Charisma News Mobile

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Charisma Media
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6 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Charisma News Mobile

2.98 out of 5
58 Ratings
4 years ago, Dr PW's
Great information, app a little clunky.
Love the articles. Navigation is glitchy, locks up a lot. Some sort of pop up tries to load when any article is opened. Very annoying, unnecessary but easily closed. Really the biggest thing I’d like to see is an easy way to share articles to Moptu and Viber.
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5 years ago, abbysydneycool
Love Charimsa - but Worst App of all time!
This app has such a poor design and functionality. Horrible! I regret opening it every time after hoping it has gotten better but no, actually got worse. Unfortunately this has always been bad and a cheap version for an app. It’s just a glorified web browser with app like look and feel but works 1,000 times worse than an actual web browser. Looks like they built an app for the lowest cost possible and still refuse to build a good one from the ground up. Please make a new app with the excellence the Lord wants from His people. The Body of Christ deserves high quality and this gives the Church a bad and cheap name. You can do better!
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1 year ago, Kimike325
Very poorly designed
This app is not very user friendly. The navigation bar follows through the middle of the article while trying to scroll to read. It’s super distracting and annoying. Then when you go back to main content you begin all the way at the top of the page again. So I could be ten articles down on front page, open to read said tenth article, finish the read to go back to the front page and start all the way at the top again to have to scroll all the way down to where I left off. It’s buggy and glitchy.
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1 year ago, Jan Ellen
2not 1 apps ? Reviews bad
Why would charisma need 2 apps of the very same thing? And why does the Editor of Charisma not bother himself to correct the mess he has allowed his staff to make? Since this is suppose to be a christian app, why is it NOT done unto the Lord with perfection ? Steven Strang needs to either fix his mess of this app or delete it!! I do share with others what I think of this app ,therefore the very few people who even subscribe to this app.!
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5 years ago, Verny1326
Charisma Podcast Network
I’m trying to listen “Charisma Podcast Network”, but isn’t working properly and cannot listen in my iPhone.
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5 years ago, Buleohara
The new design isn’t user friendly
Hello! I am so thankful for your publication. I wish you don’t change the graphics design and system. The new design is hard to navigate, once you click another link - it is impossible to go back to Charisma News app. I have to completely close it on my device. Do you mind to fix it? Thank you
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4 years ago, Davis the Brick
Do better
The app is clunky. You scroll through the articles and you have to make the navigation buttons appear to go backward or forward. When you do select an article you must first put up with not one but at least two pop up ads that cover the screen. Please improve this app.
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5 years ago, Gentlegal
App better before last change
The app is now very unwieldy and hard to navigate compared to previous version. I thought perhaps it was because I had not updated my iPhone and iPad to the newest iOS. But having done that now, the use of the app remains the same. Liked it much much better before.
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5 years ago, pl-read-
Change the layout
This is no longer user friendly. Difficult to follow and to share articles. Too much ads and running too slow. Please go back to previous version or change this one
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5 years ago, j0hn3:16
The ads slow app down.
The previous app version was useful and worked. This one is not easy to navigate and the ads are all over the place. Great content but we can’t get to the content consistently because the app isn’t easy to navigate.
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6 years ago, NickBeecher
Great App!
Everything works great! I love that I get all the latest Christian news in one great app!
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6 years ago, SyncLife
No Audio
I love this app but my audio never works on any of the videos! I have an iPhone X.
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2 weeks ago, barbs. t
App doesn’t work with iPhone recent update
With most recent iPhone update, can see only leftmost 1/3 of information that should fit on screen. App unusable now
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5 years ago, LadyTejas
Poor navigation
Can’t go back to charisma news when clicking on to a different area or section....I’m sooooo frustrated!
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5 years ago, sept41959
App Don’t Work
This app is not all that good. It freezes and sometimes don’t work at all. Wish it will get fixed.
