Chapters: Interactive Stories

4.4 (108.5K)
196.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crazy Maple Studio, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chapters: Interactive Stories

4.41 out of 5
108.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Pyschstudies
In Love...Just Not With The Diamonds
I have downloaded tons of story apps like this one. And this one is by far the best. It's the one that keeps me up all night playing it. I made my fiancé download just so we can talk about the stories. I don't even really mind the ticket thing. However, I really mind the diamonds thing. I HATE that to wear certain thing and for certain choices I have to spend my diamonds or my real money to get diamonds. I mean this would cost me a fortune with all the stories I read. Personally, I think locking certain whole stories would be a better option. I much rather spend my money buying the most popular books then spend it on the choices I want to do because you run into a million and that will cost a fortune. It also would set this story app apart from the others because I've never see any of them do that. I even talked to my mother in law who had this app and she told me she deleted it because she couldn't choose what she wanted to choose. It's the apps biggest down fall. If it was changed, I would say it's perfect and reccomend it to everyone. I mean heck even the tickets to read a chapter can make you money. There's no reason for diamonds on choices. You can also through in adds for all I care. As long as I get to choose the choice I want. Hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. I love the app tho! A must download.
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6 months ago, user309641290
5 stars
* seasiskl I love this app but I do have some frustrations that I have noticed many others also have. In order to play, you have to have a ticket per chapter and you only get 3 tickets daily so that really limits what you can read without spending a ton of money on more. I'm also slightly frustrated with the diamonds in the same sense. You earn two per chapter read with the option to watch a video and earn four (if that option is working that day) but each choice costs between 12 and 17 or even more diamonds and each story has many choices that you are forced to not choose the answer you actually want to give, without spending a lot of money. Now I don't mind making purchases with real money once in a while for a game that I really enjoy like this one but I do have a problem when a game is so obviously a giant money grab. I believe there are ways to still make money from this game without having each choice be so costly because that makes the gameplay so much less enjoyable for the person who wants to choose a response and cannot. And the same with tickets. The choices should cost wayyyy less than the amount they take, they could still earn the money there but obviously not as much but they would have more people keep playing for much longer instead of getting so mad that they stop playing and buying altogether. There has to be a happy medium and there has to be less greed. I mean, it's not like they are actually paying these authors
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1 year ago, seaslskl
Love the app but…
I love this app but I do have some frustrations that I have noticed many others also have. In order to play, you have to have a ticket per chapter and you only get 3 tickets daily so that really limits what you can read without spending a ton of money on more. I’m also slightly frustrated with the diamonds in the same sense. You earn two per chapter read with the option to watch a video and earn four (if that option is working that day) but each choice costs between 12 and 17 or even more diamonds and each story has many choices that you are forced to not choose the answer you actually want to give, without spending a lot of money. Now I don’t mind making purchases with real money once in a while for a game that I really enjoy like this one but I do have a problem when a game is so obviously a giant money grab. I believe there are ways to still make money from this game without having each choice be so costly because that makes the gameplay so much less enjoyable for the person who wants to choose a response and cannot. And the same with tickets. The choices should cost wayyyy less than the amount they take, they could still earn the money there but obviously not as much but they would have more people keep playing for much longer instead of getting so mad that they stop playing and buying altogether. There has to be a happy medium and there has to be less greed. I mean, it’s not like they are actually paying these authors.
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4 years ago, lil' debbie g
Love this app.
I might love this app to much. I get to pick what the main character looks like, so I get her as close to me as I can. I get to pick her name so all of them are me lol... the best way to read a book is to put yourself into the main roll, so I do. It is so much fun, then you get to choose what happens, well for the most part. There are tickets for reading the chapters you usually get 2 and it takes an hour for one to be replenished, (you can buy more if you want/need) but to start a new book is free. outfits and some choices cost diamonds (which I wish were less so I could choose more options) they usually cost 12 for a nice out fit/ tempting choice or 17 diamonds for the best outfit/spicy choice so it adds up quickly, however there are choices/outfits that don’t cost, however they usually are not something I would normally choose. But I will sacrifice an outfit for a choice later. I also love the stories. Besides that the other thing I would change is a chance for a back button, I don’t know how many times I have lost control of my phone and as I’m trying to grab it again I have hit the screen and changed the story, or I put it down for a moment and my cat stepped on it and changed it. Also I get often that the system will not let me in please try again later, which is super annoying but it usually corrects itself in a few hours. I would recommend this to everyone that likes to read and make their own choices, however it is super addictive. 😁
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10 months ago, JayLiesHere
it’s super fun! but..
I’ve had this app for a while, and I enjoy it almost all the time! But I’ve never had a problem with this when the game was like newer? It’s just that an ad pops up like every two seconds I try to read a story. Even if you press the ticket button you still get like 2–3 ads before it actually starts, it’s crazy and very repetitive. Does it almost all the time. I try pressing bc the next chapter to a story? When I first downloaded this game it was just an ad or 2 depending on which button I pressed (ticket or watch an ad) cus if I pressed ticket it wouldn’t give me an ad and if I pressed ad it’d give me one and the story went on. But now it’s basically the exact same thing, no matter what, it’s just that if you press ad you have to watch 4 instead of 3 ads. Also, I’ve never had a big problem with the diamonds because i almost always play the user stories since they’re ‘better’? In some way or another. But all the times I’ve used it at all, it was technically for nothing and did nothing for the story or plot. I’m not saying all of them don’t do that, it’s just some of them do, and it’s annoying. As well as the ads. Either way, it has potential, I’ve seen this happen with many games where when they start gaining popularity or numerous people end up playing it starts bombarding you with ads. I mean get that bag ig but I would like if it downed just a bit.
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4 years ago, Nekomimiko2014
Has Potential...
Honestly, I feel like Chapters has the potential to be a really good app, due to the amount of diverse stories there are. However, it’s still lacking in a few things. 1. Stories are mediocre at best, but occasionally you’ll find a gem here and there. These stories pander to mostly lonely middle-aged women and fit a very stereotypical scenario most of the time. Chapters has multiple stories that cover a lot of the same tropes over and over...The hot daddy millionaire, boy next door, or your typical vampire love story, the one where the guy is a big tsundere in denial of his love for you and has an extremely toxic personality...Chapters has a little bit of everything for everyone. But the tropes are heavily recycled over and over. This app has so many stories, but lacks diversity when it comes to tropes. 2. Diamonds. I know recently Chapters has tried to make it fair for users who don’t pay, but come on...Paying 17 diamonds for choices that basically don’t matter with barely any outcome? That’s a little ridiculous. Especially, when we get very few diamonds after the stories themselves. I wouldn’t have an issue with waiting to collect diamonds, watching ads for them, etc...but choosing diamond choices with little or no outcome is a bit silly. Why not put the diamond choices on the choices that will have a real impact on the story? The “Choices” app does this very well by balancing this out, even if we’re spending 17 diamonds on a choice.
