Character Maker

4.5 (7.3K)
257 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Character Maker

4.53 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
2 years ago, JazzyM1125
This app is fun in all, but…
I really enjoy the fact that you can make a character/design a character. I really enjoy the fact that I can give my characters that I made names and give some little detail about the character I made. It’s nice how many clothing items, accessories, and etc. It isn’t limited with very little items and you can style your characters in different ways. I enjoy pretty much everything in this game, but only thing bugs me a lot. That one thing is that I can’t switch a data from a device to a different one without iCloud. I couldn’t get this app on my old iPad, so i played this app on my dad’s because he let me. I made a lot of progress on this app on my dad’s iPad. Then, I got a new iPad, which is this device I’m using to type this rating. I got this app on my new iPad. I was excited. Then I figured out I couldn’t transfer the data on the game on my dad’s iPad to my new iPad. I was very frustrated, angry, and disappointed. I made a lot of progress on my dad’s iPad on that app for it all to just go to waste and for me it restart. Now I have to restart when I made a lot of progress before. It took me a few weeks to get over it and start playing the game again. But I am still really upset about all of that. What I am saying is that it would be very, very, very amazing and make me very happy if you added something to transfer data to a new device. If you know what I’m talking about.😅
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2 years ago, nani just a idiot
This is the best app for oc’s but little things be a bit annoying
so I really really love this app I love the art and the layout of it all, I’m cool with seeing ads for things but sometimes the ads just don’t work…they sometimes won’t let you exit them so you can’t get the reward or they just go all black it’s not to bad but still annoying, all so I wish there was a option for making accounts because I want to have all my progress on other devices and I accident even moved the app a bit ago and all the items that I got are now gone..a bit annoying but not bad at all I been using this app for almost a year now and I love it’s so much but I do wish there was more black/African hair styles there so many cool hairstyles to pick from but not much black/African hair, I love to see more curry hair in general on here but other then that this app has so much to pick from and so much you can do with it So far those are the only annoying things About this app so that’s awesome! Really love this app and i’m excited to see what updates have in the future
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2 years ago, bygonepancake
Cute, easy to use, creative
I am in my thirties - and although I may not be the intended demographic for this app - I have been having a blast playing with it! I find it to be a really relaxing and creative character design app which can be hard to find in the App Store. You’re not bombarded with ads unless you choose to watch them. And I love making my own characters and placing them together into scenes like stickers essentially. I have a whole cast of characters at this point each one cute and unique. Heck, I have even re-created myself, my boyfriend, and my cat into a scene to save as a wallpaper for my device. My only suggestion would be to have the ability to choose different poses, I know the clothes do change the pose depending on which one you select, but for different scenes and backgrounds it would be cool to keep your characters same clothes, but alternate the pose. A huge thank you to developers and the whole team who made this app a reality!
