Chartway Mobile Banking

4.4 (2.9K)
57.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Chartway Federal Credit Union
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Chartway Mobile Banking

4.42 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
2 years ago, ShortRoun'79
This App has come a long way...
I have had a few minor issues with the App. The Rewards Program still has a few bugs to workout before I will give it 5 Stars. As of late, Customer Service has been on point when I have had to call. I like that moving money is so easy. I like that I can organize my accounts in the order that I choose. I like that the Line of Credit now shows $0.00 payment instead of the $500 available limit (because that used to about give me a heart attack every time I logged into the App). The colors are pleasant and clearly thought out by the Devs. I do wish that I could see payments made on my Credit Card, right away. For some reason, there is a delay. Additionally, the Rewards Program returned a funky error and I thought I lost points. As it turns out, it takes a few days to post to the account if your points are used towards the balance. The display is really tiny. It doesn’t seem like it was built for an App.
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5 years ago, Lauren pande
Read this first
I’m not giving five stars, I want to give negative a million but this bank is a scam and they don’t put 1 Star review up. I signed up for a spend $10 with 10 transactions and they would give you $100 back. The card stopped working by the 6th transaction. I checked every time I was going to use it that it had money on it and I did! This last time I went to use the card and it declined. I called and they said that I would have to call back in the more because the "card experts" are gone for the day. I called back the next morning at the time they said they would be open and they said they were closed. I called a few minutes later and they said it was an ongoing issue and they were fixing it. I called two days later and they said that I would have to go to the bank. So I went to the bank and they said that I would have to call. So I called right there is the parking lot and they said that this is an ongoing issue and they are working on it. I tried for months to get this fixed and at the same time they were charging me declining fees, I had fraud, and they charged me for not using the account! This last lady didn't care and told me if i wanted it fixed then all I had to do was pay the fees! THEY ARE CON ARTISTS! DO. NOT. GO. TO. ANY. OF. THEIR. BANKS!
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2 years ago, PrinceAlberts
It gets the job done.
It’s a banking app, what can I say? You can check your account balances, you can transfer money between accounts, and you can view your account history. These are all things I’d expect. There are a few additional things that it can do that I like, such as linking non-Chartway accounts (credit cards, etc.) so that you can view most of your financial data in one place and/or use it’s data for the budget calculator. It also provides links to open some other accounts or apply for loans. Nice touch. Then there are two things that are just irritating. The linked accounts sometimes randomly disconnect and are a pain to reconnect. It can be done, but sometimes it feels like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. The other thing is this: there is a menu button at the top that gives access to, well, the menu. Good idea. But, also, swiping from left to right anywhere on the screen opens the menu. You’re scrolling through your account history and move a tiny bit to the right? Menu open. Typing in a data field? Menu open. Looking at your budget? Nope! Menu. So, all in all, the cons cancel out the pros and it rates a solid “meh”.
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9 months ago, TexasChris
It’s ok, could be smoother
My main frustration is when paying towards a loan with the amount of steps required and the number of times I’m required to verify and authorize the payment that I just initialized. It’s like “are you sure? Are you sure you’re sure? Are you really sure that you’re sure that you want to make this payment that you just tried to make?” I’m able to send wire transfers for many times more on another banking app with less steps than it takes to pay a 1000 bucks with the Chartway app. Other than that it’s a good app.
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2 years ago, Peevil
App is junk- update, still junk!
It’s been updated and some things better, others even worse! Junk, get your money back! You changed it so now when I try to pay a bill it only comes up in smaller window in the middle. I wear tri-focals, how is that helping? Your “log out” on the bill pay page doesn’t log you out of the app, only the bill pay section! That’s retarded...and NOT intuitive like most of the other functions on this app, they are not intuitive, especially when you have a problem, it’s hard to find and verify the status of bills paid etc. And while I’m at it, why are all the drop down buttons so tiny? If I’m clicking the drop down I obviously want one of the functions in there so why are saving all the screen real estate? I use the app to bay bills from my iPad about 90% of the time, it would be nice if I could customize it to put bill pay at the top. And it would be nice to explain to your customers why you use third party apps and websites for all this, again it’s not intuitive, it should be so easy an 80 year old grandma can use it.
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6 years ago, dr-pepper12345
Do you even test updates before doing them?