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4 years ago, mara0331
One of the Best!!
I consider this app to be one of the best interactive games for 2 reasons. The first, it really does have some of the best stories compared to other apps that are similar. The second, it is one of the best money grabs I’ve ever witnessed!!! All of the important choices require you to use diamonds and it seems like every 3rd or 4th choice is an important choice. The choices cost at least 12 or 17 diamonds, some others as much as 20 or 30. There’s usually 3 choices, only one of them won’t require diamonds. Diamonds are hard to come by unless you are willing to buy them, the 30 diamonds for $1.99, get you 2 choices lol. Most stories are anywhere from 14 to 20 chapters and each chapter easily has about 8-10 choices that require diamonds. You can sacrifice outfit choices that require diamonds to save some, it just means you may end up on a date to a benefit gala dressed in a button-up shirt and ankle length pleated skirt!! The choice options are so skillfully crafted too, the free choice is almost always something with a negative outcome. Not all the stories require diamonds for outfits, I’ve come across one with all free outfit choices. Basically if you don’t have a problem with spending so much of your hard earned money on an app like this, you’ll absolutely love it. The game is definitely more focused on making money than providing enjoyment, which is obvious with the selection of choices given to you!!!!
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2 years ago, TacoThieff
The good, the bad, and the less than ideal.
I’ve been playing this game for a couple of years now, and it really is a generally well-balanced interactive story game. I’ve downloaded pretty much all the different (at least popular) games that are similar to this one, and I will say this one has the most polished feel and best range of stories, in my opinion. That being said, I understand it’s important as game developers that you are supported for the product that you have put out, so I understand requiring gems for certain outfits and progressive choices within the game. However, I’ve played similar games where gems are used to unlock extra parts of the story, instead of demeaning you or ruining relationships because you don’t use them. It’s encouragement to use gems, to gain access to extra scenes and to support you as developers in the process, versus a feeling of getting punished for not doing so. The first leaves a positive connotation on the player (even when they don’t have enough gems to unlock the choice), while the latter that is currently being used feels more like force or punishment. Overall, it is a great game. With that simple shift, I feel it would be a fantastic game.
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2 years ago, MysticRose17
Google sign in problem
There is a serious issue going on with the google sign in for this app. Normally I rate this app 9/10 but not right now. I deleted the app for a while because I was having an storage problem on my phone. My account was saved through google and I’d signed in multiple times when I’d deleted the app before and redownloaded so I wasn’t concerned about getting back in. Now, I just downloaded the app again and went to sign into my account for google as usual, except it would only let me sign into a different google account…one I had never even used for this app. Every time I tried to sign into my other account, the app kept glitching and taking me back to the sign in page, never even letting me put in my password. The app has had some bugs before but nothing like this, this is a serious issue. I’m writing this review partly to warn people and partly to get the developers attention because I can’t get help through the app because I can’t get into my account. I love your app and stories and I had a really good account going…if it’s somehow lost or I’m never able to sign in due to a glitch and I’m forced to start over on a new account…I’m never playing again. That shouldn’t have happened and it’s disturbing that the app wanted me to use my other google account that I have never once used for this app. I would appreciate a response about the issue, otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to delete the app for good and that makes me really sad
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12 months ago, cholveybates
There’s potential, but really falls short
I really think Chapters could be good and for some reason I want to like it, but as of now it barely competes with other story apps like Romance Club and Choices. The biggest thing is the writing and stories themselves. They’re abysmal on Chapters, just an enormous pile of trashy smut crap. I have to stop by the second or third chapter because I feel like I’m losing brain cells. I love Poison Study but that’s by M. Snyder, not you guys. And I dare you to write a story as incredible as Blades of Light and Shadow on Choices. Good luck with that. There’s also no wardrobe feature to change outfits whenever you want like these other apps do. And of course the diamond crap is ridiculous. I might be inclined to buy/use them if they added to and enhanced the plot in any way, but they do absolutely nothing. On Choices, diamond choices add so much, and btw you can also watch 100 ads for diamonds, all at once. I’m a happy VIP member there. On Romance Club choices also matter, and they also do diamond rush events where all choices are free, so I always purchase teacups (I.e. passes) so I can read more. These apps are getting my business, and unless you implement new features to compete with your competitors, I won’t spend a penny. Maybe my review won’t matter if somehow you guys are making money with what you’re doing now, but I’m sure you could have more customers if you changed things. Just saying.
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5 years ago, Nana 🖤
I have mixed feelings about the app. I just re-downloaded the app about a week ago, and within that week I’ve come to a few different conclusions. I’ve only read two stories so far. One story I finished, the other I’m on the last few chapters. I can honestly say that I do like the actual stories so far. Both stories that I’ve read have been LGBTQ+ stories, which are the only two LGBT stories I can find. It bothers me that there is barely any diversity on this app. You can’t even really customize the characters to how you’d like them to look. Another thing that bothers me is the diamonds system. Now, I’ve seen this complaint a lot in the reviews. That should say something to the app developers. It’s highly inconvenient that I have to either pay hard earned money for diamonds, or just choose the option without diamonds. How am I supposed to make a choice that costs me 12-20 diamonds when I only have 7, and only get one per finished chapter? Someone in the conference room needs to reevaluate their math skills... Also, the problem with that is, the story will not go the way that I wanted it to. Which makes me disinterested with the book and wanting to just stop reading it and deleting the app altogether. Now, one thing I do like about the app is the taptales. They’re very interesting and don’t require you to make choices, meaning you don’t have to pay for some choices. I really think some drastic changes need to be made immediately.
