Charades! Kids

4.3 (1.8K)
54.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
FatChicken Studios
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Charades! Kids

4.29 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 years ago, KP192020
Hello! This game is super cool and nice. And I love charades and I know that this is the app the you might need. So let me show you around. So first there are 2 different types of games that you can play , there is quick play and versus. And you can pick any one and then if you pick versus then this is how it will go , so first you it will give you 5 second to get ready and then you start and it will give you mostly easy and then 10% hard questions and then you flip up to pass and then down if your team mate got it correct and you have 60 seconds to get all of them right but you can always change that. Hope you get this game! ❤️ bye
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7 years ago, fluffy martina
To many ads
I love this game very much my cousin and I play it almost every day but there is one issue. What we have been encountering is that every single time we would finish a round we will get the same exact ads. So we’re not trying to be mean but we’re just telling you if you want to make your game or better, try to add less ads. Also how you can fix this for more people to get the game is you should probably just probably either change the ad situation or you can maybe just have no ads at all. And we’re not trying to be critics but we’re just saying if you want more viewers on this game please leave the ads out but you can still put some but just don’t put as much as you do because my cousin and I play at least 10 rounds and we had 10 rounds of ads. Thank you so much for your time for reading this but as you may know we are not critics bye-bye and hope you take our suggestions.
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4 years ago, Sacariah
Good idea, poor execution
The charades and charades for kids apps are a great idea, but poor execution. The user interface could be much better. The game was designed for in-game interaction to be controlled with the gyroscope, but this isn’t the best interaction in many instances, especially when playing with kids. It has tap options for interaction, but you must have the phone standing exactly vertically or else it is hold up game play. Having the option to use only tap controls instead of the gyroscope would be a huge improvement. Also, even though the instructions say to tap on the left or right side of the screen, the tap zones aren’t really clear. I can click on many spots on either side without it doing anything. You have to tap on the left or right side where there is no text. That isn’t clear in the instructions or in gameplay. I don’t know why there can’t be simple buttons in the game for correct or pass.
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3 years ago, #roblox_reveiw
Great app
This is a great thing to do for a family game night that is no mess and fun to create your own too! The reason I only have this app 4 stars is because if you flinch and move the phone up of down a little it counts it as your answer. Other than that I love you ply this with my family and it is something we can do wherever we are without lugging around big board game boxes! ALSO.. I see that a lot of people get adds… TO FIX THE ADDS SO YOU DONT WATCH THEM… turn off you Wi-Fi when you play. You can still play but because you are not connected to Wi-Fi the adds WILL NOT come through! Have fun playing add free! 😁
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5 years ago, ❤️azzy
cool but could be better
Read the PS first thank you! I love this game. It is awesome. I would chage one thing. So if you read this before you get the app liston carfully. If you have siblings that can’t read don’t get it. My brother (6) is still trying to read, so I have to act things out. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE APP IF YOU HAVE YOUNGER ONES ok that was just my biggest problem. Otherwise it would be great. That just gets on my nerves bc it says it is for kids but some kids can’t read. Anyway it does have a lot of adds. This game is pretty fun SOMETIMES bc I have another brother (8) and he can read so sometimes he will play. That is the end of this so baauuuiiiii!! P. S. if you don’t have any younger ones than you can get it. That was just my biggest problem.
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2 years ago, Mamathuglife
Needs pictures to accompany words
Great app but I have a helpful suggestion. I downloaded the kids app so I could play with my 3 children. The youngest child is 4 years old and still cannot read. He knows the names of the things and loves playing games with the family but when it’s his turn he needs help to read the cards- which makes it hard for mommy to play with them. Maybe for this kids version you can add pictures next to the words. The content is kid friendly but needs to be accessible. With pictures and words he would be able to see the elephant picture or cat picture along with the word then act it out.
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7 years ago, Francesca2007
I SO ❤️ this game!
My little brother and sister ( twins ) just turned 5 and they love this game! They love guessing the Disney characters and the children songs with me! Forget about the people who say that the adds are super annoying ( although they kind of are sorta annoying ) and think how worth it it is! You know what I mean? It's a great game no matter what anyone says. OK 👌? I especially like how you can make your own card decks to play with. But then again, do not listen to those who say that this game is a bust. ARE WE CLEAR? Haha! Oh, I have a comment for everything, don't I?
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7 years ago, K sensei
Hello? Customer service?
Love - no, loved, this game until my PAID version stopped working. I use(d) this heavily with my students but now it crashes as soon as I try to access my sets. I contacted customer service, heard back once, and then...crickets. They won't respond or fix the bug. Thinking about using this app? Proceed with caution. (I will happily revise this review if and when they address the problems.) UPDATE: After waiting for a response for a long time, I gave up and deleted this app, losing all my custom games. I reinstalled and it worked...kinda. Even though I have the paid version, I am still getting ads. I can’t use it in my classroom because the ads distract my students. I sure hope the developers respond to my request for assistance this time.
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5 years ago, Au Family 6
Oaky but... TO MANY ADS!