Complete Garbage. That’s what the new update is. I updated. It immediately makes me update all my personal info. Then makes me update my password and says that it will load my account after I agree to sign away my left kidney to the new terms and conditions... After waiting 5 minutes looking at a white screen, I force closed the app and open it back up. It then asks to log in, so I try my new password. DOES NOT WORK. So I figure I’d better try my old one. DOES NOT WORK. So I try the new one again...DOES NOT WORK AND I AM NOW LOCKED OUT. I then get told I need to contact customer support to reset my password..which is great and all. Except they give an automated message saying they’re closed. So you’re telling me I can only do my banking during the Cush 9-5 hours that a bank is open? We don’t all work 9-5 and have the ability to call then. Complete garbage. And I’ve now decided I’m going to switch banking institutions to one that can actually accommodate people that work odd hours. Don’t waste your time.
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2 months ago, Brereye
Wish it were more accurate
Although I appreciate having access to my account from my pocket, I have repeatedly been deceived in how much money is actually available in my account as items are pending, and a number of time have been charged an overdraft fee because what I thought was available was actually not. For example, my $500 car payment consistently shows as available cash while pending when that amount is actually never available when I subtract charges from what was available before the car payment was pending. So it’s a tad annoying that I need to correct a computer’s calculations and get charged when I don’t double check it. Otherwise, I appreciate the Tools on the app that help me to project upcoming costs and track trending expenditures.
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2 years ago, tbirdterry
Too little in new update
Can’t understand why now the app will not do face recognition. Most of the time I have to input the password. The old app did face recognition every time. Too many times I try to direct deposit and it is unavailable. Use to use recurring funds transfers for my mom’s nursing home, but when the date fell on a weekend or holiday it would not process it. No warning! I tried several times going to a branch office, but even referring it to the IT team could not explain it or fix it. Now I just do one time deposits every month. I have to do 3 because of a limit on how much you can transfer at one time in a day. If I had not been a Chartway member for over 40 years I would take my money somewhere else. Poor execution is the only description that fits.
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6 months ago, T Gonzales
Chartway App
Good banking app that gives you control of your account(s) from your phone, handling many of the essential transaction types such as transfers between your accounts(ex: savings to checking/ vice versa), member to member transfers, mobile check deposits, etc. It also has budgeting tools that you can see your basic spending trends across different categories ( gas, food, shopping, etc.) for a more visual representation or your finances. You can also link accounts from different banking institutions to keep tabs on those balances all on the same dashboard for quick reference.
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3 years ago, tlpsch
I have been using Chartway for three years and have never had an issue until two weeks ago when I got paid and tried using my debit card. My account was locked due to “suspicious activity”; however, all of the activity was normal for every pay period. I had to call the bank and a representative unlocked my account. A few hours later, I received a text for possible fraud and, once again, had to call the bank to verify the activity on my account. I appreciate Chartway looking out for me, but all activity has been consistent for every pay period.
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2 months ago, TurquoiseCat13
Please let us set up our own dashboard! 😫
I’ve been a Chartway member for almost 20 years, so I’ve seen the technology go from no app to multiple iterations of apps. Each app “upgrade” puts features I use in different locations without using the same logic from one version to the next. In one version, Bill Pay could be under Services or maybe under Transfers & Payments. I have become increasingly frustrated at how often the upgrades happen. I understand the need to improve security, but why scramble the customer interface so much. Please keep the same format from one change to the next and, better yet, let us organize our own dashboard.
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5 months ago, Timothy U2022
Dear Chartway- you ask me to write a review- I honudont know how to rate your services but every experience ( which hasn’t been many— partially due to me living out of state- you all have always made me feel like I have been there in person. I like the credit score accessibility- on the app…. I suppose I wish it easily kept track of how long we been a member!! Something I should know but really don’t except since the early 1990’s. I have seen a couple credit unions since Chartway. Thanks for all the good you all do for us in this credit union!! Sincerely Timothy U
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11 months ago, Askinton
This makes banking even more convenient!
I love this app! I just log on and I instantly have access to all my accounts. I can check my balance, see what charges have gone through and which are still pending. In addition, I can actually make deposits! Also, I can use the archive function and get copies of old statements or whatever I may need. There are many more features I have yet to explore. I can’t think of any reason not to have this on your phone or other devices.
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2 years ago, chipich
A loan
To be honest, this credit union bank is the best of all banks I have never seen. I’ve been using Bank of America and Capital One for 10 years. Those banks have never lower their interest for customers at all. Then I switched to Chartway Bank not even a week. I could get loan more than $20,000 with the lowest interest. Thank you Chartway for letting me loan and do business together. I would recommended to everyone if you need a loan to this credit union bank. I like this bank.