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1 year ago, one star87
great at first but then 😬
the app was amazing at first but then after you finish the first story its chaos. first my diamonds started disappearing i’ll have like 32 i leave the app to go to bed then i wake up the next morning with six. second i didnt see this in my first story but i wish i did mager red flag 👀 all the stories have way to many diamond choices that you are forced to choose the one that is the most expensive because it will ruin the whole event their at or something like that and they are so frequent that i counted and in a lot of stories its every 3 free choices that you get an expensive choice that you are forced to do the most expensive one. third im not receiving diamonds from watching ads anymore or from completing quizzes i understand that some quizzes take a couple day to give you the diamonds but its been two weeks an im waiting upon SEVEN! i keep checking the section an im still getting NOTHING! at this point the game owes me so many diamonds for them disappearing and me not receiving them that i could probably pay for all the diamond choices in all the stories and still have a-lot left UNLESS ALMOST ALL OF THEM DISAPPEAR IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT and when i watch an ad for diamonds i dont receive them what so ever but it still counts it and puts the timer on even though i don’t receive them anymore. this app has a poor performance and i have a feeling that the developer is going to reply and blame me for their suckish app’s performance
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12 months ago, kfkdndndñol
Amazing app 🤩
Firstly - The characters are so beautiful and the story plots are so interesting that it can be for anyone! One thing, I personally love is that you can comment and read comments from others, which is cool to see what others think too! Although, sometimes acquiring diamonds can be hard, but there’s different ways to get diamonds 💎. In kinda like a fun way. AND, the fact that you can create your own stories blows my mind! So since I’ve always loved writing stories in my small office, gives me peace and some freedom is a some way to do whatever I want! Also, people are so talented! Seriously though. I highly recommend this app, like if you’re into romance/CEO/arranged marriages/LGBTQ+ stories this is for you! I honestly was surprised to see lesbian and gay stories which I love, we need to see more of that. And being surrounded by LGBTQ+ individuals myself, made me so happy to see these stories!!! Y’all, I spent 4 hours straight on this game😅. But it was a really good experience. Let’s talk about the people behind Chapters, there incredible! Even if I don’t know them personally, I LOVE YOU THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL A TAD BUT HAPPIER :). Ya so anyway, y’all have a good day. I really wanted to write a comment so I did. HAVE A FABULOUS DAY!!!!🤪
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Great game!
I love this game. The stories are great and much like stories I also write. I do wish there were more paranormal stories. Specifically witches. The diamond thing isn’t so bad. 10 dollars a month for a membership seems reasonable. But even without that you can make many choices in many stories. It’s all very thrilling. The one thing I would take note of...definitely give more options for character. I feel like most people want to make a character as similar to them as possible. Unfortunately, in some of the stories, the girls are hideous lol. Women of color should also have more choices as well. What...they get one girl? And Asians get one girl? And usually there is at least 2 different white women to choose from. Or everyone has brown eyes. And I’m a very pale Jewish girl with green eyes and black hair. So usually no one looks like me haha. I do like that we have multiple hair options though. It would be super cool if we could create a character but I understand that is difficult so just having more options would be nice. :) overall really great game though. Out of interactive stores this rates 2nd for me with arcana being 1st. Idk why choices gets more attention because I really feel that the stories in chapters are way more interesting.
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5 years ago, Caitlyn1996
Love the stories but if you don’t pay...
If you aren’t paying you aren’t really playing, it seems. I have never written a review in my life, but I actually have been enjoying the reading thing and the “idea” of getting to play a part in decisions and the outcome of the story. But that’s literally not the case when it gives you three options, one is of no cost and the other two are required diamonds with is required to pay. Even if you eventually add up all the diamonds you can get watching videos (which is a measly two at a time per video that are scarcely even an option to watch, not a watch and collect at your own leisure) the options are between 12-17 diamonds. I can’t pick and outfit or different decision if I don’t pay for this out of pocket which I currently do not have the option to even do right now as that’s going to get extremely costly. Maybe if it was 5$ for like 1000 diamonds , not 60 of them for that price. After one chapter you’ve just spent 5 dollars on a game that’s supposed to be free. It’s fun but not really as fun as it could be if you actually got to make choices. By the end of a book you’d be paying like 20-50 bucks if you picked your own choice which costs every time it pops up. Sucky. If it wasn’t for all that bs you have to deal with I’d give it a 5star rating all day! ):
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3 years ago, dez3597
Love the game but this is Ridiculous.
Okay, let me just say, I love the stories in this app. Great detail as well. But the Diamonds? Come on now. Each choice is 17+ diamonds and when you buy diamonds, they don’t even last. You would think if you bought a lot of diamonds it would last you a while, but no, about 400 diamonds only lasts you a chapter and a half! I don’t like spending a crap ton of money on diamonds so I always find free ways to grasp them, but it’s like all that saving isn’t even worth it to be able to only get threw a single chapter. Diamonds run out QUICK. And it’s very hard to earn them without having money. I work hard for my money and shouldn’t have to spend it all on diamonds that won’t even last me an entire story! There are other ways you can make money with this app you know. Put more ads or something, I don’t care, but the diamond thing makes me not want to play. Yes, you can have diamonds, but at least make them 5 diamonds or less per choice. Because 17+ diamonds a choice isn’t fair, especially with the people that play who cant spend money like that. And most of the choices, you need diamonds for. So all the stories are ran by diamonds. You can’t get threw a single chapter without them. It’s ridiculous!!! Moral of this comment, Don’t waste your money on diamonds because they won’t last!!!
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5 years ago, Digger106
Love the app, hate the diamonds
First of all I do understand that you need to make some money from a free app, but this app heavily advertises that you choose you make your own decisions, but a large majority of these decisions involve diamonds. And it’s always some insane amount of diamonds like 17 when you only get one per completed chapter. The thing that irritates me the most is that every time it’s an option involving diamonds, I ALWAYS want to pick that option. It’s so frustrating. Just like other reviewers have said, I honestly don’t mind the ticket to play system, and you could definitely make a killing off of just that, or do what other apps do, throw in ads every once in a while. This diamond thing makes my blood boil and makes me want to rage delete this app because I can’t pick the options I want to. ***UPDATE*** I used my registration reward to choose the option I really wanted to choose, spent 17 diamonds, and got gypped. After I chose the option something within the story prevented my option from happening. Seriously, what was the point in me even spending those diamonds if what I chose I wanted do wasn’t really even an option? I chose an option to reveal something to a character, and right after the story prevented it by some bs alarm going off making it impossible to tell her. I removed one more star from my previous review.