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3 years ago, 😬🥵🥵😬🤭😤😤😐😳😳😑😬
So awesome
This app is very widely customizable so you can make any characters of your choice I love this game so much and I believe that it has a lot of free choices and a lot of them you don’t have to pay for and you only have to pay for really the packs there’s nothing else you have a really really play pay for it so I really like this app because it’s not like you don’t have to pay it’s not expensive the packs aren’t expensive I love this app really really much that sentence didn’t really necessarily make sense but I’m using voice to text so please don’t judge this game is the game of my life I’ve been spending the last few weeks playing this game for about like three hours a day and probably more honestly since I didn’t really necessarily like any of the other customers all the games except Gacha club and Gacha life and all those that whole line of games all the other games aren’t that customizable and it’s really not that good but this game is really really really customizable and I love it
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8 months ago, Whiskers2017
I like this app a lot! ❤️
I really like this app because it is super fun with all these cute little characters and matching outfits or outfits in general. But the thing is I had to ask a question to the person who made this app, what do you have an ad banner when I don’t have any adsIncluding my daughter who played this game also? It’s kind of confusing just having a banner for a little amount of money just to get confused and final results that you don’t have any ads on your device for this game. I think you need to fix the ad banner and change it to something else like getting all the outfits or getting all the hair for that amount or something. But after all, nothings perfect! Another problem, their is some ads that are not really good for the kids as in inappropriate and definitely not fun to look at. But you know, it’s fine! Wasn’t major. Anyways, I love your app a lot! Just fix the ads please. 👍👍
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3 years ago, MountainMoon
Super customizable with options hard to find elsewhere
I actually really love how customizable this game is! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an ‘anime’ style avatar creator with dreadlocks actually. There’s a really good selection of costume parts, background elements, and hairstyles, and the interface is really smooth, I like it a lot and highly recommend it! It’s very easy to make all different kinds of characters. The only real change I would really want is the ability to reorganize saved characters; I think that it would be really useful! In terms of what other people have been saying, I will say that technically you don’t have to pay money for anything other than the packs, but you do have to be willing to watch ads. It’s roughly one ad per item, or two for the fancier options. They give you a bit of currency every day, but not enough for an item or a roll in the gacha thing without saving up. I personally don’t mind it at all, since the ads only appear when you click to watch them and it requires less ad-watching than other games I’ve played, but it might be something to consider if ads bother you. Cool things to add might be small glasses and sunglasses, headscarves of various styles, some traditional wear (like hanbok), more braids (french braids, dutch braids, box braids, cornrows, etc.), and more curly, wavy, and frizzy hair options. The developers are doing a great job!
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2 years ago, Cawaiicloud
Great app just one problem
So when I started to play I loved the app but when I made my first character I shrugged on it but now let’s talk about the problem so when I got on it it just got really dumb I don’t hate the app when I got on it the creepy girl who u started with when it’s ur first time playing it she shows up and she said to create a character when u know how to it didn’t let me click anything yes and I mean ANYTHING ask I thought my iPad was hacked but it wasn’t so that was dumb and then my iPad needed to update but my dad knows how to update my iPad so here are the reasons what u should do to fix it 1 update whatever u play the game on 2 if ur Device is hacked fix it 3 delete the game and download it back
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3 years ago, m. loraining
So, I personally am pretty okay with it. There are quite a few different options. probably the only things i don’t like are how much of the screen the ad banner takes up and just how few options there are without having to use “cookies”. So far I haven’t done the story or whatever, I’m really only writing this to get more cookies as I used quite a few trying to get more, ironic I know. Anyway it was good enough without getting any new things to make a couple of my characters in it. I don’t really like the whole background thing, maybe because I’m not creative enough to try to recreate my scenes with it, or maybe there are like no options without having to use the cookies. Silly, I’m honestly not pressed about this, I just figured if I’m doing this anyway, I might as well give as detailed a review as I can. I might update after trying the story thing. Also might not as I really am just interested in the character creation features.
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3 years ago, GeoffK85
Dress up freely
I love this app so much because you can dress up however you like. I like this game is really really good you should definitely well I highly recommend getting this game because this game is but something I would rather do to this game is I would add more boy eyes because my baby cousin girl eyes and he couldn’t find a boy eyes. So it is definitely a four star rating. But this game is really free and I highly recommend it if you like anime or if you just like customizing characters now there are songs like jackets that are they like reposition your hands. But besides the minor thing about the boy eyes then this game is definitely a good game and a high recommendation from me.
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3 years ago, starryvoid00
Great! Just…….maybe add a few more things…..
