Charter Oak Federal CU

4.9 (7.3K)
79.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Charter Oak Federal Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Charter Oak Federal CU

4.86 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
3 years ago, Dizgirl11280
Great bank
I have had an account with Charter Oak since my Dad opened my first account when I was a child, now I’m in my 40’s. Everyone who works there is kind and helpful. Very efficient and knowledgeable. They have plenty of convenient locations and the online app is easy to use. Highly recommended and have already started my children their own accounts!!
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10 months ago, Notpmekts
Love The App, But…
So I haven’t had any issues with the app. It works perfectly every day. Unfortunately, the past two days, I haven’t been able to get past the loading screen. The logo appears, then another page pops up as if something is about to load, and it never does. I would like to be able to check my balance and transaction history, but I can’t do that if the app never loads.
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3 years ago, CameliaD16
I enjoy the notifications received by the bank when they are doing maintenance. I appreciate the responses I receive in a timely manner when I inquire a topic with bank staff. As an international traveler I hope the bank continues to implement measures to securely support their members with ease when traveling due to COVID-19. This has the ability to boost future membership. I have been a member since 2005. I can say this bank has made some innovative changes. I look forward in seeing more.
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3 years ago, Patches 1970
Loyal member
I’ve been with Charter Oak since I was 16, opened my first bank account and started my first job. They’ve always looked out for me. A great years so they noticed someone tried to rob my account, I was notified and no money was ever taken. Although I’ve moved to another state they are still and will always be my favorite credit union
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3 years ago, Madat Mybank
Keeping up with the times.
This app fails to do so. I’m constantly logged out of my account and told that my password needs to be changed. The app never works properly and even cause my checking account to be disconnected from my online banking. Seriously fed up.
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3 years ago, cofcu 1965
Cofcu review
I have been a member of Charter Oak Credit Union for almost 50 years❣️ You will not find a finer banking institution with the amenities they provide or the wonderful staff they employ. If you haven’t join their family of members, you don’t know what you are missing
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6 months ago, Big Wood
Great when working
This app is great for all my needs, but when there is a pop up that comes up when the app is opened (maybe letting us know there will be maintenance coming up or maybe new features?), it will not load and all I get is a white screen and cannot access the app at all. It has been happening more frequently lately.
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3 years ago, heatnews
Awesome bank highly recommend
I love the bag very helpful at times the app is very easy to handle at any point in time help depending on there hours and they tell it’s just all around a wonderful bank to have or go to
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11 months ago, pinkpeppapiglet
Good bank horrific app.
I cannot imagine it is that hard to develop an app that actually loads, remembers the device properly, or to include features like card replacement instead of me having to waste fifteen minutes of my life to be interrogated by an icky Vicky on the phone. Do not gave an app if does not do its job of giving me easy access to my accounts on the go. I am tired of throwing minutes of my life away due to poor app development.
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3 years ago, Sandralgo
Love the bank
I liked the older version a little bit better, was so much easier to see the writing, should consider making the print bolder.
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2 years ago, migglesgiggle
My only issue is a big, in my opinion. I don’t like that they only show the Current balance. I liked the old way better where it showed the current balance and then when I clicked the account it showed the available balance, after pending charges. Figure out a way to display this cause my car insurance has bounced because of this update. I feel it’s just a way to get me to overdraft.
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2 years ago, jakenator01223344455555
App issues
Every time I go to the mobile app it logs me out and doesn’t work with Face ID, AND locks me out of my account. This is incredibly irritating as I’ve reset my password several times now so there should be no reason I can’t remember using the same password I use for everything else. It’s not an issue with the wrong password I would think after the seventh time. It’s an issue with facial recognition.
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3 years ago, fdmontes
It doesn’t always sync correctly
The application crashes from time to time making it somewhat difficult to use. There are also times where the application will tell you that you don’t have any accounts when I clearly just made a payment using the application.
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3 years ago, Humphreville
New layout
The old lay out was much clearer and easier to navigate. As is said, “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it”’ Common sense isn’t so common.
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1 year ago, Sehs006
Big on the app?
I love using the phone app to deposit checks. Problem I’m finding is that we have two different accounts and I’m unable to log out of one to log into the other. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Stevemasr
Charter Oak federal credit union
Have been a member here for over 15 years and everyone at the branches treated me with respect and always looking to help me with my issues!