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4 years ago, NHL dhdhxb
It was cool
The reason I’m going giving it three stars is because when you play you have to play for certain choices and outfits. I have no problem paying but the fact that they choices cost so much is annoying. If you don’t pick the paid choice then you lost content and you suffer. In the recent update they decided it was a good idea to to give you even less diamonds then that did before which is very dumb. I think it’s dumb because if there going to give you less then they should lower the prices for the choices. I get it the app is probably becoming more popular which is why there making it harder to get diamonds. Now the only way to get more diamonds is to become a VIP and I’m not paying to become a VIP when this is only a game. I think they should change it back to getting to diamond after a chapter then an extra too if you watch the ads. Also the conversion for the the diamond exchange is honestly outlandish 40 for ONE diamond. It should be like 5 for 1 since you don’t have that many opportunities to get them anyway! They raised the price of the choices to the same thing as if they were giving us more diamonds but there not! Now I have to choose the choice that cost nothing because I don’t have enough diamonds. Very annoyed and I’m probably going to delete this app!
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6 years ago, ruishigao
Best story app
I have played a lot of story apps: Choices, Episodes, Lovestruck, What’s Your Story?, etc. This is honestly one of the best if bot the best one. Like the rest of these story apps, you need tickets to read a chapter. However, Chapters is the most generous one. In other apps, it takes 2-4 hours to get a single ticket, and most give you a max of two tickets at a time. Chapters also has the standard of two tickets, but regeneration time is only 30 minutes, which is awesome! The timer starts as soon as you use a ticket to start reading, which is nice since some of the other apps don’t start the timer until after you’ve finished reading. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t make me feel like an ATM like the other story apps, which are full of ads and have a many choices that needs to be unlocked with many diamonds/gems. This app also requires diamonds, but it’s not outrageous like other apps which have choices that cost 30-50 diamonds. Most locked choices in Chapters that I’ve seen cost 17 diamonds or less, which I think is very reasonable. I also have never seen an ad. Honestly, this all makes me very willing to spend money on this app, which I have done.
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3 years ago, wagnertroy
Enjoyed many stories however there’s no more left at all I read thriller ,mysteries ,suspense , comedy drama .. was a little dissatisfied in some of ones such in your categories good but could be more suspense or longer if it’s better your mystery and paranormal were decent but could use a spin off revamp fallen angel, also your surveys are awesome it’s awesome that you provide that but quite often get denied right away and given 1 diamond it gets aggravating especially when you’re enjoying the stories and need diamonds but the wheel is crap I’d rather trade the maple coins but 85 only got me 2 diamond cool but wow really?! How do you Create stories? It would be nice if there’s was directions.. I’ll be back for vip if there’s ever intense mystery thriller or a little more suspense or combine them , ever heard of adding comedy ?however I refuse to read just romance itself but you need to wipeout the low rated stories redo them completely why are some of them I was interested but only 5 chapters? I won’t bother reading short and I actually wanted to read them they caught our eye I want my moneys worth and I get offended seeing bdsm or lgbtq under one of my preferred categories I believe when you put suspense the stories under should be of ONLY that genre I dislike falsities..
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3 years ago, Eye41Eye
What’s up with all the advertisements?
Seriously, quit with all the 4-5 part advertisements. I tried to watch a video after I finished a chapter, to get the 2 gems, and I watched it and still didn’t get them. Instead it made me watch it again to get the gems. I like the stories, but a lot of them are a little to much like been there done that. There’s nothing like reading the first 2 chapters and immediately knowing how the book ends. And you can clearly tell that some of them are sort of knock offs from movies. For example, we didn’t start having stories with Doms and subs until fifty shades of grey was released. Now there are all kinds of them popping up. Graphics are much better than they were 4 years ago. I don’t have any problems with glitches so that’s awesome. I will continue to use this app because of its consistency. It regularly puts out new stories. Which is amazing because on a different app, I’ve been trying to read a story that’s lasted for more than 2 years because they only release a couple chapters every few months. You will never know my gratitude for the fact that this app doesn’t do that.
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2 years ago, KarisLovesAnime
Uncomfortable and Pay to play
I love most of the books I’ve read so far. Playing Hard to Master is my favorite, but one chapter was something I would have used my safe word on and I didn’t have the option to in the book. I was really grossed out by my character dressing up as a school girl for the boyfriend. It’s something I’m really against because of how perverted it is, and I didn’t have an option to say no. I would have spent diamonds to say no to that. In the book Seven Day Fiancé, all the good options cost diamonds. Otherwise I have to allow the family to emotionally abuse my friend? That’s not okay. I would have walked out and never spoken to them again irl. I wish there were better options without costing so much, and I wish that if I have to chose a non payable one that I wouldn’t be penalized for it. I also want the option to say no to sexual scenarios I would never go along with. My review for Seven Day Fiancé: I hate this story. There are usually 2 options. The good one that protects your relationship from the family and towns emotional abuse costs diamonds. The one that hurts and throws your friend under the bus and ends in a bad situation with all eyes on you is free. I played this book for the diamonds at the end of the chapters. Whoever wrote this has a very greedy heart. Would definitely NOT recommend! :)
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5 years ago, sfroth
Greed and lack of oversight
I first want to commend the programmers of this game. The graphics are good, the characters are well conceived and gameplay is fairly straightforward. The way the app is run, however, is why I am leaving a 1 star review. The stories I’ve read have been really entertaining, but I really don’t think 1 and a half stories should have cost me $90. And I didn’t even use all of the premium options. The “free” version of the stories is threadbare and make the characters seem pathetic and uninteresting. The only way to inject humor and spice into the stories is to use diamonds. I’m talking lots and lots of diamonds; hundreds of diamonds. And the other ways to earn diamonds, other than buying them, are ridiculous. Most choices require 17-40 diamonds. The app lets you earn diamonds 1 at a time, and there are very low limits on how many you can earn in a day. I felt like I was paying a ransom to free the actual story. It strikes me as being incredibly greedy. My other problem is in the lack of oversight. There is a story in the “taptales” section that is a straight cut and paste of an older story on a different website. Comments have been left for the past 4 months about the issue, but there is no sign it has been looked into. Basic oversight and accountability should not rest solely on the players’ shoulders. This game is a complete rip-off. Don’t waste your money on this “free” app.
