CFC Mobile Access

4.4 (8.8K)
28.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Continental Finance Company, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for CFC Mobile Access

4.38 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
2 years ago, tyh24647
Ehh... It sometimes is helpful
This app does what it sets out to do, but only barely. As a developer myself, part of me wonders why I have to restart the app after make a purchase in order for the credit amount to update, etc--a simple "pull down to refresh" would be super useful for the page with the balance on it. For a while I though the app stopped working after I had made a couple payments because the credit balance didn't get any lower or show up as having been paid, but it turns out that was a quirk with this card and I hadn't read the fine print... It turns out If the account is under 6 months old they hold on to any payments you make for 7 days before applying it to the credit balance for some incredibly frustrating reason, but that's my own fault for not knowing that already.
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1 year ago, tashatashasoto
Do not use this app. This app is awful. It always makes you call customer service for every little thing in your place on such a long hold. It takes way too long for payments to be updated and it takes the money out of your account immediately second with my card was stolen I requested a new card they never sent the new card and they turned off my card which was good because it was the existing card but I never got a replacement card and on top of it all now I can’t even access the app. I just want to try to cancel the account and I have a small balance like to cancel but now I can’t even access the account to pay off the amount just to cancel it and they won’t even update my address because I had canceled the card now I have to wait three more days in order to update the card. I am trying so hard to cancel my account with them and they are making it impossible. This is a scam at all levels. I hate this company and I hope you guys don’t get fooled by the large credit limit they give you you’ll never be able to pay it off and they have terrible customer service.
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2 years ago, Llissaboo
Improvements made are getting better
I would be nice though to have all information update accordingly… I tend to double pay my bill because the payment disappears after it’s processed and the balance does not change so I think the payment isn't going through… at least remove the due date after the payment is made so I know it will be applied.. having to search under recent transactions just to find the posted payment seems like a lot especially when you do not have a lot of time… other than that like the app it’s very convenient
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3 years ago, nikkolmo
This app is always crashing making it impossible to access your account. I have been trying to access my account for the past two weeks so I could make a payment prior to the due date but unable to login without an error message. Needless to say I finally just went to the website on my payment due date (after 5:00pm due to being at work) and the payment was considered to be paid the next day making my payment late. Also it should not take “up to 14 days for payments to post to account.” The money is taken from my bank almost immediately and the only for it to post is to call customer service and they call your bank to “verify” funds cleared. Also if verification of funds is what delays payments posting in a timely manner then there should be an option to pay with another source such as a debit card. Payments won’t post if funds are unavailable. For this to be a credit builder card they sure do make it difficult.
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2 years ago, Nmr333
I like the card but….
Update: since you guys updated the app and website it doesn’t work. I can’t even login it just gives me an error. Fix it so people can actually log on and pay their bill. I don’t like that you guys take a week for my payment to show up on my available credit. I paid off my balance last week. The payment cleared my bank the next day. You guys have my money. So why is my available credit not getting updated to reflect my payment? I’d like to use my card. It’s basically an ACH that clears the bank right away. Please quit holding on to my money. I do appreciate the generous credit line but I’ve never had a card that holds payments like this. And also no payments past 5 pm? Lots of people like myself tend to do bill paying at the end of our day in the evening. You can’t even submit a payment past 5 to process the next day, it just tells you it can’t. Come on guys.
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3 years ago, LaBelle053019
When I think of a mobile app in 2021 when it comes to anything technology related specially credit card companies. This app is not it they should take a couple hands from capital one or discover because this app leaves a lot to be desired I’m talking bare-bones from the user interface to managing the account. It’s just so underwhelming. Cant manag ur card or do anything related to your card on there at all. the only things you can really do is very minimalist things. Pay bill view statements view account activity. All very basic things the app it self works with FaceTime but if not it’s entering ur password. Once again i rate it 1 outta 5 bc as a 22yr old i know what a quality interactive all in me credit app/bank app and this aint it. The website isnt any better. And its not like the cards are cheap the annual fees and monthly maintenance fees are very in your face so where is that money going because its not to your customer facing things i can tell you that.
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4 years ago, NoPlausableNickname
Only one “quirk”
I do love the app and the ease to work with it, the only “complaint” is that I’ve tried on numerous occasions to change the name so I know what card it’s for, but I have not been able to do so. It could even be operator error, but other than that..... Ok, there is another thing..... my payment is due in the 4th of the month..... somehow it slid past me this month - but I did remember it a day late and I spent pretty much my entire day trying to make a payment but for some reason I kept getting an error. Know when it FINALLY let my payment go thru? You guessed it - not until it registered the payment date of the 6th.