This app is great! I have been playing on it all day, making characters for (and from) book series. It would have taken me hours if I were to draw all of them (not to mention I am horrible at drawing lol). Just a few things that I might want changed, however. First off, please make more boy options for clothes. Hair—they have plenty; just add more clothes and that would be great. Second, is it possible to get cookies without waiting every day and watching ads? If not, could you please add a way to get get cookies easier? Anyway, other than that, it is a great app. I have now made over twenty different characters and come up with story ideas for them along the way. Thank you for the game, mocha_kitty42
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2 years ago, a real person-
I am in love with this app
I love this app so much! You can customize it however you want. On top of that with infinite character slots! You can design and pretty much role play. On top of that, this app is free. I truly love it so i don’t know why more people haven’t discovered it yet. And don’t even get me started on those kawaii designs. However there is one thing that I would like to say. The savory mode makes you get more and more clovers with you can get in a ball. But you need gingerbread every time that something happens in story mode. It’s so repetitive and annoys me soo much. Also cna you please add an even bigger range and adjust some things such as adding more ranges of 2 different colored eyes such as blue and brown. Please fix these problems. Thank you.
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3 years ago, 🐼Panda Gurl🐼;)
The game is awesome but i kinda wanted some more color’s for eye’s and hair and maybe like hair shading would be useful bc i want a character with like a black and orange fade but i cant do that so it would help a lot also I feel the whole “You dont have enough cookies” is kinda annoying because it would be better if we just have full hair, Clothes, Eyes and everything can we also have some more eye shapes (look on gacha club for more eye inspiration) I kinda was hoping for more types and maybe able to like ajustements, -Kai (sorry this is much to ask) (also maybe more poses please it’s annoying only being able to stand in one pose bc i wanted to like walk and stuff so please poses) Also your doing great developers have a good day :)
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3 years ago, Coraly Candy
I have ideas!
This game is literally gonna be the next Gacha! I really like the art style and I’m editing the characters front facing it worked out really good! It was really quick too! I also have some ideas! 1. it would be nice to have poses because if I need to change the pose changing the jacket wouldn’t make sense. 2. maybe you can add a way to separate body parts for tweening. It’s definitely possible without the body map it just takes longer and for tweening it’s really possible just a few extra steps. Now back to my opinion on the app. The hands are adorable! I even got my friends to try it! They called it CM witch actually sounds good I’m calling it that now lol.
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3 years ago, Prankster218
One of the best doll makers I’ve played
Because I’m not a skilled artist, I prefer doll makers to help give visual representation of my characters. While Character Maker has a chibi style, I’ve found the amount of customization options to allow for decently detailed and varied characters. This isn’t just one of the better mobile doll makers apps I’ve seen, but also tops many I’ve come across on the web. The story mode with Zeno is also intriguing, and I anxiously await the next chapter drop. Other than that, I just hope for more outfit styles in the future, like fantasy or sci-fi based, to continue with clothing variety.
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3 years ago, 🍬sweet mochi🍡
Great but a few ideas………
I love this game!!! At first I thought it was a knock off of gacha life but now I think it’s a original idea!! But some ideas are… 1~Make more characters to talk to besides clover! 2~ add props and poses… 3~ add levels to unlock things!! There should be 1000 levels in total! Might be a lot of levels but it’s worth it! Once somebody gets to level 50 they could unlock front facing!!! 4~ pets! They should be something you collect with levels, use with cookies, or buy with ur own money!!! Lastly… 5!!!~ there should be a login streak for pets and cookies and XP for levels and even clothes! And maybe add colors for clothes to color!
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2 years ago, n0taw3irdc0r3fan
Not bad.
To be honest, the app itself is great. But there are some things that could be changed. I’d like to have a color variety on clothes, wings, accessories, and eyes. I don’t get why the hair is the only thing that has a wide color variety. The app would be much easier to use if I had color variations for the things I listed. One more thing I want is that you don’t have to use cookies. I was trying to make a character and I had to PAY my cookies to use an item. I don’t understand why you developers make us play to have cookies to BUY items, all of them should be free. That’s really all I have to say…Well, good-day to you and I’m glad you read this.
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4 years ago, TruthfulTrooper
It’s great although...
