Charades - Best Party Game!

4.8 (68.7K)
20.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dmytro Cheverda
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Charades - Best Party Game!

4.79 out of 5
68.7K Ratings
12 months ago, Valleliv
Great game; better than the other versions.
Me and my family enjoyed this version more than the other versions, including the original. We bought the original, but found that it has so many in app purchases, that we were glad to delete it. This version is in my opinion more enjoyable, and there aren’t nearly as many in app purchases. They give you a good amount of decks free to start, and you have the option to buy a whole lot more for one fairly good price (considering the other versions in app purchases). Definitely recommend this app, very fun and good way to pass time.
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6 months ago, Alicia/aliciaspar123
I like it but 3 things..
I like this game because when ever I would play it literally everyone would join in. But there’s 3 things that I don’t really think is necessary. So first, on Misc (which I often play), there are some things that you can’t specifically act out. Like one of them is “bathroom scale”, and I don’t know how people are supposed to act that out. Also, in some other themes to act out they say things that I don’t think kids would know since this is kids. Like my little sister played it and she got none on the animals because they were showing animals that you don’t see in everyday life and some people (maybe even adults) wouldn’t know. Secondly, I would like more options. I have had this app for a couple of weeks and whenever I play with my friends it’s just the same the OVER AND OVER so I remember what it says so not just because how they are acting i get right, I get it right because since I played this so much times I remember what people usually do during which theme option. Lastly, I don’t like how most of them (if you scroll down), most of the things cost money so I only have a bit of options that are free. Ether then those 3 things, u think it’s pretty good in all.
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12 months ago, 😘♾️🩷
Good, but!
I very much enjoy using this app whether i’m at a family gathering or at Disneyland waiting in a long line, but there is one thing I hope to be fixed. That thing is more decks I understand paying for extra decks but having maybe one surprise deck every week or a holiday deck instead of just always having the few options to choose from. Now if people are paying for the extra decks then good for them but there are some parents and people that don’t want to pay for it they just want to have a variety of options to choose from, but the decks at the moment don’t provide much options and when you play a deck a bunch of times you start getting the words over and over again which is very frustrating. Now I could give this game a higher rating but I just can’t cause it isn’t good enough for 5 stars. Hopefully someday soon I can give them 5 stars. Until then thank you for the makers of this game and I appreciate your hard work! ✨✨✨
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2 years ago, Carleeluv09
Kind of love it
I love it it’s so fun and we get to play with the things it’s so easy it’s fun and all that stuff but one thing I don’t like about it is because you have to pay for something and I don’t want to pay for some of it and I don’t like when I have to pay for stuff that’s something that I don’t like about it so I really do like it but you guys should start and there’s only like four or five that are free you should make a little bit more free come on just please free OK but I love your games and I love everything I wish I can try it out at all the games but again I do not want to pay for it just a game come on guys it’s just the game nobody pay for it because it’s just a game and people just want to play with games guys not with you have to pay games so if you wanna buy the pet games don’t do it
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2 weeks ago, CatMuisc
Really fun to play with family and friends!
This game is really great to play with family! Right when I bought it I started playing with my mom and we were laughing a lot. My other family members joined in and we all started laughing out butts off! There’s a good amount of categories to choose from and the good thing is about this app is that it’s free and there’s NO adds what so ever. Best game on my phone yet. And something good about this app is that if you’re with family in universal, Disney, or any other amusement park, you can play this game in line with your family. This the best thing yet! 10/10!! Lori
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11 months ago, Smash Ken
Although I have not finished the Barbie movie as of yet (44 minutes in) it is quite the experience. Ken is so stunning, and truly plays up the role of dumb but righteous blonde. Barbie could use some work, as she appears both smart and conscious but also dumb and blonde at the same time. They should stick to one. Personally, it would have been cool to have a more dumb and naive Barbie come to the real world and become smarter and more self aware as she stayed in the world, but in all honesty the movie is not bad. I will be sure to update once I finished the movie.
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2 years ago, RoRo915
I like this game a lot!!
I like this game! it is a very enjoyable game to play with your family and friends! when i’m bored and with my family or friends, i say “hey wanna play charades?” they always say yes, because it is a great game!! while your waiting in line at a festival or something with someone, play charades!! my only issue with this game is, there is not many decks. you have to do the same few decks because you have to pay for all of they other ones. i think that $8.00 is not bad for many other decks at all! i just don’t feel like i’m gonna spend that much money on just a little fun game to play with friends. overall, it’s a great game!
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4 days ago, BbalGirlie30
Pretty good game
I always saw people playing a version of this game and decided to join in. One thing I noticed about this game is you only get a few card packs to start with with the other ones you need to purchase. So unless you can’t do the same thing over and over again you will be alright ( when I say a few I mean 10 ). Give it a try it’s pretty fun. If your bored and need something to do grab a friend or 2 find a nice comfy place and play away! Have fun!!!!!