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6 years ago, witwil
What a mess
The new system launched in October is a complete mess. Let me give you an example: if you can find the bill pay section on your iPhone and you figure out how to launch or do you see a list of all your payee‘s. But no button or any indication on how to pay them. Tapping on various things I’m trying to find a button to pay them. I successfully find a button to hide a company that I want to pay and now I can’t figure out how to unhide them. I finally gave up on the phone app altogether. I go to the full-size computer, and I realize that the payee windows are to the right of the name of the companies. On an iPhone there’s no indication that there’s anything over there at all, but if you do swipe right it will find the actual field Do you enter a dollar amount to pay someone. No thought whatsoever was put into making this a screen adapted application it’s simply taking you to the website it’s designed for a full-size computer screen. It makes it nearly impossible to do your work on the phone. This is Bad programming, bad application, bad implementation. This is an app at all, it’s just a link to an HTML 5 webpage
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4 years ago, csanto1018
Basic functionality, but payments to my credit card aren’t posting
This app does the bare minimum. I have two accounts with Chartway, auto loan and a credit card. It took me 3 months to figure out the payments I had scheduled from this mobile app had failed. And I didn’t even proactively get notified! There was a message hidden in the depths in a message box that I had to find after some investigation. I use my desktop or phone to make a payment, which isn’t ideal for me. If they offer the feature, it should work. OR at least more diligently notify me of a failed payment. My credit score took a hit because I was late.
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6 years ago, LordOgre
Great update. Zero issues.
The new update updated without issue. I followed the instructions and now I’m left with a much more pleasing application with way more functions. Now it’s an all in one bank application that allows me to budget, analyze my debts, link other non chartway accounts and more. I have had no problems with the update, in fact, it fixed my issue from the previous application which wouldn’t allow me to access my Chartway CC. I’m pleased. Recent reviews should just be patient. The application works very well.
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4 years ago, jwb418
Pretty good
The app is ok. I can do what I need to with it. About Chartway, I’ve been with this credit union for almost 25 years and as long as it exists, I will do my banking here. When you shop & bill pay online, eventually a scammer is going to get ahold of your card info. Chartway’s fraud division has caught several bogus charges over the years. The people are friendly and helped every step of the way. If you have the opportunity to switch to Chartway, do it, I think you’ll be much more pleased than with the huge, anonymous banks.
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4 years ago, Jas777990
Poor ap response to input, glitches galore.
I tried a Chat session during the hours indicated the Chat link was open: came up with a message to contact chat during business hours. Tried to click on a link in 3 different locations on the ap for shared branch locations, didn’t take me anywhere. Tried the Get directions for a branch location: again didn’t respond or give directions. I gave this two stars because i was able to check my balance and transfer a payment to a credit card i have.....or i think it worked. Probably will check back later today to ensure the transfer did go through, just in case this feature doesn’t work either.
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3 years ago, jmilli2uvb
Great bank with an app tho match!!!
The Chartway App is easy to navigate, full of useful tools, and updates quickly to show real-time transactions and adjustments to balances. The only gripe I have is the rather slow transaction and balance update speed my chartway credit account has. Unfortunately, to my understanding the credit account info is updated by the actual lender and not Chartway. If they could find a way to speed it up, this would be a flawless app!
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4 years ago, 20/20 Opinion
Needs some tweaking
I use the mobile app daily, however, it could use some tweaking. Example: Searching for a transaction— this function doesn’t work properly. I’m never able to find a transaction when I attempt the search . In addition, I’d like to be able to set alerts for when/if a direct deposit comes in or perhaps the ability to set an alert for when my balance falls below a certain dollar amount. Overall I’m happy with this banking institution just would like some improvements to the Mobil app AND if you could bring the ATM into the 21st century that would be a bonus. Thanks!
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4 weeks ago, Charles E from IBM
Chartway’s app is awesome! I no longer have to log onto to my computer to access my personal banking information. I can transfer and deposit funds, pay bills, get instant status on account usage, and check account balances quickly. I can also conduct electronic transactions with other banking institutions or through the video banking portal. The only reason I’m withholding a 5-star rating is because the card temporary locking feature is sometimes not available at the most inconvenience of times.
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2 months ago, up for relaxing
I have been a member of Chartway since back in the 80’s and have always been very satisfied with the service I get when I come into my branch. I use the branch on Cedar Road and was in there last week, and noticed you only have 2 tellers working. That makes the wait longer than you use to have to wait. I personally like coming inside verses going through the drive-through. Guess there is no way to rectify that situation.
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2 months ago, Chartway Fan!
How Do I Like This App?