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6 years ago, Cutieb1211
Almost the best
I have enjoyed most of the stories I have read so far, but there are many bugs (double faces, clothes randomly switching on characters) and spelling and grammar issues (along with names being wrong in some spots!). The story named “HiS” seems like it was written by a 15 year old from a foreign country who couldn’t quite figure out how to translate what they were saying into English. I was liking Bad Boy Blues, except for the fact that it kept skipping over intimate parts, but then saying later that they happened. It was weird and made the story very disjointed. A lot of the choices are ridiculous. I can either answer a simple question with a simple answer paying diamonds, or I can go over the top and lash out for no reason whatsoever for free and be highly over dramatic. I like that tickets come every 30 minutes, instead of 2 hours. I don’t like that each “premium choice” costs 12-24 diamonds when you only get 1 diamond for finishing a chapter. Also, in the past few days, I have only been getting 1 diamond for about every FIVE chapters, which is really annoying. Most of the stories definitely get raunchier than my other favorite story app, Choices. My husband definitely doesn’t mind being woken up in the middle of the night... 😂😉
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10 months ago, thtsakira
Rigged Completely!!
This app is money hungry and that’s an obvious problem after just reading one book. While there are loads of opportunities to earn diamonds, there is no point as one story contains way more diamond options than you’ll ever get the chance to earn. That is unless you’re willing to spend a third or half a paycheck just to have your own pocket sized version of relaxation. Because unless you’re choosing the diamond options, your story will turn out less than desirable and makes the stories no longer worth reading and way less enjoyable. The books become more about getting diamonds than the actual content. This completely takes away from the creative aspect that comes from reading such amazing and diverse stories. At the very least redemption codes could last longer than 24hrs or when you complete an offer you should actually get the diamonds you worked for. This is another deeply rooted flaw with this app. You will waste your time completing “free” diamond offers. More than half of them still want you to make a purchase and they don’t pay out. I’ve completed dozens of offers from 1 diamond to 500 and still haven’t seen a single one. Just don’t waste your time or your money there is no point in trying to read anything on this app unless you feel like selling a kidney.
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5 years ago, CassideePope'sBiggestFan
One thing that’s annoying is that the diamond choices don’t have much of an effect on the story. It’s frustrating that so many choices the better option costs diamonds. Wearing the nicer outfit literally doesn’t effect the story at all. Often, it seems like the story progresses the same no matter what choices are made. The only time when the choices actually matter are for the ending. While you only get 1 diamond every chapter you read, there is the possibility to spend about 100 diamonds in one chapter. This causes the reader to be frustrated and makes it not as fun. While there are some great stories on here, it isn’t worth it to spend your own money on this game. Also, the customization for characters is severely lacking. It’s annoying how every story offers different options for what you want your character to look like. It would be better if there was a more custom option that could be used for all the stories. There are on average 4 different options for what to look like for each story, and some offer zero customization at all. Also, this took up 10 gigabytes... that’s right gigabytes of storage since the stories are downloaded or something. If you want an app to take up a lot of your storage and annoy you by the lack of choices then this is the app for you.
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5 years ago, Ndjsosb837
Love this app but.....
I love this app and I love the stories they get me hooked and I love it. I get into the emotions of the ppl in the book. The only reasons I’m not giving a 5 star is because the choices are too expensive and the outfits cost too many diamonds too I’ve spent money playing because of how much I love the stories. I just wish the cost of the choices didn’t take so many diamonds and the clothes didn’t take so many diamonds. When I finish a book would be great to get diamonds for them. Most choices when playing are from 12 to 17 diamonds some are higher based off the good answers and the clothes are costly too and if ur in a book the outfits you already spent diamonds on shouldn’t cost you they should be free choices all in all it’s great I love reading books like these when the characters heart is racing so is mine, when they cry so do I, I can channel all the characters and it’s great they are great and the app is amazingly great too better then others I’ve tried. Would be great to get the price down lower and the adds to watch to get diamonds u have to watch 5 adds to get 1 diamond each add but after like 25 adds they are gone till the next day.
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3 months ago, Imnotgivingyouanickname!
You guys have got to stop with all the unnecessary drama in the stories, stop with starting these stories off the same way with a damsel in distress and her constantly getting cheated on, stop guilt tripping someone into using diamonds ESPECIALLY when theirs kids involved into the story, it’s clear as day that your so desperate that way and I’m tired of trying to be manipulated by A STORY APP! While you’re over here begging and manipulating people for diamonds to pay these people who made the story, you also make people wait every 2 minutes just to receive 2 extra diamonds for watching a 1 minute ad. I know that their is another option to get diamonds but still with the diamonds choices being so high like 17 majority of the time, mixed with the guilt tripping, AND there’s ads EACH AND EVERY TIME you want to read the next chapter! It’s ridiculous and you guys are milking way too much out of us. I understand that you guys also have a choice to complete things like surveys to get more diamonds but definitely the guilt tripping and desperation needs to stop OR STOP PUTTING SO MANY BIG STORY WRITERS ON THE APP SO YOU WONT HAVE TO PAY THEM! And the stories aren’t even as good as the original because forbid if you don’t have enough diamonds to make the story have a good ending.
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3 years ago, Gx35
5 star quality, price for choices are insane.
So I LOVE the stories! They are by far the best stories compared to others. I get lost in them every time, not to mention the graphics that follow with the story are stimulating and rendered well. I am embarrassed to admit how much money I have spent on this app. I am trying to take advantage of free advertisements for diamonds but usually they are for 1 or 2. Without premium choices you are not going to get the story you “really” want. Each book could easily come out to paying $20-$60 per book, which is insane. That is the price of paying for a full 50 hour game haha (one book should not cost the same price as Zelda BOTW). I would actually rather pay full price per book if it meant I could choose whatever choice I wanted! Honestly, as much as I hate to admit it, I will not be able to keep this game forever because I simply can’t justify the price. It is a very clever scheme. I would love for the creators to consider a “buy the book” altogether option. I would easily pay $10-$20 per book if it meant that I owned the story. After purchase I could make whatever choice I wanted as well as re read the story whenever! They could also keep an option to pay as you go for others.