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7 months ago, The c fam 12
This is an amazing app to play with your family, when you are bored, or are on a trip. The only thing that I don’t like is that sometimes you have to pay for some of the topics but some let you have a free trial! I really love this game and you should too! It is AMAZING and if you want to have an AMAZING time. I recommend this charades game and please download this game if you want to play a very fun game! Every time I’ve played this game I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed it PLEASE download for much fun times!🤩
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2 months ago, MangoBlue123
OMG this game has been a life changer for me and my family. So many modes that you can change it to and ignore all the other reviews this game is the best charades and amazing! There is an option to pay to get more modes but u can just do it without the modes there's so many options either way. Soooo gooddd. Ignore all the other reviews where they say that "oh why do u have to pay to get more we should just be able to get it already" THIS GAME IS SO GOOD THO
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1 year ago, Alexis Schneider
Isn’t the best but it is okay
It costs money for all the ones I like so it has to be 3 star when I’m being generous I wish it was free if it was it would be 5 stars but it’s not free so I don’t like it that much and I never ever play on it so I’m just trying not to be rude but it is really just so so stupid I would play it more often so you shouldn’t get it if you want to play all of them so it’s like 2 stars or l stars u wish I could do 0 stars it’s that bad and all the words they give you are hard so if you have someone who is young probably buy charades somewhere else
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4 months ago, Vivijjjhk
This game is so fun
One of my classmates has the same game and at the beginning of the school year we used to play it all the time at pickup and she recommended it to my best friend ( but I didn’t have a phone then so I couldn’t download it) but I got a phone for my birthday and this game is on it I mostly play the celeberiyets one and I mostly play it by myself but the only problem is that I wish that all the decks are available for everyone
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4 months ago, Lynnnnnnn322
It’s so funny that people think this way when you are literally a woman in the middle class who has a lot to do and is a man who has no problem being in a position of authority to make a difference and be a good man to the point of failure is the most common thing that you have ever said about women???????????? And you know that I don’t like it but it makes sense for you and me not having a relationship.
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4 weeks ago, Kayla1234518119927272
It was ok ✅ :)
I had fun playing BUT me and my grandma wanting to play different themes and we could cause you have to pay 7.99 a month because three days for free then pay day ! It was fun but wanting to play a theme and you had to buy it was annoying because I would pressed on some thing cool and nice and SAID I HAD TO PAY SEVEN NINTEY NINE and we only had 10 themes but the other one that you had to pay 27 just in one row wow just wow it was fun and boring because of this we had to play the same thing I would say you get a three I am being gernous tbh not to be rude
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3 years ago, JasiGrace
Please Improve the Friends TV Card Deck
This app is great other than......I paid to play the Friends tv show deck and I’m disappointed because it is NOT put together well. Words are spelt wrong and random terms that are hardly relevant to the iconic tv show are included. It’s clear LOW effort was put into making this deck. I’m annoyed because I PAID FOR THIS SPECIAL DECK and I feel I wasted my money. As a huge fan of the iconic Friends TV show, I’m not happy about this. I’d rather get my money back to make my own Friends deck to use. Id greatly appreciate for this deck to be improved upon and to please remove the unrelated terms.
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11 months ago, Mmk072512
When I saw that heads up was money, I soon realized my mom would not let me get it then I saw this game and I absolutely love it. I played it with my brother when we were waiting in line for a ride and adjusted it for five minutes after about three games we were all done and ready to go on the ride. We had so so much fun with this game and we look forward to growing up with it.
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2 years ago, My red Lucy girl
Paying and playing🙃😑
You have to pay for something that you might want but the top are free and pretty fun even though they might be a little for newbies. My favorite one is the misc because when I played I had so much fun. I recommend you to get this app because this app is so amazing and trust me, this is the best app there is possible because most of the charade apps make you watch ads that’s why we downloaded this one please get the Charades app thank you.
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1 year ago, Luv.anaiah
Really fun and inclusive
Me and my friends play this when we finish are school work early or just bored and it awesome. Everyone loves playing it and it’s easy and fun and everyone can do it together. I little hard to go to the next one sometimes but that’s just my friends cause they just a whole skill issue. 100% recommend(if you have friends)😭😌😚👍
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3 months ago, Theheck????
The game is fun but a few bad things
The game is fun and great but it only gives you a certain amount of decks, it really could use some better ones because there are only 3 decks that wouldn’t be hard for kids. It doesn’t have any adds that I have seen. I don’t like how you have to pay for more decks instead of just downloading them. It would be so much easier if you could download them. The game says it is for 4+ but it would really be for probably 7-9+.
