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8 months ago
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User Reviews for Charades!™

4.32 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
11 months ago, AudyPaudy
8/10 would recommend!!
This game is great to play with friends and family of all ages. I love thé diverse range of categories, and they’re all free (some need coins that are earned during the game to unlock). There are tons of cards in each deck, so you can definitely play the same deck multiple times. You can change the settings, select favorites, and even create a custom deck!! One thing that I wish would change is that when you’re making your custom deck, you can’t go back and edit a card that you made after you add it to the deck. This gets frustrating as sometimes I don’t see a typo that I made before I pressed the button. So if you’re thinking about making a custom deck, just be aware that you can’t go back and edit the cards once you’ve added them. Other than that, this is a great game overall and would definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, Crazy Maddie is Awesome14690
Awesome! I love It! But . . .
This game is great, works fine, does what it’s supposed to. Super fun to play with friends and family. Anywhere from 2 people to 10 or more! No specific way that you have to play either. But I like to create my own custom categories, because I wanna do this with other stuff. But I hate that when you do that you can’t edit the name, if there’s a typo or if you just want to change the name. Same with the cards, if you add a card with a typo, or you don’t like, you can’t delete them or edit them. There is a delete button to delete the cards, but if you click on it tells you to select an item to delete, but you can’t select the cards. Other than that, the game is pretty great, so just be careful when you name your categories, and make your cards to go in them.
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2 months ago, Reagan Wilbanks
Listen 🔥
Ok so I LOVE this game its really cool and theres no need to pay for anything cuz the categories cost coins you earn from playing the free categories I've been playing for a while and its really worth getting cuz its free and the way I deal with the ads is putting my phone on airplane mode cuz it still works without wifi and you cant get ads if you don't have wifi, BUT I do want to add some suggestions like I would love this game SO much more if it recorded like the heads up app does like the heads up app records during game and shows what the card is and its super cool so if anything thats the only flaw I really even see in the game but it’s not much of a flaw so please developers add that little extra think/detail to the game! 🙏
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2 years ago, Educator2022
Intense inappropriate language
I want to start off by saying this app lists age as 4+ and family friendly. When playing this app in a school setting, an offensive term appeared as a song title. My students and I were extremely offended that an app that is listed in this age range and category would have the racial term listed as a song title. I would not have even felt better if the title was edited with * or symbols to take the word more censored. Using the N word is not appropriate in any app, especially a family friendly and age 4+ app. I think most educators and individuals would be extremely uncomfortable and offended if this is what continues to stay on this app. Please update your age range, use appropriate language, and make users aware of extremely triggering and hate based terminology that is used. It is making me list a star rating which is ridiculous since it is a zero star based on this language but I have to click 1 to post my review.
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7 months ago, Jackl3g
📊9/10 for this type of game 👇 Details below 👇
💲Every deck is free or can be purchased with in-game coins that you earn by playing. 📚The categories are diverse and there’s something for everyone!🎨Even if you can’t find anything to your liking, just hit the ‘Custom’ button and create your very own deck from scratch (also helpful if your disappointed with the game difficulty)! 🛜 Annoyed by the ads at the end of each round? Turn off your wifi & cellular data for a moment and enjoy uninterrupted fun! 🗺️’Where could I use this?’ You might be asking yourself. Charades is a great game for long lines in amusement parks, entertaining guests at parties, and breaking the ice at work! Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading to the end! - Estelle ✨
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3 years ago, nalallaq
Fun and cool but....