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13 years ago, TheEuge
Good start but poor imitation of other poor imitations
I like news readers and news collectors, drudge report comes to mind, simple and quick. Charisma adds a little more where in addition to news bites reader has to actually sort through biased opinions that are often post-post-modernist religious pentecostal views that are quite abnoxious and some times quite inaccurate. The contemporary social media always allows discussions and different comments, no, this app has nothing of sorts and probably if they did, the constant preaching at the audience would turn into basic habitual rejection in the comments section. I think that would be an easy way for charisma app to improve their reporting and learn from seasoned Christian media companies like Christian science monitor or something. Will recommend this app with a grain of salt
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5 years ago, Radical C
App is not working again
Blank when I open the app. Please fix.
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6 years ago, chalkenger1357
Terrible app
I enjoyed the app before the update. The new app is difficult to navigate backwards and is unstable. I am deleting the app.
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3 months ago, Kelllllllllllllllllllllll
Quit working
Nothing opens. Just a blank white screen.
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5 years ago, Bill08990900567
Very User Unfriendly
Difficult to navigate, makes no sense. Need to hire a professional app builder. Installing now.
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3 months ago, Rb5235
Want load!!!
The app does not work at all!!!
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9 years ago, Hshipe
Where are the videos??
I love the news Charisma offers but when the article reads "watch the video", there is no option to watch a video. There is no link or embedded video. I downloaded this app two years ago and the issue remains the same. 5 stars when we can watch the videos!!!
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8 years ago, Stangster1
Update changes a bust
What happened to the Prayer and the Ministry sections??!! Don't tell me you removed them! Enough churches have done away with prayer and I loved that your app had those dedicated sections and articles supporting spiritual articles. Otherwise, the ads are just so big and distracting now. And what happened to your once cool app icon? Now the bold red icon of the flame of the Holy Spirit has been replaced with a weak and bland, white icon and the bold flame had now been shrunken and unnecessary text squeezed in telling us the app is "Charisma News," though we already have "Charisma News" printed just below the app icon... The new weaker icon seems to be accurately telegraphing that the contents of the app are now weaker too. Wish you would change everything back to what it was; what made this one of my favorite apps... Sigh.
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9 years ago, lloyd48
No Update Since May 2014?!
The articles on this app are GREAT! It's just a shame the lack of current technology is missing from the app. Unable to watch the videos that are posted; the links within the articles don't work; no capability of sharing an article on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and unable to save articles like I could in the previous version. And when the last update was done - May 2014 - I contacted them about not being able to save articles any more & was told they were working on fixing it. Here we are more than a year later & no fix, no updates whatsoever. Very disappointed.
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11 years ago, NadaOne1982
Green light
It's true that it crashed if you hadn't updated your iPhone. However after deleting & reinstalling everything is green light, if we let some technical issue raise our blood pressure what's going to happen when the oppressor really "amps up" his game in your life? We must have a greater resiliency in our spirit to resist minor problems otw we simply will not stand when the wind & the waves beat on us.
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8 years ago, 4schnauzers
Your new app update has made it impossible for my iPhone to download any content. It tells me that there is no data available. I use to like the app, but there is no help available for this The problem started in the upgrade before this one and then with this upgrade I can get no info. I re- download this app several times and did a hard and soft reset which did nothing because the phone isn't the problem, your app is. Sorry to say but you have lost a long time customer because the app is completely useless.
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7 years ago, Kanzen Shinja
Please show the whole headline for every article!
The latest updates have vastly improved the app but text size adjustability would be much appreciated. Even more so if the full title of every article could be shown! So many times we're left wondering what the headline actually says or means because it's not revealed in the body of the article.
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9 years ago, E71S
Like many current periodicals & other media that have the label of being Christian, Charisma has a mixture of articles that are ladened with secular opinions and add biblical terms and scriptures to support their opinion. I used to enjoy and learn from their articles. However, I am now turned off by their lukewarm compromise with the world's standards, while professing to be biblically sound. Once in a while, they will publish a biblically sound article…but if you check regularly, you will notice it's more focused on political, new age, and opinionated commentary.
