3.3 (221)
310.7 MB
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Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for CHANEL FASHION

3.26 out of 5
221 Ratings
6 years ago, Chanel4Ever76
I love the app... But...
I love the app as much as I love Chanel, with my whole entire heart. But recently, it feels as if no one had been paying attention to the app. The campaign pictures for the “Paris-Hamburg” collection don’t load and are blank screens. The app has not been updated to coincide with the new “Metiers d’Art” collection so we can browse the products... and often times (VERY OFTEN) the videos do not load! I think Chanel needs to be more diligent in keeping the app refreshed and as current as possible!
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2 years ago, Babskidoodles
Needs plenty of improvement
The new app is great when it works. The pictures are in high definition, every detail does look up to date, but here are my cons: 1. I cannot log in to my account again. I already called them before for the same issue so I thought this would have been resolved 2. Lately they haven’t been having any agents online. Recently there was one who was very rude to me, even mentioning I already inquired for the same item a week ago. Honey, you have no idea how item availability works, don’t you? 3. When using the search function, some results items show up on repeat 4. The E-receipts page are great, but none from my purchase history show up so does this page even work?
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4 years ago, Snow Phyu
It was easy to use this app before but now you can’t even see the price for some of the items and you have to sent a request if you want to know the price of the bags which is super annoying.
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6 years ago, AlliGirl10
Great when it works....
I love the app when it works but it’s few and far between. It always crashes and doesn’t get fixed for what seems far too long for this day in age. Plus the app doesn’t allow you to purchase sunglasses through it like the website does (at least a way fully functions). So disappointing. I expected more from Chanel with the app to be honest.
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1 year ago, Katthewmhomsi
Broken app
I can’t log into the app. I am a 10 hour drive from the nearest authorized retailer, I called Chanel to order a bag but they won’t let me as a first time customer. They said even if I fly/drive to a store they won’t order for me. PSA: you’re literally forcing me to purchase from a reseller, actually I think I’d rather keep supporting LV and Fendi because your business model is absolutely horrendous!
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1 year ago, hy09123
Unable to log in for months
Always shows me message with “unknown error has occurred, try again later.” I’ve reset my passwords many times and they don’t work as soon as I reset them. I can log in fine on the Chanel website so it’s the app problem. For a company that is so luxurious, it’s ridiculous that the app doesn’t log in.
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6 years ago, BryBry4u
Not Working!!!
I love this app BUT... Just a little FYI for y’all, the app isn’t working. When I try to open it, it says, “Unable to access content”... Maybe you can fix it? Thanks!
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2 years ago, changtasha
Not allowing me to log in
I have been unable to log in through the app for about a month. It says, An unknown error has occurred, please try again later. I am able to login on the desktop just fine. I deleted the app and reinstalled it twice but to no avail. This needs to be sorted out.
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6 years ago, Mr.SuperDude
iPhone 6S Plus iOS 12.1.2 Images and videos are highly defined and upload quickly. This is an excellent resource for fashion design students.
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1 year ago, LaurenArm
Always ‘try again later’ message
I liked the app but over a month now when I try to login I get a message about ‘services temporarily disabled’ and to ‘try again later’. I’ve reached out for support and no luck. Maybe if you could login it would be better 😬
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4 years ago, ___s13___
Been trying to get into my account for months, with no updates as to why it will not link! My CA even tried to share a link for us to connect here, share wishlist etc, and nothing! Also, prices still haven’t been adjusted to reflect newly implemented increases. Doesn’t see like anyone is eager to fix this app. So disappointing!!
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6 years ago, Aksaiyo
So stupid. Content leads to website anyway
I browse their website a lot, look at bags, and I was hoping this app would improve my experience because certain part of the website was turning into a language I can’t understand (Russian?). Well, the content of the app just leads to the website anyway. Deleting this app right away.
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6 years ago, 619consumer7
Worst app ever!
No organization to app, just show what over price hand bags you have so I can buy one for my wife. This app is like cutting up their catalogue, throwing it in a bucket than trying to find a specific page. Look if Chanel wants me to know what stupid collection or season I’m buying than tell me in the description! Don’t organize it that way!
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1 year ago, Tsui3075
Chat connection disappeared
After the app updated, the chat connection category was disappeared. I also can’t see my e-receipts. I called my agent and resent the invitation , but it couldn’t send again. I tried to send message to my agent’s boutique and it didn’t work either.
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3 months ago, KBKB0
App functionality lacking
App needs attention, basic functionality to favorite an item to add to wishlist will not function. Items don’t always load. Overall poor experience.
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3 years ago, jill hershberger
Orlando Florida
I am so upset with you It really hurts That I can’t go in to your store Because of a appointment I hope you realize you made a big mistake People will love to go inside There was black man there Will not let us in because of you Change it Jill
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5 months ago, Mrs. Honey tutu
Keyonnie D Franklin's Rate
This App is very wonderful. I Enjoy it everyday and I am so blessed to see all of the Beautiful Models and Clothes.
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2 years ago, zxfdaqwer
Log in problem.
Always has problem with loging in. Showing up error even request password changed still unable to log in 😒
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7 years ago, LeKh_2001
Not very easy to navigate
Expect a better app for a company such as Chanel! Not easy to navigate
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2 weeks ago, nike825
Fixing technical problem?