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6 years ago, JWW of Maine
The app is clear, simple, and easy to use. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles found on major bank and credit card company apps. For instance, it doesn’t currently allow fingerprint access; you must re-enter your password manually each time; it doesn’t save your bank account information so you must re-enter it before you make every payment. That said, it’s still better than my local community bank app and it’s very crisp and clear to read. I’m sure they will continue to add updated features as time goes on. I would give it a 4.5 star rating is that were possible.
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5 years ago, Crafty Panda Girl
Okay ...
It’s not a bad app, I’ve never had any issues and the new improvements are great. I have two issues. One is that you can’t set up auto pay in the app but your payments are listed as auto payments, so I got confused, thought I was on auto pay and paid late one month. I would love to actually have auto pay through the app. The other is that I had a Cerulean card and added a Reflex card. It appears you can only manage one card using the app. I’d love to manage both of my CFC cards in one place. People are busy and distracted. The easier things are, the better.
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7 months ago, VegasCF
They are difficult to pay & work with
This is the ONLY account I have that has issues getting my payments from Bank of America. I have 3 other cards, a car payment and two loans. Guess what? They get the payments fine, never an issue but something with this bank I don’t know what my bank kept rejecting the payment to them. So after 2 times they closed the account. So dumb, that’s the solution? I got them to just help build more credit but not missing them. Oh guess what else? If they close your account and try to pay it rejects the payment. Tip one, never make it hard for your customers to pay you Tip two, if they’re clearly staying on top of all their other bills (cause they can see the credit) maybe WORK WITH THEM BETTER to see what’s going on with the payments. I wasn’t even late once in my payments that’s the kicker. I’ll rate them better if they can start accepting my money and re open the account but otherwise I’ll just pay it off (only $600 whatever) and never look back.
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4 years ago, zhiggiez
Works but reporting slow
The app is very convenient but the company takes too long to report your charges and payments. Also, I’ve had the card for two months and still hasn’t reported to the credit bureaus. I’m trying to build credit and it’s just really slow all around. The card is great, haven’t had any issues using and the app is fine as well, just too slow in getting things to show up and report. I have other starter cards and they report the same or next day. Hopefully things improve.
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3 years ago, bbb will be notified
First they have you make payment thru your bank which is fine except if they fail to take that money out of your bank account for a week and you no longer have the money they will access you a return payment fee. They did this to me. It has been so difficult to make payments to them I am at my wits end. I do not recommend this card company to anyone. They assess a $10 fee to make your payment by phone with a debit card. That’s excessive. $7 or $8 is fine. But $10 it gets ridiculous. I got this card to help me build my credit and I am never getting them again and I will not recommend them to anyone. If you got this card, do yourself a favor and cut it up.
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3 years ago, Jaketg1
Developers.. FIX THIS
App never works right and refuses to connect to server. Makes paying and managing card impossible. They all ready take 10 days to process a bank payment and now you can’t even follow along to ensure it’s square. As I’m rebuilding credit, like others with this expensive card, we need complete transparency along with quick and accurate information about payments. Total FAIL. Capital One has none of these issues and it reduces anxiety over keeping payments on time and understanding your account situation. You want more on time payments then fix this... ... if your business model is dependent on late fees for profit in order for you to survive, then don’t fix it. ... but don’t cry when your smart customers leave you
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3 years ago, very hapy customer
Access to different acts
I love my cards first off. But my issues are with the difficulty it is to switch from one card to the other. Either there needs to be a way to download the app extra times or access to switch from one card to the other within the app itself. Like when I'm checking my surge account then I would love to be able to click an be able to switch to my fit card information. Could you please work on that issue or tell me if I'm missing something in my app. Right now I ck surge and have to go back to App Store to pull up my fit information. Please help me out!!!!
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4 years ago, Lauralee3812
So difficult to know if you made a payment!!!! I just got this card and so far in payments scheduled it won’t tell me if there is one so I won’t know if it took my payment. This month I made a payment and you can only use your bank account and it flashed something quickly on the screen and went away so I had no idea if it went through..... And because it goes through the bank it takes days to see if it did and then you notice they didn’t get it and your account goes negative. Their app is finicky with pressing buttons and website just as much. I just want to pay and make sure they got it and make sure my bank got it!!! No nonsense please :(
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3 years ago, Raymond Mathews
I have two credit cards, Surge and Cerulean but I’m only able to download Cerulean. When it comes to trying to pay both I’m only able to pay one and do the other online, which is kinda annoying as well as a bit inconvenient, but overall I’m enjoying my cards I would just like for the company to make it to be better convenient in order to pay my bills. RM
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3 years ago, Miss Ashley Sierra
About to close my account
I’ve had no problem with this card for several months and then all of a sudden, the app went down as well a the website, both telling me I have an incorrect password even after resetting it, keeping me from being able to access my account in any way. Fortunately, they waived the fee so I could pay over the phone due to this inconvenience, but a month later and the problem has not been resolved. This is absolutely unacceptable and I’m about to close my account. I definitely do not recommend this card/app for anyone who likes to keep tabs on their spending and make multiple payments throughout the month as I do. It will only cause massive frustration!