Thank you ever made this game it is really fun to play with friends and family and you can play with more the 10 people it is so fun but I also like to play the games that I made but the problem is that when I want to delete or rename one or two of the cards it says you select an card to delete and when I press one of the cards and try to delete it is says the same thing. Please try to fix that problem because it makes the game worse than every game I have played. But it is ok and fun just try to fix the problem pls🙏😁 Thanks whoever made this game it is amazing and fun to play👍😊🥳
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4 years ago, unicornsister1029
why i love this game
whenever I play charades on paper it’s always boring because you always pick the same things but not with this on the Charades! you can play all types games Pokémon Disney act it out even German stuff and accents I love doing this is also good for play dates with friends or family fun nights or even sleepovers I think this is a great thing to play whenever you’re bored it’s just in so better than doing it playing in so much fun also good looking heads up because when I was looking at heads up it cost money and I thought Charades! and I downloaded it immediately Siri just let my favorite games to play when I’m bored so thanks for making this game because I always be bored bye have fun playing
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7 years ago, AubreyScarlett02 this a kid's game? first I thought this was an awesome game to play while your waiting or bored with a friend or your family members, this supposed to be a kids game? I mean, there have been so many times where I'll be playing with my brother (who by the way is younger than me) and I'll be the person acting out the words and something HIGHLY inappropriate will come up, and I have to tell him to pass! What is this? Is this NOT a kids game? I literally had to make a custom game so I didn't have to worry about him seeing inappropriate content...I know he doesn't know what the words mean, but knowing him, he'll surely ask, "What does that word mean?" And I don't want to answer that! PLEASE FIX! I love this game and want to be able to play it with people without being questioned. Thanks! -AubreyScarlett02
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3 years ago, i_ like
Great app BUT…
This is an amazing app. I love it. I downloaded it a Disneyland to play it in the long lines with my family and we all love it, it’s so much fun. (A lot of people at Disneyland play in in the lines.) But… after every round there is adds. It’s very annoying. We just want to play our game. Nothing inappropriate or anything bad, but still, super annoying. Other then that, that’s it’s I think. Again it’s an amazing app, everyone loves it. But makers of the app, if you are reading this, please reduce the adds. Thanks 😊
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4 years ago, Jasonp4242
Was great but can’t play now!
This game was fantastic until recently. We used to play this as a family on the regular. Now we can’t even get through one game without a Trubill app pop up taking us to the App Store multiple times before we can even make one guess. It’s repetitive and only happens on this game. No touch of the screen causes it, we tested it. We laid the phone down and it did it with no one holding the phone. We thought it may be this phone alone. We downloaded the game on 2 other phones, same result. It is impossible to get through a game so we have stopped playing. Would love for them to fix this so we can continue to enjoy it.
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5 years ago, Cathrine :)
Is this a kid friendly game?
This game is great, super fun and when I get the chance, I play it. If someone asked me if they should get the app, I would totally recommend it and tell them to get this app. There is only one complaint that I can think of. It can have some inappropriate cards. I would sometimes be playing with my friends and have to stop the game because there was a highly inappropriate card. Can you fix that? It’s tiring having to stop the game because of a inappropriate card. It has happened to me quite a few times and I have only had this app for a few days. Thank you for reading my review!
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5 years ago, Tess505
The game is fun to play but NFL of weird things came in like the great wall of China I know it’s kind of funky but the game is so fun to play funny to watch other people play it in and act out it’s funny because do you have the phone on your head but whatever you’re playing with it’s funny to see the other person puts on your four head and see them acted out but random things come up that like you care act out but at store for the game I’m not gonna delete it because it’s a funny game and I really like it
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5 years ago, Ghukjfdg
I was on a road trip with my family and thought of playing this game because it’s a family game. Then again as we were playing we were having a fun time, and then.... a PORN AD pops up and it’s so inappropriate!!! This is a family game to play with your mom, dad, siblings and whoever. Imagine having porn ads pop up! Awkward right? I would of gave this app five stars, but because of these porn ads I am giving it two stars. I can’t believe this app would even allow ads so inappropriate on an app made for FAMILIES. Please consider the ads you put into your app and consider who uses the app especially younger people and families it’s just NOT RIGHT AT ALL!!!!
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5 years ago, emersonfam1
Pretty good 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
This is a pretty good game. It kits of fun to play when you’re bored and with your friends. I’d say the only problem is that in one of the categories it has some stuff that are either inappropriate or stuff that nobody knows. Another problem (not really) is just that some categories cost coins. I was confused by this at first, but then I realized that you earn coins by play different rounds and categories. I recommend this app because it doesn't need wifi or anything.