Ever since the latest updates, can not use the app. It close itself when it’s opened. Please fix the real problem.
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6 years ago, Heyyoyo22
Terrible ap. The reverse button doesn’t work, it takes you to the home page in case you want to look at something. Super super slow, none functional, unorganized and none user friendly! DISAPPOINTED!
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2 years ago, SeePenny
Tried to sign in….
This app will not allow me to sign in. Keeps coming up as an error. I’ve changed my password twice and it’s still not working.
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6 years ago, Do not buy 124578
Pointless app - FAIL
Nothing works on this app including all (supposed) links to products. Nothing in this fancy app is useful. Really frustrating because I wanted a more direct way to get the latest product info.
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8 months ago, Pretti Boi LT
Doesn’t work
Although its not as confusing and convoluted to navigate like the website is, I can’t even get the app to open
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7 years ago, Lengthsxlindsey
This app won't open...
It attempts to open then crashes. I work in the luxury retail business as a personal shopper and this app used to be my GO TO... I haven't been able to use it in months... any suggestions?
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2 years ago, BettiBlanco
This App is driving me crazy
The product pictures are not loading. The App constantly crashes.
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6 years ago, sbucze2
Doesn’t work and gets stuck
Tried to use option to try on sunglasses it kept showing that item can’t be found.
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2 years ago, gypsylolita
Can’t log into my account
When I try to log in it says an unknown error has occurred. Very frustrating! Please fix this asap!
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6 years ago, My Family In Mexico
Gone since latest update
This app used to work beautifully but ever since the update it won’t open or show anything, I thought it was a problem related to the IP address but it’s not. CHANEL PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!
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2 years ago, 1Mills
Certain stores only allowed to sell certain items. Can’t order off of app. What’s the app good for ?
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7 years ago, CarolCarney
Love Chanel but App features could use some work!
Love Chanel bags and I have many. What I don't have is many opportunities to go look at the bag in person. I wish they would feature more angled photos of the bags. One photo per bag is just not enough.
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1 year ago, Your app is crap
And again no login
4 app updates in months and still can’t log in
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7 years ago, Samzee01
Horrible App!
Its impossible to have anything load on this app. Being a billion dollar company and they can't even have a decent app. That shows me a whole lot !
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2 years ago, slqwe1029375
Having issue to sign in with my account
Can’t sign in? no option to sign in
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5 years ago, Beach_Roses
Can’t Log-in
Was able to login before. I can login on browser on phone, but when I try to login on the app, nothing happens. Using iPhone XS Max running 13.1. Please fix. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Brook Gee
An Ad Not An App
This is just an ad, not an app. Lovely videos and photos pitching the current collections. Chanel boutique directory and lead gen email form. Nothing about any of the core products IN the boutiques by location a la Celine. Zero ecommerce. Chafail.
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2 years ago, cjtaz2
App and Website unavailable
The Chanel app and website have been unavailable for 5 days.
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7 years ago, cheyenneq02
I love this app
The app is great it's a must for fashion lovers
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1 year ago, BlondieNina
Fix the login!
Clients haven’t been able to login for MONTHS. Please get this fixed.
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1 year ago, MelissaKatz
Don’t bother
I remember now why I deleted this ages ago. You can’t buy make up or skincare on the app. It re-directs you to the Chanel website and good luck if you can’t remember the password. Otherwise this app is pointless & useless.
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7 years ago, Vcdst
It doesn't work
I can't open any of the collections. I have an iPhone 6s...
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4 years ago, Lana keller
Great but HORRIBLE prices
It’s a great store, and the things are adorable, but the PRICES!!! Like, it’s not nessesary at all!! (Sorry if I spell badly)
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7 years ago, Panwisdom
terrible app ever had,cant give 0 start
terrible app ever had,cant give 0 start
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4 years ago, vovo1212
Need more improve
지역이 다르면 오픈이 안되네요
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2 years ago, 填写个评论还要昵称
can not see the price.
can not see the perice.
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3 years ago, rayiray
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13 years ago, Chanel24/7girl
I love Chanel!
The Chanel app was the first app I ever got. But I went here to update my review and it said that I needed to buy the app. Strange enough I still have the other Chanel app which has this years spring collection. I have been a fan of coco and the house of Chanel since second grade! It's such a treat that they let iPod users to have this app because verison did not have the iphone at the time when I was shopping for a new phone. This is a great app and lives up to the chanel name. I quite enjoy visiting this app and i must say that I am very hard to please being a fan of coco and the house for so long. I also have the Chanel the lovley game which was sadly taken off of the app store. I love Coco and Karl!
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13 years ago, Goth Gotherson
Good iPod App...
...but I only wish there was a better iPad compatible version, just so the images and video do not get pixel-y. Otherwise, the app is very wonderful to have. Easy, simple navigation; great way to show accessories on specific models when browsing through the looks from the show. Crashes, but only on occasion. Very stylish, and is updated with each new season. :)
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7 years ago, Rebecca A Hernandez
Easy shopping
The Chanel app makes my online shopping very easy when I need to search through different products. I can see right away what the new collections are and not waste time having to search through the thousands of products.
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12 years ago, Janis_Led_Floyd
Needs additions
I just downloaded the Chanel app and so far so good but I do wish you would put an archive option on the app. Would be nice to see the transition starting with Coco and ending with Karl! Archive please! Otherwise love the app!
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