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3 years ago, LisaB305
Fed up
I’m tired of the problems this app has. Every time I try to log on it doesn’t work. When I click on the app all I get is a blank blue screen and then it closes. You all need to do better. I also dislike the fact that when I make a normal payment it takes up to two weeks for my available balance to update but you took my money out of my account as soon as I make the payment. I have to call in and be charged $10 to make a fast payment so my balance will update and I can use the card. I’m trying to rebuild my credit so I pay my bills with the card and pay it off every pay day. You all really need to put some time and energy into fixing this app and how you handle our payments.
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3 years ago, Brooklyn's Realist
What did your update do????
When I first got this card and then downloaded the app, it worked GREAT! It was very simple and easy to use and very user-friendly. And it went great with Face ID! But ever since the most recent and last update, it hasn’t worked at all! Even though the face ID checks and seems like it works the app keeps asking me to sign in again, sign in again and sign in again! It is absolutely ridiculous and to the point where I stopped using the friggin app! I would ask that whatever “bug” is in the way, get rid of it, but I don’t think there would be a point to that. I guess I’ll be reserved to just logging in via a browser...
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6 years ago, skbwhite
Needs Improvement
The app is okay as long as you are using it for the basic necessities. For example viewing the purchases you have made and your remaining balance on your card. It is not very user efficient in the sense that every time you make a payment through the app you have to re-enter your payment information, it does have the option to see your statement from the app and there is not contact information for you to update address or email if necessary. Definitely needs more development in functionality, but okay for the basic needs.
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1 year ago, Dharr95
I have a balance of $10 on my account due by 5/18. I went on the app to make the payment. When choosing a payment date it had no available payment dates for 2023. So I call, and if I understand correctly, can’t make a payment because I’m trying to make the payment before the due date and would be charged to make the payment early over the phone. I’ve had this account for going on 3 years and have never had an issue making a payment at any time. And the customer service rep was an a—h—-. I tried to call back several times because I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about and he answers every time.
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4 years ago, Ashirea
Great App
I just got the card so I’m only reviewing the app. It’s fast transparent and easy to use !! It does save your account info and have Face ID if your using an IPhone not sure why someone wrote it doesn’t. I will write a separate review on how long it takes to report my payment. Payments (to be credited the same day) must be made before 5:00PM. Someone said it’s a small bank but my balance isn’t small !! :) I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come and working with them.
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5 years ago, Iphoneuserinmaine
Needs work
Nice layout however could use some improvement. 1. When making a payment, it would be helpful to have another option to pay the minimum. Right now, it asks if you want to pay the entire balance or another amount. Give the option of all three just like every other credit card company in the world. 2. When making payment through the app, it takes a long time and then I get an error message. Very annoying. Fix these two things and you will have a SOLID app on your hands. :)
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6 years ago, Bucky Bvr
Not much there
There’s no list of contact numbers. Also making a payment I need to re-enter my banking info plus it gives me no option to make a payment to make funds available sooner than the two week wait time I get for my payment information to be updated. You should update the app as my payment cleared over a week before you finally add the amount to my funds available. There’s no where in the app to request an increase nor was I ever told how long it would take. So much missing even after charging so many yearly fees?
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6 years ago, randomnicknamelessthan30
Decent app for what is offered
Decent app for what is offered. I would give 5 stars if two things could be upgraded on the app. First, is to save bank information. I really don’t want to renter my bank account information EVERY time I want to make a payment. It limits when I can make a payment depending on if I have my bank account information available to me at time of wanting to make a payment. Second, is to be able to use either Touch ID or facial recognition for password. Make those changes and I will make the change to my rating!
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4 years ago, BLK1958
Great App So Far
I have several cards with pretty good apps. I thought this app would be lame but I was wrong. When I downloaded there app I was pleasantly surprised. It’s better than my other apps I’ll not give card or bank names but there well known credit cards. I wish I had applied with this card first it would have stopped hunting down a great card or bank credit card. Good job !!!!