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3 years ago, TheEquestrianGirl🐴
I had a ton of fun playing this game in all different occasions. I initially discovered it when searching for Heads Up substitutions after seeing the price. I quickly downloaded Charades and had a MUCH better experience than I ever did from Heads Up! Overall I would absolutely recommend this incredible, fun, and simple, game! It can be played in a variety of ways and places! Just as advertised, it’s lovely!
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3 years ago, Anabelle(;
I was really bummed that the original “heads up” game wasn’t free and I was skeptical that any other game could be free and function as flawlessly and as fun as the original game. However this game is perfect! Great for car trips and has mostly free genres that are really easy to explain to others. it’s a perfect mix for my family of adult, teen, and kids trivia all in one game, no special modes selected! I’m so happy that I don’t waste my money!
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3 years ago, A person out there...
Best party game!🎉
This game is so fun. I love playing it with my friends and with guests. It's so fun! With this app you can play Charades! without having to make a bunch of cards. It's free and it's kid friendly I love playing this all the time. It's so fun whenever you get some thing that you don't really know how to act out! Like say you got a cloud, what are you supposed to do try and float or cry like it's 🌧 raining? It's just the best game ever! And I think you should get it to!!!!!!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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5 years ago, SEVORG4
Like the category depth, but needs a few changes
Hello! I love the depth of this game in terms of the categories and topics. They are very detailed! Also, I love that the game is free. However, I feel that there are some changes needed to be made to the controls. Some of the controls are complicated and take obnoxiously long to do. The motion sensors for this fame are way out of wack. It makes the experience much harder to enjoy - especially when it is a quick game on the go. I would appreciate it if you took some of these suggestions into consideration. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Telly Tubie👍🏻
Too Many Ads!!!!
So I downloaded this app because I saw an add for it on Instagram. I first played it with my sister and after every round there was a VERY LONG AD!!!!!! If you can just take the ads out I would give it a 5 star review. It is just very annoying because you get an ad after every 1 round (which is 60 seconds long) and you don’t even get to see your score before the 1 minute ad comes up. It’s very annoying and is making me lose my patience!
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2 years ago, Jackie Gurlllll
This game is so fun to play with my family, but I’m not able to give 5 stars. You are not able to change custom made names of the decks. Some people have anger issues, and might end up breaking their device from getting mad. Please fix this issue. On the other hand, this game is so fun to play with friends and family. It helps bring you closer. My family and I love to play Charades in our free time.
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2 years ago, -UnknownCharadePlayer-
Great but needs a few changes
So, me and my family love to play this game! There are a few things that should be changed though. You should be able to extend or shorten the time you have to answer. Also you should have to pay 100 coins to unlock topics. I know it makes it more active but atleast make it about 40 coins. Hope you see this and change based on it bye!
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2 years ago, no wins he
I love making my own charades categories
The way I play this is a way that inspires me to make my own lists on this game and we all know kids are really attracted to playing games were you can make your own custom things and write down stuff and make their own characters to play as and this game allows you to make your own charades rounds
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4 years ago, middleagedsmokernamedcheryl
Just a Free Copy of Heads Up
The reason why I am not giving this game a 5 star review is the quality of the app. I just don’t have the desire to play the game. And, like Heads Up, you have to pay for almost all of the “cards” or different sets of charade characters. However, the main game is free and there are few cards included with the game, so I am thankful for that. Finally, the game itself is pretty fun when waiting for something.
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6 months ago, Gurl slay dawg
Love it but one thing
I love this game so much! I love that you can create and I love that there are so many options. The one thing I don’t like is when you click on one of the categories and don’t like it after you start playing and hit the exit button, it takes you all the way back to the top.