I wish this app offered 2-factor authentication for that extra layer of security like my BOA and Discover apps do! Why doesn’t the Chartway app offer this level of security? Seems to me it is extremely more needed than the BOA and Discover apps since there is no protection of the money in my bank account like there is from the BOA and Discover card. I sure would like to be able to use 2-factor authentication on the Chartway app. Thank you, Gayle Paterson
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6 years ago, JushDriZzle
The BEST!!!
This app is one of the most often used apps in comparison to any other app on my phone. I love the mobile deposit! Knowing I have this app at my leisure anytime I am never late on payments and I can transfer money whenever I need to. Instantly, I know when I use my card, for whatever reason? It’s always going to go through. Thanks for your wonderful customer service. I’m confident this service is only going to get better.
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6 years ago, Dia1223
Gets the job done
Overall, I’m pleased with the app. All the primary functions I use regularly are available on the app like balance checking, switching funds between savings and checking, and mobile check cashing. I do wish there was a way to transfer funds from my account to another person’s account, but I don’t do that so frequently that it’s a big issue.
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3 years ago, AMBERDISH
Chartway App
Gave the App 3 stars because I still am unable to Deposit my check through the app. The issue is that it isn’t even listed in the menu. I have had this account for over 20+ years. Which means everyone from that far back only had Call 24 & the use of an ATM or services from Tellers/Acct or Loan officers at a Branch. Chartway technical support had me reinstall the app several times and then do updates. Still nothing ..... maybe one day it will work, until then I will just go to the ATM or Teller. Thus is why I only gave the app 3 stars!
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2 months ago, GMCB61
Great App for all your banking needs!
Love the Chartway App! Can do almost everything you need to do & lately been using the credit score section to keep up on how I’m doing and they give all the areas of interest that total your score. It’s rarely ‘unavailable’ as most maintenance is done at night. I will always keep Chartway & hope this system continues!
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2 years ago, BossLadyNva
This New App
This new app is terrible! It crashes, freezes and hardly ever works. You may need to go back to the old one. *2022* The app has been redone I like the new logo and the app seems to be working much better. It started a while ago, but I love that they keep the security up to date. I don’t mind not having access for a few hours on the weekend.
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3 years ago, B1990275@
Banking w/ them for over 10 years
This bank has changed a few times over the time I’ve been banking with them however the majority of them have been very helpful changes for their customers. I’ve had issues before and the representatives have been extremely helpful and I appreciate them. All and all it’s a great choice for a bank and credit union.
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2 years ago, 98Marlin15
Mobile Deposit functionality is horrible
The mobile deposit functionality on this app fails more often than it is successful. I never had issues with the previous app, but this one is horribly. I am constantly finding myself visiting a branch to deposit any paper checks I receive after trying to use the mobile deposit function multiple times (and also on different days) and having it fail for one of a myriad of different reasons. Would not recommend this app to anyone who is looking to use this function.
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6 years ago, JoseJoseMonkey
What in the World HAPPENED?!?!
I was using the old app and everything was working just fine. Then I try to sign into my bank account and an error message reads the apps being up dated and to re download it. So I did and signed in. Never even got to see my balance before I was bombarded with user agreements and forced to change my password. I changed it and tried to sign in and it said my log in had been locked. I checked my email which was full of messages from Chartway. Then I tried to call customer service the messages prompted me to and couldn’t get ahold of anyone. Very disappointed in the app and the service.
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2 months ago, Billshe
Home banking
I can do everything that I routinely do at the credit union on my phone. Check balances, transfer money, pay bills, deposit checks. About the only thing I cannot do is withdraw cash. I began using the app for balances when it first came out and I have gradually added other functions. My most useful app. Bill
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2 years ago, myjoshem
Works for me!
I like having my banking information at my fingertips, and my phone is never far from them, my fingers’… where in the past, I’d not get to the bank for days to deposit a check, now it takes just a few minutes from my mailbox to deposit, all from my app, 24 hrs a day.
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3 years ago, hroeb
Mobile app
I like the fact I can do a lot with my account from the app. I will say it Freezes a lot and is really slow. The mobile deposit feature doesn’t work half of the time. I’ve had a few times where it says my mobile deposit didn’t work, so I tried it again and it ended up depositing my check twice, and then I was charged for trying to double deposit checks. So there’s a few bugs that still need to be worked out.
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4 years ago, I<3...
Excellent App for avid mobile bankers!
This is by far, hands down, the best mobile banking app I’ve ever used. It’s well laid-out, everything seems intuitive and easy to figure out. Helps me a lot with paying bills on time and easily checking on all my finances across multiple accounts. Best of all, their live-agent customer service is the best! Never leaving this bank.