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2 months ago, Don Iggy
Read before downloading
The worst payment app ever. It’s like the operators of the app and the bank don’t communicate. Had so many problems with payment received but but never debited from my account or payment debited but they said they never received it. To the point they cancel my account because they said they never received payment. Had to fight with them to correct but your dealing with call center in India and the bank being in the US. Still waiting if there’s going to be any impact on my credit report. If there is , more headaches. My advice is to NOT get the card even less the app.
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3 years ago, Bvannorman
Cant make a payment
I can log in and see my balance without issue. When I try to make a payment it does not go through. It gives a red error with no message then when I try again it tells me the payment was scheduled but doesn’t save it. If I go to the online website from a normal browser I’m unable to schedule a one time payment there. There is only an auto payment box and a box that shows existing schedules payments. How am I to pay the bill if the app doesn’t work and the online access from a regular web browser doesn’t work either? This started with the update that dropped 2 days ago.
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3 years ago, Jeff072009
Surge Credit Card
I have numerous credit cards (8), and I use mobile apps for each card. I just got this card to build my credit so that I can later buy a home. I have had so many problems with this app! it’s the worse app for you to manage your money! And if you so happen to have to call the bank, (customer service) it is the worse possible experience. the call sounds hollow and you can barely hear the agent who is of course of asian decent and communication is terrible! And after making a payment on your account, it takes 8 business days to reflect and allow you to spend money off your card!
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1 year ago, TempestSiren
Can’t select payment date
When I go to make a payment, the app doesn’t let me select the payment date. It opens the scrolling calendar, but doesn’t allow me to select any month, day, or year, and actually shows the current month, the following month, the current day, and the current year as blank. It makes half of the functionality of the app completely unusable; please fix this. (It’s been like this for a couple months now and I hoped updating the app, updating my OS, or even letting some time pass would fix it, but this has not been the case.) Thank you!
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4 years ago, EQUAN 1966
EQUAN 1966
This is the worse app ever - I have set up scheduled payments and there is no payment made - I’m gonna pay this card off and not use it again - Friday I scheduled a payment to be made on yesterday (sat) there is nothing indicating the payment was made my designated bank does not reflect any payment - nothing!!! This is not the first time this has happened. I have to get rid of them before they ruin my credit!!!!
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3 years ago, Silver Skittles
No way to access my information
I have spend several hours and have spoken to several reps to try and “fix” the app so I can access my account information on the app as well as online. No one has been able to assist me with logging in. I’m not an unintelligent person. I know how to use apps and access information. I’ve gone through the whole “forgot user name” and “forgot password” route. Several times. I still cannot access my account. I have to call if I want information or if I need to make a payment. This is beyond frustrating and it makes me sad.
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5 years ago, Annaloko
Better and better
This app has come a long ways. It’s changed quite a bit since I first got with it. Before my payments would take approximately 7-10 to clear and update. Now, I can pay today and be credited tomorrow. What a difference.... I can maneuver the app much easier without getting frustrated that my attempted actions weren’t working correctly. I’m honestly impressed how far we’ve come together. This card has yet to fail me.
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7 years ago, kollette27
Overall like it...
That said, I just did an update and it just sits there all dumb like when I open it. Just a blank blue screen. I reset my phone, uninstalled/reinstalled...nothing. I think this version is broken. No Touch ID is fine for me personally, as I don't even use Touch ID, with anything. Matter of fact, it's never even been turned on with my iPhone 7. Technology is great: when it works, but I seem to have the worst trouble with it malfunctioning. Just one more headache I don't need. PLEASE fix the latest version!!
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3 years ago, New to CFC
App issues
Since the recent update I’m unable to check my credit card information. Before the recent update I could see and check all the information about my card now I logged on this morning and it attempted to log me in but then my screen went all white I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and when I try to log on the screen is still all white any suggestions?
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5 years ago, hydrogod1
Awesome card only one feature I don’t like, when you make a payment you have to wait a week for it to go through and to myself that to long for a payment to go thru and apply to your credit line ... other then that wicked awesome app and card!!!thank you access for the chance of rebuilding my credit... Kyle berry
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4 years ago, Tonyasue01
The app is ok I have two different credit card from this company and I have to sign in and out with different user names and passwords with is a pain I wish they would put both accounts in the same place like most credit cards do !!! Also we should be able to use our credit cards to pay for gas at the pump and should get credit increases for paying on time instead of having to get a new card . That’s just a way of getting us with more fees! That’s not a reward for making payments on time .