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2 years ago, NoneKnowsMe XD
I really like this app! Since heads up has become 2$ and you have to pay for specific category's, this works out great! I always make custom decks and have them prepared when going to universal or Disney for the lines. I have ones with Disney characters and rides and one with universal / dream-works. It’s such a great app!
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2 years ago, mystery writer3.141592535
I like the game but…
So the games is great but when you hold the device to your head and it just barely tilts backwards it skips the question.I also had a problem with categories like movies because so questions are not easy for kids cus there were a lot of old movies. But otherwise the game was great and a great choice if you wait in line a lot.
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7 years ago, Raab16
A great selection of categories
There are very many categories which is good so that you can keep playing. It would be nice if a feature was added to create a mix of the existing categories such as being able to mix movies and music and sports. Being able to customize the decks in this way would make it flexible to be able to create a game that suits any event.
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5 years ago, theOnlyFrenchFry1679
This game was actually pretty fun!! Just one complaint well, 2... I wish you could just unlock all of them and be able to play without WiFi. I downloaded this app at Disney land while my family and I were waiting in line and it drained out all of my data which made me kinda mad... But it kept my family from getting out of line so what can I say..
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6 years ago, EXTREME GIRL 99/Blake
This a awesome app I love to play this with my family
Hi I just want to say that whoever made this app is a great person because I doesn’t cost any internet and that is great I love playing this with my friends and they have so much fun doing it so I And so happy that I got this app just a couple months ago thank you for this app and I love it love you guys👧🏻❤️😎
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5 years ago, ~ⓜⓐⓒⓐⓡⓞⓞⓝ ⓜⓞⓞⓝ~
Is this appropriate for children?
So, I think this game is AWESOME!!!! You get to play with your friends and family! But there’s one problem. This is inappropriate for children. I was playing with my sister and I saw it said act out twerking. Seriously?! Your app says 4+ but clearly NOT. Also, when I was playing with my family it said “popping champagne.” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. AND I SAW ONE THAT SAID DRINKING FROM A SHOT GLASS. I’m terribly sorry for my yelling but, COME ON!! Please make this game better so everyone can enjoy and play. Sincerely, ⓜⓐⓒⓐⓡⓞⓞⓝ ⓜⓞⓞⓝ~
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5 years ago, christmas_lover💕
Love charades 💕
I love charades it is super fun with my family! And I love that you can play it with 2+ players. Sometimes it’s just me and my sister other times it’s my whole family, either way, really fun. We stick to the Star Wars or animal category because the other stuff we haven’t even heard of and some of it is inappropriate. Still a great app just needs to be updated.
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2 years ago, Rachel sid🧋
Great and incredible app love it😻
(So this is gonna be long) so this is a very very very very very fun and cool app to play with friends and family if you are bored or have nothing to do with a family member or friends so get this as soon as you can my first charades and already love it and I got it a day ago!!!#getand I love it<3
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3 years ago, tavi32
Customizable cards!!
I love that I can create my own game, however I can’t edit the cards and the title of the game. ☹️ It would be so much easier. I would not have to delete the whole card just to fix a typo or the title of the game. Until this feature allows more custom settings I will keep my rating to 4 stars. fun game though! My family loves it. 🙂
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2 years ago, MomminSince06
Great concept. Can’t edit deck names on custom feature
Agree with other reviews… this is a fun and crazy game for small or large groups. I used it for teaching and created decks of vocabulary, but I made a typo when entering the deck name and I can’t change it. Ability to edit your custom deck cards and deck title would bump this up to 5 star.
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4 years ago, Island girl 63
My own account
Great game! I love the feature to make my own cards. I wish there were a way to save them though onto my own account. I had made a bunch of customized cards and somehow the app got deleted from my phone. So all the customized cards are gone and I have to start over. This is a great tool to use for homework testing.
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6 years ago, slimelover0917
Where did the custom charades go?
Ummm, so I’ve had this app before, about a year ago, and I could make custom charades. But now I’ve searched the whole app and couldn’t find it. Why? I would have given this a better rating if they had those. But there’s also another reason. I was playing with some friends and I BARELY put it upwards and it passed. Literally. The thing is too sensitive. Well, that was my review.