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3 years ago, Echaloopa
New Version
The new version of the app is so much cleaner and easier to navigate! Love that it matches the web version as well.
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3 years ago, Mammogirl1
App is easier to use. All needed account information is right there- easy to use (older folks).
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2 years ago, donna v
Love this bank they are always there for you for what ever you need. Thank you
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2 years ago, Mafalena
Has improved a lot!
App has changed for the good
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3 years ago, Israel Valentin
Now the app is perfect
Thank you for the update and service
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11 months ago, jfksoqhtbfn
Won’t work anymore
Previously a 5 star app, the Charter Oak app will infinitely load when trying to open it, without ever showing me options or a sign in screen. I’ve tried restarting it, redownloading it, restarting my Phone and internet, nothing has worked.
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3 years ago, onepiece1234567789
Love this bank
This is the best bank I can ask for thank u for alowing me to be apart of this bank moms are always right on what is good for there kids 😁😁😁
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1 year ago, New London Business Owner
Service, Speed & Security
Highest marks to Charter Oak for what’s most important to me about a bank.
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11 months ago, nuhelmet
Down for a week
The app and site has been down for a week. People are going to get behind on bills and evicted if they can’t access their bill pay feature online. Fix this
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4 months ago, Greg Rose12
Sites not loading
Making me think the bank got hacked again!
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3 years ago, Jaxsis
Excellent service, easy to use app
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3 years ago, Tg5784
New App
The old app was mediocre at best. The new app is a significant improvement.
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6 months ago, Fix-app
App doesn’t load
Since the last update, the app hasn’t been working properly. It takes a long time to load and then tells me that I timed out. Please fix this issue.
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11 months ago, Husky 58
Charter Oak Bank
Great service no matter what happens. They are there to help out.
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3 years ago, John Apicelli
Great app!
Great app! Thank you to Kayla for all your help setting this up with me!
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11 months ago, Dogo136
App and site won’t load
App and site won’t load, wifi and data are not an issue on my end since everything else loads
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3 months ago, Sub Greg
Consistently Down
This site is down far too often and after the hack this past summer I am constantly concerned about my account security.
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11 months ago, Cisto Mercado
App is terrible
It’s a nice app untill you realize that at 10:00pm when you need money the app won’t even load. Only loads 95% of the time, and when the app is the only way to access your money 95% isn’t good enough. DO NOT BANK WITH CHARTER OAK
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3 years ago, Mbeydiya
Stop Forcing Landscape Mode
Please stop forcing landscape. This is the only option and it does not let me use portrait. Very irritating not being about to use it I’m landscape. Great app otherwise!
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3 years ago, TDFan12345
Love banking there!
App is always improving!
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10 months ago, Coolio7777
Great bank but terrible app
Application is always buggy. Not user friendly, and counter intuitive. Just look at what other banks are doing and mimic that.
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2 years ago, T3033
Can’t deposit a check!
Not sure what’s happening but I cannot deposit a check because it won’t show my accounts.
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2 years ago, dantedum
Do not receive any sort of notifications for this app with all notification settings set to on
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3 years ago, Angel571
Best Acct
I love my staff & best services I’ve been with them
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10 months ago, livcjen
Stopped Working?
The app hasn’t worked in over a week at this point which isn’t convenient at all.
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11 months ago, Jakdyn332344
App doesn’t work
My apps been off and on working for about a week now hasn’t in 3 days at all won't even load
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11 months ago, Johnki_sus
Over a week not working
Great app. I’m not sure if it has maintenance. The app hasn’t worked in a week and no one is doing anything about it.
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2 years ago, EGYmag
Love it
I love the App! It makes my life so easy.❤️
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3 years ago, derekjv
Super easy to use
This app is great
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3 years ago, Slick Tumick
Charter Oak is Great!!!
I enjoy using Charter Oak FCU because of their great rates and on line Banking!
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3 years ago, LINDA, SWFLORIDA
Great credit union…Love your rates
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3 years ago, messyjessicat
Liked the old app
I liked that the old app showed available balance and current balance.
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3 years ago, Firemanz84
Charter Oak App
This. We update seems kind of slow.
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11 months ago, GogoktFNP
The app isn’t working anymore
The app will not load at all! Please fix
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