I love this game. I love to make characters, and I use them for tracing and art. It’s a great game and I play on an iPad. But! (There’s always a ‘but’) There is one thing. So, you can watch ads and get cookies, I love that concept. Although... (again! An ‘Although’) the ads don’t work well. When you watch them, you either can’t click out of them, your screen goes back, or it actually works. But, other than that I love the game. It’s a great game and I love all the creativity and the fact that you don’t have access to every single thing. But, everything is within reach. Great game and it’s only a few ads that could make the game better. Hope this helped! 😄 thanks for reading!!
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1 year ago, Miracledolphzx
Maybe some size for the body options because
I love everything so far I know this is a new game but you could add more mini games that could perhaps make you be able to use any of your characters you made like a minigame that can make you play as any of your characters you made and for the size options I think there should be a thing where you can choose whether to be tall or really short because not many character making apps for Gacha have this and it would be nice to see here for your made characters.
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2 months ago, bellyPants
:)Best choice I have ever made.
I normally think dress up games are for little kids and i don’t like them but this is amazing! I really like this game and it should stay exactly like the way it is right now! I love sending my friends pics and they also got the app. You should get this app because it has sooooooooooooooo many different clothes and accessories and even tails and wings! If you want anything but it costs cookies, it is very easy to get them and you don’t need to pay a dime at all! Thank you for making this game, it has become my fav! (:
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11 months ago, KFC WEEEE!
Good game one prob tho
So if you are getting this game I think you should read this: ok so it will let you make little backgrounds that you can put your OCs in and you can customize them, but if you want certain items in the background you have to use the cookies to buy them. You can get cookies buy watching an ad, getting the daily cookies, or buy doing little missions and playing the mini game. It comes with SOOO much free clothing, accessories, etc. and you can name your OCs and give them a description. That’s all! ty for reading! ☻
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1 year ago, 🥑Thanks
Just a bit feedback:)
This game is amazing super fun! But if you go to the shop you have to pay 50cookies and it wastes a lot of cookies ,What I am trying to say is that maybe lower down the prices a bit for people. Thanks! By the way for holidays can you add some extra clothing and background items Thanks! :) um just so you know you don’t have to do everything I say. I am just adding a bit of adjustments so that I can and maybe other people can enjoy the game even better. Oh and thanks for the free items in the game! :D But I sathis game is fun and great it’s not that bad! :) Thanks for making this game 🙏 😊 ☺️ Luv…. 😜A✌️A🌹
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3 years ago, Mistyfalls
How much I love this game
I love this game so much because you can create so many cool characters and you can play with them because there are so many backgrounds it’s easy to get new cookies by doing tasks tasks you can look by going onto the trophy and it says missions I love this game so much because you can talk about your characters you can make them however you want to and you can even buy more stuff and it’s for free you just have to finish your task and watch cat I love this game so much there’s nothing I don’t like about it.
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3 years ago, E|¡jah
MY NEW FAVORITE GAME, but there’s one thing i would fix
i’m not allowed to get gacha, so, this game is perfect! it’s just the same, but i’m my opinion, more fun! i love to make cartoons with it too! everyone who sees this should get it. one thing i would fix though. you should be able to see things you are able to buy, before you buy them, for example, for clothes, you should be able to try them on, and for furniture, you should be able to see what they look like out of shop, other than that, this is a rlly fun game!
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2 years ago, uijgt7nf(v
This game is amazing
This game is amazing the only thing I’ve been doing is getting money I bought one of those things and I got some very pretty dresses I give this one to five because I love it I’m on this app 24 seven it’s the best! I hope you get it after looking at my review I love this app so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much! It’s the best I hope you get it I really don’t know what else to say I just really love it!
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3 years ago, I just really like cats ok?
The best!!!