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5 years ago, lanalilokona
Do not play this app (game?) unless you want to waste money and be frustrated. The only “decisions” you get to make for your character for free are things like “do you say ‘hi,’ ‘hello,’ or ‘what’s up?’” Most decent decisions cost 17 diamonds. You can earn 5/day from watching 5 ads, and you earn one at the end of a chapter. But there are SEVERAL decisions to make per chapter. So to make the decision they know the reader wants, it will take you 3+ days of watching ads. It would take you weeks to finish one chapter that way, so I was a sucker and bought diamonds. I’m so annoyed at myself, but I’m a Jennifer Armentrout fan and was excited Obsidian was on here. Some examples of choices are—your friend looks upset. Ignore her or tell her to get over it, or for 17diamonds ask her what’s wrong. I went through most of the story having my character act like a complete witch with no redeeming qualities because those were the only free choices. And where’s the fun in that. The idea is neat, but the execution is horrible. If anything buy stock in this app because these people have to be making a ton of money. It would seem less of a rip-off if you could choose to watch more ads to earn diamonds or something. What I would recommend is scroll through the stories to see if any grab your attention, then just read the actual book it’s based on. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!👆🏻
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3 years ago, fbeisvdi
great stories, unfortunately It’s extremely discriminative
Aside from The whole Diamonds and tickets issue which I’m sure I read about, there is another huge issue. This app is extremely discriminative to anyone with a darker skin tone, all their book covers have white on white story art there are a few sprinkled through that may have black and white couples but I have NEVER seen even one black couple for any of the art. I understand that you get to choose your skin tone and the majority of the love and chest skin tone in the book in the story which is one reason why I liked it, however a HUGE flaw in this is that even though you may change the main character the entire book still set as you having ONLY white parents or cousins and it makes the story a great deal less than for anyone of other skin tones. Some books do try to mix it with parents (or any other relatives) having two different skin tones but for the extreme majority it’s not like that at all. It’s really sad because I would like to be more immersed within the story but you really can’t when in everyone you have to imagine your character as being adopted all the time. So yea you all have a long way to go on that end, but the story plots I think are fun and imaginative, I just really wish it ALL worked together a lot better.
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11 months ago, stunningstunnergigi
MC faces & hair
I find it very troublesome that the white main character options are drawn better than the POC main character options. There’s always something off, whether it be the facial harmony, the hair options, etc. This is troublesome, it’s almost as if there aren’t POC artists within this company. The Latina, Black & Asian options have bigger heads, the same skin color, facial features that don’t look as harmonious, etc. It’s like they’re rushed. Maybe they’re done as an after thought? It’s simply not fair. And you can see it in the latest book Chained to My Prison Guard. When are the POC going to get new MC choices? You do it often for the White options. We’re constantly recycled with the same options. And don’t get me started on the hair. If you’re going to do box braids so some scalp & you can have tightly coiled hair that’s actually…hold on don’t faint when I tell you…long *gasp*, I know who knew it was possible!?!? It’s 2023, past the half point at that. Do better! And include some variety in your Asian selection, not every Asian looks Japanese, Korean or Chinese. This is ridiculous. For all the diamonds that we have to buy, which is even more ridiculous but that’s another story for another day, we should be getting premium graphics especially if I’m paying premium money. Super disappointing!!!!
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4 years ago, briiiibriiii!!
So great... Just not the whole diamond thing
I want to give this full 5 stars but I have one issue with this game, how you have to buy diamonds to make choices. And when you download you are given a few diamonds but it’s not even enough. It will be 20 diamonds for 1 choice but then you pay 4.99 for 40 more diamonds which will be used up in 2 choices. This for me is the biggest downfall of this game. Aside from that I’m so in love with this game. I like how the stores go, I like the build up of either which way you wanna play and then it’s basically always can be 2 stories in 1 if you switch up choices later on. I also really like how we can customize our characters so specifically all the way up to the color of their eyebrows. It’s so cool( it’s definitely a good time pass. All I really have to say negative about this game is the whole diamond thing! No matter how much you buy you run out and then some choices are 30 diamonds 20 diamonds. That’s insane I understand 5 diamonds for an outfit change etc. Also I wish the characters in the game can do little things to earn diamonds for free, besides that it’s a fun game and should be downloaded!
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5 years ago, Melacy
Great stories, overpriced.
I have really enjoyed the stories on here, compared to similar apps with in-game purchases. However, I’m not fond of the micro-transactions system. A more reasonable price would be $5-10 for one whole story (which is more or less the same amount you would spend on the novel they are often based on). If the developers weren’t gouging readers for money, I think they would end up making more money as consumers are more likely to spend if they are getting a better value for their money. You can earn virtual goods (“diamonds”) by watching ads, but the diamond spending choices crop up so often that it is difficult for the readers to immerse themselves. By the time you earn or spend enough, you’re no longer sucked into the story and less inclined to continue your patronage. I’ve cut myself off at spending $40, which is relatively the amount I would spend on an entire PC or console game, and certainly way too much to spend on just one app- especially considering the meager amount of content $40 will unlock. Inevitably, I’m going to revert to reading regular old romance novels, but... hopefully (but doubtfully), in taking my time to provide this feedback, I’ve inspired the developers to take heed.
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6 years ago, jmcclellan233
I really love this app. I think it’s a great app with lots of fun stories to choose from. The only thing that I don’t like about it is the fact that the choices with diamonds cost so much. Honestly, the diamond choices should only be like 5-10 diamonds instead of like 19. Also the outfits should be lowered in price too. I do like how there are options like watching videos to get diamonds and sometimes you get diamonds during the story or how you earn a diamond after every chapter. Also, i think it should change a little bit in the random emotions thing. Sometimes if you don’t spend diamonds, the other choice you make gets the characters mad at you and it’s really annoying for the reader. And the waiting time for the tickets was nice because it was only 30 minutes for each ticket, but with the new update, it’s like 2 hours. Please go back to the original. I really love this game, but I’m kind of sad because with the new update, the app won’t open because it can’t connect to the server when it always could before. Overall it’s a great game, here could just be a few things fixed.
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5 years ago, YourBestFriendsGirl
Love this game but..
I’ve been playing for awhile and I even started my own story! I absolutely love this game however, its hard to access many things within it. For example, its hard to find someone’s story without scrolling through the entire taptales. I wish there was a search bar. Also it would be great to have access to people’s profiles so it can be easier to find their stories or chat with them directly. I realized that authors cannot start a conversation and I would love that feature to maybe update the readers or tell them `thank you’. With the stories that I’ve written. There were certain words that were prohibited, such as, “spoon”. It was weird and I couldn’t understand why. I also couldn’t understand why curse words and sexual words were prohibited in the taptales and were accepted in some chapters stories. I definitely wish receiving diamonds were easier. I was slightly disappointed when I couldn’t receive diamonds for completing certain achievements. They just unlocked something and that’s it. Overall, I love the game. It is better than other games like this with its story quality and content, and the appearances of the characters. I hope the next update will be great.