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11 years ago, MIchael M600
Great Blog
I enjoy checking this blog daily. I really like the improvements; however, when swiping from one article to the next it brings the page to the end of the article rather than at the top. Not a problem just annoying.
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12 years ago, Catatack1
A Trip Around The World
This is a good app for getting a view of what is going on around the world in different christian communities. Not different religions but current events offered by christianity according to the word of God. Also it helps to no what we need to pray for from every walk of life. There is much power in prayer.
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10 years ago, Flyingredcat
Great Stories!
I love this app... just wish I could get it on my iPad too! So many ratings are based on technical issues and bugs, rather than on the excellent content... the articles are great, and so far, I've had no problems on the technical side.
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8 years ago, LLM777
Good articles. Text size not adjustable.
Good articles. Text size not adjustable. I read mostly at night and prefer a larger text size. Hopefully this will be corrected soon or I will have to uninstall due to it.
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8 years ago, jjaicks
Cannot share articles
I really do not like having to leave a two star review because I enjoy Charisma. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and while everything looks correct now, when I try to share on social media, everything is blank. I am guessing there are still more bugs to fix. I'm hoping this will be fixed soon.
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8 years ago, fbtvpastor
Reinstalling it worked
I really love this app! It's much better than the previous version. I did have trouble reinstalling it though. I actually had to uninstall it & wait a great while before installing it again. The end result is a much better app!
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8 years ago, jpc4jc
Upgrade has bugs
I love the articles. However, there are 3 issues with the upgraded app. (1) I cannot share any article via any available options. (2) I cannot open the article in Safari from the app. (3) Whenever I open an article, flip to another app, and return to the app, the app closes the article and reloads the entire app again.
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11 years ago, CptRoo
Works after reinstall
If this app crashes when you open it you need to uninstall it and reinstall. That should fix the issue.
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10 years ago, Good-Ole Rob
I really like the app. The articles speak to topical issues that either I or someone I know encounters on a daily basis. Would like to be able to share articles via text message though...
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12 years ago, rbth3
Love this app!
I love this app, and the Christian news summaries. The only downside is that it is only configured for smartphones. On my iPad it gives the option of a full screen (2x) view but the resolution is terrible. If they come out with a hi-res version for the iPad I'll give it an enthusiastic 5stars!
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9 years ago, ChannaTouch
Love it
Thanks for making this available for smart phone users
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10 years ago, Mammarun
I feel a sense of community here. I like that the articles represent a Christian view on current issue written by intelligent people!!
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11 years ago, Cindyditr
Since latest update, app is crashing...immediately after logo! Please fix ASAP!!! Update: As others suggested I deleted the app & reinstalled. It now works!
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8 years ago, Blfd001
Broken links
Links fixed on new update. Thank you!!
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11 years ago, Paulygonzaly
I have really enjoyed this app and Charisma's commitment to charismatic ministry and life in general, but it will not open now after recent update. Please, please hurry up and fix. I miss reading. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Jillxz
Print too small
I don't recommend this app as the print is just way to small and cannot make it larger. Had to uninstall it. Fix the thingy that makes the print larger as it doesn't work
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9 years ago, FitbitUltras
Sufficiently inspirational
News we need, with a spiritual/inspirational bent. Thanks writers and website/app developers for filling such a huge need.
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11 years ago, Kevi Wevi
After updating the app it crashes. Uninstall it, then reinstall it and don't do the update, then it will work.
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8 years ago, Step to it
Not working at all
Just updated the app today and now I can't read content. All I get is headlines, but no stories. I haven't updated to iOS 10, but from other reviews it doesn't look like that would fix the problem.
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10 years ago, Pastor Rich
Good app
I really do like getting news and information from a Christian point of view.
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8 years ago, Harley Lady
Please fix
Charisma really needs to fix their app. My husband and I have been using it for some time and now it no longer works. Please fix your app. Bring it up to date. Might need to hire new folks in the media department. Excellence of Ministry should apply here. Thank you.
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11 years ago, Stevor27
Stable, works great!
I enjoy this app. I have not had any problems as of yet!
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