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4 years ago, the chevy 67
Just get it already
I’ve had this app for a very long time, and it’s the best!! It literally never disappoints! Whenever we play it, it’s always a great time! You can find whatever theme you’re looking for! I 100% recommend using this app, it’s the absolute best. It’s literally better than Ellen’s.
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5 years ago, Hiswife1011
Love Love Love!!!
I absolutely love this game!! The fact that you can win coins to buy new categories is my favorite part. Also, the fact that we can make our own Categories is awesome too!!! The age and gender diversity is Great too. I can play with my kids or we can have an adult game. Love it! Keep up the amazing work💕💕💕
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2 days ago, Jgfhvhjvv BBC dr
It’s good but …
When I first downloaded this app I was having so much fun with friends and family. While I was playing the games they just started repeating and then I noticed after a while it gets boring. I also have to say if you want to play most of the games and categories you have to get coins which gets so annoying.
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2 years ago, object in the mirror
I’m glad there is a free version on the App Store and it’s nice that you can make your own sets but … for some reason the app froze my phone. Just now while looking at other reviews I found other people had the same problem. Please resolve as it is my only critique.
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4 days ago, Puppy Candy
Good game but only has one language setting
It’s fun to play with friends but theres no option to change the language. most of my family is dominican and they only understand spanish. It’d be nice if there was the option to change that :)
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3 years ago, Breanne G.
I would’ve gave this app a whole five stars if THEIR WAS NOO MORE COMMERCIALS AND ADS!!! When my family and I would play this we had so much fun until after every round their would be a long ad. It’s seriously mood killing when your having so much fun and then boom an ad pops up when you wanna keep having fun 😤 I would appreciate it if their were no adds so people would continue having fun! 😔
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4 years ago, StatingTheTrueFacts112
To many ads!!!
I really enjoy this game. I played it with my best friend before and it was great. But when I downloaded it on my phone and played with my family it’s had so many ads. Also some categories don’t have things kids would know. I wish I could give 5 stars but it just doesn’t deserve it. Please take away ads and put some more kid things in it.
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5 years ago, ImogenR
Commercials ruin it
This is a really good idea and a quick fun game to pull out for the kids. BUT if you have a touchscreen phone, as most people do nowadays, and happen to accidentally touch the commercials popping up, which happens constantly, it’s a complete waste of time. SO disappointed! The only way to play it is on airplane mode so that the commercials won’t show up. I’d almost rather pay for the app or pay a very small subscription.
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1 year ago, :) ;) :) ;(
Great for rides
I love charades! I think that it is fun to play with family,friends, and what I use it for it waiting in lines for roller coasters. the one thing is you either have to watch ads or pay to get new levels. But it is really fun.
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2 years ago, anybody!123456777
This is great!
I like this game. It is really fun to play with family and friends. It’s a fun game that makes you laugh. I like that it has so many different categories that you can choose from. I like that you can create you own.
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5 years ago, super poop.
To the people who think this is a kids game
I was scrolling through to see all the comments about this app and I saw that it was inappropriate for kids and I wasn’t going to down load it but I scrolled down and saw charades for kids but what confuses me is I looked at the information and stuff and it said +4 I’m confused but eh....
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2 years ago, dirtysadie
I love the game charades it is so fun me and my family love it we play it every night we’ll some because we have school I am really smart I can guess every face expressing in the face expressing category that is how much I love this game and how smart I am
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4 years ago, camaryt
Game player
I think this game is awesome I love it playing it with cousins and friends even family just brings me joy. I love the different categories it has like act it out where someone has to act it out and the person has to guess that is really fun I love it.
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3 years ago, loveyoubeyou5676
Good but needs improvement
I like playing it but I hate that every time you finish a game an add comes on. And also that most of the concepts nobody knows. Not just me I asked all my friends and family’s even my teachers and they don’t understand most of them.
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