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4 years ago, photo_mama_ca
I love reading and I’m a writer as well so I thought I’d give this a try after seeing it in ads. Well the reviews are misleading. After about a week or so of playing this game I realized some things about this app. One is that for the good stories you have to have a lot of gems saved up to be able to make even some decent choices. You can watch adds to earn gems but you don’t get very many and the ads are about 45 seconds. A lot of the stories are similar. There’s a rich person, someone who falls in love with them, and a crazy person. The most diverse are the paranormal ones. Hardly anything that’s relatable. A lot of the time you either have to choose a choice you don’t want or spend money for gems for the other choice. And some of those choices are even more than the rest of the story. I was somewhat content with having some stories end the way they did but others just made me angry because I felt like I really didn’t get a choice. There are also grammatical errors in every story I have read. Hire a proof reader or something. Some of the story ideas are good ones but the best this going for this app is the graphics. Overall this app is leaving me quite disappointed and I’m not sure how long I want to play on this app anymore.
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4 years ago, $Mystery$
No changes in diamonds
To be honest, I just started playing the game and I immediately got hooked into the first story right off the bat because I felt like I was in one of my romance books. Except I really felt like I was in the shoes of the main character because I was choosing answers that actually sounded like my personality. And I really loved that part of this app and how well the stories are developed as well. I also thought that the variety in appearance and the beautiful graphics made this app stand out from others with the same choose your story idea. There are two things that frustrate me, the VIP pass offer, offers a DISCOUNT in gems for a LIMITED time and it starts at 30%. So I would have to pay for a pass to pay for diamonds to make choices that of course I want to make because it’s usually the better option out of the two. The second part that frustrates me is the fact that the app developers are clearly not taking in the reviews and suggestions that their PLAYERS are sharing. If almost all the reviews discuss issues with the diamonds and state that they wouldn’t mind paying for bundles or each story on its own, then I personally can not understand how there have been no changes made to this part of the game.
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6 years ago, anony-mouse525
Disappointed by Diamonds
Totally disappointed by how much Diamonds cost. Hey Chapters, did you know Netflix charges a rate of $8 a month to stream any movie? That choice is what made Netflix used by so many to become a long-lasting company. They made more money overall doing it this way then over-charging single users because it caught on like wildfire. Do you want to: a) overcharge single users causing them to delete the app (costs 17 diamonds) or b) become a long-lasting company by charging fair prices to more loyal users? I agree with the previous comment, I’d rather pay a flat fee to choose a book and be able to make the choices I want in a game. Sick of having to choose the free choices (after spending $15 to buy diamonds to make choices at all) and giving up on the book because the plot line is not going as I would’ve chose. Looks like I’ll be leaving the app and heading to the library. Would I pay a monthly subscription or book-by book price? Yes, I would. I like everything else about this app. In order to have an all-access pass to these books it can cost upwards of $45 or $50.... Stupid. Neither party profits from this. Chapters, it’s your choice. (And we promise you, we won’t charge diamonds for either choice you make)
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4 years ago, jazzy0803
I Can't Take It Anymore
A lot of these stories are written by authors that don't let the player choose what their character will look like, even though the character's background has very little or nothing to do with the story. I'm noticing a pattern and I don't like it. A lot of the stories are about s*x and/or love crazed female characters that seem to find the male love interest "hot" no matter what; even though the male love interests aren't even attractive a lot of the time. You go through darn near the whole story only to have to PAY gems to say yes or be "official" with the love interest you were forced to date and/or sleep with the entire story. A lot of the authors seem young, immature, and/or naive because a LOT of the characters and relationships that take place are severely UNHEALTHY. Chapters needs to do a better job of picking authors that don't just write about white characters and their stories/relationships, and stop picking authors that have horrifically unhealthy views of relationships and that write for teens. Also, pick which age demographic you want to write for. One story, "Twice the Growl" was EXTREMELY inappropriate for anyone under legal age. Do better, Chapters. The book, "The Red" is the most offensive thing I have read in a while. The entire book is disgusting.
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1 year ago, Eagle1487
I love this App Except the Stars
I love reading books on this app. There’s a variety of stories for each individual person. I can remember a time when readers could read stories without stars. However, since the stars option has been added, it makes it more difficult for readers to be able to read the stories they are interested in. Most every day Citizens, cannot afford to pay a boatload of money just to read a story they’re interested in. Additionally, chapters does not have a way to earn or collect stars throughout the app. Every day citizens are having to buy stars with their own hard earned money. It is unfair to the reader to get interested in a story and not be able to finish it, because the author added stars to it. It’s also unfair to the reader to find a story that they are truly interested in but not be able to read it because they can’t afford to buy stars every couple of days just to read a book. Something needs to be done here to correct this because authors are losing readers due to this stars option.
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3 years ago, abuth15
Love the app, but Wish dark mode was supported
I love this app. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. First, a request. This app is great, but it is a strain on the eyes at night for IOS users that enjoy the dark mode that most apps support, but Chapters does not. If this can be accommodated that would be awesome and our retinas will be thanking you. For my review of the app: As a college student I love getting away from life for a bit to read these stories. It’s taken me a long time to get to a balance between my wallet, and my impulse to get more diamonds to make it through the stories. In order to effectively do so I maintain a premium membership so I can have more diamonds for choices that require them during breaks and times I’m able to read more without procrastinating on other things. During the semesters I let my membership fall to a free standard membership and mainly collect diamonds for the couple of stories that I will continue to read during that time. Hopefully this was helpful, your wallets will be thanking you.
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2 years ago, Chester2929
Back off with the gems!
