home and put it into your own account. I don’t spend a lot of money so I save what I can and they made me feel like I was doing something wrong I never knew it such a big deal to save this is why I don’t like banks because it like a crime to save at home and put it in your own account.
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5 years ago, Mallory_mudd
Doesn’t show correct balance/doesn’t show all accounts
I was happy when I found out it updated but unfortunately not only does it not show pending transactions but it also shows a false balance, my available balance fluctuates with a difference of $100 so I have to manually go in and see what’s not showing and subtract but once I do it will take something out and put it right back in and it messes up the correct balance. Please fix or I will be switching to a different credit union. Not only this issue but I have multiple accounts with Centris and I can’t merge them onto one sign in like we could in the past, now I have all these different log ins for my different checking accounts even tho they are all with Centris. I have decided to close all my accounts and move to a different credit union. I liked the old app set up better
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2 years ago, Up_2_shenanigans
Overall very user friendly
Most of the features are easy and understandable and I can use them with confidence. The only area I would like to see a bit more easier to understand and navigate is with payments and bill pay. I use this features to pay most of my bills; however, I still struggle sometimes with knowing how to make lasting changes to ongoing payments. Sometimes I seem to manage to choose the right options and other times, I struggle with getting to the right place. I am not a newbie to online bill pay but your system is not set up very clearly.
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8 months ago, medic1092
I would like it better if it was easier to get to the credit card info it was great how you had it before and I wish you would change it back so it shows up where other account info is like payments and checking and savings is!
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8 months ago, Callie L.
Ease of Use
I love being able to see all my balances on one page. Transferring funds between accounts takes seconds to do. Also, it’s great being able to schedule my credit card payments in advance and not having to worry about them.
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3 months ago, Ccharron21
The way banking should be.
I’ve been very pleased with the access to my accounts through the Centris web site. It has been very secure with minimal outages. This is how account management should be set up. Thanks bill pay is great and I like how my wife and I can manage our accounts together.
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1 year ago, Kevevans34
Kevin Evans
The app is easy to use and helps to keep track of transactions and balances. It is really easy to transfer money from savings to checking also. If you have kids you can keep track of their accounts and make sure they don’t overdraft.
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7 months ago, PSLICHTER
App rating
It is good, but would be better if I could remotely deposit money orders. What bothers me more is the people not following through on things they said they would. Like the $10,000 on my Line of Credit that was supposed to be removed without any interest almost 1 1/2 weeks ago. I am not paying any interest on that money. Patrick S Lichter
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8 months ago, BaaS Guru
Centris Federal Credit Union mobile APP
Centris needs to add the following two features: Turn Card ON / Turn Card Off on the landing page. Visa DPS supports these API Card Control features, Virtual Card Issuance feature that gives the member the ability to add a virtual card via Centris mobile App. This can be done by adding API into your Card Management System if FiServ supports them. These 2 key two features would make your App rock, until then I will continue moving money out of My Centris account onto my debit card that include these features. Please ask Heidi Shipp Saba, Centris FCU Visa DPS sales Account Executive.
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2 years ago, NinjaNoahAdventures
Convenient and easy
I have my own private practice. I can deposit checks and transfer money between accounts within minutes using this app. I couldn’t imagine not having this.
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4 months ago, Bullfrog!!!!!!!!!!!1
To Centris
I use the app daily and i would recomend ut to anyone that lives out of town where your bank is its so handy i appriciate that the bank keeps its app updated and if there is a problem tgey have it fixed before u know it
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5 years ago, Furmommy
They removed pending transactions
I was hoping the new app would have more functionality but am disappointed to see you can no longer view your pending transactions. Seeing those previously helped me close my card quickly when I saw an unknown charge made by someone who hacked my card number. The app also is not always reliable letting you log in. I sometimes have to log into a browser since the app is down.
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2 years ago, TPaulson36
Great Start
This app makes my financial viewing easy. Easy to navigate and simple to use. Only reason for the lack of 1 star is the annoying resign in if I haven’t exited and quit the app. It’ll give an error message and I have to quit the app and restart it once I go back to the app in the same day.
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2 years ago, Dylan3397
Decent app
The layout isn’t extremely user friendly. Had an issue where I had to add my email address in order to make payments but it gave no info or a redirect button in order to get to that screen to make the change. It took a lot of looking through different sections of the app. Overall an okay app.
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8 months ago, CENTRIS1234
Kudos to the Web Developers
Great site! Verify intuitive and being able to interact and take virtual control of your money through the app is very impressive and easy to navigate. KUDOS to the web developers who develop and maintain such complex systems.
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3 years ago, bighomiegotswag2
Helped save me time out of my day just wish the text receipts were more in depth in the sense of the description on what the transactions were like what was bought exactly i know some places don’t go into depth like that but little things like that would definitely be praised highly
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8 months ago, WyzWymn
Mobile App Review
Thanks for asking my opinion using this app. I have consistently been able to access the areas I want and retrieve the information I need. It is with joy and delight that I submit this review for this application
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3 months ago, NEstep092314
Easy to use
I find this app very easy to use. I like that I can see all of my accounts on one page and move money easily. Really like the mobile deposit function
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8 months ago, Bizbane
Works perfectly fine
Never had a problem using this. I only check my balance and transfer money but that’s all I need it for.