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3 years ago, Rollitbakeitvapeit
App needs updating AGAIN
What happened here???? All that was needed was a couple of tweaks from the last app and y’all went and changed literally everything and messed it up! Maybe it’s just for Apple users getting this but I can’t even make a payment now, hit the pay button like 3 times and only once got a pop up saying thank you but no trace of the payment on the app anywhere. Now I’ll have to constantly check my bank just to see if something goes through. I’m canceling this card because I don’t have time to worry about a faulty app messing up my credit.
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3 years ago, Prezaplus3
Great App!!
Very convenient, nice to be able to make a quick payment check my balance or just take a quick overall look at my account. I haven’t had any snags when needing to access my account and my payments have always posted in a timely manner!! Nice credit building card!!
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3 years ago, mont0518
Awful app
Has for that past 2months now said my payment was approved, then showed I didn’t even make the payment at all. I went in to make another payment and then there were app issues with the selection of the date. I get a call about a collection on my account because of the app, mind you I have never been late on my payments and still they fixed it and still that payment isn’t showing or anything showing has been fixed on my account. Waste of time it feels like.
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7 years ago, TheClaudys
No Touch ID or Saved payment info
I know I may be getting spoiled with all of the newer technology, but I really wish it was easier to login and make your payments. If it were my app, I would make it as easy as possible to do so. The app works just fine the way it is set up, I’ve never had any issues. I just wish I could use Touch ID to login, and I didn’t have to enter my checking account and routing number every time I want to make a payment.
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3 years ago, Lhod06
Don’t use the app for payments
The app is an absolute joke. Made a $183 that showed pending and went through. Next $100 payment never showed as pending on the app but customer service said it showed in their system. Third payment never showed pending and never showed up in their system resulting in a late fee and of course generic excuses from customer service. Your better off just using the phone line for payments, or even better, pay off your balance and close the account.
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6 years ago, CovenantWoman
It’s frustrating and inconvenient....
The app is so antiquated! It sure would be nice to have my login stored in memory, so I wouldn’t have to log in from scratch each time. And it’s such a burden to have to key in my banking information every time I need to make a payment. The app should accommodate a memory source, to save the payment method information for future payments. Also, “touch” fingerprint option, as with most of my apps, would also be great. I certainly hope to see some improvements.
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3 years ago, JSUNBurns
Black background with dark gray text
For some reason the app was updated and now the scheduled payment section was change from a white background to a black background and the text is very dark gray so it is very difficult to read. The other issue I have with the app is that it is unreliable as it cannot connect to the server sometimes and I have to use a web browser to make a payment.
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6 years ago, Brooke19909
App is so-so
Out of all credit card apps this one is by far the most NON user friendly. I wish it would save my password so i wouldn’t have to enter my log in I go every time. I also wish it would save my payment information as other apps do. Would also be nice to have the option to get notifications of balance, transactions, when approaching bill due date and reaching close to your credit limit.
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10 months ago, Twisted30
They ruined it!
I hate having to update my app only to find they completely destroyed it! It lost my login info, so I had to re-enter that and turn biometrics on again! How do other companies update their app and not lose the biometrics? On top of that, they seem to have lost my payment account info - it’s like I’m starting all over with this company! It’s like they don’t want to get paid. I just started using this card again - but I’m done now. I will pay it off and shut it down!
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3 years ago, kiddster23
It’s okay
If your building your credit it is great to have and get. But the app constantly crashes and makes you resubmit your password and doesn’t do great with apple phones. Also calling someone at the office is impossible cause they are not much help. They just transfer you more than once and you can’t get the right person to talk to to fix the problems. The app has been down for two weeks and I can’t even look at my account to pay it off.
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5 years ago, Gina143
Quick Easy & User Friendly!
I was happy to see that this bank came out with an app because it makes my monthly payments and account management so much easier than logging on to the website. It’s user friendly and I’m looking forward to all changes and growt
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3 years ago, FL Spurs fan
I have this app several months. The first few weeks it worked great. Then it sudden stopped working. You log in and it simply goes to a blank white screen. This has been going of for over a month. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and there was no change. I have updated my phone and the change. Have had to resort to their website which still works. Their is no point in this app. It is a hassle and not worth it any longer.
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2 years ago, LouBaby432
The Fit Card
Let’s start by saying this, I love my card and it’s benefits. What I do not like is that they do not accept any payments after 5. Total bummer, for me that is because I feel like no matter the time or day if you want to pay your bill or at least get ahead on it you should be able to. Other than that, I’ve totally enjoyed my Fit Card.
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