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2 months ago, Crazydoggirl14
Fun when waiting in line for something with friends
It’s so fun when your waiting in line with friends, I went to Disney world the other day and me and this group of kids and my friends played for a little while and it was extremely fun we had to wait in line for an 1 hour and a half so we basically were just playing hand games and phone games.I hope you like the game cause I know I do
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5 months ago, melbak99
On hand game
This game has saved me and some friends a couple of times. We have been stuck at the airport and we have been able to pass the time. I have been stuck in a waiting room at a doctors visit and it was there to help pass the time. I’ve really enjoyed having a game to play with others.
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3 weeks ago, Erin EBC
Custom Decks do not save
I utilized the custom deck feature in my premium subscription, took time creating a custom deck for my friends, edited the cards and played with my friends. After one turn with this deck all of the cards I created were deleted and the deck was empty. I really enjoy the custom deck feature, but it seems futile to create a custom deck for only one round. I hope this is rectified in the next release because this would be a great feature to entice people to the game and allow it to become personal.
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3 years ago, Earth tone
AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I absolutely LOVE this app!!!!! It has no issues with ANYTHING, and there’s only one thing; you have to pay to get all the collections of cards. But hey, it’s real cheap!!! A nice deal, I say. It’s like a fall or for 20 packs of cards. And it’s got good hints!!!!!!!! But this. It’s totally free, and you don’t need to buy the packs. There are already card collections you don’t have to pay for but you can buy the others. BUY. THIS. NOW.
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3 months ago, Why u should get it
I like this app because u can entertain ur self while ur waiting for something like for me I went to universal studios and there was a long line for the Harry Potter and we saw someone playing this so we tried it and we played bit until the ride started but the bad thing is u can’t put it to different languages
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6 months ago, Emori Nicole Williams
The best game ever
Soon as I saw this game I was so excited to try It out and especially when I see my family members o can play the game. It is a really good game so say if you want too do something fun with your family members, this would be the type of game too play with you family members I would totally recommend this game!!
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11 months ago, Oli R<33
pay for most
love this game but the free available options are limited. Most of the “better” decks are .99¢, it does not sound like a lot but you do have to pay and they add up quickly. I would recommend this game only if you are open to paying or having limited options. Other than that tis game is fun and a great way to connect with friends:)
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3 years ago, Eleveneggos. 011
I get that you have to make money but..
I just wish that you could have all the stuff for free. I’m a HUGE Potterhead and I had to pay 99 cents. I know “Oh, 99 cents isn’t a lot”, but to a broke kid it is. And that’s what I am (I’m not blaming this game for my brokeness whatsoever, and I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just mad that the one thing i was looking forward to needs to be bought) That’s all, otherwise a great game.
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1 year ago, #smim queen!
Not bad!! 👍👍
Ok, this app is great!! Very kid friendly and no ads. But my only suggestion is that maybe you could make some of the other decks more available for free? They do give you free decks, but not a lot and I just feel there should be a bit more decks that are free? Thank you for reading that! Hope it helped you make your decision on this app! Also, I really want to develop a response! Thank you! <3
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11 months ago, GenesisG)
It so much fun
I got this for when we’re in Disneyland because you get bored in the lines and it’s so much fun to do it and you can do it with family but the only thing that I really kind of don’t like about it is that you have to pay for different bags but other than that it’s pretty cool I really like that
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11 months ago, 🤪😄✌️48
Super fun! But…
I love this game! It’s so good for the family and entertaining. Love that there are no ads and other inappropriate stuff parents have to keep watch about. The only thing is that there are a bunch of decks that you have to buy. There are 48 decks you have to buy and only 10 you don’t. I’m not asking for much, just maybe 12 or 14 decks you don’t? Other than that great game!
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1 year ago, 123cookuni
My friend showed me this game and we played for an hour. Yesterday I decided to get this game for a sleepover and it turned out we played for 2 hours. I played this with my friend and my brother. This game is suitable for any amount of players and I would highly recommend it. It made our sleepover really fun and I would never delete it tbh :D
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4 months ago, RIVDOG21666
It was a 9/10
I like the game a lot, but sometimes it won’t work when I place it up or down. -0.6 It’s a good game! I decided to download it because I see a lot of people playing it in lines for rides at Kennywood. I get frustrated at the fact that there is a VIP one that you can do more stuff for $3 a week! -0.4 even though I’m not a vip because it’s for $3 a week.
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9 months ago, bdmjdvskaigelaldh
It is not useful
It is so annoying once you get this answer it it just proves right into air it’s like you can’t even play with people I can you just open a random time zones with me I’m like what am so it’s really annoying even even if I’m sorry thank you I’m just trying to be nice with you bye
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7 months ago, Sydney vega
Not giving enough categories
If people don’t have enough catogories than overtime people will start not wanting to play the game anymore and will delete the game and go to a different game with multiple games for FREE so this app needs to make more and available categories so that more people will download the app and would not have to buy the subscription because not a lot of people have that type of money so I’m just saying make more available categories to play so people won’t get bored of the game!💙🩶
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10 months ago, albertmonegro5_
This game is the perfect time killer!