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6 months ago, mrfarmer92
Great customer service and support,always eager to help and in today’s crazy world customer service is a forgotten thing,thank you especially at the Harrison branch for your service!!
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2 years ago, dzag71
Easy to use
Paying bills and account information at your fingertips. Easy to keep track of your accounts
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8 months ago, Uncytely
Good app, a few bugs
Has a few bugs; for example, if you have more than 4 accounts it will switch to something different if you try to scroll up and down.
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7 months ago, Iadmaxx
Very easy to use
The Centris app is very easy to navigate. You can also link your other accounts to your Centris account for the ease of seeing all your accounts in one spot.
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6 months ago, deb the pete
CFCU is great
I have been with CFCU since 1978 and they have always treated my family very well. I have gotten vehicles with their help and loans and there rates were always the best. You want a trusted financial home, go with Centris Federal Credit Union.
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1 year ago, imyllaw
Good App
Good UI and it appears that most, if not all, the bugs have been corrected. FaceTime works and I don’t have to reset the app anymore. It is now an excellent app that works well. Also, I’ve been with Centris for over 30 years and they are a great financial institution.
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5 months ago, Jim Redelfs
Easy to Use, Convenient
A very handy and easy-to-use tool for checking balances, making payments and, especially, for depositing checks!
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2 months ago, Cats in the Bag
The app works fine. I could do everything I need to do with my banking. I just don’t like once. I have my top choices rearranged. I open the app again and they have been rearranged. It’s almost randomizing my accounts.
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3 years ago, Ässile
So easy to navigate
I enjoy being able to check my balances, transfer money, and pay my bills from my phone.
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3 months ago, Kokryl
K. K.
The only part that I had difficulty with was finding the monthly statements (pdf) in order to print them. Everything else is very easy to use and navigate.
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4 months ago, Smackie18
Easy options
It’s so easy and Fast to transfer money between accounts. Mobile deposit is amazing too! I don’t live in Omaha but keep with Centris because I love love love the app!!
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3 years ago, KKKJBJ
Works well
Hard to pay bills if you have multiple accounts with one company. Difficult to pull up account numbers without going to edit to figure out the account. Otherwise, works well.
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2 years ago, Katiemgirl
Centris App
I utilize this app quite often & it works great! Especially like mobile deposit & being able to check my account & make transfers.
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7 months ago, Dakota0247
Actually user friendly
Makes my life easier, able manage finances better
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2 years ago, insanedevo
Very satisfied with the in and outs of the Centris application. The way it’s set up makes everything easily accessible and manageable. 5 star review is the only option
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1 year ago, Denman1973
Convenience & fast !
The Centris app is fast , up to date and easy to move money around ! Can’t say that for other banks . That’s why I’m with Centris F.C.U keep up the great work and updates . Thank you
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2 years ago, hannah.j.ratekin
Very useful
Good app. Occasionally is down for repairs and updates nothing that lasts longer than a few hours. Usually repairs happen at night
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4 months ago, La Vista Joe
Would be better if you didn’t have to download a companion app to manage your debit card. Cobalt’s app allows you to do everything within theirs. Aside from that, it works fine.
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8 months ago, T1960s
Mr. Tom
Great app! I still prefer to go to an actual branch location as much as possible. We need to keep people employed. But for a quick balance check or deposit, the app is awesome!
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3 years ago, sheelfliz
Very Handy
Love this app. Nice to be able to check on my accounts when needed. Also love the transfer funds option.
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5 months ago, GregVo
Gives all the power found on the website
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6 years ago, Coriiiiiiiiiii
Update: eh
I’m glad they finally updated the app to give it a new look! But I am sad that the screen does not adjust to my phone. There is an inch or so of black, empty screen at the top and bottom. Almost as if the app was made for a smaller, older iPhone (like the 4). It makes it hard to look at and use. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Tinicj
I really enjoy using the mobile app. It is easy to do my banking and alerts me when transactions appears suspicious. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, SpaceBound90s
Thank you as this app has helped tremendously over the months of having it. Always secured and giving me all the answers I need on the quicks.
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3 years ago, Juanita1278
update made it worse
i’ve never had an issues with this app until its recent update where it allows you to use touch id. you must be connected to wifi if you want to be able to use it unless you want to wait 5 minutes for your information to load. WORST APP EVER FOR BANKING
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2 years ago, Synister_1
Works really well.
Nothing bad to write about really. Everything works and has all the tools needed for mobile banking.
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2 years ago, Mark Mc Omaha
Great invoice app for small business!
This application does everything I need and it also allows me too edit invoices from the Internet which is very convenient for larger jobs.
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8 months ago, Anni from Omaha
Excellent Mobile Deposit Service
Centris Federal Credit Union Mobile App makes it easy, quick & is reliable, for Check Deposits l.
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1 year ago, DC_2021!
Easy to use! Lots of great tools
Easy to use! I love the budgeting tool and having the ability to deposit your check remotely!
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6 months ago, Alejandro Leela
Just wish I didn’t have to download another app just to have the lock feature.
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