I love this game! But the whole 💎 thing for the better choice answer is a cockblock🙄 I know they have to charge some money but when you have to pay gems for almost every answer it’s frustrating and very expensive, because you also have to pay for tickets,hairstyles,outfit’s,etc . That’s if you want the response from the story that you’re looking for. The story that I’m on, I always feel as if my date is going to leave me because of the awful,rude ,wishy-washy free answers. I’m glad the other character is understanding and always comes back even though the answer given would have been unacceptable in real life and caused a major argument. I’ve had to turn down sexual situations, calling the relationship official, and sending home the other character drunk because I don’t have the 17 gems every answer it wants. Which makes me want to throw my phone across the room. I hope the creators of this game would take this into consideration and give more answer options other than the ones you have to pay for making gameplay fair. Thank you! 🙂
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3 years ago, xjustindrewbieber
:( Could be the best app in the game
Here are the pros: the stories are amazing. there is a story for everybody. Never boring writing. Different genres. But the cons... its hard to actually enjoy the stories whenever you want unless you're willing to spend real money. Please make it an option that we can watch ads for premium choices instead of spending all this money. I would never uninstall this and recommend fo friends but I find myself uninstalling often because this seems like a money thirsty app. I understand you have to support the artists and writers but I think it would be good to have that as an option because you earn money from it right? Its better that someone who never would buy a pass would watch an ad. I also understand there is already an option to watch ads to get 2 diamonds but cmon really? 2 diamonds? That's barely anything and the premium choices cost like 20 diamonds sometimes! The people who are loyal to the game should get something for even logging in. The team for this game is holding this game's potential back... I hope something changes.
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6 years ago, cinzia33
I love this!!
This is so much fun and I love that you can choose your own path, your own adventure! When I was younger, I remember how I loved these “Choose Your Own Adventure “ books . They were so much fun and it was so neat how you would read a part and then you would come to a point where you would have to make a choice between two or three choices. Each one would lead you down a different path and would lead you to different adventures!! I think this is sooo much fun and I just love the way you are like writing a book with your choices in it instead of the author’s choices!!! My only regret is that it can get quite expensive! You have to pay with “gems” in order to be able to get to the next chapter or sometimes to make a choice. Normally I would say that is ridiculous and would not spend the money. However, once you get into these “books” you ( or at least I am!!!) will be unable to say no!!! So beware!! If you think you can spend the money, then I say “ENJOY!!!” You make the choice.......
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4 years ago, Albion Girj
Poor customer service
Lately this app has been freezing a lot. It also doesn’t allow the videos to play for free diamonds by saying video not available repeatedly!!! So when you do get a video to play, there is either a delay in receiving the diamonds or not receiving them at all. The similar things happened here recently with a purchase of 550 diamonds I purchased tat showed me purchasing them but they didn’t actually add to my account it just said payment successful but those diamonds never showed up on my account. I emailed about this but I’ve only got showed a receipt for them being added but like earlier explained the purchase went through but there was a delay and they never were added to my account. As a customer this is very upsetting that I’ve purchased something that didn’t show and customer service wouldn’t do anything further then by showing me proof that I received those diamonds. I love these stories and spend too much money on these diamonds and tickets so it’s upsetting to see that a company making money off of us wouldn’t just give the diamonds I purchased that I didn’t receive for whatever reason!!! Makes me want to quit this game altogether!!!
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2 years ago, lcarolyn
Everything about this is great minus the gems and golden tickets. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much they charge for gems and how frequent you have to use them in the story. And of course there’s always the other option in the dialogue that doesn’t cost gems but go figure it’s usually the undesirable choice. Then there’s the golden tickets. You need them to play the story. Once you run out you have to buy more or wait an hour and half. Which ok I was fine with waiting but then when I went to open up the app I saw that the time never went down. Come find you have to keep the app open for an hour and half in order to get a golden ticket. So they expect you to not use your phone for an hour and half just so you can get one measly golden ticket. I had to delete this app. It gets easy to spend money on gems, these stories are addicting and hot. Y’all need to lessen the need for gems in choices, or lower the amount of gems needed for a choice, I mean come on 17 gems for one choice, the timer should be going down for the golden ticket even if the app is not running. But until then I’m not messing with this app again. Beware people who play this. You’ll waste a lot of money.
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5 years ago, Cazzikins
You can’t even play without spending a lot of money
I love this app but I have to give it a bad rating because of the sheer difficulty of being able to make any decisions without spending tons and tons of diamonds or money. I don’t have $1 million to spend on this game. You used to be able to get one gem every 12 seconds and earn quite a bit to make decisions. Now you get two gems, you wait two minutes to earn another and you can do this like 10 times a day. It’s not nearly enough to make any decisions that will give you a good exciting story. Also today, I tried to watch the videos to get the gems and the videos wouldn’t even play. If you make the decision to be intimate with the main character, you shouldn’t have to make another decision down the line about whether you are still going to be intimate with them two seconds later. Why do we have to pay money for all the good outfits every single time? It’s just so expensive. It’s frustrating because it’s a really great game and great stories, there’s great artwork and scenery, but you just can’t get a hold of doing anything without having to spend diamonds on it. I’m not a millionaire and don’t have money to burn.
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4 years ago, BelindaJoJones
Same issue as everyone else
I am really enjoying the story. I’m on my first one, I have already linked my account, and found what I can in earnable diamonds, watch the ads as they pop up in hopes to collect diamonds, but really the charge of 17 diamonds to make a basic choice but only to receive 2 diamonds for watching a 30 second ad is just a bit much. I am a mom with 6 kids. I read as a way to relax and I love the idea of making choices to see how the books will go, but I’m already on a budget and I refuse to spend money to read a book. I can spend the same amount of money and buy an actual book and maybe I won’t have the choice to help the story line along, but I won’t have to keep spending money to enjoy the story. I mean I had 80 diamonds and basically used them in less than 30 minutes. Now if I want to enjoy the story I either have to choose options that I don’t necessarily care for or I have to spend money. It’s super frustrating. Either add more options to earn more diamonds or lower the cost of choices... or better yet do both and watch the amount of downloads skyrocket. Just sayin’
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4 years ago, Brandy213122
Too much WAITING
Love the story lines. They can be addictive. However, too much waiting for things and it gets expensive. You have to wait to watch ads to add only 2 diamonds and sometimes, they don’t work. You have to WAIT for almost 4 hours for tickets. You have to WAIT 24 hours to let friends give you more diamonds after you ONLY get 10. You have to WAIT 15 hours when you meet your diamond ad quota. You have WAIT a week for chapters to be released. If they have a series, you have to WAIT on a cliff hanger. For instance, I have read the Lux series and there’s supposedly a 3rd book but who knows when that will happen. Personally, diamonds should be used for releasing extra chapters and outfits, especially if you have to WAIT for tickets to read chapters and it takes FOREVER to get tickets. It gets too expensive and people do start to get bored. I’m seriously waiting for the LAST chapter for one book and 3 more chapters for another book and there really isn’t much else I want to start because it will cost me a small fortune for diamonds. It might be easier to actually FIND the real books and delete this app.
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