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2 years ago, LJCgrma
Great App
I use app daily, I didn’t think I would use the mobile deposit but it’s very handy. Love that they have my daughter’s account connected with mine so that transfer money to her wherever she needs a little. I can also track her balance make sure she’s not about to overdraft. You know how teenagers love to shop.
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12 months ago, PresbyTony
Superb App
I’ve been using this app ever since it first came out. Eventually I stopped using the banking program on my home PC and switched to the Chartway App for all my banking needs and records. I have been completely satisfied. I can track my budget and get every kind of report I need. Extremely satisfied.
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6 years ago, T-Rev James
The menus are a little bit difficult to navigate but I really like that Touch ID is enabled now to sign in. Two factor authentication in great too but so far it’s glitchy, I’ve had to request codes texted to me multiple times to finally get one. It’s great that we can now pay credit cards on the app (albeit through an in app browser pop up) and loan payments as well
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2 months ago, Waldo in Tomball
I Love This Banking App!
Love the app. Can never thank enough for functional tech approach. Saves me countless hours and not to mention gas for trips to the bank. Service at my disposal 24/7. Did I mention I love this banking app?? AND didn’t think I would like bright color scheme change but now enjoy colorful experience. Thanks
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4 weeks ago, Dark_knight_06071980
Awesome app
The app has improved tremendously. I love the new design and ways you can navigate through the app. It does just about everything I need. It's came a long way. The only thing I need now is to be able to transfer money from here to another bank I have an account with.
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2 years ago, WestGhent
Slow and painful to use, deposit check works half the time
One third to one half of the time I use this app something won’t work. The deposit check function needs a big improvement. Half the time, it just spins and you never know it the mobile deposit worked. Isn’t one of the points of the app to avoid going in the branch? Developers, check out Navy Federal CU’s app. It’s great.
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6 years ago, Brother Boyet
Perfect Service 6 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Awesome apps and bank institution fast payday check , online pay bill was so fast in just 24 hours they charge me on my debit card wow that’s awesome even I’m negative find they provide me to pay my bills. God Bless you guys please continue your good work to all of us. Wow you guys wonderful. I say Amen to our Lord Jesus for giving you guys to me thank you Lord😇🙏🏻 Rubeo
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2 months ago, Tango One
Updates A Plus
The updates make the web site clearer. A future addition should be to show credit card transactions on mobile devices. I enjoy a quick account review on the app and making transfers as needed. Thank you!
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2 years ago, castacus
Have not been able to make a single car payment
Save my info? Nah that’s just for looks you have to enter it every time. Make a payment? Nope that’s always “down”. I also love been forced to make a password I will 100% forget. Entered the wrong password? Your account is locked after 1-2 wrong inputs and you have to get on the phone for 20-40 mins to talk to a customer service person during the 25 mins a week they are open. The amount of stress this app causing me every month should be criminal.
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4 years ago, OctoberFun
A Great Place To Do Banking!
The friendliness of the staff was one of the first things I noticed years ago. Also, their helpfulness. Whenever there has been a problem, they were able to assist me with the problem (someone using my credit card, unable to balance my checkbook, etc.). I’m glad they are here!
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3 years ago, claudeball
Great staff in all locations . SHIRL Dalton is the among the very best of all your employees. Shirol is very intelligent. It is quite obvious that she has knowledge about every aspect of your credit union. Shirol seems to know all the customer's names. Shirl advises customers of the best way to solve a problem. She is always willing take the time to do what the clients wants to accomplish. I Was introduced to Shirol by Kris Shields. Kris is the same caliber of employee as Shirol. I miss them very much since they changed locations at Harbour view. After 48 years of practicing law I know how to judge a good employee . These ladies are a credit to your federal credit union. Claude Scialdone a very happy client.
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8 months ago, G talks
Always works
I like banking with chartway. After all the banks I’ve worked with over the years and having some trust issues, this bank hasn’t let me down. Haven’t used their services yet so I can’t comment on that. But overall, solid app.
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8 months ago, Bossmamakaka
Love love
They’re online is super easy to learn and operate Also, their security is on top of it because anytime I even try to sign into my online account from a different device. I have a phone call within five seconds, but love and would recommend.
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2 years ago, She2Fancy
All around Best Banking System!
I am always assured to receive the best personalized, one on one , cordial services from all the members of the team. It is always a joy to feel as though you’re part of a family where everyone literally knows you name! Kudos, Chartway Team! You’re awesome!
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