This game is great for making time pass by while having fun with family or friends! The only problem is some of the decks are 0.99$ each so you only have a limited amount that you start with. Other then that, it’s a perfect time killer!
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1 year ago, insomniac 13
Simple and Fun!
This game is easy to understand and play, and really fun for large groups. I like that it includes multiple different categories but I wish it included a kid’s version in all of the categories to make it easier for kids who may want to play celebrities. Overall, it’s a very fun and addictive game. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, salamander222
This game is so fun because you have to play and guess the word that they are explaining to you. It’s also fun because you have to flip up or down if it’s right or wrong. To get it right flip it up but if you want to skip it just tilt it down. That is why this game is so much fun. It is called Charades.
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4 months ago, Sndnndjdhwvrjdvduibeoo
Why people should play charades!!!🥳😎😜
I love this game it’s the best to play with your family and friends my family and friends love it so much I tell them to download it so they don’t have to bored at a sleepover or party!!! Everyone should play this game I really love it!! I hope you see this paragraph peaacee!!🥳😎😜🥳😜😎🥳😜😎🥳😜😎🥳😜😎😎😜🥳😜😎😜🥳😜😎😜😜😎😊
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1 year ago, hjdh see ghf
Great app, little pricy
I love the app and it is such a good game to play when your on a car ride or hanging out with friends! I just wish that the few things were free instead of having to purchase them!! Other than that definitely worth getting.
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5 months ago, Kenize <3
Love the game but some suggestions
I saw people playing this game in the line for The Great Bear roller coaster at DollyWood. It looked so fun so I asked what was the name of the game and they said Charades. So I downloaded it. I play it at restaurants, at home, in lines, in the car, etc. It is really fun but some of the questions can be confusing or you just don’t know what are who it is. There also needs more free decks. Overall really good app.
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3 weeks ago, hiperson 89
Good 👍🏽
The bad thing is that there is a lot to pay for I am really glad they have good ones we don’t have too though and I feel like they should have a voice ready but other wise I play this everyday and love sooooo much you should get it but be alerted and the best part about this too there are no adds that is amazing 🤩 I think this app is a 4 star get it now
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12 months ago, Lin Xon Chin
Hi, My name is Linda. I enjoyed playing the game with my children. Though it was kinda boring for my children because they have limited options and have to pay for the rest. In other words, this is a fun and enjoyable game to wait in long lines with your family or friends or playing it on road-trips or anywhere.😊👍
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1 week ago, Allie_cutie
Really fun game to play when your bored with your friends! I loved it . Also the decks you have to pay for aren’t really the best, the decks they give you for free are really good so I wouldn’t bother to pay for the ones you have to. You should definitely download !!!
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3 months ago, Sasy kas
Great family game when you’re standing in lines and amusement parks
This is such a great great game to bring your families together and then to figure out how much you know about the other person when you describe things for them to guess
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3 years ago, Jackson 😃✋🏽
Great game 👍🏽
This game is hilarious when played with my family members 😂 it’s simple and not too complicated for younger kids to play. Although I think the pricing for additional categories is a little high, there are a LOT of them so it’s definitely worth it.
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2 years ago, ehehidmjemcjdjdmdjdjdiodnsjdi
Hi there!
So, I love this game. It would be my favorite if there was not a price. If people want to play this game they should get a good experience. You should have adds instead of money. Thanks for reading this response and the developers, please take time to consider it. Best of luck, User
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2 weeks ago, KLS22🏀🥎🏐
Great App!!
This is a great app because you have lots of decks to choose from, so you have a variety. The only downside is that the decks that you have to buy are kinda expensive. I don’t mean to be like that, but $8 for one month??? Other than that, I absolutely love playing this with my friends!!
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3 months ago, I luv ivy!!
We just want to play!
I think that this is a fun game with different categories, but most of the categories you have to pay! Nobody wants to pay for a game that’s why we got this off brand one instead! Why show us all these fun categories when we can’t even play them without a subscription? Also, the skip part when you love the phone up does not work to well.
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2 months ago, Julie Mc Junior
How much I like charades
I love charades so much it brings my family together. my sister wants to play the game with me more so if one of us forgets her phone the other one has it on their phone so we always play together and it’s the best game I’ve ever played.
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12 months ago, oceannao
A Review On Chardes
I love this game but you shouldn’t have to pay for it because some people just want to have fun and not have to pay for like everything you know what I mean like some people aren’t as fortunate so that’s what I have to say about this
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