This is an incredible game! I love the new additions like the prize wheel, and I love that it’s not too hard to get cookies (and if you buy them with actual money, it isn’t at all expensive!) There are so many options, and stuff like instead of coins the currency is cookies is just adorable! I have actually made over 200 characters on here, and I’ll probably never stop! I also like that you can make any gender or skin tone that you want, and that a lot of the item come in different colors to collect! I have a few small suggestions. 1. Poses! If you want to make little stories on this app, it would be cool to have a few different poses. 2. Hijabs! This app is already so diverse, but one thing they don’t have is hijabs! If there are people who wear hijabs and want to make themselves on here, they should have little hijabs to put on. Other than those things, this game is perfect!
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3 years ago, Optical Pluto
This app is amazing! It has so many clothes to choose. What I like about this app is that, you can complete missions to get cookies and watch adds, so that there are more options to get cookies. Not only that but there are a lot of choices! You can aslo, get gacha to get a peice of clothing or something else, the thing is that you don’t know what you are gonna get! Its a surprise! But, you can also get cookies by watching an add- which gives you about 50 per add, and buy whatever clothing peice you want! Great app! Keep up the good work! 😁😊
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2 years ago, kfurz
Please read this developers
I love this game but if there’s one thing that I would like to see is vitiligo as a skin tone, some of my favorite characters have vitiligo and I want to represent them. Update: Still waiting on my first request. But I’m writing this to tell you guys that when you buy outfits with cookies there is a bright flash. That could give someone a sizcer. Pls adjust that, I know people who have epilepsy and they should be able to play without health problems. Thank you!!!!! Keep making cool games!!!!!
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3 years ago, my fave game ROBLOX
I really love this game! I’ve tried a lot of character creator games and most of them had very few options. This game has a lot of different options for clothing, hair, accessories, etc. It also has ways for you to earn in game money. I find this very useful since I don’t enjoy having to spend a lot of money in these sort of games. Overall I think this game is really good and I recommend it to people who are looking to have more of a variety of options for their characters.
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4 years ago, Geminini225
Add more racial diversity and character positions
First off I got this app a few days ago and I love it a lot! My only real complaint is that while there’s a lot of skin tone diversity there isn’t to many different racial hair styles for me to chose from, also I would really like it if you added hijabs and other things to chose from to really differentiate my characters. Another issue is that there is really only one position for the characters to be in and I feel like there should be far more even if it’s only someone waving or sticking their leg out. Other than that this really is a good app to have!
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2 years ago, 2012Jomana
Read this 👑
So it is okay and amazing and pretty I readed the comments on ur app- and I saw this thing about transfer data idk about that but make it for them <3 and the only thing it’s bugging me that it’s a copy of Gacha if u know that game agree with me if u don’t then type “Gacha club” or “Gacha life” and check it it’s the same right? I mean it is okay 👍 but it looks like gacha please read this I was typing 💬 this for a long time- lol 😂 im 10 years old and I wrote all of this and please add more cute outfits I would appreciate ur hard work for this game thank you 😊 have a good day bye 👋
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2 years ago, snickers bar 467
I love this game! But….
I love this game so much it is very fun but there are a couple minor issues. The costumes are way too overly expensive it took me a month to buy one of the cat accessories. And it would be really cool if you added another category for the Gacha characters maybe like poses I know there’s a couple different poses whenever you put on jackets or sweaters but it would be really cool to pick them not just because you like the sweater look. Other than that I think this is a great game I hope you’ve enjoyed my feedback don’t take it too personally. bye!
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3 years ago, Phoenix playz
There is no need to say that this game is bad. In fact, ITS ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE EVER PLAYED. there are only adds if u chose to watch one, there are no odd pop ups, and it’s one of the games that you chose what to do! I think that it may just be a bit better than Gotcha Life! And another thing, I kinda wish that there were more options of what you can do with the characters. And I wish that you can put them into poses. Like wavering and things like that. I also with that there were more free options for wings.