Sooooo i've had this game for a wile. There was some things my family did not like about it. One there was an add after each round. Two some things you had to guess where some things kids do not know. Not trying to be mean but TO MANY ADS. But if you could put less ads than my family would play this game for every activedy night witch is on friday. But for th most part I love this game! Thanks But please remove some ads!
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5 years ago, LvlyLdy
Great for a family on the go!
We travel with our 7 & 9 year old kids and spend time on lines frequently. This game made a +2 hour wait for a new ride at Disneyworld pass by painlessly. There are so many categories we never get bored with this app. I also created our own deck with a personal theme that includes our pets or vacation places. Well worth the $0.99 to remove the ads.
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4 years ago, frauweaver
Too many ads, complicated categories for young kids
The ads on the free version are too long and pop up after every single round. They don’t play automatically; you have to push play on the ad, which is very annoying. Additionally, some of the ads are inappropriate for children, and this is a children’s app. Some of the categories are too complicated for kids. Deleting because of the amount of ads and because there are better free charade games out there easier to use and with less ads, and ads I don’t have to monitor. 👎🏼
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2 years ago, The petit killer 97 9797 poop
Ad issues
This game is really fun and creative. I always play it while I’m waiting in lines at amusement parks. However, there is an issue with the ads. You get them directly after the game and can’t see the score. You also can’t click off the ads. You have to completely close the app to continue playing. Henceforth, you’ll never see your score. Other than this ad issue, this game is very nearly perfect. -Gayfeather The Great
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6 years ago, puppy_lover_2.0
Hello I agree with other people about ads every time I play a round a ad pops up and then all the time it glitches and kicks me off but not being a critic just giving feedback and I hope u take this into consideration but overall it is a great game that is why I rated it a 4 thank you
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4 years ago, Babbrie
Funnest game ever I love it!
My family always have so much fun so yeah please make more games like this and make sure it’s fun I love this game so much so fun thank you guys so much but there’s like nothing like a top this but yeah this is just amazing thank you guys so much for making this game!!!! So hope you guys enjoyed my review hope you liked my review because I just love it so much thank you guys so much
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8 years ago, Emoji Queen😍😎🤗😊😜
This game is so amazing I can't stop playing it I can't stop playing this game because of the different categories it is so amazing it is an amazing game to play with friends and family if they are ever bored the different categories are so cool 😎 because they refresh your memory of all different things like Disney characters.
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5 years ago, happy candy girl
Love it So much! 😃😝🤩
I think this app is amazing! It will is kid friendly, mostly never has adds, and can make everyone laugh. I love how you can gain coins that can make you get categories that you will love. I also like how many categories this game has so you can have so much fun with your family and friends.
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7 years ago, Mrs. Chapstick
Amazing game
I really like this game but like other people said it needs a little bit of work on it because the ads keep showing up even in the middle of the game !!😩 But otherwise I think it is the most amazing game ever it is kid friendly my brother will play with me all the time I just lo I I love it 😍!!!
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5 years ago, THICCC ZADDY
Good game
It’s honestly a really good game to play with the family or friends when bored, I usually play it with family around a fireplace and we do teams. It’s really fun and entertaining also it’s good because everyone can be doing something like Guessing or acting. So yes I do recommend this app um yep.
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4 years ago, Olivia GWS
Difficult to operate
Great idea but very difficult to figure out the phone tipping piece. We just end up shaking the phone around while hitting every section of the screen to get it to move onto the next word. It would be nice if you could turn that function off in the settings and just tap to screen to move to the next word.
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7 years ago, Disadd
This app is good , definitely for kids below 10. Some ads do pop up in the middle of the game, and sometimes when you flip to correct it passes, it happenss almost everytime we play. I think its our fault thought ?? But other then thats its a good app!
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2 years ago, Tatersgirl
ADS! ADS! And more ADS!!!!!
I should have read the recent reviews for this app! When you get to play a round, it is great with kids. But the Ads are relentless. Kids do not have the attention span to sit through so many ads. I tried to find where I could pay for the app to stop the ads but to no avail. Couldn’t find that as an option. So delete the app it is. Unless you and your family have mega patience…..STAY CLEAR OF THIS APP!!!
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5 years ago, me008227
Game, too many adds
I love your game, it is just that the name of the brand is a little disturbing to little kids who aren’t suppose to say that. Also, is there a way you can spend your coins. If not, they are useless and there is no need for them. Also there are too many adds that are the same as the one just shown.
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2 years ago, Corbin puppies
Family fun game
I love this game so much it’s what I’ve been playing since I even got it and I already love it my whole family loves it my little sister my parents everyone loves it it’s the best!😍😍😍😍😍😍
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5 years ago, fzktslyduldylddudul
There is only one problem
Everything is fine but the one problem. The first time I used was two days ago and I cannot play other games at all.👿 That’s how annoyed and angry 😡 I was about that problem.
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3 years ago, CRen25
Too many ads.
We played this on Thanksgiving. Or I should say, tried to play this game. After every turn, there was an ad. You could not click out of the ad. You had to restart the game to get your next word. This happened over and over and over... we finally stopped playing after 15 minutes. It was frustrating!