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2 years ago, Loki Lani
This is a GREAT game for 10 yr. olds that like to style things! :)
This game has almost like NO ADS which is one reason why I like it, there is an amazingly large selection of items and for some reason, there are missions and one is to by an item so if if you buy it, you get your money back without giving back the item. Overall this is an amazing game and I hope you download it though if you could, developers can you add animal ears please? Thanks for reading! :)
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1 year ago, friendlytomato🍅
AMAZING but one problem…
I ABSOLUTELY love this game and I love how free you can be with things. It’s so cute and I love the style but there is one small problem…IM BROKE! I want more cookies to bye things but I don’t have any so I go to the get cookies tab and I try to watch an add but it says that the advertisement failed and I can’t get any cookies. I’m also not going to spend my money on a game. So if the developers could fix this problem then I would be SO grateful 😇. Thank you for your time(if you read this 😅)
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1 year ago, Silveercat25
Greatest Game!!!
I love this game for many reasons! Super customizable with thousands of cute items. No ads unless you choose to watch them in order to get a reward, easy to use, super fun. You can change the color of pretty much every item and make any type of person, even mythical creatures. Also enjoy the fact you can get items from daily logins and the mini game. Millions of possibilities with characters in this app! One hundred percent recommend!
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3 years ago, hey shawty 🤤😍👯‍♂️😏😻😩
i searched “Gacha Club” and ended seeing this on the results so then i went ahead and downloaded it. i saw how the game was similar to all the Gacha games ive played. but i like this one better since it gave you money (called cookies)to spend and earn. you can watch ads or do little tasks to earn cookies, with those cookies you can buy hats, accessories hairs, clothes and more. heres an update creator(s) can do. color the accessories, for example if i put on blush on a OC i could change the colors on2.
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3 years ago, ImAChildIPlayzGames
Very nice!
I LOVE this game. Very nice art and creativity, there is one thing I would love to add to the game. I would like more front hair without bangs because ALOT of the girl front hairs are bangs. Also I think the tokens that you can get in the game need to be doubled for daily tokens, because I feel it’s not enough to support my addiction for this game. :) have a good day! -p.s, all the hair I think you should be able to change like a and b to give the hair multiple colors instead of one :)
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3 years ago, jsjshsdbdj
This app is amazing (totally request!!)
This app is so cool its intertaning which helps with my boredom and u get to buy clothes without money Up can do missions٫watch ads٫ and u can do daily check in! the characters turn out so cute and I really love this app! you can have lots of different characters u can name them! kinda like gacha life! I really love how there's no bugs or glitches out and if your thinking about down loading it u should. honestly I can go on and on😂
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2 years ago, Rjmaxey
I did this for cookies T-T
Good game! But kind of boring all you do is dress up characters and watch ads for cookies sure you can make backgrounds with a screen dirty like mine no way every time I just wanna Wear a freaking item I have to buy or watching a add it’s not that good you can do a quest to get cookies but they never really update you should make a mini game to get cookies lol it be easy I no I’m not gonna spend my money on this I May be a 10 your old but i’m not foolish when I’m buying things in games it’s supposed to be worth it Please look at this feedback btw it’s still nice tho
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2 years ago, Kittycity54321
Amazing game ^u^
This is an amazing game for a lot of reasons 1. You can get so many different clothing options and in different colors 2. You can just simply watch an ad to get cookies for free to buy more stuff with, and they are all about 30 seconds. Like "hey! Want some cookies for free? Let me have 30 seconds of your time and you can get 50 cookies!" 3. You can make Male, female, AND non binary characters 4. The ads are all appropriate and child friendly (Like Roblox and PKXD. No Episode or anything like that, which is amazing because Episode is usally one of the main ads you get on free mobile games, and they are very inappropriate 99% of the time) The only problem is sometimes the ads dont load and you are just staring at a black screen. Other than that this is an AMAZING game, and I 100% recommend it.
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3 years ago, eil12345678910
the best game ever
I love it it’s the best game ever that I have ever played I have been playing it for 20 minutes in one day and I have already made a bunch of characters I even got 1000 cookies like the game so I love it it’s the best game ever I’m happy it was created and I love it and it’s so beautiful the graphics are amazing even has the graphics and the art is amazing I hope you have a nice day bye I didn’t even know if it was a graphic Game or a art game so I just said I love the graphics and I love the art so I hope you have a nice day bye:>
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3 years ago, Red pirate girl
I want somebody to see this!