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5 years ago, 😎❤️👌🏻
I would recommend you getting this game if you’re someone who plays games but I’m am not someone who plays games so I don’t use this game now the only reason you should buy this is if you always play games with your family and they like stuff like this but I barely use it so I don’t recommend it I think I’ve used it one time with my friend so ya
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7 years ago, ginabell694
Love it but
I think there should be a picture option for younger kids still learning to read or an option to shut off the timer or to adjust it.
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7 years ago, hello13637899577
Well, a lot of people say this app is fun, and, it is. However, there are some words that 20th century kids wouldn't know. Sure, some parents would, but clearly, the app title literally has the name "Charades! Kids", and I only know a few categories.
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3 years ago, 1234567980);,$
This game is really fun I play it with my family all the time but I don’t like how you have to have 100 coins to play some things so I am hoping you can change that byeee
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4 years ago, KikiCruz89
References not good..
I have three issues with this game. The ads are really long. Secondly, some of the things it asked me to act out were not appropriate for kids. For example: Borat, Austin Powers, Mr. Evil, etc. We skipped those. Lastly, and this isn’t a huge issue, but the references were kind of old for my kid. One round we did was all toys from the 80s. She’s 7, she definitely did not know those lol.
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6 years ago, Twistertheinly
It’s fun
This game is so much fun you can play it with the hole family and friends!!!! It’s so cool how they made it and I would also do a category that your family knows also you do to try it out guys
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7 years ago, Hlskhorton
Fun until it glitches
Fun to play with kids but in the middle of the game it will kick you out of your category and make you start over. Recently, it kicked us out of the app in the middle of a guess. It is sensitive to movement so if you have little kids it will be hard for them.
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4 years ago, nufemude
An ad?
This game has ads everywhere and I can’t play with my family because of the ads
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5 years ago, TTG MOVERS
Awesome needs one more thing tho 😁😍
It’s really entertaining and fun I think you should add pictures to them tho I like that you can make your own and play them that’s the end!👑🐼
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5 years ago, Wallywest24
Could be harder but a good game!!!!!
Charades!kids could be harder, but it’s a very good game! I don’t know WHY people think it is a bad game, it needs a little updating, hardness, and more questions, but rather then that it is a great game!!!!
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7 years ago, BGMari
To many ads
Seriously I like the game but after every game an ad pops up and I have to wait for the X button to pop up so not trying to be rude but it could be a working progress on the ads
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10 months ago, fezze bunny
This game is actually pretty fun. Me and my child are really doing is more board in lines it’s really fun so that’s why me and my family all download it. It’s really fun really nice really good game
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3 years ago, peanutpicklepopper
Religious Content
I really like this app as it is super fun to play with my kids, but I am very frustrated by all of the religious content thrown in. I feel this should have been disclosed before purchase or an option relegated to certain categories.
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5 years ago, horse and pool girl
Best game every
This a great game that me and my family play all the time and every time we all have fun and are able to enjoy the game because there are no glitches so it so simply and fun
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4 years ago, HadsH99
I Really like this game I got it after heads up and it is so much better and it really gets you energized. If the ads were less it would be a total 5 star ⭐️so please get this game if you are bored in quarantine. 😀😀😀😀😀😀
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3 years ago, LaynieF
Disney lines
We play this all the time when we are at Disney land or world . Time goes faster when we are playing this game in a line. Thank you. This make it easy.
Show more
5 years ago, Mjakiank
Don’t pay extra
I liked the game for my kids, but it is super annoying to watch ads after every round. I had no problem purchasing the option for no ads, however, I still get ads after every round despite paying for ad free gaming. I feel pretty ripped off right now.
Show more
8 years ago, Zdorova
Classic game, better options than heads up. Can play free and never think about it, but is worth the dollar to remove ads
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3 years ago, userodd
Love the app!
I love the app but I can’t edit the names of the cards I’ve made and would like for that to be a feature!
Show more
2 years ago, abc easy as a 123
Omg guys this game is a amazing game to play with friends and family but the adds are a waste of time and they need to fix that all in all the game is amazing
Show more
4 years ago, disney fan 27
Great game,but......
I had a blast playing this game but there were to many adds which was annoying when I was trying to have fun with family and friends
Show more
5 years ago, sharris07
Is there an easy way to share custom decks between multiple devices.
Show more
6 years ago, Elisabeth416
Inappropriate ads
Great game! Lots of ads. Unfortunately, several ads have been for games not appropriate for younger kids. Please filter your ads better or provide an option that allows us to purchase an "ad free" version of the game.
Show more
2 years ago, paniocrazy
Needs pictures for younger kids
My son is 5 and loves to play this game but he can’t read so he would love to play by himself but he can’t. Pictures would be amazing! Over all besides that the game is amazing!
Show more
2 years ago, Nek.A
To many ads
My son LOVES this game. However there are WAY TO MANY ADS!!! Not to mention more often then not we have to close the app just so we can exit out of the ads screen, to play another round.
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