This app is really awesome but i would like there to be a pose option. If you don’t understand, you should be able to tap, and let the characters, sit, walk, hold “props” and stuff like that. That would be awesome. We then could make stories and stuff. This app is really cool though! I also think you should be able to be able to edit the character, then in the “studio mode thing* they appear that way. I hope that this can work out
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2 years ago, Nonononono 😆
Love it! But let’s talk about the cookies and clovers.
First of all, LOVE IT! Second of all, tho cookies, listen just a heads up, I don’t want 300 cookies so I can set up a twitter account, also can everything be a little less expensive pls? Tho clovers l would love to find out more about this story thing but meh don’t have any clovers! I know u can only get clovers by doing that prize thing. But meh wan to do story! But I can’t really! But over all I love this game and I do recommend it!
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2 years ago, Skyfire.
Good considering I just started
This came up on my recommended, I wanted to see if it was better than Gacha Club, because I was tired of all of the items and the fact that the story isn’t finished. So far it seems good, it’s engaging and the design is great. Only issue so far is that some of the shoes look funny when they’re layered underneath pants or jeans. Not a huge deal at all, just sorta bugs me a little. Overall, good game I’d suggest for Gacha Club gamers
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2 years ago, 42 nike tgh
❤️❤️‍🔥 love this game
Game is so much fun it’s the best game I’ve ever had besides merging games but still I really love this game is the best game I’ve ever had it since well ever and I think that you should get this game it’s a is a game to die for I love it I love it I love it I love it if you want if you like to dress up dolls and make up stories I think you should get this game can make boys you can make girls you can even set up catsSo I really hope that you like this game to goodbye
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3 years ago, supa gamer 101
This game is awesome!
Hello! This is Caroline and Kate. We love Character Maker but we have some suggestions that we’ll get to later! We think Character Maker is the best creating game EVER! It is really fun and we both have the app. SUGGESTION 1: Maybe make swimsuits for girls! We are both on a swim team and would love some swimsuits! SUGGESTION 2: Make eyes with one eye closed, like winking! SUGGESTION 3: Mermaid tails and shells and fairy outfits! Thanks for reading please add this if y’all can!! From, Character Maker lovers.
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2 years ago, Amelia the real deal
Amazingly Great
A lot of other games like this that I have played you would have to watch ad after ad after ad. All you have to do on this game is earn coins. It has a lot more modern clothes and you can even customize the background. You can write your own background stories for your characters and watch other stories. 10 out of 10 definitely recommend.
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3 years ago, ⓣⓗⓐⓝⓚ ⓤ ⓢⓞ ⓜⓤⓒⓗ
Poses please?
This game is awesome I play this game every single day I’v had it for 2 years now! The only thing I would like to change is the arms maybe could you add like poses? Because when I’m trying to make a tik tok they stay in the same pose so when they walk it looks really wired. So maybe could you please do a update and add poses? That would be great! Other than that everything is perfect you guys did e great job making the game!
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3 years ago, xxR Rxx
Super fun and great for outfit ideas
It’s really easy to customize characters using this app so It’s good for people like me. What I mean by people like me is I’m a very visual person, to really understand things I like to see them. I love to create outfits but it’s hard to form ideas in my head. This app makes that supper easy! I would totally suggest this app if you love fashion, character design, or just need a way to visually see outfits or characters
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3 years ago, "J"👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Best game ever
I love this game because you don’t pay only the packets but besides that everything I was wondering do you guys add stuff to it like can you A bathroom for them or can you add at least a phone but besides that I think is the best like this game is the best ever like I played this almost all the time since I download it Best game ever make more please make more because this one’s is my most favorite game make more just like this please
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